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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Michaela  CNN  January 15, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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old arrested after allegedly wanting to set up an isis-like cell and attack the u.s. capitol? who is he and how was he caught? following the tangled trail after the paris terror attack. we'll take a look at who police are looking for now and what clues they have uncovered. a whole lot of preparations go into a papal visit, but caging of children like animals? reports that little ones were rounded up in an effort to clean up the streets. we'll speak to a missionary who is there trying to help.
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good morning to you, i'm michaela pereira. >> i'm john berman live in paris. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is due to arrive in this country in just a few hours, a very highly anticipated visit. he is arriving in a country where the investigation into the terror attacks that took place right behind me and also at a kosher market, that investigation expanding well beyond the borders of this country, including spain, belgium, yemen, bulgaria. we'll get to that in a minute. but first back to you in new york. the fbi meanwhile is saying a young ohio man had the weapons and the will to inflikt a terror attack in washington apparently. thankfully he didn't know his would-be partner was an informant for the bureau. authorities believe christopher
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cornell was inspired by iris and planning to detonate pipe bombs around the u.s. capitol and shoot people as they reason out of the building. that alleged plan thankfully never came to fruition because the fbi was on to cornell the entire time. his son tells cnn he believes his son was set up and coerced into the plot. >> chris, i don't think chris could hurt a fly. his best friend is our kitty cat. he's such a loveable kind person. >> our susan candiotti has been following the story. we hear the father talking there. how on earth did a mamma's boy like this kid from ohio a 20-year-old, no ties to islam, caucasian kid from the midwest, how did he get tied up in there and how did the fbi get onto his trail? >> certainly what his family is asking those are many of the same questions. apparently the biggest mistake this young man made was going on twitter, using social media and
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making comments allegedly in support of isis of isil posting videos and comments about that on twitter. now, at some point we learned from the fbi that a confidential informant gets involved. this is someone who does haven't a clean slate. he's in trouble with the law. it appears, according to these documents that he tries to cut a deal for himself or is cooperating in hopes of helping his own situation. in any case the fbi brings him in. the two men exchange messages online. there are actually two meetings. and during the course of this cornell writes according to the criminal complaint, quote, we should meet up and make our own group in alliance with the islamic state here and plan operations ourselves. >> it got all the way to the point where he was able to buy ammunition and weapons. however, he was not able to complete this thank goodness. he got awfully close, though. that's the part that's
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terrifying. >> according to what authorities are saying he got as far as discussing a plot to set off pipe bombs at the capitol and shoot people as they ran out. just yesterday he goes into a gun shop and buys two semi-automatic rifles and 600 rounds of ammunition. as soon as he walked out the door the fbi took him down. we understand the gun shop owner was tipped off in advance by the fbi, he's going to come into the shop we want you to sell him the weapons. >> law enforcement maintains lawmakers -- the capitol, nobody was ever in danger. how do we know that for sure? that's of little comfort to some people who hear about this after the fact. can we feel with confidence that's the truth? >> i think so. the fbi obviously cut him off in midstream. there does not appear to be anyone else directly involved at this time and our sources tell us that there is no indication at all that this young man was ever in any any contact directly or indirectly with isis and
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isil. >> again, his parents shocked, they are visibly shaken. we'll talk more about that susan, with tom fuentes. he'll talk to us about what law enforcement can do what they should be doing and the fact that they're up against kids who are radicalized in other own country, how do you combat that. with paris, we want to go back to john berman who can bring us up to date on the latest developments there. >> reporter: thanks so much mikhail los angeles new developments here in paris pointing to the possibility of a europe-wide network of jihadists tied now to these terror attacks. there's a madrid connection. investigators say amedy coulibaly and his partner drove from france to spain in late dooet. coulibaly returned days later, his partner, hayat boumeddiene is believed to be in syria.
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ought thorts trying to determine where they stayed with whom they had contact, whether they had any support in madrid. there's also a belgian connection. auth thoerts say amedy coulibaly had been negotiating to buy ammunition from a man in belgium. that man turned himself in to police. all this is happening as the u.s. secretary of state john kerry is due to arrive here shortly. he will be the highest level official to come to france since the attacks now eight days ago. we're going to cover all angles of this. i want to bring in our senior international correspondent frederik pleitgen. he's down the street in our paris bureau. what strikes me, we had an arrest in bulgaria a man turned himself in in belgium. a man traveled to madrid al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and yemen claiming credit. this is truly an international web suspected of having some connection to these attacks. >> reporter: it certainly is. if you look at the spain
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connection, that's certainly one that is very interesting because, as you mentioned, hayat boumeddiene and amedy coulibaly drove to madrid in where she then on january 2nd took the flight to istanbul. however, the spanish authorities are saying they are sure there was a third person with the two. it's unclear whether or not that third person might be the man who was seen with hayat boumeddiene when she landed in is tall bul on that flight on january 2nd. remember there was a person who was on a surveillance video at the istanbul airport. those two were tracked to the border area between syria and turkey. or whether or not the third person with them went back with coulibaly to paris. remember the authorities here are also seeking out another possible suspect because they found scooter keys in coulibaly's apartment linked to another pefsh who might be an accomplice in all that. some believe he might be a man who drove coulibaly to the kosher store that he later
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raided. right now the police are piecing this all together. you're right this is turning into a big international web right now. one of the things, however, we have to keep in mind in all of this is when you're talking about the european travel the travel to madrid to belgium, that is like going from state to state in united states because there really aren't any border controls at all where you'd have to show your passport or anything of the like here in the european area. >> that's such a crucial point. they drove, couple dali and boumediene, it's like driving from washington, d.c. to new york and the like. there would have been no chance to pick them up even if they had been tracking them which we know at this point now they were not. so there is also a suspect in belgium, fred. the significance of all of this it shows there could be accomplices still on the run, still perhaps planning different versions of different attacks, still out there beyond these borders.
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>> reporter: absolutely. it's very unclear who might have gone with coulibaly to belgium. everything hinges on this weapons dealer that turned himself in to belgian authorities on tuesday. this is really the track of the weapons and the track of the money that we're also talking about here. before going to belgium, coulibaly went to the border area between belgium and france and took out a loan for 6,000 euros, about $7,000. that amount of money, taking out that amount of money means that the bank didn't ask what he actually wanted this money for. they gave it to him after they showed him proper documentation as well as pay slips. then apparently he went to belgium and attempted to acquire, probably did acquire several weapons, among them possibly a scorpion hand pistol an automatic pistol as well as a toek rof handgun. that's also significant because in the video where he pledged allegiance to isis, he was next to a scorpion pistol.
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a very very interesting part of this. we'll probably find out more as this man who is in custody now talks to officials there. >> indeed. they no doubt are questioning him at this very moment. frederik pleitgen thanks so much for being with us. ahead we'll have much more in the investigation here and later the details are emerging on the alleged plot to blow up the u.s. capitol and the mind behind it, is it conceivable that he could have ever even pulled off this deadly attack? and reports and images of homeless children being rounded up caged, held in horrible conditions ahead of the pope's visit to the philippines. we'll take you there ahead "@this hour."
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toek rev. tokarev
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a cold rainy evening in paris as the investigation continues into who staged the pair of attacks that shook this nation more than one week ago. that investigation is expanding beyond borders now. there's word from spain that am dean coulibaly. there's word from belgium, an arrest believed to have some weapons connection with amedy coulibaly. i want to bring in cnn global affairs analyst colonel james reese and cnn terror analyst paul cruickshank who co-wrote "agent storm" about the spy inside yemen who led the cia to anwar al awlaki. someone close to the security
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situation who i spoke with today talked about the significance of this travel to madrid and one of the key questions they want to know now is were amedy coulibaly and his girlfriend there to meet with other possible terror cell members? is there a cell or part of a cell in madrid? the reason they're asking that question is because that city like so many others in europe has people returning from these war zones in the middle east. >> well, john i think the obvious explanation for why they drove to madrid is so she could get on the plane with a tavl export to get over to turkey so she could get across to syria, leaving from a french airport may have been too risky for her, being worried she might have been on the radar screen for example. i think that's the simplest explanation. it's her way of getting out of dodge. i don't think there's any evidence so far that there's a network of extremists present in madrid connected to this terror cell back in paris, john.
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>> that's a key point. amedy coulibaly and hayat boumeddiene, she flew and he drove back to paris. talk to me about how difficult the border situation, the connectivity in the european union. how hard does that make it to track suspected terrorists. we do know the french had taken their eyes off these men for the last several months. even had they been watching them, what would the borders have meant? >> it wouldn't mean anything. it's like driving from new york to washington, d.c. were the european union you can drive, the passports from all of them allows them to go. as you saw, when she went into turkey a little spike there at turkey but still able to leave istanbul under surveillance get to the syrian border. that's where you would think it would start to be difficult. it's not. she's able to cross into syria and now she goes into the black
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hole. >> maulpaul i want to talk about the significance of money. we have dueling narratives reports that the kouachi brothers received as much as $20 from al qaeda in the ar rib yaen peninsula in 2011. they were funded in a way if you will. the man who staged the kosher attack amedy coulibaly took out a loan of about $7,000 that would have been enough to buy the weapons he used in this at tark. how much funding do these types of attacks really require? >> i think there may be an explanation of that. cherif kouachi may have been given $20,000 in 2011. over three years the brothers ran out of that money, so they needed to borrow money from coulibaly. in fact coulibaly in this video he put out, or was put out after the attack said he lent the
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brothers money so they could finish buying off equipment and supplies they needed to carry out the operation. it appears coulibaly raised some of that money from a loan application he made in the northern french bank. i think that may all kind of fit together in that way. >> one of the key points is colonel, it doesn't necessarily take a lot of money to pull off these types of attacks. given that given, i suppose, the relative ease in funding, in planning how do 10,000 troops -- the french have beefed up to 10,000 troops on the ground 8,000 police. do those numbers really make a difference? >> initially, especially psychologically they make a difference for the feel-good attitude within france and paris. it allows the people -- you're there. you know it. one of the biggest things in france is tourism. they want to get the troops out
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there. they want to allow the folks that are coming to france to feel good. but as you know that's non-sustainable. they will eventually have to bring those troops back to what they're doing on a daily basis. all of them are being brought off task to do the new mission now, to help secure the capital. >> also a political element. politicians have to be seen as if they are doing something, even if it's only doing something that would last in a temporary way. colonel james reese, paul cruickshank, thanks form being with us. michaela? >> all right, john. up next an ohio man arrested for allegedly plotting an attack on the u.s. capitol. why did authorities let this so-called isis sympathizer get so far as to buy weapons? we'll discuss that ahead "@this hour."
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good to have you back with us "@this hour." changes coming at the top of the secret service. four senior officials at the agency are being asked to leave their jobs. however, they could end up staying at the agency. they had over seen protection investigations technology and public affairs. the shakeup comes after several embarrassing security breaches at the white house over the last few months. a 20-year-old man from ohio is in custody this hour accused of planning an attack on the u.s. capitol with pipe bombs, guns and a determination apparently inspired by isis. not very long ago, chris cornell was still living at his parents' house. let's bring in our law enforcement analyst tom fuentes, also a former assistant director
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of the fbi. great to have your expertise on this. if what we're hearing is true and the charges are true he sounds like the type of young man we have been told about and officials have been concerned about, not necessarily linked to isis but inspired by isis a kind of vulnerable loner who essentially self-radicalizes. >> that's right, michaela. this makes him in a way the most dangerous kind because you're not going to be alerted to him by phone calls from terror cells overseas contacting him of those kind of connections. so unless he gets on social media or tells his immediate friends or classmates or workmates what he's got in mind and one of them reports it to the authorities, he's not going to come up on the radar. that's the difficulty in these kind of cases. >> you'll probably see it a little differently. from the outside view it seems a little frightening that he got to the point where he was able to buy guns and ammunition and then was arrested in the parking lot of this gun store.
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this seems awfully close to seeing this thing through, or does that seem about how these things go down and how you net somebody in a situation like this? >> well it has to go down that way because if they arrest him any sooner then you're going to have everybody saying oh the fbi jumped the gun, he wasn't going to do it he's just bragging or showing off or he didn't mean it. so what they did at that point, they would have already had him surveillance which requires a tremendous amount of resources. i've ran surveillance operations. you're talking more than 30 people to follow one individual 24 hours. they would have had him under that kind of coverage in case somehow he got access to weapons or explosives outside of the view of the fbi. so they're watching him. they hear him probably laying out the whole plot of what he wants to do already with the step of i'm going to go buy these weapons now. at that point they do let him buy the weapons.
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i understand that the fbi told the gun shop owner that he was going to come in go ahead and sell the weapons, just to show that that's what he intended to do. the fbi didn't take him by the hand and force him to buy the guns. he wanted to do it. they let him do it. they watched him the whole time when he came to the parking lot, time to take him down and end it. >> i spoke with a former jihadist from canada a guy that has changed his life dramatically. i want you tlois en to what he has to say about people finding themselves radicalized. >> young kids especially even up to 20 especially a kid described as a big mamma's boy, they don't listen to their parents. there's a huge disconnect with culture especially not just in white america but in minority communities as well. you first, second generation who are here from wherever their kids might not be feeling like they belong, may not be integrating properly.
8:27 am
there's usually a divide between the parent and children to the point where, yeah these groups and these networks of individuals, social or in real life, they become your new family. it's no different than joining a gang or a cult. >> what's your sense? do you agree with what he had to say? >> exactly. that's completely right. it becomes a new family or cult. we've seen so many cases of this where the parents don't have a clue. we've seen it in the somali neighborhoods in the u.s. where parents came to the u.s. as refugees wanted their kids to be all-american kids. next thing they know the kids are gone. they call the police, call the fbi, do you know where my son went? unfortunately the son is in somalia. you had three teenage girls in denver their parents didn't have a clue. that's three of them wanting to go be war brides in syria. there's many many cases like this that come up. the parents just don't have a clue. >> tom fuentes it's really a challenge for law enforcement,
8:28 am
for the communities, for these families. thanks for chatting with us this hour. ahead here, the pope spreading peace in the philippines. there are reports that say homeless children there as young as 5 years old have been rounded up and chained in facility to keep them off the streets. we have an eyewitness report ahead. tensions rise as the mayor of a major european city tells unhappy muslims in europe to quote, pack their bags and f off. how is that sitting with muslims in europe and muslims in america? that's next.
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the mayor of a major european city shocked a live the audience city the mayor of rodhamrod der dam had a message, quote, it is incomprehensible you can turn against freedom, but if you don't like freedom, for hetch's sake pack your bags and leave. if you don't like it here because some humorists you don't like are making a newspaper, may i then say you can f off. you get the point. so the man who made these comments the mayor of rotterdam you should know is a muslim. ahmed aboutaleb is the first to
8:33 am
lead a major western european city. dr. saoud an wah also happens to be a muslim. let me ask you this sir, as a muslim first. when you hear the mayor of city saying if you don't like it here you can f off, what's your reaction? >> thank you, john and michaela for having me on your show. i heard the mayor's comments from rodderdam. i have four prospectives to share on this. i completely agree with him that terrorists have no room on any society. the second component is any individual in any society who has intentions to harm their fellow citizens also have no room in that society. the area that i disagree with him respectfully is the people in western or any other society with democracy have a right to have peaceful disagreements on issues perspectives and policies. ha is something that i think he
8:34 am
went a little too far. another part is the choice of his words, again, look very aggressive and almost look like bullying. that's how i look at this. it is interesting, in some ways we say this as a new discussion because of the terror attacks in the muslim communities that exist in some places and europe. in other words, this is a discussion and debate that's gone on for hundreds of years including in the united states in sit tease like boston where you see signs of no irish. it's a discussion about assimilation. what is the responsibility of immigrants to assimilate to the culture they're in or do they have the right to keep many of their traditions and the customs that they have. no one is saying that part of that discussion pertains to violence. violence of course is abhorrent. how willing do you have to be able to be when you're a mayor to accept the customs of new immigrant communities? >> i think this is part of the difference, john, the difference between europe and the united states. in united states every american
8:35 am
is a hyphenated american in so many ways. we actually are a society which accepts people of all different backgrounds. this is a part of our responsibility to help as a larger society for communities to integrate and assimilate into the larger society. this would require both the community and the larger society to actually start to accept each other. it's a process, a very critical piece of solution and prevention of extremism and terrorism of any shape or any form. >> it is interesting because we just got some news in paris that's very interesting that deals with tissue of outreach to a different community. the department of the interior here just announced that lasna bathili, a muslim who perhaps saved many people in the kosher supermarket, the department of interior says he will now become a french citizen. they are granting him citizenship, making a big show i think, of welcoming this immigrant into the community.
8:36 am
what do you make of that gesture? >> i think this is a great thing and this is actually what we also need to do. this terrorism issue, the extremism issue, we as a society cannot solve it alone. it's not a law enforcement issue. it would require the muslim community to be partner and work closely with a larger society and with law enforcement. i think the responsibility of the muslim community is very significant. they have to be the ones to fight these extremists and also help identify them. if there's anybody in their own community who has negative ideas and who actually has plans to hurt anyone the muslim community should be the first one who should be vigilant about some of these individuals and have the comfort level to reach out to law enforcement and interact with them. i think integration, allowing people to be citizens but also be true citizens and responsible citizens is very very important part of the solutions.
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>> dr. anwar from the great city of south windsor, connecticut, thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> great conversation there, john. thanks so much for that. imagine this turning children into killers. it's the latest and perhaps the most horrific new tactic from the islamic state, that chilling report next. thanks to angie's list now it is. we've made hiring anyone from a handyman to a dog walker as simple as a few clicks. buy their services directly at no more calling around. no more hassles. start shopping from a list of top-rated providers today. angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. visit today. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? ♪ you got to know when to hold'em. ♪ ♪ know when to fold 'em. ♪ ♪ know when to walk away. ♪
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on. it's a safe bet. like a gold-plated soybean. reliably fast internet starts at $69.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. welcome back to our live coverage in paris of the aftermath of the terror attacks here more than one week ago. one of the effects of these attacks in france has been to steal the resolve of the french people and the french government in the battle against terror. overwhelmingly just the other day there was a vote in parliament to continue the bombing of isis? iraq. the french participation in the
8:41 am
coalition, sending an aircraft carrier to the region to continue the pressure on isis. while that's happening, a chilling video from isis purportedly shows a young boy killing two men. cnn has not been able to verify the authenticity of this video. our michael holmes looks at why isis and other terror groups have used children as killers during conflicts. we should warn you a lot of these images are disturbing. >> reporter: a horrific new tactic from isis raising a new generation of terrorists a video released this week from the terror group purports to show a young boy executing two hostages accused of being russian spies. in the video a young boy about 10 years old stands before the hostages armed with a handgun. while a bearded isis fighter stands next to the boy reciting religious verses. cnn can't verify the
8:42 am
authenticity of the video, but the boy pulls the trigger and appears to shoot both men once in the head and fires several more times as the hostages slump to the ground. like previous isis execution videos showing the beheading of western hostages this one is kafrlly edited and choreographed with slick production. it's unclear if the boy did, in fact kill the hostages but the message from isis is clear, they're turning children into killers. >> unfortunately there is a use of children for atrocities in many conflicts. we've seen this in africa and before in syria. the difference here is they're bragging about it. they're trying to exalt in this. it's disturbing. >> reporter: this video appears to be the first time isis has portrayed a child carrying out an execution, but the terror group has exploited children in previous videos. they call them the cubs of the
8:43 am
caliphate, often shown training to fight learning in isis-run schools and training with automatic weapons. this particular boy has appeared in earlier isis videos. he says his name is abdullah he's from kazakhstan and he wants to grow up to kill infidels. this isn't the first time isis has used shocking images of children online. a young australia boy holds a severed head in a photo posted last august by the child's father, an extremist who took his children to syria to join the fight with isis. another fanatical group is also using children to further their evil agenda nigeria's boka haram behind a deadly attack this week, strapping a bomb to a young girl and setting it off in a business zir marketplace, killing at least 16 people including, of course the girl. just this week a chicago teen pleaded not guilty to
8:44 am
charges he planned to join isis fighters in syria. his mother issuing an emotional plea to the terror group. >> we have a message for isis. leave our children alone. >> reporter: children used as pawns in a propaganda war in a global jihad, exploited, their innocence lost. what happens to these children as they grow up? what kind of adults will these terrorists send into the world? michael holmes, cnn. >> so troubling. michaela back to you. >> really troubling for anyone that has a heart. that a horrifying horrifying notion to have to consider. john berman thanks for that. coming up pope francis getting quite a warm and big welcome from cheering rounds as he arrives in the philippines, but what you don't see and what we're seeing now are reports and images that homeless kids have
8:45 am
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the pope is in the philippines today. we'll talk more about that in a moment. as he was traveling there, he was asked to weigh in on the terror attacks in paris last
8:49 am
week, as well as the controversy over the magazine, "charlie hebdo's" depiction of the prophet muhammad. among the comments among them is the quote that we are choosing to tell you about, the pope said people cannot insult other people's faiths nor should they kill in the name of god. we thought that was particularly poignant considering what has been going on there. speaking of the pope, his visit there to manila and the philippines is a five-day-long visit. you probably won't believe some of the pictures we're showing you, homeless children placed in cages. look at this. some of them as young as 5 years old. this one is chained to a poll. others are locked in filthy detention centers. they're sleeching on concrete floors. there's word of sickness and ill health. street children in manila being rounded up like animals before the pope's arrival. officials claim this is done in
8:50 am
order to stop gangs of beg gars targeting the pope. human rights groups say there's simply no excuse for this. joining me via skype from the philippines is nobel peace prize nominated missionary father shea cullen. i'm tell us what you saw and your reactions to it. >> yes, well it's quite horrific and always a terrible tragedy and a great suffering of these children every time i go to these prisons and i try and get these kids out of there. the pope is coming with a message of mercy and compassion and we really need to persuade the government officials to have lots of compassion and mercy on these children. they really are living these terrible conditions. and we save as many as we can every year but we really have
8:51 am
to change the system. >> this is an ongoing problem. but there are child protection laws that exist in the philippines are there not? >> yes, indeed. we were very much a part in drafting those laws to protect children from precisely this kind of abuse that they receive at the hands of police and uncaring officials who put these in these so-called homes, but in fact they are prisons. the emp menation is almost at zero. >> it's particularly troubling when you consider this pope. i understand this has nothing to do with the vatican ordering this cleanup of the streets to happen. this is the philippine government. i can't imagine this would sit well with this pope who is a pope of the people, he has
8:52 am
talked about protecting the poor the young, the indigent. this seems to fly perfectly in the face of everything that he stands for. >> yes, of course we have been challenging the local church here in the philippines also to get active in this and to protect children's rights and come out strongly and confront the government about this terrible human rights abuse of children here in the philippines. much as we are rescuing about 120 children we can get out and save them, unfortunately there's thousands more in jails all over metro manila and all other parts of the country. we've been campaigning on this for the last 20 years. with the foundation and others doing their part. >> father -- >> they're ignoring this terrible situation. >> father please don't give up
8:53 am
your important vital work to save these children and to work to improve the conditions for them. we here at cnn reached out to the philippine's social welfare department for comment. so far, no comment. other reports have emerged that this practice of locking up street children ahead of these major international events dates back somehow to the 1990s. thank you for joining us and we hope that there is a solution in very soon. >> thank you very much. ahead at this hour satellite images show entire towns literally wiped off the map after boko haram continues its rampage through nigeria leaving death and destruction in its wake. slams into your brand new car. one second it wasn't there and the next second... boom! you've had your first accident. now you have to make your first claim. so you talk to your insurance company and... boom! you're
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and i am doing pretty well. does he even work here? don't listen to the naysayer. take the comcast business speed test. get faster speeds or more savings, or we'll give you $150. comcast business. built for business. president obama and british prime minister david cameron will speak about terrorism in washington washington. they have written a joint op-ed. it says quote, whether we are facing lone fanatics or al qaeda, we will not be cowed by extremists which tries to justify the murder of innocents. the extent of boko haram is
8:58 am
literally jaw dropping. >> amnesty international photos showing the scale of the destruction just incredible. you get a very real sense of the devastation. nearly 4,000 buildings razed to the ground which is the worst destruction they have witnessed in all their years. and of course these were just two of 16 villages that boko haram ransacked as they conducted their killing rampage last week. these are strikingly similar to satellite images released in between of the town showing again after pictures of immense demonstration which they attributed then to the nigerian
8:59 am
military. the reason i bring this up is because it shows you the level of impunity with which both sides operate in this region. in that attack just under 200 people were killed. in the e cent cam page recently we believe the number to be far higher. these are factors national allies will take into account when they try to work out how to assist the nigerian government. the leader also released a new video statement in which he praises the assassins in the "charlie hebdo" murders and says that the french criticizes the french for following the religion of democracy. now nigeria holds its own democratic elections in february. and the president seems to be more focused on the campaign trail than he is on the slaughter. still having not said a word about what is going on up there
9:00 am
or how he intends to bring this insurgency under control. >> all right. thank you so much for that. just received word that secretary of state john kerry just landed in paris. we know he's scheduled to meet with president francois hollande tomorrow. many more details right ahead here on cnn. legal view with ashleigh banfield starts now. >> hello everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield and welcome to "legal view." imagine the "charlie hebdo" ham page playing out on the capitol. and then several more officials. one after the other as they ran from the building all in the name of jihad. his name


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