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tv   CNN Newsroom With Deborah Feyerick  CNN  June 22, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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i'm deborah feyerick, in for don lemon. the u.s. men's soccer team 60 minutes away from portugal at the world cup from rio de janeiro, chicago, all points in between. soccer fans can't wait. portugal looking to bounce back from a huge loss. the u.s., hoping to build on a big win in its first game. reporters are live across the u.s. and brazil and have all of your story lines coming up in 30 minutes. first, our top stories. well, there is no easy way to say it, iraq is in big trouble and it is getting worse every day. very large group of well-armed militant fighters sweeping across the country, taking control of towns, cities, killing, executing people who stand up against them. look at this map. every red spot that you see is a place that the iraqi government is no longer in charge.
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no iraqi police, no troops. this map changes every few hours. that's how moving this situation is. more red spots, more towns fall. new video shows the town of rch aula, the person that shot the video says smoke is coming from the police station overrun by isis militants and then set on fire. in baghdad, iraqis with their own weapons are in the streets saying they are ready to fight if isis militant extremists make a move on the city. these are the people who tell cnn's nick robertson, they're looking forward to the arrival of the americans, the time lean of the deployment, no clearer today than it was yesterday. the word from the pentagon, still is soon. live to baghdad, and nic robertson in a minute. i want to talk to our chief
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national security correspondent jim sciutto in jordan. a man who commanded the marine division during the iraq war, james williams. general williams, you're a straight talking man. what is the first element of american advisers? what are they going into? they've got to assess the situation but now you have shias who are marching in baghdad and they're ready to confront isis, the sunnis. >> well, you know, first of all, they're going to have to make contact with the military government in terms of working with the ministry of defense. they'll have to be assigned to various units of the iraqi army and make an assessment of the situation. remember, they're in an advisement role. in this advisement role, they're not going to be in direct combat but they're going to direct the individual iraqi army elements on how to resolve their issues
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from a military perspective. >> you know, general, you talk about the iraqi army. but now you've got the shiite forces and also sunni of isis, iraq, various tribes that are now following this. how is the iraqi army the one who is ultimately going to gain control of this situation with possibly american help? >> well, you know, i think this is the difficulty, you know. in es spensence, the challenge this faction of sunnis and a faction of the iraqi government representing the shia sect of islam and essentially what i believe you have is this clash of civilizations. as such, with the clash that's going on, efforts being made by the secretary of state to talk diplomatically to countries in the region to help because it's going to take cairo, it's going
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to take riyadh and it's going to take tehran. as you know, we have a -- we have difficulty talking with tehran. one of our challenges is, if you're going to solve this, you have to get the principal countries that are involved on the sunni side of the world and those pretty much in tehran as on the she. >> reporter: side of the world to resolve this. >> jim sciutto, you're in jordan where secretary of state kerry is today. he's been looking very closely at this growing crisis. look, it's pulling a lot of din elements together, because as the general said you don't just have iraq you have iran who could possibly become involved and russian president putin is supporting the iraqi government. it seems like there's a singular galvanizing issue and that is to stop isis, jim? >> that's exactly part of secretary kerry's message here.
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in effect, he has two messages to deliver. one, this is not just an iraqi problem though a grave threat to the state of iraq. it's a regional problem. it's a global problem. he's talking to the jordanians who are neighbors. as i speak to you, isis 70 miles off the border, speaking to egyptians saying this is a threat to regional stability but driving home the point when isis militants have a home basis, to train and stage attacks they'll threaten europe and the u.s., american homeland, worried about returning fighters from the battles carrying out attacks that far afield. the second is a sense of shared purpose, because this is a regional, international threat, all of these parties, the general was referring to, have to be involved in the solution even parts that don't play well together. iranians on the shia side, gulf countries on the nigh side and
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the relationship between u.s. and iran. his argument is that all of the countries have the same goal and that is stabilizing iraq because it is no one's interest to have a good part of the country under the control of militants as brutal as this. the trouble is, herding those cats to move towards that goal together. it's a lot of competing agendas, extreme diplomatic challenge for him. >> which is remarkable. one thing that has been made very clear, according to one newspaper report today, all of the various militias in this region one thing they don't want, they don't want american troops back in iraq, which is very interesting. willing to accept the americans in an advisory role but not in a fighting role. first, jim, is secretary kerry dealing with that? i'm going to ask you the same question, general. jim, you first, is that an issue for the secretary? >> well, it isn't for the
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administration. the president has made clear they will not be in a fighting role. they'll be in an advisory role with the goal of building iraqi capacity to respond to the threat. when iraqis on the ground who have bad memories of the u.s. occupation see american uniforms they might make a different judgment and say these are fighters, they're not advisers. but it's a small presence. they're not going to be in the feel. they're going to be at regional headquarters, so it seems, it's the administration's view, that would be a minimal risk. >> nic robertson now in baghdad with established communication wit him. nic, let me go to you. we saw these iraqi men, volunteers in the streets. these are shiites, these are men who support technically the existing government but they are also militias under al sadr. the men you saw today, do you get the feeling that they're going to defend baghdad or that they're going to march on these
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isis forces? >> i think that depends on what happens in the broader battle feel. these are men who will go into action if they're leader tells them to. this march and demonstration was for multiple effect, one, to send a message to isis and more broadly, to the sounnis that th shia are ready to defend themselves. a message to prime minister nuri al malaki as well, every one of them that we spoke to said malaki has done a bad job and he should go. let's not forget al sadr gets some direction from iran. is this an expression of iran's view at the moment? we heard from the top shia cleric in the country friday press, saying that malaki really needs to go, needs to be a new government, the new government shun create the mistakes of the past. a direct shot at nuri al malaki.
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this militia that we saw on the streets represents and how bad the sectarian fighting could get if isis was able to get to one of the important shrines. that would lead to really a massive outpouring of sectarian violence, which is exactly what isis wants. they want to get sunni recruits, that's how they do it. >> nic, before i let you go, some of the men, volunteers, in were answering the cleric's call to rally, volunteer. i saw some in uniforms. are these members who were part of the iraqi army who are now sort of switching to these militias? >> no, these are people in the militia before. sadr stood down his militia 2008. first time he's called them out
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on the streets you saw every shade of sort of the police part of the militia, the army part of the militia, a women's part of it a suicide bomber's part of it if you will, a roadside bomb maker's part of it a guy with the rock the launchers, guys with heavy artillery pieces, it was a big show after strength ands first time these guys have been put back on the streets in six or seven years now. >> it's really just from a u.s. perspective, fascinating to watch the dynamic going on between iraq, iran, syria, united states, and now russia. jim sciutto, nic robertson, general williams, we'll be bringing you back later on. thank you so much. have search teams been look for flight 370 in the wrong place? they could move to a new area to look for the missing airliner. police push back against a
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report of a prime suspect in the plane's disappearance, malaysia's facing questions about how badly the investigation's been bungled. >> after learning a lot -- in pursuit of all things awesome, amazing,
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with millions of reviews, tripadvisor makes any destination better. two big developments on the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370. wednesday, almost four months after the 777 vanish with 239 people aboard, authorities plan to announce they've pinpointed a new search area, close to the other areas na have been scoured but after re-evaluating satellite data, experts believe this could be where the missing airliner might be found. separately, also malaysian airline authorities are blasting a report which names the plane's captain as the prime suspect into the plane's disappearance. clive irvin, a scathing piece on
2:15 pm
malaysia's handling of the probe april london newspaper reporting that perhaps the captain may be behind the disaster. there are a lot of ifs in the report. it were human error, perhaps it's the captain. so they them carefully. but what are your thoughts? >> this is all part of a pattern we've seen going on over the last months in the story where the malaysians keep coming back to the idea of blaming the pilot, someone, we don't know who. where do the stories originate from? they're obscurely sourced. this is a problem with all of us trying to cover the story. once an allegation floats it gets picked up by people all over the world, multimedia picking up everything from a tweet to bloggers. >> sure. >> the story gets carried along by events which are very dubious, by statements, which are very dubious. there's a real public interest here in having better answers
2:16 pm
and i found it significant, for example, that the head of emirates airlines they fly more 777s than anyone else said two very important things. one, he was not satisfied with the forensic standards of the investigation that's been going on in malaysia but, two, he said for everyone to have achieved what was achieved in cutting off communications, the three basic systems of communications between this plane and the ground, anyone to be able to do that they had to have more skills and more training than any of his pilots had. so if the man who runs the airline which flies the most 777s in the world says that, you have to be doubtful about whether a captain of malaysia airlines would be any more skilled than the pilots of emirates airline. >> where -- you have written a scathing article -- where do you think -- again, people are saying where are we in the investigation? what do we know? what is the most plausible other likely scenario what happened given it's been months, you're had time to digest everything
2:17 pm
that's happened. what do you think, as an expert on this in. >> ai am looking for, what is it that we don't know that we could know? we seem to be accepting an idea we don't know anything until a piece of the plane is found. that's not true. this is another side of the investigation which is different than looking for pieces of the plane it's to do with the investigation of the hours leading up to the plane leaving the gate, to do with security around the plane, the screening of the panes who got on the plane. one of the key things, the story said it was the malaysia police investigating, the police investigation. somehow going to be related to the passengers, if it's a police investigation. the profiling of passengers becomes important. who amongst those passengers would have had the kind of technical skills, say if we accept the scenario posed by emirates airlines that someone got on -- >> shut off --
2:18 pm
>> someone got into the cockpit if you look through the list, you're looking for a narrow feel of people, a combination of rare technical skills. >> it's fascinating to watch. the family of the pilot has said absolutely not, that he was -- he's the father of three, happy, jovial. >> absolutely. >> they've defended him until anything that is known. one point he seems to have been the only one that didn't have plans. >> what a tenuous thing to advance a whole theory on. >> exactly. i don't have plans for next week. >> i'm going to sabotage the plane i don't have plans for next week. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. when immigrants come to the u.s. many leave friends and families behind, sometimes forever. one woman left honduras 20 years ago, she left behind her mom and hasn't seen her since. cnn found a way for her to see her for a moment. when you run a business, you can't settle for slow.
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2:23 pm
of the taliban. psychologists are trying to make sure he is making progress. specifics of his location will not be revealed in order to safeguard him and his treatment. well, border patrol agents in south texas have been overwhelmed by the rising number of illegal border crossings from mexico. a shocking number are unaccompanied minors, children, and according it a congressional advisory, more than 3,000 of those children have been detained crossing the rio grande into south texas. border patrol facilities in texas cannot deal with that many people. associated press reports about 300 detainees will be flown to san diego monday and be processed there. one honduran woman made the dangerous journey 20 years ago. she's not seen her family since then. but rosa florez found a way to help. here's her report in "american journey." >> reporter: this neighborhood in honduras is not only home to both poverty and violence but
2:24 pm
families as well. and to this mother, who would give anything to see her daughter again. she has always supported her children, even when one of them wanted to take on the dangerous and uncertain voyage to the united states in search of opportunity. nearly 20 years ago, na talia kissed her daughter leslie good-bye. the 25-year-old left on foot. never to return to honduras. this mom says, she's now trapped in the very situation her daughter left behind. over the years, she has only spoken to her daughter by phone, never seeing her face to face. i met the family filing special reports for cnn in honduras. when i learned about the agony they were facing, due to separation, i thought there's something we can do here. and i started looking for her
2:25 pm
daughter leslie. and found her living in new york. sharing her mother's grief. leslie says she used to cry alone, thinking about her family thousands of miles away. she was undocumented and couldn't visit. we took a dvd of my interview with her parents and showed it to leslie. she was finally able to see her parents for the first time in almost two decades. she couldn't believe her eyes. her mom showing the many years on her face. when you left, they were -- >> big different. >> reporter: as does the home she grew up in, a shell of what she remembers. >> homesick. >> reporter: shocked at the poverty and violence plaguing her old neighborhood what happen
2:26 pm
didn't surprise her -- her father talking to cnn. he's never been timid, she says. and while this unconventional reunion brought her some joy, nothing replaces seeing family in person. her dream now, aside from becoming a u.s. citizen, is to visit her family in honduras one day. rosa florez, cnn, new york. >> and be sure to watch "documented" a film that explores journey of undocumented immigrant and prize winning journalist, 9:00 p.m., cnn. soccer experts didn't give the u.s. much of a chance at the world cup but after a big win in their first game, the u.s. is just, well, about 90 minutes away from a place in the second
2:27 pm
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2:31 pm
brazil. temperatures, according to shasta darlington, 90 in the shade. humidity, overwhelming. u.s. team considered underdog. across the nation, fans are primed for victory after team usa's stunning win over ghana days ago. the u.s. has a golden opportunity for world cup advancement. a win today would guarantee that the u.s. team gets a spot in the world cup knockout round. here's our world cup coverage team in rio. host of cnn international's world sport, correspondent shasta darlington outside the hot stadium in manaus, brazil and richard roth with the outlaws, the u.s. soccer fan club in new york. also correspondent george howell in chicago with fans there. laura, you first, is the u.s. catching portugal at the perfect time? u.s. momentum on the upswing,
2:32 pm
port gal reeling from getting stomped 4-0 by germany? >> that is within way to look at it. other way to look at it, portugal's absolutely desperate right now. they desperately need to win this match against the usa and will do absolutely anything to do so. so that means that it might not be as easy as some would think for the u.s. i want to tell you about one big thing for usa, jozy altidore is out. wondering if another striker would come in but it's not. we have graham zeusy coming in, spent four years at university of maryland, has a degree in criminology, reverved but powerful on the field. how about this? a guy who is spending his world cup bonus to fly his family, parents and three siblings to brazil, allowing them to watch
2:33 pm
every match he's playing in. this will be the first world cup match his family will see him lay in. >> if you've got money, that's the way to spend it, make sure your family's there. it's fascinating, watching the excitement behind you the world cup, that's what they do, set up huge screenser not only in rio and brazil but all over the world so people can come together. collective experience for people. i know shasta is outside the stadium. what fans are you seeing there? has the u.s. more people than portugal right now? >> reporter: now yo, there's been an invasion, american invasion in the amazon. the u.s. ambassador of brazil is here, she said 20,000 american fans in brazil right now. a lot of them are here in the amazon. we have run into them everywhere, playing soccer on the banks of the rivers, catching bunks to catch the
2:34 pm
amazon and a lot of fan fests and watching games on the big screens. they're optimistic. with the win against ghana, with the real go get em attitude the team's going to play like a team, that portugal's, if they play like individual players and they're ready to take on cristiano ronaldo and portugal and the fans here are extremely enthusiastic. >> usa! usa! usa! usa! usa! usa! usa! >> we will win! we will win! >> so as you can see, whenever you get a few american outlaws orphans, whenever you get american outlaws here, things get out of control. it is really electric atmosphere with the fans and they've been graciously accepted and welcomed
2:35 pm
by the people of manaus and the amazon. they're having a heck of a time, deb. >> we saw you before surrounded by a team of people. that was great to watch because there reallies a wonderful spirit. the world cup is unlike any other sporting event because it really does have the entire world watching. it not like the world series when you have a bunch of american baseball teams playing with each other. you have real world teams competing. richard roth is with the american outlaws here in new york. how are they doing right now, richard? >> reporter: well, they've been screaming and yelling for hours here as the temperature reaches rainfall conditions. let try to talk to some of the fans. i've realized after three hours here i may be the oldest person in the room. thoughts on the portugal-usa match, honest assessment? >> i think the u.s. was built on improve ability and tonight it's
2:36 pm
no different. usa will win. >> reporter: how worried are you about cristiano ronaldo, somewhat injured, star player, won the european championship with real madrid, a force to be dealt with? >> i think that the match against ghana proved the united states can take on any team in this world. we've got this. >> reporter: all right. are you overenthusiastic because of the win over ghana? this is a tough european matchup. >> i didn't think it's overenthusiastic with the u.s. they probably said that 12 years ago with portugal. we'll go through against portugal, get into the knockout round. >> reporter: deb, that is a small sampling size but i can guarantee you, it's what everybody's saying and the manager ordered anybody supporting portugal to leave immediately. there's aileen of 80 to 100 people.
2:37 pm
i haven't worn these headsets since i listened to a blue oyster cult album new year's eve. >> everyone stay with us. the game is taking place in the sweltering jungle. a huge soccer game. ahead, how will the usa handle the heat and humidity? it's like playing in a sauna. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises.
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brazil spot to be host of the world cup but at $11 billion and a poor country the excitement isn't shared by everyone. we're joined by lara and shasta. shasta, to you first. outside the stadium in manaus, brazil, team usa and portugal about to face off. we saw protests last week over the enormous amount of money that brazil is spending on these games, as we mentioned $11 billion. are the people now in the spirit of the game as opposed to sort of the money that's been spent on it? so, lara, sorry, we seem to have lost shasta right now. but i love watching the excitement that's going on behind you, this big screen set up there, all of those fans, all of those people.
2:42 pm
you're in rio where so many are watching this game what happen is the mood, just bring us into what you're experiencing there. >> reporter: this is nuts. i'm going to say it like that plain and simple, nuts. it absolutely packed here at fan fest. right on copacabana, the place to be when you come to brazil, rio. everybody knows copacabana, everybody here is here to be at fan fest. talking about people wearing jerseys of every country they support, a flag. as games have ended and new games started different fans have moved in and moved out. we saw all of the algerian fans move out and all of the american fans are moving in. everybody with their flags draped behind them. i was out there trying to talk to as many people as i could and they're all extremely excited. they've come from all over the usa. a lot didn't want to go to manaus, it's quite a trip from rio. rio seems to be the home base
2:43 pm
for absolutely everybody. they're all here, enjoying this. you see it, a concert happening behind me now. but when it game time, that screen behind me, that will be filled up with the game. so everybody here will be in very, very quiet watchig the game, rooting for their team. i have to add as well, we are in brazil. of course there is a strong tie with portugal. so it's going to be very interesting to see who the neutral fans and who the brazilian fans are cheering for in this match. i have a feeling it won't be the americans. >> it's incredible. brazilians speech portuguese, you mentioned the time, where shasta's standing in manaus, it's dark behind you. where shasta is now, we can see the sun beginning to go down. talking earlier before we lost you about the fans. are people now more welcoming? there was a lot of hostility over how much brazil was spending to host this world cup.
2:44 pm
has that changed now? are they in the spirit of the game, see maybe a financial benefit to it? >> you know, deb, they're seeing all angles. of course, they are still angry about the spending. they think in a country that has so many problems with education, public transportation, $11 billion should not have been spent on the global sporting event. on the other hand they love their soccer. they're extremely gracious, welcoming, hospitable people. they're not going to let one overshadow the oerp as soon as the ball started rolling they got into the game. with the american fans tell us, they feel like celebrities especially places like manaus where they don't see that many forren tourists. everywhere they go, people want to take their pictures, take their pictures with them, shake their hands. an incredible experience. but that doesn't mean that
2:45 pm
brazilians are excited about hosting the world cup. they're excited about meeting all of the people and of course about soccer. >> well, we're very excited. we'll have that game right here in a little television to right of me here. shasta,lar ra thank you. there is a fine line between confident and overconfident. fans of team usa, what side of the line are they on? find out for ourselves, just ahead.
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well, we're minutes away from start of the world cup match between portugal and the united states. a win for the u.s. guarantees a slot in the next round. american interest in the world cup has surged since team usa's upset of ghana. the world cup match between the u.s. and gaun fa had more viewers than the nhl stan any cup final. richard roth, right now at a sports bar in manhattan with jungle-like conditions. first of all, richard, where's your jersey? >> my jersey, i left it in new jersey. why don't you come down here, deb? the conditions are marvelous. i was on my way to the u.n. to hear a lecture and someone grabbed me and now in the steam bath with 15 minutes to go before the big match. ladies, how are you? get rejected in the bar with that approach.
2:50 pm
but tell me, what do you think of this big match, portugal/u.s.? >> very excited. very, very excited. >> why do you think they will win? >> we are usa. >> but that's not enough. >> the whole nation behind them. we got the underdog this weekend, it's proven. have a great chance of winning. >> do you like looking at renaldo? >> no. >> admit t >> not even a little bit. no. >> you don't like renaldo? >> no. >> he is a good guy, but not today. not today we don't like him. >> like him better on the sidelines, not in the game. >> i'm gonna go just mingle here for a second. i know you have the rest of the show to do, i'm just curious what's back here. these people have been -- what do you think of the chances of the u.s.? >> their chances? there are no chances. we will do this! it will happen. >> what do you think of the u.s. chances? i talked to you ten minutes ago, you changed your mind? >> i think usa all the way, baby. >> how long have you been here or how long have you been drinking? >> i've been here for two hours,
2:51 pm
i've been drinking for 15 minutes. >> okay. well, all believers on that apparently, we are in the united states. a match the u.s. needs to win, a tie could still keep them alive, the third match. back to you. >> richard roth -- the united nations. the center of world diplomacy right there. they are searching for the apparently lone pore chu gal fan. richard, george howell, thank you so much. so here's the $64,000 question, can the u.s. do it? defy the skeptics, beat portugal and guarantee a place in the second round? our predictions coming up. cshe is the greatest thing ever. one little smile. one little laugh. honey bunny... (laughter) we would do anything for her. my name is kim bryant and my husband and i made a will
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well, team usa is moments
2:55 pm
away from a date with world cup destiny. as the u.s. team prepares to take on portugal, fans worldwide, well, the outfits just give it away. they are loud, they are proud. okay, that's little bit scary, and patriotic. a win today would propel team usa into the world cup knockout round. it is time now for our world cup lightning round. our reporters ready with insights. laura, you first. you got it wrong last time, you picked ghana over the u.s. here's your chance for redemption. what do you predict? >> oh, i don't like that everyone is rubbing that in my face, especially don lemon who did, i don't want to do this again. i'm going to. i'm going to say this time though the usa is going to win, 2-1. i will say that they are the 2-1 underdogs as well. that's what i'm going with. americans to win, 2-1. >> all right. so we will see. pore chew zbal a pretty strong contender. shasta, now you, u.s. or portugal, who is your pick? >> i've been convinced by the
2:56 pm
fans, also saying 2-1, 'cause they are going to have to let probably one through from cristiano ronaldo and bottle one up. >> for the person who said they didn't like ronaldo, i don't condone or agree with that. richard roth, you know soccer, can the u.s. realistically go up and bring down portugal? okay, richard apparently has been abducted by american fans a that the bar where he is at. we will check with him later. if the u.s. does win today, they will advance to the knockout round. how far, if they do win, lara, how far do you think they can actually go, given really how incredible and how conditioned all of these teams are, lara? >> i think that we have seen one game so far about to see a second one against a very good team. so, after the second game, you can ask me that question, i will give you an answer. i'm going to play it the way that the u.s. men's national team coach played it he said that they are taking it one game
2:57 pm
at a time and that's what i'm going to do. i'm stepping back from answering that one. >> i just -- i love -- i love watching the crowds behind you, because i was at a world cup and to see these people, the energy there, you can feel the energy wand have both teams going up against each other. hold on one second, ladies, richard roth with us, made it back from searching for that lone portuguese fan. richard, what's your prediction? >> my prediction, oh, boy. we are supposed to be neutral. i always do not like this. but if you force me, these men behind me beating me up, i would say portugal, 3, usa, 1. and i could be wrong though. >> you definitely know soccer. richard, how big -- if it is portugal, i guess do you think they've got a chance to go all the way? >> well, a tough german match, anything is possible in this
2:58 pm
world cup. seep some unpredictable results, usa may be better fit in the heat, facing a european team in portugal if you go by the previous record. ronaldo goes out injured, my score prediction is not valid. back to you. >> shasta, you are there at the game as well. you know, i love watching soccer. i think it is one of the most exciting sports. what is your favorite thing, just being there and being able to watch this game, so close. >> i think what's just so amazing is you feel like you're part of a global sport. there are so many people from around the world here, also lots of brazilians. and just to see the way they interact. for the most part, instead of getting the hooligan rivalry that maybe you get at a club level, it's such a friendly rivalry. you just get really drawn up in it you come out just happy with life. you have got to love the world cup, deb. >> that's exactly right. as i said before, i've been to
2:59 pm
world cup back in 1998. just the excitement, the exhilaration, watching these players, to me, run 90 minutes, virtually with one 15-minute break and then some extra injury time after that, it is unlike any other sport. and the conditioning that it takes for these individuals to play as long as they do. well, we are turning on our television sets here just to watch this game, while we watch cnn, you can do that now, picture in picture. lara, shasta, richard, thanks to all of you, we will be checking back later on. thanks so much. and hello, everyone, i'm deborah feyerick. rulings at the supreme court, big changes in the search for flight 370 and iraq on the edge. it's all happening next week. our fast forward look at the week ahead. that is coming up right now. you are in the cnn newsroom, hello, everyone, i'm deborah
3:00 pm
feyerick. this hour, we are fast forwarding to the week ahead. take a look at all the stories you are going to be talking about and hearing about this coming week. we begin with our five questions for the week ahead. question number one, can american military advisers and diplomacy turn the tide in iraq? people in baghdad are taking their personal weapons into the streets as a violent militant group gets closer to the city. at the same time, secretary of state john kerry is trying to drum up support in countries on iraq's borders. president obama tells cnn that the united states will not deal with iraq alone. question number two, will we find missing malaysia airlines flight 370? almost four months after the 777 vanished, australian authorities have a new lead in their search. that announcement is coming wednesday. in a moment, a journalist who has been on this case since day one, he is going to give us some incredible insight. question number three, how will the supreme court rule


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