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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  January 4, 2015 3:00am-4:31am PST

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. new overnight, more bodies were found and a flight attendant that wasn't wear a seat belt. plus, police officers from around the country will pay reinspection this morning to one of the two officers gunned down in new york while sitting in their police cruiser. also this morning, the ntsb heads to the crash site in kentucky where a plane went down killing four people onboard. will they learn how a 7-year-old
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girl miraculously walked away? i'm christi paul, glad to have you. >> i'm victor blackwell. this morning the waters of the java sea are offering new clues into what could have happened to airasia flight 8501 and cause it to fall out of the sky. >> the clues are coming in from the victims being recovered as well as the debris from the plane. three more bodies have now been found. 34 victims are recovered. >> also, the search area is widening. take a look here. you can see it here. it's been extended eastward. searchers say objects and bodies may be drifting with the current. >> this is new video of what we received overnight. search teams as they prepare to
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go back out. we're also learning three more bodies have now been identified as well. so again that brings the total to nine. >> cnn's gary tuckman is in surabaya. tell us more about the victims who have just been identified. what are we learning about them? >> that's right. we're at a total of nine victims being identified. one of the victims identified today, we interviewed a young man named eric. eric had six relatives on the plane. he had his grandmother. he had an aunt and uncle. the aunt was identified yesterday and today a cousin. a 10-year-old was identified because her relatives here said she was wearing one of her favorite shirts, a mini mouse
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shirt and her body was found. in addition to the discovery, the identification of stevie, an identification was made today for a second flight attendant, one of the male flight attendants. so now two flight attendants have been identified. only nine people of the 162 people on the plane have been identified. two of them are flight attendants which leads to the possibility that these flight attendants, as would be customary, might not have had seat belts on. there may have been turbulence at the time. it's very likely that passengers were asked to put seat belts on. quite often they don't have belts on because they're making sure passengers do. three other people that have been recovered, a total of 31 total have been recovered were found still in seats, the seats got away from the plane. they were still trapped to the seats. authorities here do believe that most of the people who still
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need to be recovered are in their seats in the plane but they haven't been able to get to that plane yet even though the water is not that deep. it's only about 100 feet deep. >> we know the black boxes have not been found yet or recovered. but the pieces, even the victims here, they offer some clues of possibly what had been to cause this crash. what are investigators learning from what they found thus far? >> well, they're learning a lot. that's because five large pieces of the plane have been found. the largest is 60 feet long. that's like the size of the ground to a six story building. it's a huge piece. and also as we said, the bodies have been found intact. that indicates to indonesian officials that this plane did not explode in the sky. there wasn't a rapid depressure yags which would have plane the plane to pieces and they believe, they don't know for sure, they won't know for sure
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until at least until they find the two black boxes, but they believe right now that there was engine failure due to icing which caused a stall which caused the plane to go down very fast to the water. that's what they think. that's what they -- that the evidence points to right now. like we said, she haven't heard any pingers. they haven't got to the black boxes yet. the batteries are only designed to last for 30 days from the time of the accident. and that was exactly a week ago today. so it was only 23 days more battery power left. >> hopefully the weather continues to at least today it seems as if it cooperated in this search. hopeful think will are more clear days ahead. gary tuchman, thank you. >> search and rescue teams extended the zone that they're scouring for flight 8 a01. i want to talk to a former inspector of general for department of transportation, mary schiavo. this area does remain the same.
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i want to throw a map up here. the red zone where four large metal objects were found yesterday, that's there. but officials extended the search zone you see there to the east. that's the red box to the right. based on predictions that wreckage drifted with those currents, i'm wondering, we just heard gary tuchman say they believe the belly of the plane in some ways is intact and that people are left in their seats there and that's where they are. is it wise to extend that search zone? would the belly of the plane, if it is in a large piece, would it have drifted much, mary? >> right. the belly of the plane, the large piece would not have drifted. that will be resting on the ocean floor. stle to extend the search area because of the currents. as the days go by, the possibility of finding bodies and where they will find bodies will expand with the expansion of the float zoneors the current zones of the water. so they have to do that to make
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sure they don't miss recovering any of the bodies or pieces of plane that may have floated. but this point the pieces of the plane other than a few objects will largely have sunk to the bottom and bodies will be sinking at this point as well. so they're going to have to look on the shoorz res as well and t can enlist the population to be on the lookout on the shores. the big pieces will remain on the ocean floor where they are. they won't move around at this point. >> i want to talk about something else that gary mentioned. this report that they suspect icing might have been the culprit here. the engine had failure due to icing. if that is the case, if that's what they're examining now, does that modify the investigation in any way? >> no, not really. it's not just the icing that brings down the plane. they're tough planes. you can still fly with some icing on it. what would have happened is you would still have the aerodynamic
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stall meaning that plane can't move forward. and there were also reports of the dramatic climb in altitude and then a rapid dissent which could have also caused an engine plane out. for whatever reason, they believe there was a aerodynamic stall which would result in the plane plummeting to earth. they have to approach the investigation either way. that what they're looking for is what caused it to stall. and that will be clearly delineated on the black boxed, on the flight data recorder and on warning sounds in the cockpit, warning alarms would have gone off on the cockpit voice recorder. >> we appreciate it so much. thank you. just to let you know, mary will be back next hour. we have more we can talk to her about. if you have any questions, just tweet it to us and we'll get it to her.
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you know, weather played such a major role in not we believe thus far, investigators believe in the crash but also in the search. so let's talk with meteorologist karen mcguinness for the latest. we have new videos of the waves. it shows the dangerous condition of the water. it's improving but still it's not calm enough for divers. on the surface it appears better. tell us more about what the search crews are dealing with. >> you are absolutely right. i was just speaking with my meteorologist producer and we were looking at the data. there are white caps. the seas are still rough. they may not be 13 to 18 feet like we had been seeing over the previous week. but they're still rough. we're looking at eight to ten foot wave heights here. so this is not conducive for as thorough a search they would like to do. a forecast was for improving
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weather. it has improved. but this is far, far from ideal conditions. there's also a pretty heavy current here. the water is shallow. you get this movement of water moving between these two pieces of landmass. and so it can be fairly stiff. and this area that they're searching, as i mentioned, we were looking at white caps. it looks like the wave heights picked up and then we're in monsoon season. you can see how troublesome this will be for the ocean going vessels and the helicopters and aircraft in the skies. it does look to be a little better. we know at the time of the crash we were looking at monsoon thunderstorms, heavy precipitation thunderstorms which would make visibility very poor and the forecast is come
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and go. it's good and bad. and the wind looks to be between 5 and 10 miles an hour, occasionally gusty. that's what they don't want right now. i wish i had better news in the forecast. it's just not there. >> yeah. so do all the search teams. thank you so much. today it's going to be a sea of dark blue filling the streets of new york. of course, talking about police officers who are preparing to say good-bye to one of their comrades who police respect bill bratton's call to respect today's services. plus, she survived the unthinkable. a 7-year-old girl survived the plane crash and she got up and walked away from this crash after both of her parents were killed. we're learning more about how that happened. (son) oh no...
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last night there was a ceremonial burning of papers and mummies this is to honor officer liu. and you know this morning thousands are going to gather in brooklyn as they say official good-byes to officer liu, one two of officers ambushed and killed by a lone gunman in the streets of new york. later this morning, liu is going to be laid to rest at a funeral in brooklyn. i want to show ut scene yesterday as police officers
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lined the streets. this is during a private wake. among those in attendance, mayor bill deblasio and bill bratton. both officers are being remembered as men who loved their community and loved their job. cnn's randi kaye has more. >> reporter: they were partners on patrol, officer wen liu and ralph ralphael ramos. officer ramos worked as a school security officer before joining the nypd and reportedly loved the mets. he was married with two children. officer liu who was 32 had been married just a couple months, described by some around the neighborhood as quiet and in love. his parents are from china and according to media reports, he was their only son. one friend of liu's summed up
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his passion for police work in "the new york times." "i know that being a cop is dangerous, but i must do it. if i don't do it and you don't do it, then who is going to do it?" randi kaye, cnn, new york. officer liu was just 12 years old when his parents came to the united states from china. today's funeral services will combine traditions from the chinese heritage including buddhist monks. mourners gathered for burning of paper and money, trhe traditiona way to pay forward. bill bratton requested that police officers show respect despite on going anger toward mayor deblasio. police turned their backs on the mayor two weeks ago during the funeral for officer ramos. tom, you've attended these
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ceremonies. with so many people there often logistgistics can get in the wa the mood, the message. what it is like? tell us what that experience is like. >> victor, it's usually pretty emotional and especially, you know, for all of the police that attend these, it's a very emotional type setting for them to be at and honor their fallen officer and especially, you know, if an officer is hard enough if it's a colleague that, you know, dies of natural causes. but if it's an officer who is fallen in the line of duty, especially at the hands of a murderer, it's even more so. >> tom, we talked about just for a moment there the police commissioner issued that memo to officers friday requesting respect at this weekend's services saying it's for grieving not for airing grievances. do you expect that there will be any display despite that request
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from the commissioner? >> i don't think there will today. i think that those words coming from the commissioner will have, i believe, will have an impact. simply because the commissioner is not a politician. he's not just saying it for political purposes. he's been there. he worked his way up as a street cop. long career, distinguished career in law enforcement. i think that even younger officers that don't remember what it was like for commissioner bratton or guys like me that were on the street as uniformed cops in the '70s, it was a very difficult time. we were spat on, we were called pigs, there was huge disrespect for authority. this was, you know, the vietnam war protests and anti-government, anti-authority protests were in full swing. and law enforcement was very disrespected. so he's been there. he's been in the situation of being on the street as a cop in difficult times. i think that alone will earn him a great deal of respect from the
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officers that work for him. >> help us understand what the officers are thinking about you were in the uniform in the police department. when something like this happens, of course, we know that it's an inherently dangerous job. but does that change the approach to the job? is there a heightened sense of sensitivity or fear? >> no. because this happens on a regular basis. so you can't. you know, you're taught in the academy. i was 21 years old when i went through the police academy. you're taught all the many different ways you can be killed. all of the cautions you should take. all of the efforts you should make to try to control situations when you're on the street and exposed like you are in uniform. walking around, riding around, sitting around, whatever. you're still a target if somebody wants to make you one. and you learn all of that. you're taught all of that. it doesn't cripple you. if it does, get out of the profession. so, you know, there's a reasonable fear.
3:20 am
there is a reasonable precaution that you take, reasonable approach to dealing with all people under all circumstances. these things occur on such a regular basis that you just can't, you know, even whether something happens and you say okay i'm going to be more careful, really after a few days, it goes back to normal. your normal training, your normal reactions to situations come back. >> tom, the funeral for officer liu is at 11:00 this morning. this now part of the national conversation, of course, after those two officers were killed in the cruiser. we'll continue to talk throughout the morning about not just the officer experience but what the deaths of these two officers means to the larger law enforcement community. tom, thanks. >> thank you, victor. so we want to get you caught up with the morning read as well. other things going on. >> 20 minutes after the hour. the first african-american ever to be popularly elected to the u.s. senate has died. edward brook, a republican from
3:21 am
massachusetts was regarded as a trailblazer on both sides of the aisle. president obama hailed brook as someone who led -- this is a quote, "an extraordinary life of public service." brook passed away of natural causes yesterday morning at his home in florida. he was 9 ayears old. >> and new york governor andrew cuomo spoke publicly for the first time about his father's death. he spoke to reporters yesterday outside of the wake for one of the two nypd police officers who were fatally shot last month. >> today is not the day for my dad. we're going to have his wake and his funeral. but i can say i miss him already. there is a hole in my heart that i fear is going to be there forever. >> mario cuomo served three terms as governor of new york. he died thursday at the age of 82. >> certainly. mike huckabee, will he be the choice for 2016? the former arkansas governor
3:22 am
ended the weekend program on fox news. that happened last night because he's actively contemplating another run for the white house. huckabee said his presidential consideration put the network in a tough position so he decided to halt the program. eyes expected to make an official decision this spring. of course, we'll have more coverage on huckabee later in the hour. in sports, the carolina panthers not tknocked the cardi out of the playoffs. 27-16 wild card win here. according to espn, the panthers held arizona to 78 yards. that is the fewest yards ever allowed in an nfl postseason game. and in the second wild card matchup, victor? >> the baltimore ravens rolled over the pittsburgh steelers 30-17 to advance in the playoffs. >> and nfl action continues today with the cincinnati bengals facing off with the colts at 1:00 p.m. eastern.
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i just wanted to give him glory. >> severe weather causing problems across the country especially the deep south. where at least one possible tornado touched down rip ago part power lines and trees in mississippi. look athis. huge mess here number reports of any serious injuries. a terribly brave little gerl, that's how a man that lives here in the kentucky wilderness as you see here in his house describes the 7-year-old who knocked on his front door yesterday after she walked away from a plane crash that killed her family. we have more of this amazing story of survival for you coming up. and you give... and then you give some more. but sometimes you get. and so you take. tylenol® cold is strong enough for you,
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investigators are expected to head out this morning to the scene of yesterday's fatal plane crash in kentucky that both led to tragic and miraculous endings. four people were killed and when this twin engine piper went down in this rugged terrain. and then there was this girl, her mom and dad, sister and a cousin died but the 7-year-old girl managed to save herself. national reporter talked with a man who found this terribly brave little girl. >> reporter: at home in rural kentucky, larry wilkins finished watching the local evening news when his dog started barking. >> i went to the door and there was a 7-year-old girl crying, not bad. she was pretty bloody. she had a bloody nose and her
3:27 am
arms and legs were scratched up real bad. she told me that her mom and dad were dead. >> the 7-year-old is the only survivor from a friday night plane crash. her mom, dad, sister and cousin dead after their small between engine piper traveling from florida crashed into the woods. the fact the little girl survived is all the more incredible, wilkins says, when considering what she had to do to get help. >> she walked three quarters of a mile through very, very rough territory and she was barefooted. she had one sock on her foot and that was all. she was dressed for florida, wearing shorts and light shirt, no coat. >> wilkins said the 7-year-old likely spotted a light on at his house and made her way towards it. a kentucky state police officer who also helped the little girl seemed to speak for most when he said -- >> it's really a miracle. >> if you could see the terrain,
3:28 am
you would realize how incredible it really was. she's a terribly brave little girl. >> on saturday the 7-year-old girl was released from the hospital and is expected to survive her nonlife threatening injuries. nick valencia, cnn, atlanta. >> next hour, we're going to talk with an aviation expert about what the ntsb will be looking for as the investigators head back to the crash scene this morning. as we have said, very rugged terrain. stay with us for that. so let's move on to 8501 here. what happens once they actual i had find that missing airliner? how do you raise a plane from the bottom of the sea? we're talking to ocean experts about that. and you give...
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recovered from the sea which brings the total number of victims found to 34. >> three more bodies have been identified. one is that of a 10-year-old girl, you see her at the bottom of the screen with her family. her nickname was stevie. >> the search continues. officials say there is a very strong possibility that plane's engine iced due to weather and that the icing is what led to the aircraft stalling. they cannot, however, confirm that without the black boxes which we do need to point out are still missing. as more victims and debris are found and recovered in the waters off indough nearnesia. this is a relatively shallow body of water, 100 to 150 feet deep, hopefully making the salvage operation easier. there are risks here. joe johns reports on what it may take to recover the plane from the sea floor. >> reporter: how do you pull a plane up from the bottom of the
3:33 am
ocean? >> what you want to do first is to really map the entire accident scene. >> we spoke with peter goals, a former investigator with ntsb when worked on the recovery and rebuilding of twa flight 800 that crasheded after takeoff fr new york city. >> you document everything until you really get the information off the data recorder and the voice recorder. >> he says the site needs to be treated like a crime scene and mapping the debris field before removing objects is key to finding out what happened. then come the process of pulling up the giant pieces of debris from the bottom of the sea. >> you would have a number of lifting cranes and you would have teamed of divers. and the divers, of course, even working at 100 foot depth, you'll have to have decompression chambers. >> a slow process because divers with only remain at depth for short periods due to health hernz.
3:34 am
do they have the know how to pull off a recovery like this? there are still questions about the location of all the debris. >> seems like a small body of water. >> david gallow. >> usually you're extremely careful not to say that you found something until you ground truth it. >> he participated in the recovery effort in the crash of air france flight 447 off brazil's northeastern coast. the black boxes took almost two years to recover. footnoting what a painstaking process this can be. joe johns, cnn, washington. >> we have david gallo of the oceanographic institution us with now. david, you know, the poor visibility, strong currents and the java sea. weather is better today but not great. it is causing so much of a problem to find what is left of this plane. how much more difficult does it become as the days go on and on to find maybe the smaller pieces of this plane? >> sure. for the families involved, it's
3:35 am
painfully difficult. but you know, even out there as part of the team, you feel that pressure. you want to be able to bring some closure to the families even though it's not much. it does. the teams get out of rhythm. you just can't start and stop without disrupting. you want to be going 24/7 every single day. this very disruptive so far. >> our gary tuchman, he's there in surabaya. the indonesian government says that aids concluded there is a strong possibility the engine iced due to the weather there. and the engine stalled. and then the plane crashed. based on the evidence that black box has not been found. what we know and what has been found thus far, do you believe the pieces and clues correspond with that conclusion? >> well, still, you know, we don't have enough evidence to say that. but certainly a possibility.
3:36 am
and that just underscores the need to find the black boxes. two things are going on. you have to go on about the investigation about why the plane crashed. >> and there is recovery of bodies. another flight attendant has been found. another person who was apparently not wearing a seat belt when this plane went down. others have been found reportedly strapped into seats. does that lead to any conclusion or any theory about what caused the plane to go down? is it still too early? >> it does seem to lead to the conclusion that maybe this was an attempted landing on the surface of the ocean. but again, i think for me, it's a little too early to say. >> all right. david gallo, helping us understand what it takes to bring up these pieces and to find them and what they could possibly tell us about why the plane went down. david, thanks. >> you're very welcome, victor. >> we want to get you your top five stories you need to know on this new day.
3:37 am
number one, north korea. it is slamming the u.s. regarding the new economic sanctions that have been imposed. official statements accuse washington of trying to stifle pyongyang and warn that "groundlessly stirring up bad blood for north korea will harden the will and resolution." concluding that north korea was behind a massive hack at sony pictures which produced "the interview." >> number two now, later this morning, friends, family, fellow officers will gather in new york to say good-bye to officer wen liu. he is one of two police officers ambushed, shot and killed by a lone gunman back in december. now yesterday police lined the streets during his wake. today's ceremony though is expected to include traditions from liu's chinese heritage including buddhist monks. jury selection in the trial of the boston bombing suspect
3:38 am
begins tomorrow. he is accused of being a willful conspirator. it killed three people and injured 264 others. defense attorneys say he was controlled by his oler brother tomerlin who was killed three days after that bombing. an american health care worker who had -- was being characterized as high risk exposure to ebola in west africa is due to arrive in the u.s. today. the patient will be treated at nebraska medical center. it's xwust one of four u.s. hospitals with the biocontainment units. the facility's director said the patient who was working in sierra leone is not sick and not contagious. number five, if you have not opened the door yet to let the dog out, go out for a morning stroll. bundle up, people. severe cold front pushing east threatening to bring what could be the coldest temperatures this winter. minneapolis and chicago, you
3:39 am
folks, temperatures could feel like 20 to 30 degrees -- below zero! ouch. >> take more than the robe when you head out this morning. >> mike huckabee left his fox news tv show that happened last night. why? well, he's contemplating another run for president. we'll talk about that in a moment. plus, new york city says good-bye to one of its police officers at a ceremony to honor wen liu starts in a few hours. we'll speak with the funeral director in a few moments. so how's your credit? a loan? i know i have an 810 fico score, thanks to the tools and help on and your big idea is hot dogs shaped like hamburgers? nope. hamburgers shaped like hot dogs. that's not really in our wheelhouse... you don't put it in a wheelhouse. you put it in your mouth. get your credit swagger on. become a member of experian credit tracker and find out your fico score powered by experian.
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i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. because it gives me... zero heartburn! prilosec otc. the number 1 doctor-recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 9 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. mike huckabee is considering another run at the white house seven years after bowing out of the presidential campaign. he ended his weekend program on fox news last night so he can contemplate throwing his hat back in the ring. huckabee said his presidential consideration put the network in a tough position. so he decided to halt his
3:43 am
program. cnn's senior media correspondent brian felter joins me now for more. good morning you to, brian. >> good morning. >> so heating up. we have florida governor jeb bush announcing he decided to explore a presidential bid. now huckabee. do you think that huckabee had to leave that show before he announces whether he's going to run? >> he did. partly because it's a policy of fox news. that makes sense across the board. if you're getting active about a presidential run or any political run, if you form an exploratory committee, you have to leave the network. a couple months ago ben carson severed ties with fox because he's been contemplating a run and now huckabee is doing the same. and there was some pressure on huckabee and fox to bring this to an end. it was still a surprise last night when he decided to announce it at the end of his show. it wasn't really previewed many hours ahead of time. he's not announcing a run today. he's not forming an exploratory committee. he said he's not going to make any decision until the end of
3:44 am
the spring but now he can more actively talk to potential supporters, potential donors and that won't be awkward given his day job at fox. >> what do you think needs to happen for him to run? >> you know, he had a very successful run in iowa in 2008. and then the campaign sputtered after. that he decided not to run in 2012. so what he has to figure out is whether he can expand beyond iowa, whether he can win enough social conservatives in other key early states in order to mount a run and whether the financial support is there to do so. but even the possibility does shake up the race. there are lots of other potential candidates all looking at each other trying to decide who's going to get in this race. they have to consider huckabee's contribution as well. i don't think huckabee was going to walk away from a hefty salary at fox if he wasn't serious about running. >> there is a new poll out there, jeb bush, the clear presidential front-runner. he took 23% of republicans who
3:45 am
were surveyed, huckabee trails in that particular poll in fourth with 6%. you know, you just mentioned you don't think he would have left that lucrative salary and what a lot of people are saying hey he has 1.3 million people watching him. he has a great audience there. what do you think looking at this poll was his motivation? >> he has, like you said, 1.3 million viewers a week. he had a platform that many rivals must have been envious of. it was very valuable for huckabee. he also has a new book coming out later this month. and that book tour will double as a potential campaign tour for him to get some new practice out there on the road courting potential voters. but that poll is crucial to show jeb bush so far ahead of the rest of the pack is significant. i would say on the other hand,
3:46 am
he's getting a lot of press attention lately. bush getting a lot of press attention and oftentimes the polls can change quite a bit based on whose name is mentioned most often. huckabee has a long standing support among social conservatives. that is what he would be tapping into, especially in iowa in other early states. >> so do you think -- maybe give me the one or two things you think that huckabee has going for him as opposed to jeb bush that may have really encouraged this move by him. >> i felt even on his show last night when we saw from huckabee was his style that appeals to lots of voters. he was playing gi cuitar with t band and shaking hands with his studio audience right after he made his announcement. he said in television, stay tuned. there is more to come. so he's come awfully close already to saying he does want to put his hat in the ring. >> all right. always good to see you. thank you for being with us this morning. >> thanks.
3:47 am
>> sure. this morning police officers from across the country will pay their respects to one of the comrades, their comrades in new york. we'll talk to the funeral director where today's service will take place for officer wen jen liu.
3:48 am
3:49 am
3:50 am
his family, the officer wen liu, his family said he had his dream job that's according to andrew cuomo. liu is one of two officers ambushed and gunned down in the streets of new york last month. today the funeral is expected to include traditions from his chinese heritage including buddhist monks. you see here this was the scene last night as mourners gathered at a candlelight vigil. joining us now over the phone is joe iavoli, the funeral director where today's funeral will take place. you have a busy morning ahead of you. can you walk us through what you expect during today's funeral
3:51 am
service. >> hi, good morning. and it's a shame it's this horrible tragedy that brought me here this morning. and all of our hearts and our condolences are with the liu family and the family of officer ramos and the entire new york city police department as well. >> absolutely. >> what is going to happen today at this funeral? >> you know, all throughout the day yesterday and also this morning there will be ceremonial burning of replicas of worldly possessions made out of mostly paper and cardboard. we have a fireplace in the building and family members and friends will be taking part burning those items. also there's a table in front of the deceased with food items, most of the food groups are
3:52 am
represented. and those are placed there for the disceased as he rises up in the after life. >> what we saw is tens of thousands of officers were outside of the church there in queens. it was packed inside. how many are you expecting today? i understand this family is asking for privacy but i'm sure the funeral home will be filled, the church will be filled. >> yeah. i expect to have about 600 in the building and the police department is expecting anywhere from 20 to 25,000 outside of the building. >> what about security? is that something you're concerned about? what security like at the funeral home? >> no, not at all. and credit should go to tony giorgio, the head of the
3:53 am
ceremonial unit of the new york city police department as well as the community affairs division. because they're really responsible for coordinating an event of this size. and without them, none of this would be possible. it's a monumental task considering size and scope of all this. and the pressure that they're under considering that they just lost two of their own. >> great loss not only for the officers but for the city of new york. we saw that outpouring for officer ramos. we just saw some photographs of the mayor and the governor and police commissioner at the wake yesterday. joe, i'm sure that all the people who are there who are attending to day appreciate your service. thank you so much for spending time with us this morning. >> thank you. take care. >> you as well. we'll have live coverage of the funeral beginning next hour. so stay with us. we are hearing new theories
3:54 am
from indonesian officials that we didn't hear before. they say they mow what caused flight 8501 to fall out of the sky and more bodies are being recovered. the black boxes are still missing along with it some answers. we're going to take you live to ind indonesia at the top of the hour.
3:55 am
3:56 am
3:57 am
now the series "ones to watch" and the world of street art. we're going to go to portugal to meet an artist making it big with an usual set of tools, let's say. >> i was always interested at this idea of it being something that defaces the city and thinks very well of the urban space that we're in. i started to realize i didn't want to paint and to be a layer
3:58 am
on all the layers building up on the city every day. on a wall sometime you just need a tiny spark that ignites the explosion. it brings all the layers from 50 years ago back to the present. >> he works with a licensed pie row technician attaching calculated measures of dynamite to a drawing on a wall. today he's working with an interest drill to carve out the face of a man he encounters in lisbon a few years ago. >> the idea is you pork on the every day mural and you give the space and it's also to make them invisible in a way. >> his recent show at a contemporary art museum in lisbon sold out. >> i think social media plays a really big role because you make a link between you and your work and what you want to communicate about your work directly to the people that follow it. >> as an artist that works in
3:59 am
the public space and mostly seen as an outcast as someone defacing or taking value out of a place makes you be an outsider. this makes you look to different things that people usually do. for me, i think it was the catalyst to make me realize things in a different way. >> watch the full episode at >> we have more ahead on the next hour of new day which starts right now. new overnight, more bodies are found and nine victims have been identified including a flight attendant who was not wearing a seat belt. why these new developments could be key in telling us what happened to airasia flight 8501. >> and police officers across the country are paying respects to one two of officers gunned
4:00 am
down in new york while they were sitting in a police cruiser. we're so grateful for your company always on a sunday morning. 7:00 exactly here on the east coast. >> yeah. you know this morning there is just more heartbreaking anguish for the families of the 162 passengers and the crew aboard doomed airasia flight 8501. >> a short time ago, researchers recovered three more bodies from the waters of the java sea. that brings the total number of victims found to 34. also we're learning the identities of three more victims. >> and they include a 10-year-old girl. we want to show you her picture there. her nickname was stevie. and there she is there in that beautiful pink dress with family members. i want to show you how the search area is being extended now. it stretches further eastward, you see it there.
4:01 am
that red box is the extended search area. and they're doing this because searchers say bodies and debris may be drifting along with the strong currents there. so as more bodies and debris are being recovered, indonesian officials say they may know what happened to flight 8501. i want to bring in gary tuchman who is in surabaya where the plane took off a week ago. what you are hearing from officials who now have bsh what is this new theory that they're proposing? >> well, government agency is making it clear that it's very unlikely this plane exploded while in the sky. the belief is because of the weather, the pilot maneuvers the aircraft and had engine failure due to icing which caused a stall. that's what they think is the likely scenario. they won't know the exact scenario, there is no guarantee, but they figure they'll know the exact scenario if and when they find the black boxes. the reason they believe that because the bodies that have
4:02 am
been found, we can update it, one more body has been recovered. so the number is now up to 35, the bodies have been found are intact and finding large pieces of the plane which indicate there was not a catastrophic explosion in the air. one of the five pieces of the plane they recovered, they haven't seen the fuselage yet. they believe they know where it s but one of the five pieces of the plane they recovered is 60 feet long. so that's the basically the size of a ground to the top of a six story building. so it's a big piece of the plane they found. they believe that most of these passengers, these bodies they haven't recovered yet, are still strapped in their seats on the bottom of the java sea. >> you feel for these families who are hearing all this information. and they're anxious. are officials giving any indication as to how close they think they may to be finding the black boxes? we know the black boxes are in the tail. do they think it's with the belly of the plane or do they think it's one of those piece
4:03 am
that's might be drifting? >> well, the concern here is that the battery powered pingers have not been heard yet. they're only designed to have 30 days of battery. it's been exactly a week since this horrifying accident. so there is probably 23 days left of battery. this is very shallow water in the java sea. it's only about 100 feet deep where they believe the plane s the great lakes are deeper than in most places in the united states. but the divers have been able to do very little work because the weather is very bad. 30 minutes ago we had monsoon like rains here. it was flooding around us. we didn't know if we were going to be able to go on the air with you. that's what they're dealing with at the search site. today is the nicest weather we h divers went into the water hoping they would have a lot of accomplishment. they said visibility is zero. that bodes very poorly. it's not like it's going to get
4:04 am
clearer. the weather is going to continue to be turbulent in this region which gets a lot of monsoon weather this time of year. >> gary tuchman, thank you so much. he is advising us there that there are now 35 bodies shthat have been recovered. thank you so much, gary. >> let's talk about the variable of the weather that's really complicating this search for the bodies and the wreckage. we've got meteorologist karen mcguinness with us. we know you have new video of the waves showing the dangerous conditions, how rough it is there. some improvement as you explained this morning but not nearly enough. we see calm on the surface but not calm enough below the surface for divers to get into the water. >> yes. and gary was talking about the visibility in the water being stirred up. because this is the monsoon season. you get that wind coming across the ocean surface and it stirs everything up. this is fairly shallow.
4:05 am
if you can imagine it's like a bathtub. it's not like a swimming pool. it can be turned up so easily. there is not very good visibility. i'm afraid our forecasts are almost like by six hour time periods. that's the way it looks. this is a monsoon season. er that in the itcz. however, as we look towards monday and into tuesday, it does appear that there are some breaks. it is not going to be perfectly clear. we take you through monday. it's going to be a little showery here. a little showery for us is nothing significant. but to see the monsoonal waves move through that, is significant. they've been extraordinarily wet this season. going into monday though, this is much improved in this search area. it's not going to be perfectly flat. we're going to see some white caps. but even into tuesday it looks like there's at least a window
4:06 am
of opportunity. it won't give them these long stretches or long periods of time where they can make really great progress. these are almost baby steps to look for windows like this where the visibility might be good, where the wave heights might be lower, where the winds might be calm enough so that they don't -- things are not stirred up. however, we look through sunday and it still looks brisk. maybe breezy on monday and tuesday. so now we've got another two days where we have at least partial improvements in the weather. back to you. >> all right. karen, thank you. today new york police will say good-bye to officer wen liu at a funeral in new york. he is as i'm sure you know one of the two officers shot and killed last month. we've got live pictures here. services are expected to start in just a few hours at 11:00 eastern. i understand there are many people there because we're still
4:07 am
four hours out there in new york. this was the scene yesterday though as friends, family, police, politicians lined up there on the streets to pay respects during a private wake. liu who recently got married, just in october of last year, is being remembered as a man proud of his chinese heritage and proud to serve his community. >> this was his dream to become an nypd officer. in some ways it's the ultimate assimilation into america, into new york to become a police officer. and obviously he was so proud and he was so proud for his whole family. this was totally pointless. it had nothing to do with anything they did. had nothing to do with them whatsoever. they did nothing wrong. it wasn't about them. it was purely random hatred. >> let's bring in our reporter
4:08 am
from new york. we remember, and you were there that, sea of blue outside of ralphael ramos' funeral. are we expecting similar images today for officer liu? >> we are expecting a very similar turnout. this is a funeral home that will hold 600 people inside nypd preparing for up to 25,000 police officers from around the country. many of them already attending the wake yesterday that went for eight hours with a traditional buddhist ceremony for the wake which is the burning of the paper and cardboard to indicate the material goods that officer liu will take into the after life. a very different thing for the nypd to deal with. also perhaps a good note or a better note is that the mayor was here yesterday along with police commissioner bratton. several officers as they walked in to salute him. the mayor asking him, the
4:09 am
commissioner asking police officers in a memo this is about grieving, not grievance and asking them not to turn their back on the mayors sp as he spe during today's service. officer liu, 32 years old, just married. his family hasn't said a lot. they've come in from china now but just after his death, his wife spoke lovingly and emotionally. >> this is difficult time for both of our families. but we will stand together and get through this together. thank you. >> very, very tough to hear. the fbi director will be here. we expect he'll speak at this service today. the mayor will certainly speak. commissioner bratton will speak
4:10 am
and monsignor for the nypd will speak. the service begins at 11:00. his casket will go to the final resting place around 1:00. and that's when we'll see this section of brooklyn turn into a sea of blue. so impressive, so moving, very, very tough to take. victor? >> yeah, miguel. you know, after you hear from officer liu's wife now widow, you tlremember this is the loss of two families. although it's become a larger conversation. as part of that conversation, we know the commissioner bratton issued this memo asking them to not turn their backs. your take away from conversations with the officers. do you believe that they will grant that request and not show that disrespect toward the mayor during this ceremony? >> my sense is that the heat that we were feeling a week ago and two weeks ago when they were
4:11 am
murdered certainly has started to cool a little bit. that you're not seeing officers as angry. the mayor and the commissioner met with the five unions for the police force in the past week. protests have been far less. there were some on new year's eve. they weren't nearly as angry or large as they were in days past. and the mayor has gone to greater lengths in order to reach out to police. and police unions have certainly dialled back some of the rhetoric. so everybody is taking a breath at this point trying to bring things back to a more even keel. victor? >> miguel marques there in new york, thank you so much. and an entire family goes down in a small plane in the kentucky woods. her mom, dad, sister and cousin all died but how did a 7-year-old manage to survive? this plane was up side down. we're going to talk about that. also -- snow in west texas. how rough weather all over the
4:12 am
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investigators are due to head back out to the scene of yesterday's fatal plane crash in the thick woods of western kentucky. four people were killed when the twin engine piper went down. as her mom and dad, sister and a cousin died, a 7-year-old girl was able to hike to safety. we want to bring in our aviation analyst for the department of transportation. mary, thank you for sticking with us here. this plane ended up side down as it was resting. how do you think she was able to get out and survive? >> sometimes smaller children in the rear seats of the plane, particularly if they're facing rearward, you know, sometimes back against the forward facing seats that, helps to brace the impact. that's not saying that's what happened here. but it will be important for investigators not only to determine what caused the crash
4:16 am
but how this little girl survived. that might help others in the future make small planes more crash worthy. and i've seen it before where side by side one may die aun one survives and even walk away. >> and i cannot imagine what it was like for her to wake up with -- we know when she got to the home that she finally was able to get to she told him that her parents were dead. so i can't get that image out of my head of how they landed and how she got there. but kentucky state police even said, he thinks this is a miracle she was able to get herself to safety in the rugged terrain around this thing. take a listen here. >> once we found the wreckage and the time that we spent in this wooded area, we were literally amazed that this young lady not only survived the crash but was able to get from the crash location to this house. we're talking about a 7-year-old girl who just fallen out of the
4:17 am
sky. she walked through briars and thorns and very steep, you know, there is one creek bed that was probably 12 foot deep she walked through. >> my goodness. and she had one sock on. she was barefoot. when you hear about that terrain, mary, how difficult do you think that really going to make this investigation as well? >> well, you know, the ntsb is -- i'm glad they sent the ntsb team. sometime they send a smaller group and they let the federal aviation administration to handle it. this is very important to this family and for crash worthiness studies. so for the ntsb, they're used to dealing with this kind of environment and more and for the little girl, unbelievable reserve and strength and undoubtedly she was in terrible shock. what a heroic little girl. the ntsb will be able to deal with the terrain and what i hope come out of it is that they're able to give improvements to
4:18 am
small planes so others have a chance of surviving. >> yeah. all right. mary schiavo, thank you so much for helping us understand what may have been happening there and the thoughts and prayers of that little girl this morning and the rest of her family. we do want to get you caught up, too, on the morning read. >> a lot of other stories happening this morning. first new york governor andrew cuomo spoke publicly for the first time about his father's death. he spoke to reporters outside of the wake for one of the police officers that was fatally shot last month. listen. >> today is not the day for my dad. we're going to have his wake and his funeral. but i can say i miss him already. there is a hole in my heart that i fear is going to be there forever. >> mario cuomo served three terms as governor, he died yesterday at the age of 82. the first african-american ever to be popularly elected to
4:19 am
the u.s. senate has died. edward brook, a republican from massachusetts was regarded as a trailblazer on both sides of the aisle. president obama considered brook someone who led an extraordinary life of public service. brook passed away of natural causes yesterday morning at his home in florida. he was 95 years old. jury selection in the trial of the boston marathon bombing suspect starts tomorrow. he is accused of being a willful conspirator of mass destruction in that deadly attack that killed three people and injured 264 more. that was in april 2013, of course. defense attorneys suggest he is controlled by his older brother tamer lyn who was killed three days after the bombing. >> and in sports, the carolina panthers knocked the arizona cardinals out of the playoffs yesterday in a historic wild card win. why historic? according to espn, the panthers held arizona to 78 yards, the
4:20 am
fewest yards ever allowed in an nfl postseason game. and -- >> get ready, people, victor is a happy man. >> the second wild card matchup, the baltimore ravens rolled over -- and i mean rolled over the pittsburgh steelers, 30-17 to advance to the playoffs. thank you, pittsburgh for your service. we'll see you next year. nfl action continues today with the bengals face off with the colts at 1:00 p.m. eastern. so we'll watch that one, too. >> when victor wins, he wins big. >> yes. yes! love my ravens. >> yes, i know. ravens may be pretty cold though. >> yes. >> a lot of teams. >> have you stepped outside yet this morning? just looking at it might make you cold. there is frigid weather pushing east threatening to hit millions of you with the coldest temperatures this winter. we have details straight ahead.
4:21 am
4:22 am
4:23 am
breaking news this hour from the vatican. pope francis just announced 15 archbishops will be installed as cardinals. key leaders often referred to as the princes of the church. five retiring bishops will be recognized as cardinals.
4:24 am
joining us live is the senior vatican analyst john allen. john, we know pope frances is characterized as being progressive. as you look at this list, what stands out to you? >> the first thing that smacks you in the face is the gee yoe graph geographic diversity of the cardinals. this is a pope that wants to reach out to people on the margins. and you clearly see that in this set. you're talking about cardinals from typically overlooked places like cape verde, the pacific island of tonga, panama, tie land, uruguay and so on. of the 15 new voting age cardinals, that is cardinals who were under the age of 80 and therefore eligible to vote for the next pope, ten of them come from place that's have never had a cardinal before. so obviously the first pope from the developing world trying to spread the wealth around a little bit. >> are there any americans on the list? >> not a not.
4:25 am
this is the tesecond time that e pope called the formal name for the event in which new cardinals are elevated. and for the second time not a single one from the united states. the pope's pattern in picking cardinals and remember this is a very important thing because cardinals set the tone in the catholic church. they're the most important officials after the pope and, of course, they elect the next pope. in frances' pattern is very clear. he wants to go to the geographical peripheries other than place that's are top heavy with cardinals. and even within those traditionally important countries, he wants to bypass the most important venues, the places accustomed to having cardinals and lift up guys from smaller and more typically ignored sorts of places. i think the moral of this story is that the united states may have to wait a little while before it gets another prince of the church. >> all right. john, we so appreciate the breakdown. thank you. >> you bet.
4:26 am
>> severe weather caused some major travel problems and headaches across the country. in total, 55 million people min 24 states faced winter advisories and the first major storm of 2015. karen mcguinness has details for us. >> reporter: the first major storm of 2015 bringing severe weather to much of the eastern half of the country just as millions of travelers are headed home from the holidays. in all, 55 million people in 28 states faced winter storm watches, warnings and advisories this weekend. in mississippi, rain and strong winds destroyed several mobile homes bringing down trees, knocking out power lines, a possible tornado hitting jasper county in the southeastern part of the state. >> it was just like a train is coming. that's the way it was. it was just like a train coming.
4:27 am
it was hitting the house. >> the same storm system bringing snow to amarillo, texas. in the northeast, sleet and snow made for wet and slippery conditions in poukeepsie, new york, plows cleared the road but too late for several cars stuck in the mess. and drivers in new jersey faced a mix of fog, ice, and snow. >> definitely dangerous out there. you have to be careful. i think it hit pretty quickly and people are not realizing how much ice is actually on the ground. it's a lot more than you think. >> reporter: snow covered roads in massachusetts causing several accidents, emergency crews coming to the rescue. >> the roads were almost completely dry. they were just starting to get wet an i spun out of control. so be very careful if you're going out. >> reporter: and freezing rain in pennsylvania causing this salt truck to lose control, the driver slamming into a home. luckily, no one was hurt. >> he slid down the hill and he
4:28 am
said he was along for the ride. he said there is nothing he could do but just go with the ride. he couldn't stop. the roads were just ice covered. >> reporter: it is a mess out there. look at the temperatures. these are current temperatures not wind chill factors. it is minus 13 degrees. it will feel like minus 30, minus 40 overnight across the northern tier. this is how the wind chill feels right now in st. louis, it's 29 degrees windchill factor. but minot, minus 35. and it's only going to get worse. this first blast moves in over the next 24 hours and the next three to four days it makes its way all the way to the deep south. victor? >> karen, those people in minot have to be just hardy folks. they often are in the most extreme temperatures every time it's like and minot, 77 below zero. >> you're exactly right. >> karen, thank you. >> bye.
4:29 am
>> you know they're complaining you about. >> what? who? >> you crying over 30 degrees over here. >> it's chilly. >> okay. so by air and by sea, the search is continuing to day for the wreckage of flight 8501. the families, though, the wait has to feel like eternity for them. more progress is being made though. we're talking with our experts about the pace of this recovery and telling you what we learned overnight. ♪ben... well, that was close. you ain't lyin'. let quicken loans help you save your money. with a mortgage that's engineered to amaze.
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