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tv   Early Start  CNN  November 14, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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that's it for us here in the philippines. thanks for watching. "early start" begins right now. have a great day. no one will be satisfied with the numbers because they will be below what we sought. >> just another day in a series of mess-ups in obama care. >> well, obama care enrollment falling far below expectations and why americans aren't signing up and what the white house plans to do about it. sgrdesperation in the philippines as people are struggling to get the basic needs to have to have to survive.
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>> don't come across than that. okay? because you are. >> toronto's mayor on the attack refuse to go step down from office after admitting that he has purchased illegal drugs. >> i have never seen anything like that before. absolutely not. >> pretty remarkable, right? >> beyond remarkable. glad i don't live in toronto this morning. good morning, i'm john berm berman. >> i'm zoraida sambolin. nice to have you with us. it is thursday, november 14th. 5:01 in the east. in washington they are waking up with giant headaches in the white house. that's if they slept at all. chances are many of them didn't because not only is there significa signature policy on the line and the obama care enrollment numbers for october are out and they were very low. epic low. about 100,000 people have signed up on the exchanges which is
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below the numbers being nay sayers were expecting and they say the numbers is higher than the number of people who started playing for their plans which they count. look. this is bad all around, period. the white house continues to insist things will get better. the president has an economic event today in ohio so let's see if he explains how things will get better because some of his closest democratic supporters are demanding changes and starting to bolt. here is jim acosta. >> reporter: it's not july the numbers that are in for the first month of sign-ups and obama care so are the reviews. >> just another day in a series of mess-ups in obama care. >> reporter: and it's not just republicans who are giving the october enrollment period a thumb's down. >> i don't think anyone is satisfied but the promise of the affordable care act is worth fighting for. >> reporter: roughly 100,000 consumers signed up for obama care in october, less than
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27,000, did so on the federal marketplace on the troubled website and far fewer than the ones they estimated would sign up in the first month. this internal memo relieved by house republicans, in just a tiny fracture more than 19 million people to flood into >> we have every reason to expect that more people will enroll. >> reporter: a battle embattled with kathleen sebelius claims is improving daily. >> i would say, first of all, it is running right now. every day people are getting enrolled. >> reporter: but mark your calendars for november 30th. the white house says it will be working for, quote, the vast majority of users by the end of the month. >> it is our conviction that we can, with the fixes that are being implemented, reach that goal by goal by november 30th. >> reporter: frantic democrats allowing americans to keep their
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current insurance plans, an idea white house officials worry could undermine the entire program that has yet to deliver. >> if we have spent 600 million already, does anybody have any idea how much this all is going to cost us in the end? >> our thanks to jim. to the philippines the help is not getting where it is needed. haiyan hit last friday object b object blit rating many towns. take a look at the satellite image. this is tacloban a bustling city full of buildings and this is after. very little remains in that city of more than 200,000 people. so tough to see. the mayor of tacloban is telling residents they should leave if they can and aid workers are being told the city cannot help them. the resources simply do not exist. so supplies are simply piling up
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at the airport and little fuel for the caravan station to bring food to the people. the united states is helping move filipino soldiers into the worst hit areas. my goodness. anderson cooper is in the area and he visited an overwhelmed hospital where supplies are short and patience is running very thin. >> reporter: it's like this every day now in this overcrowded clinic in tacloban airport, too many people at not enough supplies. >> it looks very chaotic. >> we don't have any supplies. it's running out. and most of the people don't have water and food. that's why they come here. most of the are suffering from
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diarrhea. >> what do you need here? >> we need food and water. supplies we need for all the -- >> reporter: so you don't have enough food and water for the sick people coming in? >> yeah. >> reporter: more people just keep coming in. this man is stitched up injured in the typhoon. used bandages line a pile on the floor. nearby, a member of the military reads names off a list of those who get to be evacuated today. who gets to be evacuated right away? what makes someone eligible? >> well, like the elderly, the children. the very sick. >> reporter: for some, the wait is too long. this man died last night. he lies on a gurney at the end of the hall. they have no place else to put him. a mother plays with her child. and in a tiny side room, three
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babies have been born in the last three days. very beautiful baby. >> it's a boy. >> i know. he is very beautiful. a healthy baby boy named haiyan, named for a storm he will know nothing about. anderson cooper, cnn, tacloban, the philippines. >> people see something like this and want to try to help. please go to our website, a list of all kinds of way to participate in the relief effort there and they desperately need help. president obama picked to head of the federal reserve goes to capitol hill for a confirmation here. janet yelleden is to say the best way to survive the economy and she has no plans to change the course set by outgoing chairman ben bernanke but expect tough talk. we are going to have much more coming up in our next half hour when christine romans joins us
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for "money time." this is one of her favorite subjects. >> so much going on capitol hill. house republicans plan today to introduce articles of impeachment for attorney general eric holder. texas representative pete olson says holder has disregarded the rule of law not and not been forthcoming to the congress. it is not clear if they have support from the house leadership and the justice department is not commenting. one thing not happening on capitol hill is comprehensive immigration reform. not happen in 2014. speaker john boehner says the house will not work with the senate to work out the specific immigration plans. republicans in the house are working on several piecemeal bills dealing with immigration enforcement but ain't nothing going to happen this year. >> that's too bad. we are waiting to learn the identities of the former marines killed on wednesday in camp
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pendleton, california. they are calling it a fatal incident that occurred while marines were clearing a range of unexploded ordnances. an investigation is under way. the incident eight months after a mortar blast killed eight marines during a training exercise in nevada. much of the country the november chill continues this morning. it feels a little bit like christmas. >> yes! >> but you will not hear christmas music here. >> wouldn't you love to hear christmas music this morning? chime in and let us know. my producer refuses to do it. >> how chilly it might be right now, word has it might warm up at the end of the day. indra petersons is here with the forecast. >> i have the long sleeves on. >> i came prepared. >> two of us together, right? the temperatures are warming up. people are waiting for this. we have the morning hours to get through first. it's still chilly out there. new york city right now just barely above freezing at 33. d.c. 31 so you are below freezing and look at these
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numbers even into the south. notice 20s in jackson and mobile, 36 and atlanta below freezing at 31. so for that reason, of course, we have a frost and freeze warnings out there this morning all the way throughout the south. that is going to be going away as the pattern changes. high pressure makes its way offshore. this is what we love and means we are taking the source out of the gulf where it is warmer and with that we are all going to be seeing warmer temperatures and we are talking about not only warmer temperatures but we are talking about some moisture. it's been really dry in the south thanks to the cold air from canada. this will give us just a little hint of a chance of showers in the south tomorrow and not a big deal but rest of us enjoying the nice change in the temperatures going back up to where they should be today back in the 50s. love it. >> thank you. we do love it. appreciate it. political theater like you have never seen before. a big city mayor knits to doing
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drugs and refuses to resign. >> nothing else to say, guys. i really f'd up and that is it. >> the circus. why mayor rob ford will not step down from office and why his city can't do a thing about it. plus more trouble for the secret service. two agents now accused of sexual misconduct. what investigators say what happened this time. it is that time. time for our morning rhyme. tweet us with an outstanding original verse. it can be about anything. the #s are early start and morning rhyme. we will read the best one on the air in the next half hour. ♪ ♪
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little help here. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. anybody? welcome back to "early start." 14 minutes past of the hour. a big city mayor is being told it's time to go. rob ford who is already admitted smoking crack went before the toronto city council which voted overwhelmingly to ask him to take some time off. but not before he made another
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troubling confession. paula newton has that. >> allegations come forward of driving drunk? >> reporter: never a dull moment at city hall as the mayor of toronto faces fresh allegations drug use and drunk driving and maybe even escorts. >> be very careful on what you write. >> reporter: that was rob ford's comeback after court documents reveal an sorted night of binge drinking and drugs and detailed in interviews with his staff. all this after a surreal day of questioning at city hall and inquisition that become public flogging. >> you're not being truthful. >> reporter: ford made confession after confession. >> have you purchased illegal drugs in the last two years? >> careful. >> yes,ive. >> thank you. >> reporter: and on it went.
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mayor ford on the spot and on the couch. this from one of his allies. >> mr. mayor, do you recognize few of us that really do want to help you. >> reporter: but ford denies being a drug addict. >> the reason i drank or did drugs was not because of stress. it was out of sheer stupidity. that is all it was. i'm not going to blame somebody or take a cop-out. i take full responsibility for my mistakes. i don't know what else i can say. >> reporter: it went on for several more uncomfortable hours. >> there is nothing else to say, guys. i really f'd up and that's it. >> number one, record a vote. >> reporter: it didn't matter what he said. fellow counselors voted for the mayor to take a leave but the truth is the vote didn't matter. no one can force the mayor to
2:17 am
quick. in an exclusive interview with doug ford, the mayor's brother, he said the mayor is staying put. >> it's not a good example and he has admitted it. there's going to be a point in life you have to accept his apology and time will tell and the people will decide. >> reporter: that is the ford doctrine, despite being humiliated, he is hanging on, battling through, betting he'll be back in the mayor's office for another term next year. paula newton, cnn, toronto. >> what a circus. 17 minutes after the hour. an air force officer accused of groping a woman outside a virginia bar has been acquitted. he once led the air force sexual response team and a 23-year-old woman testified he grabbed her back side at a bar in the washington, d.c. suburbs but it took the jury only an hour to find him not guilty of this accusation. kersinski didn't say much when he left the court. >> i will say i love my
2:18 am
children. >> we are gratified bit verdict and even more so i think we are grateful to the judge and particularly the jury for its very careful thought. >> it's not sure what it means for his career. he had been reassigned to another job. he may face internal disciplinary action. >> reporter: two advisers on obama security detail are under investigation of accused of sending e-mails to a female subordinate. was was a supervisor who was accused of trying to force his way into a woman's room at a washington, d.c. hotel. the secret service is not commenting but "the washington post" says both are no longer part of the team protecting the president. the tsa much touted behavioral screening program may not work so says a new rort from the government accountable office which claims the program has not proven itself effective
2:19 am
at stopping threats against air travel and said the reports were no better than random chance. the tsa is defending the program which so far has cost nearly a billion dollars since 2007. a new threat for law enforcement. plastic guns. a ban on creating undetectability firearms expires next month. the law says some metal must be in all firearms. legislation to reinstate the ban is pending in the house. this is one of the most bizarre auction items you will ever hear before. >> i will agree. >> the plastic surgery records for marilyn monroe. a file containing x-rays and office notes confirming that the star underwent cosmetic surgery. what do you do with these now? >> frame them. display them in your home. >> the name on the records was
2:20 am
ms. joan newman and the records prove it was monroe. she had a cartilage implant in her chin. >> what do they show is all i want to know. >> chin and nose. >> thank you for that. appreciate that. a big brawl breaking out on the basketball court. how did it start? i missed it. guess what? it doesn't matter. we are going to have more coming up in "the bleacher report." >> we were arguing about obama care. >> scott brooks comes out to separate. these days i'm living with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. at first, i took warfarin, but i wondered, "could i up my game?" my doctor told me about eliquis. and three important reasons to take eliquis instead. one, in a clinical trial, eliquis was proven to reduce the risk of stroke better than warfarin. two, eliquis had less major bleeding
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happened. >> the thunder and clippers came to blows last night in los angeles and is going to be very costly for clippers forward matt barnes. why? >> i don't know. andy scholes is joining us now with more in this morning's bleacher report. i want to know what happened. show me. >> i will show you. matt barnes known as an enforcer there on court and he'll do the dirty work out there but it looks like cost him once benefit. second quarter last night. blake griffin and ibaka tangled up and griffin shoves ibaka back. they are ejected. check it out. barnes grabs his twin boys out of the stands and takes him with him to the locker room and from the locker room, he tweeted, i love my teammates like family but i'm done standing up for these blanks. all this blank does is cost me money. definitely a rough night for barnes. lao looks like he is going to be fined for ejected and fined for
2:25 am
tweeting mid game and then for what he tweeted. a lineup section on brian wilson loves his bushy beard so much he is giving up a chance to play for the yankees. they wanted to sign him but they have a strict no hair facial policy and wilson loves that beard too much. he reportedly turned down a million bucks by a razor money to shave that monstrosity over the summer. if you're looking to have a drink in the louisville, kentucky, area tonight check out the lady cardinals basketball game. the coach jeff wall says the first round on him. he is buying the first 2,500 fans who are over 21, of course, a free beer for attending the preseason game against lsu. the promotion will cost the coach about five grand. there may now be somewhat tougher than chuck norris. that's right. it's russian president vladimir putin. while in south korea the former
2:26 am
kgb agent won grand master status within the martial art. that means he a higher ranking in the sport. we all know chuck norris can do pretty much anything. i don't know if you knew when alexander bell invented the telephone, he had three missed calls from chuck norris. >> the one thing that putin has that chuck norris doesn't -- >> the super bowl ring. >> super bowl ring and nuclear weapons. putin, norris, you make the call. >> thank you, andy. appreciate it. 26 minutes past the hour republican the death toll rising in the philippines. people are struggling to find food and water there. we are live with the latest when we come back. an irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. that puts jim at a greater risk of stroke. for years, jim's medicine tied him
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the whole world is asking what is the holdup struggling to survive. thousands and thousands devastated by typhoon haiyan can't get to food, water, or doctors. we are live on the ground with the latest. didn't have to go this far. you know? not only did they burn their house up but they broke their family up. >> teen girls accused of taking bullying to the absolute extreme ransacking a classmate's house before burning it down. i saw these cops up here and was wondering what is going on. then i saw a silhouette of a little baby kangaroo. >> kangaroo on the loose and
2:31 am
kangaroo on the lamb taking over a texas road. >> seriously? yesterday was alligators and today is kangaroos. >> welcome back to "early start." i'm zoraida sambolin. >> i'm john berman. aid is arriving in the nation devastated by one of the most powerful typhoons on record. haiyan decimated huge parts of the philippines leaving tens of thousands homeless and more than 2,300 people dead. but the relief efforts are said to be moving slowly. hospitals are overwhelmed and residents simply are not getting the help they need. nick payton-walsh is live in tacloban. nick, what is the latest there? >> you can see behind me the city has turned into a ghost town in many ways. not real sources of light for people remaining there and. we drove through and i did see
2:32 am
for the first time actual palpable signs of the government intervening. a truck giving out food to people and long on lines behind that blocking traffic and i think a sign of how desperate that contribution was needed and many in the streets have been waiting to see signs the government are finally going about the task of collecting the corpse that are littering the sides of the streets. they say they have been doing it for days and people are weeping seeing the same ones there again and again. a sign the government is slowly moving into action here but just driving through you see the monumental task ahead and dead all over the streets, let alone trying to rebuild lives for people here, the few that remain. >> nick, what about evacuations? as we look at all of this devastation, we think people need to get out of that area to get the help they need. how is that moving along?
2:33 am
>>. >> interesting to note we have seen a number of buses and trucks to take people away. the airport where we have been the last few days always there is a cue of people trying to get out with their suitcases and hoping a plane would take them away from here. frankly not much left in the city to support life. you can see this day or night, illum nates behind me. this seems to be in the epi center of the worst hit area. people really struggling to find anything to begin their life again within here. >> as you've been traveling through -- i know it's taking you some time to get through all of the debris also, we keep hearing about the number of people that have died. do they by the numbers will increase as they have not reached the harder hit areas?
2:34 am
>> reporter: i think now people are getting a broader sense of exactly how badly whatever areas were hit. we seem to feel, as you drove away from here, that the damage is getting less. of course, there will be pockets around the area which people will get to and maybe cause the death toll to rise. we have heard estimations thousands of people not accounted for at this point, but that not so say this is a scientific act. simply looking at tacloban itself, they are struggling to get trucks into the government to get their aid effort mounting. it's come down from 10,000, just over 2,000 as you said and may go up again but the real emphasis here is getting people's back to their daily lives. >> thank you, nick. of course, if you would like to help go to we have a list of groups working in the philippines helping the
2:35 am
people who are hit by the typhoon. >> so many good ways to reach out and help. >> absolutely. back here in the united states. a very, very rough first month for the president's health care overhaul. the numbers beyond disappointing. the administration says only about a hundred thousand people signed up for coverage under the insurance exchanges in october the first month they were offered. less than a quarter of those sign-ups through site. they are promising to fix the problems with the site and the enrollment process but democrats in congress want to pass some bills to allow americans to keep some of their plans that have been dropped the last month. the president promised everyone with a plan could keep it. republicans are asking if we have spent millions on a website that does not work, should we spend eaven more to fix it? >> if this was easy it would have been done before. not only is this part of the bill something that needs to be changed, we have changed a couple of other smaller changes
2:36 am
that need to be fixed and continue to work on it. >> does anybody have how much all of this will cost us in the end? nobody knows? >> again, some of the biggest heat and friction is between the white house and congressional democrats and key white house officials are supposed to go to talk about the provision in the law. many democrats in congress want to pass something that would allow americans to keep their health care plans. >> i find it remarkable it's borderline threats at this stage of the game, fix this or else we are siding with the republicans. >> a house will come up and the democrats say if you don't give us something to vote before that, we will vote with the democrats. >> a frightening seen at a pittsburgh high school when minutes after the final bell, shots rang out. four teenage boys were ambushed right outside the school and three were shot. they staggered back inside and the school was put on lockdown. s.w.a.t. and police swarmed the scene and 16-year-old was
2:37 am
arrested and charged as an adult with four counts of attempted homicide. police say he targeted the victims in retaliation for a drug-related assault last month. the victims are expected to be okay. >> outrageous story to tell you about in south florida and extremely bullying where two teenage girls were accused of robbing and ransacking and setting fire to the home of a classmate. the teens are charged as adults and held in palm beach county jail. family friend of the victim say the girls went way too far. >> not only did they steal their belongings and their electronics and then had the audacity to burn down the house where it's not even livable? >> police say one of the suspects was wearing jewelry some one of the victims. when confronted at school she just said, she thought it was funny. >> oh, my goodness. 37 minutes past the hour.
2:38 am
it is sentencing day for convicted mobster james whitey bulger. the 84 yearly is facing a mandatory life term after being convicted of dozens of counts, including a role in nearly a dozen murders. relatives of bulger's victims called him names like coward and satan and they spoke behind bulger and he spent the entire hearing with his back to them. >> i think he was scared. i think he was afraid to turn around and see the massive people and all of those families he affected. i think he was scared to face up. >> prosecutors want bulger sentenced two life terms guaranteeing he is dying in prison. gay marriage now the law in hawaii. the governor signing a bill -- excuse me, peter brady here. the 15th state plus the district of columbia to allow same-sex
2:39 am
marriage. some two decades ago the state supreme court there ruled that gay americans should have the right to marry. that led to a national backlash in the defensive marriage act which was struck down earlier this year. a very strange site in the western part of texas. it is a kangaroo on the loose mere midland. even police did not believe their eyes. >> they were questioning the call, you know, kangaroo in midland, texas? there are no kangaroos out here. must be something different. they thought the dispatcher was crazy so they went out there and, sure enough, they found him. >> sure enough. it's the kangaroo. it winds up that joey had escaped from its owner and was hopping down the highway. deputies eventually cornered the animal while the owner used treats to snatch the kangaroo and snatched him up. officials are looking whether the owner violated an exotic
2:40 am
animal ordinance. >> kangaroo on the lam! >> can you imagine the phone call? a kangaroo. >> the law enforcement in midland, texas, took care of it and offering treats to the kangaroo. they have a stash of kangaroo treats just in case. another cold morning for much of the nation. but some help and heat on the horizon and miss indra petersons is here with that. >> you know it's cold when we are talking about boston freezing and chicago barely above freezing and minneapolis not much better but warmer at 36. look at the 20s out there. pittsburgh 28 and charleston at 23. here is the real strange thing this time of the year. we are talking about this cold air having gone all the way down to the south. they are dealing with it as well. jackson 27 and atlanta currently below freezing at 31. with that, yes, freeze warnings this morning into the south. really all up and down the gulf extending through georgia this morning. it should be the last day they
2:41 am
see this. that is the good piece of news here. we are going to be warming up thanks to the moisture coming out of the gulf and talk about the temperature change today. new york city you're warming 12 degrees and pittsburgh warming 12 degrees and also raleigh. it will feel so much better as yesterday were in the 30s and 40s. a lot more 50s up on the map and charlotte trying to get near that 60-degree mark so hopefully a distant memory by the time we go to the weekend more importantly. >> clawing its way to warmth here. indra, thanks so much. we have something disturbing to show you after the break. a terrifying 911 call for help after a cougar attacks. >> oh, my god, renee! oh, my god. >> we will have this for you when we come back. odors in your trash. neutralize them and freshen.
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harrowing 911 call after a wildcat keeper was attacked and killed by a cougar in oregon. 36-year-old renee chapman apparently included the enclosure alone against the policy of the sanctuary and the owner called police begging for help. at one point he went into the enclosure himself and shoing the cats away so he could get to her body. can you hear it all right here in this chilling 911 call. >> oh, my god, renee. oh, my god, renee! oh, my god. get! oh, my god. >> sir, are you in a safe position to be able to go in by yourself? we don't want you to get injured. we don't want you to get hurt. >> i hear what you're saying. get out of here! get! go! go! go! >> like i said chilling. tiller was able to retrieve
2:46 am
renee and body but she was already dead. she leaves behind a husband and a 5-month-old daughter. let's take a look what is coming up on "new day." good morning to you, chris and kate. >> good morning, guys. we are talking about obama care this morning. the numbers are in and not good. why is everybody so surprised? we were told the rollout wasn't good and told the numbers would be low. whatever reason the politics are working of this shock value of the numbers. not just among republicans but democrats, language kind of sounding like revolt, new plans, worries about 2014. we are going to you through what it seems these numbers will terms of the obama care and the 2014 election. toronto's mayor rob ford alleging patterns of drug use and erratic behavior and more detail than we have heard already.
2:47 am
fiery meeting between ford and the toronto city council on whether he should step down and take a leave of absence. we will bring you the new allegations coming up. it is time for our morning rhyme, the best tweets of the day. today is from julie benoit. it's stung here. ford, you heard him say f'd yesterday. this is the rhyme. ford f'd up and smoke crack and toronto wants its city back. kudos for julie. >> and incorporating the news into it. appreciate it. the president's pick to lead the federal reserve facing confirmation this morning and what janet yellen says could have a big impact on the economic recovery. christine romans is going to break it all down in "money time." ♪ it's an extremely simple tool. but also extremely powerful. it could be used to start a poem.
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welcome back to "early start." it is a big day for your money and a big day for "money time." christine romans is here with all of that. >> let me show you some records from the stock markets and hot gym market. futures higher this morning. dow and s&p notching up records and nasdaq closing with a hefty gain yesterday for the year the dow up 21%. i love to read these numbers. nasdaq 21% and s&p up 25%. futures began to rise after janet yellen's testimony was relieved last night. she is going to have probably her more important job interview today for her confirmation hearing to be the first woman to run the federal reserve. yellen is comfortable delaying the taper, the scaling back of stimulus until next year. that is something that is good for stocks. we won't know what else she might say in the question and
2:52 am
answer portion of that testimony today so a job interview that matters to her and matters to all of our money so much so janet yellen, the big, big story today in washington. here is proof that the market rally is making its way into your 401(k). fidelity says 401(k) balances reached 481,300 a new record in the third quarter up more than 11% from last year. workers who added to their 401(k)s saw it go up. if you're in the balance ten years, 223,100, a 20% gain. i want to show you 20 something intentrepreneur. he and his partner turned down $3 billion to buy a rapidly growing photo message service that facebook wanted to buy. they apparently think if they sold now they would leave billions of dollars on the table. snapchat is a social app and
2:53 am
teenagers love this and facebook is hungry for teens because teens are cooling on facebook. what is interesting about snapchat a lot of sexting goes on. >> you hear. >> i hear. because you use it via video very short video and you converse via photos but then they disappear. no footprint. >> the magic there. >> the magic it disappears and no footprint for future employers and parents. the number on this deal in the billions. >> could be even higher. >> could be higher than the $3 billion so really interesting story there. watch the space on snapchat. does it mean is there a bubble in social media? instagram was a billion and tumbler picked up for a couple billion and snapchat. they are making money! >> i think the instagram people are realizing could have been more money there so snapchat is waiting. christine romans, thank you. his principal is now his balance for life. a high school student saved by
2:54 am
the man who heads his school! he's gui these guys are friends for sure. tell you about that coming up next. ♪ hmm. ♪ mm-hmm. [ engine revs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] oh what fun it is to ride. get the mercedes-benz on your wish list at the winter event going on now -- but hurry, the offer ends soon. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease the 2014 glk350 for $419 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. for $419 a month ♪
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they don't need to cut out those foods but you can make some smart choices.
2:57 am
we all know teaching high school can be rough but it can be truly rewarding like the principal rene robbie rosa. he just learned that cpr in late october and, man, is it lucky he did because he had to use it six days later on halloween when a 15-year-old wrestler's heart failed during practice! it winds up that devin had a
2:58 am
never before heart condition and he was clinically dead for seven minutes! >> wow. >> don't you leave now. remember saying that? >> it was like a miracle. >> he is here today! he has a second chance! >> god must have a greater purpose for him because is there no reason why he should be here today, so i'm expecting some very, very important things from this young man. >> it's a miracle. also proven an outstanding educator and two weeks in the head, devin is heading home and he should be back in school next week. he will have a defibrillator to prevent his heart from stopping again. they have a friend in life in that high school principal who is such a hero this morning. >> that is a great way to end "early start." it is time for "new day."
2:59 am
>> no one will be satisfied with the numbers. >> the numbers are in. we know now exactly how many people signed up for obama care in the first month and the numbers are not good. neither ais the reaction of som democrats. what is the whispers of a big change in the plan? >> new allegations revealed in court documents about toronto's mayor rob ford. this on heels of one of the most public interventions ever. imagine being offered $ billi3 billion for your technology and turned it down? is he crazy or is he crazy smart? we will discuss. >> your "new day" begins right now. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. welcome to "new day," it's thursday, november 14th, 6:00 in the east. senate democrats are marching to the white house, looking for answers, both to their political
3:00 am
fears and for a way to address the millions of americans who have been dropped by their insurance carriers. let's give to jim acosta, live at the white house where they're still reeling from those low enrollment numbers from this past october. >> reporter: we may well hear from the president on these discouraging numbers. the white house after this first rough month for obama care appears to be saying they have nowhere to go but up. it's not just the numbers that are in, for the first month of signups for obama care, so are the reviews. >> just another day in a series of messups in obama care. >> reporter: it's not jest republicans who are giving the october enrollment period a thumbs down. >> i don't think anyone is satisfied. the promise of the affordable care act is worth fighting for. >> reporter: of the roughly


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