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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  January 21, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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ure out because we want like 50 of you. >> you're nice to say that. thank you. it's a privilege to work here do this work. you and i both get to experience that. >> pinch myself every day. sanjay gupta, thank you. congratulations. that's it for me. see you back here tomorrow. in the meantime, "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. some disturbing possibly even frightening new video in to cnn right now from al qaeda in yemen. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." breaking news in our world lead. al qaeda's branch in yemen telling jihadis in the west the u.s. france britain, canada don't waste your time coming to fight for us in syria. stay at home. attack there. plus the politics lead. speaker john boehner defiant. last night president obama was all swagger warning congress he would veto any action meddling with the iran nuclear talks. this morning, the speaker asks israel's benjamin netanyahu to come talk to congress tell them what he thinks the u.s. should do. plus the sports lead.
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they have already won super bowls but now there is proof that the patriots might have cheated again. to get back to super sunday. does this take the air out of the big game? good afternoon. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we will begin with some breaking news in our world lead. al qaeda in yemen known as aqap is telling its army of would-be terrorists don't come to syria, stay where you are, in the u.s. britain, france canada and elsewhere, and plan attacks there. in this new video, the al qaeda terror branch that claimed responsibility for the paris attacks says jihadists should follow the example of the kouachi brothers and amedy coulibaly, who turned paris inside out and killed 17 innocent people. they say it is quote, better to join in the quote, crusader campaign in the west than to make the deadly pilgrimage to syria and fight there. this as french officials warn cnn associates of the three terrorists are still out there.
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these would-be terrorists have gone dark they say. they could be in syria, they could be scheming about when to return to europe and strike again. also today, the paris prosecutor revealed four suspects have been charged, all of them allegedly connected to amedy coulibaly, the isis aligned gunman who killed four innocents at that kosher grocery store. let's go right to cnn justice correspondent pamela brown, live in paris. there has been progress in the investigation into the terrorist who attacked the kosher supermarket, less so in the probe into the kouachi brothers who attacked the "charlie hebdo" offices but now intelligence officials are telling you that some suspects disappeared off the grid maybe even slipping into syria. tell us more. >> reporter: that's absolutely right. sources are telling us that it's believed several associates of the kouachi brothers as well as amedy coulibaly are in hiding and out of reach of french authorities, possibly in syria. this as we're learning more
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about the four suspects in custody here in paris. according to the french prosecutor here it's believed that one of the suspects sent nearly 400 text messages to coulibaly in the days leading up to the attacks. today for the first time the paris prosecutor is identifying four suspects charged in connection with the paris attacks whose dna was allegedly found on amedy coulibaly's car, gun and glove found at the crime scene. but the prosecutor says authorities are still investigating whether the four suspects were actually complicit in the attacks. he says we think that there's a group of individuals who contributed as part of an agreement and that this has effectively served the terrorists who commit the attack. but it's the others who are still on the run, suspected cohorts of coulibaly and the kouachi brothers that have authorities on edge. sources tell cnn it's believed that terrorists urged around half a dozen of their associates to leave france just before the attacks, including coulibaly's wife hayat boumeddiene.
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a law enforcement source tells cnn the concern is they could all be hiding and the terrorists' safe haven of syria and soon try to attack the west. meanwhile, two weeks after the attacks, paris remains under heightened security with soldiers and police guarding landmarks and jewish sites. >> seeing on cnn all the security the eiffel tower and around the city i never once felt threatened. >> reporter: today the french prime minister announced new details of suspected jihadis living in france. he says 3,000 people with jihadist ties need to be under surveillance and the number of people linked to terror networks in iraq and syria has jumped 130% in just one year. >> they're talking they have 3,000 people they need to cover and you have the massive amount of resources it takes, people vehicles equipment, photography equipment, radio equipment, and extensive training, this is no small chore on their part. >> reporter: another jihadi hotbed belgium. tuesday night, belgium police
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evacuated a neighborhood as they raided a home at the request of french authorities, part of the wider anti-terrorism operation. this as the manhunt continues for suspected belgian isis operative abdelhamid abaaoud. police believe he was directsing plots from greece which may have included attempts to murder belgian police officers. back here in france the french prime minister announcing today almost half a billion dollars in emergency spending to track those thousands of jihadis believed to be living here in france. >> pamela brown in paris, thank you so much. isis of course has been linked to two of those attacks in france and now two hostages being held captive by isis may have fewer than 33 hours left to live. the terrorist group says that japan has until friday to pay the ransom for the two hostages who were shown in a video posted online or the hostages will be executed by the masked terrorist
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nicknamed jihadi john or perhaps others like him. now, these developments as critics wonder if the u.s.-led aerial campaign against isis is working or if a new strategy may be needed. cnn chief national security correspondent jim sciutto joins us now. jim, president obama devoted much of what time he did spend talking about foreign policy which was a minority of his speech talking about isis. what did he have to say? >> he had a mixed message, really. multiple messages. one, he said it will be a long war but it's a war that the u.s. is going to win but it's not going to be the same as the last iraq war. he says we won't be dragged, in his words, into another ground war, that this one will be a true coalition and he also asked congress for new authorization, not the old authorization going back to 9/11 days but a new congressional authorization to fight isis specifically. three years after ending the iraq war and five months after restarting military action there, president obama used his state of the union address to
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call on congress for new authority to fight isis. >> this effort will take time. it will require focus. but we will succeed. and tonight, i call on this congress to show the world that we are united in this mission by passing a resolution to authorize the use of force against isil. >> reporter: still, since the start of military action against isis in august the president has already authorized a deployment of some 3,000 troops to iraq and u.s. war planes have conducted more than 1900 air strikes. the president's new call continues a delicate constitutional balancing act for the white house. simultaneously arguing the u.s. needs new authorization while continuing to expand the war under the old one, dating back to the 9/11 attacks. even democrats in congress are demanding quicker legislative action. >> american servicemen have already lost their lives as part of operation inherent resolve this war against isil.
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if we are asking people to go out and risk their lives, it would seem we could approach with seriousness and speed. so why everybody is slow-walking this thing is a mystery. >> reporter: the call for new action comes even as administration officials are making great efforts not to overplay the immediate threat from isis to the u.s. >> there is no existential threat to the u.s. but there is a threat to the region. we are making progress. >> reporter: still, the threat is engulfing another nation and ally with the group demanding $200 million from japan to spare the lives of two of its citizens. the deadline isis set expires friday. >> to the prime minister of japan, although you are more than 8500 kilometers away from the islamic state you willingly have taken part in this crusade. >> reporter: one open question in any new authorization is how it will answer the question of ground troops.
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the senate foreign relations committee submitted a draft saying no ground troops. that will be a real challenge, how do you allow some wiggle room because as we talked many times, u.s. troops there are in some form of combat even if they are not officially ground troops. >> jim sciutto, thank you. appreciate it. let's bring in democratic congressman from indiana andrey carson just named to the house intelligence committee. he's the first muslim to sit on that committee. thanks so much for being here. congratulations on your new assignment. you were briefed today by the intelligence community. what's the latest you can tell us on the european crackdown and this breaking al qaeda video calling for people in the west to attack targets at home? >> thank you for having me on your show. as you know i'm not allowed to discuss the details of that meeting. what i will say is that this latest threat adds another piece to the puzzle in terms of what we prioritize in our counterterrorism efforts. i worked in an intelligence
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fusion center a few years ago. i was a police officer. and what is very clear is that we need an investment from our intelligence agencies and from our citizens to report information, report suspicious activities so we can work together collectively in targeting and isolating these growing threats. >> the president said last night quote, in iraq and syria, american leadership including our military power is stopping the advance of isis. is that true? it looks like isis in recent weeks and months has amassed new territory, they have new hostages they definitely seem to be confounding the west in their ability to attract recruits. how is the u.s. succeeding? >> well i think we are effective. i think the president is right on the mark. the interesting thing about isis is -- or isil is that it's a hybrid organization. you have traditionally trained military personnel with textbook terrorists if you will. so what better military than
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u.s. military and our intelligence services to deal with this threat were we not present in dealing with this threat from its inception, we wouldn't have had the success we have. even though it's a growing threat which calls for us to have greater participation from our friends in the arab league and from some of our european countries. >> does the u.s. have enough good intelligence to effectively target isis leadership in syria or iraq especially now that there are boots on the ground so to speak? >> what i will say is this. what i'm allowed to say is this. i think that the intelligence community is coming together in an effective way to eliminate this threat. >> former british prime minister tony blair told me last week that radical islam needs to be confronted more head-on, while some in the west want to blame people for being poor and for being alienated and not being assimilated, it's the ideology of radical islam which needs to be confronted more head-on.
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do you agree? >> i think it's evident that many of these groups particularly the groups' leadership they are capitalizing on communities that are in poverty, they are capitalizing on disillusionment and discontent. so we have to push back and not let this have an islamic base. there is a cancerous element within the islamic community that has to be dealt with quite effectively. >> congressman carson thank you so much for your time. we hope you will come back. >> thank you, sir. another terror hotbed exploding in violence after shiite rebels take over yemen's presidential palace. now new concerns that al qaeda terrorists, the same ones who just told would-be terrorists to plot new attacks at home in the u.s. and uk could benefit from this political turmoil and that's next.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we have some more breaking news in our world lead. a breakthrough today in the tense standoff between government forces in yemen and those iran-backed shiite rebels currently in control of the presidential palace and much of the surrounding area. u.s. officials are prepared to evacuate the u.s. embassy if the situation deteriorates further. this is a critical situation for the u.s. because yemen, a key u.s. ally in the region is also a breeding ground for al qaeda, the local affiliate, aqap just released a new video calling for jihadists to wage war in the west in the u.s. and france and canada. al qaeda in yemen was behind the failed attempt to blow up a delta airlines flight headed for detroit on christmas day 2009. they are also the ones who sent those printer cartridges packed with plastic explosives aboard two cargo planes bound for the u.s. in 2010 and of course they
1:18 pm
claimed responsibility for the massacre at "charlie hebdo" magazine that left 12 dead two weeks ago. let's go right to cnn senior international international correspondent nick paton-walsh. nick, at this point, what do we know about this tentative agreement between the two sides? >> reporter: well, both sides we are hearing from some houthi officials and the presidential administration both sides seem to think it's going to work out but there's a lot of hurdles to cross and a lengthy timetable here. in essence, the deal says that the houthis will remove themselves and their militia from the presidential palace around the presidential residence, the hills overlooking them and let normal life get back going here on a daily basis, and in exchange the constitution the new draft of it will be edited and changed to give houthis more representation more power. they will most likely get key officials in key ministries too and they also will release the presidential chief of staff who they kidnapped over three days
1:19 pm
ago. the question really we haven't got the answer to here is does this leave president hadi in power in some way or is he really a figurehead in a much more watered-down job where the houthis really call the shots. they have managed to quite nicely massage it so hadi doesn't actually have to accept he's left power but the houthis don't actually have to accept a quite complicated title of being president themselves in this complicated country. >> so the plan at least on the surface is for the houthi rebels and yemen's president to run the country together? >> reporter: ostensibly yes. hadi will remain in that job but key parts of ministries key jobs would have houthi appointees. we would also see them able to rewrite the constitution under the supervision of the council and the government here as well. that could be very far-ranging. we don't know how far that will extend. as the minister of information pointed out on her twitter account, this is a worrying precedent because frankly, what we have seen on the streets here are the houthis exercising
1:20 pm
force, the power of the gun, taking over buildings, then getting their way politically. it's always been the case to some degree in yemen and other parts of this region too, but i think the troubling thing here is this is dressed up like a political compromise and a great deal but really is force has made the president give a lot of concessions. we don't know if he still has the reins on power or just stole the job title. >> of course the u.s. government has been working closely with yemen's government to go after al qaeda in the arabian peninsula which just ordered this video, just issued this video not long ago. has all this chaos impacted that cooperative effort? >> reporter: well i think we can really clearly say that the yemen institutions have suffered enormously. we don't quite know what the impact of the houthis having more control in government will be on their intelligence sharing with the west. obviously, the administration shackled as it often is by lack of resources and the chaos inflicting the country in the
1:21 pm
past few months has been doing what it can, say many western officials, to help them gather information, assist the drone targeting. it's true many say the houthis are backed by iran so that explains how they have suddenly got themselves together in the past few months. will that change their posture in the government here in helping the west? we have to wait and see. key question for washington. >> nick paton-walsh, thanks and stay safe. terror unholded aboard a tel aviv bus this morning when a palestinian man from the west bank began stabbing passengers and the driver. the suspect then got off the bus and was caught on surveillance cameras. we want to warn you that the video we are about to show may be disturbing. you can see the attacker here running up behind a woman and savagely stabbing her in the back as people fled in terror. nine people were injured in the attack four seriously, we are told. police shot the assailant in the leg, they took him into custody. he is currently being interrogated at an israeli hospital officials say. hamas officials praised the
1:22 pm
attack calling it a daring and heroic act. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu fired back saying quote, it is the direct result of the poisonous incitement being disseminated by the palestinian authority against the jews and their state. coming up next it's being called deflate-gate. did the patriots cheat their way to an afc championship title? quarterback tom brady once said he likes deflated footballs. will those comments come back to haunt him? plus the sounds heard on airasia's black boxes. do they finally tell us what the pilots were up against? in the last moments of flight 8501. ♪so nice, so nice♪ ♪sweet, sweet st. thomas nice♪ ♪so nice, so nice♪ ♪st. croix full of pure vibes♪ ♪so nice, so nice♪ ♪st. john a real paradise♪ ♪so nice, so nice♪ ♪proud to be from the virgin islands♪ ♪and the whole place nice♪
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welcome back to "the lead." a weird story in our sports lead. one week before the biggest sporting event of the year in the united states the new england patriots are yet again defending themselves from charges of cheating. this time the team is being accused of using partially deflated footballs which may be easier to throw and to catch, to gain an edge in their blowout against the colts last sunday night. espn reports that the nfl has
1:27 pm
determined that the patriots did use footballs that simply did not have enough air in them. so what now? with just over a week to go until the super bowl is the nfl going to take any steps that will disrupt the biggest money-making game of the year? joining me now is cnn's sports analyst, christine brennan. thanks so much for joining us. now, you will hear the argument out there that the colts also benefited from these deflated footballs but that's probably not the case you say. why not? >> well there is so much we don't know way more we don't know than we do at this point. i don't know whether to kind of laugh out loud about this or to take it extremely seriously. i think a lot of us are in that position. but if the footballs were deflated slightly and we are not talking about you and i running outside and throwing a football around in january in d.c. we are talking about millimeters that only a professional would
1:28 pm
know and understand. did the colts get the benefit of those footballs or as i believe it is the footballs are changed and then the colts get their own footballs and they get to use their own. so there are so many questions as you have alluded to. this is an ongoing story. my sense is we are not going to have a resolution to this story before the super bowl which means it will stay with us until the super bowl. >> but if this is true 11 of 12 footballs that the patriots provided for the game were deflated then there's only one word for it, right? cheating. >> unless it's not cheating. i'm not saying it is or it isn't. i have been doing some reporting, i think a lot of us have because we are trying to figure out what to make of this. i talked to two players i used to cover in washington doug williams and darryl green, darryl green a hall of famer, cornerback spoke with him a couple hours ago. he kind of laughed it off. he said it would be like the tires in your car, when it gets cold it deflates a little bit. he said that and he kind of said that this should not be a big
1:29 pm
deal. same with doug williams. frankly, i'm having trouble finding anyone who has played the game at this level to take this seriously. i'm not saying they're not out there. but if you look on twitter, matt leinart saying forget about this everyone does this all quarterbacks doctor their footballs to the way they want them. i think this is an ongoing story. as i said i'm not laughing it off but i don't know that i'm taking this seriously as other things because every player i have heard from or talked to is not taking it seriously. >> of course the patriots do have a history. they have a record here. they have been in hot water before accused of cheating before. that must have some sort of impact on how seriously the league is taking this. >> absolutely. that is i think the key question. spy-gate of course 2007 a big fine for the patriots $250,000 fine, a first round draft pick and for bill belichick, actually a $500,000 fine. so i do believe there could be fines here eventually in this and because of belichick's
1:30 pm
history, because of that everyone kind of looks at this has a knowing wink and a nod and here he goes again, that kind of idea. so i also think there is the big issue of the integrity of the league. earlier this season as the season began, of course we were met with one of the biggest stories we have ever covered, the ray rice incident the elevator video, everyone knows what happened from that point on. much more serious than this story. but nonetheless, once again, here we are talking about the integrity of the national football league so i do believe that is an important issue. >> more than three years ago, tom brady told weei in boston that he likes deflated footballs. take a listen. >> he spikes it every time he scores so i don't know if that's flagrant or what. >> don't you spike it every time you score? >> yeah which happens like once every three years. when gronk scores it's like eight touchdowns a year he spikes the ball and it deflates the ball which i love that because i like the deflated ball. i feel bad for that football because he puts everything he can into those spikes.
1:31 pm
>> is that significant at all or does every quarterback really like deflated footballs? >> well i think everything is significant as we proceed to look into this story and find out if it's a big deal or if it's not. but the word is that aaron rodgers likes the footballs that he throws to be overinflated. now, throw that into the mix. i think that as i said from the reporting i think we are all doing now trying to figure this out, and what a window into the world of the nfl. who knew i have covered the league for years and i had no idea that all of these nuances were all about inflating or deflating a football. i think as we continue to find out about it it could have a little bit of an impact or it could just be part of this where everyone's got the wink and the nod issue except for the fact as you pointed out, belichick's history, the patriots' history and that's why people are taking this seriously. >> christine, thank you so much. in our politics lead even some democrats are now openly criticizing president obama over his iran sanction veto threat. and the speaker of the house is joining in.
1:32 pm
he's inviting israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to speak to congress about the threat from iran. is boehner trying to teach the president a lesson? how is the white house responding?
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welcome back to "the lead." the politics lead now. call it unusual, call it unprecedented, call it just plain weird. today israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu accepted an invitation to appear before congress next month to speak in favor of legislation that would push new sanctions against iran. here's the thing that's weird, though. it was republican house speaker john boehner who extended the invitation not the white house, and the move follows these comments made by president obama during last night's state of the union address. >> between now and this spring we have a chance to negotiate a comprehensive agreement that prevents a nuclear armed iran secures america and our allies
1:37 pm
including israel while avoiding yet another middle east conflict. that's why i will veto any new sanctions bill that threatens to undo this progress. >> cnn congressional correspondent dana bash is here now to explain what's weird. it's not weird for netanyahu to be speaking before a joint meeting of congress. he's done that before. it's the way this went down that's raised eyebrows. explain. >> the reason is because it is tradition, whether protocol or not, for congress to check with the white house before they invite a foreign leader to speak to a joint meeting of congress. that did not happen here. republicans on the hill admit it did not happen here intentionally because they were trying to get the israeli prime minister to come and speak on behalf of their position which was the opposite of what you just heard from the president. they want the israelis want congress to pass stiffer sanctions against iran. the same sanctions the president is saying don't do. >> the israelis feel a nuclear weapon armed iran is a threat to their country.
1:38 pm
in fact you asked house speaker john boehner about this earlier. let's take a listen. >> is this just a way to sort of poke the president in the eye on an issue like iran where you know he very much opposes what you want to do? >> i did not consult with the white house. the congress can make this decision on its own. i don't believe i'm poking anyone in the eye. there is a serious threat that exists in the world. >> but he had to have known this would ruffle feathers. the white house saying this is departure from protocol for a visiting world leader to not go to the white house first. >> there are so many layers of drama and intrigue here because as you well know you have covered this white house, there is a long history of tension between the men, netanyahu and barack obama ever since the scolding that netanyahu gave to the president publicly in the oval office and there are all kinds of incidents since then.
1:39 pm
there is the personal attention and then there's the tension right now because of this issue and the sort of chess match that boehner is clearly playing right now. >> dana bash thank you so much. the white house said it was a departure from protocol by the israelis. the administration says they normally hear from foreign countries' leaders when they are planning to dispatch and come to the united states. so how effective will this move be in swaying congress? could it derail the administration's negotiations with iran? i'm joined right now by republican senator corey gardiner from colorado a member of the senate foreign relations committee and i should note his wife just had their third baby just a few weeks ago. congratulations, senator. >> thank you very much. she's an amazing lady very busy while i'm here in washington. >> all right. hopefully you will be busy too, in a couple days. senator, i want to ask you, the white house is saying that this invitation by speaker boehner to prime minister netanyahu was a breach of protocol. the normal procedure would be
1:40 pm
visiting world leader would contact the white house first. what's your response? >> again, the congress the legislative branch is an equal power to the president. the speaker of the house has the right to invite speakers to address congress his house. the fact is the president came before the congress last night in his state of the union address and told us a number of things that he was going to do with or without congress so i don't understand how the president is suddenly offended that congress is actually exercising its prerogative. >> last week the british prime minister david cameron echoed what president obama has been saying that further sanctions against iran or even the threat of those sanctions could hurt this international coalition that's negotiating with iran to try to prevent them from pursuing nuclear weapons any further than they already have. why take the risk? it's not as if getting a sanctions bill to the president's desk would be a heavy lift. >> we continue to have discussions on sanctions against iran. the fact is there are sanctions,
quote quote quote
1:41 pm
in fact at the hearing this morning i asked about new sanctions going forward on iran due to state-sponsored terrorism and human rights violations. so sanctions will continue to pile up on iran even during the negotiations on the joint agreement. but the question is this to the administration. during our foreign relations committee hearing today, what about the opportunity for congress to approve the agreement. the hesitation from the administration to say that we would have the same rights as a congress it sounds like they will have in iran to prove any agreement by their elected officials as well the administration is hesitating to give us that acknowledgment. >> i want to get your response to the president's state of the union address. some republicans have taken issue with moments during last night's speech when they didn't care for the president's tone. take a listen. >> if a bill comes to my desk that tries to do any of these things i will veto it. if you truly believe you can work full-time and support a family on less than $15,000 a year, try it.
1:42 pm
i have no more campaigns to run. my only agenda -- i know, because i won both of them. >> there were other moments in the speech that were more conciliatory. what did you think? >> for the first part of what you just played back, the president missed an opportunity. in fact i think the speech may have been written by two different speech writers. the first part talking about veto threats, things that he knew would not receive the support of the majority in the house, the new majority in the senate. the second part of the speech where he talked about why can't we all get along. so i think there are two different themes coming out of a very confused and partisan state of the union address. now, the part that got a lot of laughter there, there were people who applauded the president when he said he had no more campaigns to run. i think he had a pretty good comeback there. >> a republican consultant told me minutes ago that she hated the moment when president obama said it's time for women to get equal pay followed by the visual
1:43 pm
of vice president biden standing and applauding and house speaker john boehner just sitting there. when you ran for the senate last year you did a great job, effective job of countering the war on women attacks. what do you and your fellow republicans need to do to reach out to women voters and avoid optics like the one we saw last night? >> our message in colorado worked i will work around the country. when we talk about presenting greater economic opportunity, greater jobs no one has been hurt more by the failed economy and the failed economics of barack obama than women around this country who can't find the kind of work that they are looking for, can't find the kind of job with pay they need to help make ends meet for their families. that's the kind of message we took to colorado was we can do better, we can get people back to work we can make sure the labor participation rate amongst women is actually where it should be in terms of more people in the work force because those jobs are available. we do it through comprehensive tax reform lowering taxes, not just on some and increasing taxes on others. >> why not support equal pay?
1:44 pm
>> i think that we should do more than equal pay. we ought to make sure people have far more pay than they are earning now. i want women to earn as much as possible. each and every day, more than anybody. the fact that we can make sure that we have -- i have two daughters now. making sure we have opportunity for women, but if you look at the white house, if you look at the white house, they aren't even paying women equal to what they pay men. we ran an entire campaign where my opponent was not paying women in his office equal to what he was paying men. it's a disingenuous argument where the policies he's espousing are the policies hurting women around the country. >> senator, thank you for joining us. appreciate it. congratulations again. >> thank you. coming up the final minutes of airasia flight 8501. alarms going off in the cockpit as the pilots made a very risky move. now we are learning that the plane's engines stalled midair. but what made it stall? plus why did the president of the united states agree to do an interview with a 19-year-old internet star who gives advice
1:45 pm
on hair, makeup and fashion? that's coming up.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. in world news we learned that the pilots of airasia flight 8501 may have known that their plane was climbing at a rapid speed before it went down in the java sea. investigators say alarms in the cockpit were sounding. this as the plane shot up 6,000 feet per minute before it stalled. aviation experts say a commercial airliner is not designed to climb that fast. today, cnn's suzanne malveaux set out to find exactly what the view might have experienced. she has new information revealed about the plane's black box that may play a major role here. >> it really does in this investigation. what we learned is indonesian officials say the cockpit voice recorder reveals alarms and warnings that were going off indicating that the plane was possibly stalling the flight data recorder contains the plane's speed and altitude during that time it reveals a steep climb and then a descent. so earlier today i got into a flight simulator to learn firsthand what might have taken place in flight 8501's last moments.
1:50 pm
in the terrifying last moments of airasia flight 8501 sounds of alarms going off in the cockpit can be heard on the plane's black boxes according to the indonesian transportation minister. at first the plane rapidly climbs at a rate of 6,000 feet per minute. >> passengers would have been driven down into their seats, they would have felt very heavy, they would have felt like they weighed twice what they do but they wouldn't have blacked out. >> reporter: seconds later, the aircraft stalls, then starts to fall. in an a-320, a stall warning sounds like this. >> stall, stall! >> it's descending 1500 feet within six seconds. so the flight keeps descending faster until the point of 24,000 feet and radar cannot detect it. >> reporter: at that point, flight 8501 crashes into the java sea. using a flight simulator, flying instructor kirk tucker of freeway aviation shows me what happens when a plane stalls.
1:51 pm
okay. this is the stall? >> that's the stall warning. now regardless of how much we pull back we cannot get the airplane to stay flying. now we have to push down -- >> reporter: this is unnatural, right? for a pilot to put his nose down toward the ground to get out of a stall. that requires training because it's pretty scary. >> it does require training. it's a little counterintuitive. >> reporter: tucker says the treacherous weather could have made recovering from the stall impossible. >> it's not uncommon to get severe updrafts inside of a thunderstorm or something like that where it can be very disorienting to the pilot. >> reporter: meanwhile, the biggest piece of wreckage from the plane remains at the bottom of the ocean, where investigators suspect many of the bodies are trapped inside. bad weather continues to make the recovery effort difficult. >> still quite high wind speeds out there, 10 to 20 knots, and waves of two to three meters high. we still can dive but it's hard
1:52 pm
to reach the sea bed. >> the head of indonesia's national transportation safety committee says the preliminary report on airasia flight 8501 will be issued next week. that is 30 days after the crash, that's required by the international civil aviation organization but it is not going to be made public. only the final report must be shared and investigators have up to a year to do that. >> suzanne malveaux thank you so much. appreciate it. coming up let's be honest. i'm guessing if anyone can get a truly candid answer out of president obama, it's this woman. >> i have been asked to interview potus! the president of the united states of america. >> she is one of three youtube sensations who are about to interview president obama. who are they, why were they picked?
1:53 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." today's pop lead this just in. this whole internet thing seems to be catching on. we all know tv is not the only way viewers get their information these days. so for those who spend hours a day scrolling facebook or watching online videos the white house has a new plan. president obama is turning to some of the biggest stars online no matter their style, to get his message across. >> is you okay? is you good? i wanted to know. >> this is called the cinnamon challenge by glozell and her big behind earrings. and this woman jamming the label of a spice into her mouth, believe it or not, will be interviewing president obama tomorrow at the white house. so will bethany mota. >> hey, guys what are you doing in my room? >> she's a california teen perhaps best known for dishing advice on hair makeup fashion
1:58 pm
and diy projects. >> lately i have just been like buying little things and doing little diy projects. >> also joining the ranks of presidential interviewers alongside names like murrow and jennings and brinkley hank green. he's part of the brother duo blog brothers. >> we are starting to look at topics that are a little more off the beaten path. we just started anatomy and physiology. >> they have a collection of 26 youtube channels about science and education and more. so you are probably asking yourself why, why is the president meeting with these stars of youtube to chat about the quote, top concerns facing them and their audiences? well it's not really all that complicated. glozell's super-sized cinnamon challenge was viewed 42 million times on youtube. her channel on the site has more than three million subscribers and claims half a billion clicks. she is the self-described queen of youtube.
1:59 pm
bethany's channel has more than eight million subscribers. she has amassed more than 600 million clicks since joining in 2009. and the blog brothers 890 million clicks. >> my subscribers want to know about education. >> the lack of jobs for college graduates. >> the economy. >> racial profiling. that's a good one. >> some in the white house press corps like cnn's jim acosta have some questions about tomorrow's youtube livestream. >> i'm just curious, [ inaudible ] not available? >> the spokesman claimed to be unfamiliar with him, but he did suggest to the room full of reporters from an apparently bygone era of television radio and printed words on dead trees that the interwebs is the future dummies. >> this is part of an integrated communication strategy to make sure the american people understand exactly what the president's fighting for in
2:00 pm
washington, d.c. >> youtube and the white house say they will also talk about initiatives the president put forward in last night's state of the union. no word yet if the president will take part in the cinnamon challenge. 42 million. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. turning you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now, on the brink. a critical u.s. ally in the war against al qaeda overrun by rebel forces with hundreds of american lives at risk. can a last minute deal avert disaster? isis expanding. the terror group is now active inside yemen, clashing with al qaeda but posing an even greater threat to the u.s. and its allies in the region. terror attack. dramatic new video as a palestinian stabs an israeli bus driver and passengers then continues his rampage in the street. and stall warning. new reports offering frightening details of the final minutes of airasia flight 8501. an impossibly steep