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tv   CNN Tonight  CNN  January 13, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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uld find him not guilty again. -- captions by vitac -- this is cnn tonight, and tonight, the can chilling new video as the kouachi brothers moments after they kill the people in "charlie hebdo" magazine. security ramped up at u.s. airports amid terror threats. and how can bombs be made to get by airport scanres. >> and the woman wanted in connection with the paris attack. what drive ss her and other
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women in connection with paris-like attacks. and we will find out how this man came to talk about his chilling confession of a murder plot against speaker boehner. i want to take to a look at this chilling new video moments after the slaughter of the offices inside of the sharlycharlie hebdo. quite a bit of the video, and what is the e reaction there? >> hey, don. good evening don. the reaction is getting a sense of what happened and helping to reconstruction what happened on that tragic day. as you know, there is very little evidence from what happened on that day with
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between the karachi brother ss and what happened there. and if you recall, many were questioning that perhaps the brothers had somebody else working with them on that same day. you mow, what withknow what we can see here is both of those men calm and collected there outside of their car, and reloading the weapons, and there is no rush. you would have never thought that these two men, don, had just killed 11 people. there sis a calm and relaxed attitude between them. that is one aspect. and the second one, them raising their arms initially, and we didn't have any sound of that, and so many people saying that with were they signalling to someone, and in fact, mou we know that they are saying that
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we have avenged the prophet muhammad, and that this is the second point, and interestingly enough, that is showing how badly outgun edned the police were here. and we obviously knew that they were clearly having weapons with them, but it showed that the police could not match them and very importantly, we have said from day one, these guys are exceptional marksmen and the first time that we saw the bullets on the police wind screen they were so tight together and close together that we knew that they were great marksmen and now we see them driving and shooting at the same time. all elements that no doubt the police will help the police to piece together what happened that day, and give some insight to really those two brothers don. >> and french authorities are still scrambling to track down six possible accomplices, and where where are they on that isa? >> yes, indeed. we heard from the prime minister don, a couple of days ago saying that he believes when asked that there are more ak kom
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accomplices to this, and he said there must have been, and he does not necessarily believe a trigger person, but someone who helped to fund or organize and so at the moment we are seeing that they are looking at perhaps six people part of the bigger and the wider terror cell which includes hayat boumeddiene who is the woman who is married to coulibaly, and she is the one who escaped to syria, and it is a bigger cell and tracking her down and the person who went to her with turkey and as well as the people seen driving her car in paris, and pretty much, don, a country still very much on high alert. >> thank you, isa soares thank you. that individualvideo is a chilling piece of evidence for investigateors the and combined with the brazen attackers who seem calm and fearless carrying
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out the attack as we can see there. and here is tom foreman. >> hi don. if you look at the original video that we have of "charlie hebdo" capturing the gunmen coming out of the office ss and shooting down this way, this is the first glimpse we had of them, and it looked fairly chaotic, chaotic, but this new video are from the new direction, the opposite direction showing a different circumstance. here we see the gunmen coming out into the street and really quite taking their time, and at least five times the driver takes out that they have avenged the slight to the prophet muhammad and then the other passenger comes around and he has something wrong with the handgun, because the driver who is superior of the handling of the guns because you can see the magazine to the handgun is lying on the top of the car, and it seems to be one of the
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30-round clips a that they use tonka lish na kovs and then they calmly get in. and this is a 30-second video, tonkaon the on the kalashnikov, and you can see this on the video, as they go before they encounter a police officer down here and then they step right out, and start shooting on either side looking very calm placing about 15 shots right in the middle of the windshield of the car. we are not sure if all of the shots occur then because you can see the police officer quickly backs away completely outgunned and they pursue him down the street shooting more as they pass before turning on to the much broader boulevard out there. when they turn on to the broader boulevard, you can see the last piece of video that we have seen a great deal before where they stalk and kill a single police officer. the one thing that you can see with all of this video though is that in every case the police
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officers and everyone around are clear clearly outgunned and they seem absolutely fearless that anybody can take them on. don. >> tom foreman, thank you. and let's take a closer look at and see what the terrorist investigators are going to be take on in this new video. let's bring in tom cruikshank, and this is extraordinary video? >> yes, it is extraordinary video, and it is going to e electrify global jihadist and encourage them to launch more attacks. >> let's look at the slaughter at the "charlie hebdo" office and you will see the two terrorists yell inging at each other out there on the streets. so he is screaming "we have avenged the prophet muhammad we
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have avenged the prophet muhammad". >> they see it as a big victory and proclaiming it to everybody around them. >> and look at, this paul he is raising the the fing mer the air, -- finger in the air, and what does that mean? >> it is a jihadist symbol, and raising it in the air and it means vicktory and also the oneness of the creed and the religion and only their way is the right way and all other ways are the wrong way. >> and let's continue on with the video now.
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what is happening there? something wrong with the gun? >> yes, it a apppears that he is helping the other out, and it appears that we thought that one brother was there that with went to yemen, and that it was charif that went to yemen in his passport the in his brother's passport and maybe that is why he has more expertise here and knowledge. >> and the justice correspondent pamela brown is going to help us out of washington with more of that breaking news coming out short shortly. and now, we will look at more of the video here. so, they are driving a wayway here,
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and they are getting into a confrontation here and then the police retreat, paul, and the the police are clearly outgunned. outgunned. >> they are clearly outgunned here, and quite extraordinarily playing out on the streets of the heart of a major european capital and they have kalashnikovs and rocket launchers, and these are the police wo are calm and discipline and precise using these weapon, and all of the pointers suggest that at least one of them and perhaps both of them received training at a certain point at possibly in yemen. >> and certainly, the last video is when we see the brothers executing a police officer on the sidewalk and we have seen it where they show no mercy at all. >> no mercy to view a police officer as a representative of the french state, and they regard the french state as engaged in a war against islam, and so no mercy with these kind of police officers. >> thank you, paul.
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we appreciate that. and now more breaking news, it is said that are cherif kouachi used his prother's passport to travel to yemen, and pam, you have more details? >> well don, there is confusion, because it is believed that said traveled to yemen for training, but it appears that cherif actual lily used his brother's passport to gain entry into yemen and he did join up with aqip and receive training over there in in yemen and we know that cherif kouachi did have run-ins with the law, and so he did have his passport revoked, and so though it was revoked he was not able to leave the country, and so the question is how could he make it to yemen. said's documents were on file there and they put two the and
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two together and the working s a sum shun is that he did use said's documents to go over there, but it is clear that it does not mean that said did not go to yemen, and that is something that investigators are trying to figure out if both made it over there or just one. >> and u.s. investigators will be looking at the video and seeing what the threat level is here at home. what is happening there? >> well, there is a heightened sense of concern and heightened sense of vigilance in the wake of what happened in paris, don and of course the renewed calls by isis to take advantage of what happened in pairris. they are trying to capitalize on the momentum there, and urging the believers and the followers to launch small scale attacks, and all of this joined together with the ongoing threats of aqap of the aviation and the count canner terrorism op fishls here in the u.s. don can, they are concerned and looking to see if any americans had any connection
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connections to the paris suspects and so far i am told that there is no connections b through a lot of connections to go through and people to go through, and it is going to take some time but there is concern for law enforcement for their own safety and the people that they are supposed to attack and there is a sense that in recent months don. >> thank you, pamela brown in washington. >> sure. >> and we have a lot more to get to the night, and including a plot against speaker john boehner where a bartender is plotting to poison him or shoot him. more e detaill detail s as ahead. and what drives a woman to help in a jihadist attack? we will speak to a woman who was used to e are recruit women.
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more break news tonight, an alleged plot to assassinate house speaker john boehner by poisoning his drinks. we go the joe johns, our correspondent, about the latest on this. what is going on joe? >> michael hoyt is being held pending a psychiatric evaluation. according to the court documents filed in the case this all started in a 911 call that hoyt made in october. he told authorities that he had been fired in his job at a country in westchester, ohio before he had time to put something in boehner's drink. boehner is apparently a member of the country club and according to the complaint, he was going to kill boehner, because boehner was mean to him at the country club and boehner was responsible for ebola virus.
7:18 pm
he e said that he had a baretta 380 and the authorities confiscated it for safekeeping and the document said that hoyt has imagine and believed john boehner to be the devil and he hoyt believes he is jesus christ. after being questioned about the stuff, hoyt said that he had no intention to do anything or any harm to the speaker, but they said it would have bneen easily for him to slip something to the speaker. and also the complaintle allegedly says that he e-mailed the speaker's wife debbie and said he could have hurt her, but had not. and he also said that he was fired because of a bad attitude and customers had complained about him, and he had been treated for a psychotic episode two years ago. >> clearly some issues there. and thank you, joe johns. and now, new terrorist threats that have led to tighter
7:19 pm
airport security. and we will talk to the chairman of the house intelligence security and also julia kayyem who is the as sissistant secretary to the secretary of homeland security security, and what is your assessment of these threats? >> well, don, we have seen something interesting over the last few months where al qaeda in the peninsula had been working with al qaeda on the xwround in seer seer they had been planning some attacks rekrentcently, and they were all fixated on airplanes. so it seems that they have come in fresh information to warrant them raising their concerns at airport s airports. >> julia, your reaction? >> i think that it is exactly right. and what you are seeing in response is what we call the layered defense. so a sharing of intelligence and what do we know and other
7:20 pm
countries know, and are we we sharing the intelligence about who is getting on the plane, and then there is going to be the more defensive actions like what we rare e seeing on tv right now with the ts, and make sure that people getting on airplanes are who they say they are, and then of course, the part that we we cannot forget which is engaging the public to make sure that they are aware of what is going on, and that they are cognizant of who the other passengers are, and remember that the major attacks of passengers were thwarted by other passengers like the december 25th one, and so engaging the public is part of the layered defense. >> and so the white house is host inging a summit on countering the violent extremism happening the in february and yesterday john earnest was asked about the omission of the word islam in the title of the summit. listen. >> why isn't it the summit on countering islamic violence?
7:21 pm
>> because violent extremism is not just islamic. >> and paris, and canada, and isn't it a thread that it is islamic. >> well some of the examples that you are cited are islamic, and they are folks of islam that have carried out violence, a on the other hand arguing that. >> and is the white house correct not to put the foe can kus on any one group or religion? >> el well, we have to be honest with what is going on here. isis is the formation and the raping and the pillaging and the domination of iraq and syria is radical islam in the practice. and they use that in the practice. boca haram that slaughtered as many as 2,000 people 2,000 people strapped bombs on a 10-year-old girl and sent her into a market to kill another 20 people that is based in radical islam. and so if you can't at least
7:22 pm
recognize the problem, it is pretty hard to get to a solution. i think that there is a way through this but you can't just and wish away what it is. this isn't an isolated incident or a few people who have embraced a violent ideology. there are lots of people who are doing this, and it is becoming a growing problem. so, i think that you have to call it what it is. and it does not mean that you can't use the more moderate influences of islam to push back on this, but you are never going to get to the kon clugts unless you call it for what it is. >> and julia, i want to get your reaction, does it matter what the white house calls extremism, and does singling out one group pose a threat? >> well, in some ways, it is a side debate because, you know given everything that is going on, the most important thing is that we stop terrorism, and violent extremism. i completely understand why the white house did this because the countering the vieolent
7:23 pm
extremism initiative which is not ours, and we are following the british lead and the european lead is about engaging communities of interest whether it is muslim or islamic, or christian or whether it is black, white, asian or whatever it is and so if you call it islamic terrorism, people who are muslim are going to be feeling very, very much like their religion is not e reflected in the initiative. so i completely understand that if the initiative is about engaging the communities, and targeting it as islamic terrorism seems like a bad way to start and bad way to make the overtures and to engage the communities who are predominantly peaceful and understand that it is the bad elements within their own communities whether it is here or abroad that the really undermine their peaceful religion. >> congressman, i want to talk to you about france because an al qaeda-linked group is
7:24 pm
promising more attacks in france and how seriously are the french taking this latest threat? >> very seriously, and just one point of difference here, it is not islamic terrorism, but it is radical islamic extremism, a listened is a huge difference and that is part of the difference and if we don't start targeting the problem, we won't get to the solution. >> and before you get to the france answer, this is what it says france pays the cost of the violence on the country, and the sanctity and as long as its soldiers occupy mali and central africa and bombard the people in syria and iraq and as long as the lame media undermine our prophet, france will expose itself to the worst and more. >> yeah i mean, this is a very consistent theme with those who embrace radical islam and participate in the violent gee jihad. and that is a very consistent theme. what we are seeing here is that
7:25 pm
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are terrorists winning the war gainsagainst the with west? i am joined by david gomez a counter terrorism expert and jeff surprise an aviation expert and practical aviation security and movine shaikh is an expert of jihadi extremist, and after looking at the moving video, what is your s aassessment there?
7:30 pm
>> i fail to see how they avenged the prophet mohammed but as far as they were concern concerned at that moment, when they stopped to shoot at the cop or the police officer, i think that they were looking to go down, suicide by cop, and because he reversed out, i would have gunned it and slammeded into them but because he reversed out, they kept going and tried to continue going, with i think that did. >> and jeff, airports are said to step up the security which al qaeda ip"inspire" magazine are saying how to construct bombs, and is that targeting u.s. airports? >> because we are such a frequent target, it rises our
7:31 pm
level of awareness up so airports will rise up certain procedures and start random procedures and random screenings, and more dogs at the the checkpoints and more random type of searches of the individuals coming through the checkpoint and it is going to put everybody on a higher state of alert. >> and jeff so we all remember the underwear bomber who made it on the plane, and what steps are the government taking to thwart these types of plots? >> one thing to remember about the underwear bomber is that we did not have a lot of the body imagining technology deployed at this time and so that the metal detector do what they do at the box, they detect metal and not explosives and today, we have a lot more of the body imagining technology that will detect the explosives and the other contraband and the prohibited items coming through the checkpoint and additionally we didn't have the canine with the bomb-sniffing dog ss, but today,
7:32 pm
we have far more and behavior detection technique, and airport and employee staff in place and individuals aware of the threat. so we have woken back up. >> and even at the small ir airports? >> some of the smaller airports don't have the body imagining technology but there are other lay layers of security in place at well, and a lot of times more canine, and one of the biggest layer of technology is unseen p by the security which is the layers of the intelligence, and many this case, they have come out to say, this is what we are planning on build ging, so be sure to go look for this when you are coming lu the checkpoint ss in these areas. >> so from the planes now to trains, and everybody is jumpy now, david. i want to get your reaction to this, and something a that happened yesterday. a woman was hospitalized in metro station in d.c. filled
7:33 pm
with smoke because of a mall function and the scene was chaos because of a malfunction, and so how vulnerable are we because of threats? >> well, you are seeing the unprecedented level of cooperation of the fbi and the local law enforcement, and the oversea overseas of the parisian authorities a and the french. that is one way that the united states is trying to bring down the threat level. but i think that one of the important things to note is that we are e seeing an evolution in the terrorism tactics, and we are seeing the french citizens as part of a plot which is domestic terrorism, and we are moving away from the lone wolf global lone wolf terror arism towards por of a-- more of a
7:34 pm
clandestine group that lays low for several year ss. >> and what would keep people from react ging in complete fear when things go wrong on subways or airplanes all of the time but because of what happened in paris are, and around the world, people may panic even if it is not terrorism-relate and how do you keep people from doing that? >> well, you know, that is a difficult question for me to answer don. you know it is -- people need to real izize that the percentage and the probabilities of a target and involved in a terrorist attack are very, very small. you are more likely to be involved in the accident of what occurred in the d.c. metro where an electrical fire sparks smoke and then panic as opposed to actual terrorism at a tack in the united states. i mean i guess people need to have certain amount of
7:35 pm
confidence in their emergency management and first responders to be able to protect them in the ability to protect us. >> and so then do the terrorists believe they have already won against the west? >> as far as they are concerned they are win, and the more that the public and the west especially engage in us versus them narratives and inadvertent inadvertently become recruiting sergeants for the procedures they will continue to proceed to believe they have won. and the are resiliency narratives, people need to understand that like your guest said that the probability of being in such an attack is very, very low and if you are in such an attack, you need to e hem out if you can. >> and thank you, david. we will see you later on. and the lone suspect in the ter terror attack, hayat
7:36 pm
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there's an international
7:39 pm
manhunt for hayat boumeddiene, the female international terror terrorist suspect. but she is not the only one. ana cabrera has more. >> reporter: she is among the most dangerous woman in the world, only 26 years old. cameras catch her arriving at the e istanbul airport on january 2nd. authorities the believe she is in syria. she allegedly took the lives of four people inside of a kosher store in paris along with a policewoman. and thaey believe she is more radical than her boyfriend and they believe she has ties to the kouachi brothers who killed the 11 people inside of the "charlie hebdo." so how did this muslim woman become one of of the most want ded
7:40 pm
women? >> a lot of times, it is the sense of belonging that is coming are from the seeking a higher purpose. >> and zunera mazhar nows how easily it can happen. >> reporter: it almost happened to her after 9/11. >> it happened after a struggle to find my place in society, and getting on the blogs, and i found a extreme version of islam. i was 18 at the time. >> reporter: 19-year-old shannon conley says that something similar happened to their daughter. the colorado teen is to be sentenced later in the month. she was trying to become a isis fighter by becoming a nurse in a isis cam 7. she was trapped in the net of a is a -- savvy web of isis leaders.
7:41 pm
>> i think that suggesting precisely that, look, you have a role here shgs, too, women, and extremism is not just for mep. >> reporter: religious studies scholar angela stanton says that bringing the women into the ranks is a new phenomenon. >> it would appeal to women who grow up in a western ureuropean or a north american context, because they expect more equitable treatment. >> reporter: and look no furor that than three area denver high schoolers, 15 16, 17 years old. the girls ran away from home in october, and made it halfway to syria before they were stopped by authorities many germany. a group who tracks terrorists analyzed the girl's social media activity and learned they were in female recruiters so-called isis sisters. >> we need more women who can go out there to say, wait, this is not islam. >> reporter: compelled to speak
7:42 pm
out what has happened in paris, mazhar posted this on the internet internet to say this is what saved her from the radicalization. >> i got out of it as i read about more open-minded scholars it allowed me to come back to revert from that and really real idize that the meaning of islam just like any other religion is oneness. >> reporter: a message she wants to teach her 6-year-old daughter and the rest of the world. ana cabrera, cnn. >> fascinating. let's talk now with the founder of the women for women international, and the author of between two worlds escape from tyranny and growing mup the shadow of saddam. i am so grateful to is have you here tonight, and i can't wait to talk to you. and let's talk about hayat
7:43 pm
boumeddiene, and how important is she? >> well, very important. and the groups of isis, and others are appealing to women. they are giving them a sense of purpose, and you can fwlong us, and we will honor you and we will take you, and you can be part of the mission. they are not telling them, you will be a sex slave once you enter, and we expect you the cook and clean and operate as a very, very shackled norms of women, but come inside to join the fight, and a sense of purpose, and a woman who is the image of escaping and she is part of the organization, and it is an appeal and not a rerejected image and it is very dangerous to sensationalize the way we are. >> and you say that to be careful of the reporting of her, because of the sensationalism of her? >> yes, because if you are a young woman in the european world, and living with a conservative family and you
7:44 pm
feel discriminated by the family outside of you, and you are a muslim, and he this this this and you are disenfranchise and marginalize and the family inside is restricting you and you cannot have a boyfriend or this or that and all of the sudden a image of a woman who is liberated by go g oning on her own, and fighting and being part of the operation, there's a sensationalization of her, and it is dangerous that we are allowing that figure to grow. >> and you said all of this the male jihadist and the women, and this is more about emotion and psychology than it sis about anything else. >> absolutely. so for muzslim, the merits of why isis is appealing to the recruiting is as much youth as possible and the scaring everyone actually is because they rare addressing the emotional point. they are telling them that the west have failed you and the west have failed us if in democracy and freedom and prosperity, and our own governments in the middle
7:45 pm
eastern governments have failed us in delivering on the prosperity and all of that and so we are xwoggoing to take ourselves to the area of islam -- era of islam where it is creativity and art and sips and take us back to that moment and for all muslim and including myself we all studied the same history, and that is a glorious thing that we are always proud of, and they are taking the history and making it into what they are promising it for the future, and that is the appeal for a lot of people. >> you say that you are deeply concerned about the images and about what happened obviously, but the images portrayed on television that it is going to inspire many more of these attack and this is what you are talking about? >> yes, i am very scared. what we need to create is an alternative image that is attractive to the young muslim women all over the world and vis-a-vis many in europe and you can be muslim and hip and liberal and educate and you can
7:46 pm
fulfill your full potential and accept you and honor and we will op for the you and you don't have to join this group. and so the terrorist is existing and package and all of that, but the alternative is not, and with we have to create thele alternative. >> and i have interviewed you by satellite, and it is such an honor to interview you in person, and it is fascinating. i could speak to you all night. please come back. >> any time. >> and at any moment the new issue of charlie heb"charlie hebdo" is going to hit the newsstands at any moment, and it going to be unapologetic, and controversial.
7:47 pm
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with the c3 queen mattress set only $1199.98. know better sleep with sleep number. normal circulation of "charlie hebdo" is about 60,000 copies and any minute it is expected that 3 million cop ipies of the this new edition of "charlie hebdo" is about to hit the stands. and now, joining me is a correspondent from france and the next issue is about to hit the stands, and who put it together brian stelter, host of "are
7:51 pm
"reliable sources." what do you know prin? >> well, it is from a very difficult place, that from the mem memories of the fallen colleagues. it is fot filled with obituaries but the previously unpublished work of the slain cartoonists, and filled with the work and saying that charlie has made new friends this week, and that is true, don, because we are talking about a magazine on a good work may have reached 30,000 or 40,000 people in the country, and now expected to reach millions of people here and in other countries back home there is interest in america gettingup attention, and we believe it will be coming out translated as well. >> and are they concerned about more violence brian? >> they are hiding those concerns very well. we talk toded to the editor of the
7:52 pm
left-wing french newspaper who lent office space the magazine until they got back on their feet feet, and they are not concerned by threats or p anything else about the depiction ss of the prophet mohammed, but this is a real threat, because there are sporadic threats against those who choose to expose cartoons of the prophet mohammed. i am a curious as they put the magazine on sale, and if any of that are doing it with a little bit of trepidation, we will find out later today. >> we will see, and brian stelter will let us know. we want to turn to molly norris who has been in fear for her life and in threats for her safety, she went in hiding to this day, and so now, david gomez, you were the fbi assistant in charge of the molly norris case and what did you think when you heard that
7:53 pm
islamic nuri al awlaki issued a death threat to her? >> well there was a debate of the executive management as to what our proper role should be. did we have a responsibility to the protect molly, and that argument was made at the fbi head quarter, and of course, it came back, absolutely. nobody in seattle wanted to be the first field office in the united states where an american citizen was vicktim mized for exercising her first amendment rights. >> so molly was forced to leave her family and friends and go into hiding and she has not been able to work and years afterwards she is still underground. >> well let me make one thing clear, she was not forced.
7:54 pm
she was given the option. we presented a number of options for her, and we provided herr with a certain amount of expertise in amount of personal security. >> and the threat was credible? >> oh, absolutely we believed that the threat was credible and now 4 1/2 years later, i believe ha the credibility of that threat has been shown. >> and now, let's see what happened here. and her name and everybody thought, and some people thought that maybe, you know, that it would go away, but her name has been mentioned in "inspire" magazine and they rare talk thing about her, and what is this horrific attack in paris that they have told you about the case of molly norris? >> well, one of the sad feature s s, this is a revictimization of all of the people on the death list that came out i think it is last year. there sis a argument to be made
7:55 pm
that renewed publicity increases her risk. i don't know what to begun to avoid that and i hope she is continuing to follow the recommendations of the fbi and has a low profile and remains anonymous. >> thank you so much for your coming on. we will be right back. if you're taking multiple medications does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene available as an oral rinse toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. ameriprise asked people a simple question: in retirement, will you have enough money to live life on your terms? i sure hope so. with healthcare costs, who knows. umm... everyone has retirement
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7:59 pm
mu video out today shows the horror of the moments right after the "charlie hebdo" attack the and investigators will be combing through the video frame by frame. thank you for joining us i'm don lemon. we will be back here tomorrow night. ac360" starts right now. new video showing us what the pa reesrisians were up against after terrorists stormed the offices of "charlie hebdo." we will show you the video and then break it down moment by moment. what you are about to see is what took place after they stormed the offices of "charlie hebdo," and fled and shouted at one point, one of the terrorists saying "we have avenged the prophet mohammed" and of course when it was down 11 people would be dead and
8:00 pm