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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  January 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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nd to help others. >> i know someone always has it worse than i do. i believe that my job is to make them happy. >> i love this girl. >> i do too. >> oh my. >> i believe my job is to make them happy. >> you make us happy, darling. >> she's the good stuff. time for the "newsroom" with carol costello. >> happy monday. >> happy monday. you ready for snowmageddon? we will cuddle up with chris, right? >> bring it in human blanket. >> fantastic. have a great day. thanks so much. >> "newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks for joining me historic and life-threatening. this could be the storm millions of americans could talk about decades from now, hours before this blizzard explodes over the northeast, we're only seeing the first gentle hints what's to
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come. >> flakes nearly whiting out the cameras in pittsburgh. for new yorkers, a slight shift in the storm's path could mean the difference between a few inches of snow or being buried under a couple of feet. new york's mayor is sounding the alarm. >> this literally could be one of the top two or three largest storms in the history of this city. we need to plan accordingly. my message to all new yorkers is prepare for something worse than we have seen before. prepare to be safe. >> up the coast, the cape cod area is boarding up like it's hurricane season. there's a reason for that. ferocious howling winds could reach hurricane levels. we're covering all the angles of this dangerous storm unfolding. cnn cruiser fanned out across the northeast. let's begin with meteorologist chad myers live near central park in new york.
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you look cold chad? >> i am freezing carol. they wouldn't let me get my storm gear for this hit. i am standing in a suit for this hit. they don't sell great storm coats in atlanta. they sell them here. a fair way market on 74th street i went up there, people were carrying food out unpaid for, carrying it out to go stand in line to get in line on the outside of the store to get back inside of the store to get to the cash register to finally leave. there were at least 150 people deep in this cue just to go buy food. this is why we're seeing snow here already and the snow is going to come down significantly tonight. about 10:00 we could see thundersnow. it's snowing here snowing in philadelphia snowing in atlantic city. a little bit of snow in baltimore. that's not the big stuff. this storm is about to hit the atlantic ocean. not talking temperatures in the
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80s, temperatures in the 40s that the warm water will make this storm balm and low pressure will get deeper and winds will churn up and the snow is going to get deep. there you go. 12 and 24 inches here more to the northeast of here as the snow makes ocean effect snow. cold air wraps around this storm and blow it around land and around berkshires and new york city a big snow event with big wind. while i'm standing here tomorrow it may be seven foot drifts and the rest you can see the ground. that's how ferocious these winds are blowing. >> chad i have a cute hat you can borrow. i'll bring it out to you. >> reporter: i'm going to my hotel right now to gear up. >> you better go fast because we need you back here. jennifer gray snow already fall fallen in boston people say, boston they're used to that. this is something different,
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isn't it jennifer? >> reporter: yeah. this is entirely different. they're comparing to it the president's day blizzard of '03, could be somewhere in the ballpark of that. i don't know if we will get more snow than that 27 inches but could come close. >> already on the ground. we have piles of snow along the streets, seeing anywhere from 1 to 2 feet of that just on the grassy areas, an inch or 2. we're talking about snow to my waist. 2 to 3 feet of snow and snow drifts above my head. that lowest branch is 9 or 10 feet. we're talking 8 foot snow drifts. we're going to see snow all over this city and piled along the streets, could go above my head. that's why the front loaders are ready and trucks are ready to haul this snow out and put them in farm fields. we have about 700 trucks ready to go in the city of boston.
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35,000 tons of salt. they are ready. the mayor said we've dealt with blizzards before and we are ready and only time will tell how bad it gets. forecasting between the overnight hours tonight into the first half of tomorrow morning, into midday could see an inch or 2 throughout the day and really pick up this afternoon. power outages possible need to be ready today and get off the road by this evening. >> thanks for the warning, jennifer gray reporting live from boston. air travelers, flights in the thousands. crippling conditions beginning to make their mark. 2700 flights running on delays right now. more than 2300 already cancelled. more than 2 thous,000 flights cancelled for tomorrow. good morning, rene. >> good morning, carol.
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it's bad news for people electing to travel by air. we're here at laguardia. this is what the departure and arrival board looks like. it's lighting up quite a bit as the morning draws on talking about cancellations and delays. the ripple effect. even if you're flying to sunny miami you may have to worry about delays. it's all about the ripple effect. the lucky people all able to get on board, you see them traveling down there to get on board the plane. thousands of flights already cancelled. same scenario for tomorrow. we have the top airports see ging cancellations, laguardia one of them followed by newark more than 400 cancellations and delays in and out of the airport as well as jfk. you get the trend here all the northeast airports getinghamered
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as it relates to air travel. what are the major airlines doing? allowing people to re-book traveling these days able to do that free of charge. if you really need to get some place, the train is another option. amtrak says they are operating on a regular schedule. that's how i got here to laguardia airport without any issues. the really rough stuff will happen later on this afternoon. i spoke with one air traffic controller. he describes the situation in the tower as hectic because you have icy conditions and snow and precipitation, you want to make sure the flights are space out and be mindful of the tarmac and conditions are okay for landing. even air traffic controllers saying things are hectic and it's only just beginning. >> the wind is a factor too,
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right? the wind gusts are already strong. >> reporter: right. you have so many different factors here they have to look out for and why we saw so many airlines already proactively canceling their flights. they don't want a scenario you have people sleeping in chairs and on cots in the airport because they come here and find out their flight is cancelled. what we saw a lot of airlines do is get proactive and condition sell it long before the storm comes in so you don't get stuck in boston or wherever this storm starts to hit hard. >> thank you. millions of americans bracing for historic blizzard conditions and some better prepared than others. how do you get ready for winter weather? do you stock up with enough bread and toilet paper? ready for cabin fever? here's what some americans say
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taking a look at the city of philadelphia where light snow is coming down but philadelphia is going to hit hard too, maybe 6 or 7 or 8 inches. ooh, let's go to state college in pennsylvania and take a look what's happening there. they're getting ready, too, see the roads are already very icy because it's very cold along the northeast. the wind gusts making it unbearable. windchill, single digits especially here in new york city. it is cold outside. be very careful. i want to head to washington d.c. and bizarre scene at the house. the secret service investigating a small drone found on the property. the president and mrs. obama both away traveling in india but it will likely raise fresh concerns about the first family's security. joe johns joins me with more.
6:14 am
good morning, joe. >> reporter: good morning, carol. in the last hour and a half we saw a number of united states secret service officers in what is essentially a grid search here on the property the white house lawn. they're looking for any other evidence of that device that landed on the lawn today. they had to wait until daylight. earlier, during the hours of darkness there were a number of emergency vehicles here as that device was first discovered. we don't know a lot about it. it's described as small. we don't know how small. it's a drone and would have had propellors on it. no indication it had a payload or danger to any in any way here at the white house. josh earnest, the white house press secretary traveling with the president in india talked about it earlier today. >> a device that has been recovered by the secret service at the white house. early indications are it does not pose any sort of ongoing
6:15 am
threat by anybody at the white house. >> reporter: nothing from the united states secret service on this. they are under new management and there have been concerns about security here. the president and his wife traveling in india. as we understand it their daughters and their grandmother remained back here in washington. carol. >> so how far onto the white house grounds is this drone? do we know? >> reporter: it's not quite clear. we do know the search occurred directly behind me. the fence line all the way across through the tree is where the u.s. secret service officers were walking in their grid search. they also checked some bushes behind me to see if there was anything there. no indication they found anything at all. perhaps that drone was just it. it would be good to get a statement from them. >> yes it would. joe johns reporting live from the white house this morning. thank you. i'll be right back.
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doesn't that look beautiful? pretty benign right now, right? that's a shot of central park columbus circle. for millions of new yorkers, the next several hours will be agonizing. if a blizzard hits it could be one of the worst storms in u.s. history with more than two feet of snow and an avalanche of problems. now, joining us by phone, in he hot seat. catherine garcia. >> caller: thanks for having me. >> good morning. on a scale of 1 to 10 what's
6:20 am
your stress level at this point? >> so far it's okay. i think it was because i was out in the field with the front line sanitation workers and they were confident and really excited to get a jump on this storm. we are in full battle mode and ready to take on this blizzard which could be historic. >> when you say "full battle mode," how many vehicles are you talking about? >> we have pushed beyond our maximum plan and we will have 2300 sanitation vehicles out there as well as another almost 2 fwift 250 pieces of equipment from other agencies and vendors. >> what will be the hardest bit? like, you know the wind gusts will be the big thing, right, so you can get these giant snow drifts. how will you remove that and deal with that? >> caller: the biggest challenge for us we anticipate being on the overnight when we have what's called thundesnow and
6:21 am
see 2-4 inches an hour and near whiteout conditions. that is incredibly difficult for any sitting on a plow or sitting in a spreader being able to see and keep everything moving. for us it's about staying with it and doing it over and over again until we get everything cleared. >> what would you like to tell the citizens of new york city in order to make your job easier. >> caller: the most important thing is not be driving particularly as we go into this evening and overnight. we really need those roads to ourselves to have an ability to get them clear in a timely manner. >> why do people do that do you think. why do they drive when they know blizzard conditions are approaching? >> caller: i have some theories on that. you know, some people have a lot of suvs and think they can take on the mountain. some people have jobs that don't give them a lot of flexibility
6:22 am
about getting in. i really want to encourage people to treat this as a dangerous storm. >> there was some criticism the last time the snowstorm hit new york city the wealthier people were taken care of but the poorer people were? will that happen this time around? >> in the past we have focused on developing our plans by the numbers. it's all about your lane miles of highway and your lane miles of primary streets that might have hospitals or precincts on them. that's where we put our resources first. there's no -- we don't look at the demographics of the city. it's about what are the key institutions and then it's about top topography. if you're on a high elevation or hill we are going to hit you first because those are the most difficult for us to stay ahead of. >> so there is a slight chance that the storm will move east
6:23 am
and miss new york city all together. i'm sure that's what you're hoping for. i know you've been looking at weather forecasts. what are you seeing? >> caller: this would be a day i would like the meteorologists to be wrong. but we are still looking at a projection of 12-24 inches across the city with blizzard force winds. that may be a little bit down from where they were saying up to 3 feet yesterday. but that will be historic. that would still be a top 10 storm. >> man, i hope that thing moves east. i'm with you and hope the meteorologist is wrong. thanks for joining me this morning. i appreciate it. >> caller: pleasure to be with you. still to come in the "newsroom." a blizzard bores down and worried homeowners board up.
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good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you for jing me this morning as more than a million americans are affected from snow blanketing the northeast and the
6:28 am
shift is to snow removal for the sanitation department. the cape cod area could also be in real danger today. it could suffer 3 feet of snow. president obama is halfway around the world. even inindyiaindia, he will be briefed how serious this weather threat is. canceling 1800 flights in and out of the northeast. canceling as many tonight and tomorrow and airlines waiving fees to reschedule flights, a good thing. new york city expected to be the hardest hit by the storms. officials joining me on the phone. the city's emergency management commissioner joseph esposito. welcome, sir. are you there? >> yeah. i'm here. good morning. >> good morning. i know you're busy this morning and i appreciate your being with me. your job is to coordinate disaster response.
6:29 am
what's your big challenge today? >> moving about 3 feet of snow the biggest challenge today and keeping the citizens of this city safe. >> i just interviewed kathryncatherine garcia. she said the biggest challenge will be the thundersnow that will happen late tonight. thundersnow can mean 2-4 inches of snow per hour. >> well yeah sanitation will have their hands full trying to keep up with this. they can now those streets. we have a lot of equipment. if it comes down multiple inches every hour they will have trouble keeping up with it. the biggest challenge is moving the snow and making sure the citizens are safe. >> if that much snow falls, where do you put it in new york city? >> it's a big city. we'll find spots. you'll see the piles on some of these big streets, we'll make piles. we have melters we can bring in
6:30 am
and they'll pile this snow into these melters and we melt it. >> really? can you describe that further? that's different. >> we'll have them in all five boroughs. we'll close big streets and the snow will be delivered there and the snow will be put in these melters and we'll melt it. >> what advice do you have for the people of new york city? >> don't get a false sense of security by looking out the window now. right now, it's moderate snow flurries. this is going to intensify. today is fine. getting into this evening will get much more treacherous and overnight and tomorrow blizzard conditions. i can't stress that enough. we have a blizzard warning in effect. 65 miles an hour gust winds. this will be like standing out in the antarctic midnight tonight and during the day tomorrow.
6:31 am
stay home and stay safe. today, get done what you need to do early and hunker down get a nice book and video games and keep your kids occupied. >> how do you keep your workers safe in conditions like that? >> it's not easy. police and first responders and sanitation they have to put themselves in harm's way. that's what they get paid for and take as their profession. they'll be out there trying to keep the citizens safe. people are going to get sick. people will fall and get injured. ems we have contingency plans to add personnel if we have an increase in volume we will take care of folks that need to get transported to hospitals. >> i can't imagine sitting in a snow plow with 65 miles an hour winds and snow falling at a rate of 2-4 inches per hour. >> it's difficult. listen these are not good
6:32 am
conditions for anybody to be out there working. my hat is off to the sanitation and fire and p.d. port authority, mta, these folks will be out there trying to keep this city going. >> thank you for taking time out of a busy morning to talk with me. joseph esposito thanks so much. >> thank you. let's head outside again, cnn meteorologist chad myers is tracking the storm. he has the proper winter clothing on this time. >> reporter: i do. >> you appear more comfortable. >> reporter: i am toasty warm right now. the wind is blowing and we didn't talk about even though the roads get plowed we will see the wind blow those plowed roads with the drift from the north. even though it's one snow plow after another on any east-west roadway it's all night long. 10:00 is the peekak here and
6:33 am
boston maybe six hours later than that up the coast. the snow has picked up. we talked about flurries. these are pretty good flurries as i was walking back from the hotel. sidewalks getting slipped. i slipped a couple times but didn't fall. it's 41 degrees and sunny and now, it's snowing. we are not warmer in boston and not much warmer in philadelphia where it's snowing heavy and poconos, berkeshire, catskills could pick up that 2 or 3 foot snowfall. the snow is going to bomb off the coast. that means it will turn into almost a snow-a-cane. >> hurricane at 60 miles an hour and things will get dicey in the evening and winds bring down power lines. all of a sudden it's 20 and you don't have power and heat. it will be a challenge few day is in the northeast. >> i'm learning new terms, snow-a-cane, is that what you
6:34 am
said? >> reporter: i just made it up. >> i like it. i wrote it down. chad myers, thanks so much. i'll be right back. when heartburn comes creeping up on you... fight back with relief so smooth...'s fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue ...and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum, tum tum tum...♪ smoothies! only from tums.
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well at least we're not suffering alone. we're also suffering along with our friends in pittsburgh. this is what it looks like there this morning. you can see whiteout conditions there. they're only expecting 2-4 inches of snow but escaped easy this time. the wind is whipping up that snow and making travel conditions very hazardous, please be careful. think potential snowfallhistoric snowfall is the worst thing for the east coast. wind and massive flooding and
6:38 am
power outages on the coast today. >> we were looking at the weather forecast a few minutes ago. seems like a pretty good amount of snow. the wind always concerns us here, of course. >> what we want to do is we want protection against not only the water coming over the wall and hitting the house. all the stones and pebbles that come with it. the power of moving walter can really pick up rocks unbelievable size usually the size of your fist. >> or the wind does off the top of the waves and spray carrying rocks with it. >> reporter: they've been through dozens of storms. the house survived the blizzard of '78. next door a relative newcomer who will stay as long as she can. >> originally i'm from alabama and this is 92 you for me. >> reporter: the seawall has held up in the past few storms and since tides are not that s a astronomically high it should do well again.
6:39 am
the concern is wind and power outages. >> power is the key and hopefully everybody has a generator, i do not. >> reporter: march 2012 seawall break, winds, touching off this fire that wiped out several homes, all here hoping things go a lot better this time. we'll know more tomorrow. that's for sure. >> some courageous homeowners. let's talk to another one, bob lives on plum island massachusetts, felt the wrath of a snowstorm just two years ago. he's planning to stay at his home open to local officials working this event but says he may move to higher ground if conditions deteriorate. bob is on the phone with me right now. hi bob. >> caller: good morning, carol. >> what's it like to live on an island when a blizzard hits? >> caller: we have a saying on plum island. it's paradise 11 months a year and misery island about one month a year. we're getting all these crazy
6:40 am
storms. storms. >> this one is expected to be quite the whopper. how have you prepared? >> caller: we have relatively new home that exceeds the current coastal construction standards. our house typically winds up being really a staging area for the emergency response crews. a lot of the media that is scattered about our area during these storms. >> wow. >> caller: our house is ready to go. neighbors -- i'm lacking out my window. neighbors boarding up windows, some putting sandbags in front of garage doors. but we're -- we've been through a number of storms. honestly wave energy storm surge, we aren't too concerned. >> for you, it's not so much the amount of snow, it's this flooding that will come after. >> caller: it's going to be the wave energy j how high the waves
6:41 am
are and number of tides. >> are you still with me bob? >> caller: yes, i am. >> good. i thought i lost you there for a second. it wouldn't be surprising since the weather is so bad already. so you said your house is a local staging area. so who will be with you tonight as you weather the storm? >> caller: we will likely have local and state officials. the chairman of the board for the town of newberry has called in and plans to come out here and monitor the situation. congressman-set seth mollton, newly elected congressman called earlier and offered any support and asked to be kept informed of issues and needs we have. probably half of the media on plum island tonight. >> wow. >> caller: we will have food coffee a worm place to go. >> bob connors, you're my kind
6:42 am
of guy. thanks for joining me this morning and thank you for hosting all of those important people because they will be important when weather conditions deteriorate later today. bob connors, thanks so much. >> caller: thank you. >> you're welcome. millions told to stay off the road as blizzard conditions barrel down the northeast. you can see the new jersey turnpike being told to slow down thanks to the toll. travel conditions getting worse and potentially dangerous as the conditions go on. as for those who expect to take to the skies you better check. with so many being told to stay put, internet means are piling up. more like a survival gag than guide. hoard water, spam and bacon. keep blankets and tall people nearby. starbucks may be closed oh no. you may need to eat family pets. it's a joke! at laguardia where no one's
6:43 am
really laughing. good morning rene. >> reporter: i will laugh at that joke carol. do you want the good news or padbad news first? >> i always like bad news to get it out of the way. >> reporter: bad news we're talking a lot of cancellations. already in this thousands and already in the thousands tomorrow as well. you take a look at the boards you can see we're starting to see them light up. red is not what you want to see if you have a flight coming out of laguardia airport. we are seeing more and more red as the morning goes on. more than 2100 cancellations already. when you talk about the airports that are really getting hit the hardest, it's along the northeast region talking right here laguardia more than 500 conditions cans lake cancellations in and out of the airport. laguardia and newark and jfk.
6:44 am
those are just to maimname a few. they're having trouble in chicago as well. good news there are some flights still leaving out of laguardia. you look behind me this is the tsa line checkpoint at laguardia there are some people getting out. they were smart, they booked an earlier flight. if you do perhaps your luck will get better. the longer you wait the worse it gets. i talked to an airport worker who said they're starting to see a little bit of snow building up on the runway nothing severe. they're waiting for this afternoon when they think things will get pretty ugly at our airports. >> i notice the people getting through security have a spring in their step because they're probably going somewhere warm. >> reporter: i spoke to one lady going to miami. i said lucky you, you're going to miami. she wasn't very lucky because she said she was leaving her kids behind. she didn't necessarily find a
6:45 am
silver lining. i get you if you talk to somebody whose flight is canceled they'd love to switch places with her. most of these people are able to get out. i spoke with one air traffic controller earlier this morning. he described the situation up in the tower as hectic understandable. the runway is slippery and they have to make sure these flights are spaced out. a white knuckle situation in the air traffic control tower as well. >> reporting live from laguardia thanks so much. still to come from the "newsroom," first isis wanted $2 million for hostages and now they want this woman set free. we'll tell you who she is and why she's so important to isis. rd jon is is shirley speaking. how may i help you? ♪♪ oh hey, neill, how are you? how was the trip? with nearly 7 million investors he's right here. hold on one sec. you'd expect us to have a highly skilled
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all right. let's head out to boston. looks pretty, doesn't it? boy, it's frigid in that city this morning. 15 degrees but it feels like negative 1. winds are blowing at 12 miles per hour. that's whipping up the snow just a bit. they are in the severe category. boston could experience 2 feet of snow. it's just mind-boggling. the winds will also pick up later today maybe 60 70 miles per hour. i'm feeling good about new york's 25 degrees right now. not really good but pretty good in comparison to boston. i'll have more on our coverage of this historic blizzard in the northeast in just a minute.
6:50 am
first, another big story we're following this morning. isis issuing a new ultimatum to spare the life of a surviving japanese hostage. in return for kenji goto's freedom, isis is demanding the release of a would-be suicide bomber from a jail in jordan. this weekend a chilly video emerged indicating isis killed its other japanese hostage. cnn's will ripley is tracking the latest developments. >> reporter: we know that right now a special envoy from tokyo is on the ground in jordan. these japanese officials are doing what they can to negotiate with the jordanian government to try to work out some sort of a deal to secure kenji goto's safe return back to his family here. his wife his two young daughters and his mother who is so desperate right now for her son to return home. >> translator: i am a mother. i cannot bear this. i got to believe in everyone's effort otherwise i cannot live.
6:51 am
the human fighting to each other. this is not the warlord area. >> reporter: analysts say breaking out a deal won't be easy. the terrorist that isis is demanding is alphashawi. a failed suicide bomber involved in an attack that killed almost 60 people. the jordanian government is not keen to hand over a high level prisoner for one japanese journalist which means hope is fading in tokyo that kenji goto will make it home alive. >> will ripley reporting. thank you. still to come in the "newsroom"," the storm will likely be
6:52 am
expensive. the cost of the storm for businesses and for workers. you just got a big bump in miles. so this is a great opportunity for an upgrade. sound good? great. because you're not you you're a whole airline... and it's not a ticket you're upgrading it's your entire operations, from domestic to international... which means you need help from a whole team of advisors. from workforce strategies to tech solutions
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it looks pretty nasty from that shot. out the window it doesn't look
6:56 am
that bad but you can see that it's a sign of what's to come in new york city. it's snowing now but lightly. it's really cold. 25 degrees with a real feel of maybe 10 degrees. it ain't pretty out there. as the northeast braces for potentially historic winter storm, businesses are bracing for impact on their workers and bottom line. that impact can be negative for some but for some it can be a good thing. christine romans is here to tell us more. >> it's a good thing for those selling the shovels that we saw there. snow happens. winter happens. this is a very very big storm. there will be losers here. it will hurt the economy no question. you'll have people especially hourly workers, they won't get their money back. their wages back. that's going to be a problem. there is usually a hit to the flow of goods and services into and out of businesses that can take a long time to get rectified and then there's retail impact. 85% of retail sales will be lost
6:57 am
when people are stuck at home. lost productivity is a problem. i'll tell you home depot, lowe's the corner hardware store, the guy who cleans and replaces gutters, the tree trimmer, the guy with the snowplow in the suburbs, they're going to make money and city workers who have overtime they'll be among the few winners. >> has there ever been any study on the economic impact of blizzards on cities? >> absolutely. if it's quick and strong and horrible quite frankly, it has less impact than if it goes on forever. last year the economy actually shrank 2% in the quarter that we had storm after storm after storm. we had them so often that it really hurt the economy overall. usually for a big storm though winter happens. mother nature happens. people adapt and you see the depressed activity and then over time we get over it. the economy gets over it. we hope that's what happens in this case. >> me too. thank you so much. i appreciate it. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now.
6:58 am
good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. a blizzard called historic and life threatening ready to explode over the northeast. this is i-80 at i-20. you can see this is just the beginning. i-80 at 280. this is new jersey. this is just the beginning as you can see. it's pretty nasty driving already. it's a good idea if you just stay home. north of cape cod, they are worried. homeowners are boarding up. ferocious winds could reach hurricane strength it as much as three feet of snow could fall here. airlines have canceled some 4,000 flights for today and tomorrow and new york's mayor is sounding the alarm for anyone tempted to dismiss the threat. >> this literally could be one
6:59 am
of the top two or three largest storms in the history of this city and we need to plan accordingly. my message to all new yorkers is prepare for something worse than we have seen before. prepare to be safe. >> we are covering all angles of this dangerous storm that's unfolding. cnn crews are fanned out across the northeast. as the snow starts to come down heavier in many areas, remember this. we're still hours away from the storm unleashing its most fearsome might. let's get timing on the storm. chad myers is near central park. >> what you see in d.c. and philadelphia is about as bad as you'll get. up here we don't get bad until 10:00. people that trare sliding around say what are you talking about? it's snowing but not what it's going to be. this is almost a hurricane over
7:00 am
cold water. it's 47. that's warm enough to create a bombing effect. think of what a hurricane looks like and has arms. those spirals. this storm will have spiral bands, spiraling snow with ocean-effect snow blasting maine and boston and down here to new york city and new models at new york city are high. this city will come to a standstill. the wind doesn't stop for 48 hours. this is what we have now. snow tapered off here in new york city for another 30 minutes. airplanes are already having trouble keeping up and we'll see a lot of these delays pile up as the day goes on and the icing delays and


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