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tv   Piers Morgan Live  CNN  November 18, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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this is piers morgan live. thank you for joining us, george zimmerman back in trouble with the law. we'll have the latest. also, more on toronto's crack mayor. the story just gets weirder and weirder. listen to what rob ford said on his own tv show, just moments ago. >> i'm not stepping down, i'm not an alcoholic, i'm not a drug addict. >> you are, though, endlessly entertaining. tonight, i'll talk about the person who ran for mayor, sarah thompson said he groped her, and called her a naughty, naughty girl. and this happened today.
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and the unvarnished opinion. >> you have to think he is either not telling the truth or is grossly incompetent. and how healthy are america's companies? i'll ask a man who lost chunks of everything from apple to twitter, and from time warner to fox, the arabian buffet. and now, more on the man who was charged with killing trayvon martin and was found not guilty, today was charged with allegedly pointing a shotgun at his girlfriend. listen to this dramatic 911 call. >> he is in my house, breaking all of my [ bleep ], i asked him to leave. he has his gun, breaking all of my stuff right now. >> and here is george zimmerman's side of the story and his call. >> she just started smashing
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stuff. taking stuff that belonged to me, throwing it outside. throwing it out of her room. throwing it all over the house. >> zimmerman was charged with two misdemeanor, domestic battery and criminal mischief. he is being held without bail and will be in court tomorrow. joining me now, the legal analyst. lisa, here we go again with george zimmerman. what is your take on what has gone down today with him and his girlfriend? >> well, first of all, let's look at the context, this is the third woman since 2005 who has accused george zimmerman of domestic violence. there was his ex-fiancee in 2005, just this year, shellie zimmerman made similar accusations against him, and now today, his girlfriend. do we believe that all of these welcome up with similar allegations, and yet he is constantly the victim? because that is his story. i think most people would find it hard to believe. >> yeah, and so do the police or they wouldn't have charged him.
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and next, you hear these 911 calls, the first from a panicky girlfriend saying he is threatening to smash the place up, waving guns, then you hear him calling after he goes outside to talk to the police. and he has a measured tone and is explaining it all very simply. almost as if you were being cynical, he is covering the tracks of the damage already created. >> why is he calling 911, the operator asks, when the police are right outside? go talk to the police, you know, the 911 is not supposed to be for media and pr, to tell your side of the story. it is supposed to be for people who actually have emergencies. he is calling in other words, to give his side of the story which he does, in a very calm way. the officer says go outside and do it. >> he is also aware of the law and seems to be able to behave
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in a way that tries to convince the authorities that he is acting entirely rationally and properly. >> well, look, he has been the teflon defendant since 2005. nothing has stuck to him. it is always everybody else's fault. of course the worst outcome was with trayvon martin, the unarmed teen who he shot and killed. but there are also these three women who made these allegations against him. each time he says he is the victim, acting in self defense, last time, shellie zimmerman dropped the charges. i hope this doesn't happen here, most of you, from a safety standpoint, to get to the bottom of it. she says he took a shotgun and broke the glass table. he says she broke the glass table. well, i think police should be able to determine who broke the glass table. that is something they can determine, and determine who is telling the truth here after all. >> we also learned from the girlfriend he has a shotgun and an ar-15 assault rifle in the house. i am shocked that somebody like
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george zimmerman is able to just legally own an ar-15 assault rifle. >> right, and as you know, piers, assault weapons were banned from 1994 to 2004 in this country. that ban expired and now he can lawfully have a gun. he is currently incarcerated. and i understand the attorneys in florida will ask the court tomorrow to keep him away from his firearms. but unless a judge rules that way he is allowed to have concealed guns as he says he does on his person, in his car, in his home, really just about anywhere he wants to have them. >> absolutely ridiculous, lisa bloom, thank you for joining us. i want to turn now to toronto mayor rob ford, the city council today stripped him of most of his powers. amid the cries of shame, shame, the mayor apparently barged over the council member, you certainly don't see this type of thing, in the british
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parliament. joining me now, a toronto city council member who says that mayor ford has crossed the line and has to go. and robin diddle, it is bordering on the complete and utter farce. the only thing we can say, from where we sit it is all quite entertaining. and the approval ratings are quite high still. is it a story in toronto that is simply splitting everybody down the middle? all the officials want him gone, the public is rallying? >> well, in toronto, we see people -- previous mayors with a much higher approval rating. when he first started they were around 60. they're not great, it is true they have not moved a lot since the scandal has started. and i mean yeah, he is a master at playing the victim.
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he is really, really talented at that. you saw it today at council. and people in the states said i can't believe he is doing it. is he completely losing his mind? but no, this is a tactical decision -- >> why do i feel myself warming to the guy? >> because you can imagine sitting down with him, having a beer, he loves football. >> if he has personal failings, if that is a criteria for being a politician, almost all of them would have to give up their job. >> i don't think that personal failures are smoking crack, but it is the line, for the last six months he has strongly denied any sort of drug use or drinking. >> he says he was never asked the right questions. >> and i can grab my cell phone and tell you 15 times that i specifically asked -- have you ever used drugs while being
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mayor? have you ever smoked crack before? i might be, that was a tactical decision he made, he said you didn't ask me about the question because he knows the lying is the big thing. >> let's play the interview with rob ford today. it is quite extraordinary. >> no, i didn't say that, you're absolutely wrong. they said do you smoke crack, and are you a crack addict? no, i don't smoke crack, and i'm not a crack addict. i haven't lied, i haven't smoked crack in over a year. >> it is semantics. >> no, it is not semantics, you guys are all the same, i'm not an alcoholic -- you guys can spin it, you can tell me whatever you want, these people know that i'm not. i show up every day, i'm totally human. have you ever got drunk before, bill? >> of course, but i'm not running --
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>> it doesn't matter. >> i don't think bill has gotten drunk as often as you have, mr. ford. and counsel -- councilman, you were supportive for a long time, now you're not? >> well, i was supportive of the fiscal agenda and thought we needed to make changes, i supported him when there were allegations on video, i believed him. i gave him the benefit of the doubt. when they said he had a drinking problem, i never saw him drink, i gave him the benefit of the doubt. the video came out, now we learn more of his involvement with gangs and drugs. we're finding that he gets behind the wheel and drinks. he uses the foulest of language in his office, he used the "p" word.
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his behavior, conduct and bad judgment. and his bad decisions, that is what turned me against him. i believe he has to go. >> i think one of the favorite moments came when he likened all of this to the iraq war. let's watch this clip. >> this, folks, reminds me of when -- and i was watching it with my brother, when saddam attacked kuwait. and president bush said i warn you, i warn you, i warn you do not. well, folks, if you think american-style politics is nasty, you guys have just attacked kuwait. >> sorry, i know it is wrong, i just find that really funny.
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he's became a brilliant sketch on snl. let's take a look at that. >> again, i am sorry for how i have been acting, it is not indicative of my position as mayor in this great town of toronto. >> hey, man, i got what you asked for. >> hey, man -- let's do it under the desk. no, don't say what it is. >> all right, well, i got your stuff right here. >> wow, that is a lot of crack! >> oh, that was not mayoral behavior. >> brilliant impression, actually, live pictures of rob ford coming out of his office today, right now, live. there he is, looking like he is determined to carry on battling. we're watching this for a few seconds, we'll see what he is planning to do. great thing with rob ford he
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could be planning on doing anything this minute. i would urge you to say watching -- stay watching. here is the crack mayor, going back into his office. so we'll have to keep an eye on that. we'll keep an eye on that. that was happening right behind you. he has been robbed of all of his powers as mayor. can he stumble on as a figurehead, or is this the beginning of the end, do you feel? >> well, he retains the statutory powers given to him by the province, he has lost many of the powers that the city has given to him. so he no longer is leading the executive committee. he lost a lot of his staff and budget. he can still carry on, he still has responsibilities at official functions and representing the city in many different circumstances. so he has lost a lot of his powers. he still can carry on and still
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will carry on. and he will start campaigning in election -- many would say he has already started. >> okay, counselor, thank you very much for joining me. we'll keep an eye on mayor ford's office. we have a camera trained on it. hopefully he won't do anything in the next two minutes, but when we come back, the woman who ran against him, sarah thompson, said he groped her at a party. stick around, this could be interesting, as well. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners,
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and the last thing was, it says i wanted to [ bleep ] i have never said that in my life to her. i would never do that. i am happily married, i have more than enough at home. >> an extraordinary statement, from the gift that keeps on giving. mayor rob ford in toronto. he has just left his office, i can reveal. and dramatically, shockingly, he has not done anything crazy as he left his office, at all. he seems to have walked normally into an elevator. rob ford seems to have left without doing anything nuts. you opposed him in the election and you lost.
9:18 pm
you said at the time that he had groped you at a party, behaved very badly, called you a very, very naughty girl. and nobody really believed you. do you feel vindicated now? >> vindicated is such an empty feeling. i feel sorry for him. i think he has an illness and has to deal with it. he is hurting toronto -- >> is he hurting toronto? toronto is a lovely place, i've been there. it is not the most exciting -- i'm talking to people in london, saying wow, i want to be to toronto. if that guy is the mayor, what are the rest of them like? is he damaging toronto? >> i think he is. >> how. >> i think people are saying is there a crack problem or a gang problem in toronto? and they fear that. i tell people, come to toronto, it is a safe city --
9:19 pm
>> what he did to you, you claim -- he denies it, obviously. >> one of the other lies. >> was he just being rambostuous rob ford -- >> he was completely stoked. he was not the rob ford i know. i had been with him for about ten months in the election. this is a man who wouldn't even look me in the eye. and then -- >> did he say -- >> no comment. >> what people say, you're quite a polarizing figure, people saying i can't believe you got this sarah thompson, it is all talk about him, making herself relevant, what do you have to say? >> it is about toronto. i have always been how we put toronto on the map, make it a world class city, rob is about rob, he has a lot of problems and needs to get them fixed.
9:20 pm
>> has he damaged toronto? i mean, the media all say that he has. his political rivals say he has. i'm slightly torn, i'm seeing two results here, a lot of people thinking less of him in toronto, a lot of people thinking wow, this is quite fun. >> i don't think the media is saying he is damagi n -- damaging toronto. has he been quite an effective mayor as he claims? >> i think he is very good at setting a conservative tone. there is no doubt he did well, getting city bureaucrats to think about not wasting money. >> see, i like that. so -- if he has been achieving that, and keeping a good tight fist on the expenditure, who cares if he gets drunk
9:21 pm
occasionally? >> he claims he saved a billion dollars, city costs have gone up a rate of 200 million. so he claims these lies and people believe him. >> there is a respectable journalist who says there is some merit to it. >> he is a brand, that brand has changed the culture at city hall. there is no doubt. the question is, can you stomach all the other stuff that you don't want the leader -- >> i have an idea, we have a naughty blonde haired mayor in my town, why don't we swap him? >> is he naughty? >> he is quite naughty. >> does he smoke crack? >> i wouldn't know, but why don't we swap him -- will he still be there in a week? >> yeah, he will be there. >> and good to see you, i'm sure the rob ford story will rumble on and on. and ann romney, coming up, after her husband lost the race, she
9:22 pm
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last time i talked with ann romney, it was in my home town of london, and she and her husband were campaigning. ann romney writes about her family in a new book "the romney family table." welcome back, how are you? >> terrific. >> when i take you back, i remember walking around this old military site where we did the interview in london. and it was really getting tense.
9:26 pm
i could see the pressure was building, in the late summer, when i take you back to that moment what was going through your mind? >> well, you know, it is obviously -- you're on the hot seat all the time. and on top of that you're anxiety, you are always anxious, you want to know what the end result will be. >> i may have misread the signals, but i got the feeling you were not at all 100% it would be a great thing for your family. >> i am convinced it would not be a great thing. it is a sacrifice and we should applaud those that do it and the difficulty that families go through when you do go something like that. i think it would have been good for the country, but i'm not necessarily certain it would have been terrific for my children. >> i want to play a clip. this is mitt's interview on friday. let's watch this. >> i'm really feeling --
9:27 pm
>> you know, it was a fabulous experience. i loved it. i loved it, but i'm not doing that again. >> you pretty well making it clear you're not running again, buster. >> right, you know, i felt that way after the 2008 election. i will tell you, it was like i was the one that said never again, never again. i really don't believe we will ever run again, because you know, we've run two times and we'll pass the baton now to someone else. >> how brutal is a presidential -- >> it is brutal, for -- >> for people who can't even imagine what it is like, give me an insight on the brutality. >> to begin with, you're stretched thin with the amount of time that you're at home, not on a regular schedule or exercising regularly. you're being attacked by another opposition all the time. you're trying to get out your message. you're trying you know -- there is just so many things that are flying at you all the time.
9:28 pm
you're in intense mode every single day. >> what was the best moment of the whole thing and the worst moment? >> the best moment is seeing the people and seeing the country. that is a collective thing that happens over time. and it is a good country, good people, and it still is despite all the problems we're going through right now and despite the difficulties that we see. you know, it is a good, good country and good people. and we should be optimistic. we should be cheerful. we should be delighted we live in a country with such liberties and freedoms and such opportunities. i still come away saying yeah, it was tough but i still love this country and i still hope that really good people run. it is worth it. it is a delight. i mean, it is hard, yes, it is brutal, yes, but it is also one of the most extraordinary experiences. >> outside of the moment you lost, obviously, what was the lowest moment? >> well, you know, election was pretty darn low, i can't think of anything that was lower than
9:29 pm
that. >> did you go into that night genuinely thinking you could still pull it off? >> i was getting nervous on election day, less sure, i felt really confident. about two weeks before i started -- things started to not be a little bit -- obviously, we had hurricane sandy that was taking all the attention off the election onto you know, the president performing. and i'm like oh, boy, this is not good. so there were those feelings that were not starting to meet. and election day i didn't feel good at all. >> when you saw chris christie sticking his arm around the president were you like get your hands off of him? >> yeah, in some places, buts recognizing that chris was a dear friend to us, mary pat was, as well. he was being a governor, doing what was right for his state at the moment. there are no feelings of animosity towards chris. >> and interestingly, on obama care, particularly.
9:30 pm
you rolled out a version in massachusetts that was pretty successful in the end. what do you make on what is going on? you express the situation on health care, what do you make on this? particularly the president's position? >> you know, he put himself in a very sticky place, you either have to think he was not telling the truth or is grossly incompetent. either one of the choices is not a good choice. >> which side are you leaning towards? >> i think a little bit of both? >> do you think he lied? >> i don't think he was telling the truth. >> it is the same thing, isn't it? >> yeah, i know, it is harsh for me to say that. i think mitt said on the cbs morning show, the wrinkles will eventually get worked out one way or the other. but the basic credibility of the president is at jeopardy. >> we'll take a short break, when i come back i have this to
9:31 pm
surprise you with, this is a marshmallow and peanut butter sandwich. what is this called? >> a fluffer nutter -- >> i have never had a fluffer nutter in my life. but after the break, we'll discuss the romney family table and a bit more politics. this looks great. cg/úññ
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at this stage, you look at chris christie and say that is a very impressive guy with a great track record, with a demonstrated ability to work across the aisle. >> romney, on nbc's "meet the press," talking about chris christie, ann, his wife is back with me now. what is the big misconception of your husband? i always liked him very much, personally.
9:36 pm
he is slightly more robotic in public, i guess if i was being honest. but this weird disconnect between what he is really like and the way a lot of people spoke about him. >> but you know, if you went to rallies, you saw it. i think it was a frustration for me, as wife, that people had this impression of him. one of the first debates with barack obama, where nobody interpreted what he was saying. >> well, it killed him. he must have gone away that night -- >> it was a good feeling. i liked it especially, because people got to see an unfiltered view of him, without somebody else trying to interpret what he was saying, thinking oh, he looks like a pretty smart guy that has a good grip on the issue. >> when you see chris christie, do you think mitt will support chris christie, is he the type of candidate? >> absolutely, if chris is the nominee, 100%, chris is a very capable guy. >> he wouldn't be having many of
9:37 pm
these if he runs, right? >> well, i hope not. >> he won't have any of these fluffer nutters, a boston specialty, the recipe is in the book. >> well, it is tongue in cheek. >> two slices of white bread, peanut butter, marshmallow fluff. >> well, it is tongue in cheek, the reason i put it in the book is -- this, this is my son, that is me -- >> i burden of proof, this is your son, craig? >> there is craig. and this is what happens when you leave the big baby-sitters, his big brothers in charge. this is what i would come home to so often. i did have funny things happen -- >> you look like a model there. >> wouldn't it be as nice as we could say as young as we were in our 20s. >> there were lovely pictures there of you, your grandchildren.
9:38 pm
the romneys, it is just an incredible family rock. you all are incredibly close and loving with each other. >> well, i think we do have a strong family -- >> bigger than the osmonds. >> that is a big family, we might compete with the osmonds, i don't know how big their family is. >> would you like to have a woman president? >> well, you know, i would love to see a lot more women involved in politics. it is pretty tough business, i will say. there are great women that i hope will step up. you know, for me, i'm a republican, so for me, i would love to see a republican woman. nikki haley, a wonderful governor -- martinez, susanah martinez. >> would you ever attempt to run for any high office -- >> i think you would be good. >> you know, piers, i would be good at campaigning, i'm not sure if i would love the actual governing. you know, mitt would have been terrific.
9:39 pm
he is such a good executive. sometimes we misinterpret the actual job itself and what is required to do the job. if you're a good campaigner does not necessarily mean you're going to be a good governor or a good president. >> what is your favorite recipe in this book? i like the welsh cake -- >> i love it. i make it all the time. >> it is a recipe from your welsh grandmother. >> what a lady she was, she and my grandfather, they worked in the coal mines. you know what it is like, tough, tough lives they had. i can't believe that my own grandfather was probably illiterate, i'm not even certain. because he died of the black lung. you know, their lives were tough, their families were strong. from far away i still feel those
9:40 pm
feelings of family and devotion and sacrifice that they made like so many of our ancestors made to brings and have better opportunities for their children, and who would have thought, honestly that his granddaughter would be where i'm sitting today? >> now, you have a new family -- kieran -- >> i made the mistake of pronouncing it the wrong way, matthew means gift from god. there is kieran, there is my little granddaughter on his side. that is baby kieran. >> how old is he? >> he is about six month-old now. we couldn't legally adopt him. we are able to let the world now he is part of our family. >> and when you look at your sons, they're such handsome boys, and what if one of them came to you and said i'm going to make a run --
9:41 pm
>> i would advise them, it is not a good time in their lives. seriously right now, they have young children, a lot of them. i would say you need to be home. and so i would advise them not to. >> all the proceeds in this book, beautifully illustrated. but if you like cooking, i'm hopeless at it. this chocolate roll is looming large in my thought process. all the proceeds are going into the neurological research for multiple sclerosis, you are doing well. you always look so vibrant and healthy. >> i'm doing well, it is a blessing that a lot of us suffering from multiple sclerosis, doing so well. i couldn't get up or go to the grocery store. i want to give hope to those that are suffering. i very often speak with the newly diagnosed. it is such a tough thing to go through. but hopefully the proceeds with
9:42 pm
this will help with the research, push it along. we're getting better and better. we'll study ms, parkinson's, lou gehrigs, it is really a tough diagnosis, there is not a single thing that can be done for that. we have do get better at things and give people hope. we have fantastic doctors in boston, i'm very excited about it. >> well, it is terrific to see you, the last time i saw you in london, the olympics were on. you had had a horse. >> she did well, she tried. you get so attached to these animals. and i'm so proud of her. she is an extraordinary, extraordinary individual. and i mean that, she has such a personality. tried so hard. she gave 110%. she didn't make a single mistake. bravo to rafalka. >> where is she now. >> i'm riding her on occasion, horses have been part of my
9:43 pm
therapy, for me to getting stronger. i love them, they're wonderful animals. and they're still a part of my life and i still use them for my physical therapy. >> it has been good to see you again, really has, thank you very much for coming in. the book is called "the romney family table" sharing home cooked recipes. it is a family tradition. and will make you feel happy. >> there i more of the fluffer nutter sandwiches in there, that is a joke. >> i'm going to have more of those. >> oh, thank you, piers. >> and i'll ask a man who won big chunks, i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough.
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number stores nationwide. sleep number. comfort individualized. visit to find a sleep number store near you. not a higher percentage. but of the ones i made deals with i decided their handshake is good. we do not have contracts. we have 70-some companies and one or two contracts out there. but basically. you can't make a good deal with a bad guy. >> warren buffet is a richer man tonight after a dow jones hit a high of 16,000 today just off
9:48 pm
that mark. joining me tonight is a royal prince of saudi arabia and known as the arabian buffet. i know you watched the interview with warren buffet with his son and grandson. what did you make of his views of how do business? you can never do a good deal with a bad guy and with many people, a handshake is good enough for him. >> this is a new one for buffet. they want to own business. straight forward, to the point, not to make things too difficult. very straight forward. >> i e-mailed him and asked for some questions for you. and he said he would be interested to know what is the number one worry that you have
9:49 pm
about investing in american equities right now given you have so many stakes in so many companies from apple to twitter to others. >> the big worry is not the economy or the business or the companies. the worries is that the political fight in washington impacts the stock market and the sentiment in the united states. we saw how the budget talk and the deficit talk almost ruined the investment in the united states. it's not the economy. the american economy will survive. the worry is that the political fight and bickering between both parties will have impact on the economy and the investor sentiment. >> do you still feel confident in the way the american economy is going or do you share concerns that many people have that it could potentially if they are not careful rebound back in a recession?
9:50 pm
>> i have a lot of respect and confidence for the u.s. economy. no doubt about. that very resilient and always comes out of all its downturns and recessions even stronger. >> if you were running the show and obama care had gone the way it has gone, would you be saying we need to start with new people at the top? >> i would not have it roll out before i'm so sure that all the ingredients of success are in order. it is a transformation project. it's like the new deal or enrolling social security and medicare and medicaid. this is a huge transformation project and it began on the wrong footing. clearly obama right now is not going to rescind it or have it change dramatically, he will try to patch it up and it will create more instability. >> one roll out that went well
9:51 pm
was twitter and you were a big investor. obviously you have made a handsome return. why did you like twitter so much? >> yeah, we now, for twitter to be successful, hundreds of other social media companies have to fail. really, we follow twitter from the beginning. we like the business model. we did not invest from the beginning. we only invested in twitter went it went out of venture capital and became on the verge of maturity. there is a lot of discussion on how it is going to monetize the business model. >> you don't follow anybody. >> yet. >> i'm waiting. >> okay. i'll follow you. >> i want to be the first person you follow tonight. >> you will be one of them. >> thank you very much. i want to put the other question
9:52 pm
that warren buffet for you. if he wants to be known as the arabian buffet he may have to cut back a bit on his spending. what is your reaction to that second question from warren buffet. he wants you to stop spending so much money. >> i don't spend that much money. >> i think he means you are seen with large palaces and yachts. >> i tell him i will take his advice and implement it very fast. >> let's take a break and talk about the world stage. with iran, israel and syria and other big issues right now. ♪
9:53 pm
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i always suggest to foreign leaders, to world leaders. when israelis and arabs are saying the same thing that doesn't happen very often. it's worth while paying attention. we're here. we understand what iran is doing.
9:57 pm
>> benjamin netanyahu. that deal for the u.n. security council to loosen sanctions against tehran for suspending part of the nuclear program. one of the great players in the middle east, what do you make of what is going on with this tension between netanyahu and what he believes is going on with iran and america and everybody else? >> you rarely find the arab world in sync. and as far as iran is concerned and the nuclear program there is -- they are very much concerned about the iranian nuclear program and concerned about any concessions that the obama administration may give
9:58 pm
and iran and the nuclear program whereby, the results of the economic sanctions that brought iran to the negotiation tables disappear. >> what about syria? do you trust assad when he says he will give up his chemical weapons? >> some of the trust the deal that mr. putin brokered between him and the administration was a lifetime opportunity for him to survive. and he was on the verge of being hit by the u.s. -- the united states. for sure he will -- and he did abide by the first phase of that -- of the decommissioning of his chemical weapons by destroy all the -- all the material that were used to build these chemical weapons which was november 1st. but the most important deadline
9:59 pm
is june. by that deadline all his chemical weapons have to be destroyed. >> in saudi arabia, there is a clock ticking. the oil is running out and america is beginning to pump out more and more oil and becoming less reliant on saudi oil. do you think people in saudi arabia fully understand the dangers of what is going on here? >> that is a very good question. it is very clear that the dependence of the united states on oil and even the western world is diminishing. the united states is on the verge of being an oil exporter. the dependence on oil has been diminished because of the discoveries of oil and gas and production of shared oil. it is important for other countries to have less dependence on oil. it's a time bomb. i'm public about that and vocal in saudi arabia.
10:00 pm
>> it's always good a see you. thank you for coming to be here. that's all for us tonight. "ac360 later" starts right now. good evening everyone, breaking news on two fronts about toronto's crack-smoking mayor, rob ford, and the man who just can't seem to stay out of the headlines, george zimmerman. he has had a new mug shot. and why his girlfriend said she is afraid for her life. the 911 tape just came out, listen. >> are you serious? >> i -- i need police right now. >> okay, what is your address? >> ma'am, ma'am -- what is going on? >> he is in my house breaking all of my stuff because i asked him to leave. he has his fricking gun, just


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