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tv   New Day  CNN  January 13, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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at number vobly off. but much is known and unknown and they know there are more involved. >> this video shows the most wanted woman in the world at airport in istanbul before crossing in the badlands of syria. another before involved. key info from days before the attacks. so that ends speculation about her being at the kosher market or at the shooing of two police officers before it. but officials say she is still key to information about the terror cell there. now an al qaeda offshoot in north africa warning france it will pay the cost of its violence on muslim countries. back at home the department of homeland security stepping up security at federal buildings and airports. survivors of "charlie hebdo" magazine publishing their first issue days after the massacre at their offices. on the cover, you see a weeping cartoon of the prophet muhammed with the words "all is forgiven"
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and "je suis charlie" let's begin our coverage with john berman in paris. >> they didn't put the magazine together here this time because they can't get in those offices. so they used donations from other publications they used office space from sort of the competitor to put this together. and the trucks are rolling right now with those magazines. we should see them tonight, but certainly tomorrow morning they'll hit the newsstand, that comes with the word that french government believes there were accomplices. the prime minister told our christiane amanpour they're on the hunt for people at a minimum, involved with the operational planning and the finance of this pair of terror attacks in this country amid concern that there could still be more plotting on the way. and this comes with this unprecedented level of security across the country. france on its highest alert amid
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new terror threats. al qaeda's north africa branch released a statement on a website overnight reading as long as the lame media continues to undermine our prophet muhammed france will expose itself to the worst and more. >> on the ground, a continuous show of force. 10,000 french soldiers and 8,000 police on patrol across the country. this while the "associated press" reports up to six terror suspects involved in last week's terror rampage may still be at large. spokesmen for both the paris prosecutor's office and the french national police express surprise at this report. that cites unnamed french police. >> all our security forces and intelligence agencies are now focussed to track those guys and now it's a race against the clock. >> the search continues for the
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one confirmed suspect, the girlfriend of kosher grocery store attacker amedy coulibaly. he was on a u.s. terrorist database. new video captures hayat boumediene with an unknown man at an airport in istanbul five days before the paris attacks. unconfirmed reports say boumediene is in syria tails of heroism emerge from three days of terror. this man, a store clerk, hid hostages including a 2-year-old child in the freezer during a siege on the kosher market. possibly saving their lives. and the magazine "charlie hebdo," its surviving cartoonists undeterred will publish at least one million copies of a brand-new issue,
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hitting stands a week after their editorial meeting was so viciously attacked. and just a few moments ago here in paris, there was a very poignant memorial service for the three police officers the men and women who were killed in the days of terror here in paris. french leader francois who will pd hollande he said they died so we all may live in freedom. >> you've got jim bitterman next to you, let's check off some of the big open questions. the a.p. report that some french police said they're looking for six, john. our sources are saying the numbers probably a little bit getting out over the skis but is the reality that they know these guys couldn't have done it alone. the question is who else is out there in.
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>> exactly, i think what they're loorking for is support troops how did the terrorists get their weapons, how did they get their money, how did they live? as we saw in the still photo of hayat boumediene going through the immigration control in turkey there's somebody with her, who is that person? there's a large net being thrown out there to see who they can figure out who had connections with these people. they're looking at phone contacts. looking at the travel records and that sort of thing trying to figure out who might be involved in this. and president obama hollande in the speak just a few moments ago at the ceremony for the three police officers who were killed. also said just like the prime minister said that the threat is very real and that it's still out there. >> thank you for that jim. john a couple of quick things for you, first, let's put the u.s. no-show story to rest. the white house came out and said probably should have had
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somebody more high-profile there. you're standing at the crossroads of french reaction i was standing in your footprints what are you hearing there, is that enough for the people there? >> you know the french people who come to this memorial and walk the streets, when you ask them directly about the fact that the president was not here they essentially say look we've got more to worry about than you right now. it's not at the forefront of your mind. but as you bring it up and as you discuss it more they say yes, it's too bad he didn't come. but i don't think it's something that's overwhelming the population here. i spoke to the u.s. ambassador to france she came here a few moments ago and laid a wreath right behind me this morning. she was the one u.s. representative who took part in the unity rally. i asked her if she had been sent to convey this new message of regret that a higher-level official did not attend the rally. she said no the issue as far as she's concerned is over and done
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with. >> fine john you also said they're unprecedented big numbers of military and police out on the streets and around sensitive areas, is that in response to any specific information of a threat. or is this a show of force? >> well that's really the key question. and we're not exactly sure chris. whether or not they're protecting some 4,000 police going to protect the 700 jewish schools and synagogues around the country is that because someone issued a direct threat to the synagogues? did may not even be that they need needed given the fact that so many think that hayat boumediene was headed to a jewish school to stage an attack. there's ongoing concerns that the areas could still be targeted. so the uptick in security could be to ease tensions. >> jim bitterman, is that the reaction it's having? now that it's clear that the
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kosher grocery was targeted and we are hearing about this being a window into what has been increased anxiety among french jewish people and we all have hearded numbers now, about thedy proportionate amount of jewish people leaving there, what has the increase in security, what have the days since the attack done to ease or not ease anxiety among that population? >> i would say not ease probably chris. the fact that we've done stories on this before. even before the attacks last week. and 2014 there were twice as many jewish families leaving france than in 2013. there's been a large anxiety here big anxiety here about the fact that antisemitism seems to be on the rise and sometimes it's just minor things comments and snide remarks, and that sort of thing and other times it's
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more violent and attacks that threaten people. so there have been a large number of the jewish community have gone off to israel. and have moved to israel permanently. i think it's continued and this of course is just going to i think probably increase that number as people look around them and say, wait a second you know maybe we'd be safer in israel than we'd be here. >> funerals going on there for the bodies of people killed in the attacks, people returned to israel. john, let's end on this -- the resolve of the french people is being seen in what "charlie hebdo" did next after the attacks. the new cover is out. it has the prophet mohammed it's saying "all is forgiven." obviously a very clever use of satire there. are you seeing copies of it? are people carrying it around? are people showing up with it at the memorial? what's the take? >> we're not seeing paper copies out yet, chris. but the image of the cover is
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everywhere. i mean it is everywhere on french television it's in french papers. you know it's on twitter feeds, all over the world, not just france. i know it's on newspaper covers in the united states as well. so everyone knows what's on the cover. we don't know yet what's inside. could there be even more satirical cartoons. we know that they will publish some of the work of the people who were killed right behind me at these offices last wednesday, chris. >> john berman jim bitterman, information and perspective, alisyn important to note that magazine is coming out in part with the help of competitors. >> that is important. and also i just find that cover, "all is forgiven." so powerful. the message that it sends, on so many different levels is really special. meanwhile to tell but another top story we're following, the krib investigating a cyberattack on the u.s. snfrl command. the attackers took control of
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sitcom's twitter accounts. the accounts were suspended immediately. cnn's barbara starr is following developments live at the pentagon what do we know? >> the social media accounts are hosted on commercial servers, not classified military servers. so the security there is quite different. but it is raising again concerns about how quickly sensitive information can appear. isis is already here. we are in your pcs, in each military base the hijacked central command account reads. the cybercaliphate continues its cyberjihad the posts continue. but is this group the cybercaliphate really isis? >> the goal here is to cause fear and overreaction. we need to react appropriately to it but not overreact to it. >> the tweets threaten u.s. troops and their families including posting a document with names and addresss of u.s. military officials.
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and documents related to north korea and china. american soldiers we are coming watch your back. we know everything about you. your wives, your children. the hackers warn. the cyberattack comes as isis has rereleased a video calling for attacks on u.s. targets, including the military. the pentagon says so far it does not appear anything classified was posted and one u.s. military official said some of the information has already appeared online elsewhere. >> i can tell you this is something that we're obviously looking into and something that we take seriously. however, i just note of caution to folks as they're covering this story. this is a significant difference between what is a large data breach and the hacking of a twitter account. >> the fbi is assisting the military with the investigation. of the hacking of both its twitter and youtube accounts.
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and all of this comes as isis in the wake of the paris attacks, is also finding itself targeted online. the hacker group anonymous says it's targeting isis. >> what's more concerning is not what they stolen and posted it's what they might have stolen and what they might be able to steal in the future. >> these attacks come just as president obama yesterday was pushing for more cybersecurity on his own twitter account. saying that if we are going to be connected, we need to be protected. it may be cybervandalism in the eyes of the pentagon but still quite concerning. >> thank you so much for the background. also breaking overnight, reports that the rest of airasia flight 8501 has been located, and listen to this -- it's been located about two miles from where the tail was found in the java sea. the possible discovery came just hours after the second black box recorder was pulled from the water. as you know that device is key to helping investigators figure out what brought the plane down.
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let's get to david malko live on the ground in jakarta what do we know? >> the pieces of the puzzle starting to come together even more than they have over the past couple of days, we had the flight data recorder the cockpit voice recorder confirmed pulled out of the water on its way to jakarta right now. the crucial piece missing, the fuselage officials believe they have found it. we had a senior official an operations director at the forefront of the search come out and tell cnn, divers have been down there and they have seen it. he has walked that back somewhat and is now saying a search ship has picked it up. so certainly mixed information from some of these officials, why that is so sensitive right now, chris is because the families of those on board, the 162 people on board are watching this so closely. you know the body count is grim the numbers, 48 recovered. that has not risen in the past few days. it is believed that more than 100 people's remains are with
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that wreckage. currently the cvr, the cockpit voice recorder flight data recorder are here coming into jakarta. the flight data recorder in really good shape, according to the lead investigator the data has been downloaded sore in the process of it the pieces of the puzzle could come together in just a matter of weeks. chris? >> and obviously it's all about finding out what happened. thank you very much from the reporting on the scene, we'll be back to you soon in the show. mick over to you. here's a look at your headlines. funeral services are under way for the four people killed in the kosher supermarket siege in paris. we'll show you some live pictures of the somber ceremony there. the bodies arrived in israel at dawn ahead of a joint funeral in jerusalem. top israeli officials are in attendance all four were killed during the siege on the supermarket friday before police stormed the building killing the gunmen. big scare for evening commuters in washington, d.c. one woman is dead hundreds others had to be evacuated after thick, dark smoke filled one of
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d.c.'s busiest subway stations l 'ehfnfant plaza station. panic erupts as smoke pours into this central d.c. subway station, causing passengers to stop in their tracks. riders describe the scene to nbc affiliate wjla. >> people started hitting the floor. >> i had the stocking cap breathing through it. and other people were bleeth brooething through their jackets. >> emergency crews rushed to evacuate people from the plaza metro station, one of d.c.'s busiest metro stations located near the national mall. >> once we got in the station, we sprinted for our lives out of there. we had no idea what was happening. we were all so scared. >> there were a lot of people vomiting, sick i feel sick we don't know what it was.
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nobody is saying what it was. >> the ntsb says the cause of the incident was an electrical malfunction, with trackside power cables causing the tunnel to fill with smoke. 83 people were hurt one woman was killed. making this the first deadly accident on a d.c. metro since the 2009 collision that killed nine people. >> in other news the university of virginia has reinstated a campus fraternity implicated in an alleged gang rape detailed in a "rolling stone" article last year. the investigation found no basis to believe that a rape occurred in the fraternity house. the university lifted a freeze on campus greek life. ohio state, the king of college football. at least this year. the buckeyes running all over oregon to win 42-20 in the first-ever national championship playoff. running back ezekiel elliott rushing for 246 yards, scored four touchdowns this as ohio
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state's eighth national title. celebrations around campus in columbus however, look at this got out of hand. police had to use pepper spray to control rowdy crowds and fan who is set garbage cans on fire. come on ohio no need to set cans on fire. >> could have been worse, a sad commentary on humans old and young, that's why they play the game guys forget about the crazy kids after. a big underdog and the kid, just a sophomore, the running back just destroyed him. i thought he was go die of exhaustion last night that kid. nobody could touch him and the wonder boy, mariota, the quarterback, he looked good too. i'm getting nothing. >> is this about sports? >> nothing? just like? give me a little grunt. >> i like it i'm nodding, it does sound like a great game. all right.
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meanwhile we have some big news to tell you about, because investigators appear to have located the fuselage from airasia flight 8501. what will it reveal about the cause of that crash? we'll take a look. you hear the story about the former nfl star a nine-mile swim to shore, jellyfish stinging him, sharks circling around. sounds like a movie, not a movie. when motivated that man, rob conrad to make it home alive. nine miles. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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. major breakthroughs into the investigation of the crash of airasia flight 8501. report that search crews have located the plane's fuselage where more than 100 victims'
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bodies are believed to be trapped. teams are have retrieved the second black box. let's bring in pbs science correspondent, miles o'brien and former faa safety inspector david soucie author of an upcoming book "malaysian flight 370." david let me start with you. both the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder have now been found. which one is more important to investigators? equally important in my estimation what is most important is the information you get by synchronizing the two together. so you can see exactly not only physically what was happening with the aircraft but the decision-making behind what the two pilots were communicating. it will be start to be very revealing. >> miles we have a version of the flight recorder here on set. i'm always struck by how heavy it is. it's really heavy to lift on the
3:24 am
side it says it's 29 pounds what's the process of beginning to get information out of here and how long will it take? >> well you want to move deliberately. you want to make sure you don't do any harm to data of course. there's some expertise on site the australians have sent an expert who is familiar with recovering this sort of data. if the boxes are not damaged at all, and believe it or not we would expect them to not be damaged, despite what has happened to them it's trivial to recover the data. what you would expect the team to do is first and foremost just sit down no notes, just take a listen of that cockpit voice recorder. if i had to pick a box, that's the box i think is the most important one in this case. >> david, what is the story behind the reports we've heard that perhaps the plane exploded? >> well i think that that may have lost something in translation.
3:25 am
honestly the word "exploded" there's no evidence from who i've talked to on site that there's any kind of explosion as in a bomb or anything like that what i think they're referring to is the result of the impact of the body of the aircraft against the water. but again that's not conclusive. if you look at the evidence we've seen so far brought up out of the water, the tail section it could possibly be that the wrinkles in the skin going outward could have been caused by retrieval of the aircraft. so part of the investigation is distinguishing what happened at the accident site or what happened afterwards when they are recovering the pieces. >> miles, we have reports this morning, new reporting that the fuselage was found 1.7 miles away in the java sea from the tail section, how do you explain that? >> well i think there's a lot of misinformation coming out here. including this word "explosion" you have to consider the source of that one. that was the head of the
3:26 am
search-and-rescue team not an aircraft investigator who said that let's put that aside for a moment. assume that the fuselage and the tail section are separated by that kind of distance and what you have is some very likely some kind of break-up in flight. did that vertical stabilizer did that tail section come off in the latter stages of the flight before it hit the water. that's an awful long distance for the tail to move by current. so but again, there seems to be some conflicting information as to whether they have in fact divers have seen the main body of the fuselage. >> david, given all of your sources on the ground and everything you know about airplane crashes, what's your latest thinking on what happened here? >> well i'm a little bit torn to be honest with you. as miles said 1.7 miles is quite a distance if that aircraft actually impacted and kind of a rupture response. so i don't, it's difficult for me to believe that this aircraft
3:27 am
somehow skipped across the water a mile and a half or more than a mile and a half. so i'm a little torn at this point. between whether or not it broke up in the air or whether it was on the ground. so i'm very excited to see what happens with the flight data recorder. because from that we'll be able to rebuild what the impact angle was and how fast it hit the water. >> we all anticipate getting information out of here as fast as possible. david soucie miles o'brien, thanks so much for the information. the white house should have sent a big-shot to the paris march. not us the media saying it that's coming from the white house, admitting a mistake. there's one last part to the story. it was such an obvious move to go to the march. the question is now, who decided not to? and why?
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the white house in full damage control, responding to criticism over the president's decision not to attend the peace march in paris on sunday. press secretary josh earnest admitting the decision not to send a hoe-igh-profile
3:32 am
representative was a mistake. >> i think we should have sent someone with a high profile to be there. that said there's no doubt that the american people and this administration stand four-square behind our allies in france as they face down this threat. >> took a day, but that's what you need to say. >> a rare admission. >> is this enough? is it too much? is it not enough? cnn political analyst, editor in chief of "the daily beast" mr. john avlon and mr. kevin madden. john i start with you, you tell me why this is enough we're good time to move on. >> because they apologized they made an unforced error and when people do that in politics and in life you move on. it was a screw-up, eric hold wears in paris, he should have been there at the very least. >> not so fast john here comes kevin. because they admitted they screwed up that's fine and the
3:33 am
french said no big deal we feel your support either way. but doesn't this show a level of tone-deafness? >> it does and i think that's something that you'll see some criticism of the white house from. that that they didn't take this as seriously as they should and that's what made it such a glaring admission. i think they made the admission is really what the white house does usually what the white house tries to do is chalk it up to some partisan criticism. but the criticism came from so many different sides, that's when they had nowhere else to go, but to apologize. john is right this is something now that they've made an apology, think people will quickly move on. >> i can't move on. i think this resolves the political aspect of it. there's no question about that. but it was such an obvious thing to go. that it makes me wonder why didn't they do it? did they have a legit security
3:34 am
concern? the schedules don't seem to be too impressive. certainly not with all due respect to secretary kerry. someone said we're not going to send potus, we're not going to send the vice president, we're not going to do it. >> i think there were legitimate security issues one of the issues that hollande expressed to netenyahu. but john kerry rarely loses an opportunity to go to paris, he did not prioritize this. eric holder was in paris. to be fair and you were there, the size scope of the rally took a lot of people by surprise. they weren't necessarily expecting three million people. but this is part of the burden of being the leader of the free world. taking the term and the symbol seriously, the u.s. needs to be there. if it's not going to be the president, it needs to be at least a senior member.
3:35 am
and eric holder was in the city. >> is mitt romney going to run again in 2016? >> it's like "groundhog day" again, right? i think he's very seriously considering it. remember mitt romney ran in 2008 he ran in 2012. in order to run for presidency you have to have a very deep-seated belief you're the right person for the job. that you have the right skill set to take on some of the challenges that the country is facing. and i don't think that those, that deep-seated belief goes away with just two years' time and i think that you couple that with a lot of folks that are very close to mitt romney that are telling him he should and can run again and then you couple that again with a lot of donors who are saying if you decide to run and we think you should we'll be there to help you build the infrastructure that you need to win. you put all of that together and you have the governor romney very seriously considering doing it again. >> kevin said the right word he used the "d" word donors.
3:36 am
everybody knows that mitt romney yes he has his own money. he has a good hold on a huge base of donors within that party. you could say they're former bushies. but they're his now, he controls them. he's maintained those relationships. uncharacteristically with a lot of enthusiasm since the race. >> i don't know that he controls them and you're right to point out that romney supporters many of them were bush supporters before. he clearly sees an opportunity in this race that there's a vacuum of leadership. in part because you've got a field of warring pygmies out there and mitt romney is coming in saying i emerged from the last race with my reputation enhanced. he was a player or a party leader or the closest thing to it in 2014 and he has some of the credibility of jeb bush without the baggage of the bush name. as kevin pointed out, if you
3:37 am
believe you're the best man for the presidency does that get erased immediately? you talk to people inside the romney orbit, this is a serious reassessment. if he got into the race he would be the tallest candidate in the room. >> you were mitt romney's press secretary in 2008 know him well have you talked to him about this? >> i have. he call immediate to let me know he was considering this he made it clear that he would do were he to decide to run again, that he would, he would run a different type of campaign. that he would have different people involved. >> how would it look different? >> i don't know that's the unknown right now. we know he's considering it. >> you know -- >> right. the other thing, he's got to assure not only diehard republican activists, not only donors but the viewing public on this. that he would do things very differently. he has a different message, one that would be ultimately a winning one. that i think we have to see over the next three or four weeks.
3:38 am
>> the clear shift obviously this time it's going to be a winning message-day think something significant has occurred in the intervening years. i think the documentary "mitt" that came out which showed a deeper side of the man. and romney was so tightly controlling, there was never the risk of intimacy to show people who he really was. there was a lot of credibility criticism that he didn't seem authentic. he seemed to say whatever you needed to do to make him president, but the documentary showed his family life his perm life and people walked away saying this is a decent and good man. i think that's one of the reasons he's in the consideration set again and that's a lesson he could take if he wanted to run again. >> i agree with some of what you said. think one of the problems the last time was that you can't have a campaign where you have different warring factions inside the campaign pushing and tugging against what the overall strategy and message should be. and that governor romney i think has to give a lot of these folks that are looking at him for a second time. he has to give them a sense that
3:39 am
he has a very clear vision of what he wants to do for the country. he has a very clear vision of how he wants to run the campaign and tell the skutconsultants, the donors the activists, this is the reason i want to be president, these are the reasons i want to be president and make it very clear. a lot of times that got muddled during the last campaign. >> if i'm jeb bush if i'm chris christie i want to run against mitt romney. want to run against who didn't get it done. >> even though he's got more experience than all of them put together. >> it didn't help them. >> who cares what these good-looking men think and me what do you think? do you think romney could win? tweet us @newday. let us know -- >> i like that you included yourself. >> i said "or me." >> one of our top stories, they died together and are now being laid to rest together, a heartbreaking farewell to the four jewish victims killed in
3:40 am
the paris grocery store, we take you live to jerusalem.
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welcome back to your "new day." don't leave the house ill-prepared let's get to meteorologist chad myers, keeping track of the latest forecast for us. ice storm, are those words really being put together again? >> you bet. raleigh and charlotte tomorrow morning will wake up to unbelievable glaze on the roadways a quarter-inch of ice in raleigh for tomorrow morning, it's cold enough. you know it hasn't been above freezing in chicago in nine days it hasn't been above freezing in minneapolis in ten days not even in the warmest part of the day. right now minneapolis, you're ten below with a wind chill factor of 22 below. we'll add it with a storm system that runs up the east coast, that will put down rain and it's going to be 28 degrees in raleigh and charlotte tomorrow morning. could even be some snow into richmond sleet, too and a little bit of snow into d.c. and everybody in d.c. freaks out with a quarter inch of that.
3:45 am
so wake up a couple of minutes early and see if it happens. another thing that's happening today, a big area here of fog across parts of the united states. atlanta, there you go that's what it looks like right now, 686 planes delayed yesterday from delta because of the fog in atlanta, another day like that today. chris? >> safety first, chad thank you for giving us the latest. a lot of news this morning, right to ms. michaela. a tearful good-bye for the four men gunned down by an islamist terrorist at a grocery store in paris. joint funeral being held in jerusalem this morning, attended by benjamin netenyahu among others. let's turn to atika shubert who is there. >> the funeral has ended and the families are walking to the site where those victims will be buried. it was a state funeral, very unusual for civilians to be given a state funeral. but it was as requested and granted by israeli prime minister benjamin netenyahu. he spoke at funeral saying that
3:46 am
israel would welcome the jewish community in france with open arms if they choose to live here. and he warned against a rising tide he said of islamist extreme extremism. and he said the world had to wake up that it was a threat to not only jews but to the world at large. we heard from digny terrys and also the family members. they lit a candle for each victim and we learned a little about some of the victims that philippe barma, bought a home in israel but hadn't a chance to move in and live and others wanted to move here as well. unfortunately it seems they were only able to move here in death. >> atika, thank you for that. the pentagon says no classified information was accessed when the twitter and youtube accounts of the u.s. central command were hacked. apparently by isis sympathizers who threatened american soldiers. the fbi and defense officials
3:47 am
are trying to determine exactly who was behind that breach. both sides were immediately shut down. south dakota's ban on same-sex marriage is declared unconstitutional. a federal judge struck down the ban monday saying that gay couples have a quote fundamental right to marry. the ruling allows follows suit with several other states that have issued similar rulings in the last year. no marriage licenses will be issued though the judge's ruling is on hold pending an appeal by the state. quite a story here. a former nfl star sharing his remarkable story of survival at sea. rob conrad somehow managed to swim to shore after a big wave tossed him prosecute his fishing boat last week. his 16-hour ordeal was at least nine mile possibly as long as 27 because of currents he had to swim through. listen to the former miami dolphin fullback explain how he cheated death. >> i followed the sun. you know during the day. and by the time night came i
3:48 am
could see the lights on the shore and pick out certain landmarks, but i've got two beautiful daughters -- i was hitting that shore. >> the 38-year-old conrad said at one point he was stung by jellyfish and circled by a shark. his fishing boat has been recovered near grand bahama island the auto pilot still on. >> that's an incredible story. >> was reported missing. we know that. >> there's nobody else on the boat. >> he was having a very difficult time walking back in. >> you said only person survives. >> when there's only person who is around to tell the story, it's just sounds fantastical on
3:49 am
some level. but i'm happy that he survived. it's great. let us know what you think -- >> she's alone on her island over here. >> i like the metaphor. well how about this one -- i'll try it on you, ohio state wins the big game hurray let's go out and do stupid and dangerous stuff! yup, ohio state kids and others showing why they need more schooling. police in riot gear teargas, we'll look at what happened in what should have been a celebration. how the hostages inside the paris grocery store survived the horrifying terror attack we'll look at what they say and how they managed to stay alive. [cheering] everything okay? we're here because you're about to have a heart attack. pete's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. y'know what my business philosophy is, reynolds? >>no. not exactly. to attain success, one must project success. that's why we use fedex one rate®.
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when heartburn comes creeping up on you... fight back with relief so smooth...'s fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue ...and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum, tum tum tum...♪ smoothies! only from tums. the ohio state buckeyes capped off an improbable run last night, beating the oregon ducks. >> talking football. >> to win the first-ever college
3:54 am
football playoffs. andy scholes is at the game and has more in the "bleacher report." tell us everything andy. >> good morning, guys it was such an electric atmosphere here last night. what a great game great way to start off the college football playoffs. this is a newspaper they were handing out last night from the "columbus dispatch," saying an historic victory. it was for ohio state. no one expected them to win. that's why the playoff is so great. they won it the first year as the fourth seed. ohio native lebron james was on hand to cheer on the buckeyes on the sidelines. after they lost not one but two quarterbacks this season no one gave ohio state a chance at winning it all. but third-stringer cardale jones continues to silence the doubters he was great, making big play after big play he'll be a legend in the state of ohio. as will running back ezekiel elliott, who ran for 246 yards and four touchdowns he was your mvp. as the buckeyes amazingly overcame four turnovers, to beat
3:55 am
oregon 42-20. >> it's funny being the underdogs, because like you say, every time we're the underdogs, end up winning. we don't let that be the fuel to our fire. we play with a chip on our shoulder and we want to go out and win. >> i don't think a lot of people believed in us all that mattered was we believed in each other, that's why we're where we're at, we believe in each other. we play for each other every game. >> this team wasn't supposed to do this they fought through adversity, they got stronger and stronger. this is a great team. >> with the win, buckeyes head coach urban meyer is the second coach ever to lead two schools to a national title. now the only party as big as the one out here with the buckeyes fans was the one going on this columbus ohio a bunch of dumpsters, coaches set on fire. police had to use tear gas and a bunch of students stormed the horseshoe and took down one of the goal posts.
3:56 am
no serious injuries were reported. so that's good. guys, the spring semester at ohio state actually got going yesterday. so all of those students are expected in class this morning. i'm not sure how many are going to show up after a whole night of partying though. >> you make a good point, andy thanks so much. >> not good that they marred such a beautiful occasion. >> too often. >> we want to turn back to paris, new details have emerged about just how french hostages survived near encounters with death during the supermarket attack in paris friday. each and every one of those hostages feared they would die. so how did they hang on? here's cnn's randy kay. [ gunshots ] >> in the face of terror survivors and heroes emerge. like this man, a practicing muslim who herded people into a freezer at this kosher market
3:57 am
where he worked. the gunmen amedy coulibaly, had just charged into the store and opened fire. >> translator: i switched off the light and switched off the freezer. he asked us to all come upstairs otherwise he would kill everyone downstairs. you asked my colleagues what they thought, should we go up or stay here. there was a person with a 2-year-old baby. i said you stay calm i'm the one who is going to go out. i took the elevator and went uptearup upstairs. one of those in the freezer, rudy hadad, spoke exclusively with channel 2 news. >> translator: he was there to kill people. we heard a big explosion, we were all closed in fridge. we heard gunfire from everywhere. >> when they were freed -- >> translator: they said to climb upstairs and not look on the floor, because there was a lot of blood on the floor. it's a miracle that we're all still here.
3:58 am
me and the people who were in the fridge. >> as news of the freezer hide-away spread social media lit up. lesan batilie was hailed a hero. right now, lassana bathily is the coolest man on the planet. >> just north of paris, the suspects were cornered inside a printing plant. what they didn't know was that a graphic designer was hiding inside a cardboard box, texting police about the gun men's movement and his own whereabouts in the building. sent a chilling text to his father i am hiding in the first floor, think they have killed everyone. tell the police to intervene. in the end, the man and a hostage being held at gunpoint survived. it turns out there were no other
3:59 am
victims. another man at the printing plant earlier also survived a close encounter with the kouachi brothers. he told french radio he mistakenly shook hands with one of the suspects before the owner told him to leave. >> i suppose he was a terrorist. i didn't really know. i took him as an armed policeman. he waeth wearing a uniform and he had a bulletproof vest on. >> when the siege was over he told reporters he was going to buy a lottery ticket. that it was the luckiest day of his life. randy kay, cnn, new york. tremendous tales of survivor. we're following a lot of these this morning, so let's get right to it. >> the search continues for the one confirmed suspect, the girlfriend of kosher grocery store attacker amedy coulibaly. the surveillance footage showing hayat boumeddiene entering turkey from madrid. >> i think eventually she'll die out there. she will not come home. leaders from 40 countries
4:00 am
marched with french president, francois hollande. >> i think it's fair to say we should have sent someone with a higher profile. >> we asked them to stand with us time after time, now we have to stand with them. divers recover the second black box from airasia flight 8501. and there's new word that the plane's fuselage has been found. >> i would be astonished that they did not as a result of this information get chapter and verse on what happened on that plane. good morning, welcome back to "new day." alisyn camerota chris cuomo, michaela pereira all here. did they have help? french police trying to find six people with blood on their hands, they say. suspected accomplices in the paris terror attacks. according to the "associated press," they are members of a sleeper cell who may have helped plan the slaughter. we're also learning more about the close sinister ties shared by terrorists who pulled off this massacre. this as turkish officials
4:01 am
release video showing the most wanted woman in the world at the airport in istanbul days before the attacks, crossing into syria. >> and we have more proof of the sick competition among terror groups. now an al qaeda offshoot in north africa is threatening france. concerns also reaching the u.s. as the department of homeland security is stepping up security at federal buildings and airports. now it does bear repeating, the attacks were obviously cowardly but the response has been so brave. "charlie hebdo" is not dead. the next copy of the magazine hits newsstands tomorrow. editors and cartoonists scrambling getting help from their competition, all to put finishing touches on the highly anticipated historic edition on the cover? the prophet mohammed once again. cnn has all the latest developments for you. let's begin with john berman live in paris, what do we know? >> chris, we know that french officials, the french government
4:02 am
all the way up to the high elf level, including the prime minister say they do believe that there were accomplices in these three days of terror that affected this city and this country last week. at least at the financial, at least at operational level. and a source close to security officials tells me that's one of the reasons why they have boosted security with the 10,000 troops 8,000 additional police officers around the country. they cannot be sure at this point that there were not other attacks planned. france on its highest alert this morning amid new terror threats al qaeda's north africa branch aqim al qaeda in the islamic ma greg released a statement saying as long as the lame media continues to undermine our prophet mohammed france will expose itself to the worst and more. on the ground a continuous show of force.
4:03 am
10,000 french soldiers and 8,000 police on patrol across the country. this, while the "associated press" reports up to six terror suspects involved in last week's terror rampage may still be at large. spokesman for both the paris prosecutor's office and the french national police express surprise at this report that cites unnamed french police. >> all our security forces and intelligence agencies are now focused to track those guys and thousand it's a race against the clock. >> the search continues for one confirmed suspect, the girlfriend of kosher grocery store attacker amedy coulibaly. coulibaly was on a u.s. terrorist database. new surveillance video shows hayat boumeddiene with an unknown man at turkish passport control in turkey five days before the paris attacks. unconfirmed treats from
4:04 am
terrorist groups say bombumediene is now in isis-controlled lands. this man, a store clerk, hid hostages, including a 2-year-old child, in the freezer. during the siege on the kosher market. possibly saving their lives. >> 1 million copies of a brand new issue of "charlie hebdo" will be hitting stands a week after their editorial meeting was so viciously attacked. three million copies we now understand of the new "charlie hebdo" issue expected to hit the stands tomorrow morning. being shipped to newsstands at this very moment. could put it together in the office behind me that was attacked last week. went to basically a competitor's office they used donated
4:05 am
computers. and the surviving members of the magazine with contributions from really everywhere they put it together and everyone gets a chance to read it tomorrow. alisyn? >> the message of the cover and the story behind it that you just shared they're both so poignant. john thanks so much for that reporting. well a rare admission from the white house -- administration officials acknowledging now that a high-ranking official from the u.s. should have been sent to paris for sunday's anti-terrorist solidarity march. >> this was a surprise, you go into the briefing room expecting an explanation, even if you're not sure what that explanation could possibly be. but this time the press secretary stated clearly at the outset yes, we the white house should have sent someone to that march, of a higher profile than the u.s. ambassador. he did say though that with 36 hours to plan getting the president's security apparatus in place would have been extremely difficult, would have likely impacted citizens there,
4:06 am
maybe even their ability to attend. but he didn't explain everything. he kept saying he didn't want to unpack fully the logistics and planning that go into this he did say the responsibility for not sending someone lies with the white house. not with eric holder who was in town but didn't attend and not with the president. so he didn't say well if the president wanted to attend the march, why the president didn't just say, let's do this. and the press secretary would not say, how the president spent his day, instead of going there. chris? >> all right, michelle, thank you very much. the question is -- how did this happen? social media accounts belonging to the military hacked by isis sympathizers sitcom's social media accounts. how does this happen? they actually took control of the twitter and the youtube accounts and posted threatening messages and propaganda videos. the accounts were quickly taken offline. but the defense department had to come out and say no
4:07 am
classified information was compromised -- this time. cnn's barbara starr at the pentagon we've been having a rolling dialogue about this it seems like these types of hacks aren't taken seriously enough now centcom? >> keep in mind a couple of things the twitter and youtube accounts are hosted on commercial servers, they are not part of the military's online computerized systems. so the question of getting hacked is one question. those perhaps not the most secure social media accounts were all warned about keeping careful about what we put online. the documents, u.s. officials say, were not classified some of them had appeared elsewhere online. but it does become very concerning one of the documents having some personal
4:08 am
information, names, phone numbers, room numbers, office numbers of top military officials. it underscores the concern about how quickly some of the material can get online and be seen. chris? >> barbara, fair point. the social media accounts are under different servers, different isps, than classified material that the government is holding close, but it does raise the concern about what's gets out there and thousand can be protected. barbara starr, thank you very much. over to you. joining with us more context on all of these washington stories is cnn's senior political commentator and former white house press secretary, jay carney good morning. >> good morning, alisyn. >> can you take us behind the scenes in the white house and just explain to us how the decision is made not to send the president or the vice president, or some sort of high-ranking official to this solidarity march in paris, with all sorts of world leaders locking arms? >> well alisyn as you saw yesterday, my successor, josh earnest did something that you
4:09 am
don't often see happen in the white house for a lot of good reasons. which su saw the press secretary concede that the white house, the dpings had madeadministration had made a mistake by not sending a high-profile official to that march. i think a series of factors converged to result in the decision not to send someone. fact that the march from its inception to its occurrence you know only allowed a 36-hour period for planning. that creates huge logistical challenges for the movement of a president or a vice president of the united states. not in surmountable but you know it becomes a reason not to do it. you also had this happening on a weekend. obviously when officials like the vice president, were out of town. and secretary of state, john kerry, was in india. and then i think it was simply a missed opportunity. that it wasn't seen early enough within the white house, as an
4:10 am
opportunity to demonstrate our close alliance with france. and the symbolism of missing it was i think an unnecessary, in a distraction from the main purpose here which is to show that we have no closer ally than certainly no older ally than we have in france and we share with them now the pain of being victims of you know a mass atrocity on our soil as they had on their soil. >> in fact the french president was the first one to come here and express sympathy after 9/11. so you think that this was just an oversight? i mean it sounds like what you're saying is that this wasn't actually a decision in as much as somebody dropped the ball. >> i think that's what happened here. best i can tell and obviously you know i know some folks who work in that building. i don't think it was a proactive failure. i think it was a failure of inaction. and, but i think it's also a missed opportunity more than it is something that causes lasting
4:11 am
harm here. i think france's reaction the french government's reaction the country's reaction to this has been quite different. from what we've seen here in the united states. especially in the american media. you know they're focused on the substance of things that their allies can do. the demonstrations of support that president obama has already made. including his pretty unusual visit to the french embassy in washington to sign the condolence book. so i think, i think this will pass. it's more a missed opportunity than it is something that's damaging in the long-term. >> of course this is not about international relations this is not an international incident. it doesn't rise to that level. what it speaks to more is the impression that the president is disengaged and the president is a little tone-deaf on these matters of sort of emotion. it harkens back to him going golfing after announcing you know the death of the american james foley, having been beheaded by isis. that there's sort of an emotional tone-deafness that should be automatic by six years
4:12 am
in. >> well i think you have to separate the two. i think there that is there is not the detachment i know from working for him that he is intensely engaged edd in these issues but he's not a classic politician he's not someone who knows from years and years of experience when the, the public performance aspect of the job is front and center. necessarily. and sometimes he has and it's part of who he is resisted in engaging in those kinds of demonstrations. not on matters like this which are so important to our relationship with france. but you know more superficial matters. that's been part of his appeal. remember when he ras in 2007 he ran as the anti-washington candidate. the person who didn't have years of experience in washington who wasn't part of that culture. that disappointed so many americans. there are upsides to that. but there are downsides to that. and in this case i think we've seen one. >> quickly, jay, how much of a
4:13 am
bummer was it for josh earnest to have to come out and say we made a mistake. you guys hate to admit that. >> well you know i think it was probably something he was glad to do. because i think what we've seen even though we're still talking about it now, is some regular recognition by the press corps, that it was unusual and it was refreshing. there are ricks associated with saying we made a mistake here we made a mistake there. you create fodder for sort of political gamesmanship. but in this case i think it was the right thing to do and i bet josh felt pretty good about it. >> jay, always great to see you, thanks for your candor thanks for being on "new day." your headlines at 13 minutes past the hour. reports say the main body of the plane from flight 8501 appears to have been found after crews spent weeks searching the murky floor of the java sea. in the meantime the second black box, the cockpit record
4:14 am
verse been pulled from the water. this should hold key clues as to why that plane crashed. president obama will face republican leadership from the house and senate today. he is hosting congressional leaders from both parties at the white house. wide range of issues are on the agenda. including the economy, national security this meeting comes a day after the president threatened to veto several pieces of legislation the gop hopes to pass. one woman is dead two other people are in critical condition after smoke filled one of d.c.'s busiest subway stations hundreds were evacuated from the l'enfant plaza station. some were trapped for more than an hour choking, vomiting their faces covered in soot. the ntsb says an electrical malfunction caused the problem, with power cables causing the tunnel to fill with smoke. how frightening we're hearing and seeing the images from that. i'm sure those people won't forget that for a long time. well authorities in france
4:15 am
hunting for other members of the terror cell involved in the paris attacks. could another attack be imminent? we're talking to our experts, these. wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall at the white house today? congressional leaders gathering for the first meeting with the president since republicans took control of congress of course. john king will give us a preview, "inside politics." doed [ female announcer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality for over 19 million people. [ mom ] with life insurance, we're not just insuring our lives... we're helping protect his. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow
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thanks. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ . welcome back there's a report from the "associated press" saying french police are now looking for as many as six members of a sleeper cell who may have been involved in the "charlie hebdo" attacks. let's try to get to the bottom of what the real case is. we have fabrice mayiet former
4:19 am
french navy s.e.a.l. and mr. paul cruickshank, a terrorism analyst. fabrice, we respect french analysts the number six, checking with your sources, those sound right, this report? or is this just about the unknown and figuring out who else could have been involved? >> hi chris. i think actually we will have very difficult, it's very difficult for us to know exactly the number of those terror cell of this group. because you know as the police department we're not saying a thing about that. they are chasing those guys and they try to keep secret that information, because it's so important for us to catch those guys they don't want to give information to help them to escape or just to know they're in our sights so i think we
4:20 am
have to to be careful what we say. six could be a good number. because i don't think the group is much more bigger than six people you know. >> when you see all of the increased military presence fabrice, according to your sources, is that about a specific threat? is that just about showing the people in france that they are safe? >> say it again for me chris? >> all of the extra military and police fabrice, is that because there is a specific threat? or is that just to show the french they are safe? >> oh. you know we we think that maybe those guys i mean the rest of the group would like to avenge their brother who died during the the assault last week you know. so we have to take care about this. and that's why you know, such a
4:21 am
situation, first of all, we protect of course we chase the bad guys but we have to also to protect. and the time we understand what's going on. that's why we deploy so many soldiers all around. especially in schools, train stations airports like we did in the past. we just reach the highest alert, homeland security 11 now. that would take weeks or months but not more. >> you heard fabrice, paul that authorities are concerned there may be an avenging going on by whatever remaining remnants there are of this terror cell and they're at the highest terror level. they're on edge because of the unknown. he also said something else which is that finding the rest of the cell is the easy part in a way. because how does france deal with this threat going forward? they have unique challenges there. what else needs to be done? they are not where the u.s. is for example.
4:22 am
>> well that's right. the immediate challenge will be to find the rest of the cell. there's concern that this is part of a wider conspiracy. unlike the boston attackers, these guys had wide contacts in the local islamic extremists center. they're very much part of a network. you're right, there are huge challenges in france. they have 5,000 people that they've opened security surveillance files on for suspected ties to islamic extremism. they can't hope to watch all of those people all at once. there are 400 french nationals fighting in syria and iraq. 200 are on their way, 200 back in france. that creates big challenges. some of the people back in france are trained killers, we've seen french isis veterans involved previously in plots in attacks. the museum attack in brussels and a guy found with a kilogram of high explosive. >> france doesn't have something like the patriot act.
4:23 am
controversial as it is obviously helpful in letting us stay ahead. this threat people going abroad coming back they're on a list, but not enough to have constant surveillance you can't detain them. the u.s. anyone are they equipped to deal and stop these things in advance on a regular base snis. >> it's a challenge for every country. the thing the united states has got going for it the radicalization in the muslim community here nothing like in france. they don't have to watch as many people chris. >> they have a, we have a much smaller population in the u.s. and frankly it's a more open exchange than they're having in france. one of the things that has to change. fabrice, magnier, and you paul cruickshank. thank you so much. president obama meeting with congressional white house leaders. what issues are top of the agenda will they talk about the solidarity march? john king will give us a preview. things..." ok, why's that?
4:24 am
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here's a look at headlines, four jewish men killed at the hands of an islamic terrorist in paris, they were laid to rest. thousands atenned the joint funerals in jerusalem. the state ceremony included speeches from prime minister benjamin netenyahu and called on european leaders to take steps to wipe out antisemitism. the house giving unanimous approval to a bill aimed at lowering the staggering suicide rate among veterans it would require independent reviews of the military's suicide prevention programs. and make information about mental health services more readily available to veterans. house lawmakers approved a virtually identical bill in
4:28 am
december but it was blocked by the outgoing senate. 22 military veterans are said to commit suicide every day. we end with a wonderful love story, 20 years in the making out of minnesota. meet briggs and britney fussy, it wasn't the newlyweds first walked down the aisle. back in 1995 they were the ring-bearer and flowergirl at his godmother's wedding. reunited in high school and became a couple a few years later and the rest is history. the ring bearer and the flower girl at their wedding -- they are related, so history will not be repeating itself. >> isn't that a great story. >> that's possibly the cutest thing i've ever seen. love it. thanks so much michaela. let's go to "inside politics" on "new day" with john king. >> just amore. >> the art of the segue. a very busy day, with me to share reporting and insight, tamara keith of npr and ed
4:29 am
o'keefe of the "washington post." a big meeting at the white house. the new washington the president will have the congressional leadership around sitting around the table with a republican senate majority leader a house speaker, a republican. imitation is the best form of flattery. in your piece this morning on npr, you recall this from the president back in 2010. >> this week i'll be addressing a me meeting of the house republicans. i'd like to begin monthly meetings with both democratic and republican leadership. i know you can't wait. >> a bit of hume there are. it didn't happen. the monthly meetings didn't happen. they haven't come anywhere close in the last several years. i was waiting when you have the new washington for at least a temporary cease-fire not peace, but just a cease-fire. but veto threats from the president on the day the republicans were being sworn in and taking new power. sniping back and forth between the staffs never stopped.
4:30 am
is there any expectation that something big and productive is going to come out of these meet sngs. >> new washington -- just like the old washington. not a lot of high expectations here. even josh earnest yesterday asked about the meetings said well don't want to expect some big announcement to come out of this. this is a meeting with something like 18 people if you don't count the staff. and not a lot happens in meetings that big. i talked to a management consultant, a meeting design another said you put that many people in a room you could brainstorm but you're not going to come out with a bunch of action items, you're not going to agree on anything. >> are you going to come out with at least a downpayment, ed maybe a brick in building some sort of a goodwill or relationship if so when do you have to make tough decisions, at least you know each other a little better? i was going through my email, looking through my address book trying to find people who were working in this town the last time it worked. when the democrats and
4:31 am
republicans actually knew when you're supposed to step back when you're supposed to take a breath see if there's a bipartisan opening. i don't think hardly anybody left in this town remembers when there were those kind of breaks. >> most of the people who work for these people now, with all due respect were in high school back then. >> or weren't even born. >> i'm still amazed there are such things as meeting organizers. these guys know each other at this point. the only meeting that will matter at this point is when we hear that the president is having one-on-one meetings with mitch mcconnell or john boehner. traditionally a veto threat is designed to say i'm going to sausalito that bill however if you make two or three or four changes to it or put this off until later then i'll play ball with you if we get a sense coming out of this meeting today that that's what's up then pras it will happen. they've got 63 votes for the keystone xl pipeline thing in the senate. four short of overriding a veto.
4:32 am
a few short in the house, you make one or two changes, you'll convince enough democrats to join with republicans to make this happen. the president knows that's coming. and he knows that there are plenty of democrats out there who would rather distance themselves from him at this point or work with him or appear to be on his side when the rest of the country is saying work together an get something done. >> the principles it has to be the president, speaker and democrats, saying let's try to be a little different. maybe on infrastructure maybe on some other things they can get some down payments we'll see. the meeting takes place a day after the white house admits they made a mistake when it comes to the unity march in franch. they should have sent somebody more high profile. so the white house is on the defensive about this. and congressman randy weber comes to their defense, shall i say.
4:33 am
politics 101, life 101 -- don't make hitler jokes, don't make hitler comparisons. but randy weber, republican congressman from texas tweeted this even adolf hitler thought it more important than obama to get to paris. for all the wrong reasons. can't you just say obama should have sent somebody more high-profile. into the equation than bringing up adolf hitler? >> and spelling his name wrong. i don't know what to say, just don't do it. >> once again, washington has found a way to insert itself into something it didn't need to. it will cause them at least a day's worth of criticism. would you think by now that the white house would have figured these types of things out and that house republicans or at least leadership would be telling the rank and file don't do stuff like this. it's politics 101. he hasn't taken it down.
4:34 am
in the most crass of moments he's probably thinking this will only lead to good things for me. it will draw more attention to me this isn't the kind of attention you want and it's certainly not the attention that john boehner wants for his caucus. >> it's in a word stupid. there's so much we could talk about. i want to go to california there's a generational logjam that's broken barbara boxer, 74 years old, democratic senator, said she won't run for re-election in 2016. if you're a young or middle-aged politician in california thinking i'd like to be governor or senator. your governor is 76 years old. dianne feinstein, your senior senator is 74 years old. into the void steps pamela harris the attorney of that state attorney general of that state. gavin newsom is the lieutenant governor word on the street is they had a private deal one would run for senate one would
4:35 am
run for governor. kamela harris, is interesting, african-american the attorney general of the nation's most populated state. we have to read this here. she's brilliant and she's dedicated and she's tough, no problem with that. she's exactly what you would want in anybody who is administering the law and making sure that everybody is getting a fair shake. no problem with that here's where the michelle meter went off she happens to be by far the best-looking attorney general in the country. >> it's hard to overstate how gorgeous she is she's also an incredibly smart woman. a good politician. and one of california's rising stars. and yeah barbara boxer was elected, i grew up in california when i was in junior high. so making this space for some of these politicians to come in the democratic primary could definitely be interesting. >> but -- harris has to prove
4:36 am
pretty quickly that she really does want this job. and isn't just doesn't this because the governorship is newsom's to lose. remember democrats have had a great history of appearing to have a sure thing and totally blowing it. all you need in california at this point is a well-funded republican who has a potential to cross over to independents and democrats in that state and harris has a race. and remember the jungle primary system in california is such that if she face as democratic primary challenger you could have two democrats on ballot in november 2016 which would be a real headache for the party. >> it's been a long time since we've had a viable republican party in california. we'll see if breaking the logjam crowded on the democratic side we'll see if someone comes up on the republican side. one of the things we could have talked about this morning is after mitt romney saying no no no now he's saying maybe maybe maybe. >> mitt romney said friday he's considering a third, a third presidential bid. yeah. romney said he got the idea from
4:37 am
watching his dog repeatedly run into an electric fence. ow ow ow! >> a lot of fun to watch on the republican side. >> yes, we'll be exploring all of that material over the come year. john thanks so much for that. all right coming up combatting the rise of islamic extremism in europe -- do moderate muslims have a responsibility to lend their voice to the fight? we'll dig deeper on that next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪
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4:40 am
a recent poll shows a shocking number of muslims in france express some support for the terror group isis. does that mean islamic extremism is finding a home in europe? and do moderate muslims have a responsibility to speak out
4:41 am
against radical islam? let's bring in bobby ghosh, managing editor of "quartz." are moderate muslims speaking out against ice snis. >> they're doing nothing but speaking out against it. if you went on twitter, if you went on facebook people all across the muslim world, but especially in france have been speaking out. sometimes they speak in a language you don't understand it might be french or arabic. but speaking out is what they're doing. >> you hear all sorts of public officials saying they're not going far enough. here's a tweet from rupert murdoch that received a lot of attention. maybe most muslims peaceful. but until they recognize and destroy their growing jihadist cancer they must be helped responsible. do they bear some responsibility for eradicating that cancer. >> i think the most charitable thing i did say about rupert
4:42 am
murdoch's tweet is he mistyped something. how to keep an eye out on their angry young people. how to get better at then reporting any sign of radicalization to the right authorities. there's concern, though that if at a very early stage, if they report to the authorities, the authorities may overreact. there's also a fear nobody fears radical islam more than muslims do. all over the world, muslims are far more likely to be targets of radical islamists than any other community. there is a great discussion taking place, we saw it happen in the uk after the 7-7 bombings from a few years ago, the london underground and bus bombings a similar kind of conversation i have no doubt will take place in france where the community asks itself. these people came from us could we have spotted them before? could we have stopped this thing from happening? >> this speaks exactly to the
4:43 am
next tweet we have from a comedian who says in response to rupert murdoch, rupes, can we get a step-by-step guide? how can my 60-year-old parents in north carolina help destroy terrorist groups? please advise. >> it speaks to what are they supposed to do. speaking out isn't enough. >> it would help to stop paying attention to rupert murdoch that goes beyond saying. beyond that if the community itself is extremely alarmed, they are very conscious of the portrayal of islam that these terrorists are giving off, they are very alarmed about the potential backlash from the wider french and european community against them. so they don't need rupert murdoch to tell them to start -- >> what do they need them to do speaking out isn't enough. you're saying just keep vigilant keep an eye on your community, and keep engaged with local law enforcement? >> not just. but that's a good place to
4:44 am
start. there are questions about when you find young people being radicalized, what is the cause of that? what is the immediate cause of that? we know there's a lot of explanation about economic circumstances, opportunities, slights, perceived and real. but also how do you find the one mosque the one person in the mosque who is actively radicalizing people? how do you go online and find the website or the person using the internet who is reaching out to angry young people and trying to get them to do hideous things? that's a very complex and long-term thing. it's a little hard at a moment like this when we are so angry at what's happened and so distressed and desperately want quick solutions, the sad fact is there are no quick solutions, a solution even a long-term solution has to start somewhere. >> on the flip side this shocking poll that we showed in the intro, a poll from august of
4:45 am
2014 before the attacks, it found that 16% of people in france have a positive attitude towards isis. >> i find that i'm a little skeptical. i'll say, because 16% is almost twice the proportion of muslims in france. if that is accurate that would suggest a very large of nonmuslim france supports isis. i think you need to parse it more closely and find out what about isis there may be one or two aspects of isis that people admire. and then what were the circumstances of the nature of the questions. we've seen in the response to these attacks, from the muslim community in france that there is in fact quite a lot of fear and loathing and repulsion at isis at al qaeda. and i think that is where the conversation begins. >> that makes more sense. bobby ghosh, thanks so much for joining us this morning. did you know it's been nearly 20 years since the o.j.
4:46 am
simpson murder trial? to this day, that verdict, as you know very controversial. ahead, a brand-new cnn special report dissecting the trial and bringing out never before seen details, we'll tell you about it. [container door opening] ♪ what makes it an suv is what you can get into it. ♪ [container door closing] what makes it an nx is what you can get out of it. ♪ introducing the first-ever lexus nx turbo and hybrid. once you go beyond utility there's no going back.
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oil prices are at now just about a six-year lplow. chief business correspondent christine romans is not jumpingçó with joyw3 as she brings "cnn monew'ynow." what did one of your sources tell you? >> this has gone from a good story to bad gase1çó story. good gas prices it's startingx crude oil just about $44 ai] barrel. lowestjf prices since february 2009. remember that the world was in recession. pricese1 fell more than 5% yesterday. they plunged almost 60% since ñi june. one ofxt fastest drops ever. driving prices even lower
4:51 am
overnight, the uae oil minister said opecçó will keep output steady. producers outside of the group should adjust their outputs instead. that's a subt, çó price forecast. warning the supply glut will keep oil prices falling well into next year. so good for drivers, but if you're producing oil, yo/ó& ah energy company, investor it's really getting ugly out there.v >> interesting how the tables turn so quickly in this story. >> i know. u.s. is producing a lot of this stuffer. u.s. is producing more than 8 million barrels of oil. it's a big supply glut and the >> christine, thanks. let's get over to michaela. >> thanksñi so much allyson. the o.j. simpson murder trial, hard to believe it was 20 years ago this month. the trial of the century got underway. a new cnn special report airing tonight presents the t#u
4:52 am
>> how many thumps did you hear? >> .5lutrú3 t what was going happen when you got up there and took the stand? >> no. not at all. it was my first té!! in a courtroom in my entire life and i think i was 35 at the >> kalen, four days on the stand, thrust into the national spotlight.e1 >> i even had co ]ñ up with a thing saying never had a man done so little to be recognized by soxt bamany. >> today's testimony said o.j.'s maid never really liked him. >> she had to work for her room and board. >> why was katook kalen so memorable? >> he was an idiot. >> really? >> he's so full of [ bleep ]. >> that's pretty harsh. >> no we were doing our
4:53 am
deliberations. he was a no brainer. he was an idiot. you could go with or against. null and void. >> i was called so many things. i was called a celebrity, pariah, dummy, freeloader. >> feels like you were pretty much misunderstood for a really long time? >> 100% misunderstood. this was something i took so serious that i was making sure i answeredjf everything correctly so i was in deep thought going, okay answer this right, kato. that was it. if you paused people go he's lying. he'sfá doing this. the furthest thing from the truth. it's forv honest, for me to make sure i karalp phillips is here with us. our investigative correspondent. he's 55 years old now. >> he looks pretty amazing, doesn't he? 20 years ago i'm interviewing all of these people. they became characters. >> he did. >> they became characters. he was abused by the press and by people bute1 he -- 20 years
4:54 am
later he said you know whaté ie1 had to embrace all the criticism that was given to me. >> good for him. >> you know what he did? he started a business. youe1 cannot make this stuff up. kato potato lounge wear. >> you're kidding me? >>lp embrace the inner slacker. >> slacker right on the leg. >> slacker on the leg. you have a pocketé@ for a tv remote on the side. >> oh, my goodness. >> can i tell you -- e1yeah, i know. pety these are for you. >> our inner slacker. >> he's anything but axd slacker. i love you, pety. >> he kind of embraced this thing that he had been viewed as. >>e1lplp right. >> all of these people were in our living rooms. it played oute1 like a living ts. >> o.j.'s attorney here's a little tidbit. they doesn't tell me things 20 years ago. i said alan 20 years later do you believe o.j. did it?
4:55 am
come on tell me. even netanyahu, benjamin netanyahu when he became prime minister wanted to pull him aside and say, did o.j. do it? he said his mother until her 90s, she diedq ine1 2008 called it.ljñ the obueveo.j. case. she didn't want to be associated with him becauseq he was so angry at her son. >> wow. >> she said because he set afá murderer free. >> somee1 of the tidbits that you'll see, the o.j. trial drama of the century, pardon me airs tonight. 9:00i] eastern rightlp here on cnn. thanks so much kyra. give peaty those. allyson? >> t p5j m5[át e1 well thefá search intensifying for possible accomplices in theq three days of terror that gripped paris. senator john mccain says president obama is not doing enough to stop the terrorists at their source in iraq and syria. visit today.
4:56 am
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jf paris amid highest alert amid new terror threats. >> as many as six suspectse may be on the run. >> we have to go after them. >> the bodies of the four victims of the attack on the >> leaders from 40 countries marched with the frenche1 president francois hollande. >> we asked them to stand with us, now they're threatened, we have to stand with them. >> three little girls in just two days. >> somebody remotelyxd decimated depravity.xd
5:00 am
>> good morning. welcomext tuesday january 13th. allyson and michaela pereira and chris cuomo here. a new report saysw3 as many as six possible5a accomplices in the paris attacks are on the loose and at large. all of them could be members of the sleeper cell that carried out those attacks. now an al qaeda off shoot in north africae1 is warning france will pay the cost of its violence on muslim countries. >> and the voice that the attackers tried to suppress is about to roar again. 3 million copies of "charlie hebdo" hitting news stands tomorrow. the surviving staff members putting the finishing touches on this historic highly anticipatedw3 edition. cnn has every angle of this fast t7áeloping story covered beginning with john berman live from paris. what's the latest joññ >> reporter: good cmorning, alisyn. you mentioned there were fears there could be up to six
5:01 am
accomplices six members of the cell still on the loose here in france. the number is not onee1 that we have confirmed, but that's noth french officials made clear they do believe that thew3 kouachi brothers, that amedy coulibaly, that they each may@igve had accomplices involved in the w3 financing. security officials tell me thktñ that is one of theok reasons that they have under their security here so much with 10,000 troops and 8,000 police force, because they just can't be sure if there isw othere1b. attack in the war. france on its highest alert this aqim al qaeda in the islamic magreb released a statement reading in partok as long as its lame media continues to undermine our prophetxd muhammad france will exposet( itself to the worst and more.
5:02 am
on the ground a continuous show of force. 10,000 french soldiers and 8,000 police on patrol across the country. this while thee1ñi associated press reports up to six terror suspects involved in last week's terror rampage may stillt( be at large. spokesmen for both the paris prosecutor's office and the french national police expressed surprise at that report that cites unnamed french police. >> all of our security forces and intelligence are now focused to track this guy and now it's a race against the clock. >> the search continues for the one confirmed gerald friend muchñi kosher grocery storeg coulibaly. new surveillance captures hayatñr boumeddiene at turkish passport control after arriving from madrid five days before the paris attack.+- unconfirmed tweets
5:03 am
from jihadist tweets show boumeddienew3 is in isis controlled territory in syria. meanwhile, asw3 survivors heal tales emerge from the three days of terror that left 17 people dead. this man, a store clerk, hid hostages, including a 2-year-old child in the freezer during the siege on the kosher market possibly saving their lives.e1 and the magazine "charlie hebdo" with surviving cartoonists undeterred will publish at least 1 million copies of a brand-newe1 issue hitting stands a week after their editorial meeting was so viciouslye1 attacked. j hsuch hasrbeen made of who did not attend the big unity rally here on sunday. the fact the united states did not send a high level delegate.u the white house now says ite1 regrets that decision. a couple hours ago i had a chance to speak to the u.s.
5:04 am
ambassador to france jane hartley. she came here to lay ae1 wreath at this ongoing memorial to tsnt( "charlie hebdo." i asked her if she had been directed to issue a new message of regret to the french government that the united states did?;not send)q a higher level jfofficial.u- she said,e1 no. as far as she's concerned, this situation atht this point is over. ine1 a teae1 pot. others say wildly tone deaf. the debate continues, john. thanks so much for that update. meanwhile, the fbi is investigating cyber breach byi] cyber.?huattackers. they posted messages threatening u.s. military personnel and isis propaganda videos on thexd twitter and youtube sites. cnn's barbara starr is live at the pentagon with more. how did thisjf happen barbara? >> reporter: good morning, fái] alisyn. those were hosted on the commercial servers not on the
5:05 am
pentagon's secure system. nonetheless, the pentagon obviously concerned that isis or at least isis supporters could again be trying to target the u.s. on social media. isis is already here. we are in your pcs, in each military base. the high tech central command account reads. the cyber caliphate continues its cyberw3fá jihad. the posts continue. bute1 is this group the cyber caliphate really isis? >> the goal is to cause f eact to it. >> reporter: the tweets threaten u.s. troops and their families. t$bv post names and addresses of u.s. militaryçó officials and documents related to north korea and china. american soldiers we are coming. watch your back. we know everything about you, your wives, your children the hackers warn. the cyber attack comes as isis
5:06 am
has. >> maria: leased a individual-- re released a video. the pentagon says so far iti] does not appear anything classifiedfá was postedçó and one u.s. mil ary official said some of the information has already appeared online elsewhere.xd @&hc% >> i can tell you thise1 is something that we're obviously looking into and something that we take seriously. however, i just -- a note of caution to folks as they're covering this story, pretty significant difference between what is a -- a large data breach and the hacking of a twitter account. >> reporter: the fbi is assisting theeó.s military with the investigation of the hacking of both its twitter and youtube accounts. and all of this comes as isis in the wake of thñl paris attack is also findingq itself targeted online. thefá hacker group anonymous says it's targetingq isis. >> what's more concerning is not
5:07 am
what they stole and posted, but what they might have stolen and what they might be able to steal in the future. >> reporter: this comes at a veryt( awkward time for the white house because yesterday as this was happeninge1 the white house was pushing for more cyber xd security. in factu.x on the president's own twitter account a message was posted, if we're going to stay connected, we need to be protected. thei] p er vandalism. chris. >> theye1 haven't put it in place yet. thank you for the report. let's bring in republican senator john mccain chairman of the armed servicese1 committ?qp'd member of the homeland security committee committee. senator, thank you for joining us. congratulations on the new post you are holding in the u.s. government.4 - let's address some of the issues that fall squarely in your purview. what we saw with thefá centcom, not centcom beingok hacked not the most sensitive data but
5:08 am
anything along the lines of getting to the social media accounts something that should be concerned. do you believe 2( u.s. is prepared to handle thise1 cyber threat? >> we're not, chris. bye1 thew3 way,e1e1 yes, they were not hacking into our most sensitive and secretiveok channels of communication, but you'veok got to admit it's embarrassing. it's embarrassing when the official armed services is hacked into it.e1 it's ae1 propaganda coup. it's an embarrassment. we have to have legislation.ño y other issue i've been engaged in.e1 i'me1 glad to see that the administration is finally going to come forward with their outline and proposal for legislative action. i will be having and am having
5:09 am
activee1e1 meetings with people like richard e1lpburr senator corker the foreign relations committee and our democrat friends, and i ame1 -- i am guardedly optimistic we can come up with legislation that we can work with the administration on, but there's a tension though between the right of privacy and thes fort( national security. that and also the liability issue. both of those issues frankly, have not been resolved but we have to.e1 andñr i'm glad the administration is com)'orward with a proposal. >> another issue on the agenda that involved the administration. not goingok to the paris march. the white houset( now says it was a mistake. how do you perceive it? >> of course it was a mistake, but it's also symptomatic of this president's lack ofr connection with other world leaders, with hise1 understanding of the importanceçó of this issue worldwide. look we are in serioqcape. three major mistakes that have been made one is that we
5:10 am
abandoned iraqok for all intents and purposes byxd not leaving a residual force behind. failure to help the free syrian army and now we see libya descending into chaos because once they got rid ofe1 gadhafi wee1 washed our hands of it. the moral of the story is leading from behind doesn't e1 work. >> two things as a response to wh!) e any thoughts to going to the paris march. >> i was not approached and i would havee1 been glad to have gone if i had been invited, but i think i had to be invited. >> okay. >> as much as i -- chris, as much as i want to be president, i don't think i can act like it. >> senator, you know what they say, fake it until you make it. show up there, who knows where it will lead. i'll take you on that point. let's talk about this oth"n çóone. you point out libya, iraq syria but isn't it a fair push back on that that you can pick 20 different countries now, there's so many totalitarian
5:11 am
states that are oppressing their people and, therefore, becoming susceptible to the kind of extremism and islamism that we're seeing result in terrorism. is that fair to say that just because of iraq just because of libya, just because of syria we're seeing what we just saw in paris? >> well i think take a look at the map. where's the8h geography? syria and iraq is the caliphate, the areae1 larger than the state of indiana which is the basisi] for these acts of terror and thee1 training. the director of british intelligence has said that they are planning attacks on the west andñi the united states of america so the geography indicates the absolute importance of iraq and syria. and, by the way, we have no strategy with which to degrade and defeat isis. the president may say it but there is no one in the entire administration who may articulate anything approaching it.
5:12 am
we've been bombt(oking kobani for months now. think of what that means under thisv0vqáq't nonstrategy. unable to take mosul,çó a city of a million people. there's no strategy. we're going to pay a heavy price for it. we already are. we're going to lose afghanistan as well, by the way, if we stick with a condition with a calendar based withdrawal and not conditions based, youe1 will see the same movie in afghanistan i'm sorry to say. >> butçó is that avoidable? is there a strategy that would have had us in a different place in a meaningful way than we are today? do you really believe wiat? >> not only do i believe it but bob gates, the former secretary of defense, leon panetta, former secretary of defense, ryan e1 crocker, our best ambassador all of them also believe that it was huge ifçó we had left a stabilizing force behind after tbe 3npfice of some 4,000 brave young camericans, we let all that go to hell in a handñi basket. >> so whati] do you do now that
5:13 am
you think would make a marked difference in the ability to combat like what we just saw in i] paris? y+# guys are on the u.s. no fly xdq list. the french knew about them. just at( couple of guys still have the ability to do so much damage. can you really stop that with a2xñ strategy? >> well iu am sure that you can.'ot only can but must. by the way, these guys were trained in yemen. that's thexd same place the president called an american success story. we have to have a no fly zone in syria. we have to treat syria and iraq as the same. we have to train the freeó[ syrian army.t( we have to have a row bust training capabilities for the iraqis, their morale is shattered. the iraqi military. and most of all we have to commit to really defeating isis and having a strategy to5a do so. that means more americans on the
5:14 am
ground, not large combat troops but a lot more americans on the ground to provide the capabilities thatt( frankly the iraqis don't have and there is a total absence of them in syria. >> the last part of that senator mccain, will probably prove the most challenging, how ñf you can fight these fights without the best fighters in the world on the ground. we know the americansfá resolve isn't there right now in terms of seeing more people at risk but it's going to be hard to see any strategy that gets into place that's effective without it. againe1 congratulations on your new post. i look forward to speaking with you on the show about these issues. they're only more. certainly not getting fewer. thank you, senator mccain. >> thank you. andfá condolences onp,the passage of a truly great american of your dad. >> thank you very much senator mccain.lp my father was a fan of yours. me, not so much. than&=uvery much. over to you. >> luckily we love you here, chris. let's take a look at moreok of your headlines. 14 minutes past the hour. four jewish men killed at the hands of an islamic terrorist.
5:15 am
thousands laid to rest. thousands attended joint funeralsñr in jerusalem. statements by benjamin netanyahu. the u.s. said we need to wipe out anti-semitism on the rides. 5a breaking overni&s. reports of the fuselage has been found. that's where most of the victimsfá are believed to be. the second black box has now been pultbñfrom thexd java sea. it is expected to help investigators figure out w457d in the crash. the new york cityq clinic where joan rivers suffered a fatal comp=99ñl they'reñr losing their federal funding and accreditation. they continue to work with all regulatory bodies and suggested it may appeal. got to show you this pretty frightening lpvideo.
5:16 am
a xd9-year-old boy holding on for dear life at a pennsylvaniaxd ski area. he fell 20 feet to the ground. yú!qñ unremarkable is this kiddo apparently injured one of his legs but otherwiu÷ he is expected to be just fine.e1çó it's unclear if he slid out of the chair, if it malfunctioned. some reports say he lifted the safety bar. right now the focus is on him beinge1 okay and getting a speedy recovery. >> thank god there was snow underneath them. that's one of the big nightmares when you're skiing. >> yeah. >> especially with kids. such a source oft( paranoia. >> you always fear that's going to happen but i've never seen that happen. >> thanks so much for çóthat. many arab governments and groups denouncing the terrorist attacks. are theyfá doing e1enough? aaron davisñi e1e1says :dly terroristxd shouded thatón
5:17 am
"charlie hebdo" was dead. well, as it turks out the terrorists are dead and "charlie hebdo" lives on. the first issue sings the attack is about to]-:come out and thee1 cover is bound to make headlines. we'll tell you about it.
5:18 am
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5:19 am
5:20 am
following thee1 paris attacks there's been sympathy for moderate muslims and anger towards them for not taking a firmer stand against terror. many muslim leaders are speaking out, but some say that does not go farw3 enough. let's bring in aaron david miller. the vice president of new initiative at the woodrow wilson center. a former advisor tojf six secretaries of state. mr. miller great to have you with us. you wrote a fascinating piece for and you write, we are letting moderate muslims off the hook right now. >> well it's a broader point. i'm arguing that jihad did ie1e1e1e1
5:21 am
radicalismlp is a response to an angry dysfunctional part of the world. while the statements are important and we need to encourage the arab league cairo, arab governments continue to condemn this sort of radicalism and promote freedom of expression. yw)urj really not going to answer the mail. you've got a perfect storm emerging i]here. you've got ungoverned spaces in iraq syria,e1 lebanon and where they can thrive and recruit. you have bad and dysfunctional governance in places like saudi araé)! and even egypt where islamist offenders are oppressed even in the violent nature which is understandable but co-opted. you have the saudi family being undermined and being expressed around the world.
5:22 am
the saudis are co-opting even while they're trying to oppress. you have a growing e1sunni/shia proxy ware1 between sunnis and shiias. all of these factors are creating the kind of challenge that simply is not going to be addressed over by anything short of i woulde1 çóargue, a fundamental reformation within islam and within arab politics and that's a longok movie that no guarantee it's even -- that the trend lines are even moving in that direction. >> well and yet, mr. miller doesn't it nt than previous attacks? i mean all sorts of e1people voices you don't normally hear from have come out from this. we've heard the leader of hezbollah, the prayer leader says islam does not approve of killing innocent people in
5:23 am
paris. mahmoud abbas lockedeq$p)ms with angela merkel and marched through the streets in paris. the president of egypt has called this repugnant. do you want them to do more or is this the start of that trend line you're talking about? >> i i]mean you would hope this is the beginning of a trend line but, look, çó9/11 and the world stood with america in
5:24 am
respects, again, to be modern literally means to have the capacity to be offended. to be modern means to allow the forces of creativity and ingenuity to flourish. to be modernq he 24 countries in the world today the most restrictive countries withi] respect to religious freedom, the expression of religious freedom 19 of them have muslim majorities. againu/i'm notxd arguing that é@u1.6 billion muslims in this world are somehow jihadi radicals they're not. or that islam is somehow by nature a violent religion. it's not. we have a major problem r and while these statements are extremely important and they're to be welcomed and you can hope that this will provide a transformative moment i'm not at all sure of it. >> so where do we begin?e1
5:25 am
>> you know as an american i begin with looking for a smart and effective policy. first protecting the continental security of the united states and try to contain jihadi rd(p& e1ta$ñs. second, working with our partners and our allies. in europe and in the middle u- east. but we've seen the limitations of an american transformative strategy in iraq. you've seen the restrictions and limitations of trying-9 to literally reform and try to modernize an entire country. you cannot do it. this is not something to be done by western5j,9ñ it is not somet8to be done by americans. after all, we are attacked routinely by jihad did is so prominently in the jihad did i narrative. this ise1 a muslim responsibility. michael jackson argued in "man of the mirror" that if you want to make añi change, the place to
5:26 am
start is looking in the mirror.fá that's what needs to fáhappen. it's a long movie and the trend lines now may be better as a consequence of world unity, what happened in france but i think we've got a long long way to go. >> aaron david miller thanks so much for being on "new day." >> pleasure. >> let's goñrxdfá over to chris. >> all çóright, alisyn. france is proving it will not bow in the face of fear. "charlie hq$ujr is ready to release its new edition and it's not backing off one bit. we'll tell you why and what they have planned. ny grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪
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all right. here we go the five things you need to know for your "new day." number one, french police are looking for up to six accomplices in the paris q bdo" are preparing to release a new edition of that magazine tomorrow. reports out of indoenesia say crews appear to have found@átz fuselage. the cockpit recorder has been pulled from the water. the twitter and u.s. accounts of u.s.t( central command have been hacked. no classified information has been obtained.e1
5:31 am
no military networks wereñi compromised either. president obama ws"& host congressional leaders from both parties at the white house today. on monday he told the new republican-ledj8 eto their top oklegislation. college footbw,jñr bragging rights nowi] belong to ohio state. the buckeyese1 routed oregon 42-20 to win the first ever college football playoff national championship. we do update thoserfive things visit the new edition of "charlie hebdo" is about to hit news stands even afteri] the massacre of the magazine's editorial staff. defiant survivi ñ colleagues publishingw3 a record 3 million copies. on the covere1 the prophet charlie below saying alle1 is forgiven. we're joined for more on this historic xdissue. it'sok incredible what they've been able to pull off in the past week, brian.
5:32 am
>> reporter: it r you know they lost soe1 many staff members.e1é- other editorial staff members as well but they were able to come together stewarting ingstartingewon friday in a series of editorial meetings figuring out what to put in the eight-page magazines. it was printed overnight and it is being delivered e have brought their favorite covers of the magazine and put them up at the tribute to continue to get people here gathering. now they're going to have another cover to add to the list muhammad with the message, all is forgotten, which is of course open to interpretation, that cover is definitely provocative. the magazine is triumphantly coming out again releasing issues one week after the attacks here. they are being provocative and
5:33 am
many u.s. media outlets, including cnn, are choosing not to show the cover because it is offensive to some muslims. c@9 >> brian, is that right? because you classify it asq provocative, butq it's certainlye1 not the pornographic or obscene, any sorts of types ofjf cover that we've seen in the past. it's pretty poignant. why not show the cover in the u.s.? >> reporter: you raise an cp#mportant point. some of the cartoons that have been published in the past are vile. some of them are pornographic, as you said. this one is notr( but anyi] depiction of muhammad is considered to be taboo amongok many in adherence to islam. not all muslimst( feel that way. many do. welp have seenq scattered violence related to depictions of the prophet of muhammad. here at one of the former offices four years ago there was an arson attempt when they were preparing to publish an image of the prophet of muhammad. we saw over the weekend a
5:34 am
firebombing at the german newspaper who,rrepublished one of these. there are safetyq issues to consider on the one hand and sensitivity issues to conside. that's what cnn and others are considering. we have seen the wash1n ton post "the new york post" and some otherlp american outlets go ahead and show the new cover. we've seen many french media outlets ra g topic. brian thanks so much. cnn's impact your world is?; utilizing resources to support those impacted by the attacks in paris. for more go toñ young girls used as suicide bombers. now as a result bodies are literall:oç littering the 3)oáu of a majort( nigerian town?3 we keep telling you about boko haram. they are operating almost unchecked, it seems. can anything be done to slow them down? should the west be more involved? plus no child left behind. the secretary of education wants
5:35 am
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the world is slowly but surely sadly getting acquainted with the barbaricxd tactics of boko haram. over the weekend they reported,vt usede1 girlsxd asfá young as 10 forçó human okbombs. this attack in baga a town on the border which may have killed thousands of people what can be done to stop this terrorist group and how much help should come from the west? want to put this question to senior international correspondent nic robertson and retired army general major i] generalq pardon me james mark is executive dean at the university of( information, i understand, from that smallfá town. the fact that some 2,000 people were killed yet the nigerian e1 army the military there, the defense minister calling those reportsxd exaggerated and givingr
5:40 am
push back. why? help us understand that.xd >> reporter: well we're coming up to elections here so this is a bad news story for the government because the implication is that once you have the army check post overrun that and hundreds of thousands of people burned out of their homes, 30,000 people forced to flee the government's influence and control has gone in that town so how can you have fwree and fair elections. so it's bad news for the government if boko haram is really seen to be getting stronger and taking more territory from them. people will think, okay we need a different government. so i think perhaps this is a sense of why we're getting some push back. the armye1 does say it has photographic surveillance evidence of the lower death toll but they haven't madeñiq that public.çó >> spider this is something that's gotten a lot of attention on twitter. they're saying, wait, where's
5:41 am
the outrage for what's going on in nigeria. we ld leaders gathering there to stand in solidarity with paris. of nigeria? help us understand the difference here and maybe why we're not hearing the same level of outrage ore1 is there a reason? >> yeah. good morning, michaela. yeah the issueq is the stark difference as world leaders very prominent linking arms walking in completexs in and outrage against what happened in paris vis-a-vis what we see in nigeria, which is truly not -- ite1 should n sur0á5ju)j look what's happening inçóe1 nigeria is barbarous. the united states could do anything it needs to do to root out boko haram.
5:42 am
it would be a long-term effort but it could be done. the united statese1 lass the capehas the capability. >> why not? >> it's not a priority. that's the problem. we are committed elsewhere in the world. black west africa is not axdok priority. very stark. very hard to say, but that's the if we were to see bokoxd haram appear in some other region of the world, white africa which is north africa or in the mid east in some way, we would be alarmed, but it's a regional issue. it recruits regionally. there's a limitless supply of radicalsehjn that part of the world that are willingo doçó [ n self-contain, doesn't have an ability to metastasize or expand elsewhere frankly, sadly, we're okay with it. >> that's where the issue is because this one town or this one city of bag! is rightrósjjt the border with chad.
5:43 am
nic, i want to bring youñi back in. there is a real concern. the president sent his sympathies toe1 paris yet he said nary a word what happened in that borderlp town where there was a slaughter of some reports of xd 2,000 people. this is radical terrorism seemingly unfettered. >> reporter:qçó unfettered and unmetastasizeing for that reason. we've heard that from the archbishop here an influential figuree1 saying exactly that. look, here you have boko haram in my gear yeah they've struck across the border in cam maroon. they are in chad and to tunisia. this is a growing more thanñi regional threat reaching into north africa. when did boko haram get moree1 weapons? whent i was in niger which borders the south of libya at that time afterwards when theñi weapons were
5:44 am
flowing through. helicopters were dismantled on the backs of trucks being taken out ofok military bases in libya taken to niger tookt( nigeria. they got their hands on a massive haul of weapons. boko haramxd is growing ate1 the moment and right now niger, nigeria chad and cameroon. it'sñi connected through niger to xd ma"/w3 al qaeda is in mali and connected to libya where it got the weapons. when the weapons go south, the ideology go north.u- they'rew3 getting stronger in the east of libya.ko- you know, it's almost endless across the north of africa. so, yes, that is ae1e1 metastasizing threat here that will over time if not thwarted at least underpin theok al qaeda threatñr and the isis threat that's brewing in northe1 africa which then threatens europe just across theok mediterranean. not just weapons, not just
5:45 am
terrorism, but an outflow of migrants which is destabilizing europe. ÷ spider marks. i think it's important to note that this word we keep using,e1 metastasize, it$ like a cancer. it has to be routed out. again, the5a threat seems to beñ1 growing. thanks to both of you. >> thankst( michaela. 5aó[nb education secretary earnrnie duncan ready tow3 revamp the no child left behind legislation. we are speaking with him next.
5:46 am
5:47 am
5:48 am
5:49 am
always been a bipartisan cog and it must continue to be that. we all need to work together to ensuret( that education fulfills its great promise as the great equalizerxd for our children. >> secretary of education arne duncan speaking about plans to scrapok president george w. bush's education law, no child left behind. he's pushing for expanded access toxg÷ preschool,ncreased testing and funding. it could set up a whole new war with the gop. there are plenty other points of push back. here's the secretary now, arne duncan. thank you very mucfnu obviously community college is a big part of this also andt( we want to talk about all of it but before we test your ideas, secretary let's blame everybody else. this law has been up forms &hc vision since 2007. they cannot find a compromise in
5:50 am
d.c. for all the promises and priorities that all politicians put on education.fx different?re25 thanks so much for having ñime chris. obviously congress has been açó little bit dysfunction olal for a while now. education has to be bipartisan.e1 and republicans and democrats. what my wife and i want for our kids is to have our childrene1 havei=$p((qáj to a great education. we should all work together. that starts witht( high quality early learning. includes more resources on the k-12 side and make sure that students have access to high expectations so if they work hard and they graduate from hightqt) á(rj they'reñi truly ready for college and career ready. you talked about the president pushing so hard to make sure thatñi young people have access to community college if they want that. ve have to educate our waye1 to a better economy and we have to make sure that every single child in this nation has access to a well-rounded world class education. >> nobody's going to disagree with that. it will all be about how it getst( done how we pay for it and how e1
5:51 am
much. and i think most parents out there would agree that the politicianse1 deserve an "f" in terms of their ability to come pro plies on this issue.e1 let's look at the youngest and move through the option sz. pre-k. folks say that's expensive. we don't know for sure that they get any curriculum value ate1xd that age. you say, no it matters, maybe matters most of all. why? >> that's exactly e1right, chris. investing in early learning education, preschool is the best investment we as a nation can make. there have been long-term studies, 30, 40-year studies that show for everyqç"u we invest in highçó quality early learning, we as a nation, we ase/q a taxpayer get back ñi$7. less incarceration, less teenage p)bv: ess dropping out of high school more going on to college and more going onto the world of work. that's the best investment we can make. ultimately education is an investment, not an qexpense.
5:52 am
we have to stop playing catchup. children starte1 kindergarten a year to 16 months behind. that's not fair to them to their class maids to theirñi teachers. the best thing we can do is to invest in high quality early learning opportunities. we want to significantly expand that to families that want it across thee1e1 country. >> two more points. the first one standardized testing in grades 3 through 8 and once in highe1 ?.á(rjs well. people don't like that. common core has become a real divisive issue. you've got u.s. rep mark bacano democrat from california former schoolok teacher. he says among otherthings study after study has shown students learn the most when they are taught in a multitude of ways. standardized testing takes away from important learning methods and encourages teachers to teach to the test. you disagree, why? what i said yesterda,1e1e1 in my
5:53 am
speech we think in many places cí . >> you want standardized ok testing? >> we think students should bei] evaluated annually. we think every single year it's veryñi important for parents to know how good their children are doing, whether they're making progreswd'r not, whether they're learning. the goal to great teaching is not just to teach is to hav] students learn. where there is too much testing we're challenging congress to say to states let's set some real limits on how much testing is goingçó on where there's too much testing, too much teaching to the test too much test prep. that's a real problem. i addressw3e1 that very directly yesterday. >> community college. the push back on that issue is that one, we don't know that college is even the right way to get into the job force anymore and if you make it too easye1 for people to get into college, you wind up getting the wrong people go in who don't want to work for it ñrenough. if all these other kids are struggling and they don't qualify,w3 the wrong kids qualify, those are the typical pointse1 of push back. your response. >> i fundamentally disagree.
5:54 am
we, again, have toñi educate our way to a bett( the days in which you could graduate from high school and get a high wage job that ) today. to have young people have access to a community college whether they're 28-year-old,s 38-year-olds, 50-year-olds coming back to retrain, retool, remanaging jobs high tech jobs jobs that relate to the health care xdarea advanced çó manufacturing. when i visit community colleges i'velpq been to dozens around the country,e1 those are some of the people across the spectrum coming back to school to gain the skills to enter the middle class. we need to support those effortséjá- and support the partnerships between community colleges and local industry. many community colleges today are becoming regional economic engines. they're driving economic activity. creating jobs in their communities. we have to support that. we want to keep great jobs in our communities and ultimately
5:55 am
in our nations. >> secretary, my only advice for you is that you should go on aok shame campaign with congress to get them to act. "new day" will help. cnn will help. we wishok you good luck secretary duncan. you're going to have a lot oft( challenges in front of you, but the biggest one is to get washington to do anything. >> i'll take you up on that office. thank you very much. >> you've got it secretary. thank you very much. the rapper menm known for his controversial lyrics today he's known as the good stuff. we'll tell you how that works straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪e1
5:56 am
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start shopping from a list of top-rated providers today. angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. visit today. pp- good stuff. let's get someone's attention. eminem. the way gauge has been fighting cancer is such an inspiration. take a listen. >> he never had any sad or mad spirits about it. he was so fápositive. that kept us positive. >> he's never negative about anything and that's one thing
6:00 am
that really stood out. >> that's why his friends, they're a ru e fan of his and they knowkz1:pt he is a huge fan of eminem. they wantede1 to bring gauge to eminem's attention.çóçó eminem visits gauge over the e1 weekend. he didn't want any of you to know about it. the friends couldn't hel:1 themselves. they wound up talking about it. eminemçó spent an hour with the k$e, lifted his spirits and helped him when he needed it. >> that's wonderful. >> we love emmy them.inememinem. >> thanks so much. have a great day. "newsroom" starts now.i]lpñi >> t


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