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tv   New Day  CNN  January 12, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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remains, who is this surviving female member? was she 97 france at the time o. attacks. >> meanwhile, officials believe one of the charlie hebdo attackers received orders from the arabian peninsula. this as police departments here in the u.s. west and new york city and areas go on heightened alert following a preeted threat from isis. one thing is obvious. that is the world is united with france. leaders from a host of nations, arm in arm, joining millions in an unprecedented solidarity march on sunday. this morning, the white house is under fire for not sending president obama. let's bring in john berman live from paris with the latest. john great to see you there. what is the response to president obama not being among those world leaders who are arm
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in arm? >> at this point the white house is not answering that direct question. they say the ambassador to france was hereful she was part of the march, you by spoke to a number and the ab tense absence was duly noted. no first lady no secretary of state who speaks french so elegantly, their presence here was missed. this morning. there is really still so much emotion here. i have been at this site for a little over an hour now. this charlie hebdo location and people are still coming by. people still overcome with emotion when they come to this site. i think so many people here with tears down their face. even as there is this emotion, this period of mourning there are fresh leads in the investigation. word from turkey the semi official news agency there, the girlfriend of amedi coulibaly,
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hayat beamed,oumeddine could already be in syria. >> the most wanted woman by france this morning, 26-year-old hayat boumeddine armed and dangerous, police say she is the girlfriend and suspected accomplice of amedi coulibaly, the alleged terrorist who killed four people on the kosher market and is believed to be connected to the kouachi brothers. a turkish newspapers says she arrived in syria last thursday. possibly on the hideout on the outskirts of paris. french newspaper itself report investigators discovered flags, automatic weapons, detonators and cash in the rented apartment by the alleged terrorists. this after they continue to fiend out who, if anyone
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supported and financed last week's three day terror rampage that left 17 people dead. >> the nature of that attack showed a degree of professional impl that no lone wolf could have carried out. >> reporter: in this video, coulibaly swears allegiance to isis. it was posted online before the attack on the kosher market. another shilling report by a french reporter who called coulibaly during the siege. he recorded the whole conversation even after coulibaly thought he had hung up the phone. . >> reporter: the u.s. is investigating whether the charlie hebdo attackers received information from the aqap. they say one of the brothers slipped off for terror training in yemen.
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aqap remains the mote dangerous of the al qaeda cells, the al qaeda organizations and we are constantly focused on them. >> reporter: but u.s. and french authorities say they do not have enough evidence to directly link aqap or isis to any of the paris attacks. attacks that sent some 3.7 million people into the streets around france sunday marching with an overwhelming show of solidarity and defiance against terrorism. heads of state and dignitarys from all over the world arm-in-arm some with clear division palestinian president mahmoud abbas and benjamin netanyahu united on the front lines. >> for more on that historic march and investigation into the terror suspects. let's bring in our cnn national
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correspondent. you were at that march. tell us the scene, it was 3.7 million people in the streets of paris? >> reporter: right, it was 3.7 million people estimate total for the entire country. paris of the 2 million people. some are saying the largest march in modern french history. it was a very very special occasion to be able witness that actually. because, you know there are other days you'd like to be cynical and programs apply some silver cold-headed analysis to terror investigations but this was one opportunity to sort of look at french people a cross-section of society, whether they were muslims, jew, christian, eighth yifts, all coming together. of course, allison, as you know there was that viral hashtag je suis charlie and several variations could be on seens in this dense crowd. i am muslim i am jewish et cetera. so yes, it was an absolutely
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unbelievable sight. you were showing that of the world leaders walking arm in arm, sort of locked in in the front row, in sal darty with the french people. >> how were people remarking the u.s. was not represented in that line of world leaders? >> reporter: right and you, i asked french people the ordinary french people. i didn't get the reaction to the absence of top u.s. government representatives at the march, but ordinary french people weren't focusing on that they were saying i am happy my compatriots are here from all background. they said would you have wanted the u.s. president to be among you today? they said you know this is a march for the french people. as you have been reporting in higher government circles, yes there were a few raised eyebrows.
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the secretary in particular speaks french and could have said a few words in french. we are hearing his team asked to make a visit to france as soon as possible. perhaps that will alleviate some of the concerns there. >> perhaps. some people say at least a day late. john i want to get back to the investigation. we know the two brothers the kouachi brothers were on a watch list a no fly list. what about coulibaly and his girlfriend. were they on authorities' radar and terrorist watch lists for some time? >> i don't know they were on the official watch list or no fly list. again, they were people that were known to authorities here. they have been moving around. he had some kind of petty criminal past. he had known associations with people in various terror networks. of course now there is a great deal of concern about what this man coulibaly might have set off going forward, a call to arms for other people here in paris.
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the french just announced moments ago, the military will deploy 10,000 additional troops to secure key areas around the country. 10,000 military that's in addition to an announcement a little while ago, 8,000 police officials will be used to guard the locations around the country, including nearly 4,000 at jewish locations alone, synagogues schools, things of that. so 700 jewish locations. i'm speaking to someone close to the security apparatus here. he made clear to me they can't do that indefinitely here unless they get few recruits unless they change the whole system. yes, they can do it a while, while tension are very high. but this can't go on forever, alisyn. >> do you sense it do you feel it while you are there on the streets of paris? >> reporter: you know you see, i have been told that at traffic stops you have routine traffic stops much more heavily armed. you see troops walking down the
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streets. they think here around paris before over the last ten years in the past. there seems to be a much greater presence now, particularly around the jewish location. it's not overwhelming. it's not looking around around me. it's not like the city is militarized. >> john berman thanks so much for the perspective. we will get back to you during the show. let's get back to chris. >> all right, alisyn it is a real issue about where the united states was during this march. literally all of europe and beyond was represented there. moments ago, we had a chance to speak with the highest representative been ambassador jane hartley. unlike many u.s. leaders, she was actually there at the massive unity march. we asked her ability her presence and about what wasn't there. take a look.
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3.7 million people. every color, every creed, literally arm-in-arm. what was that like? >> it was unbelievably moving. i watched, obviously, in the march behind the leaders. you can see the french government at one point join arms and walk together. as you walk down the streets for miles and miles and miles, just a sea of people all ages all ethnicities with signs and french flags and supporting freedom. it was unbelievably moving. >> you were there on a day when it was a day to show up the u.s. big named leaders nowhere to be seen. was that a mistake? >>. >> reporter: quell, listen i met with attorney general holder in the morning yesterday. after that he spent a huge amount of time there and after
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that was a key min sterile meeting with minister kazenov. when i went on the eelysee pals a. he thanked me for president obama going to the french embassy. i think if you talk to the french they think that we have been unbelievable supportive. so i don't really want to get into the attorney general's travel schedule. >> well the attorney general is one thing. he's the outgoing attorney general. wheel your answer is suitably diplomatic ambassador you have mahmoud abecause and benjamin netanyahu in the same place and our secretary of state isn't there the vice president, president not there. all these world leaders, most of europe arm-in-armament it seemed to be conspicuously ab send.
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>> reporter: well listen i have talked to the french government today, last night, just received an e-mail from one of the top people thanking us for our cooperation john kerry is coming back thursday night. john kerry has been in paris, i think everybody knows this more than any other secretary of state. i think this is his 19th or 20th visit. so i don't think there is a feeling of that on the french government side. >> really then why do you think all the questions are being generated by tone deafness do you think it's just us in the media, are we making something of nothing? >> reporter: ha i wouldn't go that far. >> neither would i. >> reporter: i just really want to say i think, ha, ha, ha that's good we agree, i just think if you talk to anybody here there is no -- whether minister kazenov or president hollande there is no question
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closely how much support and they will tell you that and they have told me over the last few days. >> a big challenge will be even a hint of any type of collusion between isis and aqap it is far fetched at this moment but to have one member of this terrorist group pledging allegiance to isis and the others to aqap we've never seen anything like that before. what does it mean in terms of the evolving nature of the threat and the evolving nature of the need for response? >> reporter: you know i don't have any specific information on this but i will tell you our services are working closely with the french. as you probably know president obama has called for an anti-terrorism summit in february and i think what the message is is we have to move further and faster against this
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threat. and it's a global threat. >> we have struggled in the united states with how to proceed muslims at large when overwhelmingly there are a moderate group of every religion group because of the acts of extremists in the name of islam. how do you think they will handle it in paris where it's every bit more pronounced and probably more so report. i think they realize, i was actually at the great synagogue last night. i was thrilled to see many of the leaders in the muslim community as well. i think, basically, it is working together we are ledge just leaders and outreach obviously, into these communities. it's going to be extreatmently important. >> madam ambassador jane hartley, thank you very much for joining us on "new day." thank you for joining us with the united states in what was a major day of international unity there in france this weekend.chris,
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i'm thrilled to be here. >> mik, over to you. >> let's give you more headlines. investigators appear to be a giant step closer to fiend out what caused airasia flight 4501 to end up in the sea. the voice recorder has been located. it has yet to be brought to the surface t. data recorder was found under the wreckage of one of the plane's wing. investigators have now released this sketch of the man they believe may have detonated a bomb in front of the colorado springs na acp office. investigators say he was in the area at the time. he was seen carrying something down the alley just before tuesday's explosion. they say he then later returned to his truck empty handed. there is a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. the senate is expected to
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hold a procedural vote to approve the construction of the keystone xl pipeline. mitch mcconnell said he'll allow an open amendment process, which means the debate could spill over into next week president obama gets ready to deliver his state of the union address. the house is expected to approve his keystone bill friday. the biggest and brightest stars of tv and movies were on hand for the golden globe. some of the big movies included the ground breaking movie "boyhood." in television my new favorite show the online series "transparent" taking best actor and jeffrey tambor does an exeptional job. a trophy for best actor in the motion picture drama for his role portraying steven hawking for "the theory of everything."
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"house of cards" for drama. michael keaton winning best comedy actor in requested birdman." amy adams won best comedy actress for "big eyes." george clooney, look at him in there. he was wearing his tux. he made sure to thank his wife amal in his two speeches later, the oscar nominations will be announced thursday morning at 8:30 eastern. we can't wait to see who wins there. of course there will be some snow. you guys you didn't stay up? >> i did, i couldn't help myself i stayed up to watch it. i thought the joke was great about george cloon economy and his wife. she is so accomplished. she deserves the lifetime award. there will be a discussion at home i'm sure. >> that's right. share with us your favorite
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moments if you would. most of the eastern half ending up to a messy morning. a wintry mix, sure to make travel a mess today. let's go to chad myers. >> hi alisyn it will be amess across new york boston philadelphia pittsburgh as well. that's where the ice and snow mix together. down through the south, it will be low clouds foggy for heartsfield-jackson airport. it will get longer as the day goes on rain ice mix doesn't stop. it's 35 and raining in the city right now, you get through the hills, farther to the west you could get slick spots for this afternoon. the red airplanes, philadelphia new york maybe even into boston today skrould reports of delays over an hour in some spots at some times could be an hour or two. there goes the rain there goes the cold air for tomorrow. it does get better the know is from buffalo back to ability erie pennsylvania into cleveland. heavy rain into the deep south could slow you down tampa and
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miami could have a few airport delays. here's the cold air, it will not go away. zero in minneapolis, wind chill 15 below, international falls, i know it's supposed to be cold there, it feels like 30 below zero. back to you. >> all right, chad thanks so much. meanwhile, french and u.s. intelligence agents learning more about the terrorist suspects who terrorized paris. who do they answer to? how have they been trained? all signs point to a new era in global terrorism. >> boka haram is killing hundreds maybe thousands in nigeria, their latest tactic is just sickening. we have detailings for you ahead.
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french officials mobilizeing 10,000 members of the police and military to protect the country. lone wolf attackers striking fear in millions. now with new evidence linking last week's attackers with isis and al qaeda, how can law enforcement keep westerners safe. here is our terrorism analyst, let's talk about the latest investigation. have we determined if these two brotherings, in fact went to yemen for training or instruction of some kind? >> yes, sir, the u.s. government made a determination at least one brother trained in yemen. they are working with the al qaeda police in yemen directed these brothers to launch the attack. their assumption is also afrt least one of the muslims met with american cleric anwaral
3:24 am
awlaki. >> why would this leader anwar al august lake meet with this terrorist? >> if these brothers are linked up with aqap that would be not good for awlaki. the brothers would have been trained and awlaki was telling these recruits to camouflage their radicalism when they returned to europe. we know the kouachi brothers were taken off the radar screen of french security services in the summer of 2014 because they judged them no longer dangerous. it's possible they deliberately camouflaged their radicalism when they came back to france. >> awlaki was killed in 2011. these brothers lay in wait for the better part of four years? >> that would have been the idea they would have waited for the opportune moment to get an
3:25 am
extremely enormous weapons, powerful weapons, rocket launchers. this would have taken some time to plan. programs they were waiting for french intelligence to stop monitoring them until they but their plan into operation. >> do you think they were triggered by aqap or freelance and did this on their own? >> suddenly aqap ewere encouraging people to launch the attacks. in a magazine they put out this message in the spring we want somebody to go in at charlie help do. >> this female suspect on the run, french authorities are looking force how did she get out of the country? >> she lacked an attack -- >> was she on the no fly list? >> it's unclear if she was on a list. the brothers not being looked at suggested she was able to leave the country. it would appear because she had some sort of foreonly in of
3:26 am
these attacks to make her way to syria, so she couldn't be arrested by western security sources. she is probably in syria right now. their group in paris had connections to people who have gone to fight in syria. it's possible some of these guys helped her cross the border. she is there right now. possibly isis or another group will make propaganda with her, now that she would appear be in syria. >> do we think these sorts of cells are in the u.s.? >> we don't know that's the big worry, that there may be americans linked up with aqap and would return back here americans are linked up with other terrorist groups. >> don't we know if the americans have gone the yemen? >> there are, there are dozens of american versus gone to yemen. we know several have linked up with aqap they can't actually run in spy magazines for several years. the concern is that some of these americans who got some of this training could now be back here.
3:27 am
>> i want to ask you about this news bullen the that we've gotten. the group anonymous, you know them for hacking different websites organizations that they don't believe in. they are now hacking the french jihadists websites. they have put up their picture as anonymous. that's an interesting turn of events. >> it certainly is. we can safely assume they will not be prosecuted for this kind of packing. >> look at this this is you know it's just amazing they have finally turned their sort of energy not to our u.s. media companies or whoever else wall street that are their targets but to terrorists. >> absolutely. western authorities need all the help they can get to catch these jihadists, so many portals right now, web foreign, possibly protected. social media they're putting out their message, putting out their propaganda encouraging westerners americans to launch lone wolf attacks. we saw recently the fact that
3:28 am
anone mists may be involved it may be helpful. >> thanks, so much. let's go to chris. this frightening new prospect of something being scared now two fighting for global supremacy. we have global al qaeda, isis fighting to be the face of the jihadi movement. they both have their sights on the west as a target. we have experts weighing in. then unimaginable carnage in algeria, boka haram are on a rampage out of anything we have seen even out of them. utilizing horrible tactic literally sending in a ten-year-old to kill. we have a full report ahead. every device can be connected, to your company, your customers and all your data. cyberedge from aig is more than insurance. it's proactive technology and specialists
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. >> let's take a look at your headlines. isis flagged. weapons uncovered by french police in a paris apartment
3:33 am
rented by the gunmen who killed four hostages in a kosher grocery store. authorities are hoping to find clues that will lead them to the lone surviving suspect. officials in turkey say hayat boumeddine left a day before the grocery store attack and the attack on charlie hebdo. disturbing news out of nigeria. police say explosives were strapped to a girl as young as ten-years-old and detonated in a busy market. at least 20 people were killed. boka haram is believed to be under the attack. there are reports of up to 2,000 people killed in a town of nigeria's border with schad. nic robertson joins us live from nigeria. these details are horrifying. >> reporter: absolutely. they're chilling. this is a new departure, boka haram's depravity on the attack
3:34 am
of the border of chad began on the early morning hours of january 3rd, eyewitnesses told us they heard a lot of explosion and gunfire. they thought it was the army testing weapons. they saw the run, the army on the outpost. hundreds of boka haram arriving in the town. they tried to fight them. realized they were outgunned. this man said he hid in the bushes by his house for three days. the gunfire and gun battles going on around him killed a lot of neighbors, houses were burned in the town 30,000 people ran away. he said when he finally got away himself, at a dance of about three miles, he was walking past bodies strewn on the side of the road. he estimates as many as even 3,000 people killed. hot on the hooes of that you have the attacks where boka haram has used young girls three times this weekend as their unwiting suicide bombers killing 20 people in a market in one town on saturday then sending
3:35 am
two young girls to tear deaths suicide bombs strapped to them remotely detonated, killing three, wounding 43 in a market in another major town so boka haram really stepping up its attacks, taking effective control of more territory, driving out the last remnants of theny algerian army. >> thatny nigerian army seeming to be important. students are returning to school today for the first time since the taliban attacked last month and killed 150 people including 134 children. two dozen soldiers blocked the school. elevated walls with steel wire fencing are also now in place. back here at home, a showdown is brewing between the children of dr. martin luther king wallace his two sons have asked a judge to order his sister bernice to
3:36 am
turn over their father's peace prize medicinal and traveling bible. the brother say they want to sell the items for money. bernice is not willing to give them up. she says the items are cherished and prices will the judge could hear the case tomorrow or let it go to trial. >> not known, painful reminder no family is immune. >> that's true. >> maybe they can sell it to a museum andself solve both their issues for posterity. >> we'll fiend out later today. >> are you so reasonable. maybe someone is immune. all right, we are reporting there is certainly a bloody game of one upmanship, al qaeda, boka haram as well all competing to become the face of the global jihadi movement. will their competition come home to the west. we will take a closer look to the dynamic and mounting rifts between these groups. also we will get an exclusive look inside charlie
3:37 am
hebdo attackers have lived. wait until you hear who his roommate was. an inside look you will see only on cnn. [cheering] everything okay? we're here because you're about to have a heart attack. pete's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. so you're looking for a loan? how's your credit? i know i have an 810 fico score, thanks to the tools and help on and your big idea is hot dogs shaped like hamburgers?
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it's very important to note these terror attacks are not more of the same. the violence is the main stay who is doing it and why is a deadly twist now. competition between terrorists fueling more and more brazen attacks with al qaeda, isis boka haram, all battling to become the face of the jihadi movement. they appear to inspire the
3:41 am
terrorist attacks. what does this complicated relationship mean to the west? are we going to see more attacks because of it? let's bring in the cnn managing editor. thank you, bobby. help us understand this is wore atmosphere new look? >> it is. we are basically talking about two different groups that are operating. you have al qaeda, which we know they have franchises all over the muslim world. the most prominent won is called al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. it's based in yemen. these are the guys under the underwear bombing. we think the kouachi brothers were connected to them. but we have this. >> remember explain to people, though it's not who they are or where they are. now, there is a jealousy no, it's us. we are the baddest, the worst. we are seeing that. >> that is a response to the success of isis. the more successful isis has
3:42 am
gone. the more they have taken away resources, not just recruits. more and more people want to go follow a group that is successful. more and more potential jihadis want to join isis. funders, people who give money to these causes are much more likely to give money now to isis. >> that means al qaeda is under pressure to show they're still relevant in the perverse logic of terrorism that day two, we're still here people so they're reaching out to communities in you're in the u.s. saying we want you to launch an attack. come to us we have come to yemen for training not to syria and iraq. come to yemen for weapons, gains. >> with the brothers. >> the u.s. narrative, well we the know we hollowed out yemen. not true. hollowed out al qaeda, not true. they're reorganizeing. there is new blood, new momentum. >> far from it. there is so much more confusion in yemen because you have a
3:43 am
shiite militia that is essentially running the north and west of the countries, which makes al qaeda more relevant against. they've got a lot more happening there than we -- and because we have been distracted by isis no one is paying attention. >> what can we tell in the face of these two men? >> al zahirry was osama bin laden's right hand man, backer al baghdadi. the two men exchanged criticism. baghdadi calls him a religious looid leader. >> highly offensive. >> highly offensive to the muslims majority. al zawahiriry they said stop are you hurting other muslims. his response was, get out of my way. the men have traded barbs and insults in their statements.
3:44 am
>> what don't they attack each other? >> the ideology if you call it an ideology they were identical. they believe the world zbhould back to the way it was in the 7th century during the time of the prophet. the important thing is the foot soldiers like coulibaly and the kouachi brothers they may pledge allegiance to the different groups. they are capable of pledging. >> we saw that. the third one wound up a targeting that kosher grocery. he may have come back authorities believe, to help protect the brothers once he heard that they were penned in. he may have decided to come back. boka haram. they could spread like that. they're doing more than enough damage. >> they are doing more than all these other groups in total. they seem to have killed 2,000 people in one town in the earlier segment. we were reporting the use of a
3:45 am
suicide female bomber. perhaps one as young as ten-years-old. they are kind of outliers at the moment. they too, because they are seen in the terror world as successful they too, are attracting resources, they too are attracting recruits from all over africa. they are attracting money and weapons. so you really have three different groups, all pressuring essentially the same if you like word view but different political ambitions. their ambitions so far as we know are sort of basically restricted to nigeria. that's boka haram. al qaeda sees itself as a global organization. isis has focused on syria and iraq for the moment. day two, if you look at that statement, they too, have ambitions to spread around the world. >> security experts telling us this is all true it's all involving, the answer is the same poor poor poor disenfranchised. not enough education, not enough commerce. we must address those.
3:46 am
you can't have a multi-front violence in a war-driven policy. >> that will never be the answer. we are seeing it play allawi too long. >> governments that oppress their own people as well as being poor they feel they don't have a political voice, so they respond in some cases, fortunately, relatively few cases they respond to the clearion if you like. >> bobby, thank you very much. always a pleasure. i want you to be sure to watch the cnn double agent inside al qaeda for the cia tonight at 9:00 eastern only on cnn. it's golden sight a. story of a radical islamist turned double agent, uncovering some of the world's best kept secrets. please stay on that. alisyn. >> connecting the dots on a terrorist's past. we will take you inside an apartment where one of the brothers who attacked the charlie hebdo magazine once lived with another infamous terrorist. wait until you see how they
3:47 am
live. this is a cnn exclusive. stay tuned. .
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ound of the playoffs because of a controversial call. guess what karma came acalling last night. andy shoels is live in arlington, texas. that's the sight of tonight's big college national game. he has more in this morning's "bleacher report." andy, let's get right to it. do you think it was a catch? >> oh yeah i was watching with a bunch of cowboy's fans they have been driving for the game tony romo makes an amazing
3:52 am
catch. one of the best catches in nfl history. but the officials reviewed it. they said dez did not maintain possession of the ball as he completed the process of making the catch. so it was ruled incomplete. the packers would hold on to when the game. dez and the cowboys were left in disbelief over what happened. so in the afc championship it will be the packers against the seahawks. andrew luck and the colts went into denver and shocked the broncos, peyton manning. his playoff woes continue. this is the ninth time in his career peyton has gone one and done in the playoffs. after the game peyton would not say whether or not he is going to him co back next season. back here at at&t stadium. we are gearing up to take on the ohio state buckeyes in the first
3:53 am
ever college playoffs also national football game. they spent 8.3 billion for eight years t. semi finals are the most watched program. likely going to surpass those. this matchup is one we wouldn't have got if it was the old playoff system. the new playoff system lets these two teams get in. thaer they're happy to decide who is going to be the national champion. >> i heard our players say thanks for the college football playoffs. that's real. we would not be in it either would oregon. alabama, florida state. >> i'm sure like the beginning of the season a lot of teams didn't expect it to be the two teams. it's huge. they change the dynamics in general. >> >>. >> reporter: kickoff set for 8:30 eastern. you have marcus mariota and card
3:54 am
el jones for ohio state. guys if he wins one more game here tonight, he will forever be a legend in the state of ohio. >> cover cnn for a second then tell us who you think is going to win. >> i have been picking against ohio state for the last month. i'm finally going to go for the buckeyes tonight and say they win the national championship. >> got it. thank you so much. >> tonight at 8:30. he'll be busy. >> yes, we got it. all right, now to a cnn exclusive. this morning, we are learning new details about the life of one of the gunmen in the terrorist attacks in france. when said kouachi was a student, authorities say he befriended a nigerian man who later became known as the underwear bomber. nick peyton walsh went to the dormtory where the two terrorists live together. nick joins us live with more. what did you fiend, nick?
3:55 am
>> reporter: well in yemen, went to this apartment area. it used to be an substitute where the said kouachi learned arabic but also says a witness who met kouachi there, he claims he roomed briefly with the underwear bomber. let's look briefly now at exactly what conditions they lived in there. during the multiple alleged trips to yemen, said kouachi the older of two brothers behind the paris attacks made some extraordinarily high profile friends, a local witness telling cnn, he briefly roomed with the underwear bomber-to-who tried to bomb a plane to detroit in december between. these weeneding streets, kouachi studied arabic grammar and sometimes played football with children. this is where in 2011 kouachi
3:56 am
met this researcher mohammed al kipsi . t the underwear bomber. >> he thought he was a very quiet person and he rarely talked to people. >> those former lodgings are office space the school closed down. despite this link to one of the most famous attempted bombers of the last decade somehow kouachi may have fell off the french
3:57 am
intelligence radar. >> he was very nice very clearful polite. >> he says he met al qaeda loyalists in the streets of the capital, perhaps holding so many secrets about how the attackers learned their thattality. alisyn what is so remarkable is said according to one yes, ma'am my official made multiple trips. there are suggestions his brother went there, too perhaps his brother even end e went to syria as well. here you seen said was briefly the roommate of one of the most well-known attempted bombers in the last decade or so. these enormous warning signs in the past of what french authorities will have to reconcile with why they've dropped intelligence and the kouachi brothers. >> to see that neighborhood and how he was perceived as a cheerful nice guy. thanks so much for that
3:58 am
glimpse. we are following a lot of news this morning, so let's get right to you. >> the hunt is still on for the last remaining suspect. >> we den know her whereabouts. >> the terror group isis put out a new threat against people in the west. >> they're here they're in the united states. >> this is the nature of the new threat that we must confront. >> now we have a situation and we have no strategy. >> the world, this country, so many people coming together. where was the president, where was the secretary of state? >> it would have been desirable, absolutely. many showing deep sympathy for what france is going through. >> good morning, everyone welcome back to "new day." i'm alisyn camerota.
3:59 am
police fiend an isis flag in a terrorist apartment rented by four gunmen who killed four people in that grocery store. it is unclear if hayat boumeddine stay in that apartment? if so did she leave clues where officials can fiend her? >> people are almost ready to say officially one of the attackers got his record in the arabian peninsula aqap. meanwhile the french are deploying 10,000 groops to beef up security and new york and other cities are going on heightened alert following a new threat from isis. back in france john kerry will be there thursday after much of the world stood with the french four days before that on sunday. you are looking at leaders from just about every western democracy hand-in-hand, john kerry, other u.s. officials not
4:00 am
there. but it was an extraordinary show of support to be sure. we have been covering this at cnn from all angles from the beginning. right now, john berman is live from paris with the latest. john. >> reporter: good morning, chris. just a short time ago, the prime minister of france he said that amedi coulibaly, the man who staged that attack on a kosher supermarket that, he had an accomplice. so who was this accomplice? was it his girlfriend his partner, hayat boumeddine? well we have reason to believe this morning she may already be in syria. the most wanted woman by france this morning, 26-year-old hayat boumeddine armed and dangerous, police say she is the girlfriend and suspected accomplice of amedi coulibaly, the terrorist who killed four people during the siege on the kosher market and it is believed to be connected to the kouachi brothers. a turkish news agency reports
4:01 am
boumeddine arrived in syria last thursday. clues of her whereabouts possibly found in the hideout on the outskirts of paris. rtl, a french radio reports, investigators discovered isis flags, automated weapons, detonators and cash in the apartment rented by the terrorist. this as the investigation continues as to who, if anyone supported and financed last week's three-day terror ram page that left 17 people dead. >> the nature of that attack showed a degree of professionalism that no lone wolf could have carried out. >> reporter: in this video, coulibaly swears allegiance to isis. it was posted online before the kosher market. another chilling message was captured by a french reporter who called coulibaly during the siege. he recorded the whole conversation even after coulibaly thought he had hung up the phone.
4:02 am
>> reporter: the u.s. is investigating whether the charlie hebdo attackers received ordered from aqap al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. u.s. and french officials say at least one of the brothers slipped off for terror training in yemen. aqap remains the most dangerous of the al qaeda cells, the al qaeda organizations and we are constantly focused on them. >> reporter: but u.s. and french authorities say they do not have enough evidence to directly link aqap or isis to any of the paris attacks. attacks that sent some 3.7 million people into the streets around france sunday marching with an overwhelming show of solidarity and defiance against
4:03 am
terrorism. heads of state and dignitaries from all over the world arm in arm, some with clear division israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president mahmoud abbas united on the front lean lines. >> that video of amedi coulibaly, did he have help filming it? did someone post it online after he died? that's just one reason friendch authorities think it's possible -- french authorities think it's possible. what about the rocket po pelled grenade launchers the kouachi brothers had? they didn't use it behind me at charlie hebdo. did they have plans with it? authorities asking maybe they intended to try to shoot down an airplane or stage some kind of spectacular event there? alisyn. >> john thanks so much for the update from the ground there. back at home police in new york
4:04 am
and other u.s. cities urged to stay on alert after a repeated call to kill officers soldiers and civilians by isis. it targets the french u.s. australia and our cover annual continues with justice correspondent jennifer brown. >> reporter: it appears this is a movement to seize after the isis attacks, isis releasing another propaganda video calling on soldiers law enforcement, intelligent officials and civilians, particularly europe america, australia and canada. in light of this the nypd put out a city wide notice to police. they put out another bulletin to remind officers to stay vigilant. this follows another warning in the wake of the terrorist attacks, it appears suspects had formal training. so while aqap has claimed responsibility for directing the attacks, as we heard in john berman's piece there, the u.s.
4:05 am
official attorney general holder says the u.s. government hasn't determined that. holder is in paris meeting with top european officials. he did that over the on how to combat this problem through information sharing. the fact that these decentralized smaller scale and harder to detect operation like we saw in paris are driven mainly by al qaeda and isis really the new face of terrorism. alisyn. >> thank you so much for that update. while the world went to paris for an unprecedented show show of solidarity the obama administration now responding to criticism and dispatching secretary of state john kerry later this week and announcing a summit to address islamic extremism next month. cnn michelle co zin ski is live. rovenlt they call it no quibbleing. even though there were dozens of world leaders at that march.
4:06 am
he said he would have gone had he not previously scheduled important meetings in india. we asked this question to the white house repeatedly when we heard about the march last week who is going and if no one is going, then why not? they simply would not answer the question. finally over the weekend, they did give some information, not really answering that question saying there were embassy staff in attendance the president has been engaged fully with the french throughout this and to keep in mind there are serious security concerns within the president attends something like this. there were similar questions surrounding this summit in october on encountering violent extremism at home. over and over again, we asked the white house, whatever happened to that summit? is it going to be planned sometime soon? they wouldn't say anything about it. but now, over the weekend, suddenly they did announce they will hold it in mid-february alisyn. >> michelle thanks, so much for
4:07 am
that update. all right, now the situation in the u.s. sending someone there, that's fairly obvious. it will be dealt with for what it is. but there is a lot to understand here that is still unknown. so let's bring in cnn national correspondent jim scuitto and christian amanpour. >> just to wrap this up was this a huge faux pas the u.s. did not stoned lock arms with other world leaders in this march? >> reporter: it's certainly becoming that look we haven't heard any upset from the french government. people are, mostly in the american press, talking about it. so clearly the white house is having to respond to it. the fact that secretary kerry is coming here thursday certainly doesn't make up for nobody being here on sunday. but many people were incredibly pleads on wednesday of last week
4:08 am
when this attack happened the direct intervention by secretary of state kerry in french. >> that really did show for them here a sense of solidarity. clearly, this has become a political storm and people have noticed it. it has been talked about. now the white house is having to react. >> right. look. nobody dedicated the resources to help the french during this situation the way the u.s. did and the friendship is cemented. we know that but it's just something that requires comment and criticism. christiane thanks, for that point. help me with something, there was a big point of curiosity and confusion when this was going on charlie help do they thought there was a third person there. what's what happened that? the kosher grocery, as you know you were reporting, a lot of people were saying he has an accomplice in there, what happened with that? we know if there was somebody at charlie hebdo, it wasn't that kosher growers terrorism.
4:09 am
he himself, said he wasn't there. is there anything to that now? >> reporter: listen as with so many parts of this investigation is an open question the french prime minister opening an interesting possibility saying they believe the third gunman coulibaly did have an accomplice, didn't specify if the accomplice on the day of the attack or in preparation for the attack which could then include his partner, wife hayat boumeddine who we know left france for turkey and on to syria long before the attacks happened. i remember looking at that video of the two kouachi brother, they left charlie hebdo on wednesday with experts and noticing a point there, where they appeared to signal a third person as they were leaving the scene, hard to say for sure but there were certainly signs then that it was possible they were working with someone else there was even talk there had been a lookout or someone who drove them to the scene. so it's still an on question. remember these are questions
4:10 am
the french may not know an answer to at this point. when the standoff was going on at the kosher market the second attack taking place on friday the police were saying they to the it was still possible hayat boumeddine was inside that store. so it's hard to track these people. i think it's still maybe a question for french authorities as they try to figure it out. >> christiane as you know there is a man hunt for a female accomplice. i imagine french authorities are concerned with whether or not there are still small cells of terrorists in paris and throughout france waiting to do future attacks. >> reporter: well it's interesting to note who exactly they are looking for. we all think it's the female whose picture was put out. we're not sure whether that is the fourth person the accomplice is still on the loose as prime minister said today. i will be interviewing the prime minister in a few hours from now. ly most certainly pit that question to him. you know he has already order
4:11 am
massive new security all over france thousands and thousands of more police and defense men industry ordered thousands of military on the street including some 5,000 who will be tasked with protecting the 700 plus jewish schools around this country. so they're putting out a huge amount of security i did speak to the leader of the french muslim community, the director of the grand mosque here. he said in no uncertain terms in their next task and urgent task must be for a massive reform of islam. he said to eradicate this mutation that has allowed people to grab it and commit horrendous crimes as he said in the name of islam. so they're calling for a major reform to remove politics from religion. >> right. look jewish peel have been calling for more security. muslim people have been culeing for better security and in many
4:12 am
of the impoverished areas they are now. jim, quickly, how much of the concern of more of these fighter attacks through this mostly organized cell there is coming back to be a part of the paranoia of the u.s. intellicommunity in terms of what may happen here? >> reporter: well u.s. and intelligence the countercommunity watching this closely. >> that i have nothing specifically tying new warnings new risk in the u.s. to attacks that took place here. it's more the m-o, the concerns the counter-terrorism officials in the u.s. they are worried about copycats that i are particularly interested in the ties to aqap al qaeda arabian peninsula, at this point they have been sneaking explosives on to airplanes. if this is a new style of attack to carry out in the u.s. that's something they want to look at. to be clear to our viewers, there is no specific
4:13 am
intelligence leading american authorities to think there are similar attacks planned. today it's more the general threat. that's something they are very conscious of. they don't have something specific and credible about new attacks planned. >> important distinction. you have been honon it from the beginning. other news as well. >> we do indeed breaking news in the search for 8501 in the airasia flight investigation, an official telling cnn the plane exploded after hitting the water. we learned this hours after the plane's black boxes were found. one has been retrieved. let's go state to jakarta, indonesia. i understand some officials are disputing this claim of the explosion. david, what do you know? >> reporter: absolutely mikaela. >> that official saying of course the plane did explode when it hit the water. search sorry, transportation investigators saying it is premature to determine exactly what happened to flight 8501.
4:14 am
mikaela, good news they now have the key to unlocking this mystery t. plaque box, the flight data recorder is now here in jakarta. investigators say it is in great shape. it doesn't look like it suffered any damage from fire water, the impact. the data they're saying from that flight data recorder should take about two or three days to be downloaded. a little more time than that to gen to piece together the puzzle. out in the java sea, the officials say they have 100% certainty they know where it is the under water current is making it too difficult for divers to get down there to look. the other priority is to fiend the fuselage. it is believed more than 100 of the passengers and crew are with that don't still trapped in their seats t. family making a plea do not forget about us indonesia's president saying the search and rescue effort will continue until all on board are
4:15 am
brought home to their families. mikaela. >> the most important pamplt thanks, for that update. we appreciate it. we will continue to watch that. back here at home investigators have released this sketch of the man they believe may have detonated a bomb in front of the colorado springs na acp office. investigators say he was in the area at the time. he was seen carrying something down an alley just before tuesday's explosion. they alleges say he later returned to his truck empty handed. there is a $10,000 reward now for information leading to an arrest. stars were aligned in hollywood last night t. 72nd annual golden globes. the ladies were in fine form. director link letter's ground breaking film boyhood took home three trophies. julian moore won the award for best drama actress for her role "al is." amazon imorning the big winners for the series "transparent."
4:16 am
jeffrey tambo, and kevin spacey actor and drama for "house of cards." of course it would not be an awards show without must-see moments. tina few and amy poehler. comedienne cho poking fun, a suspicious north korean journalist. hi are you having a nice time? can we get you anything? >> i see you brought your magazine with you, do you want somebody to take a picture of you with your magazine? >> okay. who do you want to take a picture? >> okay. all right. she'll do it. >> meryl streep is so fantastic. >> they were awesome. there you go. this week the oscar nominations announced. we will be all over that. >> i love watching the outfits, of course did you see j.lo's?
4:17 am
>> no. >> he was eyeing. >> she is lying through big teeth. two things one why do you think that we are seeing this rush of all the new outlets threatened over the networks? sfwr we know that everybody carries these things. we spend so much time online. >> you think that's what it is? >> novelty. >> it's uncanny in her ability. >> let's monetize that. >> it might be illegal. >> pretty sure. >> forget what i said. >> let us know your comments can you find us all on twitter. back on our top stories, new york city police are on high alert after isis reissues an old threat. we are talking to the nypd deputy commissioner. >> so you know the question. everybody is asking it. not just us. why didn't vice president biden, john kerry who speaks french president obama, why weren't they there? was it because it was org nized
4:18 am
too quickly for security concerns? john king will take a look for an answer.
4:19 am
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all right. welcome back to your "new day." law enforcement across the country on high alert after a new threat by isis urging followers to rise up and quote quill intelligence officers police officer, soldiers and civilians. meanwhile, the head of britain's top agency warned last week al qaeda militants in syria are planning mass casualty
4:22 am
attacks against the west. so let's figure out what's going on specifically here in new york city. we have new york police deputy of intelligence john miller former fbi los angeles police department. john thank you for coming on this show as always. let's give the good news first, which is one not only are you uniquely prepared here but there is not any new threat that's been articulated specifically to the u.s. or any other city that we know about. is there? >> no the new york city police department isn't aware of any credible threats against new york city. >> when we talk about what this larger concern is about what's going on when you look at what happened in france certainly, it's different than what we've seen on several levels. which ones matter to you? >> well the problem with what's happening in france is if you are a city that has gone through a 9-11 if you've stopped a number of complex plots through
4:23 am
the new york city police department involving truck bombs and terrorist organizations, what you see in the paris attacks is low tech low cost high yield. what you also see with this renewed threat that you just mentioned is a call for their wider audience through their internet videos to say, we want more people to engage in low tech low cost high yield attacks, with whatever they can put together. >> now, this isn't some jack-[ bleep ] with bombs strapped to their chest. does that make it easier to detect who this pool of potentials are or is it simply too difficult to track yemen or hot bed zone? >> i think what they're tracking in france right now is these people were on their radar at one level or another, larl the
4:24 am
older brother and had been the subject of terrorism cases and emerging again. one of the things i feel for them is you can watch them all the time you can't watch everybody all the time on your suspect list. nobody has that under surveillance resource. the second thing is just because you are suspicious of them doesn't mean you can detain them. >> they have personal liberty laws there, more so than here. do you think that the united states specifically new york is better suited to deal with this threat than what we saw in paris? >> i think new york city based on what commissioner ray kelly built before commissioner bratton was here based on what we've continued to build on top of as a capability within a municipal police department that is singular in terms of band width. we also have the joint terrorism task force with the fbi, which
4:25 am
is the first and largest jpcf in the country. so it doesn't mean we don't run up against the same challenges it means we have a few more layers to go against them. >> i remember many years ago, you may not even remember all of you should remember that john miller interview, osama bin laden, when people were trying to figure out who he was. i remember you saying to me, you know what, when it comes to these terror groups. there is not one there is many. some day, there might wind up just being one. that's proven to be prophetic, john we see these groups are starting to compete with each other. >> that may weened up leading to some unholly alliance can it? >> let's look at paris. what you've just raised is perhaps the most complicated and fascinating wrinkle of these tragic attacks. you have two guys who apparently trained with yemen and pay have trained with aqap the al qaeda operations arm, that in and of itself is extraordinarily
4:26 am
significant. it means it's an attack ordered by al qaeda, if those facts pan out. at the same time you have the supporting element in the form of another individual who shoots a police officer, who then turns up the next day, having split police resources at a time of crisis invades the supermarket, takes hostages guysin a shootout. he's saying on individual and in a statement says he's with isil for the islamic state in syria. so you have two competing terrorist organizations whose followers seem to morph together in a way that you've just described. that's a very bad sign. >> something that hadn't been on the radar as much. obviously, we're distracted be i paris. the machete attack talk about low tech high yield. >> i think you have to look no further than new york city when you see, you know those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it. and this message that isis or
4:27 am
isil put out on saturday is very similar to a message it put out in mid-september. within a month of that message, we had an individual hadir attack the police in a police briefing in australia. it was followed a few days later by an individual martin merlot who drove a truck into soldiers in canada. two days later, they invited parliament with the rifle. the next day there, an individual in new york city attacked police officer healey and his partners with a hatchet. he had made 270 visits to jihadist websites. so you see, let me qualify this we don't have any direct evidence that thompson or anybody else read that isis message. what we do have forensic evidence is that they in thompson's case had over 270 searches of that website that would have led him to that message. we don't take these messages
4:28 am
likely. it's more than upon began da. eighth call to arms him some people are following. >> we are seeing in recent months in paris, they had two individuals drive into people trying to kill them. they were acting in the cause of jihad and they had someone not in their right mind walk into a police station and stab as many people as they could. it is no surprise the threat is out there. it's trying to stay one step ahead. that's why we have you. >> we have our work cut out for us. >> over to you, alisyn. >> thanks, so much. remember when mitt romney said he was definitely not running for president. remember that? apparently. romney does not. john king will tell us what the name is for the presidential race inside politics.
4:29 am
4:30 am
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4:32 am
. >> isis flags, detonators found by french police. it had been rented by the gunmen who slaughtered four hostages in a grocery store before he was shot and killed. police hope to fiend evidence to lead them to this woman police believe explosives were strapped to a girl possibly as young as ten-years-old and detonated in a business market in nigeria. boka haram is believed to be behind the attack which claims on the heels of what may be the deadliest massacre in boka haram
4:33 am
history. reporting some 2,000 people were killed on theny algerian border with chad. >> two hikers are thousands of feet from the top of el capitan. have been up there since december 27th. >> what sparks a difficult section? >> curiosity. >> parts they got stuck on. >> let them go for a second. they go sliding across. >> another high wire act. john king with "inside politics." good morning john. >> always on the bad end of a monday morning segue. here we go. amazing what those guys are doing. that's an amazing feat.
4:34 am
they have been up there since december. let's go inside politics jonathan martin let's explore the question,al sen, chris and mikaela started with all morning. why? you had this amazing world event, solidarity in par tis, the united states sent no high profile official there. the daily news says 40 leaders marched, 3 million people none of these men showed up meaning the leaders of the united states the president, vice president, our secretary attorney general. the news said you let the world down. the president ran saying his foreign policy would be built around new alliances, strengthening alliances if the president couldn't go? joe biden couldn't go? if they change secretary kerry's schedule? he said he had a critical commitment in india, he is going later this week. they could have called bill clinton or hillary clinton.
4:35 am
put the picture back up of the world leaders. this is a pretty remarkable photo. you got prime minister abbas and netanyahu. angela merkel there. the king of jordan. why is the, if the united states, forgive me if there is ever a picture that says our policy is leading from behind. that's it. >> yeah that's your point. it seems so obvious here. it seems like diplomacy 101. it's not just showing solidarity with france. other world leaders there are probably looking at the united states saying what are you doing here? you should send somebody. one of the -- kerry's excuse was they were going to send them to india on the sort of develop trade with that country. look india needs us more than we need them. this is a unifying huge world event. again, to your point, this is obama's first calling card coming into office which is why it seems so shocking. >> stubborn tone deaf? >> and the french twice at
4:36 am
americans times of need have rallied to our side. i couldn't help thinking of when jfk was killed and charles de gaulle the live president of france, a 6' 4" man, a different time, a different event. still to not see a high profile american presence there as they had here as jvg was killed they rallied on our side after 9-11, a lot of americans will say, what is going on? >> our own allies france. >> the president and ceo of the operation the secretary of state's job is to make sure we do the right things diplomatically. in some ways it's john kerry's day job. he decides this issue in india is more important. doesn't he say if i keep this commitment i have as to make sure somebody who is a beacon of the united states is standing there in that front row? >> somebody. look they argue eric holder was
4:37 am
over there. >> i feel it has to be someone bigger than that a known figure. >> the u.s. ambassador was there is there. >> she was in washington at the march here. the highest u.s. official at the march yesterday in paris was the u.s. ambassador over there, a big obama donor who got that job in part because of her connection with president obama. so there was really nobody in that parade at the sort of top levels of the u.s. administration. >> i sympathize with the security. argument a little bit. >> absolutely. >> for president obama. >> absolutely. again, 40 world leaders there, they all had security needs as well. >> we will see if there is a fallout. secretary kerry will be there later in the week. he will make amend when he is there. all this weekend, this was buzzing, republicans were buzzing with the idea that mitt romney walked into a meeting of donors on friday he walked in and said go tell your friends,
4:38 am
romney walks in everybody in here can go tell your friends i'm considering a run. what brought about this dramatic clang and is it in two words, jeb bush? >> a probably yes, that's about right. mitt romney it's not a surprise he wants to be president. he ran twice. look there is a little bit of friction there. not outright contempt but jeb and romney aren't particularly close. i think he saw jeb wadeing into his turf. romney has been running for six years this is his lane he sees someone else there. an romney has gone from don't do this again to i want you in there according to his donors. >> jeb bush criticizing romney over the course of the last month on a variety of issues. my understanding is that romney had said repeatedly last year if private, look i will not do it.
4:39 am
the only way i will do it is late 2015 if somebody is going to get the nomination that can't win the general and the port comes to me, i didn't think jeb was going to run. when he saw jeb criticizing him, he raemgized, okay if i want to do this again i should move fast. >> and started getting things moving. >> romney has big donors medium donors. it's an impressive organization him could he bekeith this at some point? a lot are sympathetic to jeb. they're turning to mitt saying what should we do? >> it's a money game. the primaries are dominated by rich people in this country and their preferences is astonishing. to borrow the old phrase this is a grass roots, emergeing from the grass roots from every country but america.
4:40 am
>> that would be a remarkable establishment rivalry between a mitt romney and governor christie in a minute. you have a premier establishment candidates there. you write about an interview with rick santorum. he is going over ted cruz and marco rubio to a degree. you have a conservative fight as well. mike huckabow saying they don't have the experience. >> there are basically two lanes now. i spoke to rick santorum. he was very aggressive going after huckabee, a be ig challenge in iowa. he won there in 2008 on a wrath of policy issues he says huckabee will have to answer to the right and taking an aim at both paul and cruz saying that is the obama center. by the way, they're bomb throwers. >> in a crowded sort of field,
4:41 am
especially on the right, he takes huckabee and santorum a lot of folks are in love with santorum. what you were talking about is really interesting on the establishment side there is one anointed figure in that lane. >> you know another reason romney who has won twice before that's interesting. maybe he has as much of a shot as anybody if there is that many people in the race. >> as we get back to new york t. winner of the football primary, scott walker or paul ryan the congressman to lose to mr. cuomo, chris christie, time to retire the org sweater. i guess you see him on the side lines, he hoped to bring more mojo to the cowboys. there you see ryan in the stand with the kid saying governor christie do you need a hand now? we will see if this passes i suspect maybe the lucky orange yet e sweater is going into retirement. >> i suspect the governor has
4:42 am
choice comments on dez bryant on certainly what looked leak a catch to me. >> that was a catch. >> there you go. >> that was a catch. and i'm glad my patriots still i haven't exhaled. but we get another weekend. >> good luck to you. see you later, john king. all right, we will take a break, when we come back an enemy no one was expecting. how do terrorist groups go about recruiting women? why do they seem to have more success doing it? we'll discuss coming up. at my house... it's a full day for me, and i love it. but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take six pills to get through the day. so my daughter brought over some aleve. it's just two pills, all day! and now, i'm back! aleve. two pills. all day strong, all day long. and now introducing aleve pm for a better am.
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hey, jennar fuzz mike troober munny sling... awwwwww scram! i'm crust mike jubby roll bond chow gonna lean up an kiss bet. peas charty get town down. [laughter] ♪ borf a liver tute face stummy wag ♪ pow pam sha-beeps stella nerf berms. saxa-nay nay? badumps a head. temexiss gurrin. juppa left. fluppa jown! brone a brood. what? catch up on what everyone's talking about with the x1 entertainment operating system. preloaded with the latest episodes of the top 100 shows. only from xfinity. . >> this morning police are on the hunt of hayat boumeddine the alleged co-conspirator of amedi coulibaly. even if boumeddine wasn't at the scene now, her role in the
4:46 am
attack highlights a troubling trend, a trend of women being lured into extremism. joining me now is a professor of security studies at the university of massachusetts and she is author of bombshell the many faces of women terrorists. professor, thank you very much for joining us this morning. >> mikaela, thank you very much for having me. >> we are talking about this young woman is on the run, believed to be in syria at the time. some people really surprised one of the suspects in this horrifying attack was a woman. not a new face in terrorism as highlight in your book. explain to us how big of a role women are playing in these organizations? >> you know when you look at the history of terrorism, you can't help but notice the fact that women have been involved with terrorist organizations from the very beginning, going back to the 19th century so what really is surprising to me is that anyone is surprised when we see a woman. i think the surprising part
4:47 am
might be that many people may have assumed that islamic groups do not engage women as operatives. >> that is absolutely not the case. since 2005, we have seen even al qaeda's affiliates using women as suicide bombers for propaganda as recruiters online. we have seen so many western women going to isis. >> i want to kind of break down sa lot of what you said. there are very good points in all of this. first of all, what is it that draws women to the jihadi movement in your research? well women are invited to terrorist groups for the same thing men are, it's politics how they interpret religion personal experiences. i think the way we previously presumed women are involved in terrorism because of emotional reasons i've disproven in my book. but for the jihadi groups a lot
4:48 am
of the women are drawn to ideology and the notion of this you tonian islamic state. so i think that especially women who have been mistreated because of aslamophobia are drawn to these movements as a form of protest. >> something in you referenced this you topian -- utopian society. there is irony for western minds to seek around what would draw them. you pointed out the fact that these women are on the front lines, but you have also said in your book that they're used differently within different terror groups. talk about that a little bit. >> so if you looked at women in the european terrorist groups in the 1960s and '70s we have the head of the separatist baathist movement is a woman.
4:49 am
the idea that women will only be second class citizens is definitely not the case. within the islamic groups however, we have women that can be suicide bombers. we have seen this for example, with the ten-year-old girls as suicide bombers in boka haram who are targeting markets. so especially when jihadi groups are blending in with the population that's when women are crucial. >> you point out in your book the women are often more radical than the men explain that. . >> one of the things i described in the book was the fact that again, we ae seum women are only involved because they are reacting to the loss of a loved one or they're who is a jihadi when in fact in many cases it's the women the ones pulling the men in. they make sure the men stay in the organization. this is very different and a
4:50 am
troubling innovation in the past marrying a male terrorist off, having kids a mortgage meant he probably didn't have time for terrorism. now, it's the women who make sure the men stay within the organization and stay radical and raise the next generation to also have the same ideology. >> it points to the ever changing dynamic confronting and fighting terrorism. quick final point on that point. >> i think part of what we need to understand is that when the terrorist groups are trying to use operatives that fall under the radar screen they will use women and older people and children we have to be aware these are the kinds of operatives in the future and find policies that are the best way to protect i intelligenceagainst these kinds of operatives. no one is expecting it but we should be. >> thank you so much professor
4:51 am
for your perspective and being on "new day". >> the real threat to your wallet is oil prices. they're still tumbling. we have cnn money now coming up with a look at what's happening with oil and gas in the near term. time to pre-by oil and heating oil? we'll tell you. thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years.
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4:54 am
that means it's time for "cnn money now." christine romans is here with oil prices. >> oil prices sliding trading out at $47 a barrel. that price has been slashed in half since summer. that pushed prices to almost a six year low. the national average this morning, $2.13 a gallon. you can't kill an idea. that's what mark duringzuckerberg posted in response to the france unity marches. as long as we are connected no response to the attack against
4:55 am
free freedom can that sand way of history's arc towards freedom for all. we'll tell you what a grocery store siege left behind. e financial noise financial noise financial noise financial noise
4:56 am
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4:59 am
oyelowo. the hunt is still on for the last suspects. >> we don't know her whereabouts. >> putting out a new threat against people in the west. >> i hate to say it it's good business for isis. >> now we have new terror in the u.s. and what is the strategy. >> where was the president and the secretary of state? >> would it have been desirable? absolutely. inner other ways the united states has shown its deep sympathy for what the united states is going through. >> good morning. welcome to your new day. monday january 12th, 8:00.
5:00 am
we have new clues in the search for the french woman connected to the paris terrorist. clues coming in police uncovering isis flags and other evidence in a paris apartment rented by the gunman who killed four hostages in that kosher grocery store. was there anybody else involved? where is this woman they want to talk to so desperately. she stayed in that apartment before making her escape that's their thought. is there any clue she could have left behind they could use to catch her. and meanwhile, they believe one one of them got his orders from al qaeda. and an isis threat. the world clearly standing with france. leaders of many countries linking arms joining millions in a stunning show of unity in
5:01 am
paris. one western leader was con conspicuously absent president obama. and now the secretary of state is making plans go to france. john berman is live from paris. what is this latest at this hour john? >> good morning, alison. just a short time ago, the prime minister of france manuel val said he believed the man who shot up the supermarket had an accomplice. who is this accomplice? could it be someone still in france right now or is he talking about the wife of coulibaly who might have been in syria before the attacks began. wanted now 26-year-old amedy
5:02 am
coulibaly, believed to be connected to the kouachi brothers. and boumeddien arrived in syria thursday and items found in a hideout in paris. investigators discovered isis flags, automatic weapons and detonators and cash in the apartment rented by the terrorists. this as the investigation continues as to who if any supported and financed last week's three-day terror rampage that left 17 people dead. >> the nature of that attack showed a degree of professionalism no lone wolf could have carried out. >> reporter: in this video, coulibaly swears allegiance to isis posted online before the
5:03 am
attack on the corner market and from a french reporter who recorded coulibaly during the siege even after coulibaly thought he had hung up the phone. >> the u.s. is investigating whether the attackers received orders from apap al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. aqap. at least one of the brothers slipped off for terror training in yemen. >> aqap remains the most dangerous of the al qaeda cells. the al qaeda organizations and we are constantly focused on them. >> reporter: but u.s. and french authorities say they do not have enough evidence to directly link aqap or isis to any of the terrorist attacks. attacks that sent some 3.7
5:04 am
million people into the streets around france sunday marching with an overwhelming show of solidarity and defiance against terrorism. heads of state and dignitaries from all over the world, arm in arm. some with clear division. israeli prime minister benjamin net tana tanya hue and palestinian prime minister abbas on the front lines. >> who put the video together. did someone help him shoot it? did someone release it here and is that person here in france or outside the country? one of the reasons why there are concerns there could still be an accomplice on the run. and what were the cowkouachi brothers doing with the video? did they have other plans for
5:05 am
it? is that why they focused or seemed to be close to the airport at times? did they want to take a shotted a at an airplane. >> sure. you have a witness at the kosher store saying they believed there was an accomplice inside and the brothers thought to have an accomplice during the hebdo attack. something not in question is that the u.s. was very supportive during the paris attacks with in tell and other government support and the alliance between france and the u.s. was strong before and remains so after. that is why the president or u.s. top officials not being at the march this weekend was perplexing perhaps the best proof the absence deserves mention is seen by the actions of the french president. michelle michelle what do you have? you have new information? what do you have? >> reporter: the u.s. has been
5:06 am
present in president obama's statements and support he has offered france defending the fact there are all these questions surrounding why president obama or another high level white house official did not attend the march when so many others did. this is a question we asked the white house repeatedly when we asked the white house about this march this week who from the white house is going and if no one is going as we started to suspect why not? the white house simply would not answer that question. finally over the weekend they put out information not quite answering that but saying there was u.s. embassy staff present and deeply engaged with the french who say they appreciate and there are often serious security concerns when the president attends something like this. that security piece may be the most telling part of what the white house has said. you have to consider there were dozens of other world leaders who did attend. it is possible the president
5:07 am
didn't want to go to this event in paris when he didn't go to ferguson missouri or funerals of slain police officers or possibly for whatever reason did not fit into the schedule. there's also this summit count ering violence at home that never happened and never mentioned again. something we asked the white house about repeatedly whatever happened to this summit are you still planning it? but the white house would not speak of it they wouldn't answer the question. suddenly over the weekend they have announced this summit will happen in mid february. alison. >> thanks for all that background. lets bring in fareed zakaria, host of fareed zakaria gps. is it a big deal president obama and joe biden and john kerry all skipped this or not a big deal as the president of france is making it sound. >> the president of france is being very diplomatic. this is all about symbolism.
5:08 am
substantively it doesn't matter. the president has been helping france and france has been an ally. look at the symbolism. these are the front pages of the newspapers and the front page around the world. >> you're seeing pictures of many leaders armed locked in solidarity. >> who is not there? no american there. frankly frankly frankly, the white house's explanation is pathetic telling us some embassy staffers were there. the chancellor of jordan, king of -- chancellor of france king of jord dap, the third political officer from the political embassy in france that's not an explanation. it's possible you couldn't send obama there. i thought this is why god invented vice presidents. let's say biden couldn't go. at the funeral of lyndon johnson, he sent the chief
5:09 am
justice and chief delegation to symbolize i couldn't be there but sending high representatives of the united states. >> so why didn't they send any? >> i think mistake ss happen and they made a mistake and are covering it up by claiming security and such. you could have sent bill clinton who needs much less security than the president does. >> on "new day" last week you said muslim leaders had not in huge numbers come out and condemned these attacks in the way you would have liked. has that changed as of today? the march is very important because you saw the king of jordan a direct descendent of the prophet, muhammad and the leader of mali a muslim nation. that's symbolism so far. even when they would denounce these issues they would put out a statement in the dead of night
5:10 am
not wanting to put a face to it. i do think the tide is turning and the most elegant was the ordinary french muslims who held up signs saying not in my name which was extraordinary. i am a jew. i am french and muslim and i denounce terror. those messages were probably in some ways more eloquent than even the messages from heads of state. >> the symbolism is comforting and condemnation is comforting. does policy change in some of these country s because of this? >> i would hope it does actually because a lot of countries are unwilling to take on this fight fully for fear that their populations might not be with them. for instance they'll battle hard line jihadis but won't take on extremist ss using violence-- not
5:11 am
using violence but not take on policies towards women and education. they're still trying to curry favor with religious fanatics just not violent religious fanatics. this may be the beginning of change of tone in that respect. >> aqap teams to have been behind this attack in paris. once again this weekend we heard the attorney general, eric holder say the core of al qaeda has been decimated. who cares what we call it at this point. clearly terrorism has not been decimated decimated. call it aqap or al qaeda, does it matter? >> the way you are going to deal with this kind of extremist terrorism coming out of the islamic world those terrorist
5:12 am
organizations decimating those areas is clearly false. we did destroy al qaeda leadership and is true large parts of al qaeda were decimated. the truth is these guys all you need is a handful of people they get radicalized on the internet go some place for inspiration and a little training. they went to yemen this time and the next time they might go to somalia and nigeria. we are not going to be able to stabilize the entire bloody greater middle east. the answer has to be better policing at home better intelligence understanding these communities, perhaps having better no-fly lists. the only way we will solve this to go into all these countries and intervene military and bring stability is a hopeless task. >> thank you. a look at your headlines at
5:13 am
13 minutes past the hour we have breaking news in asia air flight 581. officials tell cnn the plane exploded after hitting the water based on debris patterns based on what has found under water. we learned this after the plane's black boxes were found. one already retrieved from the water and the second when france allows dives to enter the water. cuba releases 53 prisoners ahead of talks. there had been concerns cuba hadn't been pushing human rights reforms and this shows they're working towards normalizing relation s relations with the united states and those negotiations are set to start next week. anand couple is behind bars this morning after apparently filming their baby playing with a real gun. police arrested 22-year-old
5:14 am
wilson and michael barns, they were investigating him for trying to sell that same gun to an undercover police officer. the couple now faces charges that include child neglect. the pakistani school where 134 children were massacred last month, it is now open again. students returned to class today at the army public school. school officials and pakistan's military say they have increased security but also want the campus to seem normal again after the attack by the pakistani taliban. 150 people were killed after that attack. our thoughts with those students returning after a very very difficult time and they survived. >> dark days for france. seems a new era of terror has arrived there. how can the west battle this new jihad? our counter-terrorism experts have new ideas. >> boca hako haram have sunk to new
5:15 am
forms of barberism. imagine using a 10-year-old girl as a suicide bomber. estimates are in the thousands of dead. i've smoked a lot and quit a lot but ended up nowhere. now...i use this. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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now, it is all about healing and the investigation in the wake of the attacks in paris. one thing becoming more apparent, this seems to be a new era in terror. after 9/11 it was big cities that could kill thousands at once. the death fear may be lower but terror training could infiltrate western cities. we just saw it. the chief of british intelligence is warning of more attacks. the question should be how should the fight against global jihad move forward given this reiteration of the new threat.
5:19 am
we have cnn terrorism analyst counter-terrorism expert fabrice mon monay and former counter-terrorism officials. fabrice, i begin with you. you're knowledge and sources. where are french authorities finding the woman and their theory there was a third attacker at channelly ebb doe's office s offices? at charlie hebdo's offices sfwlchlgts >> they're looking for the lady that lives around the country and obviously she flew through. we're looking for a fourth accomplice known to be link ded with coulibaly because we found new video which has been done after the deaths of coulibaly.
5:20 am
so there is a question who is that guy in that video actually? where is he? is the video in france or outside france? do we have his aecomccomplice working on that story or not? the investigation is ongoing and i think we have much more answer in the coming hours and coming days. >> if we're looking now at the evolving threat phillip mud, not just someone willing to strap a bomb to themselves anymore, they went away got trained, came back not just with know how, new resolve. they came in they can use a weapon and combining their allegiances and aqad as we just saw, can we handle that in the u.s. u.s.? >> it depends what our expectations are. let me paint a scenario in chicago or new york.
5:21 am
a small cell that doesn't have broad reach shoots a shopping center up. is that a situation you can handle if you're fbi or state police. on the one hand, we have to accept this is going to happen in american western europe. let's take one step further, if we want to limit the damage even if we accept we can't own it we have to look at these kinds of place places it generates. we have seen yemen and iraq. you have to have leadership focused not only at local targets and places like yemen but going against cities like paris and new york. you need leadership. number two you need safer haven, time and space to prepare complex operations. you have to look at ways to operate against governments and terror groups that have leadership leadership. think nigeria. we've already seen ire rack and how about lebanon and jordan.
5:22 am
watch for places these two characteristics apply and apply resources to prevent the rise of leadership. >> it is withering the more we seem to do the more we seem to see the threat evolving every bit as much. fabrice, let me take the question to you. when i was with you, there was real concern on the part of french authorities this cell what they're calling a terror cell may have more potential in it. is there a real concern now there could be more attacks? >> yes chris. it's a reality. our french intelligence sieveses are working very well since 10 years to try to detect and stop those cells in france. we know we have sleeping cells very active, i mean secretly spreadings everywhere in france
5:23 am
linked with islamic organizations to the world and it's much more different means, human means and equipment to face the new challenge now we are facing nowadays. the last few days highlights that. now, we have to react very quickly because those guys are ready. we are now to push politicians because they need now to take action to protect ourselves. >> fabrice was making a strong point when i was reporting with him in france. it's not isis or aqap providing the fuel for these attack poverty, education, having a large muslim population you know from your time in france isn't being assimilated to all society.
5:24 am
what do you do about that? that is not a military campaign from solution? >> let's have a pain fulful conversation. i've lived in europe. if you look at pakistani and bang bangladeshi populations and uk. you know old people who have come to fromsance from nigeria. we had islamic demonstrations in germany. this is why the parade we saw yesterday was critically important. there has to be acceptance among politicians and the population looking at other people, muslim or different country as if they're not true citizens will destroy culture. this is not a question for terrorism, that's for practitioners. this is a question of culture. we have seen this in the united states in the past. you have to accept despite what happened in paris, integrating people into educational systems, giving them employment
5:25 am
opportunities is the key. that's why people say how can you prevent this tomorrow? this is not an appropriate response to that. this is not a counter-terrorism response this is how to integrate people in society. if you don't, the generation who comes after the parents who move into a culture will say i'm not connected home to algeria or morocco and my new heartland, france or the united states what do i do? i want to fight. we saw one of the terrorists in paris was featured in a new article about a new generation of french who come from immigrants who couldn't get a job. thank you for your insight again. fe felipe mud, yes i called you felipe leave it alone. >> i know he heard that, chris. >> another shocking story to tell you about. boca haram reportedly used a 10-year-old girl in a busy market in nigeria.
5:26 am
thousands more may have died in a separate haram siege. what can be done about the brutality in nigeria? ok, why's that? no hidden fees from the bank where no branches equals great rates. [container door opening] ♪ what makes it an suv is what you can get into it.
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5:30 am
disturbing development ss out of nigeria, explosive ss strapped to a girl as young as 10 years old. 11 people killed in that attack after the boca haram. and that one may have killed thousands. our senior correspondent joins us live from nigeria. almost hard to imagine, thousands of people dead in that massacre. >> reporter: it is. one witness told us boca haram came into town and he hid out by his house three days watching the killing and looting and burning going on. they moved on to other villages. he said when he walked out of there to escape for three miles he passed roads by the side of the body and 3,000 people he estimates could have been killed in this largest killing spree so
5:31 am
far. unfortunately this young 10-year-old female human bomb rather than suicide bomber used by boca haram or apparently used by boko haram saturday not an isolated incident. saturday and sunday two young female suicide bombers were used to target another market in another town not far away. witnesses describe these girls are more like human vehicles for bombs because they don't detonate them themselves the bombs are exploded remotely kill the girls and people in the surrounding area in these markets. >> the brutality seems to know no bounds. my goodness. thank you. french police finding isis flags, atomic weapons and other weapons in a paris apartment rented by the gunman who killed four hostages at a kosher grocery store. breaking news on the plane that exploded one investigation that it exploded after hitting
5:32 am
the water based on debris patterns. they have located the black box and the cockpit reporter located but not yet retrieved. and the sketch of the man they believe may have detonated the bomb at the chapter of the naacp and released a $10,000 reward for information leading to arrest in the case. a wet snow yy travel for parts of the u.s. all the way to new york. and the college national champion will be crowned tonight. oregon versus ohio state. who are you rooting for? chris. officials have linked the terrorists in the charlie hebdo attacks to a powerful al qaeda arm in yemen. who are they and how did they gain so much power so quickly? we'll give you the answers.
5:33 am
sound good? great. because you're not you you're a whole airline... and it's not a ticket you're upgrading it's your entire operations, from domestic to international... which means you need help from a whole team of advisors. from workforce strategies to tech solutions and a thousand other things. so you call pwc. the right people to get the extraordinary done. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] when john huntsman was diagnosed with cancer, he didn't just vow to beat it. i vowed to eradicate it from the earth.
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5:36 am
as you know officials were quick to link the terrorist attack attacks to aqap al qaeda's arm in yemen. the group have terrorists the west from the underwear bombing to stabbing in yemen and british parliament. why do we keep hearing al qaeda
5:37 am
has been gutted? clearly it hasn't even though the leader was killed in 2011? the threat lives on. let's bring in mike rogers security commentator, recently as you know intelligence chairman of the intelligence committee and jim sciutto. let's bring in the specific in paris. the unknown. how big is this cell that we heard coming out of the kosher grocery, people were claiming there was another person inside another shooter. they're looking for this woman and believe she couldn't have been in france at the time and the charlie hebdo attacks. how many were involved? >> the fact is the french still have a lot of hard questions to answer. the french prime minister raising a worrisome possibility. it is likely there was another
5:38 am
accomplice for the kosher market hostage taker. he didn't specify if that is likely to be his partner we now know traveled to syria before the attack ss, that is heyyat boumeddien boumeddien. during the moments during the happening taking there, people were still raising the possibility that boumeddien was still inside that market and may have escaped in the confusion afterwards and we learned she went to turkey and en route to syria a number of days before. it shows the real difficulty tracking individual people at any time the same difficult they were trying to attack the "charlie hebdo" attackers chasing them around the country. it's a hard thing to do and not center today and one reason why you're seeing deployment of extra security force in police and military around the country.
5:39 am
>> now, thank you for that jim. now, mike rogers let's deal with what gets even more difficult. the first part is that you're not dealing with islam. this is not about a religion about to get everybody else about a perversion of that faith. that's a big barrier especially in the u.s. as you well know from your time in office people have a phobia about islam. we have to deal with that. it's easy to find the people in tell experts are telling you who are already trying to be violent. how do you deal with assessing the threat? how do you start there? >> two problems. i don't think you start there. there is an immediate security threat to the united states and allies in europe. you have the deal with that first. one of the biggest recruiting tool they have what radicals perceive as success in syria and iraq. we saw something earlier, chris, that was troubling, there seemed to be some connection
5:40 am
communication, some visiting between al qaeda and the arabian peninsula and individuals on the ground in syria. that large safe haven was presenting an opportunity not just for isis and their growth also al qaeda affiliate in something they call a hard core group of veteran al qaeda fighters. you have to do both economic integration issues. europe does it different than the united states. they tend to be more segregated than we are. there's still this immediate problem we have to deal with both here and in the united states. >> that's the problem. that's the easy part. dealing with people that want to kill you is hard. we keep watching it but know who we're dealing with. >> s the problems-- these problems aren't going away they're spreading, boca harambbying boka haram
5:41 am
and others and you have to deal with the military and when do we start and how? >> you have to deal with this both at the same time. you have to have both those conversations. you look at france they have a segregation policy not even a policy by self-selection in some cases, societal in others. they have to start working to break down those barrier, something we don't necessarily have in the united states. we tend to be more open more inclusive. you have the opportunity to get education here doesn't always work but we have presenteds the opportunities. in france it's a little different. there are places in france police can't go. non-muslims really don't feel safe and can't go. that's a huge problem they're going to have to confront early on. then you'll have this self-radicalization. i think you saw through their visits to aqap and visits to
5:42 am
syria, they'll begin down that path of radicalization if they don't feel comfortable in their own adopted country of france. they have to have a unique set of problem solving issues to deal with that. at the same time they have an algerian problem. coming out and saying he wants more to happen the algerian terrorist who took hostages at the natural gas facility in algeria that caused problems and deaths there. you do have 21 al qaeda affiliates out there. about half of them have claimed support for isis. this is an interesting change in these groups allegiances. that means logistics, money and people two problems you have to deal with at the same time. >> mike rogers thank you very much for the insight. great to have you with us chairman.
5:43 am
jim, you've written a book that outlines many issues a good read for now. were the attacks in paris a result of radical islam sfwlnchs we will talk to a leading voice in the fight against terrorism about what she says is the root of extremism. i've smoked a lot and quit a lot but ended up nowhere. now...i use this. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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the sticity of paris reeling
5:47 am
from dual terror attacks and radical islam. we spoke to a doctor in the fight against radical islam, a female doctor in germany and saudi arabia. she says it's time to label these attacks exactly what they are. you called the attack in paris a wake-up call for world leaders. what does that mean? >> it's time to realize there is a war or battle to our values of secular blurrism and freedom of speech is intimately tied to freedom of expression. >> you see this attack at the magazine as more than an attack to freedom of speech. attack on our way of life and secularism. >> these actions have occurred on false pretenses of policing on defending god and muhammad.
5:48 am
in islam, blasphemy itself is not crime a mortal judges on another mortal. if it is a crime, it is between a man and his maker. you label this terror islamists. what is that? >> islamism is totalitarian its primary focus to reorder the world in an artificial fictional islamic caliphate. there's nothing islamic about that but they're pursuing that. in this world you and i enjoy, it is a zionist or tremendously evil or destructive way of living. they're seeking to change our actual existence. and the charlie hebdo attacks extremely shocking to us are no different than the assault on the attempted assassination of
5:49 am
the person wanting to bring education to those like her and the assault on islam. this is secular education whether a girl's school in pakistan or boy's school in pakistan or vaccination program in pakistan or a french magazine publishing cartoons. these are not the values of islam but this is the politic of islamism. >> let me play for you how attorney general eric holder responded yesterday when he was asked if he agreed with the french president who said we are at war with radical islam. listen to this. >> i certainly think we are at war with those who would commit terrorist attacks and who would corrupt the islamic faith in the way that they do to try to justify their terrorist actions, so that's who we are at war with. >> he didn't want to give it a label. he didn't want to say who the terrorists are.
5:50 am
is it time to call them islamists? >> i think the time to call them islamists is long overdue. even the term "radical islam" is somehow deficient because that term "radical islam" defames all my religion. islamism is apart and distinct from islam however it feeds off and parata sizes islam. islam is a religion islamist stealings and ideology from islam. corruption is a good word. islamism covers the whole ideology. islamism is not only violent as we saw in paris, islamism is non-violent and institutional. part of that is the use of the islamic conferences to pursue international boundaries on the defamation of islam to legalize blast
5:51 am
brass fam blasphemy in the public space and that's not islam, that's islamism. >> how cab we change or even fight an ideology that sees things through such a different prism than we do? >> that's a tremendous question alison. the first is what you're doing here opening up the conversation and reclaiming words to describe what's happening. our retreat from words and languages we've just seen in that clip only enables and strengthens islamism. the other thing we need to do is expose the term islamophobia. i'm opposed to prejudice to any belief on any basis. islamophobia is aimed at inoculating islam to scrutiny. and to islams like me the world over so we understand the actions in france are not islamic but islamists. that's the place to start.
5:52 am
>> we can't havebe afraid to have this conversation we need to have this conversation about islam islamists. >> islam versus islamist. a very important distinction and important conversation to have. when we come back hollywood heavyweights they took center stage at last night's golden globes. tina fey was there with her sidekick. what's her name again? we'll talk about it. winners and losers amy poehler, a test you all passed. fico s thanks to the tools and help on kaboom... well, i just have a few other questions. >>chuck, the only other question you need to ask is, "what else can you do for me?" i'll just take a water... get your credit swagger on. become a member of experian credit tracker and find out your fico score powered by experian. fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions.
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cumberbatch. yes the golden globes known as hollywood's biggest party and it was a night to remember. >> resplendent. >> it was. >> you got the goebs, too. >> the oscars may be hollywood's biggest night but the irreverent golden globes are the night's biggest party. tina fey and amy poehler hosting for the third and final time skewered everyone from bill cosby to george clooney who was there with his very aecom accomplished buy, amal. >> amal was a human rights as advisor and selected for a three person commission investigating war violations in the gaza strip. tonight, her husband is getting
5:57 am
a lifetime achievement award. >> the newly married lifetime achievement honoree accepted the prestigious award for his bride. >> amal whatever it was that brought us together i couldn't be more proud to be your husband. husband. >> [ speaking foreign language ] >> the goeld nlden globe celebrated free speech led boy the president of the hollywood for ren films association. >> we will support free speech anywhere from north korea to paris. >> reporter: there wear of course awards. the coming of age "boyhood" won three trophies best director and best support inging actor and drama. and the transgender theme "transparent" took best tv series and best actor for jeffrey tambor who dedicated his
5:58 am
award to the transgender community. thank you for your courage and inspiration. they for your patience and thank you for letting us be a part of the change. >> surprise presenter prince drew big cheers before announcing best song went to john legend for glory in the civil rights drama "selma." >> i am the unarmed black kid who maybe needed a hand but instead was given a bullet. i am the two fallen police officers murdered in the line of duty, "selma" has awakened my humanity. >> stephanie elam cnn, hollywood. >> so far as we can see, tina and amy were well received. and a lot of news. >> doesn't take itself very seriously but the movies were serious. >> i don't think amy and tina will be able to not do it again?
5:59 am
>> back by popular demand? >> too good. >> i support it. >> don't forget on thursday we will have the oscar nominations announced. we'll bring it to you. tell us what you think on social media. >> a lot of news this morning, right to the "newsroom" with carol costello. >> good morning. thanks so much. newsroom starts right now. happening in "the "newsroom"". charlie. >> liberty. unity. a country -- >> they are not going to win. >> and the world. >> we must demonstrate our determination to fight against anything that can divide us. >> reporter: come together as new threats against america are being uncovered. >> the target is to just go out and kill law enforcement and other officials. >> investigators learning more about the people behind
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