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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 24, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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innocent children simply playing at school. the victims of a deadly attack. no one is taking responsibility for. the agony in the middle east. too much to bear as the conflict and death toll climbs. another plane crash. this one in mali. what officials are saying thousand that the wreckage as han found. >> desperate force of semblance of dignity. the netherlands hopes to complete the transfer of remains but workers still searching for bodies hit a road block. welcome to our viewers in the united states.
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i'm amara walker. >> and i'm natalie allen, thank you for being with us. the crisis in the middle east, of course, continuing and one event that everyone is trying to understand because it is particularly brutal the u.s. says it's too early to assign plame but happened with the shelling of a u.n. civilian shelter in gaza thursday. >> palestinians say 16 people were killed and more than 200 wounded. israel calls it a tragedy and says it's trying to determine whether it's military or hamas militants are responsible. >> palestinian health officials say just over 800 people have now been killed since the violence began just two weeks ago and israel reporting 35 dead. israel says it has ordered the schools' evacuation because of heavy fighting but the u.n. says it twice asked the military for
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permission to evacuate but that permission never came. dan rivers has more. >> reporter: they had come here seeking refuge, but today the war came to this school. the playground peppered with shells. the results were devastating. a few minutes later, we watched the first casualties arrive at the local hospital, child after bloodied child. this boy really in shock. his doctors lost the battle to save a member of his family. for more than 30 minutes, the ambulance crews flooded this tiny hospital with more and more victims. they are running out of room in this triage center as ambulance after ambulance has arrived with dozens of injured people, including many children.
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one of the youngest, this 6-month-old baby boy. ahmed has shrapnel in his back. there is no time for anesthetic as doctors pluck out the fragments of metal and make room for the next patient. nearby the baby's father is hysterical. the father of six tells me his family was waiting in the school playground to be evacuated by the red cross when suddenly the shells rained down. he says his children were blown away like pieces of paper. everywhere we looked, faces contorted in pain, terrible news broken. for many, it was too much. >> they want to tell me that they're responsible? is this a responsible thing, to kill the children, the old women, the children? what? their army, what? >> reporter: the mayhem of this day will never be forgotten by these people.
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for many, their injuries will be life changing. agony too for those yet to live theirs. by the end, the injured children were simply being treated on the floor, so great were they in number. and most with the same injuries, shards of metal lacerating their tiny bodies. >> multiple shrapnels. >> reporter: how many children have been brought in? >> so much. >> reporter: the price of this war is etched on each and every face here, staring blankly back in shock, the innocent victims of this relentless conflict. >> just tough images to take n let's get more now from jerusalem. our john vause is joining us
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live. israel is saying as we said an evacuation order was given but u.n. says they never got that order. so what are you hearing? >> reporter: okay, an initial investigation is under way and israelis point out this is how it stands as far as they see it. they say there was fighting. over the last couple of days in that area not far from the school. they did in fact issue this humanitarian window so the school could evacuate and it was between 10 a.m. and 2 so everyone could get out and hamas stopped those people from leaving that school. they also claim that hamas had fired a number of rockets hoping to reach israel but they hit the
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area and hamas militants opened fire on israeli solders who then returned fire and as we heard, the u.n. spokesperson saying they were, in fact, trying to negotiate safe evacuation for everybody at that school. they tried a number of times but never heard become from the idf, the idf outright rejects that. >> the u.s. secretary of state is in the region, ban ki-moon has been on the ground. where are they, the israeli leaders and the palestinians when it comes to these truce talks? >> reporter: it looks like the clock seems to be ticking on this. the american i sn there saying kerry may be leaving and there's a draft of a cease-fire and conversations have been going back and forth thursday into tri. it's looking to be some kind of two-stage plan, the first stage would be to simply end the fighting. once that fighting stops maybe by this weekend because that
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would coincide with the eid holiday, the end of ramadan, a big holiday on the islamic calendar. they move into stage two, only a week-long period where there would be intense negotiations over these issues for gaza like the security issues for the israelis re-opening the borders for the palestinians and, of course, economic issues as well. the israelis putting out they would like to leave israeli troops on the ground in gaza while the negotiations are under way not too sure where it stands. there is this proposal out there. people are talking about it and we know the israeli security cabinet will be meet be later today. there are reports in the israeli media if the cease-fire is not accepted, that israel may, in fact, expand its military operations already under way in gaza. >> let's hope the talks result in a cease-fire, john, always great seeing you. thank you very much. officials in mali say they will open an investigation of an
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air alge rchri that was found. the plane en route to algiers when if disappeared during bad weather. 116 people were on board. 51 of them french nationals, all were presumed dead. a french military unit will secure the site. a spanish company owned the plane. cnn's al goodman joins me with more about that and i know they didn't have the wreckage in sight for awhile. didn't know where it was and found it. no one is on the ground. what are they starting to learn about the conditions and as far as what might have happened to this airplane? >> reporter: they have moved this ahead from where we were at this time yesterday with the news that the plane had gone missing. it went missing basically an
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hour after it took off at 1:00 a.m. from burke kina faeburkeio fa schl achla faso. they say weather seems to have played a park of this in the sense that the plane diverted. here's what a general in the area had to say. let's listen. >> translator: the plane asked to change itinerary because of the bad weather. now there may be other hypotheses but we cannot venture in that direction. gloria. >> reporter: it is down in a remote area. towns and villages are miles and miles, in some cases hundreds of miles from what may be each other and possibly this site and
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also it's an area in conflict. there are islamic militants and other armed groups representing other interests. it's not an easy scene. natalie? >> right. that official just said there are sorry things we need to look at but now isn't the time and that's what he was referring to so we'll wait to see what they learn as officials make it to the crash seen. al goodman, thank you. let's talk more about the weather conditions and what they were like at the time of the crash. ivan cabrera is following that for us because the plane did ask for a different route, ivan, because of the weather. but that's all we know. >> and what we also know is that that happens every day on thousands of flights, 365 days a year. that is such a routine thing from the cockpit to air traffic to basically go around a thunderstorm and the reason for that is the pilots aren't afraid that the wings are going to come off or the plane is going to lose structural integrity.
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they are engineered to withstand forces. what they want to do is prevent literally just your comfort from being interrupted. they don't want to you have a bumpy ride and go around the thunderstorms. there's the plane and there are the actual thunderstorms that it was trying to divert. the series of events that happened after that diversion, i think, are going to be what's key but they were flying over the storm. now, this is not a turboprop flying under the bands of a typhoon like we had in tie wang, that was obvious that was going to be an issue. specifically the westerly taking a primary role. this is just a typical day here across this portion of africa. the interprop cal convergence zone with winds converging and can't go down. they have to go up. you have the turbulence. that is pretty typical and piles know this air were is like clockwork with the thunderstorm activity. there you see the band that forms through the afternoon as the showers and storms, so
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nothing unusual across this part of africa. we'll just have to see how this story unfolds, natalie. >> all right, thanks, ivan. well, the u.s. says it has new evidence of russia's role in the conflict in ukraine. >> what they say these pictures from the russian site of the border prove. that's coming up next. also ahead here, malaysian families wait for their loved ones killed on flight 17 hopefully to be returned in time for a special holiday.
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welcome back. pro-russia rebels have banned workers from searching the crash site for more bodies for malaysia flight 17. should have happened earlier but that's according to officials at the site. >> all 298 people on board were killed. but not all of their remains have been recovered yet. the u.s. and ukraine say a surface-to-air missile brought down the plane. >> meantime, the u.s. says it is analyzing these pictures taken along the russian/ukrainian border as part of new evidence that russia is becoming more involved in the conflict. actually firing into ukraine over the past several days. >> we have new evidence that the russians intend to deliver heavier and more powerful multiple rocket launchers and have evidence that russia is firing artillery from within
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russia to attack ukrainian military positions. >> dutch prime minister mark rutte says there is a very good chance that the bodies of some of the victims of the flight are still at that crash site. 74 coffins carrying passenger remains arrived on thursday bringing the total so far to 114 and even more coffins are expected to be returned today. mr. rutte says all of the remains recovered so far should be returned by saturday. >> i want to get to the bottom of this. and that's why i, first of all, want to bring back our people but at the same time, it's extremely important to find out what happened and then to be able to bring to justice those who did. and i'm extremely committed to also bring about these two remaining -- next to bringing
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back our people, these two other priorities. we have to find out what happened and to bring to justice those who did it. >> in malaysia, the wait for the bodies of loved ones to be returned is just agonizing, just as it is everywhere else. a majority of malaysians are muslim and they are hoping for some end of the month of ramadan. will ripley has this report. >> reporter: monday is the end of ramadan when families are together. but not the families of flight mh-17. >> i miss her. >> reporter: her daughter was chief stewardess. this picture was taken one day before her final flight. you still wait for your daughter to come through that door? >> i call for her to come back and cry by myself. >> reporter: 29 years
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at malaysia airlines, thousands of flights, shaela never worried about coming home until a few weeks ago on a family vacation she talked about mh-370. >> she said, what if it was her on board and gave a scenario anything can happen on board. >> reporter: it almost seemed to you like she knew something was going to happen. >> giving a hint but none of us got it. >> reporter: her sister knew people on both flights. you're a flight attendant for malaysia airlines? >> yes, i am. >> reporter: the airport is just a few kilometers from this mosque. the remains will come here for the prayer for the dead. but first, they must be identified. the process could take days, at best, months, at worst. each day and night without a body delays the muslim tradition of a quick, proper burial.
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>> and we believe that if you don't do it, she will not be in peace. >> reporter: peace won't come until she is home on a weekend when malaysian families are supposed to be together the families of flight 17 are torn apart. will ripley, cnn, kuala lumpur. >> and we are getting more reminders that parts of eastern ukraine are still very dangerous war zone. human rights watch reports authorities have found a mass grave in the city of slovyansk. yes, it has come to that and it contains about 15 bodies of people killed by pro-russia rebels buried in early june. others say it's too soon to tell and that the bodies could have come from the nearby morgue which was without electricity and refrigeration at the time. still ahead, the latest on the crisis in iraq. parliament elects a new president. but deadly violence continues and a revered holy
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a lot of green arrows in the asia pacific markets but they kept their eye on the latest batch of earnings. alison kosik has more from walmart. . >> reporter: investors digested mixed economic data and slipped two points. the nasdaq also ended lower but the s&p 500 eked out a gain and edged closer to the 2000 mark. 284,000 filed for first time unemployment benefits, lowest level in eight years. new home sales fell they missed estimates after a massive $1.2 billion charge related to its recall nightmare. the company also says it will set aside 400 to $600 million to
11:24 pm
compensate victims of the faulty ignition switch. caterpillar another loser sinking 3%. they beat quarter profit estimates but fell short on revenues and blamed weaker sales in china, africa and the mi east. coming up friday, durable goods for june, economists are expecting an increase after a decline in may. tyco and xerox among the companies reporting quarterly results. in new york, i'm alison kosik. >> mcdonald's is sticking up for its meat supplier in china despite claims it sold tainted food and says it will continue to do business with shanghai z uchu husi. starbucks and pizza hut have cut tires with the troubled company. mcdonald's shares are down 3.7% this week.
11:25 pm
south korean officials say they are sure that remains found last month belong to y uchu. byung hung. he was the subject of a massive manhunt. officials say the cause of death cannot be determined because the body was so badly decomposed but they are certain he was not poison odd suffocated. authorities say isis militants have destroyed a revered holy site in iraq. there it goes. they detonated explosioves at te tomb of jonah. it is thought to be the burial place of jonah the prophet according to islamic traditions
11:26 pm
was swallowed by a whale. well, although violence continues to plague the country there is a breakthrough for iraq's government as parliament elects a new president. michael holmes looks at what they're up against. >> reporter: dozens of inmates killed when militants ambushed it northwest of baghdad. the motive was not immediately clear but authorities say they believe the suicide attack was carried out by fighters from the islamic state of syria. with produced videos posted just this week the group continues to try though recruit new fighters to its cause. all of this coming as u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon arrived in baghdad where he met with the prime minister nuri al maliki and emphasized the
11:27 pm
importance of a government where they all feel represented. >> translator: iraq is facing a threat but it can be overcome by the formation of a thoroughly inclusive government. >> reporter: now a potential breakthrough after weeks of political infighting along ethnic and sectarian line, iraq's parliament voted for a new president on thursday, electing experienced kurdish politician masim that paves the way for a much delayed formation of a new government. michael holmes, cnn. we will have much more on the crisis in middle east just ahead here on cnn. the u.n.'s humanitarian chief talks about hamas stashing weapons in u.n. schools. also iranians by the thousands march on quds day to show support. a live report from tehran next. pro-palestinian protests grow in latin america along with some disturbing cases of anti-semitism.
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welcome back to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. i'm natalie allen. >> i'm amara walker. palestinian protesters clash
11:31 pm
with police in the west bank as they demonstrate against israel's hunt for hamas militants in gaza. a palestinian lawmakers says two demonstrators have been killed in the clashes and more than 100 wounded. officials in mali have located the wreckage of an air a algerie plane when it disappeared from radar during bad weather in that region of africa. all 116 people on board presumably died. the dutch prime minister is promising justice for the victims of malaysia airlines flight 17. he says all of the bodies that have been recovered from the crash site should arrive in the netherlands by saturday. another 74 coffins arrived on thursday. well, the u.n. says it's not ready to assign blame for the sheg of a u.n. civilian shelter on gaza thursday. palestinians say 16 people were
11:32 pm
killed, more than 200 wounded in this one attack. israel says it's investigating whether it was errant fire from its side or a hamas rocket that caused this bloodshed. gaza health officials say just over 800 people have been killed since vice began just over two weeks ago and israel reporting 35 dead. meantime, the u.n. is condemning the stashing of rockets in at least two of its relief schools in gaza. christiane amanpour spoke to the director of the affairs office. >> storing of weapons found in a school is completely utterly -- you know, it's totally unacceptable and again violates these u.n. facilities in terms of the integrity of these facilities.
11:33 pm
and we condemn that and make sure it doesn't happen and when we find it happens we dial with it immediately. that's part of our challenge on the ground to keep the sanctity of these facilities as they should be. does not in any way shape or form justify the shelling of a u.n. facility which is identified and notified as a refuge for over a thousand people. mostly women and children and when these facilities are being used as shelters for people who have fled, they are immediately notified to the israeli authorities that they're being used as such. so, again, there's no connection between the two in terms of justifying or excusing the shelling of a facility. >> the u.n. says there are currently more than 140,000 palestinians taking refuge in its relief schools in gaza. more than 1.8 million people live in gaza.
11:34 pm
almost 785,000 of them are children under the age of 14 and more than 230,000 of those attend u.n. refugee schools there. anti-israel rallies are taking place today in iran and other muslim nations on this international quds day. it's observed each year on the last day of ramadan and this year there will be vocal protests against israel for the ongoing conflict in gaza. iranian president rouhani wants a large turnout. you're looking at it in picture there. it looks like rowhani is calling for a turnout and people are turning to the streets. >> reporter: it's a little after 11 a.m. here and over the past hour the crowds have started to grow here on this quds day march in rally.
11:35 pm
quds day in arabic means jerusalem day, an event that started right here in the islamic republic of iran in 1979 to show solidarity and support for the palestinians in opposition against the israeli leadership and their occupation of palestinian territories over the past hour we've seen thousands of people, lots of chants of death to israel, death to america, of course, this year quds day falls right in the middle of the bloody war in gaza where you have more than 750 people killed. many of them civilian and children. more than 30 israeli soldiers killed and that's why this year this event is generating a lot of attention here in iran and i'm sure in the background you can hear death to america, death to israel, of course, iran and israel bitter rivals over the past 35 years in large part because iran supports hamas, a
11:36 pm
movement that was spawned as a resistant movement against israel, but interestingly over the past few years it's been a rough relationship between iran and hamas due to the conflict in syria. hamas, of course, deciding to support the sunni opposition and sunni rebels. iran strongly backing the shia led government. there were reports these two sides broke up, but iran today with this rally and conflicts in gaza claiming that their support for hamas and the palestinian people stronger than ever, natalie. >> on this they are finding unity. so it is a little bit difficult, is it not, reza, to separate the natural and real contempt that some are having for israel on this day and that which is orchestrated by the government? >> reporter: there's a little bit of both, natalie.
11:37 pm
there's no question that this is a government funded government organized event. the thousands of placards and posters you're seeing are manufactured, produced by the government and handed out. however, it's important to emphasize there's still widespread outrage here in iran and throughout the region about what's happening in gaza about the -- about the increasing number of civilians, increasing number of children being killed and a lot of the people who are out here are coming out here because they're outraged. certainly there was a lot of urging by the leadership, by the president, by the supreme leader for people to come out and make a strong showing but a lot coming out of their own volition because they're outraged with what's happening in gaza. >> we will be seeing similar rallies in other countries, as well on this last day of ramadan. reza sayah there in iran, thank you. >> anger over the violence in
11:38 pm
gaza is spill nothing latin america, as well. there have been anti-semitic incidents in chile and vocal pro-palestinian protests in other countries. senior latin-american affairs editor rafael romo has more. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: a jewish woman describes the moments she and her family lived through last weekend in santiago, the capital of chile. a group of vandals threw rocks at their apartment and shouted anti-semitic messages fearing they were armed. they agreed to speak on condition of anonymity. "if they're able to find our home, we fear they might also be able to attack us on the street." it's not the only one. authorities are investigating another act of vandalism against a jewish family in the city of conception. as the conflict in gaza has intensified, protests in chile
11:39 pm
have grown louder. as many as 3,000 chilean-palestinians protested last weekend at the united states embassy, a protest condemned by the leader of the jewish community in chile. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> translator: we have tried to prevent it from coming to chile and work together for peace. regrettably they have incited hatred. >> reporter: significant palestinian communities in addition to chile have have been pro-palestinian rallies in colombia and mexico. a government official participated in a protest in chile in which an israeli flag was burned. >> translator: we have always condemned these types of protests. it's not the way. key want replicate the same strategies that have taken us to hatred. to do the same in our countries
11:40 pm
in order to intensify the conflict would simply increase the hatred which is already too much due to the unfair situation the palestinian people are living. >> reporter: at 300,000, chile has the largest palestinian community outside the arab world and its members are doing everything they can to make sure their voices are heard. rafael romo, cnn, atlanta. >> we have many developments to tell you about in ukraine and the crash of flight mh17. >> two more military planes arrive in the netherlands carrying precious cargo. also ahead here, ukraine's prime minister is stepping down. why a number of analysts say it's no surprise. journalists working for cnn is detained in eastern ukraine. what authorities say he did wrong. [ female announcer ] there's a gap out there.
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welcome back, everyone. pro-russian rebels in eastern ukraine have banned workers from searching the crash site for more bodies from malaysia flight 17. >> as you know it's been anybody's search in the days after this disaster, now, however, international investigators have managed to scour the forest around the crash site and they actually found the biggest single piece of the plane's fuselage so far. they say the trees seemed to
11:44 pm
cushion its fall and some of the cabin's windows weren't broken. they were still intact. >> incredible. well, meantime, political upheaval has struck kiev as the rest of the cabinet has resigned. the country will yet again hold new elections. senior international correspondent sara sidner is in the ukrainian capital. >> reporter: to the outside world it may seem like bad timing to essentially begin the process of dissolving the government, but that is basically what has happened. the prime minister stood up and resigned and the two major parties decided to leave the coalition paving the way for the president to dissolve the government and begin the process of elections which are expected to happen in october. however, you know, the government has said this was going to happen. the president had promised when there were elections in may that there would be a full-blown election and that people would have the chance to completely change if they want the
11:45 pm
parliament and that is what they're setting out to do. but they are dealing with a crisis, a three-pronged crisis, one, they've got the problem of the pro-russian separatists in the eastern part of the country and they are dealing with this investigation of the flight mh17 and very involved in that, as well and then, of course, you have the thing that really has hung over this country for a very long time and that is their economy is in dire straits. so the government has so much to deal with, even the day-to-day paying of bills is very hard for kiev to do at this point but they say this will help. they'll be able to have this democratic process and one of the reasons they're doing this is because there are many people in the parliament that are still there left over from the ousted president who is still out of the country, still wanted on corruption crimes according to the government in place now, as well as some parliament members who are still very close to the
11:46 pm
former government who still have their places in parliament and they said they would let the public decide what they wanted and who they wanted to govern and that is why they did this now. the timing seems bad, but officials say this is what they promised the public when they went to the polls back in may. sara sidner, cnn, kiev. and you know amid all the chaos in eastern ukraine a disturbing trend is emerges, the detention of journalists by pro-russian rebels. a ukrainian freelance journalist working for cnn is now among them. armed men from the self-declared donetsking sized anton skiba outside a hotel in the rebel controlled city of done necessadone. t. remains of flight 17 could be done by saturday could be
11:47 pm
transferred then. they will hold a procession from iendz hovan to a nearby facility for identification. here's a look at the solemn journey so far. >> our community is really in shock. ♪ >> everybody has a person who is directly involved with one of the victims. ♪ >> everybody has a sad feeling. this is not necessary. and also we are -- i feel a
11:48 pm
little bit of anger as well because an accident can happen when afterwards we should treat people with respect. >> this is very respectful to the people that we lost, and it's unbelievable. it's unbelievable. >> i can imagine that the people are angry, but when they stay in a situation of love, i think that the violence of death makes -- destroys everything, but the violence of love give the chance to survive.
11:49 pm
11:50 pm
they are pleading for help to combat the root causes of the u.s. immigration crisis. the leaders met with lawmakers on capitol hill thursday. they urged the u.s. government to take action to stem the violence and poverty in their countries that has led to a recent wave of child migrants, many of them unaccompanied across the u.s. southern border. >> when the united states and colombia worked to combat drugs and then mexico and the u.s. worked together, the heads of the drug traffic operation went
11:51 pm
to central america. this has brought us terrible problems. never before in the history of our country have we seen so many deaths as in the recent decade so we want to work together to look at the roots of the problem generating opportunities for economic growth, health opportunities, education opportunities, take care of the security issues and that way security issues, peace, prosperity for central america will also be of enormous benefit to the u.s. and we want to work together in partnership. that's what it's about. >> a white house official tells cnn that after initially resisting the idea, the obama administration is now considering whether to deploy national guard troops to the u.s./mexican board story deal with that surge of migrants. a sudanese woman whose death sentence raised an international outcry has left sudan and
11:52 pm
arrived safely in italy. she stepped off a plane in rome carrying the baby she gave birth to in prison. last month she was facing a death sentence for refusing to renounce her christian faith. now, she and her family had a private meeting thursday with, there you see him, pope francis. the italian government helped broker a deal with sudan to allow ibrahim to leave. >> we offer mediation in order to get the job done and were called yesterday to receive the good news that they were ready to release meriam and give the family to us so i flew there yesterday and overnight the job was done then the happy end was the private meeting with the holy father with pope francis, it was really unbelievable. >> i'm sure it was. ibrahim's husband is a u.s. citizen and the family plans to travel on to the u.s. to begin their new lives. that is the ending everyone
11:53 pm
was looking for, i do believe. well, officials in taiwan are examining this so-called black boxes from the transasia flight that crashed wednesday. the flight data and cockpit vice recorders were found thursday. 48 people were killed. 10 injured. they survived. the transasia turboprop attempted to land on an outlying island but the exact cause of the downing remains unclear. torrential rains hit romania thursday flooding two hospitals and 150 homes while leaving many drivers just stranded on the roads. >> ivan cabrera is following that for us and joins us with more. >> yeah, and it hit on both sides of the country, in fact, on the western side we had significant downpours of flooding and across the east closer to bucharest, as well. courtesy of an area of low pressure that enhanced the summer afternoon thunderstorms, you can see that blowing up. closer here, be able to get a better perspective of what's happening.
11:54 pm
weather is getting better, but the damage has been done across the region. let's take you there and show you what's been happening with the significant downpours involved and things got out of hand as amara mentioned and hospitals evacuated and numerous homes, upwards of 150 just completely damaged there as you can see water coming right up to those homes. people just trying to get from "a" to "b" and it was very difficult and i think that will be the case today because that will take a while to recede as we have been downpouring in that region for quite some time. i think what will happen over the next couple of days we'll get back to a more typical pattern for this time of year so behind me you'll be able to see on the next 48 hours few showers and storms in the forecast heading into the upcoming weekend. we've already made it there as we take you back into the united states, here we had awful weather, no question about it. in virginia, in fact, we'll take
11:55 pm
you closer, we talk about tornadoes. you don't need an ef-4 or 5 to cause significant injuries, damage and death which we had all of those yesterday as a result of this cell that moved through a campground. families here for the summer terrible event. look at this cell just completely just explodes here, comes across the chesapeake bay and hits that campground. we have pictures of what it left behind and was significant damage and national weather service confirmed that, yes, winds of ef-1 force were responsible for this as far as twisting of the winds and had straight-line wind damage there. dozens of people injured and unfortunately upwards of three fatalities there, a summer vacation turned nightmare in virginia across the united states on thursday. better weather is on the way thankfully as many people across this part of the world still vacationing across this area. >> not a place you want to be. >> no. >> in weather like that.
11:56 pm
>> okay. all right, well, talk about strength in numbers, 17 siblings have -- they've hit the jackpot winning $20 million in the new jersey lottery. >> i tell you what, the family lottery pool is a family tradition after their mother passed away in 2004, the siblings took the leftover money from her funeral expenses and continued to play the lottery in her honor. >> well, the siblings say the timing couldn't be any better. four family members lost their homes during super storm sandy two years ago and one of them shared how tough it was. >> it was quite tough and believe me when i say this, the hardest part was seeing other people that were devastated and i was able to redo my house with help of family and my brothers
11:57 pm
and quite fortunate and i just feel so lucky and then this just is the icing on the cake, depleted my savings and now things are looking up pretty good. >> icing on the cake, you think? >> what a nice family. nice to see them get that. lottery officials say the family has opted to take a lump sum payment, that's what they usually do. >> i would do that. >> >> that's $17 million after taxes and no word on how they plan to divide the winnings. >> their persistence paid off. i wonder how many times they had to play the lottery to win. good for them. that does it for us on this hour of our special coverage. i'm amara walker. >> and i'm nationalie allen.
11:58 pm
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