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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 13, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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unveiled this special vending machine that counts the number of squats before issuing the free tickets. the machine is part of a campaign to promote exercise and, of course, the upcoming winter olympics in 2014. can you do that many squats? >> are you kidding? no, i've got a bad knee. thanks for watching "around the world." that will do it for us. >> "cnn newsroom" with wolf blitzer starts right now. >> this is cnn breaking news. we've got major breaking news here. i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. as you remember, the president promised that if you liked your health insurance policy, you could keep it. that hasn't exactly worked out. and as we're learning right now, california may be the hardest hit by this of all. joining us now our investigations correspondent chris frats who has been investigating what's going on, specifically in california. what are you learning? >> that's right, wolf. we've learned about a million peep in the state of california got cancellation letters.
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it has 38 million residents. this is getting a lot of attention. who are these 1 million people? people ho had private health insurance. under obama care, all insurance policies must include ten essential benefits things like maternity care and prescription drug coverage. so if your plan doesn't meet that criteria, the insurance companies send you a cancellation notice. some private insurer will offer new plans. but for some people that could increase premiums. for other people who might qualify for a subsidy under obama care, it could be cheaper. >> what do these million people who just lost their policies in california supposed to do. >> there's a reason that they're doing this. that's because the obama administration wanted to get rid of what they called junk plans and make sure everyone has quality coverage. fortunately for californians, they have a state exchange working better than but there are still reports of problems there too. >> this is not just happening in california. it's happening all over the country. >> well, that's right, wolf.
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and what you're seeing here is the administration and the insurance industry knew this was going to happen. the estimates vary widely from 7 million to 12 million people nationwide who could be canceled. the obama administration has repeatedly said many of these people are trading up to plans that are supposed to be better. >> they're nervous though right now because maybe they will get a better plan and maybe a subsidy and a cheaper plan, about you right now, there's this uncertainty till that website is completely working and up to speed. >> that's right. >> chris, good work. thanks very much. on capitol hill today, the administration's technology chief, among others, faced serious questions about the website, the rollout, and the effort to fix the problem. >> cms had designed the system for 50,000, 60,000 current users. right now if you ask me based on what i know now what the system is currently capable of handling, the thing i would be comfortable saying is that the system has been comfortably
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handling at present about 20,000 to 25,000 current users. there are other key issues that have to be addressed in terms of its performance, stability, in terms of it functionality and there are aggressive efforts happening to do that which are making great progress. the site is getting better and better each week. >> there are new reports today the administration won't get the website fully functional by the end of this month. but listen carefully to what they've been saying about that deadline. >> based on our analysis, we have it fully functioning by the end of november. >> the assessment that we have made is that it will take until the end of november for an optimally functioning website. >> we are working overtime to get this fixed. and the website is already better than it was at the beginning of october. and by the end of this month, we anticipate that this it is going to be working the way it is supposed to. >> the man tacked by the white house to spearhead the fix, jeffrey zients says the site
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would be up by the end of november for what he calls the "vast majority of people who try to get on to that site." let's bring in our chief congressional correspondent dana bash and senior white house correspondent brianna keilar. dana, i'll start with you. there's increasing pressure right now from not only republicans but a whole bunch of congressional democrats when it comes to the obama care website, and many are airing those grievances in a meeting with the obama administration. what's happening at that meeting? >> it was a meeting this morning of house democrats, administration officials came over to talk to them, and goal of the administration is to prevent democrats from defecting on a vote that they will have to take this friday. it's a republican proposal that will allow people to keep their health plans if they want to. what the republicans say will be to keep the president's promise. the administration argued in private that that would be a disaster for the law itself
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because it would basically pull a thread and unravel the whole thing. it would make premiums go up for people who do enroll and so forth. however, the political reality is that democrats feel i'm told more and more a lot of pressure to maybe vote for that because of the calls they're getting from constituents who are losing their health plans. so this meeting this morning i'm told was a forum for democrats to air their grievances and they did big-time. it was a pretty heated meeting i'm told this morning, again among house democrats and administration officials. they want the administration to come up with a way out of this, and they want them to do it by this friday so democrats don't have to vote for that republican proposal, wolf. >> how realistic of a deadline if it's this friday, is it? because this is a really complicated matter. >> it's unclear. one of the house democrats came out and said they think the administration could come up with thing in the next 24 hours, but the key question, one of the key questions that we're told
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the white house is sort of scrambling to figure out is whether they can address these problems, some of them administratively meaning without congress, which, of course opens up a whole partisan can of worms to say the least or they will have to come to congress to do that. meanwhile, democrats in the senate, many of them are not waiting for that. there are a number of democrats who have their own version of a bill, a much more narrow version which they say won't disrupt obama care broadly. that will allow people at least 5% of people who are in the individual insurance market, to keep their plans if they want to. and these are democrats. now i think it's up to maybe half a dozen democrats who are pushing this, and they're hoping that the administration signs on to their plan as a way out of this in terms of the policy and politically, as well. >> dana bash, on capitol hill, thanks. let's go over to the white house right now. brianna keilar is standing by. that november 30th deadline that
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was set that the website would be operating the way it's supposed to be operating according to the president, you heard all those various clips, what's the white house saying about that today? >> the line today, now, wolf is that it will be functioning effectively by the end of the month for the vast majority of users. so that's certainly dialed back from what we heard president obama say a week ago where he said it be "working the way it is supposed to." you heard marilyn tavenner say it would be working fully. you can see the administration managing some expectations. it's really just several miles from the white house where whether the website will be fully functional, mostly functional will be determined. it's happening at a facility in an area in northern virginia, a suburb of washington, d.c. where i've spoken with industry sources familiar with this facility where most of the fixes are undergoing. following a "washington post" report today, wolf, that said it's unlikely that the website, the problems with the website
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will be resolved by the end of the month. i am told by industry sources that actually from their perspective, and they are sitting in meetings with the people on the ground technically who are saying what's working and what isn't, i'm told by one source, i have not heard anyone in a position of authority and knowledge freak out. that's the quote, that the deadline is not possible to meet. but i think, wolf, one of the reasons that you're seeing these managed expectations has to do with the rhetoric sort of meeting reality because the same source also telling me that web sites are never done and that fixing software isn't a linear process. it's not like all of the problems that were happening yesterday are fixed today or that with each day you're seeing improvement. om days it is sort of up and down. you make take two steps forward and a step back. that's something that is tremendously frustrating to administration officials at hhs and cms, which obviously oversees medicare and medicaid
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services. >> they're not defining the words vast majority, are they? >> well, that's really the question. that is a phrase from the white house from the administration. we've heard president obama use it. what exactly does that mean? you heard the testimony today of todd todd park where he said that the website right now is operating at half capacity. 28 to 30,000 people able to use it. and the goal i'm told is 60,000. so far short of that, but still the capacity has increased at this point. so at what point does the white house, does the administration consider the vast majority to have been reached? we obviously know that that vast majority is downgraded expectationing from what we've heard just in the last couple of weeks. >> i must say jeffrey zibts, the man in charge of trying to fix it has been using that phrase, vast majority from the moment he took on this new assignment for the president.
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bianna, thanks very much. chris christie right now is riding pretty high as he fends off questions about 2016. now we have new numbers on the foblt next battle for the white house. christie versus clinton. we're going to tell you who leads any that race, according to these latest polls. stay with us. i'm only in my 60's.
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i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. we're just getting this in. the white house chief technology officer, todd park, who's been testifying up on capitol hill before darrell issa's committee, now says that the administration will release the enrollment numbers in the obama care through the obama care website shortly. his word, quote, shortly. he aid that in response to questioning. i presume that means these numbers will be released later today. which would be very significant how many people have actually signed up for new insurance as a result of the affordable care act since october 1st when the website started to work. not exactly an well, but it did start to work on october 1st. late see what happens. but once again, the white house chief technology officer, todd park, telling congress that the administration will release the numbers how many people have actually signed up, not just
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necessarily gone online but actually signed up with new insurance shortly. so we'll see, we'll stand by for that. much more on that story coming up. other news we're following, last week as you know, crist christie easily won a second term as the new jersey governor. now a new poll showed him in a dead heat to win the 2016 presidential race. the quinnipiac university poll shows him with 4443% support. hillary clinton look at this, 42% support hillary clinton. of course, the presumptive favorite on the democrat side. we should stress that christie's 1% edge is certainly well within the sampling error. let's bring in chief political analyst gloria borger. what do you make of this 42% for hillary clinton, 43% for christie. >> what year is this, would he have? >> this is 2013. >> we are a little early on this. what these poll numbers really tell us is that these two candidates have an awful lot of
10:16 am
name i.d. if you dig deeper into the numbers, there was something of great interest to me. that is where independent voters came out on this. if you look at independent voters, 48% for chris christie. 32% for hillary clinton. so you can see that with independent voters who republicans need to get, if they're going to win a presidential election, if chris christie can keep that number very high, he would be a hugely attractive candidate for the republicans. >> as often said, if he wins that republican nomination, he would be a significant challenge to a hillary clinton. the problem he has is winning in an iowa caucus or winning in south carolina, winning in nevada, winning in florida where there are a lot of other potential republican candidates. >> remember rudy guiliani decided to skip the early caucuses and just compete in florida. it didn't work well for him. but a 16 point difference on independent voters is not to be sneezed at. >> there's speculation jeb bush
10:17 am
could throw his hat in the ring too as a quote request moderate republican. we shall see. you're absolutely right. way, way early. we like to talk about it any how. look at this other number, these numbers from this quinnipiac university poll. president barack obama, is he honest and trustworthy? 44% say yes, 52% say no. what's significant is that number 44% has done down in october. it was 54% thought the president was honest and trustworthy. now it's gone down to 44%. that's a significant setback for the president. >> it's a terrible setback. remember in the last campaign, wolf, what the president had going for him were two things. one is likability and two is do you trust him to do the right thing all or most of the time. he did very, very well. now you see, and it's because clearly because of obama care. not only the problems with the website, wolf, but it's also the problem that he said if you like your health insurance, you will be able to keep your health
10:18 am
insurance. people heard that. they believed it. now they're discoverying that it's something else. once you lose your credibility as a president, it's very, very difficult to get it back. it's an uphill slog. it's very tough to push that boulder back up the hill. once people start turning on you, then they start paying a little less attention to you, then you're your agenda becomes more difficult to move and politicians in your own party feel they're not as indebted to you and maybe they don't need you as much during the campaign. so these things have a way of building on themselves. that's a very dangerous number for him. >> another dangerous number is 1 million at the top of the hour. we reported a million people in california alone have lost their health insurance. a lot of them will be able to buy other health insurance, maybe better policies, maybe even subsidized cheaper. but a million people have lost their health insurance policies as a result of obama care in california alone.
10:19 am
that's a significant number. >> he has to find a way to fix this. the white house would prefer to do it administratively. there are democrats particularly those in the senate up for re-election who want to do it legislatively because they need to tell their constituents they put the president on notice that this isn't going to go with them. that they feel that they've been misled, as well. so i think the president has problems in his own party. and that's not good heading into 2014. >> certainly isn't. all right, gloria, thanks very much. gloria will be back later in the situation room", as well. u.s. troops are expanding their presence right now in the philippines. millions of typhoon vips remain in desperate need of aid. find out what they're doing to try to help save lives.
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the u.s. is substantially beefing up its response to the humanitarian disaster in the philippines. as the death toll from the super typhoon haiyan climbs higher, more than 2200 people are now officially confirmed dead by the government. millions of survivors desperately need food, water and medical supplies. today the u.s. marine corps announced its doubling the number of osprey aircraft to eight. they can land and take off in remote areas and carry bigger loads than helicopters. two u.s. navy amphibious ships are also head to the philippines and the aircraft carrier "uss george washington" now expected to arrive off the philippine coast within hours. aid from other countries and private organizations are pouring in, as well. and they can't come fast enough for the hard hit province of y
10:24 am
leyta. there was a stampede at a warehouse storing rice. eight people were killed. desperation in cebu province. anna coren is there. >> this is the takening ground for the disaster relief operation in the philippines. it has been a surprisingly small operation. that changed today when the americans arrived. ospreys flew in carrying u.s. marines to coordinate the enormous aid mission that to date has been slow and ineffective. planes from australia and taiwan also land, transporting a makeshift hospital and much needed medical supplies. with this operation finally shifting gears, as more supplies are sent in to the disaster zone, those who have escaped car carnage and misery their share horrific stories. this 5 -year-old woman from tacloban huddled with her 16-year-old daughter and elderly father when it hit. she tried to hold on to them as the waters rose but couldn't
10:25 am
save them. >> i lost my daughter, my 16-year-old daughter. i told her during the evacuation, go, go did, tin tin, go. live me and your lolo but my daughter said no, mama, i can't leave you. >> reporter: so many evacuees have lived through unimaginable horr horror. while they tried to protect their children, these young survivors are deeply scarred by what they witnessed. >> i've never seen dead people on this street in the sidewalks. >> how did that make you feel. >> it made me feel scared. >> me too. >> why. >> because it was creepy there were dead people lying on the streets. >> while pain and sorrow is running deep here in the philippines, it's hoped this coordinated international relief effort will help ease some of the you ever is standing. anna coren, cebu, the
10:26 am
philippines. >> for more how you can help the survivors of this disaster in the philippines, please visit democrats taking on the white house. several are now thinking of jumping ship. at least when it comes to parts of obama care, siding with republicans. what will that mean for the president? we're taking a closer look. that's next. just by talking to a helmet. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked him up. it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. [ driver ] and it got his okay on treatment from miles away. it even pulled strings with the stoplights. my ambulance talks with smoke alarms and pilots and stadiums. but, of course, it's a good listener too. [ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everything works like never before. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check?
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on capitol hill today, nervous congressional democrats met with white house staffers looking for a fix to the obama care website mess and other related problems.
10:30 am
if president bush was remembered for the disastrous response to hurricane katrina, here's the question some are asking, including some democrats. is this president obama's political nightmare unfolding right now? according to our dana bash, those leaders had one question today, what's your plan. let's discuss with political commentators maria cardona and ben ferguson. thanks very much for coming in. maria, the latest poll numbers from quinnipiac university show these numbers are not very encouraging for the president and for the democrats if elections were being held today, for whom would you vote on october 1st, 43% said republicans. now 39% say democrats, 39% say republicans. i guess a lot of people are blaming a lot of democrats are blaming the obama care rollout for those numbers. >> sure. and so thankfully, wolf, the election isn't today. and it is still a year away. and a lot can happen in a year. one of those things that's going
10:31 am
to happen is that by the end of this month, as the white house has stated, the fix fips to obama care website will be in full force and a lot more people will be able to sign up. a lot more people will be able to enroll. so that is what this administration is focused on. they have some of the best folks on this, including jeff zients and todd park who is one of the best minds in technology. he's the chief technology officer for the white house who is frankly right now, think, wasting his time on the hill had i testifying when republicans if they really wanted to make sure that this is fixed, they would have him back at his office to make sure that the website is fixed. and that their constituents could get the health care they want and need. >> ben, go ahead. >> wolf, yeah. maria seems more optimistic about the website being mixed by the end of the month than democrats and the president of the united states of america himself. they're even pulling back now, not claiming this thing will be fixed. but the bigger problem than that right now is, and you heard it earlier, one million people in
10:32 am
california alone got cancellation letters because of the affordable care act. and the democrats are really upset right now. are those going back to their district and phone lines are blowing up by people that said the president told me and you told me if i was in favor of this, i could keep my health care plan if i liked it. we now know that's a lie. we know they're upset about it. that's why the president's numbers are tanking this morning. that's what they want fixed even more than the website. if you got a cancellation letter, you are not happy about with the president of the united states because you feel like he misled or lied to you. >> a lot of republicans are going through all the videotape not only recalling what the president said, if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. but they're looking at a lot of vulnerable democrats who made similar comments over the course of the last year or two or three or whatever. and they're going to be blowing those up, as you know, in
10:33 am
commercials and political advertisements to those who might be vulnerable in 2014. >> there's no question about that, wolf. that's why congressional democrats are nervous. they should be. i certainly would be if i were in their position. and their furious and that outrage i think is the one that the president is taking heed on as well as the outrage of the people who are receiving those letters. i think the faux outrage, ben, the republican outrage going on on the hill today because instead of helping, instead of helping this president fix this, they have done everything they can to defund, delay, derail and destroy obama care from the moment it became law. so where was their outrage in the last 30 years when insurance companies were dropping people left and right? where was the outrage when people were actually going bankrupt because they couldn't get the health care they need? so let's try to fix this. this is what the president has promised to fix it, make sure that constituents get those
10:34 am
plans. >> go ahead, ben. >> the talking points that you just said mean nothing to people that got a cancellation letter. the fact is is, obama care and the president walked out analyzed to the american people saying you keep a plan. we now know that is an absolute fallacy. we know for a fact in 2010, the white house knew what they were selling was not truthful to the american people. they were warned by health care executives. if you pass this, these plans are no longer going to be available. and so you can blame republicans, but we didn't pass obama care. we didn't write it. we didn't look at it. >> yeah, obviously. >> nancy pelosi said, be we won't know what's in it till we pass it. that was the most truthful statement any democrat ever made about obama care. >> and this president has apologized. the hhs secretary has apologized. >> that doesn't matter if you lost insurance. >> cms has apologized. he is doing what he can
10:35 am
legislatively to make sure those stupes are able to either keep their plans or receive better plans. what are the republicans doing? again, the republicans are doing nothing other than trying to get rid of this law. >> factually not true. >> this president is frankly with the american people who want it to work. so work with this president and help us make it work. >> i'll go back to this. the last offer the republicans made when the government was shutdown was to delay obama care for one year saying it is not ready for primetime. we did offer that up. and now democrats are looking at the same rehisistic issue. >> that is not a fix. >> it needs time to be fixed. you're even saying that. one year is about time. i would hope to fix this. >> so instead of having the chief technology officer right now testifying, why don't you let him go back to his office and fix it. >> all right. we got that, maria, ben, we got a good discussion there, a good
10:36 am
debate to be continued. obviously, the story not going away. appreciate it very much, maria cardona and ben ferguson. always good debaters. the toronto city council is trying to reign in its larger than life mayor rob ford even though ford admitted smoking crashing the council has no legal power to remove him because he's not a convicted felon. today he admitted he bought illegal drugs in the past two years. ford says he's no longer cooperating with police in an investigation. amid all of this, the council is trying to force him to take at least a leave of absence. ford denies he's addicted to drugs or alcohol. he said and i'm quoting him now, he said "yes, i've made mistakes. all i can do is move on." yet this morning, the council's meeting produced another flare-up with one member actually accusing the mayor of bullying him on the floor. he wants an apology. >> i did not threaten him in any
10:37 am
way, shape or form. he was walking here. he stood at the clerk's desk. he did not make an approach to you, madame speaker. i said counselor, please take your seat. and that's exactly it. so there is nothing to apologize for when i'm following the rules and he is not. >> counselor minnan-wong? >> madame chair, i stand on behalf of all members of council. the mayor said that he was not threatening in any shape or form. he stood very, very close to me in a threatening manner, other members of council asked me subsequent to that because they saw, what was he doing? and what he was doing was threatening me by his presence in standing close to me, and it was deliberate. it was deliberate and i take -- and he was ordering me to sit down. he showed a fundamental lack of
10:38 am
understanding of the rules of this chamber and how questioning and speaking and moving motions operate. >> apologize for following the rules? and asking the other members of council to follow the rules? that's what i'm apologizing for? no, i don't think there's an apology necessary. if i said something derogatory, if i did what he's accusing me of, yes would i apologize. but i did not say that. madame clerk was right there. all i asked him to do is take a seat while people are asking questions. that's the rules. not walk around. that's it. there's no to apologize about. >> if mayor ford refuses to take a leave of absence, the council col ask the province of ontario to pass a new law to remove him from office. the secretary of state, john kerry insists imposing new sanctions on iran would be a big mistake right now, especially now that the nuclear talks with tehran he says are making some progress. they're going to resume november 20th in geneva.
10:39 am
just how confident is the white house that a deal can actually be reached? i'll speak about that and more. the deputy national security advisor to the president, ben rhoades is standing by live. we'll discuss at the white house. stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the flexcare platinum. new from philips sonicare. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... [ man ] hey, brad, want to trade the all-day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve.
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secretary of state yuan kerry and vpt joe biden are on
10:43 am
capitol hill today urging senate leaders to hold off imposing new sanctions against iran. they want more time to pursue nuclear negotiations with tehran. those talks are set to resume in exactly one week in geneva. kerry says significant progress was made at last week's talks in geneva, as well. but many in congress, democrats and republicans, aren't necessarily defensed that sanctions should wait. those skeptics include the democratic senator bob menendez the chairman of the foreign relations committee. i spoke with him this week. listen to this. >> if iran is going to continue to enrich uranium and continue to produce domestic centrifuges and perfect them, if it's going to continue to construct a hev duty reactor for plutonium in iraq, i don't see why we should stop our efforts to ensure that the iranians know that there are consequences for that march towards nuclear weapons. >> joining us from the white
10:44 am
house right now is ben rhoades, the assistant to the president, deputy national security advisor for strategic communications. ben, thanks very much for coming in. >> good to talk to you, wolf. >> what do you say to senator menendez and a bunch of his closing not only republicans but democrats, as well who say you know what? the u.s. and the international community should push for tougher sanctions as these negotiations continue. >> well, wolf, first of all sanctions brought to us where we are today. the administration has worked with congress to put crippling sanctions on the iranian government. the purpose of sanctions, it's not an end. it's a means to an end. we see iran coming to the table in a serious way. we want to test that proposition and see if we can get the first step after agreement that would halt the progress of the uranium program and roll back elements of that program while we negotiate a comprehensive resolution. we don't believe that now is the time for new sanctions because we need to test those negotiations. if they fail, then of course, we'd lead the charge for additional sanctions in
10:45 am
partnership with congress. >> if these negotiations do work out in geneva starting next week, as part of some initial steps that the iranians might take, would you be open as the iran yarns are demanding for easing some of those sanctions? >> wolf, what we've said is first of all, they would have to halt their program and roll back elements of their program. you're getting much more intrusive inspections. in response, we would consider some limited relief. but this would not get at the core architecture of sanctions, banking sanctions. they're having such a bite on the iranian economy. those would continue to be enforced. this is an important point. even in the six months of this period of negotiation where there would be some limited relief, iran would continue to face sanctions and they would face more in lost revenues from the sanctions that would continue to be enforced than they would get from the limited relief we're contemplating which would be reversible if they don't meet obligations. >> assuming a deal does allow
10:46 am
iran at least to continue enrichingure rabiam which a lot of people don't want them to do, but assuming they will continue to enrich uranium, you would be willing to at least ease some of those sanctions, is that right? >> i wouldn't characterize it as easing sanctions. it is providing them limited relief. there are ways to do that. it's like a spigot. you're giving them access to some revenue. but you're continuing to enforce the sanctions that are in place. again, that would have a greater cost to the iranians. the revenues they would loss in the next six months than the limited relief we're open to providing them. in response, they would have to address all of our concerns with respect to entry futures, to bringing down the levels of enrichment, to neutralizing portions of their stockpile, with respect to their plutonium program and with respect to more intrusive transparency measures and inspebzs of nuclear facilities. >> i know the president spoke
10:47 am
with the french president po holland of. the french foreign minister fabius warned what he called a suckers deal with iran, suggesting the french were on a different page than the united states as part after ingredient with the iranians. how much of a difference is there right now between the u.s. and france when it comes to a negotiated settlement or at least some sort of agreement on nuclear issues with iran? >> well, wolf, what i can tell you is coming out of that conversation between president obama and president hollande, the united states has a unified position with france going into the next round of negotiations. we expect to be unified with our p5-plus-1 partners with the agreement we're going to pursue with the iranians in the next round of talks in geneva and particularly with france and the united kingdom. right now on the same page, going to the table, the onus is going to be on the iranians to make sure they meet our concerns. again, we're not interested in a bad deal. that's why we didn't get to an agreement in jaeb. we want to make sure our
10:48 am
concerns are met. >> ben rhoades from the national security council. thanks very much, ben, for joining us. >> thanks, wolf. so who doesn't like using rewards points to get a free airline ticket? those tickets may be harder to come by. we're taking a closer look at some big changes coming to the rewards programs.
10:49 am
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10:52 am
affordable care act but try to elaminate it all together or sabotage it, that the altern tav they're proposing is the status quo. there's been a great deal of focus deservedly so with the rollout of the marketplaces but we should not lose sight of the fact there was a reason that this president, as so many presidents before him, pursued health care reform. the system was broken. it is broken. it needs reform, it needs fixing, it needs to be better so that the american people can count on affordable quality health kcare. as a right and not a privilege. >> so many democrats see that as a failed promise, that you could keep your health care, your insuran insurance, so is there anything they'll be able to rally around by the end of this week when they face -- you know, when they have to actually vote on
10:53 am
something? that the white house doesn't support? >> well, again, we don't believe that proposed legislation causes more problems than it fixes is the right way to go, but we are interested in other avenues that actually address the problems identified, and as i justs, the president asked his team to come up with proposed solutions. you can expect us to be announcing something sooner rather than later. >> briefly, then, last week, the president in dallas speaking about the health care website said, by the end of this month, we anticipate it's going to be working the way it is supposed to. yesterday, you said we expect it to be functioning and properly by the vast majority of americans by the end of the month, and today, the chief white house internet technology said it was a goal. so the president gets updated on
10:54 am
this daily. i wonder, what is today's appraisal of november 30th? is it going to be functioning, and when you say, you know, for a vast majority of americans, even if it doesn't help everybody, you could still be leaving millions of americans not getting access to it. >> let me say a couple things. as jeff zeins, who is managing this effort said publicly to the pre press, we are working 24/7 making changes and improvements to the website, and it is our belief that we're on track so that by november 30th, will be working smoothly for the vast majority of users. that's what jeff said, and that remains the case today. as i think todd said in his testimony and others have said and i have said, there are still problems that need to be addressed. even as we work through a punch list or the team, the tech team
10:55 am
works through a punch list of issues that need to be resolved, the fact is on november 13th, we are not where we will be and want to be by november 30th. but it remains the case that we believe the site will be working smoothly for the vast majority of users by the end of the mukt. that was the frame that jeff zients talked about when he first established this goal. and we believe we're on track. we make assessments all the time. today, we are confident that we're on track to achieve that. if that changes, we will certainly let you know. let it -- let me also be clear, as i said yesterday, as with any major website that's complex, as this one is, it can be working smoothly for the vast majority of users and there could still be individuals who experience problems. so i do not doubt that if we
10:56 am
meet this goal and it is working smoothly for the vast majority of users that there will be stories of people who experienced delays or difficulties. but it is our conviction that we can, with the fixes that are being implemented, reach that goal by november 30th. again, the purpose of this is to insure that americans who are interested in reviewing their options and purchasing quality affordable health insurance through the marketplaces are able to do so in a satisfactory way. and there's no question from the launch date on october 1st, the performance of the website has been far less than satisfactory. >> so there you have jay carney, the white house press secretary, answering reporters' questions on obama care. saying he thinks that the vast majority of folks who need to go on that website will be able to do so successfully by the end of the month, if that changes he said he'll let us all know.
10:57 am
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i'm zorida, alongside john berman. brooke baldwin is off today. the city of toronto has it first council since mayor rob ford's admission he smoked crack. >> it turned into part inquisition, part confessional, and part campaign stump speech in all


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