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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  January 23, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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ut of mom's basement. "early start" continues right now. >> upheaval in the middle east. the leader of america's most important ally in the region dies overnight. the government of another key partner crumbles. changes that could spell trouble for the war on terror. this morning, u.s. moving workers out of the region as al qaeda looks to increase power there. live team coverage. the deadline passes for the hostages held by isis. this morning, we are waiting for word on their fate. that as world leaders meet to formulate a plan. we have live team coverage ahead. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. 5:00 in the east. friday january 23rd. a lot of news going on this morning. breaking overnight. the leader of the most powerful
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american ally in the middle east has died. later today, the funeral for saudi arabia's king abdullah. he died at age 90 after coming down with pneumonia. his half brother, prince salman has been declared the new king. the country is key to the u.s. war against isis and al qaeda in the middle east. key to stability in the region. let's bring in the correspondent nic robertson for the latest. good morning, nic. you describe this king as someone who by person standards certainly not up to western standards on human rights and religious freedom. a step ahead of his peers. >> reporter: he certainly was and the continuity that the saudi monarchy tries to maintain and handing power and established the crown prince and now king salman. now all of this is projecting that stability.
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what we saw king abdullah do in last few years of his reign is expand the saudi army. up to $150 billion defense spending projecting over the next few years. salman in that context, if he continue was that spend and that vision will be a strong ally for the united states and the region. king abdullah had watched what saudis considered counter playing and a damaging role following from the arab spring and backing the muslim brotherhood. saudi arabia and king abdullah deciding to take the lead in the region and become the lead player. it is key in the moment against the fight of isis. it is the key going forward for the instability in yemen. contributing billions of dollars to the yemeni government or it did. the questions now that concern
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strategists in the united states will prince salman continue to support the strong saudi military and aggressive action and more aggressive than most people would like in the west against isis. and what will he do about yemen? typically with saudis, again, the progresses of power from one pair of hands from the other. they like it to be smooth. in the short-term we should expect no change. we need to see the about the longer term. >> nic robertson, thank you. so much news in the region. happening this morning, another key u.s. ally descending into chaos. the government of yemen is in shambles this morning. the president and prime minister and cabinet resigning within hours. they want to wash their hands of destructive political chaos in the wake of the deal that gives insurgents more power there. up until now, the yemeni
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government is the ally in the fight against al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. that group is killing the political vacuum in the country. in response to the turmoil, the u.s. embassy in yemen has reduced its staff. jomana joins us now. >> reporter: the question is who replaces the government that pretty much collapsed yesterday. with the political uncertainty and political chaos and political vacuum in the country, there is a lot of concern here that as we have seen in other places. terror groups do take advantage of this kind of environment and the fear here is that aqap al qaeda's branch in yemen, will do the same. it will operate more freely and takeover more territory and with the sectarian rift widening in the country, it will draw more
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support. also the government of president hadi has been a key allyal li ally against aqap and fighting on the ground. the question is what will happen and who will assist the u.s. as we see the hosi movement. the shi'a group consolidating control over the capital sanaa and the government has been quite fighting aqap. one of the group's main slogans has been death to america. it is opposed to u.s. drone strikes there. real concern about who will be assisting the u.s. on the war on terror in yemen and fighting aqap at a critical time as we are seeing what seems to be the group really trying to reassert itself on the international scene as a major terror organization after it claimed the attack on the "charlie hebdo" in paris. >> the last thing the u.s. wants
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or needs is the new opportunity for al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. thanks. the deadline for japan to pay a huge ransom for two hostages by isis has passed. no word on their fate this morning. the islamic terror group said he would kill the two men unless japan hands over $200 million. the japanese government has been scrambling to contact isis and saying at the same time it will not yield to terrorist threats. we have will ripley in tokyo. he has been following this. will what is the state of play here? there's been a broadcaster in japan who has been reportedly in contact with isis but the government not saying whether they have paid the ransom or if they have been able to contact the islamic state. >> reporter: the government has been saying all along they did not have a direct line of communication with isis. public broadcaster nhk says they
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have been e-mailing with a spokesperson for the organization which begs the question christine, how is it a media outlet here in japan is able to get a line of communication with the terror group, but the japanese government using and reaching out to jordan and turkey is unable to have discussion was the group. especially if tokyo is in some capacity willing to sit down at the bargaining table, if you will to hammer out a deal. all of that and any details of a deal are speculative for those of us on the outside because the japanese government continues to say publicly they are not negotiating with terrorists. they won't answer direct questions if they will consider paying a ransom. the fact the isis spokesperson e-mailing the public broadcaster here in japan would not comment whether necessity goeshsh negotiations were happening. it makes us think that perhaps
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even though this deadline has passed there may still be a chance of discussions which, of course the families of the two men are desperately hoping for. especially given the devastating the passing of the deadline earlier today. >> it could explain talking to the media and not talking to the government could be explained that isis wants to maximize the public relation value of the two men and not serious about real negotiations here. will ripley in tokyo. thank you. secretary of state john kerry in london meeting with allys in the battle against isis. they announced significant progress in that fight. the secretary said that iraqi ground troops in 2,000 coalition air strikes have retain about 270 square miles of territory. another say 6,000 isis fighters have been killed including half the terror group's command. there is no way to confirm that.
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that number is interesting. turns to atika shubert in london. atika, what is the latest? >> reporter: it is interesting to hear the numbers. the fact is we don't know exactly how much of the command structure of isis has been degraded. yesterday in the meeting about the coalition of isis john kerry mentioned the territory that has been taken from isis as a result of 2,000 air strikes and ground troops. clearly it is not enough to defeat isis yet. the main message to come across is that more equipment, training and funding is needed to get those ground troops in position to defeat isis. specifically iraqi forces. john kerry mentioned that the training of the syrian opposition forces will begin in the spring in neighboring countries. this is a fight for the long haul. he also said that this sort of collisionuld coalition meeting womenill continue
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every month. >> atika shubert for us in london. thank you. iraq is calling for more weapons against the battle against isis. as oil prices plunge iraq is hoping allies will provide for weapons on credit. the oil problem has been disastrous for the iraq economy. it accounts for 85% of the budget and the economy. it poses a new challenge, the drop in oil, in the isis fight. >> it just got back to record production after the destruction in the past 15 years. now prices plummet. a tough time for their budget. u.s. military bases in europe are stepping up security measures after the attacks in paris. the continuing information that the foreign fighters are returning to the home countries from iraq and syria. officials from the u.s. and european command are not talking about the steps taken. the security measures are checks
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of people and vehicles coming into bases. time for an early start on your money. european and asian stocks are up. so are u.s. futures. the push is the european central bank's decision to launch a stimulus. the u.s. got out of the stimulus game but europe is getting into it because it needs help with the fragile economy. the news boosted stocks yesterday. dow had a nice day with 260 points higher. fourth day in a row of gains. oil is up a bit after news of thing death of saudi arabia's king. saudi arabia is a lead near opec and huge influence on oil prices. saudi officials say they will not cut oil production. it is unlikely the new king will alter that stance to try to push prices higher. you are seeing a muted reaction this morning in the oil prices. a change of control in that country. this huge oil reserve. largest producer in the world. a change in control causes
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uncertainty. >> the first thing he says about oil, the entire world economy will watch. president obama sat down with three pre-selected youtube so-called stars on thursday. this was all part of his post state of the union effort to reach out to a larger audience than the white house normally reaches. it may not have gone exactly as the white house planned. watch what happens when glozell green hands over green lipstick. >> okay my mom said when you go to somebody's house, you have to give them something. don't come empty handed. >> all right. >> i have green lipstick. one for your first wife. >> my first wife? do you know something i don't? >> oh. >> i think his reaction was funny. >> that is right. he said the right thing. some of the youtube people asked genuine policy questions. they took a selfie because this is 2015. what do you think? worth it?
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>> tweet us or find us on facebook. was it presidential or brilliant or unpresidential or silly? i said it wasn't really presidential earlier. >> direct your hate to christine romans on twitter and facebook. president obama met with the youtube stars, but not meet with israel's leader. the white house turns its back on benjamin netanyahu when he plans to come to the united states in march. we are live as this drama gets bigger and bigger. that's next.
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new developments this morning in the israeli prime minister's planned speech to congress at the white house. the white house says they will not meet with benjamin netanyahu when he comes to washington on march 3rd. the official line is the president doesn't want to influence the election in israel. this development just when you thought the relationship between the two men could not get more complicated or some say worse, it has. let's bring in elise labott live from jerusalem. good morning, elise. >> reporter: good morning, john. well prime minister netanyahu's decision to accept the invite by house speaker boehner not playing well in the united states where the white house is clearly really upset. here in israel israelis are upset. they feel prime minister netanyahu is trying to use this
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for his own political gain. israelis are going to the polls in an election just two weeks after prime minister netanyahu speaks to congress. this morning in one of the leading israeli papers, from an american official saying prime minister netanyahu spit in the face of the white house. this move inserts israel in the fight of president obama and congress over iran where prime minister netanyahu's speech is to be critical of u.s. policy toward iran but it inserts the united states into the election here by going to congress and getting the rousing welcome that he has in the past. prime minister netanyahu really tries to make himself look really big in the eyes of the public. >> people on the ground say that could back fire. it is an interesting dynamic story. elise labott has a great piece on i encoreurage you to read it.
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who will the president meet with? mayors from cities and towns after they spent the day meeting with cabinet members and senior administration officials. that is where the real work gets done. >> the mayors are the men and women who do stuff. >> they really fill the pot holes. someone who wants a job bigger than mayor? jeb bush. the man doing everything he can to prepare for the presidency. he is giving a speech today in san francisco. on thursday what a meeting he had. he met with the man named mitt romney who has run for president twice. >> look at the reporters in salt lake city. >> jeb, what are you doing here? a bush aide said the meeting was planned before governor romney suggested he might run for president again. both camps said it was a
2:19 am
friendly meeting. they talked about policies and the future. what kind of future are we talking about? one where they both run for president? >> a year ago, when you think about the scenarios for the republican field. would you put mitt romney in there? >> no because he told us no no no. >> that is what makes politics interesting. the federal trial of the boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev will not begin monday. opening statements are pushed back. it is taking longer to seat a jury. the judge is expected to announce a new start date next week. defense lawyers are asking for the third time to move the trial out of massachusetts. they claim 68% of potential jurors believe that tsarnaev is guilty. he is accused of killing 12 people and injuring more than 260 people. transit officials say a breakdown in communications
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hampered the first responders to reach passengers stuck on the smoke-filled subway trains. fans in the tunnel were not functioning as untended when investigators tested them shortly after the accident. big winter storm on the way for the weekend for right here. let's get meteorologist derek van dam today for the latest. >> very soggy start to the early week across the southeast. we have a storm system developing across the region. temperatures stay around 40 degrees for the new england coast. we have a storm that will bring hefty amounts of rainfall to the florida panhandle. totals between 2 to 4 inches between tallahassee and orlando. we track the system as it heads up the new england coast. most of our models keep it off shore. a band of precipitation impacting new york philadelphia and baltimore as well as
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washington through saturday afternoon and evening. we have the potential of .25 to .75 of ice. we could experience 2 to 4 inches locally. we will monitor a clipper system dropping from canada bringing snowfall to the upper great lakes for the weekend. that low will move off the coast and bring more snow to new york. back to you. thank you. patriots head coach bill belichick and quarterback tom brady, they plead ignorance. they have no explanation for what would cause the footballs to lose their air. andy scholes has the details in the bleacher report next. ugh yo e suddenly, you're a mouth breather. a mouth breather! well, put on a breathe right strip and shut your mouth. cold medicines open your nose over time, but add a breathe right strip and pow, it opens your nose up to 38% more. so you can breathe and do the one thing you want to do sleep.
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right now, get this case of paper for only $24.99 and save even more after rewards. office depot & officemax. gear up for great. patriots head coach bill belichick and the biggest football star on earth, tom brady, had separate news conferences and told reports they had nothing to do with under inflated footballs. >> we have andy scholes with more. >> they were pushing in on we have no idea how this happened. belichick said he was shocked when he first heard of deflate-gale gatedeflate- deflate-gate. belichick passed the buck to brady and told reporters to ask him how he likes his footballs and brady surprised everyone when he came out and said he
2:25 am
also had no idea how 11 of the footballs ended up under inflated. >> you know i didn't alter the ball in any way. i have a process i go through before every game where i go in and pick the balls i want to use for the game. >> i can tell you in my entire coaching career i have never talked to any player staff member about football air pressure. that is not a subject that i have ever brought up. >> i have no knowledge of anything. i have no knowledge of any wrongdoing. i'm very comfortable saying. i'm comfortable saying nobody did it as far as i know. >> not many people were buying what brady was selling. including hall of fame quarterback troy aikman. he said brady had to be involved and they should be punished
2:26 am
harsher than bounty gate. >> it is obvious for him to have something to do with this. that doesn't happen unless the quarterback wants it to happen. i can assure you. for the patriots and bill belichick, the punishment has to be more severe than the saints. >> if you remember the saints sean payton was suspended for the season for bounty gate. one revelation was brady said the nfl hadn't contacted him yet about deflate-gate. you think the nfl would want to wrap it up as we head into super bowl week. maybe they are struggling to find any evidence. >> that is exactly the thing. first of all, it is weird they did not talk to brady as of yesterday afternoon. i have no explanation for that. one reason they may not be coming forward is because if there isn't an explanation for how it happened if no one is owning up to it there are no
2:27 am
witnesses, what do you do? >> i think an equipment manager or ball boy will have to take a fall for this at some point. there is no explanation other than one of them taking the air out of the footballs. >> short of someone coming forward or definitive evidence the nfl is in a tough decision. >> everyone hates the patriots. everyone hates the patriots. it is a crazy time. >> a lot of seahawks fans on february 1st. thanks andy. chaos in the middle east. leader of the region has died. the partner in another key ally in the war on terror crumbles. we will examine that next. live team coverage. ear noug back from bank of america to help pay for her kids' ice time. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time. and 2% back at the grocery store. even before she got 3% back on gas
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upheaval in the middle east. the leader of america's most important arab ally there dies overnight. the government of another key partner crumbles. changes that could spell trouble for the u.s. war on terror.
2:31 am
this morning, the united states is moving workers out of the region as al qaeda looks to increase its power. we have live team coverage ahead. the deadline passes for two hostages held by isis. terrorists threatening to kill the men unless japan pays a $200 million ransom. this as u.s. and other world leaders reveal new progress in the war on isis. live coverage tracking the latest. good morning. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> great to see you. 31 minutes after the hour. i'm john berman. breaking overnight. the most powerful arab ally the united states has in the middle east has died. a funeral for king abdullah. he died at age 90 on thursday. he had pneumonia. his half brother, prince salman has been declared the saudi arabia arabian king. that country is key in the war on isis in the middle east.
2:32 am
let's talk about what this means in the fight on terror. let's bring in correspondent nic robertson. >> reporter: in saudi terms, continuity is the most important thing. the passing of power from one hands, king abdullah to king salman now. making sure that is understood and carried off well. it is very important for saudi arabia. where do the united states interests with saudi arabia intersect? with king abdullah in the past couple of years was the lead arab player facing off against isis. he has been advocating a stronger approach 50,000 troops on the ground in syria to take assad out of power and tackle isis. there is already a tension behind the scenes with the united states on that issue. to the south, yemen, saudi arabia there, very much views that through the prism that iran
2:33 am
is behind the instability there. they see iran as the problem to the north. when the united states makes a nuclear deal with iran this worries saudi arabia. saudi arabia's card to play in all this? the swing oil producer. swing oil prices at an all-time low. saudi arabia very much can play an influential role. in the background it has been circulated in saudi arabia that one way to undermine iran for them to bring the price of oil down. all of this is going to be on the table now for king salman. how will he play this with his western allys? a huge amount of influx. we can expect the shorter mid term continuity. john. >> crucial influence on the u.s. economy and security. nic robertson, thanks. all right. now to another key u.s. ally in the middle east descending in chaos to open the door to al
2:34 am
qaeda. the government of yemen in shambles as the president and prime minister and cabinet resigns in the space of a few hours. they want to wash their hands of destructive political chaos. up until now, the government of yemen has been a key fight in the issues over al qaeda. in importance to the turmoil, the capital reducing its staff. our jamana joins us. they think 2008 where the u.s. embassy in sanaa was bombed. 12 people killed there. they think of 2006 when the architects of the "uss cole" bombing. this is a hotbed of extremism. the government is trying to
2:35 am
contain that and now all hell has broken loose. >> reporter: absolutely. this is the concern, christine. looking at the situation. this political chaos and vacuum. really this creates that ideal ground for terrorist groups. al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. aqap. the branch in yemen that is active and powerful there to gain more ground. also to take advantage of the situation of the sectarian rift in the council troytry and gain more support. when it comes to the united states battle against aqap it's war on terror there, the government hadi a key u.s. ally. fighting aqap on the ground and president hadi allowing the u.s. drone strikes to take place. a lot of concern of what comes next. who replaces this current government as we see now with
2:36 am
the rebel group, the shi'a group is really consolidating its power in the capital of sanaa and government posts there in the capital. while it has been fighting aqap on the ground, the houthis are not a u.s. ally. the iranian backed group. one of the main slogans has been death to america. the group opposes u.s. drone strikes. really a lot of concern about what happens next. especially when it comes to the terror threat that is coming from aqap and yemen. especially at a time when the group does seem to be reasserting itself as a main terror organization on the international scene claiming the attack on "charlie hebdo" magazine in paris. >> jamana thank you. a lot going on this morning. happening right now. the deadline for japan to pay the ransom for two hostages held
2:37 am
by isis, the deadline has passed, with no word this morning on their fate. isis said it would kill the two men unless japan hands over $200 million. the japanese government scrambling to contact isis while saying it would not yield to terrorist threats. in tokyo right now, cnn's will ripley. what is the latest will? >> reporter: john government officials in tokyo are making a point that christine made about 30 minutes ago. they are questioning now whether isis actually has any true intentions of negotiating with the government. the reason for that is they have been trying since tuesday to reach out to the terror group to start some discussions. they had no luck despite reaching out to intelligence sources on the ground using all channels. an isis spokesperson has been more than willing to e-mail back and forth with a media outlet here. the public broadcaster nhk
2:38 am
saying an announcement is expected soon on isis and the japanese government negotiating. this would be a troubling sign for the families of the two men who have the deadline passed five hours ago and they don't have any answers. if isis is not willing to negotiate or accept a smaller sum of $200 million, the next value they have is attention and headlines. we know whenever they conduct the brutal executions on video, it helps them recruit new members. people who see this and for whatever reason, then people compelled to join. there is much apprehension and fear here and no answers as the deadline has passed and we continue to move forward without knowing the fate of the two men. john. >> will ripley in tokyo. thank you. secretary of state john kerry is meeting with allies in
2:39 am
the battle against isis. kerry says the iraq ground troops have taken 270 square miles of territory. the same time an internal pentagon report of 6,000 of the terror group top command killed. i want to bring in atika shubert in london. atika, trying to gauge the success of the u.s. and allies had. the idea of a body count still remains to be seen. >> reporter: secretary kerry saying thousands have been killed. mentioning the terror strikes and gaining terrorist back from isis. having said that you cannot gain ground without boots on the ground. with that they need to train and equipped more forces to fight isis.
2:40 am
specifically iraqi forces and syrian opposition forces. secretary of state john kerry met with the prime minister yesterday and spoke about the coalition group about how equipment and training can be given to troops specifically more weapons. this is what iraq forces need most said the prime minister. he said the syrian opposition forces will start training in the spring in countries neighboring to syria and iraq. so there does seem to be the ramping up of effort and progress has been made secretary of state john kerry did say, but more needs to be done. that is why from every month now, there will be a meeting of core members of the coalition to assess progress in the fight against isis. >> in london atika shubert. thank you. u.s. bases in europe are stepping up security measures after the attacks in paris and continuing intelligence that fighters are returning to their homes from iraq and syria.
2:41 am
officials from the united states did not specify what steps are being taken, but generally the types of security measures are physical checks of people and vehicles. 40 minutes past the hour. time for early start on money. stocks are up. european and asian shares are up after the european central bank announcing a bond buying stimulus program. u.s. stock futures are not moving much. the fourth day in a row for stock gains. oil is up a bit after news of the death of the saudi arabia king. saudi arabia the leader of opec. keeping oil output high. prices have been plummeting. they refuse to trim the output. overall, you could say the oil market reaction is muted. it is unlikely the new king will change the issues soon. here in the u.s. crude stockpiles reached the highest
2:42 am
level in 80 years this week. that is why the oil prices keep falling. a lot of it out there. domestic controversy. the president will not meet with israel's prime minister when he comes to the united states. why not? we're live in jerusalem next. i know... this third shift is rough... it's just a few more weeks max! what are you doing up? it's late. i just wanted to have breakast wih you. ♪ go! go! go! he's challenging the very fabric of society. in a post cannonball world! was it grilled cheese? guilty! the aquatic delinquency is a larger
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doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers including lymphoma have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work new developments in the israeli prime minister's planned speech to congress and the kerfuffle around it.
2:45 am
announcing that president obama will not meet with benjamin netanyahu when he comes to washington march 3rd. the official line is the president doesn't want to harm the elections in israel after the prime minister's visit. this is a new low with the relationship with obama and netanyahu. i want to bring in elise labott live from jerusalem. when we said a new low, there is a new low after that. a troubled relationship. >> reporter: that is right. a lot of back and worthforth, christine. we talked about the u.s. official who had a slur for netanyahu in a magazine. prime minister netanyahu always criticizing president obama. particularly his policy on iran. that's why the white house is so upset with prime minister netanyahu because he has accepted this invitation by house speaker john boehner in effect to give a speech critical about u.s. policy toward iran.
2:46 am
here in israel, you know, opposition parties and israeli public critical of prime minister netanyahu. they say he is trying to get a leg up in the upcoming election. it is interesting that the white house said they are not meeting with -- president obama will not meet with netanyahu due to the election. netanyahu met with romney close to the u.s. election when president obama was running. >> great stuff. elise labott you have a great piece on check that out. elise labott in jerusalem. thank you. some big political news today. jeb bush delivers a speech in san francisco today. everyone watching everything he says because he is doing everything he can right now to run for president. raising money around the country. beyond fund raising, a big meeting yesterday in utah. the former florida governor met with mitt romney there. they set up the meeting before
2:47 am
romney the one-time presidential nominee, said he is considering a third run for the white house. both sides said they were friendly meetings. >> how can it not be awkward? >> i don't know. romney's team is meeting with boston today. they could talk about the future as well. >> if you are jeb bush you said you didn't want this job. i'll go for this job. >> that's great. neither has anything they cannot offer. neither would take the vice president job. >> would you arm wrestle? >> speaking of arm wrestling, let's bring in chris cuomo. >> how are you, my friends? here is the deal we are dealing with. you have world leaders coming for the funeral for king abdullah. the former head of saudi arabia. he died at the age of 90. who is the successor? what does it mean? this is the united states strongest ally in the war on
2:48 am
terror. it couldn't happen at a worse time because of what happened in yemen. the government their stepping down. the rebels now in charge. it happened sooner than the rebels thought. what will that mean for the war on terror for the u.s.? we have experts to discuss that. we have what is going with the hostages held by isis. the deadline has passed. the japanese government still seems stymied by communication over the $200 million ransom. are they still alive? what will happen with that? we will give you the latest as well. of course, deflate-gate will not go away. you heard from the main players. there are many patriots fans out there who are disgusted and ashamed by the allegations. yet, don't really seem to feel there should be any punishment. that is an odd form of
2:49 am
hypocrasy. i heard people say things with themselves and shame, but what should happen to the patriots? what did you say? what? what? >> it should come down on the jets. i think that would only be fair. >> that stings. that is not the way we are here on "new day." i promise a different tone at the top of the hour. >> can't wait for that. >> look at him squirm. thanks cuomo. was a prosecutor set to reveal a terror attack cover up murdered? now weighing in with a surprising response next.
2:50 am
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a major reversal from the president of argentina following the death of a prosecutor probing a deadly bombing of a jewish center there. the death was not a suicide. it comes among mounting evidence that the president and her aides may have helped shield iran from prosecution in the bombing. this is a complicated web there. why her reversal and what is next in the widening mystery? we have shasta darlington with more. >> reporter: i'm standing here in front of the apartment
2:53 am
building where special prosecutor was found dead on sunday afternoon. as you can see, it is a 24-hour media circus. there are more twists and turns in this case and the latest comes from the president of argentina. christina fernandez saying she no longer believes this is a suicide. she said the opposite two days ago. this is the prosecutor who accused the president trying to cover up iran's role of the bombing of the jewish center 20 years ago. his body was found hours before he was supposed to appear in front of a congressional committee to present his evidence. many government officials have focused on the theory this could be a suicide. most argentines are not buying it. they have gone to the street to demand justice. now it appears the president might agree with him. she said the allegations against her are calls, but she believes nisman could be the victim of
2:54 am
fake informants. she said in the open letter they used him and he turned up dead. she said in the letter she is convinced this is not a suicide. the official investigation continues. the chief in charge of that investigation was here at the suspect for a few hours on thursday. no doubt she will be back and we can expect more bombshells in coming days. back to you, john christine. >> wow. what a mystery. a lot of turns in that case. we're getting a look at how much danger the hackers did inside sony. you won't believe it. early start on your money next. ♪♪♪ ♪ ah, push it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ push it. ♪ ♪ p...push it real good! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ow! ♪
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just about the top of the hour. let's get an early start on money. stocks climbing this morning thanks to a boost from the european central bank. european and asian stocks up after the big stimulus. u.s. stock futures barely moving. this is the longest winning streak of the year. four days in a row. the dow up 260 points yesterday. sony is delaying earnings report this quarter. the company trying to recover from the cyber attack tied to
2:58 am
the release of "the interview." sony says the damage was so extensive, the accounting and financial applications will not be restored until next month. you cannot report to the fcc and investors how your books look when you cannot see the books. regulators were asked for a couple of extra weeks. >> maybe the hackers should do the report. the country's cheapest homes saw a 6.8% in value last year. the homes hardest hit by the recession. the rising home values are important for homeowners who are now in a better position to refinance or sell. that should boost as millennials start to buy. >> starting to move out of the basement. buy houses. >> they call them henry. high earners, not rich yet. millennials are starting to make money. when they are ready to start buying big things buy houses. upheaval in the middle east
2:59 am
this morning. major implications for the u.s. war on terror. "new day" picks it up. ort-term and it may be for the long-term. it will have significant ramifications. >> this might be an opportunity for the saudis to have to get engaged. >> this relationship is absolutely critical for us moving forward. >> the deadline passes for two hostages held by isis. >> japanese officials are trying to talk to isis. >> they're psychotics at best. >> a desperate attempt to save these two men. >> i fare for the lives of these two japanese men. i have no knowledge whatsoever. i didn't alter the ball in any way, i don't know what happened. this isn't isis no one's dying. >> it's obvious that tom brady had something to do with this. this is "new day," with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. all right, good morning and welcome to your "new day," it is friday january 23rd just
3:00 am
before 6:00 in the east. and the leader of america's closest arab ally has died the funeral for saudi arabia's king abdullah is soon. but the timing could not be more critical. >> another critical u.s. ally in turmoil this morning -- yemen's president and cabinet resigned after a standoff with rebels. throwing that country deeper into chaos. this as more u.s. diplomats leave the country amid growing calls to evacuate the entire embassy. we have every angle covered. the way only cnn can. let's begin with becky anderson in abu dhabi. what's the latest becky? >> yeah king solomon certainly a man with experience, he has taken over from king abdullah who died at 1:00 a.m. local time. his funeral will start just within this next hour. ki


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