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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 15, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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vietnam. now, we were talking about this. we've never heard of this remote cameras in a forest reserve snapping a photograph of what's called a sa la. >> it is dubbed the asian unicorn because it's horns are close together. there are believed to be only a few hundred that actually exist. >> cute. there you go. that's your photo of the day. thanks for watching "around the world." guess who's in next? >> don lemon. have a great weekend, everybody. "cnn newsroom" starts right now. right now, the house is getting ready to decide on a new obama care plan. the republican bill would override the president's fix, but will democrats join the chorus? stay with us on that. . right now president obama gearing up for a critical meeting on his health care fix. he is holding talks with insurance company ceos. the white house briefing getting under way right now. right now, stocks are on the
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cusp of reaching a key milestone really, the dow is up again today and marching toward 16,000, but is it a sign of a recovering economy or a bubble just waiting to burst? hello, everyone. i'm don lemon. do not adjust your tv sets. wolf will be back with you on monday. we are moments away now from that vote in the house that we have been reporting on here on cnn. the republican-sponsored keep your health plan act. as late as a day ago, it had a lot of democratic support. so i want to bring in dana bash on capitol hill where she has been stationed for the duration of all of this. what could we expect from democrats today? >> we're going to find out. that really is sort of the drama that is unfolding in the next hour. if you look at the careen right now, see what's happening on the house floor, there is a
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procedural vote going on with regard to a democratic attempt to give their rank and file cover to prevent defections on this republican bill. we'll see what happens and then we'll go into the republican bill. why is this so dramatic politically? the answer is because republicans planned on having this vote to allow people who are getting cancellation notices to keep their policy. and because so many democrats like most members of congress here are getting calls from constituents panicked they're getting these cancellation notices. many of them feltd compelled to vote for the republican bill. that is, let's just put it out there. that is almost will entirely why the president made his announcement yesterday in order to give democrats cover and say look, we're working on it, you don't have to vote for this republican bill because on its substance, democrats insist it is so broad it undercuts the entire obama care law. >> let's talk about then, what is the difference between then
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republican bill and the president's fix, dana? >> the main difference is, first of all, it is the idea that people who are getting canceled, the democrats believe people who are getting the cancellation notices should be able to keep their health insurance for a year as sort of a bridge. with you what the republican bill does, it doesn't just limit it to the people who are getting the cancellation notices. it would allow new people to get insurance that is sub par, get insurance that doesn't reach the benefit level that the obama care law now requires. and what that means in practical terms, the reasonian democrats say it would undercut the whole system is most of the people who have the sort of more flimsy health insurance policies are young and healthy people. for the risk pool to work for obama care, you need the young and healthy people to be in the system in order to balance out the higher cost consume kers or patients who tend to be older or
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elderly. that's why democrats are so opposed to the republican bill. you're going to see democrats, om democrats vote for it anyway because they are getting a lot of pressure from the constituents to do something, to vote affirmatively, not just sit on the sidelines. that's why there is such a tug of war, particularly among democrats in such tough re-election campaigns. >> the keep your health insurance about to be voted on right now. stand by. insurance companies not excited about the prospect of undoing what's already done. reinstating plans canceled because of obama care rules. they say the change could destabilize the market. an industry trade group told wolf blitzer president obama's fix could also lead to higher premiums. >> essentially what it boils down to is this is changing the rules in the ninth inning of the baseball game. the reason is that what the plans have already submitted their premiums with the expectation that there's a mix of older and younger people,
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healthy and sick to balance the pools so that we can have affordable rates for consumers. what it boyles down to today, we're concerned about the issue of affordability for consumers. >> so in just a couple of hours, president obama is going to sit down with insurance company ceos at the white house to talk about his fix. jim an costas covering ta meeting for us. the president can't force these executives to implement this fix. this is a major sales pitch. >> a major sales pitch. he needs the help of the insurance companies to make this work. keep in mind, this is a white house at times at war with the insurance companies. you'll remember the buildup to the passage of obama care got pretty nasty at times. this is a little bit like putting the toothpaste back in the tube, don, because you have so many insurance companies have already sent out cancellation notices to hundreds of thousands of americans if not millions of americans telling them their insurance policies have been
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canceled. one question you did not hear the question answer yesterday, we may hear about it at the briefing with jay carney here in the next hour is what do americans do, if you're an american sitting at home and you have this cancellation letter in your hands, do you call your insurance commissioner, your insurance company and say want, president obama says i can get back op my insurance. what do i do? but it's all voluntary up to the insurance companiesen an in some cases up to the state. you saw washington state say yesterday they're not going to do what the white house wants to do. they're going to stay the course and continue to implement obama care as they would like to do it in their state. >> is that your cheering section out there? what's going on? >> this is one of the protests that you hear outside the gates of the white house from time to time. they actually planned a tree earlier this morning. lots of heavy lifts around the white house these days, don. >> i prefer to look at it they're cheering on your reporting. listen, how is the white house reacting to today's vote in the house on the republican bill
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that could really gut a major part of obama care? >> well, no question about that. that is how the white house looks at it. last night you saw the white house issue a presidential veto threat that did not mince words, don. it accused the upton bill of being quote sabotage. and the president trying to get on a little bit of offense yesterday was out in cleveland talking how he's going to defend any effort to gut this bill. inside this administration, they know they've got a huge mess on their hands. but they still feel like the public is on their side when it comes to whether or not the affordable care act should exist. they look at the polling that shows that people still don't want to repeal this law and feel like if they can patch it it, make it work better in, type, people will start to forget about this. it will happen. >> i want to jump in. i may need you for this. we want to go to the briefing over in the briefing room. jay carney and jim, let's listen
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in. >> take advantage of marketplace plans that would reduce costs or keep costs the same. the president made clear that he feels like a fix was necessary. so he looks forward to the implementation of this and looks forward to working with congress on any sincere effort, good faith effort to make improvements to the affordable care act as we implement it. >> having announcing the fix yesterday and having this meeting today, didn't that put the cart before the horse? >> jim, i think it is absolutely the case that we have been in consultation with and have had numerous meetings with insurance companies over the course of the last several years with the drafting and passing and implementation of the affordable care act. those consultations continue. the president looks forward to the meeting he's having later this afternoon with insurers and will talk about ways we can work together to help people enroll through the marketplace and efforts we can make to minimize disruption for consumers as they
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transition to new coverage. >> given dpt numbers, the enrollment numbers, has the white house given any consideration or have you set aside any thought of extending the -- extending a waiver period for the mandatory or the individual mandate so that it doesn't kick in on march 31st as it's scheduled to? >> jim, as we've said all along, the individual responsibility provision is essential to the affordable care act because this is what insures that individuals with pre-existing conditions cannot be denied insurance. it allows for the rest of the affordable care act to be implemented effectively so that the benefits the american people deserve are able to be distributed. so we are obviously working on a
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tighter time frame because of the problems with the website and the slow slowness associated with the rollout. and the enrollment period but we have a six-month enrollment period. we are a month and a half into that. so we're working assiduously to make improvements to the website so that that experience continues to get better for consumers and more and more americans are able to enroll. >> under no circumstance would there be a consideration to extend it. >> what i'm going to tell you is right now we are focused on making the fixes and changes necessary to the web site to improve that experience for consumers and also to work in a variety of ways to make it easier for americans to enroll. i mean, one of the things that remains true is that there's enormous interest in the quality affordable coverage available in the marketplaces and you know,
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where we were unsuccessful is in making that access to that coverage easy from day one. october 1st. as the president i think made clear to you here yesterday, he takes responsibility for that. we take responsibility for that, and we're about the business of making the fixes necessary to insure that those benefits are available to the american people who so clearly want them. >> jay, henry chow was raising red flags back in july about the website saying a plane could crash on takeoff. was the white house aware of these concerns at the time? >> steve, we've said all along -- i know there's selective leaks going on out of various house committees of -- as they conduct oversight into this, but we've said all along that there were in the testing of this instances where there were problems that were identified and fixes that were undertaken to the website.
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what we did not expect was that we would have the size problem that we had come october 1st. if we had expected that, we'd won't have been promoting the launch of the website and the run up to it in the way that they were. the president was very candid about that. i mean, it does not stand the test of logic to suggest that we somehow knew that the website would perform as poorly as it did. and a week before, four days before, we're encouraging people to go to it and talking about how it would be fairly functional and effective. so there's no question, if the point of the selective leaks is to get everybody to recognize that the website pinched terribly on october 1st, i don't think that's a point that anybody here is denying. so what we're focus. >> you're listening to the white
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house briefing, jay carney talking about the obama care website. that debacle. and then the smaller screen you see right there, we're watching two things really. you're see the house, a republican sponsored bill the keep your health plan act being voed on right now in the house. it will probably pass. but the rez has said he will veto it. jay carney saying in that briefing they're working to get the website fixed and the president is looking forward to working with congress on some sort of lenlation or ways to improve the obama care, the entire system. so we'll keep you updated on that. the president says the buck stops with him on health care problems. you heard him right here on cnn yesterday. so does he feed to be a manager and fire some staffers? specifically, kathleen sebelius? we're going to take a closer look with our gloria borger next.
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welcome back, everyone. president obama's apology and administrative fix may have i smoothed some democratic feathers but that doesn't mean republicans are going to stop targeting his signature law. our chief political analyst is gloria borger, of course, and she joins me now from washington. how are you? >> good. >> you have a new column which i found very interesting on on the problems of the insurance exchange roll out. in it, you have a lengthy quote. people who have served in top jobs at the white house seem to agree on one thing, a president who wants to get at the truth has to understand the extent of his own isolation and then establish a zone of immunity for truth tellers. . as the try runs continued to produce red flags, the president remained in his steely cocoon.
10:18 am
if this were the president of george w. bush or reagan, the conspiracy theorieses would abound. the chief executive is disengaged or what gives? >> there are a lot of had innings that give. look, i this i that reflectively, bush people would say it's a disengaged president and criticize them perhaps unfairly. with this president, he's known to be very detail oriented. how did this screw up occur? why didn't it get to the white house? talking to a lot of former chiefs of staff types and people inside the administration, there are a few things they say. first of all, there were no czar. there was no one. charge of the whole big picture. so people might have heard a little bit of this and a little bit of that and kind of filters into the white house, but there was no one at the top of that
10:19 am
pyramid inside the white house dealing with this. that can be a real problem. number two, in this white house, it's kind of no drama, stay in your lane. stick to your job which is a very often a good management tool. but if you go into someone else's lane because you hear something bad and you tell someone about it it, you may be regarded as a tattletale, to use a third grade term. >> you say that's a good management tool. i agree with you. does that stay in your lane always work politically? i don't think so. >> no, obviously it doesn't work. at some point, somebody has to go out of their hane and somebody said to me when rahm emanuel was chief of staff, he encouraged people to leave their lanes. it might have been a less organized white house. >> it was more effective though. >> in a way disagreeing publicly with each other, but i think the important thing here is that mobe likes to give a president bad news. you don't like to give your boss bad news.
10:20 am
i don't like to give my boss bad news. nobody wants to do that, but somebody niece to be the designated bad news person. you would assume that's the white house chief of staff. they have to have this stature, immunity, if you will, to say to the president, okay, don't blame me, but this is what we're hearing. we need to deal with this. i know the president's trying to figure out what went wrong because he is not happy. >> isn't that valerie jarrett though? request i cannily because i want to get to kathleen sebelius. >> it might be valerie jarrett. is she in the loop enough on this to have understood all of it? you know, this is technical. this is wonky. >> and -- >> you know, this is very complex across many parts of this huge government, including the irs, including hhs. >> right. that's what you're saying, is she and the people around him who may have come from chicago, are they washington politically
10:21 am
savory enough to -- >> by now, sure. >> i don't know. let's move on. >> they are. i this i it's the management system, yeah. >> so one member of that staff, right, is hhs secretary kathleen sebelius. >> yep. >> should he just fire her? i mean, would it help him to get back on rack? he says the buck stops with him. would it make make a difference if he fired her? >> this is not this president's style. i think the feeling is it couldn't help him get back on track. say he fired her. right? who would be in charge of fixing it or be very involved in fixing it since she was involved in building it? >> if she were fired, you would have to appoint somebody else. that person would have to get confirmed. would that person get confirmed? would it be a vehicle to relitigate the pluses and min minuses of obama care? do you want to do that right now? at some point, i think there are going to be people who are going to lose their jobs over this. it would not surprise me at all.
10:22 am
but this is not this president's style or inclination. i mean, you know, this is a guy, you know, when joe lieberman, remember joe lieberman. >> yes, yes. >> who supported john mccain, he will evident him in his committee chairmanship. so you know, this is not what he does. he's very deliberate. in the end, will she go? eventually. but there are lots of other issues she's got to deal with first. >> you just said what i was thinking. it's probably not good to fire her now because it would take so many more steps and put them that if you have further behind. after this it is all over, she will probably go, right? >> it's another political vehicle for everyone to talk about an issue he needs to fix. and then pivot from. >> the people in my head are saying we've got to run. always a' pleasure, great column. i wrote a similar one, has the president lost his mojo? it was a great column. read it on
10:23 am
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welcome back, don lemon in today for wolf. so far state reaction to president obama's health care fix has been mixed. the insurance commissioner of washington state is rejecting it. he says "we are staying the quote. we will not be allowing insurance companies to extend their policies. i believe this is in the best
10:27 am
interests of the health insurance market in washington." but california where about a million people are being dropped from their current plans, the insurance commissioner told us this morning he thinks insurance companies should call and reinstate their customers with the rates they were promised initially. >> first of all, the rates are set for 2014. so again, rates should not rise and can't rise on the 2014 policies. 35 states have given their insurance commissioners the authority to regulate rates. they have the ability to reject excessive rate increases. in california we don't have ta authority. we should have it. there's a ballot measure next week to give us the authority. rates have already been set for 2014 and they shouldn't raise. >> mr. chris frates is our investigative correspondent and joins us now. california state's insurance commissioner seems to be the most upbeat about the president's announcement. what are you finding? >> i'll tell you right now, this
10:28 am
it is not being received very well across the country by most insurance commissioners. . in fact, the national association of insurance commissioners tells me that the president's plan "threatens to undermine the new market and may lead to highe premiums." so the commissioners, the worry is that continuing the practice of applying different rules for different policies will increase the price of premiums. so what is unclear for many of these insurance commissioners is exactly how these new rules will take effect because remember in, 2014, you have a situation where the insurance markets from state to state have already set rates. they've already set these rates all across the country. so there's a question if you change the rules had late in the game, then we're probably going to s premium increases. >> interesting. okay. so then how is this playing out around the states? we heard from washington state and california. how is this playing out around the states? >> there's a mixed reaction.
10:29 am
i've talked to some folks in colorado. they told me it's pretty much status quo. there's not much change. before we had the president's announcement yesterday, we already allowed our insurance companies to extend their current policies into next year. so things aren't going to change here. the insurers will be able to continue to do that. we can't force them to do it. when i talked to folks in kentucky this morning they said their insurance commissioner is going to be meeting with insurers today to sort out what all this means. governor there has said they want to make the president's plan go into effect, but again, even there, you have the governor saying that we cannot require rear anybody to be extend their plans. we would like them to, but it's a business decision in the end. >> chris, thank you very much. let's go to dana bash at the capitol. dana, that vote is starting. the keep your health care plan act. they're voting on that. what's happening?
10:30 am
>> that's right. they just began the vote on the republican bill. this is going to be a pretty short vote. the thing again that we're watching for not is whether or not it's going to pass because the republicans run the house and they have the votes for sure for it to pass. the question is how many democrats defect and vote for this, as well. there have been so many votes to repeal, to dismantle obama care and many ways, dozens of them. the high water mark, the most that democrats lost their rank and file was 35 democrats. we'll see if this exceeds that or not. this really is a political vote, a symbolic vote to see how many democrats feel the need to do what they need to do for their constituents who are panicked and worried to be able to say look, i tried, i voted for everything i could or whether they feel compelled by leadership not to vote for it
10:31 am
because they're doing it undermines the law. >> the president says he's going to veto it if it does. 3:37 seconds left on the vote. about three minutes. we'll be back in time to see what the vote is. we're going to talk about the unraveling of a legacy. will the rocky rollout of the health care website define the presidency of barack obama? will he be historically weak or lame duck? when our little girl was born,
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type is up. but they are still voting. just to explain, it says 00. the time is up here. but here's the thing. 222 republicans have voted yea. four vr voted nay, meaning no, right? and 39 democrats have voted yes. 152 no. and then you see the five and the nine. they just decided not to vote there. time is up. obviously, this is going to pass. i want to get to dana bash. dana, more democrats, than most people predicted. 39 so far. >> 39 and that is the most democrats, more dras than ever before who have done anything affirmatively to change or you
10:36 am
know, undercut as democrats say, sorry, we just have the final vote. it looks like -- >> the motion to reconsider is laid on the table. >> final number of democratic votes that were yes for this. we're going to see what it was at the end of the day. but even if it was 39, again, it's pretty significant. and what that tells you is that despite the fact that all morning long and in private meetings yesterday and the day before, the white house democratic leaders implored, pleaded with the rank and file not to vote yes for this because they said it just completely undercut the obama care law because it's so broad that it does more harm than good. that's how much political pressure is back home in order to say that that they're not sitting on the sidelines, that they're voting for something. let me make sure people are aware, the whole reason the president came out yesterday and announced that he was going to
10:37 am
ask insurance companies to keep canceled policies and made that sort of big mea culpa is because, the timing of it was completely pegged to this vote we just saw. trying to give democrats om cover, trying to give them some breathing room so they wouldn't vote yes on had. republican aides here say they believe if the president didn't do that, they might have gotten a vote toe proof majority. it would have been more democratic yes votes than the 39 or 40. we'll wait for the final vote we saw. >> i wanted to explain that. but you did it. here's what i want the viewer to know if you're just joining us. the house has just voted on a bill to try to -- it's a republican-sponsored bill. this is a film for obama care for people who have been dropped. they're wanting hem to get their insurance back or what have you. but the president has said he's going to veto it. it has passed as dana bash has been reporting, 39 votes from the democrats, more than most people expected. they said 35 would be the high
10:38 am
water mark. but they're going to go beyond that. the question is, if they had gotten this many democratic votes, right, will that make a difference with the president? might this come to his desk and he goes, you know, maybe i should reconsider this or is he just going to veto it? >> it's not going to get to the point where it gets to the president's desk. that's the answer because of course, democrats still run the senate. there are a fair number of democrats in the senate, most of whom are up for re-election, some not, who also want a legislative fix to this. but after the president came ow yesterday, the leadership in the senate told us that they were going to hold off for now and see if what the president announced that he would try to do administratively get insurance companies to keep canceled policies at least for one year, they were going to hold off on that. >> here's my question. because of what happened here, i'm wondering if it goes to the senate, if there might it be enough defectors or people who
10:39 am
go over to the side for lack of a better term, it may pass there and may get to the president's desk. you're saying no way. >> one of the questions had been whether or not it was such aing about i vote it would force senate democratic leaders to take up the bill. right now, they're not planning on doing it. certainly 39, maybe 40 votes is a lot of democrats. actually, it was probably about where they expected. they were hoping to get it down more, but they didn't. but because the president did what he did yesterday, democratic leaders in the senate feel they have some breathing room and they don't feel compelled to bring legislation that their fellow democrats, rank and file democrats want to push just yet. wait to see how whether or not what the president announced, would. >> perfect succinct explanation. dana bash. i wouldn't expect anything else. coming up, a story on the impact of this week on the president's legacy. we'll talk about that. coming up.
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president obama has taken responsibility for the hail fewers of the health care exchange website and for people losing their health insurance plans. he's taking responsibility for both, but will it also define his presidency? joining me is presidential historian, douglas brinkly. he knows a lot about this. douglas, let me play something for you before i get to you. >> yes, we can. yes, we ca >> in iraq has ended. "operation iraqi freedom" is over. >> the united states has conducted an operation an killed sloep, the leader of al qaeda.
10:44 am
>> we fumbled the rollout on this health care law. >> i am sorry. >> and, of course, we heard this on the house floor this morning. >> across generations, presidencies are often associated with one famous utter rans. ask not what your country can do for you. the only thing we have to fear tear down this wall, and our current president will be no different. if you like your health care plan, you can keep it. period. >> i think he will be remembered historically of being the first president in the united states of america that has told people that for the first time, every american will have access to to affordable health care. on the other side, history is going to record them, too. that they never said that they had any concern at all and never had a plan for the 30 million
10:45 am
people that every day are waiting for this plan to go into effect. >> douglas brinkley. so you know, if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. it kind of rolls off the tongue, right? i've been hearing that a lot lately especially from the president's detractors. what do you think the president will be known for most say five or ten years from now. >> it's going to be the fact that he won the first election, the yes we can and how that electrified the nation. we had our first african-american president. nevertheless, that's not the sound bite you want to live with. the republicans are going to be playing what you just heard over and over again. it's going to be the albatross around barack obama's neck. he needs to live up to making the obama care work in his next couple of years. everybody knows it's been a debacle, the rollout. the question is, what will it look like five or six months from now. can they get it fixed? the media, people like yourself,
10:46 am
all of launch but had he fixed it and now people are able to shop for it online. >> where does he go from here though, douglas? >> i think he's in a jam. he's painted himself in a corner right now. the only way out is through, and the only way through is to get obama care working. and that is a had your key leeian task because the federal government is broken in so many different places. there's mass confusion about what even obama care is. he's worn the name obama care as a badge of honor and has championed it as his signature achievement. he has to make this work. if it doesn't, it's not just a blow for barack obama, it could hurt hillary clinton's chances and it may put liberalism underground for a while. >> listen, people are saying this is barack obama's katrina moment referring to george bush the way he handled katrina.
10:47 am
they said that about bp and benghazi. is this president obama's katrina moment. >> it's the low water mark of his two-term presidency thus far. look, presidents have these bad moments. eisenhower had the u 2 crisis, kennedy the bay of pigs, ronald reagan iran-contra. the key is to get it behind you quickly and not let your poll numbers hemorrhage. what's hurting barack obama is the confidence factor. that's not good. on the other hand, this isn't watergate. he hasn't done anything illegal. there are not these tapes that will be inkrim fating against him. he can work his way out of this. there's no question it's going to be talked about in history is how can this hi-tech president pioneer a major health care overhaul and have such an all of system. >> you said something that's key. you said something that's key right there, and just glossed over it i an little bit.
10:48 am
but you said he can get back. he can get out of this. >> anybody who writes barack obama off is nuts. this man is entrep pid. he, would all the time. i think by and large, the people still like him. i think when you hit on some polls, 39% an probable, that has to be a wake-up call. like ronald reagan always used to say, always get yours to 50%. i think yesterday in whoa, you say him trying to reconnect to the people of america. that's not what he wanted for his second term, don. he wanted to do more things. immigration reform. in the end, he's going to have to eat up most of the oxygen domestic politics doing health care reform his second term. his whole legacy depends on it. >> his political enemies have dib dubbed hip the campaigner in chief. that may be his best asset if he can sell this to the american people. thank you, douglas brinkley,
10:49 am
appreciate it. >> thank you. still ahead the dow could hit another record by the end of today. we're going to i can ta the factors, look at the factors behind this push. [ horn honks ] [ passenger ] airport, please. what airline? united. [ indian accent ] which airline, sir? [ passenger ] united. whoa taxi! [ british accent ] what airline, then? [ passenger ] united. all right. [ spanish ] what airline? [ passenger ] united. ♪ [ mandarin ] which airline? [ passenger ] united. [ arabic ] which airline? [ passenger ] united. [ italian ] where are we going? [ passenger ] united.
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all right, on wall street, we're watching it closely. the dow is up and continuing its march to a major milestone. up 53 points right now. 15,930. maribel joins us from the stock exchange. a sign of a healthy economy or a bubble about to burst. >> we have to be careful to call that a sign of a healthy economy. it's improving, but we haven't made back all that was lost in the recession. this has been propping up the economy for several years, acting as a safety net, and this week, we heard janet yellen saying she thinks the stimulus
10:53 am
needs to keep flowing because unemployment is just too high. she's not the only one. sysco ceo said the global economy is also inconsistent. these records highs are not a sign of a 100% healthy economy. >> many analysts say the market is due for a correction, and could nat be coming before the end of the year? >> the crystal ball, don. no one knows for sure, but some experts say the market has gone too far. the s&p 500 is up 26%. normal ca al gains are closer t. we haven't seen that since 1999. >> mar abel will be following the stock exchange and she'll be there for you. thank you. he's been called everything from the mouth of the south to a visionary. we'll take a glimpse at the impact ted turner has had on television news and the world. ♪
10:54 am
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listen, you can say what you will about ted turner, and people have said quite a lot, but one thing is undeniable. he forever changed the face of television when he came up with the idea of 24-hour cable news. today, we accept it as routine. but back in the day, it was revolutionary. cnn's wolf blitzer looks back at how it all came together. >> as ted built his superstation, he was dreaming up an even bigger idea, a 24-hour
10:58 am
news channel. >> this news service will be called the cable news network. >> i work until 7:00. when i got home, the new s was over, so i missed television news completely. i figured there were lots of people like me. >> you can do so much more in 24 hours than you can in 24 minutes. >> you've had this maverick down in atlanta, georgia, who had decided that he was going to provide news around the clock, 24 hours a day. not just at 6:00 when cronkite or they would be coming on with the evening news. >> we're a live worldwide news network. >> we had no background in news, but it was plainly a major genre in cable television that was missing. >> you can see our new cable news network headquarters. 90,000 square feet of the future. >> most thought the idea was crazy. >> people did look upon that as a foolish idea that was destined
10:59 am
for failure, but they underestimated ted turner. >> we sign on june 1, and barring satellite problems in the future, we won't be signing off until the world ends. we'll be on. we will cover it live. >> ted had 11 months to get the station on the air. >> we got no bureau, no cameras, no cameramen, no employees. not a single one. when we signed on, we had bureaus in tokyo, moscow, you know, the whole deal. >> i dedicate the news channel for america, the cable news network. >> stand by. take three. three, start to zoom in. >> on june 1st, 1980, cnn aired its first broadcast. >> good evening. i'm david walker. >> and i'm lois ark. now here's the news.
11:00 am
>> wolf's one-hour documentary, ted turner, the maverick man, premieres this sunday night, 7:00 eastern, right here on cn nrk. that's it for me. thank you so much for watching. "newsroom" continues right now with john berman and rosa flores. >> we're going to start this afternoon with some good news. great news, actually, for a change. i want you to take a look at live pictures out of san francisco where any moment, a news conference will begin there on the city which is transforming itself into gotham city for a day. >> why, you might ask? it's a 5-year-old boy's wish. he's in remission from a long battle with leukemia, and today, the city is honoring his dream of becoming a superhero. you see the bat mobile there on your screen. we'll keep an eye out on this and take you live from the ground and talk about superheroes, what's your favorite superhero? >> i'm a batman guy. i love aquaman, but i love more an


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