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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 15, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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en work here? don't listen to the naysayer. take the comcast business speed test. get faster speeds or more savings, or we'll give you $150. comcast business. built for business. i'm john berman live in paris along with brooke baldwin in new york. we've been covering the pair of terror attacks in the country from last week. now we have information of breaking news. one country over in belgium. an anti-terror raid in the town
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of verviers left two dead. police tell us this was in retaliation for the coalition bopping of isis in iraq and syria. again, a raid in the city of verviers in belgium. we're a waiting a news conference from officials there to explain what happened, how it happened, what tipped them off a of course a key question many in this country are asking now is were these raids connected in any way to pair of attacks that took place here. we'll bring you the news conference the minute it happens. we have information about why this raid began. we'll bring that in a moment. first, we have dramatic footage of this raid. two people killed as it was taking place. let's watch.
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two dead one wounded in an anti-terror raid believed to be directed against an isis inspired perhaps isis orchestrated group planning to attack european targets. i want to bring in paul cruickshank. paul has been developing this information. what can you tell me about this isis directed group that was the target in belgium last few hours? >> hi john. i've been speaking to a senior counter terrorism official. these guys have been under surveillance a while. their concern has been after they came back from syria they were planning to launch some sort of terrorist attack. authorities weren't sure exactly
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what when how. the belgiums received indications that this group, when they were in syria had connected with isis and had been directed to some extent by isis to come back and return to europe to launch attacks. that would be a game changer. we have not seen that yet from isis. they have not prioritized attacks yet. it's a very very concerning indeed if they're putting resources into launching attacks back in europe in retaliation for air strikes from the united states and other countries. belgium is involved in the air strikes in iraq. belgiums were worried this group was noting something against belgium to retaliate for antiisis coalition. they were putting intelligence together. they've grown more and more worried in recent weeks.
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of course with this attack in france just one week ago, they were concerned they were going to launch their attack. belgiums felt they had to go in round these people up. it appears some of these suspects were armed. belgium police wouldn't normally go in all guns blazing. that's suggestive these people were highly armed. several suspected terrorists were killed in this operation john. >> reporter: we know so far two dead and one wounded in this anti-terror raid a group paul cruickshank tells us was an isis directed group in belgium. isis wanted them to start attacks in retaliation for the bombing in syria and iraq. here in paris, the question everyone wants to know is are there connections at all to attacks here last week?
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i'm standing here with fred who's been covering attacks over the last week. we learned of an arrest in belgium the last few hours. a man that bought a car from the girlfriend of amedy coulibaly. >> he was in a different part of belgium. nothing is far apart because it's not a big country. it's unclear whether these two events are linked whether it's linked to this anti-terror operation that's happening now. this man turned himself into police tuesday. that suggests that perhaps it might not be related at this point. it's simply too early to tell. two things that are key in all of this. one of them is that belgium -- and many don't know this -- belgium in europe is the country per capita with the highest amount of people that go to fight for organizations like
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isis in iraq and syria. belgiums for a long time have been very worried about people coming back and perpetrating attacks. the other thing we know about the european jihadist scene is that borders don't matter. many of them are people who come from migrant families from northern africa. there is a common bond between those people. a lot of them don't feel they belong in the society in belgium or france. it is really not like you're seeing this transit county. it's a common european problem. >> one thing to keep in mind coulibaly says he was inspired by isis. paul cruickshank tells the raid in belgium in the town that left two dead and one wounded was directed at an isis-directed group. the security here in france told
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they one thing about belgium, there's a lot of arms trade, great deal of weapons that come through the country to other points in europe. keep that in mind as well. i want to bring in chris burns in belgium. what can you tell us? what are you hearing about this raid in verviers? >> reporter: what we're hearing and what i'm seeing in the belgium media is that the belgium television is reporting three dead in that a operation in verviers. this was part of a nationwide operation in a number of cities. they're reporting operations in brussels in two towns just outside of brussels. this of course following what happened in paris and the link of arms. the arms that were found, arms of traders involved in selling the arms to attackers in france. that's why the police are really cracking down right now and
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trying to round them up to try to prevent further. there had been operations going on which is the scaled up security operation, patrolling checking searching. that had been going on the last few weeks. at this point of course what had happened in france has really gotten the antiterrorist operations stepped up scaled up perhaps just in time john. >> reporter: chris to be clear, the belgium media you're listening to you are saying there's a weapons connection between the group that was targeted today and perhaps the attacks here in paris last week? >> uh no. that is not yet been established. we're going to see a what is said at the press conference at this hour to be held this hour in brussels by the federal police. we'll see what they say. they are -- the police have
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started operations because of this link that was found not between what happened in verviers but there had been weapons that had been traced to attackers in france to a well known market here in brussels near the southern train station where there are fairly elicit operations going on there. the sale of drugs and weapons there. then also there had been a link to an arms deal early south of brussels. there's an airport over there. that had been the two links that were made. perhaps -- we have to find out from police -- perhaps there was a link what happened. we need to confirm that. >> excellent. thank you very much for laying that out for us. you're looking at video now of this raid that happened in the town of verviers in belgium.
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a raid that apparently left two, although belgium reporting says three, dead. this is a isis-directed group that had been told to start attacking european targets in retaliation for the coalition bombing inside iraq and syria. i want to bring in former assistant fbi director tom fuentes. this is what people have feared for months. the idea westerners in european country, canada perhaps and united states could go to iraq and syria. then go home and engage many terror operations in their countries. paul cruickshank suggesting that is what was at least attempted in belgium before this raid today. >> that's exactly right john. we've been saying months people from over 50 countries have travelled to syria and iraq to
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learn how to fight war, to learn how to deal with ex plosives and weapons. they're going to go home at some point, many already have. it's going to be a matter of time before we see these attacks. we have had hundreds going from your bean european countries. it's not just limited to europe. what we're seeing is predicted for a long time. this has been like watching a hurricane coming and growing and growing and gradually make lyly lyly making landfall. we have the results now. >> reporter: paul cruickshank, if you're still with us i want to ask you a question. you have more reporting suggesting that all of europe has been told to be on the lookout. is this a new sense of alertness
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for isis-inspired attacked? >> yeah. they're worried by these isis inspooirin inspired attacks but more worried about returning fighters coming back from syria and iraq. my understanding is now more than 500 european nationals are back on european soil who fought with jihadi groups in syria and iraq. that's an unprecedented eded number impossible to monitor them all the time. there's great concern some may get through the cracks and launch attacks. clearly belgiums have decided to go in before that could happen in their country go in and apprehend this group who they suspect were connected with isis and syria and suspect that isis encouraged and directed them to come back and launch attacks. after the attack played out in paris just a week ago, they
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couldn't take chances anymore. this is a real problem for belgiums. about 150 belgium nationals now are in syria fighting with isis and other jihadi groups. around 70 have returned. belgium authorities tell me every month another 15 extremists make their way toward syria to join these groups. that gives a sense of the scale of this problem, the scale of this challenge. there's a lot of radicalization now. the whole radical system is energized by attacks against the "charlie hebdo" magazine a week ago. concern these kind of people would be inspired to accelerate plans. that's why they went in. >> reporter: all right paul cruickshank. thank you very much. stand by please. we are waiting a live news conference from inside belgium. key questions. what exactly spurred this raid? how close could this isis inspired group in belgium been
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all right. welcome back. john berman live in paris. more than a week after the terror attacks here. we learned over the last several hours there's been an anti-terror raid in belgium, in town of verviers. in that raid at least two were killed. could be more. one person was wounded. we're told the group was the isis directed group inside belgium tasked with carrying out attacks against western targets in retaliation for coalition air strikes against isis in iraq and
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syria. at least two people dead in these raids, could be more. we're a waiting a live news conference which could begin any minute from brussels where the federal prosecutors explain what staged this raid exactly what kind of intelligence they had. i'm joined by former cnn reporter chris burns who's in belgium. tell us chris, what are you hearing, what new information do you have? >> reporter: what we're seeing on belgium media is that the police were quite attentive to these individuals and others that had been coming back from syria. according to belgium media, they're saying that the police had been watching and wiretapping many of them in recent weeks. that is what prompted them to make the move now. there were indications that at least some of them were planning some kind of action in brussels itself and that it was time to move in on them.
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we're seeing actions within brussels and in the towns just outside. of course we saw what happened in verviers. they're acting quickly and decisively. it's part of this stepped up security operation that's been going on for weeks. after what happened in paris a week ago, this really stepped up their actions now. it is not clear what sort of attacks that these individuals were planning but the police according to belgium media said they had been planning something. that's why they had to stop them now. >> wiretaps on individuals that had been returning from the isis fight in the middle east presumably in iraq and syria causing belgium officials to stage this raid in the town of verviers that left at least two people dead. chris, stand by for a moment.
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i'm here in paris with fred. you've got information now about this town where they are in verviers. >> it is apparently a town that does have people that have made their way to fight for isis in syria. we have confirmation over the past year at least three individuals from verviers made their way to fight for isis in iraq or syria. it's not clear where. one of them on the social media account bragged that he shot somebody in the vicinity of aleppo. this is not anything new to that town. there's an islamist scene in that town. over the past year in tall of last year a trial began in belgium against a group that was accused of funneling fighters to syria and iraq to fight for groups like isis. one of the things that was interesting about that trial was there were over 40 people supposed to stand trial. only eight showed up because the
11:22 am
others were fighting in syria or at least in syria. this is something the investigations that have been going on in belgium for a while. it was interesting what chris and paul was saying as well. it seems possibly because of events in paris that maybe the belgium anti-terror officials believe now is the time to conduct these operations. >> we will hear from belgium officials any inmany. we're a waiting a news conference from brussels from the federal a prosecutor to explain why they launched this raid on the isis directed group. everyone in paris and is france now is wondering is there any connection to attacks in paris? we haven't heard if it is yet. it's a question many many people have. paul cruickshank i want to bring you in here. the idea of western isis fighters going to iraq going to syria and returning home to their nations. that a has been a fear for months and months. it's just been a fear.
11:23 am
you say if it is now in practice this is a major development. >> yeah. it's been a fear for quite some time. it's believed there are up to 3,000 european nationals that made that trip to syria or iraq and are now fighting or returned back. very big numbers. more than 500 back in the european union right now. those are big numbers as well. what belgium counter terrorism officials are telling me is they suspect this group they launched against were in syria, were connected to isis and they suspect the isis leadership encouraged or directed them to come back to launch an attack in retaliation for air strikes in syria and iraq which have been launched by the anti-isis coalition. belgium has been involved in those air strikes in iraq.
11:24 am
there may be motivation from isis to launch attacks in belgium. we know that the spokesman of isis back in september said the group was going to launch attacks in the west in retaliation for the western offensive against it from the air in syria and iraq. it appears they may have been well true to their word. >> paul cruickshank, stand by for a moment. i believe this press conference is beginning in brussels now. i believe there is an english translation. let's listen in. >> ten searches carried out in the districts. this is an investigation looking into an operational cell made up of people some of whom coming back from syria. the investigation made it possible to determine that the group was about to carry out
11:25 am
major terrorist attacks in belgium imminently. at verviers the suspects immediately and for long minutes fired using war weapons and hand weapons before being neutralized. two of the suspects died and a third was detained on the site. no witness, no police officer was injured. the investigation is currently continuing. as you will understand it's though the possible to give anymore information in order not to undermine the investigation. another press conference will be given tomorrow morning at 11:00 in the morning. given the significance of this the police means and special operations were brought in to
11:26 am
add their weight to the work of municipal police in brussels. we have to say what extraordinary work police have done security forces of the state and also the special forces the federals. given the situation, the body coordinating in analysis of threat decided to raise the alert threshold in belgium to three out of four levels with respective police forces throughout belgium and it will remain at the level two with particular vigilance in certain places. >> reporter: all right. a lot of information right there from a belgium official. i believe that was the federal prosecutor. let me read you the information i wrote down. there was a raid antiter-terror
11:27 am
raid in the town of verviers against a cell of people that returned from syria, presumably fighting for isis or militant groups there. this cell inside verviers was planning a major imminent attack in belgium. that's why belgium officials decided to launch the raid. the terrorists there had what this man called war weapons and hand weapons. they fought with police. two suspects died one suspect was detained in this federal prosecutor inside belgium concluded by saying the threat level in belgium is raised to three out of four possible levels. i'm joined here by tom fuentes, former assistant director for the fbi. when you hear major imminent attack in brussels or in belgium planned by a cell of people that returned from syria, what's your reaction? >> exactly what we hoped wasn't
11:28 am
going to happen but knew it eventually would john. in this case they had live wiretaps on these individuals, 24/7 surveillance. they were able to know exactly when they started to notify other partners of the potential attacks. the fact they had that information and were able to monitor them enabled the police to go ahead and take them out before they did it. as paul cruickshank has been saying, how many fighters have already come back from syria, from fighting and have this training and presumably have the same kind of weaponry? they've neutralized one, but this is almost like swatting mosquitos at a picnic. how are you sure you're going to get them all? >> reporter: all right tom fuentes. thank you so much. stand by please. let's go to brooke baldwin in new york for analysis. >> thank you very much. colonel james reese sitting on
11:29 am
my right. you called it. we watched the federal prosecutor in brussels saying this was an operational cell. if you are an antiterrorism official, you have to wait until you know they're operational and they were. >> you're absolutely right. if you go too early the network is starting to develop and plan it breaks up too early. all this surveillance that law enforcement and security forces are doing is art. they're waiting to see when they get this intelligence tip that says they're ready to go operational, then they can literally break down this network better. >> one of the fears -- and again we don't know -- one of the key questions if at all what is happening in brussels is connected to paris. one of the fears in paris you have this at a time operational cell out of the 19th district in the city. french officials are trying to find other cell members who may still be very operational.
11:30 am
my question then pertaining to brussels is what about others? if you raid guns blazing in this location that gives others the heads up. >> it does. there's two things good and bad. one good thing is we captured somebody. this is critical and will give a chance for security services to interview this person and try to find out what is made of this network. the one problem is when you do a single raid and not a near simultaneous raid of the network around it gives people who weren't there -- let's assume this net work at a minimum is 10 to 15 people what i've heard reported in other places. if those people weren't there, those people slip and could be gone. >> with the raid in verviers and this one individual. he said two dead one detained. how do they begin questions? how do they get that information there this one individual? >> well the law enforcement intelligence agencies have fantastic -- let's call it what
11:31 am
it is interrogators. they'll get this person in there, start working him or her, find out what is happening, what they know. they're looking for action and intelligence to move security services on. this is what they're disrupting this operational network cell now. >> i heard him say i believe they carried out ten searches. they're actively looking for these different -- i think paul cruickshank said there are people who have gone to syria from over 50 countries, several hundred people from belgium alone, to be trained. that's what makes this to me so unique. we've covered so many of these attacks. the fact that people in syria, isis, is saying to these foreign fighters go back home and carry this out. >> absolutely. if you think about the elements of national power, and what's happening in paris and now in belgium you're really at the intelligence and what i'll call military or security services tactical operations.
11:32 am
what we're not hearing over the last several weeks and for months where's the diplomatic aspect? where are the turks? where are the diplomats going shut these borders down? it's not happening from our perspective. >> we have to take a quick break colonel reese. thank you so much. getting word from the federal prosecutor out of brussels in belgium about this raid in verviers in belgium. here's the video. we have now learned two people are dead. one individual has been detained. this is a group that according to this federal prosecutor had returned in syria and had plans. his words, had planned to carry out attacks in belgium imminently. stay with us. more news on cnn after this quick break.
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all right john berman live in paris. our breaking news. europe on edge. just a week after the attacks here in paris, the twin terror attacks at a kosher market and satirical newspaper behind me. we just learned of an anti-terror raid in belgium in the town of verviers. targeted officials of an operationalle cell of people who returned from syria along side isis or another group there. this operational terror cell
11:37 am
belgium officials say, planned an imminent attack inside belgium. that is why they launched this raid. they've been wiretapping this group apparently since their return from syria. they decided to launch the raid today. two terrorists are dead say belgium officials. apparently one is in custody. we have video of this raid that took place just over the last several hours in the town of verviers in belgium. let's watch.
11:38 am
11:39 am
this video of an anti-terror raid in verviers. two suspects dead one in custody. it was directed against this operational terror cell say belgium officials. a cell planning imminent attacks against targets inside belgium when police launched the raid. you saw fire, smoke, heard gunshots. terrorists they say had war weapons and hand weapons. again two dead, one in dust i did -- in custody. i want to bring in chris burns now. what can you tell us? >> we watched the press conference which was brief here moments ago. the prosecutor's office said they can't say a whole lot at this point because they don't want to jeopardize the investigation. this could go much deeper than we know now. what we do know and what they did say is confirmed two suspects were killed in that action in verviers.
11:40 am
a third arrested. and there had been other searches going on in and around brussels because there had been wiretaps of a number of suspects including some who had returned from syria who were planning some kind of attacks. this is why the police decided to act now as opposed to giving more time to track down others. they felt this was really the moment to do it. they've also raised the terror threat level up from two to three now. three of four being the highest. there had been an anti-terror operation security effort going on for the last few weeks. this is now culminated in this action now. we might see more if police continue to see other activity they're tracking down with wiretap as and other surveillance. john? >> reporter: all right chris burns inside belgium.
11:41 am
thanks so much. i'm joined by lieutenant colonel reese who joins me from new york. colonel reese, this is an anti-terror success story, if you will. belgium officials were somehow able to track these men on their return from syria, wiretap them. belgium officials say they launched several raids across belgium today. this one turned up this cell of people planning this imminent attack. they followed them traced them. how daunting of a task is it to follow all the people then that are coming back from the fight in iraq and syria right now? >> it is a daunting task as you said. it's phd level work. it's a 24/7. it doesn't stop. it's strenuous for folks doing it. it has to be done. once you have success, you move onto the next one very quickly.
11:42 am
>> reporter: this is an intelligence game as well. i don't use the word game -- it's no word at all. lives are at stake. they have a suspect in custody. they killed two terror suspects and captured one. what do you do now with the man they have in custody? >> chris, immediately they want to see if this person in custody has actionable intelligence to help further disrupt the network system is. that's what they're looking for immediately. they'll work on that through the night and day until they feel this guy doesn't have more actionable intelligence. then they'll move to a more systemic or sustained eded analysis of who they spoke to continuing to work this analysis of who's who and what's what. >> it was very interesting. this news conference we just heard from belgium officials, colonel, was very short.
11:43 am
we were told flat out they weren't going to announce anything weren't going to release many details. does that give a since this operation is still ongoing? >> absolutely. this is an ongoing operation. also keep in mind that they're looking at this cell. they have a good idea of how many people are in the cell. they've got three. my assumption is there's probably more. they're going to do current operations on others or they're surveillance on the others that are trying to escape or get away. the gig is up for them. they'll put surveillance and check points at border, train stations if people try to escape. they'll pick them up and again collapse this cell. >> reporter: all right colonel james reese. stand by. breaking news two killed in an anti-terror raid in belgium. one suspect in custody. men are said to be from a terror
11:44 am
cell planning an imminent attack in belgium. the key question are more terrorists on the move in europe including here in france? is there a connection between this raid in belgium and the attacks here one week ago in paris? we'll be right back. (son) oh no... can you fix it, dad? yeah, i can fix that. (dad) i wanted a car that could handle anything. i fixed it!
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breaking news on cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. in case you're just joining us, we want to show you pictures. we want to look at the after math of the where police carried out the anti-terror raid on the operational cell. this is a group of people,
11:48 am
according to this office came back from syria, had gone to syria to train, had apparently been in touch with isis came back to europe to specifically carry out attacks there in belgium. according to this federal prosecutor's office through this entire fire fight which is the video we're playing here now, they were able to neutralize a number of suspects killing two of them. two died. i should be more precise. one has been detained. again, all this happening in the town called verviers in belgium. let me bring in tom fuentes, former fbi assistant director currently with us at cnn and colonel james reese as well. colonel reese, let me begin with you. guys if we could put this video up full. i think it would be interesting to hear from you details you see in this video that our eyes would not. >> sure. >> guys throw the video up if we can. tell me what you see. >> first and foremost one of the most difficult places to do operation is in the populist
11:49 am
area people live. there's collateral damage that the security forces are concerned about. you can see a multientry or multistack apartment building. fighting upstairs is difficult. the window to the far right side of the video, you can see the lights that help clear areas. you'll see a flash. see it there, that little flash? that's a gun light. they clear a dark area to make sure no one is there. then it shuts off as they continue to clear. if you watch on the left window you'll see the fire. you'll see the officers kind of move back and forth trying to get more of the element back in and back into the assault to be part of it. right here is where it looks like things have come to commencement. >> you see the smoke rising from fire maybe some flash bang maybe these terror suspects had lit some of their information papers computers, documents on
11:50 am
fire. >> yeah. there's two options i see. if the terrorists did decide hey, the gig's up we're being raided. if they were in the operational phase, they may have maps up. they may light that on fire to protect the rest of the cell f. a flash bang was used when this tape started, that could have been what woke the neighbors up. people came up with camera phones. flash bangs on wooden floors could start a fire. >> there were multiple phases planning out any terror attack. you have planning phase, surveillance phase and carrying it out. according to the prosecutor in belgium, this cell was operational. how do counter terrorism officials wait? how do they get information to know it's time to go in and intercept? >> brooke that's one of the
11:51 am
hardest judgment calls officials have to make. you wanted this to go a long enough time period to identify all other cell members that may not be in the apartment but throughout their network to identify them to neutralize them. each day and each hour that you delay might be the time they launch an attack and you didn't prevent it. you have a difficult call. additionally the authorities have to keep in mind madrid march 11 2004 we had the large train station bombing that killed almost 200 people. they tracked down members of that cell eventually more than 30 people put on trial in spain and morocco. important in that case was they tracked down one of the cells believed involved in conducting the attack april 4th 2004. they tracked them to an apartment building much like this building from the appearance of it. the people inside the seven terrorists as the police
11:52 am
approached detonated a bomb. they killed themselves started a huge fire killed a police officer. luckily they were able to neutralize the fire before it burned the entire apartment bidding down. that's what kind of worried me and will continue to worry me in these attacks. what if they decide to detonate explosives and take police officers and other apartment neighbors with them in the process. >> that's exactly ruth. according to this federal prosecutor's office no police officers were injured in this particular instance we're looking at in verviers. paul cruickshank, let me bring you in as well terrorism analyst here at cnn. i know you have all kinds of information about this operational cell this group who had returned from syria. this group of foreign fighters. who exactly are they? >> well yeah brooke. i've been talking to a senior belgium counter terrorism official. these fighters had come back from syria.
11:53 am
the belgiums suspect they connected with isis there and they also suspect isis persuaded them to return back to belgium to launch attacks. we're hearing from the press conference they were about to go operational, about to launch a major terrorist attack presumably in belgium in the hours ahead. so the bellgians had no choice but to neutralize the threat. they met gunmen with heavy weapons in the fire fight. the concern was they were going to do another shooting style attack like we saw play out on the streets of paris a week ago. they were concerned, the belgians that this group they had been monitoring quite some time may have been inspired to accelerate plans with they saw carry out against the "charlie hebdo" magazine and others in france. just a lot of concern.
11:54 am
what i'm hearing from european officials is this is a game changer potentially. this is isis now directing westerners to come back to europe to launch attacks. leadership have not directed people to come back and launch attacks. attacks we've seen are more by people acting on their own or by lone wolves. we may now be seeing isis directing these europeans to come back to launch these attacks. that's worrying indeed because there are so many europeans who have travelled to fight in syria and iraq. about 3,000 europeans have made that journey. more than 500 are back in europe i understand. that's a very big number very difficult to monitor. all but a fraction 24/7. >> that is precisely what causes me pause. we've talked a lot about aqap. we know al-awlaki before kill
11:55 am
was saying to fighters go back and stage attacks. this is the first time isis directed which clearly is a concern. the fact you're putting a number that officials are able to put a number on foreign fighter who is returned from x number of countries. how many of them paul are being monitored, wiretapped watched? >> europeans are trying to monitor as many as they can. when they come back they're obviously trying to keep tabs on them. it's difficult. some are being arrested. some are being watched closely. some of them are monitoring is looser. not all fighters who came back want to launch attacks. some are fed up with syria and iraq. some do pose a threat. this group in belgium was one of those groups that the belgians particularly felt posed a
11:56 am
significant threat. they are now announcing they're about to go launch an operation imminently in belgium. if it was an isis directed plot it would be isis taking its war to the heart of europe. isis essentially declaring war on the west an act of war brooke. >> there is so much more to talk about. the financing, the weapons. paul cruickshank, colonel reese, tom fuentes, thanks. stand by. more on our breaking coverage. we'll take you live to paris after this quick break. stay here. so this is a great opportunity for an upgrade. sound good? great. because you're not you you're a whole airline... and it's not a ticket you're upgrading it's your entire operations, from domestic to international... which means you need help from a whole team of advisors. from workforce strategies to tech solutions and a thousand other things. so you call pwc. the right people to get the extraordinary done. ♪ ♪
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i'm john berman live in paris along side brooke baldwin in new york. we'd like to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. our breaking news at this hour. europe on edge. just a bit more than a week after the terror attacks that hit this city hit paris, an anti-terror raid in belgium over the last few hours. two suspects are dead one is now in custody. belgian officials say this was targeted against an operational cell operational terror cell that was planning imminent attacks against targets inside belgium. this terror cell was made up of people that had return ed from the fight inside syria. they were heavily armed. police raided where they were. these men came out