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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  January 7, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning, i'm wolf blitzer. we want to welcome viewers from the united states and around the world. thanks for joining us. we're following breaking news out of france. the country on its highest security alert after a deadly and brazen terror attack right in the heart of paris. french police are hunting for three terrorists at least two of them stormed the office of the satirical newspaper charlie hebdo and opened fire. eyewitnesses took video that
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you're about too see as the attack unfolded just a few hours ago. it's shot from a nearby roof top and you can hear the gunfire ringing out and someone shouting "god is great." they have also cried "we have avenged the prophet." an see the gunman running, you hear shots being fired. there's the chilling pictures that was also posted on twitter of one of the masked attackers holding a gun as a policeman lies on the ground.
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at least a dozen people are confirmed dead eight people are wounded, four of them critically. the gunmen are still on the loose as of right now. the wounded were put on stretchers they were taken away in ambulances. witnesses say the assailants were dressed in black, they wore hoods and were armed with kalashnikov submachine guns and possibly yes, possibly, a rocket propelled grenade launcher. let's begin our coverage with our senior international correspondent jim bitterman in paris. jim, what is the very latest? >> i think the latest is that we've seen the president of france go off the scene this morning, cancel all of his activities today, hold a crisis meeting of his cabinet and now he's planning to address the french people tonight at 8:00. one of the thing, of course, that is most on everyone's mind leer those three gunmen. we thought there were two but the interior minister said there were three gunmen that are being hunted now and we have seen that
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car that they used to get away and you see it in the video, this black car that was at the scene, the getaway car, they very calmly drive away. that car was found up on the northern edge of paris just inside the city limit in an area of paris which is somewhat downtrodden. it's an area of paris that is heavily islamic in population and in which the gunman probably disappeared. they got out of the car and left. no one at the scene had any mfrgsmore information to give to the police and one of the things the police have done is put out an 800 number for people to call if they have any kind of information at all which might be help to feel the police and their investigation. wolf? >> so the presumption is these three terrorists abandoned that car in the paris area and they're on the loose right now. they were masked right? so people -- the police law enforcement, don't necessarily have good pictures good images
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of their faces. >> they don't have good pictures of their faces. in fact one of the things that happened at the scene was that as the gunman got into the car, you can clearly see a tennis shoe drop out of the car and the gunman stops to pick up the tennis shoe and put it back in the car. the logic behind that may be according to some of the experts that have been appearing on television here, is that they had a change of clothes in the car and that the reason he was so cautious to pick up his shoe was he wanted to make sure he could change clothes into other kind of more civilian-looking drab when he got to a place where they were going to make their escape. so the police at this stage of the game really probably have no indication who they're hunting. the other thing it should be added is the witnesses at the scene said the gunmen spoke perfect french. it's not like they were from outside of france, they were probably french citizens raised here and probably some of those
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has been islamized in the middle east. >> this was a pretty sophisticated operation. >> definitely sophisticated. they knew for example, that this would be the time to hit this magazine when the most people would be around. these the editors, the cartoonists, the editorialist who would be around at their normal weekly meeting to design the magazine for the coming week and they knew enough about -- enough intelligence about the habits of the magazine to know this would be the opt much time to hit and some people at the magazine don't even work there all the time but this was a meeting where they were getting together around 11:30 when this took place. so it was quite well planned and carried off. there was a getaway car, for example, different from the car they arrived in so a combination of things that indicate that someone skillful planned this. someone with military training. >> and clearly not necessarily a suicide attack. these guys wanted to escape.
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a lot of our viewers in the united states jim, and around the world, they don't know much about this magazine other than it's a satirical comic type of magazine that pokes fun at all institutions and religions and people charlie hebdo. tell us a little bit about the magazine and among the journalists who were killed. >> well, it's a very controversial magazine. i mean it's been controversial for years now and that's where they make their name. they try to be as edgy as possible. they published the sketches of the prophet mohammed which is probably what got them in trouble with the gunmen shooting there today, that raised the ire of the various islamic groups. it certainly did at the time when those within published in 2011 the magazine was firebombed. but they have poked fun at everybody, including the pope and the jewish community. they are very anti-religious and they don't have much of a readership. they basically have a fairly small readership the kind of
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people that like to see extreme points of view represented. it's not a mainstream magazine at all but it has been in and out of trouble and it was well protected until apparently recently. according to a journalist working across the street there was a police van parked out in front of the magazine 24/7 up until a few weeks ago. there were policemen on the scene, however, that were shot so clearly they had some close protection even today. wolf? >> we are now being told jim, and i want your reaction, a police spoke man in the district there saying that the editor of the magazine charlie hebdo, and the cartoonist is among the dead in the attack in the magazine's offices during the editorial meeting today. at least three other well-known cartoonists were among the dead. they went under thepen names. i'm sure you're familiar with these individual including the
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editor-in-chief who was among those who were killed. >> they are quite familiar sites here on television and in the media here. i've interviewed one of the cartoonists and, in fact they're very well known because they take these extremist positions and they've caused so much furor here in the past that they've been in the press quite a bit. but nothing -- there's not been a reaction anything like this. there have been protestst outside the magazine there was the firebombing back in 2011 but nothing anywhere near approaching this and i think that the police and the authorities knew that they would be a target they could be a target but i think it was surprise at the magnitude of this and the fact they clearly had a lot of intelligence about how the magazine worked. >> this follows, jim, a series of attacks, smaller, obviously, less deadly in france over these past few weeks, right? >> that's absolutely right. i think the most serious one and the most related to
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fundamentalist islam was the one that took place just before christmas at a police station not far outside paris where two policemen were attacked by a man a butcher knife who cried allah akbar, god is great, as he attacked them. there were a couple other attacks which were suspected of being related, not perhaps as clearly related to the kind of terrorism that we've seen coming from the middle east. but authorities have been worried about french young people and french identity card holders who have gone off to join the struggle in the middle east fundamentalized over the internet but have gone off with french identity and could slip back into the country virtually undetected and that may turn out to be the case today but we're not sure just yet, wolf. >> i know the french prime minister had been on the scene, the french president francois hollande is there he'll be having a news conference a
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little later. we'll have live coverage of all of that. jim bitterman, stand by. i want to bring in bobby ghosh, our global affairs analyst, the managing editor of the online news site quartz. bobby, this is shocking but hindsight should not necessarily be all that surprising given the animosity and the hatred towards this particular publication by these islamic extremists. >> they've tried this before they firebombed this magazine in 2011 and the editor you talked about and the editor was on al qaeda's most-wanted list a couple years ago. this magazine had been under -- there have been on al qaeda and other extremist watch lists for quite a while. >> did you know him, the editor-in-chief of charlie hebdo? >> i'm afraid not. i regret i do not know him.
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he was a very brave man and widely known and beloved in french media circles. probably the most well known french satirist. france takes pride nitze icon clachl of media. there are no sacred cows in france and that's something worth preserving and this's what the editor and charlie hebdo stood for. >> and at least three well-known cartoonists with the magazine are among the dead. they went under the pen names kabu wallinski and tigno. this is a shocking day for the entire world and france but for those of us who are journalists this is pretty shock zing as well because these journalists were attacked? >> they did not attack a military target a tourist target.
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this was an attack against free speech. speech. >> and what about the fact that they didn't come in with suicide vests, they went in with clish that kovs and tried to kill as many people as possible but then they wanted to escape and they're now on the loose. they have escaped at least for now though an intense manhunt is under way. it's a little different from other terror attacks where terrorists go in knowing they'll die but kill what they would call the infidels. >> that's right, they came to kill and not to die. they did not wait for more police reinforcement, for a bigger gun battle this is not like the young man in the uk who killed the queens guards and waited to be picked up.
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they didn't commit suicide but they waited to be arrested. they wanted to make some kind of perverse statement. these guys had a getaway car, they had a plan to get away from the scene barbara starr is our pentagon correspondent, she's getting new information. >> wolf one of the questions in the united states is what now? with the french raising their security levels to the highest level of alert, what about the united states? a senior official from the department of homeland security has told me the following. he says that dhs is closely monitoring the unfolding events in paris and they remain in contact with their french counterparts. he also says that dhs, and i quote, "will not hesitate to adjust our security posture as appropriate to protect the american people."
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one of the things bobby was saying that the u.s. is watching so closely in this unfolding attack in paris is that it was specifically targeted. this was against this target. it wasn't against civilians at train stations or out on the street or in shopping malls. it was not a -- one of these so-called civilian targets in that sense. these people knew what they wanted to go after and they went after it with a great deal of precision and a well thought out plan by all accounts. that's one of the things that dhs and all of the u.s. intelligence agencies are looking at. since the attack happened they've been combing through everything they have looking at intercepts imagery, information for any clues about who might have been behind this and whether they had any warning it was going to happen. so far they say they had no
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clues about it. one of the remarkable things here wolf it doesn't exactly fit the profile of any of the previous attacks that had been seen which had been so-called inspired by isis or al qaeda in yemen or al qaeda in general. this is very different. it's causing a lot of concern from the u.s. point of view obviously the top priority is to get the perpetrators as fast as possible find out who they are, where they came from and 23 there are any more out there. wolf? >> well they're on the loose right now. there's a massive manhunt under underway in france. the vehicle they drove away in has been recovered. i'm sure forensic experts in france are going through that carefully. but these three terrorists remain at large. our special coverage of the dramatic and important events going on in france continues in a moment.
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we're following the breaking news out of france. you're looking at live pictures coming in police law enforcement, forensic experts are on the scene at this terrible terrorist attack that killed 12 people mostly journalists, some police at the editorial meeting of this french satirical magazine charlie hebdo. the three terrorists escaped in a black vehicle. that vehicle has been retrieved but the three terrorists remain at large right now. an intense i manhunt is under way but the terrorists had masks on so it will be difficult to find these three. presumably they blended in someplace in the airsparis area. police are watching very carefully. meanwhile, there are ramifications around the world. president obama here in washington is strongly condemning the attack. he issued a statement just a while ago. let's bring in our senior washington correspondent joe johns just outside the white house. the president issued a tough statement. what are you hearing over there, joe? >> a tough statement, wolf. i think you can call it an
7:20 am
impassioned statement, in fact, from the president of the united states. i'll read it to you. it says "i strongly condemn the horrific shooting at the offices of charlie hebdo magazine in paris that has reportedly killed the 12 people our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the attack and the people of paris, of france at this difficult time. france is america's oldest ally and has stood shoulder to shoulder with the united states in the fight against terrorists who threaten our shared security in the world. time and again the french people have stood up for universal values, the generations of our people have defended france and the great city of paris where this outrageous attack took place offer the world a timeless example that will endure well beyond the hateful vision of these killers. we are in touch with french officials and i've directed my administration to provide any assistance needed to help bring these terrorists to justice." so an impassioned statement there from the president of the united states. the question of course, is whether we'll hear from him directly speaking on this
7:21 am
subject. there is at least an opportunity. he flies out to detroit today to talk about manufacturing and the automobile industry in advance of his state of the union address. no plans announced for the president to comment on the paris attack but at least it's an opportunity, wolf. >> he could do it just before he boards. i assume he's takeing marine one outside washington, d.c. he could do it before boarding or he could simply go into the white house briefing room and make a statement to the american people indeed to the entire world, about what's going on before he heads out to detroit or if he wants to wait until his remarks in detroit he could open up his remarks with a statement there. we'll wait to hear what the white house decides but presumably the president will want to speak to the american people speak to the french allies speak the entire world about what is going on because clearly this is an awful, awful situation weith enormous ramifications for other countries in europe including here in the united states and
7:22 am
canada. joe, stand by i want to get the jim sthu toe, our chief national security correspondent. jim, you're learning more about the background that could have led up to this terrorist attack? >> that's right. we're learning this magazine charlie hebdo, was on the so-called "dead or alive" list of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, aqap and, of course sadly, on the dead side of that column firmly establishing it as a target of aqap. but this is early, as we know wolf, not definitive because charlie hebdo also took aim at isis. in fact one of the last tweets sent out from the charlie hebdo account this morning before this attack was a cartoon satirizing -- >> jim, i want to interrupt. the prime minister of france is speaking. i want to listen to hear what he's saying. we'll bring it to our viewers but the prime minister of france
7:23 am
is on the scene, he was just speaking we'll share this that with our viewers. sorry for interrupting jim. tell us what you've learned. >> no problem at all, of course wolf. this magazine had been on the target list o al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, but to be fair it's early and this magazine is something of an equal opportunity satirist frankly not just islam but all religions also took aim at isis and one of the last tweets to come from this account of this magazine before the attack this morning was one that went after the leader al baghdadi the leader of isis as well. one other thing i want to make clear as we speak to counterterror officials here wolf something they are focusing on is the level of sophistication of this attack. when you look at those videos and see the way these attackers carried their weapons, fired their weapon moved from target to target it showed a level of training which would give a possible tie to one of these established terror groups. now, you can get that training
7:24 am
elsewhere, but it is something that is unusual for your typical lone wolf attack. these three attackers move very well, they knew what their target was, they knew in fact they appeared to know that their magazine was going to be heavily staffed today which is unusual for the magazine. many people who work for it aren't often in the office. they moved quickly, got their targets, fired their weapons with a level of skill that indicates they had some level of training. that's one focus of u.s. counterterrorism officials as they seek to help out their french counterparts. another focus is these terrorists got away. one thing i would note for our viewers who may not know this about europe yes, you have borders between france germany, spain, et cetera but you don't need to show your passport under the european union. you can move around europe very freely. it's a problem, it means they can move quickly to get away. >> and we do know based on eyewitness accounts these
7:25 am
terrorists were speaking fluent french unaccented eded fluent french. so clearly they were french but they shouted at one point "allahu akbar" "god is great" in arabic. the secretary of state of the united states john kerry, is getting ready to speak, he's holding a joint news conference with the visiting foreign minister of poland. i assume he'll say something about what's going on in paris right now. our special coverage on cnn and cnn international continues right after this.
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spots and smooth the appearance of wrinkles. high performance skincare™ only from roc®. . i'm wolf blitzer in washington. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. we're following the breaking news. a huge horrible terror attack right in the heart of paris. a senior u.s. official tells cnn u.s. intelligence agencies are now scrambling to see if there were any missed signs that could have warned the french of this attack. let's bring in our cnn national security analyst peter bergen and our national security analyst juliette kayyem, both of whom are watching this story very carefully. peter, you've studied terrorism for a long time. what do you make of the details, the fingerprints, if you will of this terror attack. what does this suggest to you? >> well, you know there was a plan in the works to do
7:29 am
something very similar at a newspaper in denmark which also published cartoons of the prophet mohammed. the mastermind of that plan was a chicagoan, david coleman headley. the plan was to storm the building take hostages behead people. what we saw unfolding in paris didn't quite conform to that. it wasn't a mumbai-style attack where people went in knowing they would fight to the death. but clearly it seems well organized and my guess is this was planned many -- this took many months to plan and was not something that was spontaneously generated by some tweet as some people have suggested. >> at some point, peter, if in fact this is some sort of isis or al qaeda or some sort of formal terror attack you would expect some group to take responsibility take credit for it right? >> yeah, you would. you would expect them to take responsibility pretty quickly so i'm sort of -- there is a group called al qaeda in the islamic
7:30 am
maghreb but they have never successfully carried out an attack in france. that would be one group to look at. another group is not so much people who are part of isis but people inspired by isis. then anybody who's had syrian training. we have had a french citizen conduct a terrorist attack in brussels on may 14 of last year he killed four people in an attack on a jewish museum in belgium so there is certainly precedent for french jihadis who have associated with jihadi groups in syria, not necessarily isis itself to get the kind of training to carry out a deadly attack. that's another avenue you'll be looking at right now, wolf. >> we're showing our viewers some video. so much of paris does have closed-circuit tv and obviously hand-held video so there's going to be more video presumably that will be coming out soon as a result of what happened today at the magazine this magazine headquarters at the heart of paris.
7:31 am
juliette, what's your analysis of what happened here and who may have been responsible. >> so this is different b, as peter was saying. this was an assassination that causes terror. this was highly targeted very well organized, the fact they got away suggests you know it's not like the boston marathon bombing. these guys had a sophisticated plan for a get away. so we are -- this is just different and to be honest to viewers. the good news is is because it was so targeted there should be no fear out there in particular in the united states that random groups of men are coming in to buildings to kill people. i mean, the second thing that makes this different, and we've seen this with isis although obviously we have no idea who is involved right now, is the sort of killing or the targeting of those with the microphones. when you look at the beheadings by isis when you look at some of these attacks, it's
7:32 am
reporters, people who are able to amplify messages, whether they are news reporters or people who do satire. and so for journalists, this isn't like a government stopping them from publishing but it is equivalent in the sense of raising fear about what in fact you are going to publish. so we're all looking to see who it is but obviously this is a very different way than what we have been seeing the last couple years, which is this sort of whack a mole kind of terrorism where some guy with no training gets radicalized and just walks into a room and shoots people. this is more akin to what we saw in the early 2000s. >> yes, this is a pretty sophisticated operation and these three terrorists they remain at large right now. a massive manhunt under way in france for these terrorists and they're also searching to see if they had accomplices elsewhere as well. juliette stand by i want to go to paris right now.
7:33 am
christopher dickey is joining us. chris spent many many years covering france for a variety of publications "newsweek" in the elder days now for the daily beast. give us your sense. you know what's going on specifically the targeted attack against this satirical magazine. >> i think one thing we're all talking about is the islamic state, or isis as if it must be related to this attack. that's not necessarily the case. there are a lot of groups that might have wanted to attack charlie hebdo, including other islamist groups including, by the way, al qaeda. remember also that al qaeda and the islamic state are competing for the top of the heap in the world of international jihadist terrorism. so i don't think we should rule out or forget about al qaeda for a minute. i think's a real possibility it may have been involved in this attack. i think the other thing that's striking is just how well trained and organized these guys seemed to be. apparently they were speaking very good french or native
7:34 am
french. it's possible that they are veterans of the french army who for one reason or another became involved in this kind of attack. it's also possible that they may have ties to the french underworld. not because it would be a mafia-style attack on charlie hebdo but because that's where you get things like kalashnikovs that's where you get the kinds of resources that they used in this attack. this is not a country where you can go down to the local walmart and buy an ak-47. it's not that kind of country at all. so those guns come from the underworld and i would suspect that there are some links there to look at too. but we're not going to know anything until these guys are caught. nothing substantial until they're caught or until somebody credibly claims responsibility for this attack. >> and we do know that at least some eyewitnesses chris, on the scene, they said they heard these terrorists utter these words apparently in french "we have avenged the prophet."
7:35 am
and we also know there were eyewitnesses accounts of shouts "allahu akbar" "god is great" in arabic. what does that say to you? >> it says the likely that these are anything other than islamicy oriented terrorists is great. and they're also tieing this attack to charlie hebdo's publications of cartoons that parody islam and the prophet mohammed. then again, we don't know that those are reliable reports and we're not absolutely sure that was the motive even if the attackers claim it is the motive. you know not only charlie hebdo but france have been in the line of fire for radical jihadists for issues like for instance, the ban on inthe niqab, the full-faced veil.
7:36 am
one of the demands for the release of hostages has been to roll back that law. so there are whole plethora of issues that jihadists may focus on when they plot a bloody attack like this and charlie hebdo was a very high-profile and a very soft target at the end of the day, which is exactly what they were looking for. >> christopher, the police spokesman in paris says the editor of this satirical magazine charlie hebdo, the editor stephane sharr bonn yay is among those killed among three artists who went under a pen name. did you know these journalists? >> no i didn't know them personally. i'm familiar with their work. charlie hebdo is one of the better known publications on the news beat. always some outrageous sometimes rather scurrilous cover. it doesn't have a huge readership but it's always had a
7:37 am
very controversial approach to the news. so to see it silenced this way, especially after it had survived a firebombing of its headquarters some three years ago is really reprehensible. one of the things that this will become very much about is freedom of expression which plays out in a lot of different ways in europe. freedom of expression is one of the things that islamophobes use to attack normal muslims, saying that islam itself is against freedom of expression. all of that gets very mixed up and very ugly as we've seen in countries like the netherlands. i think it's going to get very mixed up and ugly here too. in fact there's a novel being published here today expected to be the number one best-seller which is "what france would be like if it had a muslim president in 2020." so i think there's a lot going on. >> there certainly is. christopher, stand by juliette
7:38 am
stand by peter, stand by as well. momentarily we'll be hearing from the u.s. secretary of state john kerry. you see the microphone there is over at the state department. he's going to be speaking together with the visiting foreign minister of poland but we anticipate that kerry will open up his remarks with a comment, a statement about what happened in france today. let's take a quick break. john kerry, the secretary of state, much more coverage coming up right after this. ♪ ah, push it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ push it. ♪ ♪ p...push it real good! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ow! ♪ ♪ oooh baby baby. ♪ if you're salt-n-pepa, you tell people to push it. ♪ push it real good. ♪ it's what you do. ♪ ah. push it. ♪ if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. it's what you do. ♪ ah. push it. ♪ i'm pushing. i'm pushing it real good!
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within we're waiting for a statement from john kerry. in france, a terror attack killed 12 people injured others three terrorists remain at large, a massive manhunt under way right now. very sophisticated operation at
7:42 am
the satirical magazine charlie hebdo. these journalists were killed along with police officers and others in france. we know there's an emergency meeting under way at the palace the french president, hollande-he's convened this emergency cabinet meeting with the justice minister, the foreign minister other cabinet members, they are considering next steps. in the meantime, the first immediate step is to find these three terrorists. the vehicle that they escaped in apparently has been recovered but it was empty and they're looking now for these three terrorists and potentially other accomplices if in fact there are other accomplices. there's the vehicle in which they escaped. christiane am pure amman -- give us your analysis. >> shock waves through our
7:43 am
profession shock wave us there journalistic profession particularly in the free democracies where freedom is a right, even freedom to satirize. this has been at risk. obviously today was the worst attack we've seen in a long long time. but in the post-9/11, post-isis days the amount of satire has been directed at islam and there have been paybacks. charlie hebdo's offices were firebombed a few years ago and there had been a police presence around them. but certainly this is causing shock for other reasons around europe as well. we do not know if this is isis related but we know western european governments have been on extra high alert ever since the last several months when isis started to really gain territory, break out in syria into iraq and cause such a lot of mayhem in those two countries. they are also there have safe havens and what law enforcement
7:44 am
in the west has been so worried about is any kind of blowback. in other words, attacks from fighters who go from europe of which there are thousands who've been going from europe who may come back. we do not know if this is related to that. but what happened today in france comes inside this atmosphere of heightened terror alert across western europe wolf. >> and we know that the editor of this satirical magazine charlie hebdo, was among those killed. stephane charbonnier, along with three cartoonists, as you say, this sends shock waves to journalists all over the world when you see these journalists who were not only killed but they were targeted. this was not just a random attack christiane these journalists were specifically targeted because of the satire, some of the articles, the cartoons that were written about the prophet mohammed presumably, in the magazine.
7:45 am
>> we will find out more when people are caught if that does happen. but what we understand from fragmentary eyewitness and evidence so far is that this was clearly aimed at this particular magazine for the very reasons that we've been talking about. this magazine for many, many years, many many years has been poking fun at the absurd extremes of militant and violent islam. and it's done that even under threat to itself even under threat to other journalists around the world, even under criticism from its own president, jack chirac back in 2006 even the white house criticized some of the magazine's cartoons back in i believe it was 2012 after there was a huge amount of violence created around parts of the middle east because of these
7:46 am
cartoons. so this is a very very targeted magazine and it's tragic that stephane charbonnier and the others were killed. he was quoted as saying too long ago "we are not the killers, we are not the people who are violent, we operate with our pens and our satire and intellect. those who are the extremists and who react in an extreme way, they are the killers." well most unfortunately, the staff at charlie hebdo have been singled out and are being the victims today along with the two police as far as we know. and this is something that, you know many many in the free press world have to grapple with as we try to do our jobs in a very very difficult environment. >> we certainly do. these journalists were targeted they were assassinated they were murdered because of the satire sometimes maybe over the line but they were journalists,
7:47 am
they were exercising their freedom of speech and then they were killed as a result of this. i want to bring in jim sciutto, our chief national curtsecurity correspondent. you're picking up specific information from experts, jim, who have watched the video right? >> that's right, wolf. we said earlier that u.s. counterterror officials note the training that is apparent the sophistication in this attack just the way the fighters moved and fired and killed frankly. so i spoke with jim reese, former delta force commander. he looked at the video. what specifically do they mean? what specifically indicates training? one, the fighters were carrying vests with extra ammunition extra magazines to continue attacking as they went forward. two, he noted that they were uniformly dressed. their masks, their weapons their weapons vests that carried that extra ammunition indicates in his view military training. this is crucial. we just showed this picture there as one of these attackers
7:48 am
killed the policeman. jim reese, the former delta force commander in that shot noted he used single shots. he wasn't set on automatic. that shows discipline. again, an indication of military training. and then this also gets to just the pure brutality. when you look at that video there. the cop apparently says "please don't" but there is no hesitation from the attacker. he fires several more bullets that kill him. he'd been injured earlier. also another indication wolf of military training. there's a moment there when the attackers, two of them or one of them hides behind a van as one of the other attackers lays down cover fire against the police before his counterpart can advance. that again, indicates military training as well. so a lot of indicators as you watch that video that these weren't your typical run-of-the-mill terrorists who had no training. might have just read a magazine or something and decided to
7:49 am
carry out attack. they had training planning and sophistication. one other detail. we've noted on this broadcast, wolf, that the attackers did not drive away fast. when security experts look at that that makes them think, again, that these guys were thinking you drive away fast in a panic that draws attention to you. you drive away slowly with the flow of traffic, it's much easier to blend in. >> i'm sure they're going through all the closed circuit tv cameras, the video that was in paris, this entire area there's a lot of closed circuit tv to see if they can get some shots of what was inside who were inside that car to see if they can get some images of the three terrorists who managed to escape. we'll be watching that very closely. we're standing by once again to hear from the secretary of state of the united states john kerry. once he speaks we'll have live coverage of that. much more of the breaking news here on cnn and cnn international right after this.
7:50 am
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secretary of state john kerry, the u.s. secretary of state should be speaking momentarily, opening up we are told with a statement on what happened in paris today. 12 people were killed murdered as a result of a terror attack others injured. those three terrorists at least three terrorists are still at large, a massive manhunt under way right now. among those killed, the editor and chief of the satirical magazine charlie hebdo. the editor-in-chief stephane charbonnier. he spoke out. this is when he spoke out in 2012. i want you to listen to what he said then about the threats to him and his magazine. >> translator: it's been 20 years since we've been doing provocation and it's being noticed only when we talk about islam or this part of islam which raises problems and which is a minority. and when the government asks us not to do any provocation, we have the impression that three idiots who demonstrated in the
7:54 am
streets represent all of islam. it's the government who insults muslims by saying that. you have to take them as they are. one has to mock them using humor, disarm them with humor and not give them any credit. by taking them seriously and sending regiments of riot cops to hold them one takes them seriously. >> stephane charbonnier among the journalists who were murdered today at that magazine. they were in an editorial meeting when these terrorists started firing and killing 12 people mostly journalists, some police officers. once again, those terrorists, the three of them, are on the loose right now. they remain at large. let's bring in a fellow journalist paul ackerman is joining us now. he's the editor of chief of the french version of huffington post, the french version of the american web site. hold on for a moment because the speaker of the house john boehner is speaking on the terror attack -- well he was speaking on the terror attack but we'll recue that. here's john kerry. >> i'm very pleased to welcome
7:55 am
the polish foreign minister here to washington today. he's come here especially to meet with us and talk about the important relationship between poland and the united states very important nato member. and we are working on many, many issues in a very very close, bilateral way. before i do talk however, about our relationship both of us were just talking about the or risk horrific attack, the murderous attack on charlie hebdo in paris. i would like to say directly to the people of paris and all of france each and every american stands with you today not just in horror or in anger or in outrage for this vicious act of violence but we stand with you
7:56 am
in solidarity and in commitment both to the cause of confronting extremism and in the cause which the extremists fear so much and which has always united our two countries -- freedom. no country knows better than france that freedom has a price because france gave birth to democracy itself. france sparked so many revolutions of the human spirit borne of freedom and free expression and that is what the extremists fear the most. they may wield weapons, but we in france and in the united states share a commitment to those who wield something that is far more powerful. not just a pen but a pen that represents an instrument of freedom, not fear. free expression and a free press are core values they are universal values principles
7:57 am
that can be attacked but never eradicated because brave and decent people around the world will never give in to the intimidation and the terror that those seeking to destroy those values employ. i agree with the french imam who today called the slaying journalists martyrs for liberty. today's murders are part of a larger confrontation. not between civilizations, no but between civilization itself and those who are opposed to a civilized world. the murderers dared proclaim charlie hebdo is dead. but make no mistake, they are wrong. today, tomorrow in paris, in france or across the world, the freedom of expression that this mag steen, no matter what your feelings were about it, the freedom of expression that it
7:58 am
represented is not able to be killed by this kind of act of terror. on the contrary it will never be eradicate bid any act of terror. what they don't understand, what these people who do these things don't understand is they will only strengthen the commitment to that freedom and our commit ment to a civilized world. i'd like to just say a quick word, if i may, directly to the people of france. [ speaking french ]
7:59 am
8:00 am
rity with them. i know our friends in


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