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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  January 13, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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terror alert in france. overnight, new threats from al qaeda. the country not taking any chances. deploying thousands of troops to protect jewish schools and institutions. investigators hunting for terrorists on the run. this happening as the world mourns and says good-bye to several victims of the deadly attacks. we are live with the development this morning. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. nice to see you. >> i'm john berman live in paris this morning. it is tuesday, january 13th. it is 5:00 in the east in the united states. france is at its highest terror alert level. 10,000 soldiers 8,000 police officers and 4,000 just to protect jewish institutions and synagogues and schools.
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they are determined to stop another attack like the three that overtook the city and left 17 people dead last week. there are concerns reportedly this morning that the french police say there could be an active terror cell. the associated press says there are several members here that the police are concerned about still at large. overnight, there was a new threat against france from the north africa branch. they posted on the internet today, france pays the cost. the coalition fighting isis. they mention what they call lame media undermining our prophet. the terrorists initial target "charlie hebdo" has not been stopped. the surviving members of the publication have a new issue ready to go this morning. once again, the prophet muhammad is on the cover. just moments ago, at the location where i'm standing which has become the organic growing memorial to those killed
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at "charlie hebdo" they had a visit from the u.s. ambassador to france. she came to pay respects to lay thing wreath. i had a chance to ask her about the controversy that has been brewing in the united states and here about the fact the united states did not send a higher level official to attend that unity rally. she discussed it with me. >> you know i marched and i spoke to president hollande right before the march. he was so positive about the u.s. and about our president going over to the french embassy and thanked us for everything that we had done. i had been in contact with them through the days. they know our support. i did not get into the logistics. i did march behind him. it was moving to see the french government march arm in arm. >> the white house press secretary josh ernest says the white house regrets not sending
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a higher level official. the ambassador has not been asked to send that message of regret. she will leave it. joining me to talk about all of the details and investigative developments our european correspondent jim bittermann. jim, you noticed what was surrounding her. >> reporter: before she arrived, the police tensed up. they put on their bulletproof vests. these are the thick vests that can stop kalashnikov vests. she arrived in an armored vehicle. security everywhere. they are worried about something happening. >> of course there is a somber ceremony going on right now here in paris. remembering the three police officers killed over the three days of terror.
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>> reporter: exactly. president hollande traveling to the central police headquarters here in paris. three killed two at "charlie hebdo" and the other, the young police woman, 26-year-old, shot dead by coulibaly early in the morning on thursday. that ceremony is going on right now as the prime minister who is with the president there. they are going to present to the three police officers posthumously the highest honor that france can accord. >> as they honor and remember the officers killed the men and women, the police here in france being asked to do more than they have ever been asked to do before to about the the terror. >> reporter: one of the things is and i talked to some of them they feel like targets because al qaeda and the yemen cells. they have said specifically to attack agents and police and
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agents of authority. as a consequence, the police are worried about this. they have been asking. we have heard them locally asking for more and better weapons and modern weapons and much more intelligence. they are asking for more in the way of investigative powers including phone tapping and internet research and that sort of thing. we want to try to head off further attacks. >> there are genuine questions among some of the security apparatus and if they are prepared to be targets and if they are prepared to be on the frontlines of terror. >> reporter: just behind the president there, you saw the interior minister who is the man, the point man. it is all falling on his shoulders. he has been out front of this over the last few days. he will have a lot of responsibility here because if there is any further attacks, it will fall on his shoulders. >> that ceremony going on just
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now. president hollande honoring the three members who were killed last week in the three days of terror here. a beautiful, moving ceremony. jim bittermann thank you so much. as this moment to honor is ongoing before our eyes this morning, there are new questions about the investigation and about the people who carried out the attacks and the specific question about whether more people were involved. three of the terrorists behind the attacks, the kouachi brothers and coulibaly, they are dead. one more suspect, hayat boumeddiene, she is on the run. she is believed to be in syria right now. the french prime minister said the terrorists could not have done all of this without help. officials believe there could be more people here in france still
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operating. people who aided the terrorists at the operational level and financial level. information in to cnn now that two of the men, kouachi brothers and coulibaly met with a man who was a key al qaeda recruiter in europe. a man in and out of french prisons and they don't know where he is right now. let's bring in cnn's erin mclaughlin. she is in the paris bureau. erin good morning. >> reporter: good morning, john. that's right. authorities here in france say they are looking for accomplices. the french prime minister say they are doing everything they can to dismantle what appears to be a larger network. he said they made arrests last week. there may be more in the future. meanwhile, there is a new surveillance footage out of turkey from the istanbul airport dated january 2nd. five days before the "charlie hebdo" attacks. it shows 26-year-old fugitive
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hayat boumeddiene, the girlfriend of the kosher market attacker passing through the airport with a man at the time. authorities unknown without information from the french they flagged her for surveillance and tracked her all the way to the turkish syrian border. it is believed she passed through the border last week. her whereabouts are unknown now. speculation she may be with isis. if that is the case it is difficult to bring her to justice. there are concerns about her potential propaganda value as well. the focus here in france very much on determining any connections these perpetrators may have to larger terror networks. we know the kouachi brothers, one of the kouachi brothers trained with an al qaeda affiliate in 2011 in yemen. we saw the video from the grave
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of amedy coulibaly, the kosher market attacker pledging allegiance to isis. the issue is getting to the bottom of the affiliations. john. >> all right. erin mclaughlin following the investigation for us. the press is reporting a french citizen has been arrested in bulgaria today, perhaps connected to some kind of terror operation as well. we will follow-up any leads on that. happening right now, the bodies of four french jews the four french jews killed in the attacks here of the paris kosher supermarket, are set to be buried in a joint funeral that has now just begun. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu agreed to a request to the victims families they agreed to be buried in the holy city. we have cnn's atika shubert with the ceremony that just begun. good morning, atika. >> reporter: good morning, john.
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the victims have been brought to the funeral. you can see them laid out in front there. the ceremony has just begun. we have heard from the chief rabbi here and he said a small prayer from the book of psalms. we expect to see now as part of the ceremony a rending of clothes. this is a jewish tradition of mourning. to show the mourning by ripping part of the clothing. it is part of the funeral ceremony as we see it today. afterwards we will see the family members lighting a candle for each of the victims. you can probably see there are four torches. those will be lit by a member of the families. we also expect to hear from prime minister benjamin netanyahu and the israeli president. this is a state funeral for civilians. very unusual. we will hear the national anthem
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at the end of the funeral and then the families will then proceed to the site where the victims will be buried. again, this is unusual to see a state funeral like this for civilians, but it was granted by the prime minister at the president president's request by the families. >> a moving ceremony finishing up honoring the three police officers killed in the attack. truly an international period to remember those lost in this city. christine, back to you in new york. thank you, john for that. "charlie hebdo" is ready to put out a new issue tomorrow. editors released the cover overnight. it shows the cartoon of the prophet muhammad with the sign "je suis charlie." the illustration includes the words all is forgiven. cnn and others have chosen not to show any of the cartoons of
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"charlie hebdo" with prophet muhammad on the cover. it will be half of the usual 16 pages. circulation will be about 3 million copies. they published the issue with the help of rival publications. we are covering the latest on the terror attacks all morning long but first, the search for airasia flight 8501. both black boxes out of the water as the divers find the main wreckage of the plane. one person killed and dozens more hospitalized as smoke fills a d.c. subway. that terrifying story next. you pay for you data every month. so why does your carrier take back what you don't use? it's your data. now at t-mobile, all your unused data rolls forward to the next month. and we'll even get you started with 10gb of free 4g lte data.
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office depot & officemax. gear up for great. happening now, france remains on edge this morning at the highest level of alert following the terror that left 17 dead. 10,000 troops and 8,000 police on the streets. moments ago, the u.s. ambassador to france left a wreath at the headquarters of "charlie hebdo." french officials believe the terror cells are still active. the new issue of the magazine the attackers tried to stop is on the way to news stands across france with a cartoon of the prophet muhammad on its cover with the words all is forgiven. turning now to breaking news from the bottom of the java sea. divers recover the second black
2:16 am
box from airasia flight 8501. the cockpit voice recorder buried beneath a mangled wing and there is new word the plane's fuselage has been found, but not by divers. david molko tracking information from jakarta, indonesia. >> reporter: christine, new information coming in to us. we have been talking about the past couple of hours an indonesian search and rescue official at the helm of the efforts on the other side of the java sea where the planes and ships are based. he is now walking back some of what he told us earlier. he said initially divers found the fuselage. the main wreckage on location northeast of the tail. this gentleman, mr. cipriati now saying it is a ship that has found the main body through scanning but the ship has not reported to me the latest progress such as reports that divers went down to the sea. now he is walking it back saying it is not divers but the scan
2:17 am
of a ship. he cannot confirm he has seen anything with his own eyes either. christine, we are trying to be as up front about the information we are getting from officials here. extreme sensitivity around the fuselage because that is where the bodies of those on board the flight more than 100, expected to be still with that wreckage. families of course still asking and saying do not forget us. search and rescue officials promised they will continue the effort until everybody on board is brought home and returned to families. christine, the headline is the search and rescue official said divers spotted the fuselage. walking that back and say it may have been a ship that picked up the fuselage. we will follow-up with him and other officials to get clarification on this very important development here. christine christine. >> thank you. the families hanging on the question. they will start to put together the pieces of what happened in that plane and what was going on in the cockpit.
2:18 am
david, thank you for that update. 18 minutes past the hour. isis is claiming responsibility for a troubling cyber attack that took over the twitter and youtube accounts of the u.s. military central command. officials immediately suspended both sites and scrambling to determine who is behind the breach. our correspondent barbara starr has more. >> reporter: christine, the pentagon is making the point that whoever conducted the hack attack against the central command twitter and youtube sites had no access to classified information by doing that attack. those accounts reside on commercial servers and the pentagon's classified systems remain highly secure. or at least the pentagon hopes so. the messages were disturbing. many of them aimed at u.s. military troops. one of them saying american soldiers we are coming watch your back. we know everything about you. your wives, your children.
2:19 am
another round of threats from people who claim to be associated with isis. there were also documents posted online. none of them marked classified. one marked for official use only. still, it had information about the locations and addresses and phone numbers of key military personnel. it is a concern. what officials say the bottom line is right now in today's world, once again, warning the troops just like the rest of us to be very careful about what they post online. christine. >> barbara starr, thank you for that. a chicago area teenager face ass arraignment this morning. 19-year-old was arrested at o'hare airport in october. he was about to leave for vienna en route to turkey. agents say he was trying to meet with an operative to head to
2:20 am
syria. dzhokhar tsarnaev is about to stand trial and his friend is pleading guilty for lying to the fbi. a motion filed on monday asking to reschedule the hearing, but he would not say if the deal involving testifying against dzhokhar tsarnaev. the fbi and safety officials investigating a deadly smoke scare in the washington, d.c. subway. hundreds of people evacuated when smoke filled a six-car train at the plaza metro station. one person died. more than 80 others taken to hospitals. two are said to be critical. passengers say the situation was pure chaos. >> there were a lot of people vomiting and sick. i feel sick. we don't know what it was. >> there was no oxygen. people panicked and hit the floor. >> i had the stocking cap breathing through it. other people were breathing through jackets. >> passengers said there was not
2:21 am
a lot of information. a lot of people waiting on the train. no way to get out. they are waiting to learn what caused the smoke. time for an early start on your money. oil prices plunging. crude oil trading at $44 a barrel. that is the lowest since 2009. prices plunged 60% since june. this is one of the fastest drops of oil in history. one of the things that drove it lower, the uae and opec will stick to its plan. producers outside the group should adjust their output output instead. the oil market game of chicken continues with opec holding its ground and analysts slashed forecasts. warning the supply glut will keep prices falling this year.
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21 minutes past the hour. college football has the first playoff national champion. ohio state and oregon tangles in texas. it wasn't even close. andy scholes has the bleacher report next.
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2:25 am
we have andy scholes with more in the bleacher report. >> reporter: christine what a game here at at&t stadium. the front page of the columbus dispatch this morning. historic victory. it was historic for the buckeyes. they proved why the playoff is awesome. winning as the fourth seed in the first year. ohio native lebron james on hand for last night's game to watch ohio state make history. no one gave this ohio state team a chance after they lost not one, but two quarterbacks. third stringer cardale jones was great. he made big play after big play. he will forever be a legend in the state of ohio. as will running back ezekiel elliot elliott. he was the mvp. the buckeyes overcame four turnovers to beat oregon 42-20.
2:26 am
>> the way the o-line was playing, we were unstoppable. they came out with the oregon front seven. >> you may have had something to do. >> i give credit to my boys. they made the holes and i run through them. >> we never give up. when times get tough, we get better. we buckle down and play the game. >> reporter: with the win, buckeyes head coach urban meyer is the first coach ever to lead two schools to the national title. nick sabin is one. he has a date with a tattoo artist in his future. meyer promised his team he would get an ohio state "o" tattoo if they won it all. that will be awesome when he does eventually get that. the only party as big as the one out here going on for buckeyes fans was the one back in columbus ohio.
2:27 am
bunch of dumpsters and couches set on fire. police had to use tear gas to disburse some of the crowds. the celebration was relatively peaceful. christine, classes actually started at ohio state for the spring semester yesterday. i'm not sure how many students are actually going to make it to class this morning considering the celebration. >> what timing is that? wow. andy scholes, thanks. 27 minutes past the hour. new terror threats from al qaeda targeting france. new threats in france overnight as the country steps up security following the deadly attacks last week. we are live in paris next. you just got a big bump in miles. so this is a great opportunity for an upgrade.
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>>see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪
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terror alert in france. new warnings overnight from al qaeda as the country deploys thousands of troops to keep jewish schools and institutions safe. investigators hunting for terror cells that may have helped in the deadly attacks last week.
2:31 am
we are live in paris bringing you all of the new information. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. 31 minutes past the hour. the highest terror level alert here in paris this morning. here in france 10,000 soldiers and 8,000 police officers deployed across the country determined to stop another attack such as the three last week in and around the city that left 17 people dead. among the concerns, police said to according to the associated press, there could be a terror cell active in the country. there was a new threat against the al qaeda north africa branch. they posted today france pays the cost. this posting mentions french partiescipation fighting isis and the lame media undermining the
2:32 am
prophet. the "charlie hebdo" magazine has not been stopped. surviving members of the publication are putting out a new issue, it ships today. once again, prophet muhammad is on the cover. moments ago, the u.s. ambassador visited the memorial to the victims. ambassador jane hartley laid a wreath behind me and she talked about the controversy over the delegation to the unity march. the white house now says it regrets not sending a higher level official. i talked to her about the controversy. >> you know i marched and spoke to president hollande before the march. he was positive about the u.s. and our president going to the french embassy and thanked us for everything that we had done. i had been in contact with the liaison through the days and
2:33 am
they know our support. i did not get into the logistics. i did march behind him. it was moving to see the french government march arm in arm. >> the ambassador has told me she has not been asked to convey a new level of regret that a higher level of official did not visit. she is now preparing for the secretary of state visit on thursday. there have been many developments this morning. joining me with the latest details, perhaps of a school closed this morning, is our senior correspondent jim bittermann. >> reporter: one school closed due to security concerns. it should be said anybody who doesn't want to go to class, can call off and make a threat and people are tense around town. i think it could lead to that kind of thing happening. we may see more of that. we are not sure of the details right now.
2:34 am
one of the international schools, there are a number was closed because of security issues. >> it gets to the issue there are 10,000 troops now deployed to secure key sites. 8,000 police including 4,000 just at jewish schools and synagogue synagogues. this was an international issue. >> reporter: a lot of international students in the town and businesses that have families that have their children in schools. >> potential targets. hence the heightened concern. we saw a remarkable memorial here for the three police officers the men and women killed in the three days of terror. >> reporter: it was sad. i was watching the ceremony. the three officers were taken out of action by the terrorists in a way that i think was just shocking to the nation. shocked the police. they were obviously targeted. the family of one, the young lady killed in southern paris,
2:35 am
26 years old. the family broke down and cried. president hollande tried to comfort the family members there at the ceremony. not a lot can be said when you have a loved one taken way the way this one was taken away. the guy was the service protection service guy. five years away from retiring. the one muslim killed on the street executed on the street his brother is a police officer. they were there at the ceremony this morning too. it is all very emotional. >> very very moving to see. you can see some of it there. jim bittermann i appreciate it. as the mourning period continues here in paris, so too does the investigation. as we said the associated press reporting that there are concerns among police there could be an operational terror cell here in france. the three terrorists behind last week's attack directly involved
2:36 am
the kouachi brothers and amedy coulibaly. they are now dead. coulibaly's partner, his girlfriend or wife hayat boumeddiene, she is on the run. the french prime minister says the terrorists here could not have launched the attacks without help from others. at least financial help planning help of some kind. so the question is are there people here still operating and still could be threatening the people of this country. that as investigators are connecting the threads that the kouachi brothers and amedy coulibaly met with the same man over the years. a man considered as al qaeda's top recruiter in europe. a man in and out of french prisons and a man not on the french radar at all. cnn's erin mclaughlin joins us now with the possible hunt for accomplices. erin. >> reporter: that is right, john. french prime minister saying
2:37 am
they are doing everything they can to dismantle what appears to be a larger network. they made arrests last week. there were reports out there that there could be as many as six suspects connected to last week's terror attacks still at large. we made a number of calls to officials in france. so far that number not confirmed. so far as it stands officials have not announced any new arrests in connection with last week's terror attacks. meanwhile, surveillance footage has emerged out of turkey dated january 2nd from the istanbul airport which shows 26-year-old fugitive hayat boumeddiene. the girlfriend of the kosher supermarket attacker in the company of a male at the airport. turkish authorities at the time flagged her and placed her under surveillance and tracked her to an area not far from the syrian
2:38 am
border. it is believed she has since crossed over into syria. not clear if she met up with isis. certainly something authorities are looking at. the concern being her propaganda value to isis as well. if she is in fact with isis it would be difficult to bring her to justice. meanwhile, you know authorities here in france very much focused on determining whether or not the suspects had links to larger terror networks. we know one of the kouachi brothers was trained by an al qaeda affiliate in yemen in 2011. we saw the ominous video from the dead from amedy coulibaly. the attacker at the kosher supermarket. pledging allegiance to isis. authorities here in france looking into any possible connection they may have recently with the organizations.
2:39 am
john. >> they are pulling all the threads here in france as they press ahead. erin thank you. happening now, the bodies of the four french jews killed in the terror attack at the kosher supermarket are in jerusalem and they are being buried in a joint funeral that is now underway. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu agreed to a request from the victims' families they be laid to rest in the holy city. cnn's atika shubert joins us from the ceremony. good morning, atika. >> reporter: john good morning. you are listening to the israeli president revlin. he is giving hean emotional speech to the families. one built an apartment here in israel and planning to move here but had not had a chance to move here before he was killed in the attack.
2:40 am
how johan cohen came here two weeks before for the first time and unfortunately has been making plans before he was killed in the market. these are sad details mentioning in the speech. more the families lit a candle. we heard from a son of a victim his father wanted to live here but never got the chance. now he will be buried here. also from the wife of francois. how much he loved his family and how much he loved being here. she broke down in tears. it has been an emotional ceremony now. as you can see there, we are now hearing from the dignitaries. we expect to hear from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu shortly after israeli
2:41 am
president finishes his eulogy. john. >> a very moving ceremony to see that. atika shubert for us in jerusalem. thank you so much. so behind me the offices of "charlie hebdo" where 12 people were killed last wednesday. there is a new heedition rolling off the presses. we will breakdown the new cover as the controversy continues. we mort houl be blem your credit is in pretty good shape. >>pretty good? i know i have a 798 fico score thanks to the tools and help on kaboom... well, i just have a few other questions. >>chuck, the only other question you need to ask is, "what else can you do for me?" i'll just take a water... get your credit swagger on. become a member of experian credit tracker and find out your fico score powered by experian. fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions.
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new this morning, trucks are rolling across paris distributing a new issue of "charlie hebdo." the satirical magazine headquartered behind me the site of the horrific attack where 12 people were killed by said and cherif kouachi. the remaining staffers have managed to get a new issue out and the press run is about 3 million, we're told. far above what they normally public around 60,000. it is labeled the survivors issue. it is due on the stands tomorrow. joining me to discuss the heroic effort to get the magazine out whether you agree with it or not. it is a heroic effort to get it on the stands. our senior correspondent brian
2:45 am
stelter joins us. >> reporter: it is for the surviving members to put it together. it is a provocative moment. it is an image of the prophet muhammad with the sign, "i am charlie." the slogan we see all around the memorial site. it has the words "all is forgiven." the fact they are choosing to show a cartoon of the prophet muhammad again at a time when so many believe that was the motivation for the attack last week is striking. it will get a lot of attention. >> all cartoons is open to the eye of the interpreter. i saw a tear on the cover. >> reporter: people have said in the past years that much of what "charlie hebdo" produced in the years, they were not mocking religious figures, but extreme warped views of it. >> how do they do this? they had so many members of the
2:46 am
staff killed. their friends, their colleagues. where did they find the strength to hunker down and get this done? not to mention the resources. they cannot work in the offices. >> reporter: they are using some unpublished cartoons. in other cases, they are using ex-columnists that come back to lend a hand and rival newspapers have lent financial and office support. we will see the rest later today. in the past hour, it arrived at the distribution plant and shipped across france and other countries. this will be translated in other languages. >> that brings up the issue which you may noticed. we have not shown you the cover of the magazine. brian and i have seen. >> reporter: this is complicated for news organizations. cnn is not alone in not showing pictures of prophet muhammad. this is true for many years.
2:47 am
new york times and many others choose not to show not just this particular cover, but others showing prophet muhammad. it is a strict taboo in islam. a lot of french outlets are showing the cover. it shows the prophet muhammad. it is visible online. a lot of french media outlets are showing it. the new york post has put it on their cover. i wonder if we will see evolving standards. maybe some that choose not to show it in the past will show it. >> the irony of the terrorists design was. look. fanatics is hard to figure out the reason. if the goal is to shutdown the message sent from the magazine. it failed miss. i have dozens of people who never heard of "charlie hebdo" asking to bring home issues of
2:48 am
the magazine. the reach has grown beyond anyone's dreams. >> reporter: it failed 3 million times over. that is how many copies they are planning to print and release in france and other countries. there will be some available in the united states in weeks to come. they will have an online reach. that was unimaginable in the weeks in the past. this magazine was close to bankruptcy weeks ago. they were seeking donations from the public to stay afloat. now, we see this support they are seeing in france and many countries. >> brian, a last question. a media politics crossover. more senior officials marching in the unity rally here. our own jake tapper wrote a scathing commentary. the white house now reverse ground. it regrets not sending someone. interesting statement from the press secretary. >> the media had a lot to do with it. the commentary we heard was
2:49 am
unanimous on sunday and monday. all that press attention did lead to that statement. so many leaders from other countries with bad records for press freedoms were here and the u.s. was not. we would like to think the u.s. has a good record of press freedoms compared to turkey or egypt or other countries where some leaders were in attendance. that was striking. >> brian, great to have you here in paris. >> thank you, john. we will follow the latest on the paris terror attacks. breaking news in the search for airasia flight 8501. we are live with that after the break. (woman) the constipation and belly pain feel tight like a vise. how can i ease this pain? (man) when i can't go, it's like rocks piling up. i wish i could find some relief. (announcer) ask your doctor about linzess-- a once-daily capsule for adults with ibs with constipation or chronic idiopathic constipation.
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turning to breaking news from the bottom of the java sea. divers recovering the second black box from airasia flight 8501. the cockpit voice recorder buried beneath a mangled wing. new word that the plane's fuselage has apparently been located, but so far, divers have not seen it with their eyes. david molko tracking the latest from jakarta, indonesia. good morning, david. >> reporter: christine, that is the crucial bit. not seeing it with their own eyes or photos. the information about the fuselage the main piece of wreckage from the search and
2:53 am
operations director mr. cipriati. he has been speaking on camera in front of military briefings over the past couple of weeks. he is starting to walk back some of what he told cnn earlier. earlier, he said divers in the water located the fuselage. he specified in english the main body of the plane. the fuselage. now he is saying it is appears one of the search ships picked up the fuselage via some scanner on the bottom or another way of images. christine, mixed signals from officials. this one disheartening because of the sensitivity of this here. more than 100 families still waiting for news of their loved ones. 48 bodies recovered. the rest believed to be with that main wreckage. families, of course, waiting for news of their loved ones.
2:54 am
certainly at this point, there is nothing confirmed by this official. saying they picked up the fuselage with the sonar. he has not seen it with his own eyes or divers have seen it with their own eyes. christine, one important note on the cockpit voice recorder that is coming back to jakarta today to join the other black box. the flight data recorder. the first black box in great condition. so much so at this hour if all had gone according to plan according to the earlier conversation that data could have been downloaded and they can begin to piece together christine, what happened on flight 8501. >> david molko, thank you. oil prices are plunging reaching a six-year low. likely to go lower. money news for you next. ia mmm, a perfect 177-degrees. and that's why this road warrior rents from national. i can bypass the counter and go straight
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let's gets an early start on your money. european and asian stocks mostly higher despite selling energy stocks at oil prices tumble. u.s. stock futures are higher after a tough start to the week yesterday. dow closed down 97 points.
2:58 am
a calm day. snapping a five-day swing. the big business story this morning, tumbling oil prices. crude oil sitting above $44 a barrel. the lowest in almost six years. plunging 5% yesterday. cut by 60% this summer. one of the fastest drops of oil ever. analysts say prices could keep falling because of oversupply. u.s. production is growing. opec is not budging on output. you have the real oversupply issue that is still in the oil markets. terror alert in france as the country deploys thousands of troops to keep residents safe. "new day" follows that story now. france its highest alert this morning i mid new terror threats. >> as many as six suspects may be on the run. >> the threat is accelerating quickly. >> we have to go after them. >> the wouldeddies of the four
2:59 am
victims of the attack on the kosher grocery store are now in israel. the u.s. military central command has been hijacked. >> the cyber is the new domain of warfare. >> we're going to be connected, then we need to be protected. divers have located the main fuselage of flight 8501. >> i would be astonished if they did not get chapter and verse on what happened in that plane. good morning, welcome to your "new day," it's tuesday, january 13th 6:00 in the east alisyn camerota michaela pereira and chris cuomo all here for you. the headline from paris this morning -- there may be more. an intensifying search for additional members of the terror cell that carried out the "charlie hebdo" attacks. an a.p. report has french police saying they're looking for as many as six additional accomplices. that number vobly off.
3:00 am
but much is known and unknown and they know there are more involved. >> this video shows the most wanted woman in the world at airport in istanbul before crossing in the badlands of syria. another before involved. key info from days before the attacks. so that ends speculation about her being at the kosher market or at the shooing of two police officers before it. but officials say she is still key to information about the terror cell there. now an al qaeda offshoot in north africa warning france it will pay the cost of its violence on muslim countries. back at home the department of homeland security stepping up security at federal buildings and airports. survivors of "charlie hebdo" magazine publishing their first issue days after the massacre at their offices. on the cover, you see a weeping cartoon of the prophet muhammed with the words "all is


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