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tv   Wolf  CNN  August 15, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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and the outcome. and so i think we have a great state. but i do think some people have had that feeling, that they've been done wrong. and something's gone wrong. we need to fix that. we need to make sure everybody has that understanding, that training, so we're -- >> are african-americans treated fairly by police? >> there are folks, as the captain said, of all races, which if we had to do over, we wouldn't do. clearly when you have an incident of this size and it stirs this kind of reaction, then clearly there is a deeper wound than just the tragedy of the death of this young man. and so getting to that in the longer term is something i think we all recognize that wound and the need to heal it. >> tell us about the thought process about the name of the officer. was there a legal obligation to do that? was that done because the community demanded it? >> it was not my decision. i said i thought that information should be out. i'm not going -- there's no real
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reason for me to comment on that. it was my decision. >> do you have any concerns with the release of the officer's name as some of his supporters and some members of the ferguson police have expressed, there's reason his life might be in jeopardy or at least threatened? >> we've said there should be security around this as we move forward for everybody. not just all the families and everybody directly involved. security's something we're working on. yeah, that clearly could be some challenges there. the bottom line is this information's now out. that's one step. and we'll move forward from there. the defined mission here is to make sure that the person on the ground here with his team is communicating directly, allowing people to speak but keeping the peace right here in ferguson. >> captain, i saw you approaching some of the young men wearing bandannas on street yesterday? what did you tell them? >> walking behind them, could i hear their anger. i kind of went over to talk to them and have some discussion with them and really ask to give us a chance and let them know i've got a son that looks just like them, you know, many of
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them talked about that they had tattoos and things like that and i told them my son has tattoos. i told them, my son's just like you. i said, give us a chance. i said, you know, there's a new day coming. there's going to be some honest interaction with you. i said i didn't want to just walk past them. i walked over to them because i wanted to hear what they had to say. may not have liked it, but i thought i had to hear what they had to say, just to let them know i do respect them and respect their voice. >> i want to the canfield green apartment complex yesterday and i met a man who said he was an eyewitness to the event. he told me his whole story. are you confident this investigation is being done as mothoroughly as it needs to be? >> there are two investigations. the justice department and the local prosecution. i'd defer any questions to them. i've told everyone that needs to be a full fair investigation that seeks out all information relevant to this so justice can be served in this matter and that would be a better question to those folks running that.
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>> i'm telling you five days after the shooting, i met somebody who was an eyewitness and police have not contacted him. do you have any concerns this investigation isn't being done as thoroughly as it needs to be done? >> there are lots of folks you can call and talk about that, they're actually involved in the work there. in my view, i say that all -- obviously need to have the opportunity to speak and that between the justice department and the local prosecutor, you know, they will be working hard over the next days and however long it takes to reach out in that way. i know most those folks have said they would hope if folks have something to say they reach out to the relevant law enforcement agency. >> last question for captain johnson. i'm wondering, what's your message to people in ferguson who think the ferguson police are not capable of conducting a thorough investigation of what happened? >> the ferguson police department is not conducting an investigation. >> st. louis county. >> -- and the fbi are doing that investigation. they are parallel.
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they will look at both cases. >> all right, same question, st. louis county, they're not -- what's your message to people in ferguson who say st. louis county is not capable of doing this investigation thoroughly? >> st. louis county has a lot of fine women and men on their police department, a lot of fine investigators. and like the governor talked about, anybody that is a witness, you can contact them. if you are a witness and you haven't been in con account that, and you see me, give me your name and number and i will make sure somebody approaches you and gets you in touch with the right person. i'll do that. >> captain ron johnson of the missouri state highway patrol. then governor nixon, thank you so much for your time. we really appreciate answering your questions. wolf blitzer in d.c., back to you. >> thanks very much, jake. i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. identity revealed but questions remain. police in ferguson, missouri, releasinged the name of the
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officer who shot and killed an unarmed teenager. the officer is identified as darren wilson. a six-year veteran of the force. with no history of any disciplinary problems. also today, police named michael brown as a suspect in a convenience store robbery. it happened only minutes before brown was killed. authorities released these images from store surveillance cameras. today's dramatic developments follow a night of calm on the streets. peaceful demonstrations. the missouri state highway patrol took over security. ferguson police were criticized for using smoke bombs, tear gas, rubber pellets, the night before. you want to get more detail also now on the officer who shot and killed michael brown as well as the convenience store robbery only moments before the shooting. cnn's don lemon and correspondent ana cabrera are both in ferguson for us. ana, walk us through the time line of the events. now the new time line i should say that we know about leading up to the death of michael
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brown. >> well, wolf, i can tell you, it was about 15 minutes from the time that robbery you mentioned was reported until the time we know michael brown had already been shot and was found lying on the ground by another officer who arrived at the scene. we're talking about a very short time line. i'll start with the robbery and what we've learned about that situation. again, a situation that also involved michael brown. two separate incidents that are connected at this reported armed -- or strong arm robbery i should say. michael brown walked into a convenience store. not this quick trip but nearby the quick trip. and was with his friend, dorian johnson, according to the police repo report, that they apparently picked up some cigars. when confronted by an employee at that convenience store that they would need to pay for those cigar, the surveillance photos show and the police report says that michael brown took this employee by the shirt and shoved him up against a display rack. he then walked out of the convenience store, according to
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the report, with those cigars and started heading in the direction of this quick trip where we are currently standing. around that time, of course, the employee made a 911 call to report what had just happened. aparentally the officer, darren wilson, was in the neighborhood. he had responded to a different call of some sort. so he then got in his car and started heading towards the quick trip where the suspects were supposed to be heading. apparently, that's around the time he encountered michael brown and dorian johnson. that's where the details end. what we do know though from the new documents that were just released is that from the time that the officer reportedly encountered michael brown and dorian johnson until the time another officer arrived on scene after michael brown had already been shot was just three minutes. so very quick, time line of events here. we're hearing from protesters
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anger regarding that information being released. saying now we know about the robbery which makes michael brown look like a suspect. in their words, he is being villainized. and yet he's a shooting victim. and we're not hearing anything about that incident. those details. and so there's still a lot of frustration about the lack of information in this, wolf. >> are the police saying, ana, why they released these documents at the same time, the documents involving what was called this strong arm robbery, only moments before he was shot and killed by the police officer. at the same time they've released the identity of the police officer? >> one, i know they released these documents because the media had requested more information about that reported robbery. there was buzz there had been a robbery before and that maybe the suspect matched the description of michael brown and so he said he was trying to fulfill that request for the public information. the timing of doing that at the
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exact same time where he names the officer, we don't know exactly why that timing aligned the way it did. but i will, having talked with the police chief, that he wants to put forward as much information he said that he can release. this is a small town. he hasn't dealt with a lot of these types of investigations. he said he wants to make sure he met with his attorneys before releasing the information. i think there was a lot happening behind the scenes that we just don't know. that's a question we will ask him. he said he's going to hold another media briefing, question and answer session some time later today. he wouldn't take questions during the briefing this morning. we will ask him the question about the timing specifically, wolf. >> ana, thank you very much. ana cabrera reporting for us. releasing the name was certainly one of the key demands from the protesters. what about the information naming brown as a, quote, primary suspect in that convenience store robbery? how was that likely to play out?
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don lemon is on streets for us. what's the reaction over these latest developments because they're pretty dramatic now. >> fishy. suspicio suspicious. that's how people here feel. they feel they're trying to discredit michael brown's reputation. they say even if it is him in that surveillance video and photographs, they don't think the two incidents have anything to do with each other, in one sense. in the sense that yes maybe it precipitated police stopping him. it doesn't really have someone to do with someone being killed, an unarmed person being killed. it doesn't justify that, they say. again, they think his reputation is being besmerjed. they think the timing of the release of the documents, that information they gave out at the press conference a short time ago, they believe it's suspect. you heard the man in charge of
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this, saying he didn't like the way the information was released. the captain of the ferguson police department, thomas jackson, left a lot to be desired, quite frankly, when he talked about the two incidents. he didn't say how they were connected. they just sort of put them out there and just left it up to everybody's interpretation. these people were listening to the governor and mostly listening very intently to ron johnson at the press counsel fence. they had it on a loud speaker here. if there is a voice of calm in this neighborhood, in this area, it is really him. whoever decided to put him in charge really did the right darn thing. because he's the man here who can get people to be calm and get people to have a clear head about them. do you guys find the information that the police released suspect at the timing of it? >> yes, we do. they talked about releasing the information about the officer would be premature but the
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information we received about the robbery was premature. we don't know who that fella is in the video because clearly it doesn't look like a teenager named mike brown. >> in the video, they're saying it's the same clothes. you don't believe it is? >> mike brown was laid on the ground, don, for three to four hours, uncovered. we clearly see that is not the same clothes he was wearing. that's incorrect. that's false information. >> i believe that it took so long for them to do that because they photo shopped it because any time a crime happens, they always show it, you know, the crime. because that would have gave people a chance to say, okay, do we want to be involved, if we don't want to be involved with all the tear gas -- >> you're that distrusting of the police here? >> yes, yes. i myself had an incident -- >> to mike brown's mother? to release him like that prematurely about this man being in a strong arm robbery. that's disrespectful to his
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mother. >> let me play devil's advocate. i heard this morning. saying you cannot have it both ways. you cannot say i want transparency and then when the information coming out, i don't like the information. >> no, it should have come out. if he did a strong arm robbery, that should have came out sunday or monday, immediately. before you call people throwing tear gas at the people and things of that nature, you could have eliminated that by showing that video. because some people would have -- >> -- jay walking incident -- >> don, here we go, do we know that's mike brown in the video? clearly, the footage -- >> police only say that it is. >> thank you. so first of all, the pictures were very clearly blurry and we couldn't see anyone's face. the clothes do not match. clearly that was not mike brown. >> you think they're trying to discredit him? >> he was in the street. never was a strong arm robbery. his initial -- the police said that. >> okay, let me just say what happens if there was some confrontation or something in the store --
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>> that doesn't justify the man being shot, don. >> one at a time. >> when police approached him, he was still a suspect, wasn't guilty of anything. it shouldn't have come to a shooting. >> that does not justify -- >> don, don this is america. this is america. this is the land of the free. we're innocent until proven guilty. and mike brown didn't have the opportunity to be held accountable for his actions in a court of law. so he's innocent until proven guilty. as of right now, we don't know mike brown committed any crime. >> what do you want to see happen from here? i think the concern is you heard captain johnson say -- obviously, you want justice, ma'am, i understand that. the immediate concern is for violence and for fighting. you won't disrespect mike brown or captain johnson? >> last night, when the police presence was out of the way, that was no violence. police were initiating the violence and making the situation more hostile than it already was. people out here peacefully are
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protesting and just practicing our first amendment rights and we're trying to find justice for mike brown, but we want justice and we want transparency. not only with the police department, but with everyone else that's involved. >> i don't think we can have that on this. i think we need to take him off the case. we need to have a special prosecutor that's on this case. we can take him off this case. >> does the information that came out from police change anything your minds? >> no, no, it don't. >> no, because the principle of the matter is once he shot him the first time and he put his hands up, you should have stopped -- you should have stopped shooting him then. you still shot him four times after this young man put his hands up. you know what i'm saying? >> but don, here we go, this is what needs to happen. that man -- don this is what needs to happen. that man should have been approached by the officer. arrested. if anything. if he was suspicious for anything. but they executed him in the
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street. left him out there three to four hours. and then they said that this may be -- he may be in a strong arm robbery. they changed the information five days after. how are we supposed to have trust in the police officers when stories are changing day by day. they're throwing names out. but we have not seen any pictures. >> all right, guys, thank you. i really appreciate it. thank you very much. hang on one second. so now you see the reaction here in the community. you see, wolf, the real distrust of the police officers and that breakdown, that disconnect that officers have been talking about, the people in the community have been talking about. there's a real disconnect here when it comes to trust among the people who are supposed to protect and serve and the officers who actually protect and serve them. wolf, back to you. >> one quick question, don. it's fascinating to get that re action from the folks there with you. i've gone through the documents. i have them here. the ferguson police department released today.
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pictures are blurry. to the best of your knowledge, don, have they released the actual videotape of what occurred in that convenience store? >> no, they haven't released the actual videotape. we did hear tom jackson saying at the press conference that there was videotape. he said the videotape would be in the pack. to the best of my knowledge, they released stills, pictures, from the videotape. i think that videotape does exist. we just don't have our hands on it. it has not been released. >> have we done a comparison between what the suspect in the convenience store strong arm robbery, as the police called it, what that suspect was wear, as opposed to what michael brown was wearing as he was lying on that street for that long period of time? >> we have. the reality is, it was listed in the police report as to what the suspect in the store was wear, what the suspect on the ground was wearing. in both of those, it is consistent. these, obviously, the people who
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live here, they don't believe it's consistent. if you look at what the suspect is wearing in the store, how it is described in the police report, and of course police, they do make the reports, right. and what was on the ground when he was wearing, it does appear to be consistent at this point but it has not gone to an image expert. no one has gone over the video, gone over the pictures and said this is a definite match. i think that may be something we should do uourselves, wolf. >> yes, once we get that videotape, we should do a comparison. it's amazing these people are so, so skeptical of what the police are saying, they're raising the possibility of these footos that were released were photo shopped -- >> yeah, if you want to hear it, listen, they have been coming up to me, talking all day. the thing is, you know, a lot of people were afraid to come here or look around the country, they
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were telling me, be careful, it's a dangerous community. what i'm seeing on the news. this isn't a dangerous community. no one here scares me. no one here is violent. people want to be validated. they want to be heard. that's -- they don't want to feel like they're under occupation. listen, wolf, once the police officers, the local police officers were off the streets yesterday, hardly anything happened. nothing happened. people were just reaching out to us, saying, hey, talk to me, touch me, relate to me. and then last night or this morning, the protests went until 2:00 in the morning. at one point, most of the police officers went home and the community leaders stayed and just let everybody get it out of their system and no major incidents. some fireworks. nothing out of the ordinary of a normal night of whatever, of revelry or just in the town where you have -- where you may have some crime, it was nothing out of the ordinary. it was a very normal night besides people -- it was almost like a world cup or someone won a championship here, a victory parade.
10:20 am
that's what it was like. and not something that's to be feared or scared. >> yes, those are excellent points, don. you have to give that captain ron johnson of the highway patrol a lot of credit for easing the tensions and making it so smooth and peaceful last night. don, we're going to get back to you, don lemon, on streets of ferguson, missouri. still ahead, now that the police officer has been named, how will this affect the investigation and the security in ferguson? we're going to speak with an expert. much more of our special coverage right after this. what does it mean to have an unlimited mileage warranty on a certified pre-owned mercedes-benz? what does it mean to drive as far as you want... for up to three years... and be covered?
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there have been some dramatic developments in the
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death of michael brown, the 18-year-old teenager who was shot and killed by a police officer in ferguson, missouri, just a little while ago, ferguson police release a lengthy set documents inclouding pictures of what they describe as a strong arm robbery at a convenience store only moments before that police officer shot and killed michael brown. there is also some very, very powerful reaction in ferguson not only to the release of this document but also the release of the name of the police officer in question. don lemon is on streets of ferguson for us. don, first of all, i know you have the brown family attorney with you it, i want to get to h in a moment, but clarify the whole business of the videotape, of what happened in that convenience store. we've all seen the still photos of the alleged strong arm robbery involving michael brown and the clerk in that store, that he was allegedly trying to
10:25 am
steal some cigars from the convenience store. you're getting some more information. >> i am getting more information. as you know, we have a very strong vetting system at cnn. and in the haste of, you know, reporting new developments, i do want to say there is videotape that cnn is examining now and that we are vetting it before we put it on the air. i was not aware of that videotape. what we released immediately were the stills. they were the most easy to verify. but we're going over the videotape and analyzing. as you and i spoke about now, and so cnn will get that videotape on the air for you as soon as possible, as soon as our experts and our producers have verified that video and vetted it. i want to bring in now anthony gray. he is here on the ground. he is the brown family attorney. and we haven't heard from the family or you guys since this new information was released regarding the videotape, regarding the supposed strong arm robbery. what's the reaction? >> my reaction is it has nothing to do with what has touched off a nationwide fury.
10:26 am
what we understand michael brown jr. to be doing at the time he received fatal shots to his doing was displaying a universal sign of surrender , and i will point out to you some of the most hardened criminals in the world are in jail right now. charles mason, saddam hussein, because they gave the universal sign of surrender. if this part is true, from what witnesses are telling us, we don't care what happened before that point. it's completely irrelevant. taking this as true and he delivered bullets to this boy's body, at this time, he's guilty of offense that we're going to try to prosecute. >> you realize hussein was hanged, right? >> well, eventually. but we took him into custody. and we took him into custody because he did like this. we didn't shoot and kill him on the spot. >> how is the family reacting to this information? >> i'm expressing their position right now. it doesn't matter what happened prior to him throwing his hands up. what difference does it make
10:27 am
what happened minutes or seconds before that? these officers are trained to follow the escalation of the force. once his hands go up, that's a complete deescalation of any force he should be using at that point and he should have followed the threat there, which is none when your handsters are air. >> do you find that the timing of the release of this information suspicious? >> of course, of course, there's a lot of information that could be divulged to the public. there's a lot of other details. these scene, people were telling me, systemic, it's a systemic way to concoct a version of events and to taint this boy's past rather than look at his future. it's just a way to try to taint the minds of those who are supporting the family. you got everybody around the world that's wondering what happened. it's a color blind curiosity. blacks are wondering. hispanics are wondering. whites are wondering.
10:28 am
my point is they're trying to distriact away from that curiosity and talk about his past. >> you think they're try to discredit him? >> no doubt. don't paint him in a good light, does it? >> do you think this information should not be released? >> all i'm saying is the timing and what information they choose to release seems to be a part of a systemic effort to assassinate this young man's character. and that's the way it appears to a lot of people. the reaction you're seeing from people in the community, and if this reaction gets very intense, i'm going to blame those that release this information. you can't blame the community for that. >> why is that, why are you saying that? >> because nobody's stupid, don. they see this information coming out. you almost have to be, you know, blind, stupid and crazy not to connect the dots between releasing the nape and hot on the heels of that want to release a still photo that occurred moments away from the
10:29 am
shooting, blocks away it the officer didn't see the still videos before he fired at the boy it tell me he saw the video. tell me he saw the footage. and then based on that, he took some action. yes, it's systemic. it's suspicious. it just causes people to be more distrustful. >> it did not in your estimation, to many people in the community here, probably aaron the world, did not justify the killing of an unarmed teen anger? >> what justified the killing of a black person, white person, chinese person, anybody who has their hands up like this, don? that's what the witnesses are saying. they may be mistake been how many bullets they heard. how many feet was he away. how long did the struggle last. all that little nickel and dime stuff. everybody's consistent about one thing. that michael brown jr. had his hands up or was raising his hands at the time that the fatal bullets to his body was being delivered by this officer it let's focus on that. let's get the investigation on that. release information pertinent to that. because that's what this is all about. >> as a legal mind, as an attorney, someone with a jurs
10:30 am
doctorate, if this is indeed what happened at a convenience store, would that have any bearing on what happened here on the street? >> in all fairness, it may provide some kind of context, you know, perhaps i can see a prosecutor trying to use that information -- or defense attorney in this case trying to use the information to create some context. but at the end of the day, when people are focused, reasonable-minded people, those who do not have an agenda, who's looking at this for what it is, they're going to say, bump all that, why did you shoot this unarmed teenager who had his hands in the air? period? you can talk about all that stuff right? the past. >> i want a show of hands, how many of you believe that this is relevant, what happened at the convenience store if it happened? do you by a show of hands -- nobody does. >> it's not just -- they should
10:31 am
have not shot him. why you you shoot him ten times and they got the police on leave with pay? ya'll should have suspended him without pay. >> how many people think the timing is suspicious and the release of this video, buy a show of hands? how many people think they're trying to discredit his reputation? all right. how many of you trust the police in this area? how many of you trust -- hang on, hang on. how many of you trust ron johnson, the new guy who is in charge? >> absolutely. >> it was a good move on jay's part. that was the best thing that got us all together right now, jay nixon got us all -- and could i say a solution real quick? i got a solution real quick. i got a solution right here. it ought to be -- >> hang on. >> let him finish. >> he helped. obama, obama, obama, jay nixon. okay. now, okay, a solution is, one,
10:32 am
it ought to be mandatory, worldwide, that everybody police officer has a go pro camera above his dog gone name tag. >> that's been a big debate. there should be more transparency -- >> i got two of them, three of them. >> second -- >> got to go quickly, we don't have all day. >> second is it ought to be mandatory for federal monitoring in every police department in case something is scooped up underneath the carpet. the feds come in. >> there should be oversight. number three, quickly. >> number throuee is, when they hire a police officer, before they hire him, they need to do a profile check from when he was in high school, a background check, when he was in high school, if he was a racist, was bullied or whatever, so it doesn't go to the precinct and then goes to the street. >> all right. if i let him talk, i'll be on through anderson cooper's show tonight at 8:00. >> i would just like to say, in america, we have the right to
10:33 am
vote. we have the right to march 24/7. and the sad thing about all of this is, the child was executed. so it's time people fed up to the truth. he was executed here in this city. and so we need to stop all the way across america. no more executions. with our children. >> so listen, everyone here, this is what i was saying. i'm going to let you talk. this is what i was saying, people here want to be heard. and they want to feel like they are -- their feelings are validated. that's all they want. is to be able to speak. what did you want to say? >> i was just saying to the attorney of the family, did he realize that last night on chris hayes' show that the prosecuting attorney for this case, mccullough, was pretty critical of the change in leadership with the demilitarization with the police? and that's something that is very sensitive. >> that's something that's been in the st. louis post dispatch, something in "the new york
10:34 am
times" or something, we've covered here on cnn. there's an issue they believe here with mccullough. what is that issue with him? >> his father was a cop. i think his father, his history was his father was a cop and may have gotten killed in the line of service. but he's been an officer quite -- a lot of years. and it's unfortunate that here we have another weak prosecution set up ready to roll. >> mr. lemon, i just wanted to say that we're calling for a silent protest tomorrow at 12 noon at the ferguson police department in honor of fallen michael brown. it will happen at 12 noon. there will be no yelling and no signs. we want our hands to be up, don't shoot, and our heads down, praying. also remembering the mother and father that are still grieving over their son. >> okay, so here's my question because everyone watching around the country, they're thinking, it's going to be violence here -- >> no, it's not -- >> -- when the captain came in,
10:35 am
captain johnson. >> a lot of stories thy s thaie happened here have not been told. there have been peaceful demonstrations here that have not even been aired. i'm saying not the youth -- >> the cameras are drawn to the violence? >> yes. they are. >> any time you decide to make it appear to be a standoff and it's not a standoff here, we have more issues then a standoff, and i am from a police family and it was not done right and that's why the problem arise the way it did. >> you said you don't think the people rioted. >> the police rioted. i saw it. i'm from atlanta. i flew in today. i'm from here. the police rioted. >> we're standing here in front of this qt that's burned out. they're going to say the police did not burn that qt down. >> the police did not burn down qt, neither did brown's family or the supporters of brown's family. these are opportunists. you have opportunists
10:36 am
everywhere. >> gooded an ba ed aed a ed aan >> until they get rid of all these small municipalities -- >> that ain't going to happen -- >> we could leave out of ferguson and we go across five municipalities and each one of them is going to have different sets of rules. until they get on one accord, all this stuff is going to keep happening. like no black officers. st. ann. no black officers. >> i think you give up a very good point. i was talking to some people earlier who talked about, they believe that the system is rigged. come in here. believe that you're targeted by police officers when you're driving. there are different rules. it's even worse in other towns here. >> oh, absolutely. you can go to three feet to the left and three feet to the right and you in a different municipality. i tell you what, on every court day, they all flooded out down the street with black people. black people all the wait down the street. ferguson, traffic court. which makes up most of their
10:37 am
budget. most of their budget come from traffic tickets which is the black folks. >> so let me just explain because i reported that and people say, well, there are more african-americans here. but not -- it's not the sheer number percentagewise, percentagewise and by raw numbers as well, more people of color are stopped not only for traffic citations but also for general violations more than whites in this community. does this -- how does this make you feel to hear what these people are saying? >> what they're saying, i heard this numerous times. they have very legitimate concerns. it's rooted and grounded in the history, the facts are there. i mean, you know, they say people lie but figures don't lie. and so the figures are there for then to have the kind of frustration they have. it all comes down to one thing in this particular case. this sets the example for all the other ones. what happened on this day. and what was the mind-set of this officer when he fired the shots on this young man, as he had, according to the witnesses,
10:38 am
his hands up in the air? i don't want to get off into side bar conversations, rabbit trail issues or anything else that would district from that question. because from that question, you're going to deal with all the rest of the stuff. but i'm here to deal with only that issue and that issue alone. >> and michael brown and his family. so i spoke to -- i spoke to the -- >> encounter with him, maced, had an encounter with carron wilson right here at this quick trip and she can tell you what happened while she was trying to get mace out of her eyes. >> i'm going to let her talk. these are your allegations. according to -- this is darren wilson, the police officer, what happened? >> was maced. i came up in quick trip because they said i could use their sink. i was trying to clean out my eyes with some water it one of the employees, she told me to get some milk because that would help. the officers had came up in there and they told me to get out. >> was this after -- when was this? >> this was like a month ago.
10:39 am
>> okay. >> and i came outside and i was trying to pour milk in my eyes and he told me if i pour milk -- wilson told me if i pour milk in my eyes, i was going to be arrested. i was trying to help him my eyes were burning because i was maced. he told me to shut the "f" up. another man told me to get in my car and turn my air on and put my face in front of the vent and that's what i did. >> were you arrested? what happened? >> no, i wasn't arrested. when i got in my car and put my face in front of the vent, wilson made me get out of the car and sit on the concrete and took all my information and ran my name and i was still trying to pour the milk in my eyes because i couldn't see. he's telling me to shut the "f" up and shit the f. down. i prayed to god to get revenge on him. what's done in the dark always comes to the light. now i saw the news this
10:40 am
morning -- >> but you're okay, everything is okay? >> yeah, i'm okay now. and i saw the news this morning when they released his name, i knew exactly who he was and i know who he is right now. >> thank you for sharing your story. the thing that people here say they are suspicious of the police department and when i spoke to the ferguson police chief this morning, he said he had no idea the animosity and disconnect between the african-american community and police. said, he's been, what, 4 1/2 years here or 6 years here and then he worked for the county for many years before that and he had no idea of that? >> well, all i can tell you is that is the reason why you see the kind of outrage you're witnessing. for the people in this community, they know that in their heart to be an absolute mistruth. there have been complaints that have been filed against officer after officer at the ferguson police department. and i've heard about these various complaints over the
10:41 am
years. so to suggest that you have no idea that there's a contingent of people in your community that distrust your police department, i think is very disturbing. >> what did you want to say, young man? >> remember the video surveillance we had, they just came out with photos. >> we got it, we got it. >> check this out. you ain't got this one. i was tagged with the stamp. >> yes, all right, great, thank you, we got it, brother, we got it. did you want to share your story? >> well, i don't have a story. i was just saying if the police chief is saying that he did not know of the animosity within the community, then he needs to be fired. he is not in touch with this community. therefore, how can he properly serve this community? if he's so out of touch? and so it's important for us to understand that there are incompetencies here that calls this situation to happen. >> inconsistencies. can i speak with you? listen, this isn't just about
10:42 am
african-americans in this community. >> no, it's not, it's not african-american, it's for everybody. it's just a -- justice. >> yeah, do you bleep that -- do you have distrust of police in this community? >> ah, yes. >> why so? >> because what i see, what i hear, you know. >> what do you see? >> what i see, the guy shot him and nobody said anything from police department. >> stand by, everyone. don't go anywhere. i want to tell our viewers, update our viewers. standing here live. the site of where those protests have been happening. most of them since as of a couple of days ago have been peaceful. of course, some very raucous protest earlier. this is the video. from inside the convenience store. this is supposedly -- i'm just getting this information. dorian johnson who was with michael brown when he was shot will not face any criminal
10:43 am
charges. i'm just getting that information. the video is a video that was released from tom jackson just a short time ago that happened inside the convenience store. where they're saying michael brown supposedly stole some cigars. some swisher street cigars. at first they released still pictures and now the video you should be looking at on your screen now. from this video, if the video is clear, i can't see it, it will be whoever's looking at it, whoever is determining whether it is michael brown, it will give him a clear picture of exactly what went down and exactly what may have prec precipitated that. the other information that we are getting that i said just moments ago, talked about dorian johnson who was with michael brown and he has been a witness, wolf blitzer interviewed him as well. it says dorian johnson, who was with michael brown when he was shot by officer darren wilson
10:44 am
will not face any criminal charges in regard to the robbery where brown is seen in the video and the stills released today. we have determined he committed no crime. that is according to chief tom jackson of the ferguson police department. wolf, there you have it. a lot of people here need to get their feelings out. the video is out as well from inside the convenience store. and new information now from the police department regarding the man, the young man who was with mike brown, dorian johnson. >> don, terrific reporting over there. we're showing the video. i know you can't see it. we do see the man who is suspected to be michael brown. there he is. pushing the clerk there, walking out, allegedly, after in his hands are a bunch of cigars that he supposedly, allegedly, stole from that convenience store. you see the clerk following him. that's michael brown, the 18-year-old teenager who was shot and killed moments later by a police officer. don, do we know that the police
10:45 am
officer in question who has now been identified as darren wilson, do we know that he was looking for this suspect in this strong arm robbery as it's called in this convenience store and that's why he stopped michael brown to begin with? is that clear to you? >> why he stopped michael brown, why the officer you said -- >> yeah. >> why he stopped him, did he think he was a -- yes. so if you look at the incident report, it shows, and there's a time stamp on it, it shows that inside of the store what happened. the clerk called 911. moments later, the officer -- it says the officer was on a call, i think it was an emergency call involving an ambulance. he gets a call. he comes over to the convenience store. whoever did the robbery had left. he gave a description of them, what they were wearing, said it was two young men, told him what they were wearing. the officer said he went to canvass the neighborhood. upon canvassing the neighborhood, he ran across two people who fit the description
10:46 am
of what the store clerk gave him and that's how the whole altercation happened. after he canvassed the neighborhood and came across someone wearing the same clothes and fit the description of the two men who the clerk said were in the store. >> i'm sure the police officer will use that as the lawyer for the brown family told you as some sort of context, why he initially stopped michael brown and his friend dorian. all right. stand by. don lemon is there on the scene. we'll have much more of our special coverage right after this. moderate to severe is tough, but i've managed. i got to be pretty good at managing my symptoms, except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. when i finally told my doctor, he said my crohn's was not under control. he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief.
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10:50 am
welcome back. i'm wolf blitzer in washington. we're going oh to get back to don lemon momentarily on the streets of ferguson, missouri, getting reaction to the major developments that have occurred in the past few hours, including the police releasing information about what they call a strong-arm robbery at a convenience store, the allegation they make that michael brown, the 18-year-old was shot and killed by a police officer in ferguson was involved in that alleged strong-arm robbery. we just got a statement in from michael brown's family and attorneys. let me read some of it to our viewers. michael brown's family is beyond outraged that the devious way the police chief has chosen to disseminate piecemeal information in a manner intended to assassinate the character of their son, following such a brutal assassination of his person in broad daylight. the statement adds, there is nothing based on the facts that have been placed before us that can justify the execution-style murder of their child by this police officer, as he held his hands up, which is the universal
10:51 am
sign of surrender. the prolonged release of the officer's name and then the subsequent alleged information regarding a robbery is the reason why the family and the local community have such distrust for the local law enforcement agencies. it is no way transparent to release the still photographs alleged to be michael brown and refuse to release the photographs of the officer that executed him. and the statement adds, the police strategy of attempting to blame the victim will not divert our attention from being focused on the autopsy, ballistics report from the trajectory of the bullets that caused michael's death and will demonstrate to the world this brutal execution of an unarmed teenager. don lemon, stand by for a minute. tom fuentes, former fbi assistant director, is here. so the police have released the video of this alleged strong-arm robbery that michael brown supposedly did in this convenience store moments before that police officer shot and killed him on the streets of ferguson. what else do they need to release?
10:52 am
>> well, the family has a point about it being piecemeal and about it taking six days to put out. what they should have released the day of the event or the day after the event was, what did officer wilson know or what did he think he knew and when did he know it. if he went to that convenience store, was given a description, then he would have gone to his squad car and put out a dispatch through -- to all of the other officers, providing a description. we have two male suspects, here's what they're wearing, last seen walking down the street in such-and-such direction. then later, when he encounters them, does he treat them as felons? does he make a felony stop, which all police officers are trained to do, radioing for backup immediately. i have the two suspects from the robbery at the store. they're walking down the street, please send backup. and then you try to stop and detain the individuals. so procedurally, all of that is very important, because it core rob rates that officer wilson thought he had robbers. they should have put out the recordings of the dispatch,
10:53 am
where officer wilson alerts the other police cars and whether or not he alerts the dispatch that he has suspects located on the street, and therefore would request backup. >> and so far, don lemon, they have not released any of those audiotapes, right, of any dispatch between the officer, darren wilson, the 28-year-old officer, who shot and killed michael brown. as far as you know, don, you're there in ferguson. none of those audiotapes have been released, right? >> not that i know. and, again, wolf, i'm not sitting at a computer or in the office. i'm out here in the field doing live shots. so as far as i know, to the best of my knowledge, they have not released that. wolf, can i walk you guys around a little bit and show what's happening here, since it's been released. so look, this is -- let me show you, this is the qt, right, they thought might have been the scene of, you know, where there was supposedly something that happened earlier. that's why i've been saying so much that it's not a bombshell
10:54 am
that something they have precipitated this because of a robbery or what have you. because many people had said there was, you know, michael brown may have taken something from a convenience store. that was just conjecture, that was rumor. and turns out it was not this place. that's not the place you see in the video. but let's walk over here. this quick trip now has become the scene of where people have been gathering, and some of the protests here earlier, obviously, were violent. you see the qt is burnt out. but then as of last night, everybody gathered here, and then back again today after the information came out about the videotape and about being the suspect in a robbery. and so, again, there we go with the people who are starting to gather here as it gets closer to evening, they start to gather up and down this street. as i have been reporting, jake tapper has been reporting, jake was out in the crowd last night. and now they're starting to ramp up again, wolf. and usually about this time, a little bit later, maybe, 4:00, 5:00 eastern time, that's when
10:55 am
usually the police officers and the show of force shows up. last night, no one in combat or riot gear. it was just people, officers mingling with the crowd and even marching with the crowd. and, again, i need to report, wolf, dorian johnson, according to ferguson police department's chief, jackson, will not face any charges. will not face charges, even with the -- in light of that alleged robbery at the convenience store, wolf. >> yeah, dorian johnson, the friend of mike he brown. i spoke with him the other night. and he gave a pretty vivid description of what he eyewitnessed, what he saw. he did not tell me in that interview we did on "ac 360," don, that they had been in a convenience store only moments earlier and had this alleged encounter with the clerk. the report -- the police report from ferguson police department said that brown grabbed the clerk by the shirt, forcefully pushed him back into a display rack. we now have that videotape. those are the allegations.
10:56 am
and there you see the clerk trying to stomp around, pushes him allegedly right there, and then he goes back as if he's threatening him. you see in the hands, there are the cigars worth about $40, basically. that's what we're talking about. but i'm sure, don -- i suspect, if, in fact, any allegations, charges, are leveled against the police officer, darren wilson, the 28-year-old police officer, his argument will be and his defense lawyer's will be that he tried to stop him, and that brown -- mike he brown resisted and went for his weapon and that's why he shot and killed him. i assume that will be the argument the police officer will make. >> yeah, and you know, they have already said that. initially, the ferguson police chief said, you remember, wolf, there was a struggle for the weapon inside the police car. the officer was concerned that he was going to take his weapon. that was the initial response
10:57 am
from the police department. and then after a while of not hearing nothing, not hearing anything, except there was a struggle. and they wanted the investigation to play out. and so, yeah, any -- you know, speaking to michael brown's family attorney, he said someone will try to show that -- what happened in the convenience store precipitated what happened over here in the apartment complex. and it's right around the corner. i can show you. if you look here, straight through there and you look at the red barbecue sign, so -- just on that corner, if you turn left and down that street, really not even a half mile, not a long ways, that's the street where mikel brown lost his life and when i was on the air yesterday in the militant of the crowd and protest, that's the street we were marching on. >> don, we'll come back to you, obviously, throughout the day into the evening. don lemon is doing an amazing job for our viewers there on the streets of ferguson. tom fuentes, former fbi assistant, director of law
10:58 am
enforcement analyst. so you could already see the case that this police officer and his attorneys will make in justifying the decision to go ahead and shoot and kill this 18-year-old, michael brown. >> taking it step by step, it's going to be difficult to explain the additional shots. if there was an altercation, if brown was trying to take his gun away, then maybe it's because brown didn't have a weapon. and was trying to get it. if that's their story for why there was a wrestling match. but once the officer shoots and the chief of police said the next day that the first shot occurred at the car or at the driver's door of the car, then explain brown going down the street and the additional shots later. >> especially if the eyewitness's accounts are accurate that brown put his hands up in the air, which the lawyers for brown are absolutely right. that is the universal sign of surrender. >> exactly. and the police may not have wanted to release dispatch tapes from wilson telling everyone who the suspects or what they look like, because that would have
10:59 am
identified him by voice for the first day. but today now that you have identified him, those recordings can be released to say, this occurred and this was being conveyed to the other police officers and then what you would want to hear is, wilson saying "i have the suspects in sight, send backup. i'm going to execute a felony stop" until the backups arrive and you can safely execute a felony arrest which cops are trained to do. i did personally myself as a street cop. >> so we now have the documents that the first son police department have released, describing the series of events they say occurred in the convenience store and what subsequently happened on the streets. we have the videotape of what happened. we don't have any videotape from any car video or anything like that. but we are waiting for the audio of the dispatch. what this police officer was saying. that will be the next critical piece of evidence as we continue to go forward. tom, thanks very much. don lemon is going to, as i say,
11:00 am
be with us throughout the day on cnn, later into the evening, as well. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern, a special two-hour edition of "the situation room." our special coverage continues right now with brooke baldwin and jake tapper. hi there, i'm brooke baldwin live here in new york. we have a lot of new developments out of ferguson, missouri, including this video just released, showing a suspect resembling 18-year-old michael brown allegedly stealing cigars and what police are calling a strong-arm robbery. here are the still frames. you've seen these. stand by for the video. ten minutes later, according to police records, michael brown was shot and killed by a police officer. jake. i don't know if jake tapper can hear me