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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 22, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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200 million or else. the ultimatum expires in just hours. the lives of two japanese hostages hanging in the balance.
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hi mitt it's jeb. what are you up to for the next 20 months or so? a secret meeting between jeb bush or mitt romney. will one try to push the other out of the presidential contest? i have no explanation for what happened. new england patriots coach bill belichick says he was shocked by the deflate-gate allegations. the question now is what will tom brady say? he gets ready to speak live and we will speak to a former teammate. hello everyone i'm john berman. happening now, secretary of state john kerry is about to present a global plan to defeat eye sichlts we expect to hear from him in london any minute now. we will bring it to you live. the secretary has been meeting for hours with foreign ministers from 20 countries. this is the first time that the u.s.-led coalition has met since the terror attacks in paris left
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17 people dead. while this is going on chaos in yemen is presenting a direct thet to the u.s. war on terror. cnn learned that isis is now starting to establish a presence in yemen which is already home to al qaeda's deadliest branch al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, linked to the "charlie hebdo" attacks in paris and earlier attacks in united states. experts predict the two terrorist organizations will compete to see who can strike america first and hardest. all that happening while japan is desperately trying to reach, to contact the isis militants holding two japanese men hostage. the terror group has vowed to kill the men by tomorrow if japan does not pay a $200 million ransom. so time is very much running out. we are waiting to hear from secretary of state john kerry. again, he is due to speak in london. we will bring you that news conference. you're looking at a live picture right now.
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the minute the secretary starts speaking we'll get to that live. you know where john kerry was on sunday night? he was watching the new england patriots win the afc championship game a clumsy segue to our next story. bill belichick solo stone faced and in his words shocked by the so-called deflate-gate scandal that threatens to taint the biggest event in sports the super bowl. the coach of the patriots stood at the podium and said he had no idea no idea that 11 of 12 patriot footballs did not have enough air in them had somehow been deflated in their game against the colts on sunday. there are many people who suggest that a deflated ball could give a team an advantage, especially in bad weather. it could help you grip the ball throw the ball, hold onto the ball better that. was on the way to the patriots win and on the way to the super bowl where the patriots will appear next week. bill belichick says he has no explanation for what happened. in fact he said he didn't know how the whole inflation rules
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even worked until now. >> i have no knowledge whatsoever of this situation until monday morning. i've learned a lot more about this process in the last three days than i knew or have talked about it in the last 40 years that i've coached in this league. >> i think we all know that quarterbacks kickers, specialists have certain preferences on footballs. they know a lot more about it than i do. they're a lot more sensitive to it than i am. tom's personal preferences on his footballs are something that he can talk about in much better detail and any information than i could possibly provide. >> when the coach said tom's personal preferences, he's talking about patriots quarterback tom brady. the patriots quarterback, a
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superstar as big as they come in football and in sports. he'll hold a news conference today at 4:00 p.m. cnn will carry it live. what will his explanation be for why the balls, those footballs did not have as much air as they were supposed to. let's talk about this. jerome wiggins played for the new england patriots. he helped them win their first super bowl thank you for that by the way. jermaine wiggins is with us. we're also joined by our rachel nichols who watched that news conference along with me. mr. wiggins, let me ask you, one thing that bill belichick said is he had no idea about how these football inflation rules worked no idea until he woke up on monday morning. you played for coach bill belichick. is it really something like that you could not know? this guy is one of the most detail-oriented coaches in sports. >> i think when you look at the number of inflations the 12.5 to 13.5 i think he might have had a little bit of an idea.
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as a player who played a long time i caught a bunch of footballs, i didn't know about the rule. i didn't know there was a certain limit. i think when you stop to look at this whole deflate-gate i think it's getting funny. bill belichick came out and said he doesnd understand doesn't know what's going on. to me he's saying hey, this is something bigger than what we think here in new england. we don't know about this. we have no understanding. i'm one to put my team and say, guys i don't know what this is. we're making a big deal out of nothing because you get no advantage with a ball with less air in it. >> rachel nichols, coach belichick said he had no idea how it happened. he did seem to suggest that tom brady might, at least tom brady might be able to speak more about how he liked his footballs, and we will hear from tom brady later today. >> reporter: a lot of people wondering now did coach belichick throw his quarterback under the bus, as we say. i will say this, i guarantee tom
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brady and bill belichick have had many conversations about this over the past few days. it's not as if brady was watching this press conference with the rest of us and had no idea what bill belichick was going to say. one thing buried if that news conference that bill belichick gave beyond the headlines is he was talking about how he will make sure going forward the footballs are more within the normal range when they are inflated and not at the bottom of the legal range. you have to wonder if tom brady is going to come out later today and say, no we like to put them right at the legal limit, maybe weather deflated the ball a little more. it was 51 degrees at kickoff, however. i'm not sure they can put forward that explanation. it's going to be very interesting to see what they do going forward. i did want to throw to one piece of sound. i was able to sit down with coach pete carroll from the see atal seahawks. he's going to coach against the patriots in the super bowl.
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i asked about what responsibility coach ts have to make sure they are aware of these situations that things are being followed and done the right way. take a listen. >> how significant is that if the patriots are found to have participated in cheating the rules? >> well, i don't know all of that answer right now. i don't know about the circumstances so it would be crazy for me to comment on it. we're tripg to do things right. the league and the league office is working to figure out what is right and let's stand form what's right. when we make our his takes, we admit to them and send the message that's the right way to do things. we'll see what happens with this. >> carroll noted to me that hey, the head coaches, you're the 32 stewards of the game. it's important for coaches to do the right thing, not just in football and the rules, but because they're xham ms. the nfl is our most popular sport. there's a lot of people watching. >> jermaine wiggins, if it is found that the patriots did
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things in the wrong way. if it is found that they somehow took air out of those footballs, intentionally doctored them, does there need to be a sanction and does it need to come before the super bowl? >> i think if it is found out that they did do something, i could see a fine. i don't think anything more than that maybe a $100,000 fine. when you look at it and ask somebody who has played in the national football league whether or not a ball that has less air in it is going to affect the game no. when quarterbacks use the football every quarterback -- a lot of quarterbacks in the national football league we've heard some of them come out, they doctor the football. i've seen guys put footballs in saunas to try to get them so they feel comfortable in their hands. we heard aaron rodgers say he likes more air to it. to me if they are found guilty of this, i think a fine is something they should definitely get. as far as all this other nonsense where bill belichick should be suspended, take draft picks away to me when i look at
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this because both teams use their own balls, this to me is not an advantage for one team. a guy likes a ball a certain way, he feels it better. the ball is not going to come out of brady's hands faster or throw further. >> guys you've got to remember there are certain things you can do within the rules. jermaine you have to know there are certain things you can put a ball in the sauna, you can dunk it in water, scuff it up. those are all within the rules but you can dot break the rules and underinflate the ball. >> rachel rachel there are a lot of things guys do in the national football league to go back. i remember when i played we used qda to get a little extra stick um. we've seen guys use stick-um in the past. there are rules in place. every team every player tries to push the rules to the limit a little bit. is it right? no it's not right. it's one of these things if you
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get caught you say i'm sorry for that. next tomb i won't do this. to go out there and say that here's a coach that should be suspended for doing this, to me that's ludicrous. you look at it. there's no advantage of having a ball with less air in it. i've seen it. guys use balls at all different sizes. to me that's just the way it is. >> you say the patriots and teams around the league push things to the limit. the question about the patriots is do they have a culture of pushing things beyond the limit? jermaine wiggins, stick around. i want an answer to that question. rachel thank you for being with us. patriots quarterback tom brady will hold a news conference at 4:00 p.m. today. what will he say about the controversy? will he say he had anything to do with those footballs and how they were treated and perhaps why there was less air in them by the time they were measured by the refs. please stick with us for that. obviously if you can't watch it on tv you can watch it on your
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smart phone, you desk top, inside a store window if people still do that. now we want to move on to the new developments in the international effort to defeat terrorists. we're expected to hear from secretary of state john kerry any minute now. this is the news conference the secretary is attending. he e's been in a meeting with foreign ministers of 20 countries. they have discussed how they intend to fight isis the growing threat from isis. joined by our atika shubert, jim sciutto. atika, what's been happening there. >> we're now hearing from tie rack ki prime minister talking about the support and commitment he's gotten from other isis coalition members. clearly iraq is at the forefront of this. a lot of the meeting the day has been focused on the next phase of the fight against itis specifically equipping and training ground troops especially iraqi troops to really make ginns against isis.
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so far the air strikes have been able to contain isis and stop it from reaching bagdad but it really does require boots on the ground to defeat isis. this is why iraq is such a key ally ap why they need all the support they can get. that's what the meeting today focused on and is likely to continue to become a regular meeting for the next -- every month now we're expecting to see these coalition meetings with the core members. >> jim sciutto, this meeting is going on focused mainly on isis. there is another terror concern that grows worse by the day. what is happening in yemen. that country in the midst of chaos right now, a power vacuum. there are fears al qaeda in the arabian peninsula -- hang on. the secretary of state is speaking right now. let's listen. >> thank you both very much in your case mr. prime minister, traveling here and spending an important amount of time. phillip, thank you for co-hosting today and providing
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the venue here in london and bringing everybody together. mr. prime minister i want to thank you for your forceful strong and important leadership at this critical time. i think it's important to know that this meeting that we just took part in here today takes place in the context of the members of the global coalition to counter dash having come together for the very first time as a group in brussels. as foreign secretary hammond mentioned, in brussels there were representatives from 60 different countries representing a very broad worldwide range of views and of priorities. and then we came together with the very same goal.
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we all understand that dash as it is commonly known in the arab world is not simply a syrian problem. it's not an iraqi problem. d.a.s.h. is a global problem, and it demands a coordinated, comprehensive and enduring global response. that's what we came here to talk about today. the coalition came together around the joint statement that was issued out of the meeting in brussels. and that outlines our multiple lines of effort that we are currently engaged in providing security assistance strengthening the capacity of iraq to stand on its own, protecting our homeland, disrupting the flow of foreign fighters draining d.a.s.h.'s financial resources, providing
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humanitarian relief to victims and ultimately defeating what d.a.s.h. represents, defeating d.a.s.h. as an idea if it could be called that. all the coalition partners are continuing to make vital contributions to this. we mean all 60 whether it's sheltering refugees training advising iraqi troops on the front lines or speaking out against d.a.s.h.'s hateful, false ideology. we appreciate the contribution of every single member each of whom has chosen one line of effort or another. we also recognize the need to as effectively as possible be able to coordinate all these contributions. that's what the small group that came here today set out to do. the small group will continue to meet on a regular basis and
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continue obviously to consult with the full 60 members of the coalition who will meet again as a full membership. in the meantime we want to ensure we are synchronized that we are unified, that we are effective, that we are able to carry out each effort as rapidly and efficiently as possible. as agreed in brussels we will establish an expert level series of working groups, to pool resources and expertise from coalition capitals in order to defeat d.a.s.h. as an organization and, thereby, we will combat its manpower resources, recruition and ideology the full plenary will convene again later this year in order to draw from the lessons we have learned all around the
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world. as i think many of you are aware, president obama has invited countries to come and join in a consultation about violent extremism in washington in the month of february during which time we will have civil society, religious leaders, students ngos, others plus government ministers and we will have a subsequent ministerial meeting ourselves at the state department. all of this is to try to build capacity and efficiency just to get the job done. obviously there's a tremendous amount of work that is already under way. in recent months we have seen definitively d.a.s.h.'s momentum halted in iraq.; in some cases reversed. while d.a.s.h. may make an announcement while some four or five people have chosen to
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affiliate with them that does not represent advances in the front line of the initiative that we have begun with which is building the capacity of iraq to be able to defend itself. that process is very much under way at this time. it's important to note that ground forces supported by nearly 2,000 air strikes now, have reclaimed more than 700 square kilometers from d.a.s.h. coalition training and advising efforts in iraq are under way and ramping up with the goal of ultimately raising 12 new iraqi brigades. this spring we'll begin training for the syrian opposition forces at camps in saudi arabia turkey
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and qatar. the fact is while the trajectory of this fight, as president obama and other leaders have said from the beginning will be neither short nor easy. that has been a consistent statement, today we are seeing important gains along all the lines of effort. and we discussed these gains in detail today as well as the necessary steps that we have to take to build on them. i don't think there's any undertaking in its early months where you can't do better and you can't find things you can't improve on. that's precisely what we talked about here today. let me also add that we're not only focused on defeating dash and liberating the areas under its control in the short term but we're also concerned with helping d.a.s.h.'s victims to rebuild their lives once d.a.s.h. is long gone. and this is absolutely critical. these communities will need police and local governance in
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order to ensure that law and order, in order to restore ties with the central government. they'll need provisions for basic resources like electricity and water, and those who suffered unimaginable horrors under d.a.s.h. especially women and girls, will continue to need the kind of humanitarian relief that countries around the world have generously been providing since this crisis began. to that end we commend the recent u.n. announcement of a multipartner recover and stabilization fund. this fund will support iraqi-led stabilization efforts in communities rescued from d.a.s.h.'s grip. for many it will literally serve as the bridge between horror and hope. as president obama said in his "state of the union" address a couple days ago, this effort
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will take time. it will require focus, but we will succeed. tomorrow i will travel to davos, switzerland. i think the prime minister is going today. i think we're speaking almost one right after the other, and at that time i'll speak in greater detail about our global efforts and global efforts necessary to prevent and combat violent extremism. for now, let me underscore this this is a huge task with no shortcuts. we've made progress in coordinating our efforts today, and we will continue to make progress including at the summit on opposing extremist violence that i talked about a moment ago that president obama will convene. after five months of close collaboration on this effort i can tell you prime minister abadie foreign secretary hammond and all of the coalition
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partners here today fully recognize how important this moment is and restated their commitment to see this through. we know we have to get it right, and that is precisely what the subject matter of this meeting most focused on. thank you. >> secretary of state john kerry finishing up remarks in london. we's there with the foreign minister of the united kingdom as well as the iraqi prime minister there. the secretary talked about the need to work together with coalition partners to battle isis. but perhaps the most interesting thing is he didn't use the word isis i don't think once. he called the group d.a.s.h. i've also heard it called d.i.s.h. or d.a.s.h. before. it doesn't give it credit for it being a state at all. i want to bring in jim shult
8:24 am
toe. he seemed to repeat that again and again and again. trying to make a point. >> he did. it's interesting, john. die esh is the correct pronunciation. it's a phrase in arabic and it sounds in arabic like to be trod under the feet. so of course, a sign of disrespect in addition to taking away that claim of islamic state or islamic state in syria, isis or isil as the administration has called them before. it sounded deliberate to me. whether the mispronunciation of it is delivered as a question. we know using die esh is an intentional sign to show destain for the group. it's interesting. he did describe the effort of fighting die esh or isis as being significant. this is a huge task with no shortcuts. that's been a pretty consistent message for the administration this is going to take time not going to happen overnight and
8:25 am
will take a real international effort. >> the secretary made clear it will not be short and it will not be easy and will take the cooperation of all the coalition partners. atika shubert, jim sciutto, thank you very much. up next isis is holding two japanese hostage, asking for $200 million ransom. will japan pay? what are the issues the nation has to deal with what are the risks of paying ransom. we'll look at that issue next. it's the big shrimp festival at red lobster. so open wide and pair 2 of 6 big shrimp creations for just $15.99. make room for crispy jumbo tempura shrimp or shrimp scampi linguini. yeah, we're gonna need a bigger fork. hurry, the big shrimp festival ends soon.
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isis is holding two japanese citizens hostage demanding a $200 million ransom by tomorrow or else. while that's going on yemen is descending into chaos and could be a country which just sucks up terror organizations and provides training ground for future terror groups. what does this mean for the united states? let's bring in former cia officer peter brookes and major spider marks. these two japanese men being held, isis demanding $200 million. japan has not sadie finnively whether it will pay or not. some countries do pay ransom for hostages. the united states does not. >> terrible policy dilemma. on a humanitarian level they want their citizens back safe and south. on the other side they are part of the coalition opposing isis
8:30 am
a payment of $200 million would not only help isis's operations. it would probably put a very difficult position for the united states an ally of japan, as well as create a moral hazard. the more you give into their demands, the more likely you'll see the same sort of behavior. >> an awful situation for those families involved as well. spider i want to shift to yemen right now. the situation right there is nothing short of a mess. that country is in shear chaos. one day the president has power over the government. the next day he does not. you have been in places like afghanistan which are in one degree or another, failed states. what kind of opportunity does that provide to a terror group? >> this is ungoverned space. that's exactly what it is. the cia, as peter would tell you, that's called denied areas, where it's very difficult to conduct operations and really get a sense of what's going on. so what you have in yemen we've
8:31 am
seen for many years. the challenge we have is you've got isis now potentially recruiting out of there. you've got aqap which has a very strong foothold there. you also have the houthis, so you have this complete turmoil taking place. in the midst of all that you have the united states with the very strong presence and support of the yemeni government, when it existed, conducting operations against aqap. that's the dill lame ma for the united states. >> peter, it's strirking that this is all happening in yemen because over the last few years, yemen has been pointed to by this administration as something of a success story, where the battle against terror was going well. >> i'm not sure i would have greet with that crick shags that the president used last september when he announced air strikes into syria and iraq
8:32 am
against isis. hates been very very difficult since the arab spring which rocked the saana government. an important point, these rebels are backed by iran and also of course aqap which has a long history going back to the underwear bomber anwar awlaki. counterterrorism officials will probably tell you aqap is the most imminent danger to the united states. major concerns about this. even their ties into syria and the khorasan group and the desire to target western aviation europe and the united states. so very very difficult situation. >> all right, peter brookes, major general james marks, thanks very much. up next deflate-gate. the patriots mega star quarterback, tom brady, is due to speak in just a couple hours. will he say he was shocked and has no explanation just like his
8:33 am
coach bill belichick did short think ago? we will speak to a former teammate of tom brady who is with us. it is on. a meeting between jeb bush and mitt romney. both men say they're considering running for president. what's that going to be like? two men will enter. one will leave. we'll talk about the meeting next. health can change in a minute. so cvs health is changing healthcare. making it more accessible and affordable with over 900 locations for walk-in medical care. and more on the way. minuteclinic. another innovation from cvs health. because health is everything.
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bill belichick gave a news conference and says he has no explanation for how 11 footballs from the new england patriots football team had too little air in them. now called deflate-gate. no explanation in the coach. he said he was shocked to learn that the balls did not have air in them. he also said tom brady might have a lot to say about how he likes his footballs prepared before the game. it so happens that tom brady will be holding a news con flens today at 3:45 we're now told 4:00 somewhere in there. cnn will cover it live. do not miss it. i think it could be very very interesting. i want to talk more about these dueling news conferences with a man who played for bill belichick and with tom brady. joined now by jermaine wiggins. i'm a patriots fan. that's a disclaimer.
8:38 am
i also think cheating is bad. two disclaimers there. there are a lot of people. i have a lot of friends who are not patriots fans who say the patriots cheat. look at spygate, the culture inside the patriots organization. i'll ask you flat out, do the patriots cheat? >> i would say no. look at what spygate was. they were filming opposing sidelines and trying to get happened signals, trying to get a competitive edge. did it work? probably a little bit. on a scale of one to ten, it probably worked for about one. when they came out with this there are a lot of other teams that did that. they also videotaped sidelines trying to get the edge. the thing about the patriots, sometimes they push it to the limit. when you look at these things i think a lot of people stop to say stuff. when you're king of the mountain and you've been to five super bowl appearances and headed to your sixth, you've got a massive bullseye on your back. that's what the new england patriots have on them. >> pushing it to the limit is
8:39 am
one thing. pushing it beyond the limit is oochlt you said spygate only helped them one on a scale of one to attorney. i heard people say in the deflated footballs, in the first half using the deflated footballs, only up 17-0. in the second half when they were using regulation they were up 28-0. is that a fair argument if cheating didn't help you that much? cheating is okay as long as it doesn't help? >> i don't think cheating is okay. you have to look at it in the full context. you've got to understand when you're talking about the national football league and there are people that do it. there are other teams out there filming the spygate, plenty of quarterbacks plenty of teams who deflate the footballs, scuff up the footballs, try to push the envelope and sometimes go past it. when you're the new england patriots and you're a patriots fan and people around there always say why is it they're always coming down on the pay yots? because you have your instances
8:40 am
like spay gate. the patriots got in trouble for that lost the first round draft pick and bill belichick was fined over $500,000. that's something that never leaves them. any time there's a situation, we heard it last week with the baltimore ravens when they came out in the formation, what's going on here what are the patriots doing? to me i think when you look at these things there are a lot of teams that do things in the national football legal, but people don't know about it. as soon as the patriots do it everybody wants to know about it. everybody says they're cheating. especially in this case of deflate-gate it has nothing to do with the football game. it does not affect it. the issue is from 2:15 before the game they weigh the footballs. at that point in time there's a window they can't do anything to the footballs, can't manipulate them in any way. that's where they're trying to figure out where did they lose air, how did they lose air? was it something the patriots did? >> maybe they lost the air on their own, maybe they did. if they did, i would be thrilled because it means the patriots
8:41 am
didn't break the rules. if someone took air out of the footballs, it means someone did break the rules. if every team is pushing the envelope envelope it means the patriots cheated. i don't see any way around that if that is what happened. let me play you another sound bite. bill belichick says he has no explanation for how the balls weren't inflated as much as they were supposed to be. not only that he basically said he doesn't know anything about air pressure in footballs to begin with. let's listen. >> in my entire coaching career i have never talked to any player staff member about football air pressure. that is not a subject that i have ever brought up. to me the footballs are approved by the league and game officials pregame, and we play with what's out there. that's the only way that i have ever thought about that.
8:42 am
>> never discussed it. never, ever discussed it. do you buy that jermaine? >> he never talked to me about air pressure in footballs. never brought it up in the meetings i've been in. i've never been around him and heard him talk about air pressure. i played with tom brady. i never heard him talk about air pressure. i know there are a lot of quarterbacks in the national football league as well as kickers that like their balls a certain way. they get the balls as soon as they come out of the box. they're real slick. they try to scuff them up. every quarterback has something they do. there's plenty of stories out there that we've seen brad johnson, a former teammate of mind who came out and say he bribed somebody to give them the football so he could get them to feel better in his hand. i've had many conversations with belichick as a player and we've never talked about air pressure in the footballs. >> i never have either before this week. i suppose it's possible. then again, i'm not a football
8:43 am
coach. >> john can i say one thing before we go? >> yes. >> it's simple around here. we've got a saying around here in new england. we did a little song on our radio show this morning, a parody about deflate-gate. there's a saying for new england patriots fans they hate us cuz they ain't us. >> now i'm hated by non-patriots fans and patriots fans alike because i suggested they might have cheated. jermaine wiggins, thanks for being with us and catching that pass in that season. >> thank you very much. >> patriots quarterback tom brady will have a news conference today, sometime between 3:45 and 4:00 p.m. do not miss it. his words very important here. did he know about the air pressure in the footballs, did he have something to do with it. watch it on tv on your smart phone, on your desk top. watch it everywhere at once. just make sure you watch it.
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now, there is big news in the world of politics today. a big meeting happening today in utah. two men who we think want to be president are having a meeting, a private meeting. i'm talking about jeb bush the former governor of florida, and mitt romney the former governor of massachusetts who has run for president a couple times you might remember. so what on earth are they going to talk about? i'm joined by the right side of the aisle shall we say, his fellow political commentator sally cone. rye hand i suppose it was jeb bush who asked for the meeting. i'll put this in his shoes. if you are jeb bush and you walk into a meeting with mitt romney and you know mitt romney wants to be president and you know you want to be president, what do you say to him? >> you say look you and i care about the same things pretty much. we represent the same wing of the party. if you get in you're going to squeeze me out and some whack a
8:45 am
do is going to win. i'd love to see them both go at it so other candidate can come in down the middle. i would love to see them blow enormous amounts of money from their donor friends and bash each other all day long. sadly, they're smart enough to realize that would be bad for both of them. >> what does mitt say to jeb? same thing in reverse? >> that's a tricky question. the question is one of them might be a bit more on the fence. the one who is really committed is going to say i'm going to make this very expensive. i'm in this period. i'm dead serious. the question is which one is more like that. >> sally cohen, where does this rank? >> really really awkward. i think two things are interesting here. one is which jeb bush and especially which mitt romney might even consider running. they're starting to make
8:46 am
suggestive populist overtures. mitt romney recently said he would make his campaign all about fighting against poverty as opposed to attacking the 47%. he recently said he thinks climate change is an issue again when me said before he didn't. i kind of agree are reihan for a different reason. i'd like to see them both get in. one should be a decoy for the other. i don't know anything about duck hunting, but i'm going to make like a right wing religious metaphor we'll go with duck dynasty. you have a decoy so everybody would, on the far right of the party would attack the decoy and maybe you'd have a moderate republican who has a shot of escaping unscathed. the chances of that actually happening in this primary are -- >> from a democratic perspective, which candidate you fear more jeb bush or mitt romney? >> again, this becomes which candidate is actually going to
8:47 am
run. mitt romney circa 2008 no. i don't worry that much at all. but now, as he's -- i'm sorry -- circa 2012. as he's refashioning himself, he's going to rebrand himself to be more populist. he now says he supports raising the minimum wage. >> he's been saying that for about a decade. >> but that was not the platform he ran on. >> reihan can i shift gears to capitol hill politics. house speaker john boehner invited prime minister benjamin netanyahu to speak before congress about iran. do you think this is a good move politically? >> the israeli prime minister spent much of his early life in america, very close to republican politicians. he's been engaged with these american questions. the iran issue is the central security issue we face right now. he has a unique perspective to bring to bear. politically i couldn't say.
8:48 am
does it make sense for the israeli prime minister to address lawmakers of both parties? absolutely. on those grounds, i think it's very sensible to do. >> it's so reckless. can you imagine if democrats did this how they would be attacked by republicans for their irresponsibility. >> david cameron, the prime minister of the uk is making calls on iran to members of congress. is that that different? i suppose it's only different if you're speaking live in front of people -- >> as a simple matter going around the white house to invite a head of state, as the republican party to invite a head of state to congress and literally the white house didn't find out about it until after it was announced, not engaging in proper diplomacy, again, if the democrats did that the republicans would go ap plexic. >> thank you very much for being with us. i want to talk more about the mitt-jeb meeting happening today in a future moment.
8:49 am
coming up we're changing subjects here. are robots going to take over the world. we veal the definitive answer when morgan spurlock shows us -- are the most human ones the most fun? that's a conundrum, coming up next. made it more successful. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some people had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix or history of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix.
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all right. an unprecedented moment at the 11:00 a.m. hour. i am joined by morgan spurlock host of "inside man" which premiers tonight. this is the robot, this is morgan spurlock. >> almost as cool as a robot. >> why is he here? >> tonight's show is all about robots and robotics. what's cool about this it's is
8:53 am
great entry level robot for kids to understand how robots work and what they're all about. >> that is the coolest name. >> he's the greatest robot ever. say hello. >> up next on cnn, me. >> all right. that guy's stealing my thunder right there. when you talk about, you explore this subject of robots and ai right now, how expansive of a subject is that? we're not talking about r2d2. >> it's everywhere. what we need to understand is that robots like this are going to become a part of the future soon enough. self-driving cars. artificial intelligence that helps our homework better. this is all something we seem to be ready for. >> i'm not personally scared of the idea of computers or robots
8:54 am
taking over the universe. >> i saw the ter minute nay tore it does not end well. >> not at all. what are the threatening areas? >> what is going to be the use of this type of technology. whenever someone makes a piece of technology for you and i who benefit from there's someone who will also want to use it for military purposes potentially terrorist purposes, who knows. i think those are the scary possibilities of what could come out of a robotic revolution. >> i think the most scary thing in your show was when you met these robots who are sort of human-like. >> the ones that look like human beings. when they start to talk, they feel like a stepford wife. those are the types of robots -- this is a good example. this is kind of an autoniod.
8:55 am
the idea was how simple could you make a robot. >> but what's the point of a robot like that versus mechanoid here? >> it's two different purposes. a robot like this is to start getting people comfortable. >> that's a robot. >> and that is a robot. these types of -- >> scary. they're just designed to scare you. there's no practical purpose for that is there? >> one day you'll walk into some sort of a venue, whether it could be a fast food restaurant or a bank and the teller could be a robot like that who will basically do your business with you standing inside of a place of business. something like this is going to be designed to start to get people to understand the mechanics, getting somebody into the advancement of robotics. >> what is the current status of ai? when will they get to a point
8:56 am
that they can think for themselves and formulate theirnotion? >> they're already to the point where they can quote, unquote, think. if you go on my website, there is a morganbot. >> he's easier to book than you are, i'm sure. >> but it won't be long. it will be within the next ten years. >> awesome. "inside man" premiers tonight at 9:00 eastern. appreciate you both for being with us. legal view starts right after this. hey! guess what day it is?? >>hump day! hummmp daaay! it's hump day! >>yeah! >>hey mike! mike mike mike mike mike! >>mike mike mike mike mike. hey! he knows! hey! guess what day it is! hey! camel! guess what day it is! >>it's not even wednesday. let it go, phil. if you're a camel, you put up with this all the time. it's what you do. (sigh) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to
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hello everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield and welcome to legal view. bill belichick has spoken. ten days before the super bowl the head coach of the new england patriots addressed the scandal that's happening over his team and the nfl as well. he says he's never talked about the air pressure in a football before now. >> when i came in monday morning, i was shocked to learn of the news reports about the footballs. i had no knowledge whatsoever of this situation