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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  November 29, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PST

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concrete terms. for the jewish community, one achieves one inmortality in a sense through one's family. >> reporter: it's safe to say, one thing holds true across time. the definition of heaven is intensely personal. to hetch and back airs sunday december 1st and 7:00 p.m. eastern. >> thank you. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts now. >> hello everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. it is november 29th. welcome to "legal view." and it a very happy black friday to you.
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that's the sound, ain't it? were you in that little number out late thanksgiving night last night or maybe even well before the dawn waking up this morning and hunting down all the rock-bottom deals? the holiday shopping season now officially upon us. today is the craziest if not the busiest shopping day of the year. and that has been rather obvious. sounds like a concert of new kids on the block. that shows my age. according to the national retail federation, about 97 million of us are expected to shop in stores and online. and for many, this black friday tradition actually ended up kicking off yesterday. i get it. more and more stores decided to open their doors on thanksgiving day instead of the day after. and the competition the door
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buster deals got pretty ugly. oh, makes you proud to be an american, doesn't it. your kyung lah outside walmart. but i think you were smart enough to stay outside and watch it all through the windows. kyung, did it get any better? >> reporter: well, it's actually pretty calm here at this walmart. things have been very, very steady. what i was surprised to see is when we got here at 3:00 a.m. local time in los angeles, there were people actually shopping. so the shopping did definitely start thursday. if you look at walmart's figures, it's certainly paying off for them. they're estimating 22 million customers in america were in their stores last night. >> i have to interrupt you. i'm so sorry. do you know why i have to interrupt you. and only for the white house would i cut you off.
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the official christmas tree is just rolling up to the white house right now. it's so pretty. it's on this -- kyung, if if you can see a monitor. it's on a lovely horse-drawn cart. and there's the dog at the back of the christmas tree. be it the top of the christmas tree for anyone looking. i love the fact that the first lady and her daughters have come out to greet the tree. by the way, this is kind of a cool tree this year. it's a little -- not in keeping with tradition. typically the tree that goes in the blue room at the white house is the winner of a big contest. i don't know if you know the contest. it's actually the national christmas tree association contest. but this year, it is not that tree. >> we are honored to have it. this is the best part of holiday season when our tree comes. check it out. what do you think? come look on the other side. it's big.
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what do you think of that? >> it looks beautiful. >> so what do you think? >> we'll keep it. >> okay. >> thank you very much. >> all right, you guys. we will see you a lot over the next week. >> i think that bow, i kabts tell the difference between the puppy dogs, but maybe there's both there. i have a small monitor and i'm trying to make out -- yeah, they're both there. sunny and bow accompanying the first lady and her daughters. and like i said, this is a bit weird this year. because that is not the winner of the official contest. turns out the winner of the cop test wasn't 18.5 feet high. it has to be because the power
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source in the blue room is in the ceiling. so if the tree isn't high enough, it can't get to the electricity. this is another tree coming to us courtesy of the bowtech family. and by the time they finish the decorating, it would be even more so. kyung lah, i would never interrupt you for anything other than something that special. it's such a great moment for everybody to watch them getting ready for the holidays. >> reporter: christmas is arriving now and you want to go out and shop. right? maybe not. but a lot of people were out there trying to shop. walmart, as i was saying, was -- it paid off for them to open up last night. in the first four hours, they had ten million transactions. if you thought the people who went out shopping on thanksgiving were absolutely mad to do it, well, for at least this big box retailer, it's certainly paying off. they're predicking record sales for the black friday weekend,
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ashleigh. >> oh, man. i hope everybody is in a little bit better spirits. and maybe the spirit of the holiday is today now that they're over the initial push to get through the front doors. be careful. keep your kevlar handy in case you have to go back inside. i'm sorry to bring this to you, but i just have to. this is the real deal, folks. those holiday deals breed mayhem. this is at a north carolina walmart. the hashtag is "brawlmart." it looks like a football game. the man who videotaped this scene spoke earlier to my colleague, carol costello. have a listen. >> you feel kind of helpless. then when you look and see there's two officers off to the
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side that are kind of standing there and watching all of this happen. i'm like, i thought they would be there to help and make sure this kind of stuff didn't happen. but they just kind of watch it happen. >> yeah, brian spain, i agree. that's obnoxious to see that stuff going on. i'm not sure i could see any little kids in the middle of that. but walmart's ceo says they're taken steps to kind of stave off that thing. he spoke this morning on "new day." have a listen. >> we had a one-hour guarantee. we took the 21 hottest items and bought them in deep enough quantities so that there wasn't that frenzy to try to get one. anybody who was in our building during that time frame was guaranteed to get one of those items. and if if we ran out, we would fulfill them in the coming days. so that calmed things down in
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our stores quite a bit from where they had been many years ago. >> well, dang. if they had only known that before they went out and slept in the line to get through the doors. some retailers have been taking heat for kicking off black friday a whole day early. last night macy's opened on thanksgiving for the first time ever. the ceo defended that decision this morning on "new day." have a listen. >> in our case, we just want to do what our customers want and what our associates want. we're being responsive in that way. i think the fact that 15,000 people versus 11,000 who were here last year at midnight is an indication that people wanted to be here when we opened our doors. >> so that's all the shopping craziness. i had a moment of reprevious from that kaezness to tell you about the lovely moment at the white house where the christmas tree arrived. the obama family coming out to
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greet the trees. and despite the pomp and circumstance and tree trimmings and decoration at the white house and thanksgiving, there's still something going on. president obama is checking the reality check tomorrow. it autos the self-impose the deadline for they said it would work for the vast majority of people in america. so it's going to be a saturday on a holiday weekend. will it? will we see a repeat of any of the debacle moments when the site launched last month? jill dougherty working hard at the white house to follow everything that's happening. i almost wondered if this wasn't a blessing for president obama, the thanksgiving turkeys are pardoned and everybody is cat tonic that they may not pay attention to this big deadline tomorrow. what is the white house doing? >> reporter: some of the
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republicans said that was deliberate. this was all kind of rolled out around the holidays so that nobody would pay attention. but we are paying attention. and as far as we know, we are on track to do what their goal is. but remember, their goal is to get it working to the point that they can get 50,000 people online at the same time. and if it goes over that, that's where the issues could come up. remember, back in october they had over 200,000 people. they couldn't get on. what they've done is created this kind of virtual waiting list or waiting line where people would register and just get their names in there and be contacted later to sign up. they also say, ashleigh, they've increased the speed. because the pages were loading just every six seconds, which is really slow. they say they have that down now to one second. and also the error rate is below 1%. it used to be 6%.
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these are all details. so we'll have to see what happens tomorrow. the deadline on saturday. and as we've been telling you all along, they do have a tech team and they're working around the clock hopefully getting this to where they want this to be. >> yeah. but you know, it's like breaking a big story on a friday night. it doesn't get nearly the attention that it does during the weekdays. you look warm and cozy out there in the cold, crisp air. nice to see you. >> reporter: thank you. >> you've probably done a little online shopping at some point in your life. and it just doesn't go right. and you see the comment columns and you want to get in there and write a bad review. take a deep breath before you do that. it can come back to haunt you, even if it's true. i want to introduce you to a couple who says their credit rating has been ruined because they wrote a bad review online. and you need to know your
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rights, and what rights they have, the retailers. what you give up to them when you shop online. cautionary tale coming up right before cybermonday. [ male announcer ] if you stash tissues like a squirrel stashes nuts, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® liquid gels. nothing starts working faster than zyrtec® at relieving your allergy symptoms for 24 hours. zyrtec®. love the air.
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welcome pack. and happy holidays to you. if if you're watching from home, you know when you do that online shopping for your holiday gifts, perhaps nothing can tick you off more than really bad customer service or just when the whole thing doesn't work out. that can be today on black friday or cybermonday or really any time. and if you are really insensed, you just might be tempted to fire off a nasty review that you're allowed to do online.
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right? here is your very kachl warning. as pamela brown explains right now, there's a couple in salt lake city, and they complained just like that. and now they're paying for it big time. ruined credit rating and a $3500 fee. >> reporter: john palmer bought a few christmas gift for his wife jen on the website in 2008. never imagining that he would be paying the price five years later. they say the items never arrived. and the tans action was canceled. >> after 30 days or so, pay pal said there's no activity here and they turned around and gave the money back into my husband's account. >> reporter: after repeated calls to kleargear, jen palmer posted this review saying in part there is absolutely no way to get in touch with a physical
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human being. no extensions work. fast forward three and a half years, they received this e-mail appearing to be from kleargear sating that they be find $3500 if the negative review wasn't taken down in 72 hours. >> we were shocked that somebody would attempt to do this. it's ridiculous. >> have you ever heard of anything like this? >> never heard of anything like this happening to the consumer. only because retailers mainly protect the consumer. >> reporter: the e-mail cited this clause that says your acceptance of this sales contract prohibits you from taking any action that negatively impacts experts warn that many are adding this type of fine print. >> the first amendment does not protect any kind of free speech. and you can sign a contract giving them away if it's a fair
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contract. this contract is not fair and frankly it would be thrown out by any court. >> reporter: we found other examples of nondisparagement clauses. including this one from a vacation rental company threatening to charge customers up to or $10,000 in damages if a post isn't removed. the company told cnn it stands by its practice. the palmer's couldn't take down the review and refused to pay up. kleargear then reported the bims as unpaid to the collections company. >> it was bad enough that when we went to get our second cars it took them a month to find a bank that was willing to finance us because of the huge ding that this put on our credit card. >> reporter: cnn tried multiple numbers on kleargear's website, all of them disconnect the. they did respond via e-mail defending its actions. the palmers are saying they're
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taking their fight all the way to court. >> we will not give up on this. >> reporter: the better business bureau is now investigating and has put the company on alert. now to protect yourself during this busy holiday shopping season, retail analysts suggest that you read all the fine print and make sure a company is legitimate. and if you do write a negative review, make sure it's accurate. because a company can sue you for libel even if it doesn't have that clause. >> pamela brown doing our reporting for us. thank you for that. kleargear defended its actions saying that the president for the palmers to take down the comment was not blackmail but instead, quote, a diligent effort to help them avoid the fine. i want to bring in danny cevallos. so my first question to you, is, are you kidding me? seriously they can get away with this? >> you know with the advent of
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the internet, the concept of fine print has taken on a whole new meaning. now people are clicking "i agree" on pages and pams of legal obligations that they simply did not read. our culture is going to have to make a decision on how to deal with this. those agreements, in theory you've read them and they're enforceable. but the husband didn't even write this review and he's being dinged. he's not even someone who wrote the review and they're holding him to that contract term. which is in all likelihood unenforceable. >> in every case the defense is how do you know who was on the keys. plenty of people are in a household with one computer. how can you prove who is on the keys. here is the other thing that bugs me. if i don't like the way you did your legal analysis today, can i just fine you and turn it into a credit rating? it seems pretty one-sided.
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>> i'm pretty sure by the way that you can fire me any time you like, ashleigh. but when it comes to the credit report, it is illegal to report to a credit agency a debt that does not exist. so if that's what this company did, if that contract is unenforceable and there is no debt, because it was an imaginary debt, if that's so, then they reported to a credit agency a debt that did not exist and that is a big no-no. but practically speaking, this probably goes on every day. the reality is most citizens don't want to go through a lawsuit, they don't have the money nor the time and resources. >> i so feel for them. i think every one of us has wanted to write a review. and by the way, this isn't even talking about libel yet. if you say something that isn't true online, you're opening up a whole other kettle of fish there. but this isly gat mattly truthful, if they're opinion,
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review of the service. nice to see you. and you are so not fired, my friend. we adore you. >> oh, thank you. >> this has to be one of the most expensive soda spills in history. have you seen this? oh, yikes. that looked like an accident. or did it? brooklyn nets' coach jason kidd gets hit with a $50,000 fine what the nba says was no accident. it was a stunt to get a time-out. i have a 401k retirement plan. i started part-time, now i'm a manager. my employer matches my charitable giving. really. i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think.
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vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart.
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our top story, the shopping frenzy that is black friday. such a tradition. something we're not all that proud of. i know you're with me. we're also following other big stories making headlines as well today. that fireball, take a look at it. it was triggered. that was triggered by a pipeline explosion in missouri last night. it happened at the panhandle eastern pipeline company. here is the good news, nobody hurt. and that fire that you see right now is out finally. with only eight seconds left, his team out of time-outed and down two points. to the l.a. lakers, the brooklyn nets' coach spilling his soda. it looks pretty knockous. watch mouthing, hit me. and when you get close up, you really can see him say it. watch. hit me. did you really -- oh.
8:27 am
do you know why? because they've got to stop and clean up the soda and that gives him time with his team to draw up a final play. did not matter. the nets lost the came. they cried foul and the nba slapped him with a $50,000 fine. that's one expensive soda. scientists are saying that it looks like the comet survived its brush with the sun yesterday after all. they watched the solar encounter expecting the comet to perish. but no. it had other plans. it reemerged after sweeping 700,000 miles above the sun's surface. i know you are thrilled, in other words -- nerds. this is a celebration of the top ten heroes of the year and their extraordinary work helping other people.
8:28 am
it makes you feel very, very small because up the massive undertakings these people do, regularly. and right now we would like to introduce you to dale beatty who is making sure that every veteran can make it home again. >> all veterans have been taught to be responsible for the guy to your left and the guy to your right. and no matter what, you're going to bat tore them. if they need you. >> last man, go. >> we wouldn't leave one of our soldiers behind on the battlefield. but we do it so often here at home. >> i did three tours in vietnam. my injuries included my right leg, left elbow, and lower back. for 35 years no one cared. >> every war is forgotten when
8:29 am
the next war starts. people welcome me home and say they love us and that i'm their hero. i knew after meeting other veterans that wasn't the case for all of us. and these other guys who struggle, they need a hand up. it's my mission to help other veterans get the support and homes they need from their communities. >> this is the young man why we're all here today. >> it's just getting the community engaged around a couple of simple changes to someone's house or an entire house built from the ground up. we want to make their life easier, safer, just better. >> i could not get my wheelchair in and out my front door because i had steps with no handrail. and it made me less of a social person. >> we were able to build a deck
8:30 am
and a ramp. there used to be a concrete sidewalk here and we wind gusted it all up and got it out of here. it doesn't sound like a lot, but the impact that it made were tremendousment and they're emotions are being rehabbed as well. >> they made me realize the challenges that i've had to endure meant something. it jumpstarted me back into life. purple heart homes said "welcome home." it's great to be home after 40 years. >> regardless of when you serve, where you serve, we're all the same. we're all veterans. they just need to know that somebody does care about them. >> so awesome. find out if dale beatty is the cnn hero of the year. wch this sunday evening to see all of them at 8:00 eastern. and plus there is one
8:31 am
unbelievable moment, an act of generosity that brought everybody in the ausds yens up on their feet. i'm not going to give it away. you've got to watch on sunday. what a treat. how about hiring your own personal shopper this holiday season. an 86-year-old woman who is personal shopper to the stars. and she's so not afraid to stem you what exactly your butt does look like in that tight set of jeans. she's unlike any other. you've got to meet her. coming up next. so you can see like right here i can just... you know, check my policy here, add a car, ah speak to customer service,
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[ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪
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pop in the drum of any machine... ♪ wash any size load. it dissolves in any temperature, even cold. tide pods. pop in. stand out. yes, let the games begin. that was the scene at macy's in new york just hours ago when the black friday shopping frenzy is officially in full swing right across the good old u.s. of a. and we've all been through this. browsing through a store where
8:36 am
the giddy sales clerk won't leave your side and fauns all over everything you pick up even when it's hideous. not betty. it's taken her 40 years, but she's going to let you know exactly what she thinks even if she blows the sale. my guess is this, you did this shopping and then you just scooted right across the pond because it was a tough ordeal. how did you survive it? >> reporter: this is a woman who redefined the whole art of shopping. you've seen the pictures that we saw earlier this morning. you know, those fist fights in stores across the united states where people are being dragging and trying to grab anything they can. that quick bargain. look at them go for it. well, when you go shopping with betty, it is a completely different experience. you transcend yourself into
8:37 am
another world and you better have some money to spend. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> come hitser into la-la land. >> wow. this is -- betty and i have something in common. not just any christmas crackers. we both love holiday shopping. >> as a little girl, i loved the old-fashioned snow globes. this is the beautiful part of it. >> oh, a letter knife. what are the basic principles of buying gifts? >> i think we sometimes become so entranced with what we like. i noticed when you were picking up things. some times we don't think about whom we are buying for. >> this is the spicy stuff. >> but you can't smell three at one time. nobody's nose can take in three at one time. >> three in the bottle.
8:38 am
>> one lifts them out. >> i think i've just been told off. over the years, betty has built up her own personal shopping empire. it's not difficult to see why. you found an honesty about price and packageageing and you're not afraid to tell me when you don't think something is right. >> i'm glad you found it out so early. >> if she's honest in gift shop, wait until you see her in women's wear. >> this is nice. >> feel it. you wouldn't wear it. >> well, you're right, i wouldn't wear it. but that's not the point. you won't tell me who shops with you? >> absolutely not. i can't. they knee who they are. >> betty was worked with the likes of cher, meryl streep, and sarah jessica parker. it's quite a feet for a woman who only started this job in her late 40s. 37 years ago you came into this
8:39 am
building. why? >> i was brought here. >> by one. >> at the time her marriage had ended and her children were kbroen up. >> what did you want to do? >> i wanted someone to rescue me. and they did. they're too short and too skimpy, i would pass. >> she's never used a computer or a cell phone. she doesn't even ring up her own sales. when it comes to fashion, betty is never left behind. >> i can foresee what's going to happen. i can tell you now what we're going to go into in a year from now. they're going to drop the skirts and we're going to go into a simpler more contemporary look. >> so it's with some trepidation i let her loose on my own enpsalm bell. >> tie. >> blue. >> what did you think? >> it's okay. i would put something else with 'a print on my myself. >> whether it's the little black number for the office party or
8:40 am
an unusual gift for the boss. >> letters. >> no. >> bills. >> toast. >> bills. >> you can be sure of one this will. >> i have one. bills. >> betty knows best. i'm telling you, that was a toast rack and she says it was for bills. >> hey, i was wondering what the worse he present you ever got. my sister is here off camera and she got a garage door opener for her anniversary. and to me, that's about the worst it gets. what about you? >> reporter: i'm pretty good on that. i can honestly say i suppose the worst present is not getting a present at all. are you ready, mrs. fan field, for skirts to get longer. >> no. >> and outfits to get severaller? >> no. i'm not ready for it but i'm
8:41 am
welcoming it with open arms. i like the hems longer as i get older. >> i'm not surprised. i'm not surprised, yes. cover up more, that's what i say. now, look. i'll bring you back some london treats so that when i'm back in new york next week we can feast on the set. >> oh. i was going to suggest that perfume that you got me last time. i really like that. it was really expensive, though. come on back soon, we miss you. so an intriguing story i want to share with you. a woman drowns in a tragic river boat accident. wait. she has no pulse, she's not breathing, she's clinically dead. but then what she says happens next is out of this world. quite literally you're going to here a surgeon's account of a near death experience and how she says i went to heaven and i came back to tell you about it.
8:42 am
came back to tell you about it. [ male announcer ] megan doesn't know
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so the big question we all sort of think about at one point in our lives, do you believe in heaven? ever had an experience where you think you might have died and saw heaven but resumed your life, came back to earth or however we put it? mary neil says this happened. she experienced heaven after an accident in which she nearly died. here is what she told cnn's ran randi kaye. >> i could see them on the river bank and pull my body to the shore. i could see them start cpr. i had no pulse and i wasn't breathing. one fellow was yelling at me to come back. >> you were unconscious, how do you know that all of this was happening? >> i felt my body break free and
8:46 am
i felt my spirit break free and i was greeted by these people or spirits. i could be with them and be going down this incredible pathway and simultaneously look back at the river. when i saw my body, i will say that was the first time that i actually thought, well, i guess i am dead. i guess i've -- i really did die. >> in the book you write about dancing with them. were you celebrating something? >> yes. >> what were you celebrating? >> it was a great homecoming. and i was really surprised by the fact that i had no intention of going back. >> you didn't want to return? >> no. and i had all the reasons to return. i had a great life. i had a great job. i had a great husband. my children are wonderful.
8:47 am
and i love them more than i could ever imagine loving something on earth. but the love that i felt for them in comparison to god's love that was absolutely flowing through everything was just pale in comparison. and then at a certain point, one of the people or the spirits told me that it wasn't my time. and that i had more work to do on earth and that i had to go back to my body. >> i have goose bumps. i don't know about you. but you've got to find out what happened to mary neil. and you can watch this sunday in anderson cooper's special report called "to hetch and back" which airs at 7:00 p.m. eastern right before "heroes." this not so good. parents adopt a baby they raise
8:48 am
until he's nine and then they decide they're not so sure about that anymore. and they want to return him. not only are they accused of giving up that baby, now they say they want him back. and what about the abandonment thing in the first place? this is an accusation but the story and letter that they wrote will give you chills. it's coming up next. life with crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis
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an ohio couple accused of abandoning the 9-year-old son they adopted as a baby, lisa and cleveland cox pleaded not guilty wednesday to misdemeanor charges of nonsupport of dependents. the mom says her son was showing some aggressive dangerous behavior, and she says it got so bad she had to call 911. >> he got a steak knife and he said, i'm going to kill you.
8:52 am
he's on medication. he's seeing a psychiatrist, but he's just kind of -- this is the first time he's gone like this. he's ransacked my house. >> sounds like he needs some help. >> he does and i can't get it. i've tried everything. >> and so now the couple is accused of leaving their son with children's services abandoning him with some clothes and a bag and this letter that reads in part "it breaks my heart that you can no longer be a part of our family. i love you so much. from the very first day i have always loved you. i am praying that god will continue to take good care of you and that he will find the perfect family to love you. and i believe he will. and she signed the letter your mom. cnn's legal analyst and defense attorney danny cevallos is back to talk about this. first of all, it's an unbelievable story. second of all, what is a woman to do? what is a dad to do when they
8:53 am
say they've done everything that they capital kope, perhaps not getting the help that they need. my guess, danny, is they can't just drop a child off. >> you got it, ashleigh. the law in ohio does allow for the commitment of what's called an unruly child to the custody of the state. the problem here is the parents just didn't follow the proper procedure. you can't return a kid like he's a pair of khakis at the gap. you have to go to the agency, they will set up an intake and have a court hearing to determine whether or not your child is in need of services and can remain in the home. that can ultimately result in the state taking that child back, in this instance it would be back, if he's unruly and encoregible and in need of services and help but the problem here is the parents took it upon themselves to drop the child off with, as you said, some clothes and that is a no, no. it's not following procedure. >> so the charge, i was a little
8:54 am
dumb struck by misdemeanor charges of nonsupport of dependents. how serious is that karch? is it possible they could face more? >> yeah, these charges are typically in ohio, there's brought along with other charges for failure to support. in other words, maybe a dad who moved to florida with the cocktail waitress and isn't sending the money. so the idea is these parents failed to essentially pay the bills or otherwise support. but could potentially bigger charges be coming? maybe, but ultimately, that is -- i mean the failure to support is what the parents are doing at this time. at the same time, though, i would expect that what's called a dependency answer petition because the state is going to want to know whether or not these parents can continue to be parents because they've expressed interest in getting this child back. now the state may not be too convinced that these are appropriate parents, that this child is number one safe, and
8:55 am
number two, that his needs are being met in the present home. >> this whole thing is heart breaking. danny, thanks for your insight. appreciate it. so the markets, have you been watching how well they've been doing lately? because they've been blowing the doors off all of the, you know, the top numbers in history. and even though the numbers are going through the roof, the holiday shoppers are out there today and excited and spending money. turns out we're not all that hot on our economy right now. you got to see the polls to see the numbers. what's wrong with us? why don't we think that the economy's doing well? tell you next. just by talking to a helmet. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked him up. it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. [ driver ] and it got his okay on treatment from miles away. it even pulled strings with the stoplights. my ambulance talks with smoke alarms and pilots and stadiums.
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stock market is up. home prices are up. so why isn't confidence in the economy up? it's headed down. joining me now cnn's business
8:59 am
correspondent alison kosik. why are people so bal humbugging the economy? >> a lot of it ashleigh, has to do with jobs. you look at housing prices. they're doing very well. you're looking at people's portfolios. people's portfolios are doing well. the nasdaq is up 34% this year, the s&p up 27% this year. but you nowhere the disconnect is? jobs. 11 million people are out of work. the kinds of jobs they're getting are low wage paying jobs. it's hard to pay your bills on that kind of salary. and that's where the loss of confidence comes from, ashleigh. >> it's surprising. i hear you. we always wait on those fridays to hear those jobs numbers. they're never as exciting as we hoped they're going to be and yet christine romans and you go on record every day to say we're breaking records left, right gronk happy holidays to you. a virtual kiss. >> back at you. >> the an sweetheart, i'll see you later. thank you, everyone, for
9:00 am
watching. it's great to have you with us on this holiday. we have a lot more to tell you throughout the day. "around the world" starts right "around the world" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- they lined up. they camped out. and they rushed into the stores across the country. all for a deal. oh, yeah, it's black friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. >> black eye friday in some places. it's not just happening in the u.s., by the way, deals being offered in other countries, too. take the united kingdom, for example. we also saw some pretty frenzied shopper dozen anything they could for a discount there, as well. >> this is an around the world black friday. i'm hala gorani. suzanne is off today. >> i'm michael holmes. thanks for being with us. we are now 12 hours into black friday, 1 hours into the official start of the


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