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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  January 21, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PST

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or a ball boy that didn't do it with telling anyone else on the team? it's hard to believe which is why the nfl has a serious issue on their hand. they have a team going to the super bowl that may have cheated in the afc championship game. what do you do if you're the nfl? >> i'm a lions fan. i only have to worry about my players stomping on people and kicking people in the head. >> you get a flag for it. this they found out after the game and colts players say wait a minute. they lost 45-7 the colts did. would it have made a difference in the outcome? who knows. if it helped the patriots that's the definition of cheating. >> where can we find your opinion piece? it's on my facebook page. >> i posted something on i said i'm a patriots fan. shame on me. i'm livid at the patriots if they did this. and i don't know what to do. i cheer for the patriots. i put my kids in tom brady jerseys. can i put them if brady jerseys
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for the super bowl? is that a good message to send? i don't think it is. i don't think you should or could vote for cheating teams. >> john berman thanks. i appreciate it. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. new this morning, the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has accepted an invitation to address a joint session of congress. he'll focus on iran and his appearance just three weeks from now is pointed to say the least. it comes as congress prepares to fight the white house and president obama's vow last night to veto any new sanctions on iran. that's not the least of it. joining me now is dana bash. she broke this news last hour. tell us more dana. >> reporter: i'm at the press
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conference where we expect the house speaker and the rest of the republican leaders to come momentarily to speak about this. they were as i said earlier in the hour they were talking to republican rank and file members explaining what they're doing and explaining that they have invited benjamin netanyahu to address a joint meeting of congress on february 11th. earlier i reported according to prepared remarks that we got that the house speaker was going to say to his rank and file hell no. we're not going to do such a thing when talking about the president's request to hold off on further iran sanctions. he didn't deliver those words but the sentiment was clear in this meeting that is just wrapping up behind closed doors. so this is a critical move for several reasons. one, just the politics and the diplomacy or lack thereof of it. this is something that normally is done with consultation
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between the white house and congress when you talk about inviting a foreign leader, especially a key alily like the israeli prime minister but they did this without consulting the white house or the state department and benjamin netanyahu accepted this offer. why did they do it on their own? it's all about iran. they want to make clear in the republican caucus in the house and senate and some democrats too that they think it's a terrible idea to wait. they think it's critical to pass more sanctions against iran because they think that this diplomatic effort that the secretary of state has been engaged in for months and months and months with coalition partners that it's a fool's errand. benjamin netanyahu is more or less an ally in that sentiment. that's why they brought him here and it's a poke in the eye to say the least to the president on a very very sensitive foreign policy issue, carol.
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>> so is this what we can expect congress will act on its own and the president will act on his own and that's just how it's going to be in 2015? >> reporter: in some things yes. when the republicans took full control of congress one of the obvious questions was how is this going to be different? from the get-go republicans said to me you'll see a much more robust congress when this comes to countries like iran because republicans tend to be much more hawkish when this comes to iran. and that's what we're seeing here. we're seeing republicans saying we don't want to wait. we want to go forward. we think it's the right thing to do. we don't trust this diplomatic effort that is going to end with the result that the u.s. wants, which ultimately is a nuclear free iran. they don't buy it. they believe the best way to approach this is with more teeth that would come with sanctions and you heard the president last night and also say to members of
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congress many times privately, he thinks that would be a disaster and that would really shake these diplomatic efforts. >> okay. so standby. i know john boehner will speak at any moment and when he does we'll come back to you. we have to talk about this breaking news out of israel this morning. right now officials are investigating a terror attack that left at least nine people wounded after a palestinian man went on a stabbing spree on a commuter bus. it happened earlier today in tel aviv. this morning, we have video of this attack. i want to warn you before we put it up there, it's disturbing. you can see a woman in this video being stabbed. what basically happened is this man was on the bus. he stabbed about nine people. then he ran off the bus. passengers chased him. along the way you can see him stabbing a woman on the street. this is right in the middle of the city at a bus stop. let's talk more about this and get the latest from global affairs correspondent elise
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labott live in jerusalem. tell us more. >> we're talking about a 23-year-old palestinian man from the west bank city. as you said this is two stops from the central bus station in downtown tel aviv. it was at the beginning of the rush hour here in israel. and he just took out a knife and started stabbing people. then he got off the bus. as he was making his escape he looked for another victim and you can see in this video that he stabbed another woman and then tried to make his getaway when two people from the israeli prison authority saw what was happening, saw the bus stop and the bus stopped. they ran after this man. they shot him in the leg. arrested him. interrogated him and now he's in the hospital in custody, carol. >> was this a lone wolf attack? part of a larger plot? what is it? >> reporter: no indication it is part of a larger plot.
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police did comb the area to make sure there was nothing else going on. no indication of any of that. this is really the new tactic here in israel. these lone wolf attacks. you remember last summer a lot of israelis were mowed down by palestinians in cars and then you had that horrible stabbing at a synagogue in jerusalem in november. these are the kind of attacks. they're not attached to any terrorist group. these are people that are inspired by terrorists and in fact hamas did come out while no indication they're involved praised the attack today. prime minister netanyahu says this incitement leads these palestinians to launch these type of attacks. >> elise labott thanks so much. in yemen, the president of yemen says he's in charge despite houthi rebels standing guard outside of his own private residents. uncertainty grows about the government's future in the middle eastern nation. yemen, as you know is a key u.s. ally in the fight against al qaeda but terrorists who trained in yemen have reached
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the united states and yemen is home to al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. the terror group linked to the paris attacks. just yesterday houthi rebels overtook a different presidential palace. one says it's a coup against the sunni led government. >> do you believe the president is still in control of the country and is his life face? >> i don't think the president is in control. >> do you think he should step down and flee the country in a symbol of how the houthies are trying to run his government? >> i'm not sure about fleeing the country. a shame in naming what it is. >> what is it? >> it's a coup. >> a coup by the houthies. >> why does yemen matter? 14 years ago an attack on the
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"uss cole." a suicide bomber attacked the ship while it was refueling. the attack was blamed on al qaeda and it was a precursor to the september 11th attacks. the commanding officer of the "uss cole" joins me now. good morning, sir. >> good morning, carol. >> commander, what do you make of what's going on in yemen right now? >> i think what you're seeing is a regional play. you have sunni majority in yemen being attacked by the shia minority clearly backed by iran. every intelligence source is indicating that. you're seeing somewhat this war within islam being played out within yemen itself. to that degree though the houthi rebels that are now in the capital of sanaa threatening to tackle the government they are getting into a position where they are demanding a greater voice in how the country is run and better representation
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throughout the government. while i'm not convinced it's quite a coup yet, they are on the verge of being able to claim that. >> is there a danger, an imminent danger that yemen could become just like syria and become this breeding ground for terrible terrorists? >> well right now, carol, it actually is a breeding ground. you can see from al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, there are numerous areas within the country where they have sanctuary where they plan attacks against the united states and clearly against paris when they conducted the attacks in europe. they are a breeding ground already. it's just a matter of now that the united states and other countries have a government that they can work with and coordinate some of their efforts. while in my opinion, yemen has never been really a trustworthy nor reliable partner in the war on terror. we at least had some input through which we can coordinate counterterrorism efforts to be able to find out how these groups were training equipping,
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financing and conducting operations because we wanted to try to thwart them at the source which is al qaeda on the arabian peninsula right now. >> i understand. as you know there's a u.s. embassy in yemen, diplomats are still inside that embassy. it's heavily guarded by u.s. marines. there are ships offshore waiting for them to evacuate at any moment. should that embassy be evacuated now, do you think? >> i think right now we should take a serious look at it. if you have the presidential palace having fallen and rebels surrounding the president himself, get the ships in there. put them in position. have marines go up and conduct what they call a noncombatant evacuation operation where they can go in there where the situation is not totally dissolved into chaos and where we can get personnel out safely and destroy classified equipment and messages held in the embassy and get folks out of there while there's opportunity.
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if it devolves into a civil war, that's an unstable situation for us to go in there. the sooner we do it the better off we would be. we have two ships offshore with marines prepared to conduct these type of operations. we should do it now and be done. >> commander, i want to ask you about gitmo. the president mentioned it in his state of the union because it's his intention to close it down. you have very strong opinions about that. could you share? >> absolutely carol. i have believed since the very beginning when i was on the joint staff in the office i was in creating guantanamo bay is it should be an intelligence resource for the united states to use so that we can target our enemies. if we are pulling out of these different countries and coming back to the united states disengaging and we capture terrorists where can we put them? where do we put a place for them
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to be humanely interviewed and interrogated. guantanamo was envisioned to be an intelligence resource for our nation and not a long-term detention facility that it morphed into. the president has grand ideas, sending $2.5 billion ship, "uss new york" off libya is not a use of resources we have for a navy that should be doing bigger and better things. we should make sure the world understands why its open and that it benefits their intelligence apparatus and that are safety as well. >> if it morphed into something it was never meant to be as you just said why should it remain open? how do we consequence the powers that be per se that gitmo serves another purpose other than what it's serving right now? >> you have a president that claims one thing with ability of a pen and executive orders. he could order the military to change the fundamental scope and
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direction of that facility overnight. he could put the resources back down there. he could man up the $300 million intelligence facility that we built that goes unused today and start using it for the purpose that was envisioned. it can be done. it takes an exercise of determination and leadership and intelligence community. when i talk to people who would like to see it done and there have been recent op-eds by people that say we should close it down it's only a stain because we allow it to be. it's defining it for the american people and the world as to what that facility could contribute to our national security that is important for us as americans to know. >> i think what bothers some americans is the fact that these people are being held forever and ever without a trial and that's certainly not the american way. >> well carol, that's a fundamental difference that a lot of americans misunderstand. let me try to go back a little bit. when a nation is under attack when they are involved in armed
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conflict like the united states was with al qaeda, we have a right under international law to detain combatants for duration of the conflict. we don't have to try them as if it was a court. we merely need to demonstrate under international law that they were combatants and brought on the battlefield and they represent a threat which ones in guantanamo bay still do and we have a right to detain them. there doesn't have to be a trial. while many would argue that runs counter to u.s. law, you have to look at what we're engaged in. we're not engaged in a large criminal enterprise initiated by al qaeda backed by military force. we're engaged with a brand of terrorism different than anything u.s. law dealt with previously and we're still engaged with it today. so while we would like to have some type of trial, by the same token, the president is starting to release detainees that still represent a danger to the united
7:16 am
states because if they didn't why doesn't he tell the american people what are the conditions they were released under? why are we spending millions of dollars of our taxpayer money to resettle them? why are we having other nations have their intelligence services keep an eye on these people? if they no longer represent a threat that information should be public and the american people should know about it. >> all right. commander lippold, thank you for your insight. i appreciate you being with me today. >> great to be on your show. still to come the shadow of crisis has passed and the state of the union is strong. those were the main takeaways last night as president obama addressed congress and the american people. up next we'll discuss whether president obama's plans are realistic as he head into the final stages of his presidency. u don't know "aarp." life reimagined gives you tools and support to get the career you'll love. find more real possibilities at
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happening now in the "newsroom," president obama is about to hit the road to sell his state of the union message of the growing crisis in the middle class. he'll leave the white house in just a few hours. his first stop is boise state university in idaho as he rides a fresh wave of support after last night's address. before his speech just 57% thought the president's policies would take the country in the right direction. after the speech that number surges nearly 20 points to 72%.
quote quote quote
7:21 am
but don't expect the same reaction from republicans. we're expecting the house leadership including the house speaker, john boehner, to respond any minute now in their weekly press conference. in the run-up to the road trip president obama declared that "the shadow of crisis has passed." the president turned his attention to boosting the middle class but not before giving this reminder to his critics. >> i have no more campaigns to run. my only agenda -- [ applause ] -- i know because i won both of them. >> the president displayed his willingness to fight back against those who want to challenge him on obamacare and other issues. >> we can't put the security of families at risk by taking away their health insurance or unraveling the new rules on wall street or re-fighting past
quote quote
7:22 am
battles on immigration when we have to fix a broken system. if a bill comes to my desk that tries to do any of my things i will veto it. it would have earned by veto. >> as his time in the white house winds down president obama made this appeal to those on the other side of the aisle. >> if you share the broad vision i outlined tonight, i ask you to join me in the work at hand. if you disagree with parts of it i hope you'll at least work with me where you do agree. i commit to every republican here tonight that i will not only seek out your ideas, i will seek to work with you to make this country stronger. >> let's talk more about the president's speech with cnn presidential historian douglas brinkley and we're joined by steven collins. welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> thanks for being here. both of you.
7:23 am
doug i want to start with you. even though the president said he wants to work with republicans in congress this wasn't exactly a please work with me speech was it? >> no it was not. it was a charismatic speech by the president and his finest state of the union address. very well written. he was just in the zone. he was very relaxed. he's going up in the polls right now. when you get away from the giddiness of all that there seems to be no real bridge between congress and the president really working on too much substantive issues right now on big things the president used the word veto. he will on things like keystone. he talked about guantanamo being closed. he talked about vetoing sanctions on iran. these were fighting words. this is a barack obama yesterday who showed his real colors that he is a center left progressive fighter. somebody in tradition of franklin roosevelt and lyndon johnson.
7:24 am
defender of the underdog and the middle class. >> all right. so steven, i want to read something you wrote for you said losing combative president obama was not the stifled president who failed to mount a defense of democrats as the party lost the senate in november. while democrats are cheering his combative style last night, the consequences of that are already being felt because republicans in congress just went out without the president's blessing and invited benjamin netanyahu to address congress. >> i'm sure that particular move by the speaker brought on an angry reaction in the white house. very few people in the white house think there's a really good chance the president is going to get something done with republicans so part of this last night was about theater. if you sort of conclude that there's very little that the president, the white house and republicans get done perhaps
7:25 am
there's room for maneuver on taxes, for example. apart from that there's not much. you have to ask what the president was actually doing last night. i think to some extent this was the first time when the president could get in front of the american people after six years in office and finally say that he conquered the economic crisis. it was like the campaign ad that ronald reagan ran on for re-election. the economy recovery has been so uneven and so many people in the middle class are left behind and it's been difficult for the president to claim full throated credit for the measures he put in place when he came into office. unemployment is down to 5.6%. polls show that americans are beginning to believe that the economy is getting better. this was perhaps the last moment when the president could come out and say this because by the time the state of the union comes around next year we'll be right in the middle of the
7:26 am
primary season for the election to find his successor. he really will be a lame duck by that point. >> right. there's still a wage gap in this country and there are many people out of work. let's be honest about that. actually douglas, i want to ask you this. at any other time in our history, has there been this on the part of congress and the president? >> of course. the point of history is to remind us that our own times are not uniquely oppressive. go back to the civil war and you have 600,000 dead and you have senators caning each other and beating each other on just trying to make a point. it's not all that bad out there. what the president accomplished last night, besides going up in the polls, is he reclaimed american optimism. he's been lacking in doing that sometimes. there's always been a little bit of a woe is me attitude from president obama. now as he heads to boise state, that optimism the perception means a lot. people feel maybe america is
7:27 am
better again. in order for him to really be effective with this vetoes and his executive orders he's going to have to stay up in the polls. doing executive orders at 38% is nowhere near as potent as doing executive orders when you're at 55%. i think the president -- definitely we have to erase the word lame duck. he's a player in 2015. he's got steam behind him as he heads out west. >> so let's talk about that for just a bit because i did hear optimism last night from the president. i did not hear optimism from most of the republicans commenting on his speech. in fact i think rand paul said america is adrift. we have big problems. we have to overcome them. it's not quite that simple is it? >> no. the republicans would argue that it's the very policies that the president put in place obamacare, wall street regulations that are to blame for the fact that the recovery has been so slow. and the president also made a
7:28 am
case last night that it was time to turn the page on 15 years in which american ground troops have been involved in wars in the middle east. he gave the impression that the war on terror is going very well and that america by working with partners in splintering countries in the middle east is able to sort of contain terrorism and radical islam and jihadism. as we've seen over the last few weeks in paris on the streets of ottawa and as we see today in yemen, the picture is more complicated. i think there's much more political risk for the president to kind of argue that we're turning a page in international relations and on national security than when he does it on the economy. >> stephen collinson and douglas brinkley thanks for being with me. i appreciate it. i'll be right back.
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one of the more emotional moments of the president's speech was last night was his salute to an american contractor recently freed from a cuban prison. we'll vl more on that in just a minute. first, the president's comments. >> after years in prison, we're overjoyed that alan gross is back home where he belongs. welcome home alan. we're glad you're here. >> historic talks are getting under way today arriving in
7:33 am
havana, i highest level delegation in decades. the talks are aimed at loosening the trade imbargo in place since 1962. talks are scheduled for today and more talks in both havana and washington will come later. guess what? there's a big russian spy ship off the coast of cuba and everyone is wondering why it's there. let's head to cuba right now to havana and cnn's patrick. >> reporter: if there's an image of cuba being at the crossroads perhaps it's the images that we see today it i'll ask the cameraman to zoom in on the russian spy ship that just arrived. we're in downtown havana usually where tourist cruise ships dock and we have a russian spy ship.
7:34 am
you can see antennas all over the ship. that's high tech spy equipment used to soak up whether it's cell phone calls, e-mails, any kind of electronic communication presumably only 90 miles away from the united states it would be targeting the u.s. and it's come here twice in the past but the fact it arrived yesterday has a lot of people talking. the other images we see today of u.s. diplomats sitting down for even more rare talks with their cuban counterparts. the assistant secretary of state roberta jacobson due to arrive in a few hours. highest level diplomat to visit here in 35 years. her mission is to restart relations with cuba and officials say it's a question of when not if, there will be a u.s. embassy with an american flag flying over havana. >> i'm fascinated by this
7:35 am
russian spy ship. are they disembarking? do you see russian sailors on deck? what do you see with the ship as far as activity is concerned? >> reporter: they have not. it came in last night. we asked cuban officials about it. all they would say is any naval ship that comes to cuba with peaceful intentions is welcome. obviously some in the u.s. might argue with the ship's intentions here. last night we heard them sing the russian anthem as they lowered the russian flag. they parked in the same area of havana and we saw them buy beer and rum and talking to some on shore and when we tried to interview them they ran back to the ship. wee hearing they'll be here for several more days. if they are listening and i'm guessing they are, we would love to talk. >> hi russian sailors.
7:36 am
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democrats lost big in the midterm elections but you would never know it listen to barack obama at the state of the union last night. his speech was described as in your face defiant and upbeat. perhaps the president himself summed it up best. >> i have no more campaigns to run. my only agenda --
7:40 am
[ applause ] -- i know because i won both of them. >> all right. that attitude is not sitting well with many republicans. to talk about this we're joined by the communications director for the republican national committee. >> good morning, carol. >> good morning. it seems pretty clear to me that the spirit of bipartisanship won't be shining in 2015. >> i think we would like it to. i think if you ask most republicans they want to get stuff done. last night was somewhat divorced from reality. in 2009 when the president's party did well he said elections have consequences. when we did very well as you pointed out in the intro, he does in your face and talk about veto threats and i'm going to go it alone and sign executive orders. he can speak about bipartisanship and it's a great speech when it comes to that but at the end of the day the reality is do you want to reach across the aisle and work
7:41 am
together? there are areas we could do that. the president has to realize it's not a one-way street and constitution lays out there are equal branches of government that play a role in crafting our laws. >> it seems to me that it has already started. as you know republican lawmakers reached out to benjamin netanyahu's, israel's prime minister and asked him to address a joint session of congress and didn't ask the president. as dana bash put it it was meant as a poke in the eye to president obama. is this what we should expect the next two years? >> no. i don't think the executive can sign executive order after executive order and then when the speaker reaches out to the prime minister to address congress that somehow people get upset. this is different. i haven't heard a lot of
7:42 am
clamoring from the left and meetathe media about his policy issues. inviting someone to give a speech to a joint session is not exactly on the same level. >> okay. well i would like to ask you this too. cnn did a poll after the president's speech about some of his plans to help the middle class. i think both parties agree the middle class is hurting right now and both sides desire to lift people out of poverty, am i right about that? >> yes. there's agreement on that. >> absolutely. i feel great about that. i think that's fantastic. so the cnn poll found that after the president's speech 72% of respondents think the president's ideas will move the country in the right direction. in other words, they like the child care tax credits. they like the free community college. they like paid sick leave. they like maternity leave. even if you don't want to raise taxes on the wealthy to pay for these things shouldn't
7:43 am
republicans also address these things because these are real problems that the middle class is grappling with. do you know how much child care costs in this country? >> i'm well aware of how much child care costs. what i think the difference is that the president wants a washington based solution for every problem. he wants to raise taxes and have washington answer that. i think community colleges are a tremendous asset to our country and there are many people who benefit from them or tech school versus going to a four-year school. agree on that. i think the difference whether it's alleviating poverty or getting people higher education through the higher education system is the way we do it. the president wants to do everything based on washington based on higher taxes. a very old model where everything needs to be controlled. how do we grow the economy and make people's wages go up. >> the only two things i've heard from republican -- >> hold on. >> go ahead.
7:44 am
i'll let you finish. >> i was going to say i think when you tell people would you like free community college, who is going to say no? who is going to say -- would you like free cable? nobody is going to say no to that. the problem is that it's not free. there's somebody -- those are called taxpayers -- that pick up the bill. when he proposes free stuff, everyone says that's great and this year premiums went up and they lost their doctor. i think the problem is that it's a great sales job but no one is explaining here are consequences. it's like fine print that people always complain about they get looped into in an infomercial. >> let's talk about raising taxes on wealthiest americans in this country. republicans often talk about barack obama being robinhood. taking from the rich to help the poor. you know what's trending on twitter this morning? rich people problems. they're mocking rich people.
7:45 am
between 2009 and 2012 95% of income gains went to the wealthiest 1%. and that's happened over a long period of time. i'll give you another stat. from 1979 until 2011 income for the bottom 20% of households rose 48%. for the top 1% it rose 200%. there is something wrong here that has to be fixed. >> there's three things that are wrong. i'll give you two stats. when barack obama took office there was $10 trillion of debt in this country. now over $18 trillion of debt. when he got into office he claimed it was unpatriotic to have 10 trillion because president obama had seen 4 trillion increase during his time. i'll concede all of that. here's the other point. last year we continued to see the highest amount of revenue come into the federal government. the problem i have is not -- no
7:46 am
one wants to pay taxes. we acknowledge asit as a reality of living in the free and amazing society we live in. before we continue to tax anyone why for the look at the revenue side and say we bring in plenty of money and we're spending out of control. nobody wants to talk about this. the president didn't mention debt once last night. >> i'm going to interrupt you for the best reason. kevin mccarthy is now speaking about inviting benjamin netanyahu to address the joint session of congress. let's listen in. please standby. >> i found places that we can. cybersecurity. he said hire more vets. we have a bill past the floor and moving forward. if you listen to american public on priorities. it was a new poll printed before his speech that said number one, 85%, creating jobs. priority for all of us. when you listen to the rosy numbers the president gave he skipped over the participation rate when you look at
7:47 am
unemployment. it's the lowest point, 62.7% since 1978 at the time of jimmy carter. what does participation rate mean? that means those are the people in this economy that have given up. they've given up looking. they have given up on their dreams. they've given up on their future. that's why creating jobs should be number one. that's why it is with this congress. second defeating and dismantling isis. third is reducing the deficit. $18 trillion of our debt. on passing legislation to secure the border with mexico 58%. we'll have a bill marked up today and move that next week. at the bottom of the numbers closing gitmo and addressing climate change. it's time for a new beginning with a new american congress that we focus on the priorities of america putting us back to work and putting us on the right
7:48 am
track. no more top down but bottom up. >> congress has been working for a few years now on cybersecurity. you heard the president last night talk about cyberattacks. this is a real opportunity where the president can work with congress to further solve this problem. we passed legislation last year to increase the sharing between federal agencies as it relates to cyberattacks and that bill was actually signed. as you can see, there are still threats both in the government sector and private sector whether it's individual hackers or foreign governments that continue to attack our networks. you've seen millions of americans have their data and their privacy placed at risk. congress is continuing this year to work on legislation to increase the ability for private sector and government sharing of the attacks that are out there. the real threats of cyberattacks while also making sure that individual privacy is a very top
7:49 am
priority. so there's a real opportunity where we've got an opportunity for the president to work with congress to solve this problem. we welcome his participation. i'm glad it was something he mentioned last night. it's a threat to millions of americans and those threats occur every single day. >> as i listened to the president last night, i couldn't help but think of the many hard working americans that continue to have to tighten their belts because costs are going up whether it's food costs or healthcare costs or their rent. moms and dads -- >> we're going to jump ship and talk to sean spicer about what was just said. republicans are demonstrating that they passed bills in the house of representatives that the president has ignored but still in this climate, sean it just doesn't appear that there will be much of a bipartisan spirit. >> i think that we're going to have to take a wait and see approach. we just took over within the
7:50 am
last few weeks, the senate. you'll see house republicans and republican senate try to pass things and move them to the president's desk. that's the true test of this. at the end of the day if he signs them into law, it's going to work. i think that you just heard kevin mccarthy enumerate a couple areas where we can work together and move things forward. you'll see republicans focus on job creation on getting the economy moving things like that and move them to the president's desk. it then is up to the president to decide whether to sign them or not. if all of the talk about bipartisan expressed last night is to come true the president has to say i'll sign those bills and work with you. there are plenty of areas where we do agree and kevin mccarthy talked about cybersecurity. there's trade and tax bills that have to do with allowing corporations to bring back tax money earned overseas and put back into the u.s. economy. that's an area we can work together. there's a long list of those. i think you'll see the republican congress focus on those things first and then the
7:51 am
test will be does the president actually want to live up to rhetoric he spoke about last night and sign them? >> we'll see. thanks so much sean spicer for being with me. i appreciate it. >> thank you, carol. >> i'll be right back. we come by almost every day to deliver your mail so if you have any packages you want to return you should just give them to us i mean, we're going to be there anyway why don't you just leave it for us to pick up? or you could always get in your car and take it back yourself yeah, us picking it up is probably your easiest option it's kind of a no brainer ok, well, good talk when the flu hits, it's a really big deal. the aches. the chills. the fever. an even bigger deal? everything you miss out on... family pizza night. the big game. or date night. why lose out to the flu
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>> reporter: it's hard to relieve sniping at "american sniper" once you realize what's wrong with this scene. >> that baby looks rubber. >> reporter: she may sound like she's crying but she doesn't have a heartbeat and movie goers weren't fooled. >> that's a fake baby. would couldn't they get a real one. >> reporter: nor was this movie critic. >> i started laughing. nobody else was reacting. >> reporter: they are now with tweets like if that fake baby from "american sniper" doesn't get a best supporting fake baby nomination, i'll be outraged. one moviegoer posted the baby looked like a cabbage patch kid. bradley cooper and his movie wife did their best to make the fake baby convincing but -- >> when that baby hit, everything went away except that baby. >> reporter: a journalist joked nice candid shot of one of the actors that worked with bradley
7:56 am
cooper in "american sniper." the filmmakers tried to use a real baby but things went amiss. in a since deleted tweet, the scene scenewriter said real baby number one showed up with a fever and real baby number two was a no show. now dolls are popping up in mockery. why would clint eastwood settle for a fake? >> he switched them so fast that one or two takes, i'm guessing the baby was the last thing he cared about in that scene. >> reporter: seems like you can go to toys "r" us and pick up. >> reporter: fake baby has its own twitter account. in the midst of this deadly serious season we're obsessed with bradley cooper moving his thumb to make the baby's arm
7:57 am
move. cooler deserves an award for best grunt while picking up a weightless plastic baby. jeanne moos cnn, new york. >> that looks so fake. thank you for joining am he todayme today. "newsroom" with john berman after a break. tury city life. raiser of blood pressure. disrupter of supply chains. stealer of bedtime stories. polluter. frustrater. time thief. [cars honking] and one day soon we'll see the last one ever. cisco is building the internet of everything for connected cities today, that will confine the traffic jam to yesterday. cisco... ...tomorrow starts here. listen up... i'm reworking the menu. veggies you're cool... mayo, corn are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure.
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