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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  July 1, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu called people who killed three teenagers human animals. tensions are quickly escalating. hamas denies any role in the death of three teenagers. israeli military launched more than 30 air strikes against sites in gaza. and this hour, there's a funeral for these three teenagers.
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>> reporter: murdered in cold blood is how prime minister netanyahu describes the death of three teenagers whose bodies were found in a field. >> just found both bodies in a hole. murdered them in the beginning. i don't know exactly the details. >> reporter: three young men went missing 19 days ago while trying to hitch hike home. the aunt described her nephew young and innocent and called news of the teen's death too sad to imagine. >> they just want to kill innocent boy. you tell me. what do they want? >> reporter: israel immediately lashed out at hamas launching air strikes shortly after the bodies were found. >> we know who committed this action, it was members of hamas
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in the hebron area. the prime minister was very clear who did it and they will have to pay a price for this. it's important for israel so send a message to hamas this is completely unacceptable. >> reporter: hamas denied it was behind the killings and warned the prime minister. supporters of the islamic state is claiming responsibility. all right. we understand the funeral is getting under way for these three teenagers, they will be honored and buried together, and we also understand that the prime minister netanyahu will be making remarks of the boys' funeral and the ramifications for middle east peace.
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strong storms could threaten fourth of july activities. good morning. >> unfortunately, we are talking about the storm that could be developing into a hurricane, like you said, carol, right around the fourth of july. this is already a tropical depression, but likely to form into a tropical storm as early as today. 35-mile-per-hour winds. that makes it a depression. but 39 miles per hour that's all it take to be a tropical storm. so this is likely to be arthur and all the models are in consensus. take a look at them. they are all bringing them along that coastline before curving it out to sea a a little bit. but still seeing those effects all the way to the northeast, right on the fourth of july. what's expected? 40-mile-per-hour winds, tropical strength expected later this afternoon. and tomorrow, heading to florida, that's where we see the biggest impacts tomorrow.
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intole carolinas, wednesday into thursday, that's where you are going to sees those effects, and thursday night into friday, those very early morning hours, is when we expect it to turn into a category one hurricane. there's a couple of things to think about. your entire weekend is not ruined as it will move out quickly. look at it closely out toward florida, thursday, into the carolinas. this is a double whamy is what i'm calling it. remember that big system that brought that heavy rain through chicago yesterday, that cold front is bringing severe weather and pushing to the east. that's going to line up with all this moisture to this category one hurricane. the two together will bring heavy rainfall into the northeast and into new england as well. that's definitely you are going to have to consider there is impact of both of them. there you can see that severe weather threat already out there through new york and back in through arkansas. it's the combination of both
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affect th the northeast. >> i'm very sad for myself. if you manage the miss the rain, gas prices will put a damper on your weekend. prices are expected to be at their highest level in six years. the national average for gas, $3.67 a gallon and it's only expected to go up as we get closer to july 4th. alison kosik live in new york. >> it's not as dire as you think, carol. higher gas prices kind. becoming american as apple pie, as you shell out money for hot dogs and hamburgers, you'll be digging a little deeper for gas. gas is around $3.67, it does going to stay around $3.67, $3.68 a gallon around the fourth
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of july weekend. it's the highest average price since 2008. what usually what happens in gas prices is fall in june, but it didn't happen this year due to iraq. the national average for price of gas is nowhere near the all time high of $4.11 a gallon. we hit that back in 2008. that's when crude oil topped $140 a barrel. right now it's under $106 a barrel. we're not even close to that record highs. >> okay. glass half full, glass half full. thanks. all is on the line for u.s. soccer today. knock-off belgium or getting knocked out. the u.s. facing the team today. thousands of americans will be at the match in person in salvador, brazil, including
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cnns's chris cuomo. i understand you ran into some really crazy fans? >> i really did. it's infectious. i caught the fever, carol. i got the whole we can, i believe, we believe that we can win. i caught it here because second to brazil, the u.s. bought the most tickets and it's not about the numbers. it's about the intensity. this sport has made a move. this is a cultural flash point not just a soccer tournament in the u.s. they are behind this team almost an olympic feel down here. we've all found our way to the this city in brazil looking for the same thing, a u.s. win. in so many ways they have already won. he's a former president, his name is teddy roosevelt and here
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he is transferred, he's teddy goaliesavelt. >> i said it wrong. teddy goalssssssavelt. >> much better. what is the goal? >> it's to motivate people here to help the u.s. soccer team win another match. >> it's all about ted presidents, dead presidents, carol. >> that's amazing. well, i like your spirit. so andy, tell us what the u.s. team needs to do win. >> we are the nund dogs in today's game we're going to need a lot of things to go right for us to get the win. let's take a look at what the
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keys to victory for team usa. number one, don't allow an early goal in this game because that would be really bad news considering belgium has got a great defense. they have only allowed one goal in their three games and it was on a penalty kick. if they get a goal early on, they are going to be able to sit back even more. that would be bad news. number two key to victory, help clint dempsey. we need someone to help him put pressure on belgian's defense. hopefully jozy altidore being in today's game will help. number three, tim howard be tim howard. he's been phenomenal so far. if we were able to get a win today, you can bet howard is going to have to come through with some big saves. still to come in the "newsroom," generally motors -- general motors in the hot seat
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again. this recall 8 million cars. >> reporter: this mark the single biggest day of recalls for general motors. all year we're talking more than 8.4 million cars. a lot of them in the u.s. and a lot of them because of another defective ignition switch. that's straight ahead. yet. eature a car that can see trouble... ...and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not honda. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive.
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from bad to worse, general motors announcing another recall. this time more than 8 million cars worldwide. the company says most of recalls are because of a defect with ignition switches. sound familiar? of course it does because it's the same problem the company failed to disclose for more than a decade. just yesterday, gm offered to pay at least $1 million to each family who lost loved ones for that very problem. the latest problems have been link to three deaths, and 7 crashes and 8 injuries. they have recalled more than 30 million cars this year. >> this is not the end of the gm recalls. this is a company that is going through every single one of its vehicles, saying is there anything slight sli wrong, potentially dangerous, if so, we're going to recall them.
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because they have come under fire for not disclosing a deadly defect for more than a decade. this ignition switch is a really big deal. take a look at the latest cars they are recalling because of the ignition switch defect. chevy malibu, intrigue, alero, grand am, cadillac, grand prix, this is going to cost them another $500 million, but they do not want to be accused of not telling the public about a defect. it cost them a billion dollars and 13 lives. >> they offered to pay those who
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died or injured as a result of those switches. are those families going to participate? >> some are going to think about it. some are not. really key here if the victims family and the victims participate in this and sign off and accept money from gm, they give up their right to sue this company. one mother who lost her 29-year-old daughter told us, she wants her day in court. this isn't about how many medicals of -- millions of dollars. it's not going to bring her child back. some of them only want to make a statement they believe they can only make through trial. gm has put no cap on the amount it will pay out. this really stood out to us. listen. >> this program is to compensate victims. if you want punitive damages, if you are determined to wage a litigation war against gm and try to secure millions in
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damages, don't come into this program. this program is designed to fully compensate victims and their families. >> reporter: so this is the question, carol, that these families are going to have to decide. do they want to accept the money? do they want to try to move on as best they probably can? or do they want to fight this out in court? i will tell you there is a big roadblock to fighting gm in court. their 2009 bankruptcy gave them legal protection from any claims prooe-2009 so if victims or their families had crashes before 2009, that is the technically the old gm, they are going to face an up hill battle in court. gm just posted their best sales in june since 2007. >> oh, come on. you would think it would be working nothing. >> first of all, consumers are not focusing on the past with gm and these older cars.
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gm is building pretty strong cars right now and frankly recalls do not translate into hurting sales in the long term for these auto maker. important to our viewers, go to gm recall on our website, every single car is on that list. it's important to know if your car is and take it to get fixed right away. >> absolutely. thanks so much. still to come to the "newsroom," a new and frightening picture that terrorists are making for iraq and its neighbors. is it propaganda or a new reality. we'll talk about that next. nineteen years ago, we thought, "wow, how is there no way to tell the good from the bad?" so we gave people the power of the review. and now angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. you can easily buy and schedule services from top-rated providers. conveniently stay up to date on progress. and effortlessly turn your photos into finished projects
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checking some top stories for you at 20 minutes past, the fbi says it will talk to the once missing detroit boy who was found hiding in his father's basement. the bur roy has scheduled an interview today with 12-year-old charlie bothel. any charges against charlie's parents will depend on what the fbi finds out. the ncaa is reopening an investigation into the
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university of north carolina's so-called paper class schedule. whether the school committed academic fraud to allow athletes to take easy classes to get good grades. new terrorism fears could mean tighter security at the airport. they are considering new security measures over concerns that the al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is developing more sew physician at this -- so physician at this -- devices. a loyal follower of a terrorist group isis walking on a street in syria. the group released a new audio recording, claiming a new religious state, or caliphate,
7:22 am
proclaiming their leader as the next mohammed. the united states is sending 300 more troops to iraq to pushback on this fast moving isis surge. welcome. >> good morning, carol. always good to be with you. >> always good to have you here. so when you hear that the leader of a terrorist group like isis is saying he's the next mohammed, what goes through your mind? >> well, a few things, carol. first of all, he's not saying he's the next mohammed. he's saying he's the next caliph. and basically what the caliphate historically has been the islamic society after successive
7:23 am
generations of the prophet. there are 57 of them muslim majority nations, that would consider themselfves islamic nations. none would have the audacity to call them the caliphate. this is a strategic play by isis. this might be the worst one they have had to date. >> the sunni seem to be on their side in iraq. you are saying this might turn the tide? >> obviously, over 1.2 billion muslims listen to isis claiming to be the caliphate. yeah, right. it seems very brutal beheadings, executions in the northwest of iraq and northeast of syria for
7:24 am
people who don't follow them, so essentially they are not trying to be a democratic political super state. they are essentially trying to be worse than al qaeda. you know things are bad when even al qaeda themselves distance themselves from isis saying, hey, listen, these guys are a little too cray-cray even for us. >> how do you explain that? they cruise i fie people? >> they do. it's horrifying and as muslims we absolutely condemn that brutality. we've found that they have been able to, you know, essentially bank rob and steal $400 million from iraqi banks near mossul. it's going to be interesting to
7:25 am
see other fighters who are more moderate tackle isis as isis tries top expand its scope into syria and into damascus. i think iran is going to be a big player as isis is primarily targeting shia shriens in iraq. i think other western nations are going to try play a big role in trying to neutralize isis in levant and in syria and in iraq. >> thank you. is religious freedom under attack in america? some conservatives, actually many conservatives say yes and they are applauding the supreme court for standing up for hobby lobby. so is this just the first in a series of cases heading toward the courts around the country? we'll talk about that next.
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[ jackhammer pounding, horns honking ] [ siren wailing ] visit tripadvisor miami. [ bird chirping ] with millions of reviews, tripadvisor makes any destination better. good morning. i'm carol cost stebl -- stel
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low, thank you so much for joining me. hobby lobby takes on obamacare and wins big. the u.s. supreme court backing the retailers claim that a contraception mandate violates its religious rights while the justices say their ruling is narrow and only applies to closely held corporations, will it be enough for those who say religious freedom is under attack in this country? let's talk about that. russell moore is the president of the southern baptist convention. carmel martin is also here. welcome to both of you. russell, do you see this as the first victory in a long war? >> i see it as the first victory in many many court cases because we're dealing with religious freedom right now that is under assault in so many different ways in this country and it's a good step toward restoring what's a fundamental american value which is religious liberty is our first freedom and without that, we don't have any other freedoms because the government that can be god over the
7:30 am
conscience is a government that can do virtually anything. this is a good first step in that regard. >> carmela, in your mind is there really a war against religious freedom in this country? >> i don't think so. i think it -- this decision is a blow to religious freedom. it's about an employer not being able to impose their religious beliefs on employees. millions of women are being told that their decision about, moral decisions and health care decisions should be dictated by their bosses. that to me is the opposite of what religious liberty stands for and is an attack on an american value, not upholding an american value. >> is this really about religious liberty or is it about regulating morality? this is what you told the christian post yesterday, religious freedom was purchased at great cost in this country
7:31 am
ought to be guarded. and for many, sexual liberation is the highest good and everything else must fall away before it. i think we must be very diligent for it. >> the owners of hobby lobby are not the ones who picked the fight. the administration are the ones who tried to coerce employers to become involved in the lives of their employees. and the green family has simply said along with millions of other americans we don't want the government to coerce our consciences to buy what we believe to be abortion-causing drugs. >> isn't it forcing your morality on others? >> quite the contrary. the government is trying to force its morality on us by saying our religious convictions don't matter and that the government should tell us what ought to matter to us when we stand before the judgment seat of christ and so we ought to simply yield to the government's dictate. we don't think that's the
7:32 am
american way. >> carmel, it's an narrow ruling with specific scenarios. is it russell right? >> it has huge implications for people's freedom and ability to exercise their religion as they see fit. it's absolutely incorrect to say this is the government imposing anything on -- in terms of religion on the employer. the employer provides compensation and benefits to their employees and they should not get to limit what the exercise of choice of those employees and how they use those benefits or compensation. we wouldn't say it would be okay for an employer to say, well, i'll pay you $10 but if you are going to p spend some of that money on contraception or something else that you decide you need for your health care that then we're going to pay you less. the law at issue here gives employers options, first of all, in terms of not -- if they
7:33 am
choose not to provide health care coverage to their employees, but if they choose to do so, they shouldn't get to limit what the employee decides to do in terms of their health care choices, based on their religious beliefs. it's the employee's choice, not the employer's choice, what's best for an individual in terms of their health care and their conscience and some of the women using contraception because it's medically required. other women are using it for their religious convictions and they don't want to have an abortion and contraception is one way to avoid having to do that. >> well, i got to leave it there. i could talk about this all day. russell with the southern baptist convention and carmel. thank you so much. president obama says republicans are responsible for the nation's escalating border crisis. he called out house speaker john boehner yesterday and says inaction is forcing him to take
7:34 am
action and saying new effort to fix the system on his own without congress. >> i take executive action only when we have a serious problem, a serious issue, and congress chooses to do nothing, and in this situation, the failure of house republicans to pass a darn bill is bad for our security and our economy and our future. >> for his part, john boehner released a statement saying republicans don't trust president obama to enforce any laws they might pass. obama's fiery statement come as a surge of unaccompanied children from central america have been caught crossing into the united states, a problem highlighted with the death of an 11-year-old guatemalan boy. his body was found about a mile from the texas line. he probably died from heat
7:35 am
stroke according to officials. a little known law allows a small percentage of immigrant children to stay in the united states while thousands will continue to make that dangerous journey across the border. children can legally live here if they can prove in court they have been abused, abandoned or neglected. we have more for you. >> reporter: so you came by land all the way from el salvador. >> yeah. >> this teenager has already seen plenty in his life. he was abused by his parents in el salvador and his neighborhood was infested with violent gangs. were they trying to force you to join a gang? >> yes. if they did you didn't order, they kill you. >> the trip by bus took him two full weeks, he was caught by immigration authorities in texas shortly after swimming across the river. he spent three months in a
7:36 am
detention center. and then they released you to the custody of your cousin? >> yeah. >> reporter: he's now a permanent resident in the united states thanks to a little known part of a law that helps undocumented minor arriving alone in this country. rebecca solman is an immigration attorney. >> not every kid that applies gets to stay. not every kid who enters can even apply. you have to be abandoned, abused, neglected. you have to be without your parents. there's some minimum lirmts requirements but then there's also the rigorous process of immigration. >> reporter: those minors who qualify can obtain a green card which allows them to stay in this country and have legal status in the united states. they can then apply for citizenship after five years of living here or when they turn 18, whichever comes first.
7:37 am
tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors have arrived to the united states this year alone, mainly from central america, but very few can actually qualify for this immigration benefit. immigrants like alfredo vases questions -- vazquez who can prove it. >> my dpreem is to graduate from high school and go to college. >>. >> reporter: what do you want to do in college? >> imt to be a doctor. >> quite an improve for a young man whose goal as a child was merely to stay alive. and still to come in the "newsroom," tensions are high as israel pays its final respects to three teenaged boys. you are looking life at the funeral procession right now. those three boys honored together. they will be buried later this morning, the prime minister benjamin netanyahu, the president of israel perez also
7:38 am
will also attend the funeral, the burial process will only be attended by family members. we'll talk more about middle east peace and if it's even possible in lying of these boys' murders. we'll be right back. to fuel economy... to quality... today's chevrolet has it all. and it's a great time to buy. during the chevy 72 hour sale, you'll get 0% apr for 72 months. plus no monthly payments for the rest of the summer. 0% apr for 72 months plus no monthly payments for the rest of the summer. hurry, the chevy 72 hour sale ends monday. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. but parallel parking isn't one you do a lof them.ings great. you're either too far from the curb. or too close to other cars... it's just a matter of time until you rip some guy's bumper off. so, here are your choices:
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certainly seems more remote than other with the deaths of three israeli teenage boys. they went missing three week ago while heading home from the west bank. their bodies were found in a feel yesterday afternoon. their deaths are prompting a resurgence in attacks as israel launches attacks, this despite hamas's claim they are not responsible. soon, the prime minister will deliver the ewology for these three boys. good morning, sir. >> good morning. >> what will the prime minister say at the funeral? >> well, i think he will reflect the common grief across the state of israel today. people are wondering, when you appear on various media are israelis angry, are they going to lash out.
7:42 am
no, israelis have a sense of deep sorrow now. israel is like a big family today and they have lost three of their children. >> you know, hamas says it's not responsible for these boys' murders. it didn't claim responsibility. this small terrorist group have claimed responsibility. can you tell us more about that? >> sure. there's no question that hamas is involved in this act. the two suspects that we know kidnapped these kids and brutally murdered them in cold blood. these were hamas murders. we know that the hamas leadership has praised the kidnapping and has supported these actions. there's also an entire hamas infrastructure we call it in the area of hebron which backs these acts of violence and perpetrated many more. there were 40 kipgs that israel
7:43 am
managed to throat over the last year or so. we know it's hamas. and these attempts to deny it and come up with these new organizations that last 36 hours is not going to divert our attention from the real culprits of this act. >> president obama, while of course not condoning the aact tack is calling for qawm. calm i urge all parties to not further destabilize the situation. can the situation calm without additional blood shed? >> the state of israel has no war with the palestinian people. we do have a war with hamas.
7:44 am
israel's military strategy how do you separate ordinary civilians, innocent civilians from hamas, this jihadist movement that's determined to kill our people. it's very difficult, requiring a lot of manpower, you pour in a lot of military to fight them. we are praying the price for the spread of this jihadi philosophy. >> i know the president has reached out and i heard he wanted to help into the investigation into the deaths of these three boys. what can he do to alleviate the situation? >> the most important thing he can do, he created a pact between his organization and hamas. he created a unity government. they put forward a bunch of technocrats.
7:45 am
he has to annul that pact. he has to take hamas out of the diplomatic problem. they didn't change. we reannounce resistance. we renouns jihad. that's who they are. the more legitimatized hamas is either through the actions or the governments who refuse to condemn them, the worse it is on the streets, on the ground. we've got to separate out people who want peace from people who are reflecting the same philosophy you are seeing in iraq, in syria, in lebanon, and that's the philosophy of jihad and war. we want to defeat that and we want to build here between israel and the palestinians an island of peace if it's at all possible. >> thank so much. we'll be right back.
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checking some top stories for you at 48 minutes past. the storm brewing off the coast of florida could become the season's first hurricane by friday. it could potentially bring plenty of heavy rain as millions are preparing to celebrate the fourth of july along the east coast. a historic fine could be levied in a charity fraud case.
7:49 am
it raises money for charities including veterans foundation. cnn found that almost none of the money was spent to help veterans but instead was used to fun the direct mailing campaign. california judge has denied donald sterling's request to postpone the trial over the proposed sale of the l.a. clippers. his wife is trying to sell the clippers to the former microsoft hed. after two months in rehab, toronto mayor rob ford asks for forgiveness, his first address appears to have rubbed people wrong. some people think he seems sincere and heart felt. others were turned off by his campaign plug at the end. and upset he ignores questions
7:50 am
about drugs and racial slurs. cnn has more for you. >> reporter: he's back. but this time around, toronto mayor rob ford is breaking his silence to say sorry. >> to the people of this great city, i want to offer a public apology. >> reporter: ford says he's now coming clean, owning up to his addiction to crack cocaine. >> i take full responsibility for my actions. >> reporter: this marks his first week back into office since reports of him smoking crack cocaine surfaced in may. >> i'm ashamed, embarrassed, and humiliated. >> reporter: his apology lasted 17 minutes. his first public remarks since returning from his two-month stint in rehab.
7:51 am
>> i had become my own worst enemy. >> reporter: the 45-year-old's contrite and measured demeanor at monday's address a striking contrast to this man who graced toronto's city hall two months ago. the often boisterous mayor made a name for himself internationally this past year. >> i have begun the process of taking control of my life. >> reporter: this isn't his first mea cullpa. that was back in november over a set of crack allegations. after five months of denial. >> i do not use crack cocaine nor am i an addict. >> reporter: ford 'fessed up.
7:52 am
>> yes, i have tried it, in my drunken stupors. >> reporter: one caught on video and released by the toronto star. that was then, now ford says his commitment to living clean is unwavering. his new focus running for office again. >> i look forward to serving you for many, many more years. >> reporter: paula newton, cnn, atlanta. monica liewinsky is making her voice heard again. she will appear in a rare television interview talking about the humiliation she felt when the 500 page starr report was released. >> to have my narrative ripped
7:53 am
from me and turned into the starr report and things that were turned over or things they delved out of my computer that i thought were deleted, it was just a violation after violation. i was the most humiliated woman in the world. >> she goes on to talk about how confused, frightened and devastated she was to be at the center of all that unwanted media attention. her interview will be part of the national geographic series the 90s. it airs monday, july 7th. movie stars are just like the rest of us they are caught up in world fever. we have their temperature. >> usually their shows are destination tv for us, now hollywood is flipping the script on the sports world and we'll tell you when we come back who has got the fever. and crowd cheeringg band sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking,
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♪ are you feeling the soccer love? pit bull and j-low are taking part in we are one. world cup fever is not just spreading through main street, but it's taking hold in hollywood. >> great piece on tim howard.
7:57 am
he has fast become -- he is my favorite. he has fast become my favorite on the u.s. team. it's been said that sports is the great unit fire and i've always believed that's true. it's not often that the americans are the under dog when it comes to big sporting events so this makes this even huger. sports and hollywood are already married. it's no surprise that world cup fever has become hollywood's news he have cause celebre. will farrell in hollywood. >> i am a fan. i do wish i was in brazil. >> i was a fan before everyone started jumping on. >> i didn't even know i liked soccer until this year. >> it appears the sporting event really does have everyone end
7:58 am
thraled. >> i do care who are the united states to win. >> pit bull and jennifer lopez opened the flood gates of celebrity fanfare performing the kick-off performing the official anthem, we are one. it wasn't long before other stars got a case of football fever. jay-z. hulk hogan. when the men's usa soccer team runs whiled on you. >> mick jagger even spoofed his love of the game. >> oh, no! >> jessica and justin going red white and blue and hugh jackman saying he's addicted. >> many stars are rooting for team usa. >> it's time.
7:59 am
go usa! >> america always gets excited when we're winning. >> joining in on when football fever. >> it's the first time where america is really paying attention. >> it's not like the joy of cheering on your country. >> usa! usa! usa! i love it. how about the lady who came home the other day in brooklyn and robert deniro sitting on her couch watching the world cup game. >> no! >> yes. >> what did he do, break in? >> no. he was actually shooting nearby and they had rented out her living room or something as a green room, but they said, oh, we can rig something for you to watch. he said no, no, i want to sit down here and watch. he plopped on the couch, started watching the game. she came down the stairs. how do you think, it's robert deniro in my living room.
8:00 am
he said -- she said he was awesome. >> are you a soccer girl? >> you know, i am now, when i see tim howard. you know, i'm -- you and i are big sports fans. i love anything sports-related, you know, i've caught the fever. every four years, it really gets you going and i cannot wait until 4:00. >> me neither. >> you can do did, usa. >> thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "@this hour" with berman and michaela starts now. the east coast could be facing a hurricane just in time for fourth of july. a new weather advisory has just been issue. we may have a tropical storm as early as today named arthur. and a new security threat at airports. officials think an al qaeda affiliate could be designing undetectible bombs, how can


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