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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 1, 2015 12:30am-1:06am PST

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>> what have you done? >> i dyed your hair red and blue. and i decided if you argue, it means you don't love america. i had it all planned. this is it. every year i try to think of something. i dyed his hair red, white and blue. >> how am i going to get this out? >> i don't know. >> and that is why i'm wearing a hat as we speak right now. >> come on, we had fun. >> we had a lot of fun. >> but your face when i was putting in the hair dye. >> it's still -- i mean, i put some water in it, but it's just gotten -- >> it's not going to go away. >> your face was so scrunched up, like she couldn't be doing anything that bad, right? >> honestly, i thought you were doing some sort of static electricity thing. >> like a science experiment? >> oh, crazy, frazzled hair. >> that doesn't make sense. >> nothing you do makes sense.
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>> you're not perfect for one night. >> you don't have to tell me. >> we appreciate you sticking with us. what is it, our eighth year together? >> yes. >> wow. >> it's our eighth year together. so great, i love you. way to go. >> you can't swear. give the check back. >> it's been a lot of fun. i hope you had fun, as well. wherever you are, if you're with a loved one, by yourself, thank you so much for spending the night with us. our coverage, though, continues 2015 is yet to come in new orleans, in memphis, brooke baldwin and don lemon are going to handle that for us. it's time for us to say goodbye. there's the scenes in new orleans and memphis.
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we wish everyone a happy new year. ♪ ♪
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>> did you notice where you poured my champagne? in the cross roads of all things electrical. are you trying to make this the don show? i'm not toasting you until it's time to toast. you go ahead. i love you don lemon, but i'm rolling on.
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we have half an hour to go. when the clock strikes midnight here in new orleans. >> you have to say new orleans. >> but we're going to rock out as well in memphis. >> yeah, right behind us we have terrance simeon and the xylophone experience on the stage. right in front of jackson square. right in front of the mississippi river here in new orleans. look how crowded it is. the sugar bowl is going on as well with ohio state and alabama. >> stay with us. we've got pamela brown out there in memphis. >> and we're going to go to cuba. i'm really jealous of the cruise ship of randi kaye. that's a pretty good gig. >> would you rather be on a cruise than standing by me in new orleans? >> no, i grew up in baton rouge,
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louisiana. can i bead you live on the air? i got those for you. these are mine that i gave you earlier on cnn. what do you think? >> i'm going to keep my eyes right here. i'm keeping my eyes right there. it is a huge party here. and what is really cool. the last number of years, doing the drop off the top from jackson brewery. >> it's eight feet by five feet. it's huge. and it's actually started coming down already. it comes down in just a couple of minutes. so there it is. >> we'll be watching that drop in about 20 minutes from now. there's the guitar drop in memphis. >> fun back story, actually in
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one of the big warehouses. during hurricane katrina, somebody found it floating in the city and so they saved that. >> they want to redo baby new year. >> they want to redo baby new year. how big is your living room? >> not that big. i have a new york city apartment. >> well, are we fantasy pants. >> that wouldn't even get through the front door. >> do you want to check out memphis? >> let's go to memphis. >> what are you doing? what's going on in memphis? >> that's a good idea to come to memphis. this is a happening place, don and brooke. i know you all have really good music there in new orleans and a lot of energy and a fun crowd. right here in memphis, let's not forget. this is the home of the blues. you can wear the music is playing. we've got a little bit of rock 'n roll. b.b. king's blues club right behind me. let me keep that in perspective. two hours ago, this place with
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us pretty desolate. now it's packed with new year's eve revellers as you see here around me. up to 50,000 people here right next to the hard rock cafe. of course, world famous booel street. everyone is here to listen to the good muse ek, but also to watch the ten-foot fiberglass gibson guitar drop when the clock strikes midnight here in memphis. also a fireworks display. this is the place to be this new year's eve. i pretty much decided that. another great place to be i hear is havana, cuba. that's where we find patrick. how is it going where you are? >> the show is over but the party just keeps on going. really amazing night here. you hear the salsa rhythms and the drums. that's what many of the audiences have been doing in the last half-hour.
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they've really put on a show you won't see anywhere else in the world. we see very few americans here. one or two here and there. of course up until really today there's a travel ban on americans coming here, very difficult for americans to come to cuba, even though it's just 90 miles away. that's changing, though, with an historic agreement announced two weeks ago. americans in 2015 will have more possibilities of coming to cuba. we'll see probably next year more americans here. that's got a lot of people excited. hoping to improve the cuban economy. they'll be able to come here and soak up some real cuban culture. it's been an incredible night in havana. and it's nowhere close to stopping yet, pamela.
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>> i imagine this is not your first new year's there. given all the developments, you just pointed out, what is this new year's like? is the energy different, given all that's been going on there recently? >> it's like nothing else, pamela. cubans have hope. it's just a change in tone. for years we've been living under the cold war atmosphere with the two countries almost at war. yet cubans and americans share so much in common. the cubans look to the united states. they love baseball and american music and american culture. there's a hunger there to get to know their neighbors to the north, to put aside the politics of the past and hope for a better future. so this year more than any other, there's an expectation and hope that thing also get better and people will be demanding of both governments that 2015 is a better year for cubans and americans. back to you, pamela.
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>> patrick, thank you so much. i'm pamela brown here in memphis. now i'm going to go over to my colleague and friend don lemon in new orleans. don? >> we've got about 20 minutes to go until it's a new year in the central time zone. especially here in new orleans where i am. this place is packed. i have never seen this many people except maybe outside of mardi gras. that's because the sugar bowl. we have some performances here for you that we're going to get to tonight. happy new year for all the east coaster, we still have a lot more to come. next, a heaping helping of what this city is all about. more music as we count down to 2015. let the good times roll.
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the fireworks and boy, it is quite a display. you're looking at fireworks now in dubai. you know what i like about new orleans? people come by and bear gifts. usually the gifts are food or drink. look who i found. andy scholes from cnn. what did you bring me? >> a hand grenade. you come to new orleans, you've got to get a hand grenade. >> aren't you working? >> i worked this morning. >> what have you seen? >> a lot of ohio state and alabama fans. they have basically taken over
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the french quarter. >> who is going to win? lsu? or they're not in it. >> lsu is not in the sugar bowl. i think alabama is going to win. >> how many have you had? >> this is the only one i've had. and i got you one, too. >> i cannot do this until we're -- >> i'll let you finish the show. >> happy new year to you. we have about ten minutes before it's new years at the central time zone. i want to go up now to brooke baldwin who's up on the roof with, what else do yo have on the roof, but a fiddler. who do you have? >> i've got a gal. she's pretty impressive. this is amanda shaw who is up here, knows a thing or two about new orleans. when we roll into this city, i feel like we've done it pretty well the last couple of years. first of all, happy almost new year's. >> thanks for coming to new orleans. >> thanks for having me in your beautiful city. i'm seeing some fireworks. we're about ten minutes away. >> we've got a big crowd here.
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>> you have been playing music for how long? >> since i was 4. for 20 years. >> was your violin teeny, tiny. >> a quarter size violin. >> can you explain to people who have never been to new orleans, in the soul, in the dna is music in this city. >> oh, everything is so great here. it's not just the music. it's the people here, too. it's the place. you can tell everybody, too, as you've been here, all the apartment doors are -- >> i've been hanging out with perfect strangers. >> that kind of place where everybody's doors are open and you're more than welcome to always come over to my house and have some drink and some food. it's that kind of place. >> would you mind playing me a little tune? >> of course. >> here we go. ♪ ♪
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♪ ht. which want to take you to memphis on the other side of the break. you're watching special coverage here. oh, there we go. ♪ ♪ narrator: this is the storm sea captain: there's a storm comin narrator: that whipped through the turbine which poured... surplus energy into the plant which generously lowered its price
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♪ ♪ ♪ i say brother can we please ♪ >> just minutes away from midnight here in new orleans, memphis, chicago, st. louis, all up and down the central united states. 2015, just coming into view really. someone is singing "change is going to come" with behind us. it's new year's here and it's also the sugar pole here. my buddies watching me in baton rouge, louisiana on a dare happy new year to you guys. brooke baldwin, come on in here and join me.
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can you hear it? that was great. this is beautiful. really enjoying it. we're going to check in with pamela brown. she's on beale street. pam, what's going on there? when we saw you earlier, there was hardly anyone there. now the place has filled up. >> i promise you all, look at this. all the way back, 50,000 people here on beale street. how are you guys doing? >> you're from memphis. you say this is the best place on earth to be on new year's eve. why is that? >> absolutely. home of the blues. best place to raise a family. we're having a ball. we love cnn. we're here. it is awesome.
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>> what is it that makes beale street here is the guitar drop so special. why should people care about it? >> there's no place like this on earth. it's great because we get a chance to commune with 50,000 people. not like new york where people don't know each other. i know everybody around me. it's awesome. it's fantastic. >> happy new year to you. >> happy new year to you as well. >> let me tell you, the crowd is rocking here. we've had great music all night long. i know you do. we've been having a little bit of rock 'n' roll some blues bands out here, we've been having a great time. >> great job here, we love you guys. >> you're going to help us out, family. don't go away.
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>> andy came by to give us a hand grenade. this is what you do in new orleans. relax, it's new year's eve. >> i know what you do in new orleans. i know. cheers. >> people have been asking is brooke drunk? is don drunk? we're not drunk. we've been working all night. >> although this doesn't really work. when they send us to new orleans to ring in the new year, this is work? >> they sent the both of us. i cannot believe the crowd here. seriously. i know that pamela said she has about 50,000 people. >> as far as -- i know you can't -- i don't know if you can see either way but as far as the eye can see along the main road, we're parallel to the mississippi river. and we're surrounded. >> i can't wait to see the fireworks. not only are they going to drop the symbol of courage, that's going to be fireworks on the river. and also great music that we've
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been listening to zidaco. do you know about them? >> i know how to dance to zidaco, how about that? who sings that some? >> i forgot. >> not you. >> do you believe in new year's resolutions, don lemon? >> of course i do. i never keep them. >> what is your resolution this year? >> that's a good one. i think my resolution is what it is every year. no regrets. live life to the fullest. get out there and do it and enjoy it. i think everyone should, as oprah said, step into your life. >> i love that. >> and turn up the volume on your life. that's what i do. that's my resolution every year. >> i feel in the past i've always tried to stay in the still and quiet because there's so much noise around, right? >> don't pay attention to the noise.
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my boss always tells me that. thank you, boss. happy new year. >> this year, i want to travel. do you know what i'm doing in february? >> what are you doing? >> do you know what i'm doing? >> i did stand up comedy for the first time. i'm climbing mt. kilamanjaro. >> congratulations. i have been several times. i just went back to africa to trace my roots. we have less than a minute. less than a minute until it is new year here in the central time zone. we got the good stuff. who brought that? >> some friends. >> andy scholes, you bring us this but where is the expensive champagne? that's what i want to know. >> it tastes sweet. where is the fleur de lis? how far out are we? >> probably about 30 seconds away. >> 20 seconds. >> there it is. beautiful fleur de lis.
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by the crescent city. >> let's listen. >> six, five four three, two, one! happy new year! ♪ >> happy new year again. live on cnn. >> look at those fireworks. look at those fireworks. ♪ >> there's nothing like the music in new orleans. >> goose bumps. >> fireworks are amazing. happy new year. wish you could see this. >> cheers. love you back. so fun. >> it's a pleasure. >> happy new year. >> what are you doing at home? what is your resolution?
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you should live life to the fullest. >> are you happy with the champagne? >> i'm very happy. i'm in my home state and i get to do this. >> here we go. >> would you like a hat? >> yes. >> all right. let me get you one. >> is this for mama lemon? >> no this is from cnn a few years ago when i was with kathy and anderson in times square. i will give you that one. and i will wear this one. >> i like that. >> this is my lsu tiger hat and my cnn winter hat. >> i'm so happy. >> come on baby. let the good times roll. if you cannot be in times square this is the best place. >> palm trees, magic, soul. new orleans. >> no other place like new orleans. you don't need an excuse to party and drink.
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new year's eve or new year is a good excuse. i love this band. i absolutely love this band. >> they say we are a little bit reggae and zydeco. >> we will take you to chicago. the fireworks from chicago. david stone says they are watching from lake shore drive. >> i have a friend watching from thailand. serious. >> we're all over the world. >> the cnn global thing. >> big time, brooke baldwin. oh wow. pamela brown. let's check in with pamela brown in memphis. >> memphis, tennessee on beale street. >> happy new year to you. to a great 2015. i have no doubt it will be. let me tell you something. it is surreal being in memphis on new year's eve. this is my first time. it is incredible.
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as soon as the clock struck midnight you had the guitar drop. we had fireworks display. confetti going everywhere. people cheering. great enthusiasm here in memphis. it is just a great place to be. not to mention all the great music. i mean let's not forget b.b. king johnny cash and elvis presley got their start here in memphis. the music has not disappointed tonight. it has been incredible all around. brooke and don. >> it has been incredible all around. brooke and i have been drinking the cheap stuff here. we won't tell anybody. brooke will open the expensive stuff. pamela where is your champagne? did anybody bring you champagne? >> i have been waiting for my producer to bring me some. he has to fight through the
1:04 am
crowd. as you can see, there are tens of thousands of people here. i'm waiting for my champagne. let me tell you something, i'm ready for it. someone just handed me their beer. i have people offering. people in memphis are so generous. especially on new year's eve. >> you ready? >> stand by. there we go. >> there you go my dear. >> thank you very much. it is not very often you get to drink live on international television. >> i think this is a first. >> exempt for that one time with anthony bourdain. he and i had a drink in las vegas. pamela brown, happy new year and happy new year to all of our viewers in the united states and around the world. >> thank you for being with us. here is to a fabulous 2015. >> 2014 was great and 2015 will
1:05 am
be greater. the night is young. all the best from cnn. best wishes of the new year. i'm don lemon. >> i'm brooke baldwin. happy new year. >> happy 2015. ♪ welcome joan rivers. >> for 50 years. >> you are not the one to interview a person who does humor. sorry. >> fearless. >> are you serious? >> no big deal to have a woman in the white house. john f. kennedy has a thousand of them. >> no man put his hand up a woman's dress looking for a green card. >> rebounding and reinventing. >> you want