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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 3, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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that makes for the biggest time jump between adjacent countries in the world. 3.5 hours. so perhaps you can have dinner in china and step across the border into afghanistan and it is still time for a late lunch. does anyone know a good lunch spot? thank you for taking time for my report. i'll see you next week. >> hello these stories are topping the news this hour. toronto's mayor apologying but refusing to resign despite photos of him reportedly smoking crack cocaine. we will rephrase the suspected shooter's violent path. we are waiting for the president to speak he is the biggest
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political heavy weight. toronto's mayor is sticking to his guns and said today he will not resign. even though police claim they have video showing rob ford smoking a crack cocaine pipe. the mayor reinforced his position a week ago on his show. so, nick the mayor, did offer and apology but is that as far as he was willing to go? >> pretty much. he didn't address allegations during this radio show but he did apologize. it has been a long week. dra drug abuse allegations and he started his radio show by apologizing for his actions.
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he said he is not perfect and all he can do is apologize for his mistakes. local media reports saying he arrived playing "staying alive" by the beegees and that seemed to the theme this week. on thursday the police chief of toronto came out and said that they have digital proof of the mayor smoking a ghas lass cocai pipe saying that he is has hung out and took pictures in front of an alleged drug house tieing him to his former driver related to this video. reports that this former driver was threatening in this video. and that has not been made public yet.
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and why is that? if the police chief says we have this and you have reported that there are reporters that have seen it. why wouldn't the city's top cop say this is was we have? if they saw this why they are not formally pressing charges. but three reporters have seen it one and two local reporters have alleged to have seen this video that shows the mayor is addicted to crack cocaine. you would think this would shrink his public support. but it has boosted his support. however, no real detail on those mistakes. thank you so much. keep us posted on that. now, new details about the suspected lax gun men show that he had one target in mind.
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paul ciancia was carrying a note indicating that he wanted to shoot multiple tsa officers. >> investigators are still piecing together their timeline of what happened inside terminal three. they don't know every step of paul cianci's path. they know a roommate dropped him off here he entered at about 9:20 in the morning. according to pictures like this one. the gun was a 223 caliber assault rifle when he concealed in a bag. he then approached officer hernandez who was standing there where those flowers are. and he shot him point blank multiple times in the chest and then got on this sclat ter. >> he was alleged to have
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started to walk away and going up an escalate ter and then coming back down to return and shoot the wounded officer again. >> at the top is a security checkpoint. at some point he wounded two additional officers and a passenger. this is the other side of the checkpoint. from here the bun gunman made his way deep into the terminal. he neared the gates. people were running and getting knocked down and there was luggage everywhere and mayhem is the best way to describe it. we are speeding up the video as he wound through the terminal making his way through the gate area. he had a host of unspent ammo enough said the mayor of los angeles to kill everybody in the terminal. it ended here where police shot the gunman a handwritten note
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was found on him. >> we found a statement where he made a conscious decision to kill multiple tsa employees. he addressed them at one point in the letter and wanted to quote instill fear into their traderous minds. >> the tsa is also asking how in this post 9/11 era did the gunman make it this close to a passenger plane. >> we will look at what our policies are but it is done in cooperation with each agency and how we go about providing for the best possible security. >> because on this day in america's third busiest airport they failed to prevent one man with a gun from doing this. >> cnn los angeles less.
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>> the wife from the officer killed in that attack said he was excited to go to work and took pride in this job. he was working as a checker when he was shot on friday. his wife said that she and their two children are simply devastated. >> he was a wonderful husband, father, brother, son and friend. he would have been 40 next week. i am truly devastated. we are all heart broken and will miss him dearly. >> hernandez had been working for the tsa since 2010. he is the first tsa officer to be killed in the line of duty. secretary of state met with egy egypt's foreign minister and
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didn't extend -- because it's quote policy. kerry is the highest level official to visit since morsey's ou ouster. his trial begins tomorrow. after nsa edward snowden met with a german lawmaker in moscow he reportedly said he is willing to testify. he will go to nogermany as longs that country doesn't send him to the us. he said in a manifesto today that he feels justified in spilling intelligence secrets. the german lawmaker who met
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edward snowden said the confessed leaker wants to testify in front of congress. >> he stressed that he is ready to come before the german parliament to testify and that he would rather go before the pairliment and put the facts on the table. >> she says he is making his own decisions and is not being manipulated by the russians. >> despite the police state surveillance state we have been turning into. i think he would love to come back some day if the conditions plitly were different. >> nsa chief alexander, the turmoil now giving him second thoughts on whether spying on al lies like german chancellor
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merkel was worth it. >> i think those partnerships have greater value than some of the collection and we ought to look at it like that. >> the intelligence community denies collecting reports from citizens calling reports from sn snowden completely false. but secretary of state acknowledging that they went too far. >> our president is determined to clarify and do the review in order that nobody will have a sense of abuse. >> but no apologies in snow n den's direction. >> was he a traitor? >> are you asking me? >> absolutely. >> bring in now barbara starr.
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so should we believe this barbara that there would be a possible chance that he would come back to the united states and testify before congress and not face any charges. >> very unlikely as in no way. top administration officials have been asked about this on the sunday talkshows and top members of congress the chairs in the senate. there is no appetite for anything like lclemency. if he comes back he will face charges for leaking information. >> president obama is hitting the campaign trail across the o potomac. why he is trying to drum up support in that state's governor's race. i have a 401k retirement plan.
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and fresh off her portrayal of michelle obama on "saturday night live" she is turning out on the campaign trail in support. >> i know that there is a lot at stake for virginia on tuesday. the outcome of this election will matter. and who your next governor is will matter. virginians deserve a governor who will invest in education and
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make sure that everyone will have a chance to succeed. independenting. bringing out real political stars and now even hollywood stars. that is right. but here is the thing about this. democrats feel relatively comfortable about this point. i want to show you why there are two polls that are going to come out in the last week. one of them is from roanoke college. 46% for him and 41% from the republicans. but there is another poll that came out within the last few days and that shows a four point race from 45 to 41 and as you know, this is an off year election. both sides are trying to turn out their most loyal supporters and we are seeing a lot.
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we have seen both of the clintons up here. president obama is up here today too and he will be speaking unjust a few minutes. we have been seeing ken go to the more conservative areas of the state and he has been bringing out people like scott walker but right now the democrats are focused on the attorney general's race and they want to sweep the top of the ticket. and we are seeing this race kind of turning out on two things. the republicans are working hard against obama care and whereas the democrats are saying that look, the republicans are extreme and they are blaming them from the shut down and those are the lines that they are going to see coming out of the race this morning.
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different style of campaigning too. with terry across the potomac river and bringing in president obama and former president clinton in the week. and in this last sunday push before election day and he is holding rallies at those airports. so let's get more reaction on the campaign efforts there in virginia. i want to bring in donna brazil and rick tyler good to see both of you. very big contrast on the campaigning that we are seeing today on this sunday before election day but let's talk about the president and the kind of pull that he would have on the campaign trail as sitting president for this race. so donna, does this president kind of have you know the c axa given his approval rating has dipped to 42%?
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>> absolutely. look. i wouldn't mind having president obama campaign for me. i'm sure that many of the other democrats across the country would love to have the president. this is probably a base election. off year elections, the name of the game and rick knows this is turnout. the last time around turnout was 40%. so he is trying to get his base out and trying to get independence out and trying to get republicans who are interested in his candidacy as well. so president obama will help him get his base out and help him with interests and others. >> if it is only 30% turnout, who makes out the voters who would come out? are we talking about moderates?
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typically it is going to be difficult to get off year elicks. it is a base vote. the reason president obama is in northern virginia today. the coalition that allowed him to get it in 2008 and 2012 since 1964 is because he turned out single women of young voters and in this case federal workers i think. they are calculating and the shut down had a negative effect and they were affected by the shut down and he is more of the same. and i think it is going to be about shut down and they are the least likely to turn out in an off year election. interesting. thank you so much. we are going to take a short break and talk about the government shut down and health
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well kcome back. the latest nbc news wall street journal poll shows it has slipped down five points since october. let's get to some of the reasons why. donna first, how does the president combat the possibility of a dismal second term?
11:25 am
the president is focused on job creation. clearly the health care roll out needs to be fixed. i'm talking about the website. people can sign up in person. they can also sign up through the mail or find other ways to make a phone call. there is no question that it has hurt him. president obama is at the mid point. reagan was better and bill clin f ton and president worgeorge wal bush and i think he has a lot of work to do and i think he is up for the task. how do republicans do this
11:26 am
without looking like they are not advocating for better health care for americans. it really is a double edged sword. >> i do think that the democrats have doubled down so hard on obama carry thincarry, i think down in the end could turn into an asset. it is not just that the website doesn't work it can't work. >> why? >> it won't allow people to get in and get coverage at an adequate price. in the end, people will remember
11:27 am
that republicans did everything they could to stop obama care. it is the worst possible timing. mccauliffe wants to attach himself to this >> we are looking at the right of our screen and thistage. we are waiting for the president to appear to campaign on his be half. yet, also taking center stage is this new book, "double down" which lifts the curtain on the campaign trail. in this book it talks about how the campaign was doing research what if we were to replace biden
11:28 am
with hillary clinton. it is not unusual that the campaign office would think about about some hypotheticals like this. seize on the popularity of hillary clinton at the time. >> there is no question when you are in a presidential campaign. rick has been involved as well. you poll everybody and everything. look does there is no question that president obama and vice president are friends. i don't think there was any consideration given to room on the ticket. there were rumors in the media that we had to deny at the time. i know that it sounds strange, but as somebody who is involved in the democratic party, people
11:29 am
i meet would have heard bit and there was no talk about it at all. that being said, look, everything happens in campaigns. i can tell you stories about 2,000 that nobody heard about. >> while you are talking we are seeing the president taking to the stage there. there in virginia for this gubernatorial seat. i think we are going to listen in and hear what the president has to say. >> hello virginia. how you doing? are you fired up? are you ready to vote on tuesday? it is good to be back in virginia with the next governor
11:30 am
of the great commonwealth of virginia, terry mcc uaullife. now let me say before you start saying nice things about terry, that like me he married up. those of you who have had a chance to meet dorothy know that terry clearly was very persi persistent but whatever he did it worked. and as a consequence, they have unbelievable children who are doing outstanding things on their own and they are also on the campaign trail. so please give it up for the family, because they make some big sacrifices and dorothy is going to be a great first lady of the common wealth. you know, i want to thank terry
11:31 am
for the introduction over the last few weeks a lot of people have been campaigning for him. and i was tired of having other people have all the fun. bill clinton and kerry washington and i thought i want to get in on the action. and so did joe biden who i understand is going to be out here campaign. first of all, mark warren. three outstanding members of congress who are fighting for you every single day. gary connelly.
11:32 am
jim moran and bobby scott. your next lieutenant governor and your next attorney general in the house. so you have an all-star team here. there are no weak links. everybody is ready to work on behalf of virginia. but, obviously at the top of the ticket is this man. so let me just say a few things about terry. first of all, i think it is clear that he is not shy. this is a man who knows how to work and he knows how to push through obstacles and he cares deeply about the opportunities that this country has given him
11:33 am
and he wanted to make sure that they are there for everybody. he knows what it is like to struggle and get ahead. you may know that he started his own business at 14. he started 42 all together but the first was at 14 paving driveways to help pay for college. and he has brought that same determination to everything he has done from public service to business to being a husband and father the extraordinary children of the family. so he knows what it is like to work hard. when it comes to creating good jobs, when it comes to investing in education, when it comes to giving more virginians the opportunities that they deserve, he knows how to get things done. that is why i hope you guys are
11:34 am
fired up on tuesday. we cannot have people staying home when so much is at stake. i hope you are ready to fight forter terry. >> all right the president of the united states fighting fortery mcauliffe formerly the chairman of the dnc. >> and the president underscoring that this is an important race even though it is believed that voter turnout might be very low as low at 30%. what do you see at stake in this race? well for the democrats. >> education. >> i'm sorry rick first. >> for the democrats they would like to do that. for the president he wanted to be related if terry were to win. if you look at the polls and the turning of the polls, it is in
11:35 am
his favor and i think it will be a low turnout and that is in c umt chinelli's favor as well. >> might this be an embarrassment after you had these big heavy hitters the president of the united states stumping on his be half on the democrat's be half? >> he is going to be a great governor for virginia. i think turn out will be 45 to 47%. they are calling up people who voted last year and don't have a record of voting in off season elections and this is going to be a reminder to republicans that they cannot turn to the base to win elections. you have to work those voters that turned out in the 2012 presidential year. >> in the meantime the republican nominee has been
11:36 am
campaigning throughout the day. but clearly not getting the publicity that he is getting with the president by this side. after a year the new york city marathon returns in a big way. one returns and another makes history racing in a wheelchair.
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we have our winners of this year's new york city marathon. this year, two kenyans takes first place in the men's and women's division. we have more on the victory and the security of this year. well for the men, he won the race with 2 hours 8 minutes and
11:40 am
23 seconds and they each win $100,000 for that. they ran awrung tmongs others wd to cross the finish line. it took two and a half hours to get the runners over the starting line. many are still out there grinding out those 22.2 miles. >> tell us was the paraolymic medali medalist. >> we won the race in today's wheelchair division. and she won the race in london, boston and chicago. she also won all four major
11:41 am
marathons in a single season. >> we know what happened six months ago in boston. boston was on everyone's mind. it wasn't just tighter security among the spectators. boston was told that they could not carry backpacks and not have water packs on their back. they were not allowed to wear masks in the race and they couldn't wear bulky costumes. and it did. thank you so much. appreciate that in new york. >> all right the miami dolphins issued a statement today. in response to an alleged bullying incident on the team. he left the dolphins after getting fed up with alleged
11:42 am
bullying by teammates. but organization saying reports are speculative. saying quote: martin has not yet returned to the team. all right a remarkable moment happening during the boston red sox parade. there was a special tribute at the mayor thon finish line. the parade stopped yesterday at nearly the same spot of the scene of total chaos. we saw him lay the trophy on the
11:43 am
mayor thmarathon finish line an then he draped the trophy. while that was a touching tribute it was what happened right before this that brought everyone together. ♪ god bless america my home sweet home ♪ lots of emotion and celebration of what happened there and the weather was great the weather smiled on the parade nearly 70 degrees and the police chief said that he did not have a single incident on saturday and called the celebration quote amazing. in nfl news john fox head coach of the denver broncos will have heart surgery. he will undergo a heart valve
11:44 am
replacement. he will take a leave of absence for at least several weeks. team spokesman said that he did not have a heart attack. in college football florida state dominated the miami hurricanes in the second half of the defense. did you see that special hand shake? it is quarterback james winston and the head coach's son. it is cool and precious really great moment and we are glad that the cameras are able to bring that to us. >> thank you so much. time now for good stuff.
11:45 am
how about this pan da cub. researchers say that the program is intended to protect the program in the wild. and police found a lost man in the wild. he would have died if not res e rescued. he was on a canoo trip when his camp was attacked by a bear and his equipment destroyed. still to come in the news room. they caught a lot of grief over not having no black women on their cast. saturday night live deals with the race controversy by poking fun at themselves.
11:46 am
>> i think you can too. >> well john's great effort is his height. but the height gives him the opportunity to get angles that normal players don't get. where are you in tennis in the u.s.? well i think in the 70s. 80s and 90s. american tennis fans were spoiled. i got a look at the era that our guys are playing in right now. i think we were a bit spoiled in the past. peace of mind is important when you're running a successful business.
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saturday night live poked fun at it self last night. it tackled the krcriticism it received over the lack of
11:51 am
diversity. keenan thompson said he is done playi ining black female charac. he pointed out that the hit show hasn't had a black female on the cast since 2007. last night actress carry washington was the guest host. >> i'm sorry to interrupt but oprah win free would like to say hello. >> that is wonderful. what a nice surprise. >> don't you think you should go and get changed? >> why? >> so that oprah can come in? >> oh. because of the whole -- >> yes, exactly and keenan won't? >> nope. >> well. in that case i will leave and in a few minutes oprah will be
11:52 am
here. the producers at saturday night live would like to apologize to kerry washington for the number of black women that she will have to play. we agree that this is not ideal situation and look forward to rectifying it in the near toot fewer unless of course we full in love with another white guy of course. >> i'm here! >> all right we'll have more on that issue in the next hour with our entertainment correspondent a michelle turner. tonight is the big night for youtube. it is hosting it first ever music awards.
11:53 am
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tonight youtube is going to host first ever awards ceremony. the concert has already started.
11:57 am
today marks the youtube awards.. it is good to have you. tell us, why do this show? >> i think one of the main reasons to do the show is to innovate in a for mat that has become familiar to us. it is standard operating procedure. you can guess what is going to happen before the show starts. and our concept here was to take this you knno idea and innovate them and do something that hasn't been done before. give us a hint, why watch this
11:58 am
show above any other, what is different? the concept is not just a musical performance. it is the creation of a set of interesting different videos throughout the night. the sets are arranged around the room in a circular fashion. we will be taking millions of people from around the world from set to set to set to set as artists collaborate with directors to do something live with the whole world watching and try something totally different. >> now miley cyrus with more
11:59 am
than 100 million. talk about how in tri kate or much of a part of the music scene youtube is now? >> i mean this is like a revolution for music entertainment. youtube is the biggest platform in the world for music consumption. more team are going to you tube to watch and listen to music than any other platform right now. you need to do something and celebrate it and make the point that they have arrived. they are the next generation platform. >> quickly, how do we find the show? >> go to youtube/music and at 6:00 p.m., well, starting at 5:00 we will be rolling in a
12:00 pm
preshow of what we are going to do tonight. and at 6:00 p.m. we go live for 90 minutes and history is going to be made. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> all right fun stuff that was victor blackwell. we'll have more straight ahead in the newsroom and it begins right now. welcome to the news room. take a look at our top stories right now. toronto's mayor says not going to resign despite photos of him reportedly smoking crack cocaine. >> and snl gets political taking on the topic of race with one