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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 31, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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video running on domestic flights. >> people may concentrate more. but able to use phones so maybe they won't look up. >> i've interviewed richard branson a couple of times, always pushing the envelope. >> that will do it "around the world." newsroom starre starts for the c audience. >> thanks for watching. waiting to hear whether the justice department will investigate the mysterious death of a georgia teenager whose body was found inside a rolled up mat at his high school. a u.s. attorney speaking out on the case any moment. stand by for live coverage. the next round for the battle of obama care taking shape. a subpoena over the website. live with the republican congressman, daryl issa, this hour. and next time you fly, you may not necessarily have to stow your electronic devices. travelers are applauding long
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awaited news from the faa about what gadgets they can use and when. hello, i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. any minute now, the parents of 17-year-old kendrick johnson are expected to find out if the justice department will step in and investigate the bizarre circumstances surrounding their son's death. johnson's body was found inside a rolled up mat in his valdosta, georgia, high school back in january. his death was ruled an accident. but his parents are convinced he was murdered. a u.s. attorney in georgia's expected to announce a decision on a new investigation any moment now. we'll have live coverage of that. in fact, here he is right now, michael moore. >> becoming accidentally lodges in the mat. shortly after the results of that autopsy were released and
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the investigation closed by the county sheriff's department, my office was contacted by the family's attorney who requested a review of the local investigation. at that time, i requested and received a copy of the complete investigative report and file from the sheriff's office. the investigative file includes reports, photographs, videos, statements, and a number of other documents. in late august of this year, i received a copy of the second autopsy report which reached a different conclusion as to the cause of kendrick johnson's death. for several months now my office has been continuously engaged in obtaining and reviewing all of the evidence, case reports and other investigative findings that are ooh a. vailable pertaining to the death of kendrick johnson. those efforts are ongoing. as part of that process, there are several questions that must be answers or confirmed.
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first, what was the cause of mr. johnson's death? second, was mr. johnson's death the result of a crime? third, if mr. johnson's death was the result of a crime, who committed that crime? and, fourth, if a crime, in fact, was committed, who has the jurisdiction to investigate and prosecutor those responsiblresp? >> federal jurisdiction is limited. and there may be circumstances where even if it is determined that kendrick johnson died as a result of a criminal act it may not be a crime which could be prosecutored in federal courts. my office received the official documents and conclusions resulting from the initial investigation. and i have personally, personally, reviewed those documents and have spoken to individuals involved in this investigation. i have offered through the family attorney to meet with the johnson family and i have met on a couple of occasions with the family's investigator and have
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reviewed a number of documents that he has provided. i ask the family attorney to provide me with a full report from his investigator and any other evidence or information which he has developed. i received that information about two weeks ago. we have also asked the public to come forward with any additional information they may have. we are reviewing literally hundreds of telephone calls we've received about the case to determine if any relevant information exists. and i will pass now again, if anyone has factual and specific information relating to mr. johnson's death, please contact my office 478-621-2701. many people have called to express their concerns, fears, and opinions about mr. johnson's death and the subsequent investigation. let's me say that i appreciate the depth of those concerns. but at this time, what we need are people with facts and
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knowledge of the circumstances surrounding mr. johnson's death to present those to us. facts, not feelings or opinions no matter how sin vecere they m be are the basis of the investigation. at this time i am of the opinion the sufficient basis exists for my office to conduct a formal review of the facts and investigation surrounding death of johnson. i do this with an open mind, neither accepting or rejecting opinions of anyone who investigated death. the fbi, who i believe is the finest investigative agency in the world, is cooperating with us in our efforts. should sufficient information be developed to warrant a criminal civil rights investigation i will ask the fbi to open civil rights or any other appropriate criminal investigation. as the united states attorney and within the confines of the appropriate federal
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jurisdiction, i will follow the facts wherever, wherever they lead. my objectives to discover the truth and i believe that can only be done by gathering all of the evidence and relevant information surrounding mr. johnson's death. i am committed to doing everything in my power to answer the questions that exist in this case or as many of them as we can. now, as those of you who have covers the department of justice before or covers my office before know, we do not typically comment on pending investigations. because this is now an ongoing investigation by my office, i'm not going to take questions at this time. going forward, i will not be making any public comments about this matter until my investigative review is complete. but let me assure each of you, mr. johnson's family, the law
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enforcement agencies, the local community, and all of those interested in or have been affected by the tragic circumstances, that my goal, in fact my oath requires, me to follow the facts, apply the law, and now protect the independence and objectivity of this investigative process. thank you all very much. >> all right. there he is, michael moore, u.s. attorney, in georgia, announcing they are reopening the case into the mysterious death of 17-year-old kendrick johnson earlier this year. you saw family members, they are xleerly pleased. they had been searching for answers into the death surrounding 17-year-old kendrick johnson and are very, very pleased. you see the family and friends in valdosta, georgia, right now. just a moment, we'll talk about what happened with cnn legal analyst sunny hostin. victor blackwell doggedly chasing the story for more than
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six months and walks us through what happened. >> reporter: months of protests. sit-in and marches have shaken the small south georgia city of valdosta. demonstrators say they want answers in death of 17-year-old kendrick johnson. in january, kendrick was found dead at school. investigators with the sheriff's office says kendrick squeezes his 19 inch shoulders into the 14 1/2 center of the rolled gym mat. he got stuck upside down while reaching for the shoe. after an autopsy, a medical examiner with the georgia bureau of investigation agreed, the official cause of kendrick's death, accidental positional asphyxia, suffocated by his own body weight. >> we examined all of the alternatives presented to us and the only one that fit the physical evidence and forensic evidence and testimonial evidence was this is an
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accident. >> an accident? we just didn't believe. >> reporter: kendrick's parents, kenneth and jacqueline johnson, believe the story about the shoe is a coverup. >> when i went and viewed his body that sunday, you can see something happened, you can tell he was beaten. >> reporter: in june, the johnson's exhumed the body and hired dr. bill anderson to conduct an independent autopsy. he found evidence of bleeding under the skin near johnson's right jaw. >> we were able to diagnose the fact there was blunt force trauma to that area. >> so he took blow to the neck? >> one blow to the neck. >> reporter: you've used the world self-times, but in your view, this is a homicides? >> yes. >> reporter: also, dr. anderson says kendrick's organs were missing. instead, stuffed with newspaper. the georgia secretary of state's office launched an investigation into that. questions about the sheriff's office investigation had made the johnson's more suspicious including why these shoes found
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yards from kendrick's body were not collected as evidence and how did someone's blood end up on the wall in the gym. >> cnn laid out facts for former fbi special agent harold copus. >> i don't believe this was an accident. i think this young man met with foul play. >> that was victor blackwell doing excellent reporting for us. he's been on the case for six months. many suspicions, unanswers questions in the case. joining us right now, cnn legal analyst, former federal prosecutor, sunny hostin. the u.s. attorney announced they're reopening the case. what do you think? what is happening right now? >> you know, this is a significant development for this family and for this case because, as you heard the u.s. attorney mention, now you have the resources of the federal government, in particular, the fbi. i agree with them, i think the fbi does some of the finest investigative work in our country. and so with that type of resource directs at this
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investigation, there will be more answers to be found. what i found also very significant, wolf, was that this u.s. attorney, who is the top prosecutor in his office, says he personally reviewed some of these documents, personally reviews reports, the family investigator's reports and determined, based not only on everyone's else's review but there was sufficient evidence to reopen a federal investigation. now that is very significant. i will say this, which gives me some pause about this case, is that, as he mentions, federal jurisdiction is limited. even if they find some sort of evidence that supports that a crime was committed, that this young man was murdered, the federal government may not have jurisdiction to prosecutor this case in which case this would go back to local authorities, perhaps, for prosecution. but all in all, a positive step for this family. >> one thing that just short of
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jumps out at me, and you've been involved in these cases over the years two autopsies, the second autopsy showed that several vital organs were removed and the body had been stuffed with newspapers. is that a normal situation? a normal autopsy? they throw newspapers in a body like that? >> absolutely not. i actually never heard of that before, wolf. it's so bizarre. it's so strange. and what is also very strange about this case is the lack of transparency, quite frankly, of the local authorities. they didn't want to release videos that we know were released yesterday because the minors perhaps on the videos needed to be protected. this is a murder investigation, after all, and that is where you want the most transparency. so the fact, the odd fact of the autopsy finding, you know, second autopsy finding newspapers in his body, the fact that the videos have not been released up until yesterday, the fact that he died under very
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suspicious circumstances, ruled an accident, all of that together, i am sure, are the reasons why this u.s. attorney says, huh-uh, this is time for the federal government to get involved. we need more transparency, we need more answers. >> i think it's fair to say the investigative work of cnn and our team on this case over the past six months, victor blackwell, producer devon sayers, did an excellent job bringing new evidence out there causing in part the u.s. attorney in georgia, michael moore to announce they're reopening the investigation. all right. sunny, thanks very much for that. coming up later this hour, we'll speak with kendrick johnson's parents. they're standing by. we'll get their reaction to what we heard from the u.s. attorney. congressman daryl issa demanding more information about the problems plaguing the congressman, he joins us live when we come back. hey guys.
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that soda breaks down tooth enamel. thankfully, she uses act restoring mouthwash. it rebuilds tooth enamel, making your teeth two times stronger. act. smile strong. >> as we reported first here on cnn, daryl issa has subpoenaed the health and hume. services secretary kathleen sebelius over the botched obama care website. daryl issa's house oversight committee demanding documents and information relating to that website. sebelius grilled by another house panel about the website yesterday. congressman issa is here in the studio with us. thanks very much for coming in. >> thank you, wolf. as you said, secretary has answered some questions but evaded a great many. in our case, both senator alexander and i have asked for documents, we set a reasonable deadline, it expired. now we need to insist on dock
10:18 am
months. >> what documents do you need. >> we've had contractors give us proof in fact briefings were made in a timely fashion that showed, some of them have been aired, showed in fact they weren't ready and they knew they weren't ready. today jay carney said the president was shown this website ahead of time as though it was ready. so figuring out who inside the organization knew but failed to communicate is important. but more importantly because there's so many other areas including risk of private information coming out in a website that isn't ready, we need to ask those questions and see the -- what's internally going on. >> mike rogers, chairman of the house and intelligence committee, asked tough questions about whether or not information people provide to that website about their social security numbers, their income, whatever, is really secured. you want to subpoena information to show that they knew in advance the security, the cybersecurity, was not adequate? >> exactly. we need to know who knew, why they should still be on the job.
10:19 am
you know, there's more complex information. do you realize that tax i.d. information is in there, voter information is in there? this is a very important link to a also of private information. although we've been given assurances it was safe, we were given assurances they could handle the volume. >> do you believe it's secure now? >> i don't want to overly find humor in this but while the secretary's speaking saying they hadn't had a shutdown, another network showing a current shutdown that is displayed. they're saying one thing but not demonstrating with the reliability of they're claiming november 30th they'll be ready. we want to make sures this doesn't happen again. the process of delivering expensive i.t., 600 million, shows that government doesn't really get it right, even when they employ good contractors, they seem to find a way not to use best practices. >> a statement that the department of health and human
10:20 am
services earned regarding your subpoena request, they say they're cooperating. the committee's made five separate requests for a wide range of documents. their time line was not feasible given the vast scope of their requests. we are disappointed the committee believes a subpoena was necessary. however it does not change our intent to continue to cop rate with them, to produce documents as expeditiously as we are able to do. they say they're doing the best. >> they say they're able to take a failed site and get it fixed by november 30th, basically 30 days. in our case, senator lamar alexander is a patient man and a moderate senator. he has lost his patience. i've lost my patience. we're saying, start giving us at least the critical -- we prioritize -- the critical discovery to let us understand particularly related to documents we already have that showed they were shown failures. >> you want documents from the department of health and humans
10:21 am
ofs and the main contracts providing services to create the website? >> absolutely. 10 out of 11 of the major contractors are cooperating fully. >> who is not. >> qssi. >> the big one. what are they saying to you? >> they wouldn't give us time lines. they sort of slow rolled us and we had to send them a subpoena, too. the challenge here, quite frankly, though, is the tip of the iceberg is the website. but safety, security, rely ability of the information at a time when people are being ordered on penalty of tax to do things we need to make sure happens. >> the argument made against you, you don't want to fix obama care. you want to destroy obama care and you're doing this for political purposes. >> i know that often is the case. but in 2009, in 2011, again this year, i authored bipartisan legislation to open up the federal employees health care system to all americans as an exchange. i've said that in fact the problem of health care being affordable's real. i'd like to attack it. i'd like to work on it.
10:22 am
and not everything in obama care is bad. but right now a lot of things aren't working and we have an obligation, under the law, to get it working at least as the law intended. >> while here, quickly, we don't have a lot of time, benghazi. lindsey graham, he wants to block all federal nominations to key jobs, including janet yellin, as next chair of the federal reserve, until certain survivors of the benghazi attack more than a year ago are allowed to appear before members of congress. i know you have been investigating this as well. who hasn't -- who have they not allowed to appear before you or member of the intelligence committee, even in classified closed-door circumstances? >> i can speak to my committee. we were not allowed to have access to any of the down range survivors -- >> in a closed door circumstance? >> under any circumstances. >> what was -- why did they say that to you? >> what they claim for more than a year these people could appear if they wanted to and they
10:23 am
advised them not to. we ultimately subpoenaed and deposed, under deposition rules, several people that were not made available. so in our case, as sort of the ultimate select committee to do this, we are getting discovery but we're having to subpoena. this is unfair to the individuals who are good, loyal americans who were just doing their job. it's very unfair because we would like to have this be a cooperative investigation. the white house has pledged it would be but it hasn't been. we are learning a lot from people down range, learning a lot about what they thought, versus what actually happened in the way of the backup after the attack began. >> so where do we go from here? right now, still rindividuals yu did take depositions from several of them? isn't that -- haven't -- isn't that enough? >> well, what normally happens in these investigations, no surprise, one deposition leads to questions to ask a different person. the individual we have talked so
10:24 am
far have given us different stories than what is publicly available and we're following up with additional depositions. the real question, why aren't we getting cooperation. >> we know there wasn't enough security, there wasn't i a good plan and we were given false information afterwards. what we're trying to do with the come man dance of the marine corps find ways to ensure this can never happen again and that's the reason we're still investigating. we've got to get to the truth so it doesn't happen again. >> daryl issa, congressman, thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> a lot on your plate as well. when we come back, kendrick johnson's parents standing by. the u.s. attorney in georgia announced they're reopening the case, the mystery strounding his death. the 17-year-old. we'll speak with the parents and family after this.
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>> back to the major development in the case of kendrick johnson, the 17-year-old georgia teenager found dead inside a rolled up gym mat earlier in the year. u.s. attorney in georgia now says a federal investigation will be launched into the circumstances surrounding his mysterious death. here's what the u.s. attorney in georgia said just this hour. >> i am of the opinion a sufficient basis exists for my office to conduct a formal review of the facts and investigation surrounding the death of kendrick johnson. i do this with an open mind, neither accepting nor rejecting opinions of anyone who has previously investigated the circumstances of his death.
10:29 am
>> that's michael moore. joining us tallahassee, florida, kendrick johnson's parents, kenneth and jacqueline johnson and sthar familitheir family at benjamin crump and mr. king. king on the top and mr. crutch next to him and parents at the bottom of the screen. kenneth johnson, what's your reaction to what we heard from the u.s. attorney? >> we're happy that the investigation has been launched. we're happy with that decision. >> what about jacqueline, what about you? you want to give us your quick reaction to the word that there is a federal investigation now under way? >> yes, we are happy. only thing we ever wanted was the truth. >> kenneth, what do you believe happened to your son? >> i believe indeed that he was murdered.
10:30 am
>> do you have any idea who may have murdered him? >> no, i don't. that's what we wanted to get down to the truth. >> was there any -- did he have any problems at school? was he fighting with other kids? anything along those lines? >> i'm not sure. that's why we want a thorough investigation, so we can find out exactly what happened. >> you don't believe there was a thorough investigation by local authorities, mr. johnson? >> no, i don't. >> and you don't accept, mrs. johnson, the notion that this was a horrible accident, that your son suffocated inside that mat? >> no, sir. >> let me bring your attorneys and benjamin crump, viewers remember you from the trayvon martin case. your reaction to the news of the new federal investigation. >> attorney king and i, with the johnsons, welcome this investigation. but we certainly don't want to derail the progress that
10:31 am
attorney king and i made yesterday when we got the judge to rule over objection that the video surveillance from the whole school, the day kendrick johnson went missing, and the day he was found dead, will be given to us as well as a coroner's inquest that attorney johnson filed for. we want local authorities to do their job and help everybody get to the truth here. this is a murder mystery that we have to solve. >> mr. king, i there any other evidence that you would like to receive, any other information, evidence, that was not made available to you for whatever reason by local authorities? at one point they cited minors involved so they couldn't release the videotape. is there anything else that you want to see that you haven't received yet? >> well, certainly, we would like an examination made into the location of kendrick's organs, his clothing, what
10:32 am
happened to his fingernails. things which we believe would lead an investigator to or in the direction of who may have been involved in taking this young man's life. so we feel, however, that the court order that now gives us the right to take close examination of the videotape that should show not only whether he entered the mats but certainly whether or how he got to the gym that following morning will be most revealing. >> benjamin crump, do you have confidence that the u.s. attorney and fbi will get to the bottom of this case? >> we certainly are optimistic. we believe it should be a matter of simple justice. we know the videotape would not show kendrick johnson climbing into a mat getting stuck and suffocating. that was a ridiculous conclusion. we really believe his parents
10:33 am
have always maintained that their son was killed and the only course we want to know why are they covering up for whoever killed their son. >> the attorneys, thank you to both of you. kenneth and jacqueline johnson, thanks to you as well. our deepest, deepest condolences. anything that you want to say before we wrap this up? first, jacqueline. >> we just waiting on the truth. >> kenneth? >> the truth is all we ever wanted. that's what we're waiting on. >> we're waiting on the truth as well. kenneth johnson, thank you. our hearts go out to you. and as i say, this is a major development. all of you know, cnn has been all over this investigation over the past six months. our team of reporters and producers have really gotten some information, i think, i think, that propels the u.s. attorney in georgia to go forward with reopening the case
10:34 am
and launching this new investigation. let's hope we get answers eventually. thanks to all four of you joiningus. >> president obama's approval rating takes a serious hit. gloria borger standing by. we'll talk about that. what is going on? stay with us. for those nights when it's more than a bad dream, be ready. for the times you need to double-check the temperature on the thermometer, be ready. for high fever, nothing works faster or lasts longer. be ready with children's motrin. or lasts longer. (dad) just feather it out. (son) ok. feather it out. (dad) all right. that's ok. (dad) put it in second, put it in second. (dad) slow it down. put the clutch in, break it, break it. (dad) just like i showed you. dad, you didn't show me, you showed him. dad, he's gonna wreck the car! (dad) he's not gonna wreck the car. (dad) no fighting in the road, please. (dad) put your blinker on. (son) you didn't even give me a chance! (dad) ok. (mom vo) we got the new subaru because nothing could break our old one. (dad) ok. (son) what the heck? let go of my seat! (mom vo) i hope the same goes for my husband. (dad) you guys are doing a great job. seriously. (announcer) love a car that lasts.
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and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. president obama ready to drum up more investment in thes up he's hosting an investment summit in washington to connect
10:38 am
foreign and domestic investors with government and economic development groups. it's part of his effort to promote job creation here in the united states. he's going to be speaking any minute now. we'll have live coverage. stand by for that. wants to create jobs by encouraging foreign investments in the united states. other news we're following, how many times and how many ways can you say, i'm sorry, when it comes to the obama administration and the botched rollout of the website? a lot of ways. president obama took responsibility for fixing the problems, as did the vice president and the secretary of health and human services. >> you deserve better. i apologize. i'm accountable to you for fixing these problems. >> we assumed that it was up and ready to run. but the good news is, although it's not, and we apologize for that, we're confident that by the end of november it will be. >> so there's no excuse for it. i take full responsibility for making sure it gets fixed asap.
10:39 am
>> our chief political analyst gloria borger is here. all various ways of saying, i'm sorry, is it working? politically, are they rebounding from this? what's going on. >> you know, wolf, if you look at the new "wall street journal"/nbc news poll the president is not rebounding politically. i think you've got a poll there that shows that his job approval has dropped to 42%. that's the lowest point in his presidency. the interesting thing to me, you see it there the interesting thing about these polls is that for the first time his favor ability is upside down. more people view him unfavorably than favorably. favorability dropped 11 points since january. i don't think it's tied to the website or the shutdown. but you've got the nsa surveillance. you've got syria. he's had a very complicated and tough time of it. since he's been re-elected,
10:40 am
wolf. you wonder, why do people want a second term? they always end up with so many headaches in a second term. he's had a very hard time getting going. >> how does he -- i assume if the website is fixed by the end of november and people are signing up and big numbers, young people are signing up, and if the whole system is working, people are happy, then he rebounds? >> he might. i think it will tack a long time for people to decide, first of all, whether or not obama care is working. but then he's got another agenda that he's got to sell, immigration reform, for example, and if you look at all of the poll numbers that are coming out, republicans should not take comfort in the fact that the president's numbers are dropping because their numbers are dropping even more. there is a sense of a pox on all of your housing now, after the government shutdown, after the debt ceiling fight, we're in for more fights over, you know, spending cuts and taxes and i think the public is just sick of
10:41 am
it. and they believe that neither congress nor the president are able to get things done. i think they're turning off in a huge way. and don't forget, this is a president who has said from day one that government can work for you, that government can help you, that big government solutions, like obama care, can really help you in your life. and if government now seems to be irreparable, then how can he continue to make that point? i mean, it's very difficult. these two things are at odds with each other. >> some suggest he lost the a-team working with him in the first term, the second term comes in, a lot of the people move out, they want to make money, they're retired, they worked hard. now he's got the b-team helping him. i don't know if you buy that argument. other administrations, i've seen it whether in the bill clinton administration or the george w. bush administration, second term you loss the people who got you to the dance to begin with. >> i think what the president has is a lot of people who have
10:42 am
been there all along, who are exhausted, physically, emotionally. these jobs are very, very difficult, wolf. some presidents decide, you know what, i'm going to bring in new blood, get some outsiders in here, so i can have somebody who looks at things differently. what we've seen in this president is he goes for his own comfort level and he promotes people, he's already comfortable with, so he may be missing that outside counsel that some presidents bring in in the second term the president's speaking in washington, promoting foreign investments in the united states to create american jobs. >> american exports and american workers. i've been to many of your countries and i've said when we do business together and when we trade and forge new partnerships, it's good for all of us. i want more american products being sold in your countries. i want your companies investing more here in the united states of america.
10:43 am
because it advances my top priority as president, creating good, paying, american jobs and strengthening and broadening our middle class. there's nothing more important right now. and i'm here because i want your companies to know, i want companies around the world to know, that i believe there is no better place in the world to do business than the united states of america. think about it. globalization and technology means you can go just about anywhere. but there are a whole lot of reasons you ought to come here. we're not just the world's large effort market. we're growing. thanks to the grit and resilience of the american people, we've cleared away the rubble from the financial crisis and over the past 3 1/2 years our businesses have created more than 7.5 million new jobs. thanks to the tough decisions we've made to tackle our
10:44 am
long-term challenges, america's becoming more competitive from the business standpoint. we're reforming a broken health care system. and as a consequence, health care costs are rising at their slowest rate in 50 years. we've cut our deficits by more than half since i took office. and they keep going down. we've pursued an all of the above energy strategy and we are producing more traditional energy, more renewable energy than ever before, more natural gas than anyone in the world. and we have cut our carbon pollution in the process. so while the case for doing business in america's always been strong, we've made it stronger. of course, you will find no better workers than american workers. our productivity is rising. we have the world's best universities. it's most innovative
10:45 am
entrepreneurs. we have its strong effort intellectual property protections to go along with a rule of law that matches up with anyone. and thanks in part to a new initiative focused on exports and the new trade agreements that i've signed, we sell more products made in america to the rest of the world than ever before. so as you've heard, repeatedly today, and you will hear undoubtedly after i leave the stage, america is open for business. and businesses have responded. you know, after a decade in which many jobs left the united states to go overseas, now we're seeing companies starting to bring jobs back because they're seeing the advantages of being located here. caterpillar is bringing jobs back from japan. ford is bringing jobs back from mexico. after locating plants in other countries like china, intel's
10:46 am
opening its most advanced plant right here in the united states. and there are a whole range of fashions involved, people looking at lower energy costs here, looking at stability. they're looking at increased productivity in our workers, all of these things are adding up. and people are saying, why would we want to be outside the world's largest market when we can get our products made effectively here and this is a great platform from which we can export all around the world. it's not just companies based in the united states. hon's betting on america by expanding operations in ohio, alabama and indiana. more hondas are made in america than any place in the world. samsung's betting on america by revamping their plant in austin, texas. $4 billion investment.
10:47 am
siemens hiring hundreds of workers in north carolina and putting hundreds in the training of u.s. workforce. that's the investment we wshg welcomes as a nation but the reason for select usa, we know we can do mo. we know we can do better. two years ago i acted on a recommendation from the ceos on my jobs council and we created select usa to encourage more foreign companies to invest and create jobs here in the united states. we have shown that this works. aspenny mentioned earlier, with help from usa, the austrian company is creating 220 jobs in auto parts plant in cartersville, georgia. the canadian company bombardier investing $600 million in
10:48 am
wichita, kansas. asco, a belin company that makes high-tech aircraft parts reopened a shuttered factory in oklahoma and they're expected to create 380 good jobs by the end of 2015. and the list goes on. and i want to see even more of these success stories told across this country which means i want to make sure we are doing everything we can so companies like yours want to set up shop here in the united states. for all of the u.s. states and cities who are represented here today, we want to provide you with the tools you need to close those deals and create those jobs. so that's why today i'm proud to announce that i'm expanding and enhancing select usa, to create the first ever fully coordinated u.s. government effort to recruit businesses to invest and create new jobs in the united states.
10:49 am
to do that, i'm taking four new steps to bring more good jobs to our shores. first, building on the great work that our diplomats and embassies do every day, i'm making attracting foreign investment a formal part of the portfolio for our ambassadors and their teams around the world. i meet with our dedicated embassy staffs wherever i go. all are great ambassadors for america and building bridges and connections every day. i want them doing even more to help foreign companies cross those bridges and come here. and as they take on the expanded economic mission overseas, we'll make sure they've got the support that they need here at home. which brings me to the second point, officials at the highest levels, up to and including me, are going to do even more to make the case for investing in america. i already do this everywhere i
10:50 am
dou go around the world, in public and private i joke i deserve at least a gold watch at the end of my tenure from them, you know, i have racked up some pretty good sales. but as a but as a country we don't make our case in a coordinated way to the right senior officials in washington. we're going to change that. make our advocacy more effective and more connected so that businesses that are making decisions about where to invest are getting timely answers and know that they're going to have all the help that they need. number three, we'll make sure that for the first time -- >> all right, so there you hear the president. you get the gist of it, making a case for greater foreign investment in the united states. wants more foreign capital to come to the united states and build factories in the united states and get some new jobs going in the united states potentially a hugely significant
10:51 am
moment for the u.s. right now the president insisting, yeah, this is an opportunity for a lot of people with money outside of the u.s. to invest that money here in the united states. new jobs, high-paying jobs will be created. we'll continue to monitor what the president is saying. when we come back other news we're following including and tapping into servers of google and yahoo!. our chief national security correspondent is standing by live. we'll discuss with him when we come back. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think.
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10:55 am
with the ns they will deny going after the servers of google and yahoo! and not deny the communication links picture undersea cables carrying all this data back and forth and they will argue that that's their job to spy on foreign communications overseas to protect americans. not another way that the nsa expanded its global reach and not the one revealed by the kind of document that you'll expect from the nsa. explained in this simple hand sketch drawing complete with a smily face, maybe a newly disclosed way the nsa is monitoring the internet. "washington post" citing documents stolen and released by edward snowden reports the intelligence agency has tapped into the communication link such as undersea cables connecting yahoo! and google data centers around the world. because those links are overseas, they are do so without any oversight from the u.s. government. the nsa chief issued a partial denial. >> this is not nsa breaking into
10:56 am
any databases. it would be illegal for us to do that. >> reporter: a written statement from nsa to cnn, the assertion that we collect vast quantities of u.s. persons data from this type of collection is not true. but the nsa did not deny it access links between the service or reaction from google and yeah yahoo! was swift and angry. we have long been concerned about the possibility which is why we continue to extend encryption against more and more services and links. yahoo! said we have not given access to the nsa nor any other government agency. two european delegations upset at nsa surveillance in their countries met face-to-face with the white house and nsa chief who told them all nsa intel gathering in europe is done in collaboration with european intel agencies. so, i ask them, does that make the europeans hypocritical for criticizing the u.s.?
10:57 am
>> if we want to get to the truth of why there was mass surveillance a set of allegations that talks about mass surveillance of our citizens. >> by americans and europeans or just americans? >> whatever partners may have been, whoever it was, we want to get to the truth of it. >> well, those two delegations were at the white house to talk spying. what they say they're asking for is an agreement that sets hard limits on what is acceptable to spy on among friends and what is not acceptable to spy on. i know you're not going to stop terrorism by listening on merkel's phone calls but james clapper was very expansive about the reasons he thought was justified for spying on foreign leaders of our allies. how they impact us across a whole range of issues if what they say gels on political issues, trade issues and he sees it as justified for other things than just terrorism. >> on this nsa program and that
10:58 am
will be in "the situation room" later today. thanks very much, jim sciutto reporting. boston is flying high after winning the world series last night downing the st. louis cardinals 6-1 in game six. their third world series win in the last decade, but this one was a little sweeter. the first time they won it in front of their home crowd and, guess what, 95 years. fenway park, rachel nichols. give us a little bit of the sense of the energy in boston right now. >> yeah, the last time they won at home, world war one was still going on. so, you know boston. just because day has broken not like they're still not celebrating any more. people are excited all over the streets and they certainly have good reason, not only was this such an exciting victory for an improbable team. this team certainly not picked to win this year. remember, they finished last in their division last year, but, of course, also the emotional
10:59 am
component. we saw how this city was literally ripped apart earlier this year by the boston marathon bombings and people have really used gathering here at fenway. this red sox team as a way to come back together throughout the summer and fall to have some healing. marathon victims, first responders, they've been on the field all throughout these playoffs. the players have said that they have supported them. they pushed them to this win and tonight they were all celebrating together all through the day today. we expect into the weekend, as well, when they'll have the parade on saturday, wolf. >> i think the big difference this year, rachel, correct me if i'm wrong, i speak as someone with a little bit of beard myself, it was the year of the beard, right? >> absolutely. they started this in spring training. one guy started to outgrow the other guy and became a team unity thing and they tug on the beards every time one hits a home run or makes a great defensive play. maybe we can start that.
11:00 am
if you have a great interview, we can tug on your beard. >> my beard, their beard is a lot bigger than my beard. but beards are good. rachel, thanks very, very much. that's it for me, see you at 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." "newsroom" continues right now with brook baldwin. . wolf, thank you. we begin with breaking news. cnn pursued answers and today breaking news in the case of the teenager found dead inside this wrapped up gym mat at his high school. this is a decision, this teenager's parents have been waiting for months and months and month. officials in georgia ruled that kendrick johnson's death was an accident. that was the ruling back in january. but his parents claim he was, indeed, murdered. their lawyers demanded the justice department investigate their son's death further. and moments agree u.s. attorney michael moore