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tv   Around the World  CNN  November 15, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PST

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biggest donors. now i want you to take a look at this china, $1.6 million. that's it. $176 million. but look at this this new zealand gave almost the same amount, just a little more, 1.million. take a look at china's gdp, more than $8 trillion. new zealand just under $140 billion. china makes about 50 times what new zealand makes. 50 times. and yet, new zealand gave more. how much china planston give any aid is, of course, welcome, we encouraging you to go cnn/impact. thanks for watching. have a great weekend. "around the world" starts right "around the world" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- the fix, the apology and the blame, of course. president obama trying to dig out of the obama care hole and what does this mean for him and his legacy? >> plus, one child per family, a
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law that's been around for years in china, but today the government making some changes to that rule and others. also -- >> if they would haved a mirror acting the way i've conducted myself, i would have dop the exact same thing. i'm not mad at anybody. i take full responsibility. >> the toronto's crack smoking mayor says he is not leaving his job. now the city council has just voted to strip him of some of his power. you're watching "around the world" i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes. house republicans say they have the fix for obama care, a vote happens this hour actually. it's meant to, on the gop bill called the keep your health plan act. >> referring to the promise that the president is struggling to make good on here, president obama as you know, meeting later today with ceos of insurance companies. we saw him yesterday offering a
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temporary fix and a lot of apologies to the millions of americans now losing their current health care coverage. >> we fumbled the roll out on this health care law. that's on me. and those who got cancellation notices do deserve and have received an apology from me. >> that apology simply not enough for many in congress. right now we're about 30 minutes away from the that house vote. critics say the but could gut a major part of the health care law. >> want to bring in dana bash on the hill. so dana, we realize this. we want to recognize this it, put it out there honestly that the house bill is purely political because the president promised he's going to veto it if it passes. what makes it more than anything but kabuki theater really? >> in many ways all of this is kabuki theater. we should put it out there the only reason the president said
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what he said yesterday the timing of it, was because of this vote. democrats knowing from here on capitol hill to the white house that it could potentially be an embarrassing vote for the house. i was talking to republican aide just a few minutes ago who said that before the president came out, they thought that they might even have had a vote toe-proof majority on then republican bill, which, of course, does say if you like your insurance, you can keep it. democrats argue that it goes way too far, that it is too sweeping and it would effectively undermine the obama care law. so the drama right now as we're heading into the vote is how many democrats end up defecting. how many did the president's speech yesterday, his promise yesterday or new plan, how much is that going to sort of cool things down with regard to this very important at least political vote. >> on that many very point, what's the feeling there about how much time that mea culpa we watched yesterday by him?
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>> so much of the answer to that, michael, depends on whether or not insurance companies are going to comply because remember, when what the president said is that he is hoping insurance companies call up peep, send letters to peep who got cancellation notices saying never mind, you can have it back. the hope is that if they do that, it's up to them, but if they do that, that that calms the panic out there, understandable panic that people will lose insurance and can't get on the website to get new insurance. how much time he has depends on whether or not what he announced yesterday actually, would. >> all right, dana, thanks so much. dana bash on capitol hill. thanks. >> of course, we're going to be watching that vote that's going to take place in the hour. pushing ahead that house vote expected on the floor momentarily. the president saying it is okay for people to keep their individual health plans for at least another year, but even if they are substandard they can keep these plans. he doesn't have the power to renew those policies. >> not himself. joining us now to talk about that is law professor jonathan
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turley at george washington university. so based on what the president wants to do, it would in effect bypass mandates and penalties associated with obama care if he doesn't do it in the legislative sense. what authority does he have to really change or get around existing federal law passed by congress, signed by him? is it legal? >> michael, the argument of the white house is likely to be he has the inherent authority to enforce or administer the law even if it means grant ageffective extension that doesn't exist in the law. and he's relying on this deference tons federal agencies that the supreme court has recognized in cases like chevron. but this raises some serious questions, constitutional questions. i have to tell you, i don't think this is the most compelling argument. the fact is, you have a law here. this does seem to contradict it. the president's claiming the right and this is the second
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time he's done it with the aca, claeping the right to the effectively take parts offline, to grant something that's not there. in constitutional term, that's called the dispensing power, once called the royal prerogative. that was rejected in our system that when you have legislation, the president does have the right to have discretion in the enforcement. but he can't rewrite the law. he can't effectively change it. so congress probably has a stronger argument on this issue. >> what about the states in the situation? we've got examples, washington state, for instance, their insurance commissioner said the state's not going to go along with the president's request here to extend canceled policies for another year. so if the states don't cooperate with him, is this worth anything, this promise? >> i have the same thought because i'm not too sure what this creature is that the president has released. i don't know if it's a presidential order. it's certainly not legislation. i don't see how it's binding. if he's suggesting that this
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somehow binds these insurance companies, they would have standing to challenge. i would bet on them to win. and so he's essentially saying i'm going to tell them, this is what i want to be done. but a lot of these insurance carriers and commissioners are saying, we can't do it. we're not even sure we could practically do it, but it would undermine much of what we have done already. >> jonathan, finally, who would represent, i mean, who would represent the president, the administration here when they go up against the states, against insurance companies? how could this actually play out in the legal field? >> it would be a mess. this is not something new. president obama has been accused of in the minimumgration field and other fields of unilaterally saying certain parts of laws should not be enforced. it has produced a huge amount of litigation. in this case, the most likely litigant would be the insurance carriers that have standing. then you would have the weird position for the department of justice. they're supposed to be enforcing the federal laws but also part
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of an administration of a president saying i don't want it enforced. >> it's more and more complicated the more we discuss it, jonathan turley, george washington university, thank you so much. >> it's a hot mess. if the president props this and he can't deliver on this props, already integrity, trustworthiness, people are already doubting him already. can you imagine if this fails? >> political fallout. a lot more this hour on around the world, including this, some stories of incredible survival that continue to come out of the philippines as people try to deal with the devastation from typhoon haiyan. >> including one woman manually pushing air into her husband's lungs to keep him alive. and carrying a rifle dressed in all black, terrified shoppers run for their lives. new surveillance video from inside that mall shooting >> also a shocking announcement to many in china. couples may now be allowed to have more than one child.
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nthat's why they deserve... aer anbrake dance. get 50% off new brake pads and shoes. >> at least six people are dead today after a protest march turning violent in the libya. >> the media says that members of a militia opened fire on a crowd of people calling to clear out the capital city. witnesses say the militia used a huge weapon on the protesters, an anti-aircraft cannon mounted on the back of their truck. six people were killed, at least
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45 others were injured. militia groups fighting each other in the past week have caused the worst violence in libya since the fall of moammar gadhafi. >> you can see in this video terrified shop erdss and employees at the garden state plaza mall as a man with a gun walks around. you'll remember this story. hundreds of people were trapped there for hours on november 4th. >> the armed man wearing all black walked slowly and lurked near the elevators. police say he fired several shots, but thankfully no one was injured. the shooter was later found dead. police say that he killed himself. >> edward snowden may have leaked as many as 200,000 classified documents to the media. that's according to the head of the nsa who said that in a speech two weeks ago. the nsa just released a transcript of that speech. that's why we're hearing about it. >> general keith alexander
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acknowledged that he does not know how much more classified information snowden intends to release. but he says snowden is doing "maximum damage to the nsa and our nation." the chinese government making announcement surprising many today. many changes coming to several official policy that have defined china since the days of mao and sometimes earlier in many cases. the chinese labor catch system is going away. critics have said for years they violate basic human rights. you can be locked up for four years without going to trial. >> also, china's one-child policy is getting a overhaw. parents in urban areas will now be able to be have an additional child if one of the parents is also an only child. we're going to have more about that in a moment. we want to talk about the labor camp system, goes back to the 1950s, based on the soviet
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gulags who punish people considered enemies of the state. now labor camps in china are gone. >> and one other thing, too. china still does have the death penalty and executed plenty of people. starting today the list of crimes subject to execution is shorter. david mckenzie is our man in beijing. when you talk about the one-child policy pretty uniquely chinese in recent years, but it's done a lot of damage to the social fabric in china and the economy. fill us in. >> well, some people say it's damaged that never can be healed. the one-child policy extremely controversial policy here for decades in china. some have accused it of pushing for forced abortion and forced sterilization, saying it's torn at the social fabric as you say of families. now this has been relaxed in some cases. very significant move, as you say, surprising to many. when we hit the streets of
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beijing, the response from people was almost immediate. >> and david, talk about abolishing the labor camps here because there are many different reasons for this. i imagine economics is driving that, and also just modernization, how society has changed. how much of this is being pushed by chinese's new president and what is ultimately behind that? >> the new leader -- the criticisms coming for people for years about the labor camps is it is a beautial system. hundreds of families -- people were put away four years. >> we've got a lot of trouble with that signal there. those labor camps, a lot of criticism on human rights level for those camps over the years. locked up for four years without trials. also used to silence critics of
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the government. nobody is saying they're now going to let people speak freely when criticizing the government but it is a good move. they're going to let private banks go in too. >> there is some progress being made. also following this, it has been a week now since the typhoon destroyed parts of the philippines. still people there, they are struggling. simply to survive. coming up, how one woman is keeping her husband alive by manually pumped his lungs. i'm angela, and i didn't think i could quit smoking but chantix helped me do it. i told my doctor i think i'm... i'm ready. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. i knew that i could smoke for the first 7 days. i knew that i wasn't putting nicotine back into my body to try to quit. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix.
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it is now one week into the epicge philippines. officials have raised the death toll from the killer tie upon to 3,621. that figure is expected to keep going up. >> more than 1,000 people still listed as missing. more bodies are turning up every day, of course, as the debris gets moved around. crews intensifying the process of collecting bodies off the streets and from underneath the rubble across some of the hardest hit areas, and they are being buried in mass graves. >> survivors have kept watch over the decomposing remains of their relatives and the rubble being cleared. the recovery remains devastatingly slow. you've got sickness, hunger, 30s, just ravaging. >> terrible a week into it, but the u.s. navy obviously helping out a lot with that distribution. one woman is helping her injured husband stay alive by manually
9:22 am
pushing air into his lungs. his leg amputation led to an infection at a hospital. it doesn't have electricity like most of that area. seven days after the storm. >> the philippine government is defending its efforts to get relief to the victims despite many complaints from people who have had no help at all or very little help. anderson cooper has been covering this catastrophe from the very beginning, live from the philippines all week. there were reports from othered, from anderson, international reporters that have been criticized by philippine broadcasters. >> the philippine president has asked the media to focus on stories that show "how strong the filipino people." and the media certainly has been doing that, as well. anderson responded to this last night on "ac 360." >> i would actually say that all week long, in every report we have done we have shown how strong the filipino people are.
9:23 am
the people of cebu and tacloban and all these places where so many have died, they are strong not just to have a survived the storm but the aftermath of the storm with very little food, with very little water, with very little medical attention. can you imagine the it takes to be living in a shack, to be sleeping on the streets next to the body of your dead children? can you imagine that strength? i can't. and i've seen that strength day in and day out here in the philippines. and we honor them with every broadcast that we do. >> we certainly do. cnn is committed to bringing you all of the dimensions of the story, and you know, you can't but help but get emotional when you see the kind of pain and the resolve though that people have there, the strength they have. anderson cooper is going to be broadcasting live out of the philippines again tonight. you're not going to want to tmis
9:24 am
this. 8:00 eastern. if you don't show this, you forget people are suffering and what they have to overcome. >> there are valid criticisms of the philippine government. there are still people -- the work the naval task force is doing, is enormous using hoerpts and boats to get aid to places that still haven't received till now. if you want to help people impacted by the storm, you can. go to our website to see how you can lend a hand. >> and this. incredible, a man falling from a plane from almost 2,000 pete here. this happened above the atlantic ocean. this is just off florida in a small plane with just one passenger. i want you to listen to this exchange between the pilot and air traffic control. >> may day, may day, may day. i have a door ajar. >> you said you have a family
9:25 am
that fell out of your plane? >> that's correct, sir. he opened the door and he just fall down the plane. >> we have no endy indication of how he fell out of the plane. >> extraordinary stuff, isn't it? the passenger's name not yet released. ocean res crew teams have been searching off the florida coast for his body. extraordinary mystery as to who you that happened. >> near tampa, florida, a family is thanking their lucky stars. this is the backyard. an enormous sinkhole just opened up 50 feet deep early -- this happened early yesterday. nobody was hurt but tore away a couple of rooms. you can just imagine if you're in that house, forced evacuations several other hopes in the area. they had to leave immediately. emergency officials say this hole is getting bigger but they're going to try to start filling it in over the weekending >> sinkholes are pretty common in that part of florida because of the geology there. a man actually died earlier this
9:26 am
year when a sinkhole opened up beneath his bedroom while he slept. >> first the fix. then the apology. >> we fumbled the rollout on had health care law. and that's on me. and the american people, those who got cancellation notices do deserve and have received an apology from me. >> president obama's solution could turn out to be the ultimate fix. could it or the start of a big mess? is it actually going to hurt his legacy, as well? americans take care of business.
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we're waiting for two live events both focusing on the obama care law. the white house briefing expected to start a couple minutes from now. we expect the administration to elaborate on the new obama care fix. meanwhile the house about to vote on a bill sponsored by republican fred upton of michigan, which would allow americans to keep their current health insurance plans. although it features things similar to the white house fix, democrats say it takes takes
9:31 am
steps toward dismantling the law. the president says if it passes he's going to veto it. >> while the politicians wrangle over fixes, patients of course, still caught in the middle, the people who actually need coverage. elizabeth cohen is here for us and will break it down for us. the president's decision yesterday to let people keep their current plans, how many people does that affect abbott? >> if you look at it as a portion of the american public, it's a relatively small percentage. so only about 5% of people are directly affected by what the president did yesterday. only 5% of americans buy insurance on their own through what's caused the individual market. when you do the math, that's about 11 million people. it's a relatively small percentage of the american people. >> so this fix, how does this actually impact them? it must be very confusing if you say first you've been canceled, now maybe you can get your insurance back, but maybe not depending on which states or insurance companies cooperate. >> it is incredibly confusal.
9:32 am
if i were one of these people, my head would be spinning. insurance companies are getting hundreds and hundreds of calls within a couple minutes of the announcement yesterday. one executive said he got hundreds of calls about this. here's the way it works. if your policy was canceled and you want to have it uncanceled because you liked it, you have to call your insurance company and say are you unwilling to uncancel the policy they just canceled. the thing is, they're pretty likely to say no. the insurance companies are making more money off the new policies than the old policies. you can imagine the administrative nightmare insurance companies have on their hands. they were told three years ago we want you to do this and they did it. now in the ninth inning, they're being told you can undo what you just did. >> never mind. >> just the administrative tasks required to do that are huge, no the to mention that you based all your pricing on plan a and now you're being told to go to
9:33 am
plan b. >> for just another year. the point that shouldn't be missed is what those proponents of obama care will say. these aren't good plans anyway compared to what the new law depends. these are plans that had flaws in them. >> here's the big secret apparently nobody knew. people love bad plans. >> do they just love the plan they've had because they've had had it for a while they love the plan because they're cheap. if i've got a swiss cheese policy, tons of holes it, i want pay for your drugs or this, but i'm healthy, i think this is great plan till you get sick. >> if i'm not sick, i think this is fabulous. i'm only paying $50, or $100 a month for it, i'm thrilled with this plan. >> until you get sick. >> most people don't get sick. most people are okay. they are saying, wait a minute i love that plan how dare you take ta plan away from me. i don't care that it has holes in it. don't take it away.
9:34 am
>> you need all those healthy young people to spread out the cost. >> you certainly do. so over the summer, the administration said look, we are expecting 7 million people to sign up right now. and out of those 2.7 million we expect to be young adults, to be young people. if they don't get that 2.7 million young adults, that is going to be a big problem. they need the young people to offset the cost of the older people. >> elizabeth, thanks so much. always a pleasure. elizabeth cohen there. >> you're talking about the fix. the apology, the blame the president trying to dig out of the obama care hole. is this really what he's going to be remembered for? how does this impact his legacy? ♪
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people. pee peep. now back to the fumble being felt around the country and attempted fix under way at both the white house and capitol hill. we're talking about the obama roll out debacle, specially the president's false promise that if you like your health care plan, you can keep it. >> which he's now trying to fix. house lawmakers set to hold a vote on a gop plan to fix obama care. that vote due any minute now actually. critics say the bill could gut a major part of the health care law. that's something president obama says he won't let happen. >> we are not going to gut this law. we will fix what needs to be fixed, but we're going to make the affordable care act work and those who say they're opposed to it and can't offer a solution, we'll push back. >> that was president obama in
9:39 am
ohio yesterday after he apologized at that white house news conference for the rollout issues. now, cnn political commentators maria cardona a democratic strategist and ben ferguson who has a conservative talk show join us now. maria, i'm curious about this going back and saying you can have it for another year or not when it's technically i guess against the law. we were discussing this a little bit earlier in the program. what would stop a republican president in say three years add administratively fitching obama care? >> well, if he can do it legally through regulations, then i guess nothing other than hopefully a republican president won't be elected. but look, this is what the president talked about yesterday. he heard the american people loud and clear. he was contrite. he was apologetic. i was explanatory. he was introspective. i think that is exactly what the american people want to hear right now. he also acknowledged that he had
9:40 am
lost some of the trust that had been, frankly, one of his strong suits in the last five years. that i think is the indication of a good leader which is someone who knows when they've made a mistake and they hear cloud and clear exactly what the american want. now he's going to move forward. his legacy is going to be when they get this fixed, his legacy is going to be that he was able to fix a huge, huge problem that has been facing the country for more than 50 years, and now the american people have health care in a way they never had it before. >> it's funny because everything you just said, i could agree with. there's one little problem. the asterisk. it's only for 12 months and then it goes back to being a debacle and not allowing people to keep their plan. all this is delaying the fiasco of obama care for 12 months. the president yesterday, if he truly heard the american people, then would have heard the american people who got cancellation letters.
9:41 am
not one of them said, mr. president, will you allow me for just 12 more months to keep the plan i have now? they said mr. president, you promised i could keep my plan if i liked it and giving it to them for 12 more months, that's not keeping a promise. that's just saying look, i know it's a disaster. i'm hearing you say it's a disaster. so let's delay the disaster for 12 months. that's not fixing any problem for any american that got canceled at all in this country. >> i want to talk about the effectiveness of the president here. the interesting debate on the front of "the new york times" touching on in this debate. whether or not right now president obama, his katrina moment, the parallel to president bush's moment when he lost credibility covering katrina. i was in crawford, texas covering katrina when the hurricane hit. it was astounding how much the president was out of touch. you couldn't get an adequate response. there was a difference there. there was not a democratic
9:42 am
evident for president bush to fail to deliver services. republicans think it's a bad law. do you see it that way, ben, maria. >> no, because when he had the ability to roll this out under his terms, he won on this issue. he got re-elected on this issue. he had the timetable and he picked the date to roll this out. he failed. his administration failed. and the democrats failed to offer a product to the american people that they will promised was the best thing ever. it's the signature of his entire presidency. you cannot blame the republicans for the failure of the rollout of even more than that, look at the polls now of all of those that have been polled that are uninsured americans that this was supposed to be the fix for them. after they've seen the pricing on obama care, 83% of them responded by saying they are not interested in obama care, mainly because of the sticker shock. so even what he offered is too
9:43 am
high of a price for people that are looking at it right now, which is another reason why no one's signing up for this. >> maria, it is still yee years away the election. do you think ben it's all going to be running smoothly, everybody's going to be saying wow, what a good policy i have? what do you think is going to happen three years from no you? >> i think that's exactly what is going to happen. it is his legacy. there's no question this is what he will be remembered for, which is why he's going to be working so hard to make sure that this, what we're going through right now, is a faint memory. >> what about the elections northwest year, maria? >> i think it is a huge, huge hype bowl to call this president obama's katrina moment. no one has died. on the contrary, obama care has actually saved thousands ands to yous of lives. what is the republican alternative? >> how do you save lives? >> to take away -- >> how did he save lives? >> to take away the security that he already has.
9:44 am
i'll tell you how. >> 5 million people got cancellation notices. >> already, there have been children whose lives have been saved because they were able to get coverage for pre-existing conditions. so there's no question that the affordable care act has already saved lives. moving forward, it will continue to save lives because you are going to be able to have 40 million people get on to this exchange once it starts working and get health care coverage that they couldn't get before. and the republican alternative is to take all of that away. >> with all due respect, with all due respect, when you claim that he's already saved lives, do you not realize that this doesn't go into effect until next year? you can't claim it saved lives when it's not even in effect till january of 2014. >> no, ben. go back and look at your facts because preventive care, the pre-existing conditions went into effect this year, ben. go back and look it up.
9:45 am
>> being canceled when you have 5 million people. >> it went into the effect. >> when have you 5 million people that got cancellation notices, what you're claiming right now when they got a cancellation notice does not affect them in a positive way or save their life if you got cancelled. >> that's exactly why he announced what he announced yesterday in order to fix that. >> we'll keep this debate going through the days and weeks to come. want to thank you both, maria, ben, maria is right though, there are certain aspects of the plan already in effect that does impact people's lives. that is a point that is true. >> we could go on. we will. >> let's move on to something like this. crack, booze, and suspected escorts, toronto's mayor still dealing with a real mess himself. and still refusing to step down. but could today be the day that he folds? the council wants him to go, that's for sure.
9:46 am
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the mayor of toronto still has his job today, but the city council can't actually remove mayor rob ford from office but can strip him of some of his duties which is what they did today. >> this follows the very turbulent past few days in toronto politics that saw the mayor admitting that he smoked crack cocaine, that he drinks too much, and he does things he calls sheer stupidity. mayor rob ford today said, he deserves to be punished. >> if i would have had a mayor acting the way i've conducted myself, i would have done the exact same thing. i'm not mad at anybody. i take full responsibility. >> all right. mike powell is a perfect person to talk about this. he's an image consultant, a reputation fixer. so i guess this guy would be a
9:50 am
dream client for you in terms of keeping you in business or a nightmare to deal with. i want to play a clip for you and get your reaction. >> sure. >> i do not use crack cocaine. >> yes, i have smoked crack cocaine. >> again and again i apologized. >> it is very, very humiliating. for the past six months, i have been under tremendous, tremendous stress. i love my job. i love my job. these mistakes will never ever, ever happen again. >> so i was very, very inebriated. >> who said that? >> oh, boy. >> it's almost hard to watch. it's such a train wreck. >> uncomfortable to watch. all right, mike, fix it. >> well, the first thinging if rob ford were my client that i'd be saying is, look, you're
9:51 am
already on the wrong path because everyone surrounding you is dealing with your job. so your career is not a first bet. the first thing we need to be thinking about is turning your life around and your career is a subset of your life. the second thing is, he has to admit that he's an addict. you can't say that you've made mistakes and not admit that you're an ar addict. he has an addiction to alcohol, to drugs. he has to put that primary in the first place. the third thing is, he needs to understand that leaving office is a must. he can't do this part-time. he's going to have to step down. and you see that he said he loves had his job. well, he's a narcissist. he really wants to stay in office. but that's not what's best for him and my job is to look not just short term but long-term as to what's best for him as a human being first and an elected official perhaps later. >> one of the things i've noticed too is he keeps talking about how bad this is for him, the second worst day of his life
9:52 am
since the passing of his father. it is all about his feelings and his emotions. now we hear he and his brother are making a reality tv show. is that a good way of actually mending his image here, or does he become a punch line? >> both are horrible. first of all we have past examples that we all know around the world of the bp ceo, of paula deen saying woe is me, i'm going through a tough time. people don't want to hear that. that might be that, but you're a public servant. they come first. secondly, going to reality tv to fry and rehab a career that is as serious as politics and representing people especially in these troubled times is a bad bad idea. >> you know, it's interesting too because one of the things to keep it in context, the guy has electoral support. a lot of people say he saved millions for the city, counts every dime. politically speaking, do you think he's done, or can he make
9:53 am
a comeback from this sort of stuff? >> thank you for bringing that up because that's a valid point. people still love him but want him to clean up his act. take the time away from office. you could be the comeback kid. people want you to do the right thing to come back and best represent them. >> interesting stuff. thanks so much. mike powell there. appreciate that. >> appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> marion barry lived in washington, d.c. he went out, crack cocaine, came back later, on the city council. there are possibilities of resurrecting yourself. >> exactly, all right. okay. when we come back, we've got a lot more on "around the world," including this. the pope, we'll tell you what he's been up to or what's been happening to him after the break.
9:54 am
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welcome back. we're awaiting two live events, both focusing on obama care. the white house briefing expected to start in a few moments. we'll see what they've got to say on obama care and the new fix that the president rolled out yesterday. meanwhile, the house is about to vote on a bill that is sponsored by republican fred upton of michigan. this would allow americans to keep their current health insurance plans, although the features are similar to the
9:58 am
white house fix, democrats say that it takes steps towards essentially dismantling the law all together. the president says it that bill passes, he's actually going to retoe it. >> chaos on the streets of northern sri lanka as the british prime minister david cameron visited the country for the government summit, an event ta application place every year. both pro and anti-government mobs all came together, swarmed his car trying to show them pictures of loved ones had died during the civil war there. tamil demonstrators say their relatives disappeared believed to be killed by the government during the 26-year civil war in the north of the country. the government has long denied accusations of horrific human rights abuses in its fight with the tamil rebels. that will rebel movement was eventually crushed back in 2009. a very bloody affair it was.
9:59 am
mr. cameron actually tweeted he was the first president or prime minister to visit northern sri lanka since that country became independent from britain in 1948. he's dealing with pro at the time testers pro and anti-government. what a mess. >> what's actually trending around the world right now, the vatican says it's not worried about a mafia threat against the pope after two the mafia experts said pope francis is putting himself at risk by trying to clean up the vatican bank. in may, the vatican bank issued its first ever report. the 64-page report details the vatican's efforts to crackdown on money landering in particular. made no mention of mafia connections but the report found six cases an of what it calls suspicious activity within the past year. >> a lot of calls to look into that bank for years. now, we want to show you one more photograph before we go. it's a rare sight, comes from
10:00 am
vietnam. now, we were talking about this. we've never heard of this remote cameras in a forest reserve snapping a photograph of what's called a sa la. >> it is dubbed the asian unicorn because it's horns are close together. there are believed to be only a few hundred that actually exist. >> cute. there you go. that's your photo of the day. thanks for watching "around the world." guess who's in next? >> don lemon. have a great weekend, everybody. "cnn newsroom" starts right now. right now, the house is getting ready to decide on a new obama care plan. the republican bill would override the president's fix, but will democrats join the chorus? stay with us on that. . right now president obama gearing up for a critical meeting on his health care fix. he is holding talks with insurance company ceos. the white house briefing getting under way right now. right now,


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