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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  November 25, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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46% say sursurrender. from the left i'm van jones. >> from the right, i'm newt gingrich. join us tomorrow for another edition of crossfire. erin burnett out front starts right now. out front next, deadly news, a deadly winter storm. what will it mean for thanksgiving? >> we're continuing to hear what police -- >> reporter: nearly a year after the mass shooting at sandy hook, the first full report on what really happened and the shooter's obsession with children. and president obama praises the agreement between iran and the united states. >> for the first time in a decade, we've halted the process on iran's nuclear program. >> or did they?
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the truth. let's go out front. ♪ good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. we begin with the breaking news, a deadly storm threatening to derail holiday plans for millions of americans as the nation begins the busiest travel week of the year. at least 12 people killed after a wintry mix of snow and sleet blanketed texas and oklahoma. more than 400 flights canceled today. some of the worst weather still to come over the next two days. and that is going to blanket almost all of the country. nearly 43 million americans will be hitting the skies and roads. this was shot by a storm chaser in oklahoma. watch that suv there for a second. that was in front of him.
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the car just skidding in front of him. i want to make sure you know no one was hurt in that car. but this is a sense of how bad things are. at least 15 more states will be affected by the storm. it's going to move up the east coast. we'll have more on the storm's path in a couple moments. the next 72 hours are going to be so crucial. first we begin in texas where people have already been killed. >> reporter: the holiday travel season got off to a deadly start. coast-to-coast, the country feeling the impacts of an earlier than expected winter weather system. ice, wind, and freezing rain battered parts of texas. the wintry mix moving its way east through oklahoma. its path set on the northeast. scores of car crashes and at least a dozen deaths blamed on the weather. in texas flight cancellations
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created chaos for travelers. at least 480 planes grounded at dallas ft. worth. it's impacting thousands. >> we had to call and get back on, and luckily we got on on the 9:20. >> reporter: are you happy with the communications with the airlines? >> it was good. >> i don't know why american canceled all those flights. they canceled at 9:00 in the morning. and there wasn't a flake of snow or anything to be seen. so we're pretty upset with american, that's to be sure. >> we have work to be at. and we're out $400 that we didn't expect. and american's not even helping. so it's very disappointing. >> reporter: right now the weather impacts are being felt in arizona new mexico and parts of the great plains, many people it coping with treacherous ice covered roads and bridges. now in the days ahead, more than
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40 million americans are expected to hit the roads and millions of others to fly the skies. they can expect dangerous ice sleet snow and rain to be their travel companion. so far american has the most cancellations. expect delays. >> thanks very much to you. and that's going to affect people across the country. i want to bring in chad myers. you just heard nick say tomorrow may be okay for some. but then things could get worse again. where is the storm going? those images we just saw out of oklahoma, that suv spinning several times, where are we going to see that? >> that is pretty much gone. buff it's coming back tomorrow. the cold air that's come down from canada the past couple days is already in place.
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it's going to rain, and it's going to be 31 degrees. you can say how can it do that? because aloft, 5,000, 3,000 feet up, it's 35 degrees. it's going to rain down to a 31 degree where we are atmosphere. and it's going to freeze on contact. now this is not snowma geddon. this is a rain event. if you're traveling, you're going from rain to sleet to ice to snow. now those interstates are going to be affected one after the other. and even though new york may only get rain, dc, baltimore, the problem is it will be raining with a wind at around 30 to 40. so planes are still going to be delayed. cars are going to be okay. planes are going to be a mess. a little bit of light ice across georgia. the snow begins, snow back
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buffalo to ohio. this rain is right what i was talking about. it's going to be raining and below 32 in that band. and that's where the weather will be the worst for tomorrow night. and it doesn't get better for wednesday as the wind blows. we'll have lake-effect snow. i'm concerned whether the thanksgiving parade will have all those balloons up or not because if the winds are too high they can't hang onto those things. and they have to cancel snoopy. i don't want them to cancel snoopy. >> as you said, with so many planes delayed, for a lot of people watching, that's horrible news. you could miss the day with your family. when is this supposed to clear out? we've heard how frigid and cold it might be this year. >> the problem is when you cancel one plane, now all of a sudden you have 150 people looking for seats. every plane is essentially full. you have three, five, six seats available on a plane.
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so it takes 20 planes to get that one plane in business again. it finally gets better for thursday. everyone will be able to get where they want to go on thursday, but hopefully that's not too late for where you're trying to get or maybe that's on your way back home. it clears up. it's just going to be cold. >> thank you very much. colder and a lot earlier than usual. people say we're coming into winter, sure, we are. but i think we've all gotten a little spoiled on thanksgiving. still to come. authorities release a 44-page report about the massacre at sandy hook. it's full of new details of what happened that day. some of them are hard to imagine, you wonder if they could have found out about this before. plus, just a week after a man fell from the upper deck of a stadium, another plummets.
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our second story out front are the new details we've just learned tonight about the massacre at sandy hook. a new report has been released. you see it there. i've been reading through it
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today. there's a lot of new information in here, also incredibly disturbing. details of adam lanza, he killed 20 students and six adults. he collected newspaper clippings about school shootings. collecting them back to 1991. what's amazing is still how clear police are about the motive or why he targeted sandy hook elementary school, particularly. our out front susan candiotti. you're now getting new pictures from the investigation, things that adam lanza had in the home. what are you learning? >> the first thing i want to say is we want everyone to know that the families have been fully briefed about what was in the report before it was released to the public. and yes, we're seeing pictures
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for the very first time about what it looked like when adam lanza made his entry. he shot his way in through a window to the side of the entrance, firing at least a half-dozen times. so there you see that shattered glass before he went into the hallway and claimed 20 lives of children and six adults as well. and then for the first time we're seeing pictures inside his house. in particular, his bedroom, the house that he shared with his mother. look. it just shows kind of the bizarre behavior he had. the windows to his bedroom covered with black plastic bags to block out the light. he couldn't see out. no one could see in. signs, they suggest, of obsessive compulsive behavior. lots of pictures of that bedroom. and then you mentioned articles about mass shootings. some of these we've heard about before, but this one very unusual. this one that you're seeing now, dating back to 1891, a new york
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times article in upstate new york, a catholic school where someone came and shot children inexplicably. they said at the time that the person who did it was demented. and lots of pictures of video games. one called call to duty, another one called school shooting, lots of them. and then on the opposite side of the spectrum, dance, dance revolution. this is a dancing game. and they said he would play it for up to ten hours a day. couldn't get enough of it, not only at home but also at a theater that he would go to down the street up until about a month before the shooting. we're seeing a lot more information in this report, but it's not over yet, because we expect to hear much more from the connecticut state police. they're expected to release their report that's said to be
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thousands of pages long, and it might suggest a possible motive. >> which obviously is crucial and why so much information is still withheld. you said this one's 44 pages, that one might be thousands. you mentioned a game called school shooting. i read that today and frankly couldn't believe it. we live in a country where we believe in free speech. i can't believe a game like that's allowed. i find that to be sick and bizarre. i can't imagine that it's possible. there was also evidence that he was watching videos of children being shot. should someone have seen these signs? was this preventible? >> this is part of the reason that we're talking about this, isn't it, erin? we want to hear more information about this. some of it of course very disturbing, but because we're looking for signs of why no one said something. we know that he was being seen by mental health professionals, according to the same report. they said that he was not taking any medications.
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they didn't find anything in the toxicology report and the autopsy report, that he refused to take any drugs and didn't use alcohol. but was there an attempt to get him help? apparently to some degree, yes. but then he spent so much team in the house. did his, could his mother have done more? these are all the unanswered questions that we still have. >> so many of them. susan candiotti, thank you so much. now i want to bring in casey jordan. talking about these murders back in 1891, playing a game about school shooting, there's also pedophilia, about pedophiles be being exonerated for their crimes or getting off for their crimes as opposed to looking at pedophile images themselves. >> right. >> images of children be being shot. how could that not have raised a red flag? >> because nobody knew about it. it can't be a red flag if nobody
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sees it. those images susan showed with the black plastic bags taped over the win doex he was so isolated. his mom was not allowed in his room. no one was. this didn't happen overnight. this was years of him slowly withdrawing. and we have that history going back to fifth 2k3wr5id, sixth grade. the mother was overwhelmed. did not know what to do with him. tried to bring him out with the one activity they had in common, which was going to the shooting range. it was a trifecta. >> and the mother said he had habits. he wouldn't allow christmas trees in the house. and she allowed this to happen. let's talk about her role in aiding and abetting, you know,
4:18 pm
yes, he killed her. it's a horrible thing, but could she have done anything? >> i think she tried within her limits. but you have to understand, we have a society that shames mental illness. so when she knows she has an odd son. but she didn't want to admit something was wrong with her son. took her son out of school when he was 16 and put him in college classes because he was too smart. it was combination of events, but the isolation allowed this. >> on some tests he was smart. on some tests below. he did have as burgers's syndrome. they can snoop on the chancellor of germany, but they can't get into this hard drive?
4:19 pm
there's no wray to find out? >> he destroyed it on purpose. i don't think we have an idea of the inner dark workings of his brain. i think there's evidence on there that would even blow our minds more. he got nothing but great grades in computer sciences. he would have known exactly how to destroy the hard drive. they know they can't ever get that off. i think that would answer the question as to motive if we could get that. >> absolutely. as we await for what susan said for maybe thousands of pages that might give us more of a sense of motive. those families must get. still to come, more on the sandy hook shooting. we're going to tell you about a new idea that could help police
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respond. plus, a woman charged with running a prostitution ring out of her zumba fitness center. and a fan falls from a stadium, an isolated event? i ca. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is.
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our third story out front. death from above. right now two people recovering after a 61 year old veteran
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broke the 40 to 50 foot fall of a woman who jumped from an upper deck of a stadium. the question is, are these fluke accidents? or part of a trend? stephanie elam is out front. >> reporter: it seems to be happening all over the country. >> i'm shocked this hasn't happened more. >> reporter: sports fans falling from super high places at stadiums. on sunday, a woman reportedly jumped in oakland only to be saved by a vet who intentionally broke her fall. in august, a 30 year old man fell 85 feet over a fourth level railing. his death was later ruled a suicide. a man was injured falling from an escalator. a man died after falling from an elevated walkway at candle stick
4:25 pm
park. but are more people falling than ever? or are we just paying more attention? >> i think we're just paying attention more. i haven't seen any statistical data now that shows people are jumping off stadiums now in 2013 or 2010 than they were in 1960 or 1970. >> reporter: at ralph wilson stadium in buffalo, watch as this one fan was caught on video sliding down the railing on the upper deck before he flips off the side, falling some 30 feet, injuring himself and the person he fell on. the buffalo bills later banned the man from attending any of their games for life. >> they monitor this stuff really closely. i've been in every nfl stadium. they're all the same. steep incline, really high up. lots of people, lots of crowds, lots of pushing and shoving, fights, and a lot of it is fueled by alcohol.
4:26 pm
so as long as you have that alcohol in stadiums, you're going to see that issue. rar don't expect stadiums to go dry anytime soon since alcohol is a huge money-maker and these ebs dents aren't that common. >> how many people going through a stadium, just in one week, in one sport, these things are mostly kind of rare. >> reporter: stephanie elam, cnn, los angeles. and still to come, president obama praising this weekend's nuclear deal between iran and the united states. but it may all come down to one thing, whether iran keeps its promises when it comes to inspections. so is the united states really going to be able to inspect? or is that a big fat lie? plus a country music singer shot and killed at bar. another person says he was shot in the back of the head. and a san antonio police
4:27 pm
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welcome back to the second half of out front. at san jose state university, the naacp called on the district attorney to increase charges in the case of three students
4:31 pm
accused of racially bullying a black student. a letter wrote by failing to recognize the meaning of the confederate flag, we failed him. i failed him. the university task force will soon be named to kpt incident. sort of like a scene out of a movie, a country music singer was shot and killed in a bar over the weekend. he was singing last honky tongs. one thing is whether it could be self-defense or whether he was
4:32 pm
shot no the back of the head. meanwhile, fellow country singers blake shelton tweeted his condoleances. and the zumba instructor who was the busted for running a prostitution ring out of her studio was jailed and picked up by her husband after serving six of a ten month sentence. she had no comment. the scandal became the talk of a sleepy new england town. got to say, you always have to wonder if you publish the list of johns this story would go away. president obama celebrating the deal between iran.
4:33 pm
>> for the first time in a decade we've halted iran's nuclear program. key parts of the program will be rolled back. international inspectors will have unprecedented access to iran's nuclear facilities. so this will help iran from building a nuclear weapon. >> the deal eases sanctions in exchange for temporary restraint on their program. the deal also, though, seen as a huge win in iran. this is what happened in tehran last night, iranians celebrating the deal because it allows them to keep enriching uranium, so is the deal a giant fail for america or a big win? this comes down to one thing, the word the president used. unprecedent access to nuclear sites. that would mean real, unfettered inspections to anyplace, to any
4:34 pm
site at any time inspectors want. >> reporter: perhaps the major reason for a nuclear agreement with iran, the latest u.s. intelligence assessment. within nine months, iran could have enough weapons grade fuel to make a bomb. >> we used to have a timeline of about a year, year and a half to actual development and deployment. i think that's probably been tightened up as a result of the amount of enriched fuel that they have now. >> reporter: enrichment facilities and other site also now be inspected, including a reactor being built that could be used to build weapons grade plutonium. but even with inspectors there fort next six months there are big worries. >> the big question is will iran have secret nuclear sites? i mean everyone is worried that iran could build a secret centrifuge plant and then deploy
4:35 pm
them and even start enriching using secret stocks of uranium. >> reporter: espionage against iran is tough. the u.s. relies on drones, electronic eavesdropping and spies for information about the current nuclear effort. when an unmanned u.s. drone went down over iran nearly two years ago, speculation was the high-tech the spy plane was caught gathering nuclear intelligence. iran believes israel was behind the killing of several of their scientists. and that stuxnet was infecting their computers. >> you have to get into their computer systems. you need iranian nushl sign tests to tell what's really going on. >> reporter: those inspectors will be a big help. but so far, no good answer on how to know everything about
4:36 pm
what the iranians don't want the u.s. to see. >> i love the slogan trust but verify. i never understood it. because i think the right slogan is don't trust. i don't trust the iranians. [ applause ] but, let me, and by the way, they don't trust us. >> reporter: and what about gathering intelligence on israel? well, the u.s. of course wants to know if and when israel becomes so worried it decides to strike iran as nuclear facilities. >> thank you very much. out front, let's bring in michael medved, and a former pentagon official. people are saying this was done to divert americans' eyes from obama care. 60% say the president cannot manage the government of the
4:37 pm
united states effectively. critics say he needed a win, so he did this deal to get that box checked. why do you think he did the deal? >> i think he did the deal for exactly the right reasons, we have a crisis in the middle east. this is a real breakthrough. he's been trying to do this throughout his administration. he's finally succeeded in doing to. i think that the idea that the iranians were going to cooperate when president obama wanted to distract everybody from domestic item, i think that has nothing to do with president obama's domestic woes. >> a lot of people are saying this still doesn't make sense. we don't have access, inspectors to all the sites we need. but let pea play something john kerry said to the george stephanopoulos. here's secretary kerry. >> in 2003, iran made an offer
4:38 pm
to the bush administration that they would, in fact, do major things with respect to their program. they had 164 centrifuges. nobody, nothing has happened. therefore, here we are in 2013. they have 19,000 century finrifd they're closer to a weapon. >> >> doesn't that make the case that a deal is better than no deal? after all, no deal means they keep spinning and spinning away with the centrifuges? >> what that means is it's the old administration reflex, blame bush. it's bush's fault because he didn't make a deal in 2003. look, president obama has been president for five years. we have put on the table that iran is not allowed to develop a nuclear weapon. that is a point of u.s. policy. it has been bipartisan. the problem here is that this sanction, this deal sanctions iran, basically, as a nuclear power. what my question for rosa would be, what was the all-fired
4:39 pm
hurry? i mean, the sanctions were working. iran was increasingly desperate. now all of a sudden, the pressure is off iran, and yet, their commitment is not only not verifiable, but it's not even a commitment to give everything that the u.n. resolutions demanded. and that's a huge problem. >> i'm curious on that point. because i was in iran for the elections this summer. there's no question the sanctions were working. food prices had doubled. it's always been clear to me a lot of countries want to circumvent the sanctions. we've done stories about people circumventing the sanctions. it takes years to get those things in place. and in six months we're going to put them back in place. it doesn't seem that easy to me. >> it's not going to be that easy. but here's where i disagree with
4:40 pm
michael. sanctions did bring iran to the negotiating table. the sanctions bit hard enough. it brought them to the table. we've been able to get a temporary deal to see what we can get in the next six months. if it doesn't work we ratchet the sanctions back up again. >> why do you think that's that do-able, when i know about all these people who are, again, once you open a little sliver of the door, they're going to fly through and want to do business. >> they want that oil and natural gas. >> yeah. and here's the thing. i think you put your finger on it a second ago, that sanctii s can increase the pressure. it's the old carrots and sticks situation. we've got them negotiating. we've bought some time for a real deal. we've put a lot of pressure on them. we've got hardliners in iran and
4:41 pm
in the congress. the truth is, if iran is absolutely determined to build a nuclear weapon, the only way to prevent that would be all-out war which would be a disaster for everybody concerned. right now we have a glimmer of hope. we have to try and see if we can make this work. we've got to keep our end of the bargain. we've got to make sure that the iranians keep their end of the bargain. >> my biggest problem with what rosa is saying is when she says that the patriotic american, democrats and republicans in the u.s. senate and in the congress generally, who disagree with this agreement, would be sabotaging the agreement, that they would be doing so for political reasons. one of the problems here has been the lack of bipartisanship on the part of the administration leading up to these negotiations. in other words, congress has been totally shut out of this process. and the sanctions have the force
4:42 pm
of law. they were passed by the congress of the united states before the president got into these wide ranging negotiations. for goodness sake, reach across the aisle. involve some other people, krug democrats like chuck schumer who are deeply concerned about the position that has been taken with these negotiations. >> all right. thanks very much to both of you. and we'll be speaking to the state department about their deal tomorrow. our fifth story is a texas cop accused of rape. they say he handcuffed, groepd and raped a woman. this is not the first time that he has faced assault claims. we're out front tonight with that story. >> reporter: the 19 year old sexual assault victim has asked that her identity be hidden. but she says moments after the san antonio police officer raped her during a traffic stop early friday morning, she says he told
4:43 pm
her not to say anything about it. >> he warned me. he told me that if i did tell anybody he would look for me, because he has my address. >> reporter: the young woman then says friday night, a man named jack came to her home looking for her. the victim says the ordeal is a nightmare. >> i have to deal with this every day. >> reporter: san antonio police arrested and charged one of their own with assault, jackie neil. he told cnn the allegations are false. he was released from jail on a $20,000 bond. according to the arrest warrant affidavit. the victim told investigators that the police officer had been following her for several blocks until she pulled over here in the middle of this residential neighborhood and right underneath a street lamp. the affidavit also says that the tracking system in the police officer's car shows that he had been parked here for 18 minutes. police say the on board camera was not working.
4:44 pm
but according to the arrest warrant affidavit the victim told police that the officer handcuffed her and pushed her against the back of the police car and that's where the sexual assault took place. she believes it lasted about ten minutes. >> it's a punch in the eye to the police department. >> reporter: he says if there are other victims he wants them to speak out. >> obviously we don't tolerate it, and i'm outraged by it. i'm stunned by it. >> reporter: he was disciplined for dating a 18 year old woman participating in an explorer's program to introduce young people to careers in law enforcement. and the police chief here in san antonio says that a similar sexual assault accusation was made against this same officer two years ago but that charges weren't filed because the victim refused to cooperate with investigators. the police say he's asked his
4:45 pm
officers to go back to that case and see if she would change her miechbltd as you heard the police chief say, he's asking anybody with similar instances to please come forward. still ahead, president obama heckled today during a speech in san francisco. how did he handle this? >> stop deportation! stop deportation! ♪ through 12 blizzards blowing ♪ 8 front yards blinding ♪ 6 snowballs flying ♪ 5 packages addressed by toddlers ♪ ♪ that's a q ♪ 4 lightning bolts ♪ 3 creepy gnomes ♪ 2 angry geese ♪ and a giant blow-up snowman ♪ that kind of freaks me out [ beep ] [ female announcer ] no one delivers the holidays like the u.s. postal service. priority mail flat rate is more reliable than ever. and with improved tracking up to 11 scans, you can even watch us get it there. ♪
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. our sixth story out front, president obama gets heckled. the president was speaking about immigration reform this afternoon in california. his speech was suddenly interrupted by a heckler who was part of a previously friendly audience in san francisco. >> as a nation -- >> you have the power to stop -- >> actually i don't. and that is why we're here. >> i need your help. >> okay. >> now, the president has engaged with the protesters before. and out front now is john avlon, executive of "the daily beast."
4:50 pm
first, let's question why it happened today. >> the president getting heckled in san francisco? you know things are bad. now, this is one of these cases where people just can't resist projecting their own politics in events like this. people on the right say see, this is evidence the numbers are kicking in. the president is tanking, even in san francisco he gets nailed. people on the left say the other factors are at work, and it is a set-up, or he is not far left enough, people on the far right thinks he is a socialist, so where are you going to go with that? >> well, as i mentioned before, this happened. i want to play it a few times. >> health care -- >> no politics -- for our generation -- mr. president -- >> there are 102 people on a hunger strike, they are desperate people.
4:51 pm
>> i -- >> our commander-in-chief. and close guantanamo bay? maybe -- >> there are also those who claim that our reform efforts would insure illegal immigrants. this, too, is false. the reforms i'm proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally. >> there are people who say that is because there is more disrespect for this president. that there are people angry at him because he is the first african-american president. he is treated differently. especially if you look at that moment in congress -- >> president bush was disrespected by many folks on the far left. that is an important context. but there you see the president being yelled at by joe in south carolina, and heckled by people on the far left. no question here, the larger picture here is the persistent
4:52 pm
disrespect of not on the presidency, but of this president. it is part of what we live with in a democracy, but it comes with free speech. >> he does interact with them for a while, but then draws the line. but as you mentioned, president george bush was heckled also. here is one example. >> i am thrilled to be here at monticello. i have never been here before. to my fellow citizens to be, we believe in free speech in the united states of america. >> so again, he was graciously responding. but did it happen to him anywhere near as often as it happens with president obama? >> you know, there is a sense that with the rise of social media, everybody can record it.
4:53 pm
i think we're seeing a rise of disrespect in the office. everybody gets equal and opposite reaction. there are particular animas that foll follows this president around, this is not as much about race as a bad economy and the rising tone in incivility. the more people think they will get on tv when they do it, the more you will see it. >> and of course, thinks happen like this and they see it. john avlon, thank you very much. and the thing that americans are frustrated by. maybe those that are frustrated by it should stop doing it. and 50 years ago, president kennedy was laid to rest three days after he was assassinated in dallas. we all remember this iconic view of caroline kennedy, and her brother, he turned 3 years old on that day. you can watch more right here on
4:54 pm
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hey, buddy? oh, hey, ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. a report released today on the sandy hook's shooting revealed police were on scene
4:58 pm
four minutes after the 911 call. but it was not enough to save all the lives. tonight, an idea that could help save lives, dan simon is out front. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> reporter: the sound of gunfire, these people are listening for it 24/7 in this small room near san francisco. >> and you can actually tell from the visual signature that you're dealing with a quickly fired weapon. >> reporter: listening for gunfire on the streets and now they develop technology to listen for it in schools. it is called "shot spotter." and right now it is currently used by law enforcement in dozens of cities around the country. >> sadly, the narrative around gun violence shots are fired and a full 80 to 90% of the time people don't call 911. >> shot spotter doesn't even need 911, within seconds, the information is pushed directly to police dispatchers and patrol vehicles. we agreed not to show what the audio sensors look like so
4:59 pm
people will not tamper with them. but here in san francisco, police say it gets the officers to respond more quickly to the scenes. >> are there shots fired here every day in oakland? >> we're looking at anywhere close to 400 shot spotter activations today. >> he just went outside and started shooting. >> the shot spotter technology is now being offered to schools, just a handful of undisclosed schools nationwide at the outset will be set to have the sensors installed. these, we can show you. they will be placed in each classroom of the school that signs up, up front cost, $25,000, then 10,000 each year thereafter. >> it is a sad commentary, but you can choose to do one of two things. you can choose to ignore it or do something about it.
5:00 pm
we think it is important that folks do something about it. >> the individual i have on the phone is continuing to hear what he believes to be gunfire. >> horrific shootings like what happened at sandy hook have stirred a national conversation on what can be done. some have called for arming teachers, others want better access to mental health care. now, shot spotter hopes to be a part of that conversation. dan simon, cnn, san francisco. and thank you for watching, anderson starts now. erin, thank you, i'm wolf blitzer in for anderson cooper. we begin with a wintry blast of weather right before thanksgiving. that if you're traveling over the next couple of days threatens to make it difficult. the ripple effect is only just beginning. at street level the situation is not much better. sleet and freezing rain i


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