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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  January 28, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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hello, and welcome to our viewers in the united states and across the world. we are your anchor team for the next two hours. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary church. coming up this hour the desperate attempt to save a japanese journalist and a jordanian pilot health hostage by isis with -- held hostage byis onby ois with isis with time running out. 50 threats against airlines in the last week and a half. new debts, rising things, and growing fears of war during one of israel's most dangerous boundaries. one of america's finest crime scene investigators is taking on his greatest challenge, cracking cases in pakistan. we want to begin this hour
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though with an aparliamentarianrkpparent new ultimate matum from isis. the group has released a recording of kenji goto. according to the message, isis will kill the jordanian pilot unless they're handed over a female prisoner by sunset thursday. cnn cannot independently rare few the authenticity. >> meanwhile, jordanians are rallying for the pilot's lease. a small crowd gathered outside the royal palace wednesday demanding jordan swap the female prisoner for the pilot. >> any kind of exchange would be complicated involving japan, jordan, and isis. so far, isis hasn't provided concrete proof that the jordanian pilot is even still alive. >> what they're asking for. more from chief correspondent jim sciutto. >> reporter: a jordanian governed source tells me the exchange is not imminent.
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the key obstacle that isis has not yet presented so-called proof of life. that is evidence that their jordanian spotlight still alive. without that jordanian officials say, there will be no prisoner exchange. at the turkey-syria border a prisoner exchange that hasn't happened so far. today jordan made a bowl offer to release this woman, a failed suicide bomber from a devastating attack on amman hotels in 2005 that killed dozens. her release in exchange for the jordanian pilot captured by isis when his f-16 went down in syria last month. and it is hoped captured japanese journalist kenji goto. tuesday isis released a video showing an image of mr. goto handcuffed and holing a public of what appears to be the lieutenant warning that without al rishawi's freedom, they will both be killed within 24 hours.
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a deadline that's since passed with no word from isis. japan's deputy foreign minister is in jordan now on what he calls a nonstop effort to save his fellow citizen. >> we will never give up until the -- our japanese hostage, mr. goto is safely coming back to iraq nation. >> reporter: the proepd exchange re-- proposed exchange remain uncertain. jordan says isis has yet to show evidence the pilot is still alive, placing already difficult negotiations in agonizeing limbo. >> not sure that jordan can go ahead without an assurance that they'll get their pilot back. the war effort is controversial in jordan. this puss the king of jordan in a difficult position. >> reporter: intense talks come as isis demonstrated its growing reach far beyond syria and iraq. isis has claimed responsible for the deadly siege on the hotel in libya that killed ten, including american security contractor david barry.
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showcasing image of men isis claims to be the attackers. >> you've got people in libya, they like watching what isis is doing. they are extremist jihadists themselves and they want to carry the banner of isis. >> reporter: expanding in libya but pushed back in syria. kurdish forces are celebrating the retaking of the town of cobb annie. -- kobani. though only after a campaign of u.s.-air strikes. the latest strikes coming last night. isis' 24-hour deadline included in its latest hostage video expireded with morning, kbrul remember a previous -- but you'll remember a previous deadline for keeping two hostages passed last friday with evidence that at least one, kenji goto is still alive. uncertainty just one of the difficulties of negotiating with the terror group such as isis. errol and rosemary? >> thanks jim.
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the japanese government says it's an highsing the latest purported message from isis and doing everything possible to try to bring home journalist kenji goto. for more on their force, want to bring in our reporter live from hong kong. anna of course the problem here, this is a delicate situation. you have japan wanting the release of kenji goto. you have jordan wanting release and proof of life of their fighter pilot. divided loyalties in a way. that is causing some issues by itself. how is this likely to play out in the effort to swap these two hostages with the convicted prisoner at the turkish border? >> reporter: yeah. i know there are just so many facets to this. i think the clear answer is we just don't know. obviously the latest information we have is that this audio message relived on twitter by
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kenji goto the japanese journalist saying that unless this iraqi attempted suicide bummer not? released isn't taken to the border of turkey by sunset thursday -- now that's in a matter of hours -- then the jordanian fighter pilot captured in syria back in december will be executed. now we don't know whether isis is planning on releasing these hostages. remember they continue to change the goal posts. they've been doing this now for days. the demands change and we don't know whether isis is going to stick to their word. so that's what they're planning at the moment. obviously as we've heard from both the jordanian and the japanese government, they are working vigorously to try and secure the release, we don't know what's happening behind closed doors. obviously the jordanian government has come out publicly saying we want proof of life. we are prepared to release this
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prisoner do a prisoner exchange if you release the jordanian fighter pilot. as we say, we don't know if isis will actually go across with it. >> indeed. it's a very ten situation. added to that the pressure because the clock is ticking. what about the number nature of the -- public nature of the negotiation? we haven't seen this before. what's the international community's response to the very public negotiation? >> reporter: i think that's a good point. we haven't seen anything like this before where you have a government publicly negotiating with isis. obviously we know in the past last year there were governments, european governments, in particular the french and spanish who were negotiating with isis doing backroom deals to secure the release of their citizens that they had captured. mine you, they were paying millions and millions of dollars. officially these governments
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deny it. we know it actually took place because their citizens were released and got home safely. now we know also that america and its allies the u.k. and other nations that are fighting isis, have a strict policy. we do not negotiation with terrorists. we do not pay ransom demand. the reason interesting that they don't want to encourage more kidnappings. it also legitimatizes isis at the moment. what is playing out now is that isis has the upper hand. they are calling the shots. with the jordanian government negotiating with them, it does legitimatize them. this is a real concern for many within the international community. >> we're watching this closely. anna many thanks to you. rosemary australia has opened a formal inquiry into last month's deadly siege at a sydney cafe. a lawyer assisting the coroner told the inquest that the
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hostage, katrina dawson died after being hit by multiple fragments by one or more police bullets. another hostage, tori johnson, was killed when a gunman shot him in the back of the head. the hostage-taker was repeatedly shot by police and killed santa analy. >> rarely have such horrifying events unfolded so publicly overlaying the intense personal suffering on display. there are things which call up wired and more far-reaching threats that understandably terrified many even among those who only saw it from afar. justifiably then these events have precipitated an outpouring of emotion, anguish, anger, resentment and even despair. >> the coroner will examine if the 17-hour-long standoff could have been prevented or handled differently. the inquest will also look into the background and motivations
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of the hostage-taker. indonesian transportation officials have released new details on the crash of airasia flight 8501 in a news conference in jakarta not long ago. they say the co-pilot of flying when it disappeared from radar last month. that's new information. and that all crew members were in good health and certified to fly. this comes after official announced a preliminary report on the crash has been submitted but will not be released to the public. let's talk more in depth with our reporter live from jakarta. simon, so much valuable information inside this still preliminary report. remember relatives still desperate for answers. why won't official at least show their card here and release what is in this initial report? >> reporter: yeah that's exactly what we've been asking all week. i met with the transportation minister asked him.
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what they seem to be saying is that there is factual information in this preliminary report. there isn't an extensive amount of analysis. they're concerned there may be details that are inconclusive. they haven't drawn a conclusion. in fact at one point during the press conference one of the investigators practically shouted out "no conclusion." so they're concerned that they don't want to release that information too soon without knowing. they also said they want to confirm these details with relative relatives, steakholders and. the report was submitted monday. it's been sent to all the stake holders involved the passengers of the crew on board, the international civil aviation organization and other investigators, as well. so the transportation minister did tell cnn that instead of waiting perhaps up to a year which is often the case for our investigations to release the report they will release it
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sooner. he each said to me maybe within three months. yes, a desperate wait for information information. and i want to share some more of that information. you mentioned the new information like the co-pilot or first officer, as they're known, was in charge. he was at the helm flying the plane at the time of the final few moments of airasia's flight upon the pilot or captain was beside him inside the cockpit at the time. we know that. both men had experienced flying. more than 2,000 hours for the co-pilot. and for the captain of the plane, more than 20,000 hours of flying. one of the most interesting pieces of information and new, we hadn't heard this before was that the warning had gone off as the plane made a rapid ascent through the sky. now we were told -- this is information from the flight data
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recorders or black boxes, as they're called that the storm warning -- it seems incredibly poignant when we heard it and as i'm reading it that the warning continued to sound, stall, stall. both as the plane ascended steeply and fast and then as it came down and crashed into the java sea. more details about the laugh few minutes, as well about how the plane had difficulties. remember we know already that there were heavy thunderstorm in that area. the plane of cruising at 32,000 feet. the pilot had requested to ascend at 38,000 feet. air traffic control had asked them to stand by. clearing them only to ascend to 34,000 feet. this is when things changed. they made a rapid ascent, according to one of the investigators today, going steeply within 30 seconds to 37,400 feet at which point the
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plane suddenly descended down to 24,000 feet and out of tar detection by air traffic control. those were the harrowing, terrifying and incredibly sad last few moments of airasia flight 8501. >> and obviously things just went very wrong, very quickly. reporting live at a quarter past 2:00 in jakarta. thanks. the families of the victims of malaysia airlines flight 370 are hoping for new information about what happened to their loved ones later this hour. we're waiting for the malaysian transport ministry begin a news conference scheduled for about foims from now -- 15 minutes from now. millions of searching has turned up no sign of the missing jet or its 239 passengers and crew. mh370 vanished less than an hour after taking off from koala lump
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lumpur. we'll have a full report and reaction from family. now to the u.s. state of california where one person is dead and at least four people injured in a massive fire in san francisco's mission district. >> i want you to look at this video our affiliate ktvu capture captured as the fire erupted wednesday evening. no cause yet on the -- no report yet on the cause. a spokesperson says they don't know how many people have been displaced, but 50 have gathered at an evacuation center nearby. we'll keep an eye on that story. coming up a rash upon online messages cost -- of online messages costing money and headaches. and the latest on the spike in airline bomb threats and what authorities are doing about them. back in a moment.
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for anything. at you get instant credit alerts to keep you in online messages cost -- of you can even lock and unlock your transunion report with the swipe of a finger. come to and get in the know. welcome back. the fbi is investigating a recent spike in online threats against u.s. airlines. >> authorities say they've receive more than 50 threats since f-16 fighter jets were called to escort two planes into the atlanta airport earlier this month. the threat in those cases was made via twitter, and it was still considered credible. thankfully, the planes landed safely. >> an official says all of the latest threats are believed to be copycats and none has been proven credible.
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i spoke with an aviation security expert about the impact these threats are having. jeff price, thank you very much for joining us. i want to talk about what we're seeing here. 50 tles in a two-week period. this spike in online threats to airlines. what do you think is behind this and how should authorities be responding to this? >> i think what you have is one or two individuals that started this process. and then a lot of copycat individuals doing the same thing, thinking, wow, this could be a good idea. let me see if i can jump in on the action. obviously there's not been any bomb that have gone off fortunately, thankfully. but what i think you're seeing somebody came up with the idea now a lot of think it's a good idea, too. >> of course the majority are doing it in the name of isis. from your perspective, you think these are more pranksters. how difficult would it be to track these people down surely
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in this day and age? that shouldn't be a very hard job at all. >> that's the game that gets played now on the internet. for every move, there's a countermove. a gigantic chess game. soon you come up with a way to be anonymous on the internet law enforcement can catch up with you. so you advance to the next level and come up with another way to be anonymous on the internet. it's never a static system. it's constantly evolving which is what makes it such a challenge. >> of course what authorities are trying to get at is this message -- this is a federal crime. you, go to prison for five years. is that message getting out? do these people realize what they're doing? it's not like just picking up a phone and the bomb scare that we knew as kids as school. this is a very serious situation. >> it absolutely is. it's thousands of dollars involved every time one of these flights has to turn back has to land is delayed. it's a massive eninconvenience
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to the passengers. i'm sure some people don't know the seriousness of what they're doing. that message needs to get out. the real danger is what if one of these is real or what if it causes us to get into a cry wolf syndrome where we start seeing these as routine and start ignoring them and miss the real deal. >> and that is the other side of this isn't it? really the airline authorities can ignore any of these. they have to follow through on all of these. this is a very costly operation. talk about that part of the story. >> thea airline industry is fragile when it comes to the economic side. when the plane's leaving a gate, another plane scheduled to come in at that time. that plane has got to be out of there. if it's taking a delay, nobody's earning money. if the engines aren't turning nobody's earning. the plane's got to keep moving. the system is designed so that
11:21 pm
as long as it moves, it works really well. once one of the dominoes falls, a lot of dominoes goes down. it causes delays tens of thousands, soon hundreds of thousands of dollars lost. not just the airline. you've got business travelers on the planes. they have to be someplace. they can't always reschedule the meeting. they can't always reschedule the event. they've got to be somewhere. they've got deals and families to feed too. vacationers. they've been planning vacations for years, they've got tickets, they want to be there at a certain time. now they've got to take a six-hour delay while we deal with yet another tweet of a bomb threat. >> let's hope the authors can track these people down. jeff price, many thanks for joining us. this is frustration. with so many of these threats, authors have to follow through with all of them.
11:22 pm
you can't take the risk -- >> i don't mine so much the delay that we experience at the airplane. the issue is if someone can send a tweet which takes seconds and you know have whatever gripe they want to share, that will tie up police resources. you saw the plane, the fire jets. that can't happen each and every time. they have to be able to balance safety and -- >> and people sending tweets need to know it's a federal crime. they going to prison. another big story coming up -- in argentina, mourners will pay their respects hours from now to a prosecute found murdered. >> yes, coming up why some people are demanding justice for his untimely passing. y'know what my business philosophy is, reynolds? >>no. not exactly. to attain success, one must project success. that's why we use fedex one rate®. >>their flat rate shipping. exactly. it makes us look top-notch but we know it's affordable. (garage door opening) (sighs) honey, haven't i asked you to please use the....
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in argentina, mourners demanded justice wednesday while gathered for a wake in buenos aires for prosecutor alberto nisman. nisman was found shot to death in his apartment january 18th. what's key is that he was to testify to congress the next day
11:25 pm
about claims that argentina's president covered up iran's role in a 1994 bomb attack that killed 85 people. he will be laid to rest hours from now at a jewish cemetery on the outskirts of buenos aires. meanwhile, the man who loaned his gun to nisman faces up to six years in jail for illegally lending it to the deceased prosecutor. >> shasta darlington has that part of the story from buenos aires. >> reporter: the man who gave special prosecutor alberto nice happen the gun used to kill him has finally broken his shens. in a lawyer's office packed with journalists, diego lagomarsin owe told the prosecutor he feared for his daughter's safety and didn't trust the agents assigned to protect him. lagomarsino was in charge of computer security. he said the day before nisman's body of found in this apartment with a .22 caliber gun by his side he called his employee
11:26 pm
into his apartment and asked about a gun. >> translator: why do you want it? he said, in reality, i'm afraid for the girls. iy is but you have bodyguards. hey is i don't even trust the bodyguards. at this time he broke down and said do you know what it is like that your daughters don't want to be with you because they're afraid something will happen to them? >> reporter: he's been charged with a camera violation and see up to six years in jail because he lent his gun to someone who wasn't registered to tuesday. he's also been singled out by the president who said lagomarsino should be further investigated. she's come out on social media and finally tv with a string of theories theories. first she said the death of a suicide. then she implied rogue spies were been the more. now she's pointing to lagomarsino as someone who should be investigated further. in a separate press conference
11:27 pm
wednesday, the chief energy to shot down a few of the assertions made by the president beginning with the idea that special prosecutor nisman rushed back from his vacation for some mysterious unknown reason. she said no in fact he used the return ticket he'll had all along. she also had this to say about lagomarsino -- >> translatorranslator: there's no element at this time and i want to be very clear that can implicate him in the involvement of a grave, painful act. resign meantime nisman's body has been transferred out of the morgue. his funeral will be held at a jewish cemetery thursday morning on the outskirs skirs -- outskirts of buenos aires. if you're in europe get ready for blizzard-like conditions today. >> exactly right. if your plans take you to the super bowl in arizona, you can expect travel delays and some wet weather. we turn now to meteorologist pedram javaheri to give us details on that.
11:28 pm
i don't think fans of the super bowl will let let that get in the way, do you? >> not at all. it's in the valley of the sun, an area that you expect sunshine. it will start off on a wet note. in europe, a messyization across much of europe -- messy situation across much of europe. birmingham liverpool getting three, maybe six centimeters across spots. circumstantial not a heavy snow event, but a lot in the widespread region to cause some delays. in fact winter weather radar showing the active weather already pushing in toward the region,ural culminating sometime into the overnight hours of thursday and into friday morning. travel billboard across much of europe a lot of delays shaping up from berlin toward london, eventually. up to an hour because of the mix of rain snow, and spin in the forecast. about 100 flights have been canceled so far in western germany. that is the most cancelations in the world now. look at the southwestern deserts of the united states. phoenix thursday into friday a
11:29 pm
month's worth of rainfall. i will expect a lot of people heading toward the deserts here to get in on super bowl xlix on sunday afternoon. about a half inch to an inch possible northeast of the city there. the snow level goes way up above 7,000 feet across that portion of the united states. temperatures wet weather, of course the indoor venue. we don't expect much in the way of disruptions inside. out, a little wet across the region. when it comes to your credit, in the know is the place to be. makes it easy. we give you 24/7 access. you get instant credit alerts to keep you in sync. you can even lock and unlock your transunion credit report from your phone. and all that information feels pretty good. come to
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and get in the know.
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hello, and welcome to our viewers in the united states and across the world. we pressure you staying with us. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary church. >> isis has released a new audio recording that appears to be the voice of japanese hostage kenji goto.
11:32 pm
cooring to the message, isis will kill the jordanian pilot they're holding unless jordan hans over a female prisoner by sunset thursday. cnn cannot independently verify the recording's authenticity. two israeli soldiers and a spanish peacekeeper are dead in the latest fighting between israel and hezbollah. israel says hezbollah fired five anti-tech missiles in the disputed area between lebanon and syria that's under israeli control. overnight, israeli air strike hit syrian targets in response to hezbollah rocket fire. moments ago, indonesian transportation safety officials said airasia flight 8501's stall warning sounded repeatedly until the plane crashed. at a news conference in jakarta, officials also said the co-pilot of at the controls when the jet disappeared and that the entire crew was certified to fly and at the time in good health. there may be some movement in the mystery of malaysia
11:33 pm
airlines flight 370. families of those aboard the missing plane are waiting to hear from malaysia's transport ministry which is holding a news conference as we speak. mh370 vanished without a trace last march less than an hour after takeoff for kuala lumpur for beijing. the disappearance led to an extensive and so far unproductive search. and we will bring you any new gms that might come out of this news conference on the missing plane. joining me now from beijing is cnn's david mckenzie. he has spoken with some of the victims' family members there. david, we understand some of these family members have had a heads up if you like as to what's going to be covered at the news conference. can you talk to us about what they're saying about that and what can be expected out of this news conference. >> reporter: well it's a very
11:34 pm
emotional day for the protesters for the family members, i mean. they were protesting here just down that road. it's been blocked off. this is one of the busiest streets here in this part of beijing. the police have formed a cordon because earlier the family members were here protesting what they said shouldn't be happening. their police blocking off the malaysian embassy. earlier family members were distraught. they were saying that they've been told by the chinese authorities that the malaysians are going to announce that the plane is officially missing, and their loved one are officially dead. now, for many of the family members of the more than 239 passengers and crew on board, that's a heavy burden to deal with. though the authorities might feel that it gives them some closure, for them it means an extinguishing of hope. nearly a year after this plane went missing. let's listen to two family members and what they feel about the impending announcement.
11:35 pm
>> translator: it has been almost a year and they haven't found our kids. our motherland has failed us and hurt our families deeply. >> translator: what disappointments us now is that we were not provided with aniel are event proof or information. >> reporter: so the family members have said that they haven't seen actual debris they haven't seen any proof. there are so many rumors that have been swirling for the past year about what happened to mh370 when we believe that it's in the southern indian ocean. authorities say they're continuing with their search. they have at least four ships searching now. it's extraordinary. after all this time no clear evidence other than the pings and the data to tell us what happened to the plane and all of those people on board. and right now, up to the chinese new year. a time when people in china get
11:36 pm
together as family -- it's particularly heartbreaking. and also with the police presence here, you see how difficult this issue is for the communist party in china. not allowing family to event their frustrations at the malaysian embassy today. rosemary? >> it is hard to imagine the depth of their grief at this time. just heartbreaking. david mckenney joining us there live from beijing. many thanks to you. upon to get you to jerusalem now. emergency talks are underway over a deadly flare-up between israel and hezbollah. in a letter to the u.n. security council, israel vows to take all necessary measures to defend itself after a hezbollah missile attack killed two israeli soldiers on wednesday. this happened in the disputed area occupied by israel. the area between lebanon and syria. it's highlighted on the map. we have details from the israeli-lebanese border. >> reporter: israeli prime
11:37 pm
minister benjamin netanyahu convened a meeting of top aides after hezbollah launched the most deadly attack against israeli forces since the war in lebanon in 2006. he's calling iran the culprit and saying israel will respond aggressively to any attempts to open up a new front of terror. >> reporter: the hezbollah assault started with anti-tank missiles striking an israeli military convoy killing two soldier and wounding send more. smoke rise from the border as israel answered with air strikes and shelling into lebanon. hezbollah came back with more mortar fire against army positions. a u.n. peacekeeper in lebanon was killed in the fighting. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu took to twitter to promise who was ever behind the attack would pay the price. it pointed the finger at iran for using hezbollah to open up a new front on its northern frontier with syria in lebanon.
11:38 pm
a day earlier, two rockets launched from a syrian army position into the israeli-controlled golan heights were met with israeli air strikes back into syria. a stern warning to hezbollah a new front will not be tolerated. >> if you can shell israel from the goal an, if you could kind of condition the israelis to the fact that this is now the new normal then you've achieved something quite significant. and the israelis on the other hand are not prepared to concede that. >> reporter: hezbollah called it payback for last week's strike again syria targeting and killing an iranian general and six hezbollah members. while it hasn't acknowledged the attack, israel's army is on high alert, deploying the iron dome an i missile system after iran vowed to hit back with "ruin us on thunderbolts." israel has deployed several iron dome batteries like the one behind me upon the system has a very sophisticated radar which can track an incoming rocket lock on, and shoot it down within 15 seconds.
11:39 pm
it's never been tested against the very large salvo of rockets. the springfield if hezbollah -- the feel is if hezbollah starts shooting hundreds of rockets into israel the system may not be as successful. wednesday's attack hezbollah's most deadly against israeli forces since the 2006 lebanon war. tonight military sources say neither side had an interest in escalation but warned violence could spiral out of control. a fear echoed in washington. >> we certainly encourage all pears to respect the blue line between israel and lebanon. we urge all parties to refrain from any action that escalate the situation. >> reporter: and there's a ten calm in the area that's been relatively quiet since wednesday afternoon. the question is has each side made their point. will the retaliatory strikes stop and are both parties ready to deescalate or will the fighting continue which leaves the opportunity for miscal congratulation and a spiraling out of control. cnn, on the israeli border with
11:40 pm
lebanon. we turn to ukraine now. as government troops continue to battle pro-russian rebel in eastern ukraine, it's the civilians living in war-torn cities like donetsk who are left to pick up the pieces. >> many have fled the violence leaving only a few who are still scrambling to survive. our nick paton walsh filed this report from the city. >> reporter: this used to be a bustling home to a million. now constant shelling has hollowed out donetsk. it's forced the most desperate to flee underground. lena shows where she's lived for weeks with the last other two residents of her block and the cat. "it's terrifying," she says "a nightmare. no water, no electricity.
11:41 pm
no gas, nothing." "we're even scared to go out to the street as people are killed at the bus stop by shelling." just dark and the thudding working out how close it is. there are separatist fighters around here near the rubble. the shells have also landed where people try to live normally. this crowded bus stop struck here last week killing 13. whoever fire must have known the risks to civilians. we may never know who fired the shells that landed behind me or what the real target was. the ukrainians blame the separatists, but there's another explanation. behind me is an old factory used by the separatists as a base. the ukrainian military is clearly hitting military targets, too. these lock like refrigerator
11:42 pm
trucks for bodies. at the morgue we briefly glimpsed many dead. san fernando valley here though is a matter of chance. the house has been hit twice. the first time he was out, and this morning the mortar fell between a car and wall. he and his wife were spared although they haven't seen their pentagons since october. "where am i going to go," he says "where? the ukraine? i'm not needed. i'm a pensioner. what state will feed me a non-working pentagoner if i don't do something myself?" a dark period in former soviet history with only talk of more killing ahead. nick paton walsh, cnn, donetsk. other stories coming up for you. the greek prime minister is vowing to keep his an i austerity campaign promise.
11:43 pm
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welcome back everyone. while apple posted the biggest corporate profit than any company in history this week its big rival samsung, is reporting its first annual earnings decline in three years. >> that's right. the fourth-quarter profit did meet the firm's guidance. but it still fell 27% from last year. that's losing some 4.9 -- $4.9 billion. >> there were some 2009 spots. the company's smartphone business is showing sign of stabilization. and mobile chip sales are strong. meanwhile, facebook's fourth quarter numbers beat wall street's expectations. quarterly revenue came in at $3.
11:46 pm
billion, a 49% bump from the same time last year. >> how many people are using the face page? as for monthly active users, facebook had 1.4 billion during the quarter, up 13% from a year ago. earlier our colleague zain asher spoke about action zigs that are helping facebook change the mobile landscape. i think the strategy for facebook is they want to make sure that user are using the site. that started pretty simple. you had profiles, a lot of text fields. that was the basis of content. users are watching richer content these days. facebook's paying attention to them. we now see that their messaging service with the acquisition has 700 million month low active users. people are sharing more video content, too. we saw a 75% increase in the number of videos shared as well. and i think longer term even farther than that we've seen the acquisition of oculus which is a virtual reality headset.
11:47 pm
you've got facebook with a platform of over a billion people with all sort of new contents. the bottom line this is a great social network. the point is to be a platform for people to share content with one another. >> a normal highlight from the earnings report most of facebook's ad revenue came from mobile devices which has quickly become the number-one way people use the service. greece remains the big economic story in europe of course. the country will not default on its debt. it's moving ahead with its anti-austerity agenda. that's the message from the new left wing government there after its first cabinet meeting. >> the new president says the country plans to renegotiate the $270 billion bailout. the country's debt is now 175% of gdp. the markets reacted with the athens stock exchange slumping nearly 9% on wednesday. with all that debt and an economy that sclump by more than
11:48 pm
25% in the last few years, who can fix it for greece? >> some think it's the new finance minister. a look at the self-styled accidental economist. >> reporter: the hard left party behind a seismic shift in europe. elected against a backdrop of austerity, recession, and massive unemployment. it's set for stormy times as it collides with the european union over renegotiation of greece's massive debt. and the man charged with leading greece's negotiations rather than a firebrand radical is a self-styled accidental economist. >> the simple answer is no. >> reporter: media savvy 53-year-oldan is varufadis gained thousands of followers with his tv appearances, blogs, and poetic tweets about economics and austerity. >> greece is absolutely
11:49 pm
irreversibley committed to staying in the eurozone. the problem is that once near in just like you will recall the eagles song "california," you can check in any time you like but can never leave. >> reporter: he says his approach to economics is like "an atheist theoligon in a monastery upon" he studied in england before studying at universities around the world. international man needed to face greece's international creditors. he will be up again the e.u. the european central bank and the imf. >> the problem with the way that europe has been doling with this crisis in 2010 is that everybody's a loser whether we could have a much more rational way of dealing with the greek crisis where the average european citizen pays less for this unfoaling, never-ending debacle. >> reporter: he shows no sign of
11:50 pm
changing his style. his first act as finance minister of an online promise to keep on blogging despite official advice. his only concession to his new role a warning that his commence would become "juicierment" a warning angela merkel -- "juicier," a warning angela merkel says would be good to heed. solving crimes isn't always as easy as you see on television shows like "law and order" and "csi." >> next in pakistan one man is bringing his crime scene experience to a country in desperate need. recently, a 1954 mercedes-benz grand prix race car made history when it sold for a record price of just under $30 million. and now, another mercedes-benz makes history selling at just over $30,000. and to think this one actually has a surround-sound stereo. the 2015 cla.
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see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services.
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surely you've heard of "csi," crime shows like it and others are popular all around the world. the high-tech method used by tv investigators aren't exactly common in developing country like pakistan. after years of helping to solve crimes in the u.s. one investigator took his skills halfway around the world. here's his story. >> reporter: he uncovered evidence that helped lock up no force serial killer jane wayne gacy secure a rave conviction against mike tyson, and got dr. sam shepherd equitied -- acquitted in the murder of his wife. all that in 36 years working with u.s. police muhammad tahir accepted the biggest challenge yet -- taking his expertise to pakistan. a nation beset by crime, militancy, and an antiquated
11:53 pm
justice system. witnesses in pakistan are often bribed or intimidateded allowing militants and murder spokes to walk free. tahir wants to change this by donning this yellow jacket and promoting responsible investigations using the ultimate witness -- science. >> we are dependent on the physical evidence. and physical evidence is a silent went. every scientist with the knowledge and training make the seek in a court of law. >> reporter: in 2008 punjab's chief minister called on tahi rr to build a multimillion forensics lab and recruit scientists. at first, evidence only trickled in from police. much of it hopelessly taped like moldy blood work or guns smeared with police officers' fingerprints.
11:54 pm
in one case cops brought in a suspect who they believed had raped and kill a young boy to. tahir convinced them not to torture the man asson happens and instead rely on science. >> i told them don't beat him. don't do anything physical to him. we haven't proved anything yet. let us do the test. we found out he was truthful. but with the dna was examined. >> reporter: thanks to training and crime scene investigate eunice, the lab takes on over 600 cases a day. police still struggle to secure crime scenes and only half the dna samples that come in are packed properly. officers argue that they're becoming better at playing by tahir's rules. >> i think very rarely the police investigator. it used to be you can take a quick matter of getting dna from
11:55 pm
the accused. but now thing have changed. >> reporter: incredibly pakistani courts still have a backlog of more than one million cases. but to his lab -- tahir's lab has cracked person ones putting murderers, rapist and militants behind bars. with each case the soft-spoken scientist is slowly convincing the justice system that nothing beats good old-fashioned forensics. >> all right. now to something completely different watch carnivale around the corner brazil is handing out 120 million condoms throughout the country. >> the government initially called off for a test will give away free condom and offer aids testing at centers throughout the country. brazil has carried out similar campaigns over the past three decades with great success. >> according to the ministry of health, 400,000 people in brazil are currently receiving aids treatment. london didn't get a blizzard this week but hold -- it did
11:56 pm
get a visit from an eight-foot-tall polar bear. actually, if you can believe it this thing -- it isn't real but it's lifelike. it's been wondering the streets, strolling through parks. >> it took specialists eight weeks to build the animal. it's operated by two puppeteers who studied the movements of polar bears. why a giant bear? a promotional stun for a new tv show set in the arctic. >> and the stunt succeed. >> it t does. look at that. a good -- you can tell it's not real. you're watching cnn, i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. we'll be back after this short break. shopping online is as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. we've made hiring anyone from a handyman to a dog walker as simple as a few clicks. buy their services directly at no more calling around. no more hassles.
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the clock is ticking. the last-minute vietnam bell to save a japanese journalist and a jordanian pilot health by isis. a deadly mistake. a new report says one victim of the siege at a sydney cafe of hit by fragments from bullets shot by police. arthritis evacuated, fighter jets scrambled. all sparked by tweets. >> i want to see those who are responsible for those -- that kind of activity tracked down and prosecuted. >> we'll explain how dozens of fake bomb threats in the past week and a half are disrupting tloits in the u.s. and children in thieg armed