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tv   Early Start  CNN  November 20, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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that does it for this edition of "360." thanks for watching. "early start" begins right now. ♪ flew out over the water, really low. really, really low. just flying across. a desperate search for survivors this morning after an airplane on a medical mission crashes into the ocean just off a florida beach. we're live. a congressman caught with cocaine. what the florida lawmaker had to say about his arrest and his addiction. >> i can't have a major tornado in my hometown and just sit back in texas and not doing anything. >> a soldier heads home to help the people in his community salvage their homes. after tornadoes simply destroy
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his town. >> we're going to check the weather in that area. remember yesterday, everybody was going through the rubble to salvage what they could. welcome to "early start." i'm zoraida sambolin. >> and i'm john berman. it's wednesday, november 20th, 5:00 a.m. in the east. two people are missing after a frightening airplane crash. a leerjet plunging into the ocean. four people on board, at least two are confirmed dead. john zarrella is live in lauderdale. he's following the story. >> reporter: well, zoraida, a of ft. lauderdale airport.le off debris strewn throat the water.
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law enforcement searching the water for those two people still missing. what happened, last night about 8:15 after this air medical evac plane had just dropped off a patient from mexico, it was leaving ft. lauderdale international airport on its way back to mexico. and just after takeoff, the pilot issued a distress call. >> you going back to ft. lauderdale. we have a fail. >> maintain 4,000 and turn left heading 330. >> it's not possible. we're gonna do a 180. mayday. mayday. mayday. >> at approximately 8:45 p.m., on-scene searchers and responders located debris and shortly thereafter located two bodies. at this time, there's still ongoing search and rescue efforts by all agencies, both local, state and federal. looking for possible survivors
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in the water. >> now, we still don't know the identities of people on board the plane. we are told that the bodies were of a man and a woman. of course, the national transportation safety board will investigate this accident. and we are expecting a news conference from authorities any minute now where they may update the status of the search. zoraida. >> all right. john, when that happens, we'll get more details from you. thanks for joining us. john zarrella live in florida for us. in the meantime, cocaine and politics together again. some new legal trouble facing a u.s. congressman. florida's trey radel is due in court facing charges that he was carrying cocaine. this goes as a dramatic change for the freshman who was elected just over a year ago. athena jones has more. >> reporter: he came to washington because he wants to be able to help.
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>> our nation is facing incredible crisis on so many different fronts. we have a debt that is crushing this country. >> reporter: but now the freshman congressman will be in a washington, d.c. superior courtroom today, facing charges of misdemeanor cocaine possession after his arrest last month. 37-year-old legislator released a state saying he's profoundly sorry to let down his family and the people of southwest florida. radel said he struggling with the disease of alcoholic and this led to an extremely irresponsible choice. he says he knows he has a problem and will do whatever he can to overcome it. the former journalist was elected last year. >> i want to be a conservative voice that stands up for what's right and does the right thing. but i want to be able to have the ability to in fact reach across not just the aisle, but to all americans and convey my
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message, our message. >> reporter: radel who calls himself a hape hip-hop conservc also tries to reach the younger constituents. >> if you really get down to it in many ways reflects a conservative message. >> reporter: if convicted, radel faces up to 180 days behind bars. s. >> it was heartfelt statement. a lot of people in this business know him and worked with him some the past seem they like him generally. >> he seems to be hyperfocused on being a better man for his wife and child. the nsa top deputy is defending the controversial surveillance operations, deputy john english is insisting programs are being scrutinized
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by a wide range of officials. despite embarrassing leaks he said the nsa is very concerned about civil liberties, despite what critics have suggested. a top official said the u.s. is not on the verge of apologizinging to afghanistan. there are have been reports that afghanistan is asking for this as part of a deal but on "the situation room" susan rise said it's not on the table. officials say secretary of state john kerry has offered a letter promising that past mistakes would not be repeated. and now to iran, its nuclear program and the chances for an international agreement that could end more than three decades of icy relations with the west. negotiators return to geneva today in hopes of reaching a ju weeks ago. but as jim sciutto reports today's consultations could be a
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second chance to find a solution everyone can agree on. >> reporter: today in geneva, talks begin on what could be a breakthrough agreement with iran on its nuclear program. national security adviser susan rise told cnn's wolf blitzer the deal is a good one for the u.s. >> international community would have unprecedented access to iran's nuclear facility it's and full transparency into what they're doing. so they wouldn't have the ability to sneak out or break out. >> reporter: but the administration is having trouble convincing its closest ally in the region israel. prime minister benjamin netanyahu callinging iran untrustworthy. >> iran's dream deal is the world's nightmare. >> reporter: and the obama administration naive. >> rather than surrendering to their charm offensive, it's important that they surrender to the pressure that can be brought to them. >> reporter: while u.s. officials say their differences
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are purely technical, they go to the core of whether any diplomatic agreement on iran's nuclear program is possible. >> you have probably the most significant breach in terms of perceptions and realities between an american president and israeli prime minister in quite some time. >> reporter: facing similar skepticism from u.s. lawmakers at home, president obama met with senate leaders tuesday to make his case. several still left the white house unconvinced. >> well, i think all of us are concerned. we know who we're dealing with. you know, we watch this same type of activity occur in north korea where you began to alleviate sanctions. and i think what the concern is, whatever you do in an interim basis becomes the new norm. >> reporter: negotiators will meet in geneva today at least through friday with hopes of making a deal. >> our thanks to jim about that. we're fighting more about the huge record-setting $13
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billion settlement with jpmorgan chase and the federal government. an independent monitor will supervisor how jpmorgan spends some $4 billion which has been earmarked to help homeowners. and if it doesn't do what it has promised by 2016, the bank will have to fate federal government or give a sizable amount of money to a nonprofit. kathleen sebelius said hitting the road, visiting miami for the second time in 32 months. highlighting the store of one miami beach man who was able to buy insurance through the website. sebelius is vowing to finish the job, while avoiding questions for calls for her to step down. president obama was not at the official ceremony marking the 150th anniversary of the gettysburg address. the white house said there were scheduling conflicts but the president did put out a rather extraordinary handwritten note that reflects the speech to him.
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the president writes that sometimes he looks at a copy of the address which is in the white house and thinks about the words that give him and the nation confidence that freedom will prevail. it was really interesting to see this written in the president's own hand. long notes and thoughts. president obama will mark another on anniversary today. the assassination of john f. kennedy. the president and harrisburg harrisburg and former present clinton will wrist the second tear where they will lay a wreath. tededly tornadoes sliced through the region, many people returning home from far away to see the destruction for themselves. including mike rodkay. he's an army sergeant stationed in texas. after hearing about the storms he raised back to illinois, and his mother's fortunately
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undamaged house. he drove almost 18 hours so he could help out. >> as much devastation as there was, i told my boss and army, and i told her that i've got to come home. i have to. this is where i'm from. i can't have a major tornado hit my hometown and sit back in texas and not do anything. >> indira petersons who just returned from the tornadoes is joining us. a couple of questions, yesterday, when you were there, you were talking about the fact they were expecting rain and did that pan out? >> fortunately, yeah, storm kicking up. lighter rain expected in the forecast today. but then especially as you go through thursday and friday some heavier rain is in the forecast for them. not to mention still very cold, temperatures in the 40s and getting colder as we go through the weekend. as far as the rest of the country, let's talk about this dome of high pressure in place for us today. we're talking about temperatures on the mild side. five to ten degrees below normal
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but the big story is what's going on out west. there you see charleston, about 65, d.c., 48. yeah, chilly, but that story again, remains out west. look at this moisture. this is hawaii. there's california. every time you see this, you know we're going to start getting heavy rain and good amounts of snow out west. and this is the storm that's eventually going to make its way throughout the country. cold temperatures diving down by the end of the week and also heavy snow. sierras looking at a foot of snow and colorado, that is the system. anytime you see a system that makes its way across the midwest, that's going to be bringing rain and snow. >> you did a great job for us. thank you. 12 minutes after the hour, brittany murphy's father on the record with cnn on the new evidence that he says shows his daughter might have been murdered. >> we saw her three months before she died. he was in great spirits, but she
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wasn't herself. >> what law enforcement plans to do with the new test results. plus, george zimmerman out of jail but not without provisions. plus, it's time for your morning rhyme. tweet us your original verse. it can be about anything. hash tags are #morningrhyme and #earlystart. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing.
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2:17 am
questions you may have about the case. >> paul, real quick, you were first on scene, when you first got out there what did you see? >> shortly after 8:00, received a report of a downed aircraft port everglades. upon arriving on the scene, us, state and local assets, we saw a debris field. i would say pretty small at that point. some of the fuse lage we were able to see. we confirmed that was what we were looking for. that's all we saw. >> were you one of the buns who found one two of the bodies inside the water. >> that's correct. >> where did you find the bodies? >> about 500 yards from the original debris field to the north. >> you can confirm they were male and female? >> i cannot confirm that at this time. next of kin notifications have yet to be made. >> what are you doing at this hour? >> right now, we're continuing our search efforts with surface
2:18 am
assets, navy assets, we'll continue those until midmorning, we'll switch out crews and we'll definitely go throughout the day and reassess the evening. >> how big of an area are you covering with your search right now? >> the initial debris field, all the way up to hillsborough, to approximately eight to ten nautical miles to the east. >> can you describe the damage of the plane involved? >> to the debris field, like i said, it was just pieces of the plane. there were -- i couldn't say there was anything larger than 6 by 6. that's just my estimate. >> bodies you did find, any idea of whether it was the pilot? >> no ideas at this time. on the two bodies recovered. >> we also understand his was a medical plane. can you confirm that? >> i cannot confirm that at this time. one more question. >> real quick, despite is being nine hours now, you're still
2:19 am
searching for two possible survivors? >> that's correct. this is an active search and rescue case primarily. >> how are the conditions throughout, calm or -- >> optimal search conditions other than darkness. >> how big is the -- >> i'm sorry? >> how many members of the coast guard? >> we had over 12 assets and 50 people involved in this case. presently. >> what's the hope that these missing can survivor through the night? >> we'll continue as a search and rescue case. okay. guys, we'll keep you updated with press releases. >> all right. you're hearing from the coast guard in ft. lauderdale on the plane crash that happened there overnight. a leerjet, a medical jet went down there. they found two bodies in the water. they're calling it an active search right now for two
2:20 am
survivors. there were four people on the plane. what happened, this plane came from mexico, dropped off a patient, and was returning home when it crashed in the water. there's a debris field in the water. the plane was pretty badly smashed up, no pieces above six feet wide. >> there was a little bit of good news that he shared. he said optimal conditions for the search and rescue. there's about 50 people involved in that. the only problem is it's dark out. so hopefully, you never know, miracles sometimes happen, right. >> within the next hour, they should get that light and get a better sense of what's going on there. >> we'll continue to follow this story. in today's "road warriors" you know those discount airlines that promise to give you money in exchange for perks. two could end up costing more when you fly. i don't know why they give me these stories. southwest airlines has
2:21 am
advertised for years that bags fly free but now the ceo said that southwest might be open to charging in the future. southwest currently allows two free checked bags. don't worry yet, the airline says it doesn't have any concrete plans to tack on those charges to you. spirit airlines also considering charging more for checked bags during peak travel times, they say. that means you could pay more right around the holidays. and the flip side, you could also pay less when business is typically slow. spirit airlines says the new pricing if it happens wouldn't take in effect until next year. jetblue is the only major carrier that lets passengers check a bag at absolutely no charge. >> they know you don't travel light. 20 minutes after the hour. a high school coach out. accused of biting a player's face. >> what! >> that's what they tell me. biting a player's face. andy scholes joins us with this strange story.
2:22 am
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all right. from the this really happened. a high school girls basketball coach in mississippi has resigned after allegations that he bit one of his players in the face after she made a bad play. >> andy scholes, what happened? >> whew, this is bizarre. the coach's name is doyle wolverton. he's the nation's second winningest high school basketball coach. he's been coping at leake academy. he stepped down amid shock allegations. wolverton allegedly grabbed one
2:26 am
of his players by the shirt and bit her on the right side of her face after she made a bad play on the court. the player was taken to the emergency room where deputies observed a bruised bite mark on her face. despite what happened, the father of the girl does not want to pursue charges. other than resigning, wolverton has not addressed the allegations. olympic skier lindsey vonn crashed during a practice run in colorado yesterday. right now, it's unclear if she suffered another significant injury. vonn is still working her way back from a horrific leg injury in february. united states ski team confirmed that vonn will be undergoing an mri to determine the extent of injuries. the sochi games just 71 games away. tiyree irving talking about food locker and how everything
2:27 am
feels right. >> you okay? >> it's great. a man has got know when to walk away. >> so, mr. rodman -- >> one way -- >> thanks. >> guys, this is just examples of how everything is just right in the sports world. i think my favorite part of that is brett favre saying he knew when to stop eating the pie. i got to say, everything comes to the price. those guys got paid a whole lot of money to do that. evander holyfield, the guy got his ear bit off and he's still hugsing mike tyson. a lot of crazy news. a leerjet falls from the sky off the florida coast. continuing coverage of frantic searches for survivors this morning when we come back. ♪
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breaking news out of florida, a jet crashing into the ocean. two people confirmed dead. two still missing. the frantic search for the survivors. hopefully, survivors. i haven't touched a drop of alcohol in three weeks. >> a drop? >> a drop. i'll take a urine test right now. >> toronto's crack-smoking mayor who says he likes to drink promises that he has cleaned up his act. but he has lost something knew this morning. we'll tell you what coming. you. >> i dropped my clip board and everything, i just ran to the car because i saw it was on its side. >> a life-saving move when one man witnesses a terrible accident and knows he has to
2:32 am
jump in and help. welcome back to "early start," everyone. great to see you this morning. i'm john berman. >> and i'm zoraida sambolin. it's 30 minutes past the hour. this morning, we're covering breaking news off the coast of florida where the search is on for any survivors of a frightening plane crash. a leerjet plunged into the ocean just minutes after taking off from ft. lauderdale international airport. the wreckage brought to shore on a coast guard boat. on the flight, were two pilots and two passengers said to be a doctor and a nurse. the plane was moved by a company that moved sick patients around the world. two bodies, a male and a female has been recovered. there are two others missing. it appears that something went wrong just after the plane departed. the pilot radioed air traffic controllers that he wanted to return to the airport. >> you're going back to ft. lauderdale. >> we have engine failure. >> maintain 4,000 and turn left
2:33 am
heading 330. >> it's not possible, we're gonna do a mayday. >> i not it was really strange for a plane flying so low. >> we're continuing our search assets with search and aviation assets. we'll continue those through midmorning, we'll switch out crews. >> chilling to hear that mayday, mayday call. >> it is. >> after dropping off a patient at a florida hospital. we heard from the coast guard a while ago that said that search conditions are optimal. they say it's an active search for possibly two survivors. a first term republican congressman is apologizing after being charged with cocaine possession. trey radel was arrested september 29th. in a statement, he said he struggles with alcoholism and
2:34 am
made an irresponsible choice. he plans to seek counseling. he is due in court today. toronto's crack-smoking mayor, kind of a theme on the show. rob ford is finding himself a man no longer in control of his city. senior aids and the policymaker are now working for the duty mayor who took over duties after city council stripped ford of powers. his key card no longer gives hip access to some of the offices. his tv show has been canceled. >> didn't that just debut? >> debuted monday night. and it apparently took too many hours to shoot and edit. a lot of bleeping, i'd imagine and a tv executive said it was just too expensive. also this news that winds up the infamous video of ford smoking crack may have been recorded just last february. not more than a year ago as ford had earlier stated. this is according to police documents cited by canadian
2:35 am
media. they have not been independently confirmed we should tell you, by cnn. ford is going to turn his life around. he said he's giving up the bottle. here's nic robertson. >> i haven't dropped a drop of alcohol in three weeks. >> reporter: cold turkey. >> you're done with alcohol? >> finished. >> you'll never drink again? >> finished. >> reporter: mayor ford talking on tv promising his boozy days are done. >> you haven't been drinking at all? >> i haven't touched a drop of alcohol in three weeks. >> a drop? >> a drop. i'll take a urine test right now. >> reporter: but don't expect details. the man given ford's mayoral powers not so sure. >> it's easy to go cold turkey, it's hard to stay that way. so, that's the only comment i can make on that. >> reporter: but if it works, maybe just maybe there will be less of this.
2:36 am
and this. >> oh, no -- >> i didn't push her! >> right in there? >> right in the the belly. >> reporter: what are you thinking at that moment? >> don't fall on me. yeah, this is the first time i've ever gotten an elbow to the rib by ford before. >> i felt like i was hit by a crazy train, quite honestly. but certainly, the impact made me go into slow motion. i couldn't think about what was happening. i was kind of looking at him. you can see me sort of going get off me, get off me. i was afraid he was going to fall on top of me. >> reporter: apparently, no alcohol involved. even show, forgiveness from ford not happening now. >> it will take more than that to have me sit down. you don't know me very well, but i can tell you nobody knocks me down like that. >> reporter: and it will take more than a few weeks to
2:37 am
convince pamela connell and the council that he's winning with booze. >> i feel like i've been hit by a crazy train. 36 minutes past the hour, a prominent politician, a one time gubernatorial candidate is recovering in the hospital after being apparently stabbed by his son. state senator cee dedes was found walking from his home with wounds to his head and chest. his son was found dead inside the house. state police are investigating the incident attempted murder/suicide. his son had withdrawn from college and underwent a mental evaluation earlier in the week. >> this is a sad story. there are reports they were trying to admit him to psychiatric facilities but there were not enough beds. a sharply divided supreme court has turned down an emergency stay that would have blocked part of a controversial
2:38 am
abortion law in texas. the decision was split along ideological lines joined by lee and aleast tee. and they have not met the verdict to ask the high courts to intervene before an appeal was filed. a justice wrote that it may review safe abortions in texas. in the west towns hit by deadly tornadoes this week, we are hearing amazing stories of just how strong the storm was. we told you yesterday about chris lancaster. he shot this video of a tornado hitting his home in washington, illinois. well, it winds up he's also a musician. and the tornado picked up about 25 years worth of sheet music. music that has now been found 100 miles away in joliet. ashley shell found it inside her yard and is now trying to get the music back to its owner. >> it's heartwarming, you know, that we can make a difference,
2:39 am
something that gets blown in to send it back to him. >> someone returned something that i would never see again, that would be something very special to me. >> that is very nice to see. >> that is great. >> indra petersons who did terrific reporting in the tornado zone is back with us. how does the weather look today? >> this is what we were concerned about the last few days, they had the clear blue skies, it was cold, but they knew what was coming. the they're talking heavier rain so unfortunately not a good situation for them. and for the weekend very cold temperatures out. there what is going on out there? very mild for the eastern half of the country. but a system making their way to the south. notice this one bringing all the cold air to the midwest. of course, we're looking at heavy rain and snow through the sierras and wyoming and colorado. we're going to tract systems that make their way across.
2:40 am
first notice a lot of snow picking up out of that system, but as it makes its way across, we're going to be talking about heavier rain by the middle of the week. especially in the midwest. that's the concern we're talking about. the other side is temperatures, we are talking a good 20 degrees below normal. now, today, you're not looking at it being too bad. but this cold air will spread all the way to the east. it's going to take its time, but by saturday and sunday, wire talking in the northeast, temperatures 20 degrees to the normal highs of 30s. >> wow. >> happy weekend. >> at least we're prepared. indra, thank you. former president george w. bush speaking out about his legacy and recent health problems. he appeared on the "tonight show" with jay leno on what history will deliver about his presidency. he said he did the best he could. he joked about his blocked artery. the one in his heart, the stent procedure, that he had to have done to prevent a heart attack. >> i wasn't that scared.
2:41 am
[ laughter ] >> was it -- you had obama care? [ laughter ] >> we saw before the president holding up artwork. george w. bush loves to paint now. he was joking with jay leno about that. he gave him a portrait. he paints all the time. he said it's his new profession and he doesn't miss the spotlight at all. coming up, he says he's no hero. just doing what he had to do, a young man who saved a life and then went back to work work. we're going to have his story coming up next.
2:42 am
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44 minutes past the hour. welcome back to "early start." pay attention, john berman. this is good. a real mystery in phoenix. a good samaritan who helped save a life but disappeared before he
2:45 am
could be thanked. now, we know his name, lucas robinson. guess what, he's 19 years old. police took to facebook to find him. and say he was the one who ran towards a car crash just last week, after a 73-year-old woman's vehicle flipped pinning her arm. she would have bled to death but robinson took off his belt, wrapped it around her arm and saved her life. staying with her until paramedics arrived then he went back to work. >> i went back to work. i did my part. i did all i could. and the paramedics could take over from there. i wasn't looking for attention. i hope somebody would do something for me. >> clearly, he's not looking for attention. robinson has met the woman's husband who called the 19 a good man. and he said his wife wants to give robinson the belt back. incredible. >> he went back to work. because that's what you do. you help people because you're supposed to. >> isn't that great?
2:46 am
he was raised right? those are folks i want to talk to. where does that come from, we need to nurture more of that. that's great. this is what's coming up on "new day." chris cuomo and kate bolduan. >> we're dealing with the search for two people. a crash, two have been found dead unfortunately. they're searching for survivors, we have the mayday calls on this live situation. the mayday calls, the plane started to go down. there was engine failure. we could hear what the pilots were talking about. details are still light. it's an ongoing situation. a shocking story out of virginia, a prominent state senator stabbed. his son found dead apparently of a suicide. now questions surrounding his son's mental health. what was going on, and the days before the altercation. authorities called it there. we'll talk about that. 46 minutes after the hour right now. it's time for the morning rhyme.
2:47 am
these are the best tweets of the day. today is from an old friend julia greenberg. he writes is it early, is it late, i guess it depends on when you last ate? we picked this because julia is an alum of "early start." she used to work here. she's in charge of google or something. she's in silicon valley, we'll all work for her one day. you can come up with your own morning rhymes. tweet us the hash tags are #morningrhyme and and #earlystart. and ben bernanke and "money time" next. i'm beth...
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neutralize them and freshen. with glad odorshield with febreze. welcome back to "early start." it is dwt money time." >> ben bernanke gave a speech and ben bernanke is in no rush to cut back on that $85 million a month bond-buying spree. he went a step further signifying that the fed will keep rates low even after the job picture noticeably improves. >> even as unemployment drops below 6.5%, as long as inflation remains well behaved, the committee can be patient in seeking assurance that the labor market is significantly strong before considering any increase in the target for the federal funds. >> he's still as rousing as a
2:52 am
speaker as ever. >> i know. i'm talking about well-behaved inflation like children. >> bringing the house down, ben bernanke right there. >> we love it. the dow is up 22%. the nasdaq 30%. s&p 500 up 25%. why are shoppers so cautious right before the retailers big shopping season. best buy sees an unusually competitive holiday season that could hurt profits. retailers have been battling even earlier for your shopping dollars. now they're making thanksgiving thursday nut black friday. all of the retailers scrambling, scrambling to try to get you to spend money earlier this year. also, i want to give you more on this landmark settlements between the ferg and the jpmorgan chase. that is not done. that may headaches for this guy, jpmorgan ceo jamie dimon. but eric holder putting other banks on notice. he said no firm is above the
2:53 am
law. and passage of time is no shield from accountability. the jpmorgan settlement breaks down, $1 billion to state government. $2 billion to government and $2 billion to credit unions and $4 billion to consumers. elvis presley inc. has a new owner. it's purchased the intel elect wall property of the king of rock 'n' roll. album covers, movie posters, video footage. even events. we don't know the purchase price of it, authentic brands controls the marilyn monroe brand. don't worry, berman, graceland and part of the party are not part of the deal. >> you're an elvis fan? >> she can't see under the deck, but it's not there.
2:54 am
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welcome back to "early start." everyone, it is being called divine intervention. you have to see this. a man in washington, d.c. is lucky to be alive after being shot at over the weekend. bryan harris, you can see him there, was outside his home when police say random gunfire started flying. he thought he'd been hit in the
2:58 am
stomach, and he would have been, if it wasn't for his wallet. >> once i went to my sweatshirt. i pulled out my wallet. and then the shell. the bullet and everything was still in my sweatshirt. if this wallet wasn't there, you know, i would have been shot in my stomach. >> lucky he had a lot in his wallet. >> i'm wondering what was in his wallet to stop a bullet, right? >> police say it was just a matter of inches. police say if the bullet came in differently he would probably be dead right now. they say it's just amazing. check that out. harris said he realizes how lucky he is. >> wow. >> shot up wallet, but he's alive. that is it for "early start." "new day" starts right now. ♪ we have an engine failure. >> mayday, mayday, mayday.
2:59 am
>> an emergency medical plane crashes off the coast of florida. the search is on. we have the mayday calls. plus a freshman congressman caught with cocaine. he's in court today. his apologies to constituents. george zimmerman gets a surprise from his soon to-be ex-wife. we learn more since his high-profile trial. >> your "new day" starts right not. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. good morning, welcome to "new day." it is wednesday, november 20th. 6:00 in the east. we do have breaks news this morning. people are missing after a medical transport plane went down near ft. lauderdale last night. two bodies have been recovered. let get straight to john zarrella in florida. john, what do we know? >> reporter: chris, the coast guard just about 40 minutes ago holding a briefing saying they are still continuing their
3:00 am
search for two other victims who are on board that air ambulance. when it went down off the coast of ft. lauderdale about a mile off. the search stretches ten miles north of us and out ten miles. so far, what they have record, about 1,000 pounds of debris. disaster, moments after takeoff. a terrifying scene. >> mayday, mayday, mayday. >> reporter: a frantic call for help. seconds before this small medical aircraft plummeted into the sea. >> maintain 4,000 and turn left heading 3, 3-0. >> reporter: the pilot made a last-dish effort to turn back around towards the ft. lauderdale airport only to crash a mile off the coast. >> mayday, mayday,


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