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tv   Around the World  CNN  October 31, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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a chili. one of the hottest. >> oh! >> reporter: sriracha's jalapeno, nowhere near that hot. the new plant has brought needed jobs to the area, even those who suffer agree. >> if it's possible to fix the problem, then that would be best because one of my friends got a job there. >> reporter: how hot is too hot? now in the hands of a judge. miguel marquez, cnn, los angeles. >> sure look pretty. thanks, miguel. thank you, everyone, for watching. happy halloween. "around the world" starts right now. watching movies, reading e books, playing electronic games, love to do it. the faa says you'll be able to do it all on a plane, even during take-off and landing. >> and then this -- >> i want to appaologizapologiz. >> the obama care website
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apology tour. but what's next? can the website really be fixed by the end of the month? >> if you use the internet, you probably use dole and yahoo! something you need to hear about the tech giants and nsa spying. google says it's outraged. this is "around the world" on cnn. i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael homes. thanks for your company today. welcome to our international viewers. >> waiting for the white house briefing, they'll respond to the latest nsa spying allegations and expect to comment on the problems with the obama care website. live as soon as it happens. keep a close eye on the white house. we're all familiar with when you get on the plane, shut off your cell phone, turn off the gadgets, anything with a power button, turn it off. it's been that way for years but things are about to change. at least in the u.s. >> yes. federal airline officials made this big announcement today. just a couple of hours ago. looks like the airline's going to have to change the preflight
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videos. >> clear. insert mobile phones and electronic devices are turned off. if you're -- >> i love that little video there. delta, chris lawrence, reagan national airport. i'm one of the people in the back of the plane on my phone trying to get the last bit in here, if it's e-mail or message. >> you're not in the back of the plane. you're up the front. >> i am. at the front of the plane, still sneaking it in. what's the difference here? what can we do and not do? >> reporter: well, michael, i'm glad you called suzanne out on her first class travel, that's the first thing. you won't be able to stay on your phone during take-off, landing or while flying. you won't be able to make calls and be on the phone but you will be able to keep it on, listen to music, the same with it ipad, watch the movie or get a jump on reading your book on the kindle. you will no longer have to turn those devices off.
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that's the big change. it's going to be rolling out airline by airline, plane by plane. got to make sure that each plane is sort of set up to handle the any interference. many already are. you know if you've been on a plane lately, a lot of the airlines are offering wi-fi on board. so those planes are set up to handle the interference. and the faa expects that many airlines will be jumping on this very, very quickly. so it may not be very long before you start to see new rules taking place. the faa, just a few minutes ago, made an announcement touting the new rule. >> i'm pleased to announce that airlines can safely expand passenger use of portable electronic devices during all phases of flight. today, the faa is providing the airlines with the implementation guidance to do just that. >> reporter: so again, there's a lot of changes in technology
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since these rules went into effect 50 years ago. a lot of people wondering, hey, if i'm not transmitting anything, why can't i watch a movie? >> reporter:y can't i read my kindle during take-off or landing? now you can. >> we've got the international audience watching "around the world." what happens in the u.s. flows through around the world. any indicator on that? i suppose people who travel through the u.s. and going where else, that will be beneficiaries of this. >> reporter: yeah, this is going to basically, michael, impact u.s. carriers. international airlines will set their own rulings. already, emirates allows phone calls during many of their flights. of course they don't allow that with any flight that's going into or coming out of the united states. but this is going to impact a the of u.s. carriers. delta saying they're ready to go by tomorrow. remains to be seen if the faa could verify all of their planes before then. but airlines are definitely ready to jump on board with
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this. >> all right. chris, good to see you. chris lawrence there at the airport. >> i'm going to be on a delta flight tomorrow. i'll try it out and see. >> you'll be there. >> president obama's popularity not faring well. this is amid the website fail uu uu failures. the rating at an all-time low. 42% of americans approve of the job he's doing. that is down 5% from earlier this month. 51% disapprove the republican party also at an all-time low. nobody comes out of this smelling like rose mz just 22% say they approve of the gop. 53% have a negative view. >> people still trying to logon to the obama care website, they saw the same frustrating mess e message, the system is down. even vice president joe biden says he didn't bother trying to log on because it was clear he actually wouldn't get online.
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but the site now back up later. the administration making a lot of apologies for all of the mistakes, all of these launch problems, since october 1st. >> i take full responsibility. >> i'm accountable. >> we apologize. >> i want to apologize. >> everyone's attacking responsibility, aren't they? kathleen sebelius telling a congressional committee she made a mistake when she told the president was ready to go for the launch. laurie segall joining us, promising the consumers will have an easier time shopping online by then of november, a month ago. what chance those fixes will be done? >> reporter: well, they're saying it will be done. i got on the phone with a entrepreneur who said i'm not sure if they're going to be able to meet that deadline. but you know, for everyone's sake, let's hope they do. but what we're seeing here, guys, just how much was wrong
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with the website when it rolled out. i mean, clearly it's come out they didn't test it enough. i mean the complexity of the website shouldn't have been tested end to end in two weeks. silicon valley, where they know what they're doing with the website, kind of like this, they would have spent months testing this kind of thing. and also, what we're seeing is that, obama said about a week ago, he said the overwhelming traffic, it highlighted underwhelming problems. what we're seeing are the bug in the site. it's one thing after the next. really you see there were too many cooks in the kitchen here. >> talk about the security concerns here. yesterday we saw mike rogers accusing sebelius of putting private information out there without the proper security checks you'd have in place. some call that a red herring. we did have a hacking test out the site last week and was able to get in, if he wanted to and tamper with folks' accounts in the website. has this been addressed?
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>> reporter: i think they're in the process of addressing this now. it's tough because they're trying to keep the website on board. a vulnerability found that showed someone could reset your password, which is scary, if you think about it. i spoke to a hacker, he said, i've been looking at code and it's riddled with vulnerability. we're having a conversation whether the website will stay up. i think we'll have the conversation of whether it's secure because as we all know this is a high profile website and it will be a target. >> thank you. it's interesting. secretary sebelius said they're going try to close the gap in security as quickly as possible. >> bit of a worry with security. let's go to washington, former mayor cory booker is being sworn in as new jersey's new senator. vice president biden administering the oath in the senate. >> booker's going to do it all over again with the president this time at white house for the are traditional photo op.
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booker won a special election to serve out last year of senator frank lautenberg's term. >> an italian magazine accusing nsa of spying on pope benedict xvi. >> speaking of the nsa, the man who leaked spy program to the world gets a new job. you're watching "around the world." my asthma's under control. i get out a lot... except when it's too cold. like the last three weekends. asthma doesn't affect my job... you missed the meeting again last week! it doesn't affect my family. your coughing woke me up again. i wish you'd take me to the park. i don't use my rescue inhaler a lot... depends on what you mean by a lot. coping with asthma isn't controlling it. test your level of control at, then talk to your doctor. there may be more you could do for your asthma.
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nsa over spying allegations. that would tack a long time. >> be here all day if we did that. add dole and yahoo! to the list. both companies accusing the nsa of secretly breaking into their databases and collecting information about their millions and millions of users. the nsa, though they came out and said, no, no, didn't do it didn't happen. google and yahoo! saying yes, it did. >> what the nsa's saying is, whatever it does working with google and yahoo! are within the bounds of the intelligence court. the companies arement dated to give them the information. they don't need to access their databases illegally. the program talked about, this -- it's called muscular, operated between jointly between the uk counterpart and the nsa is outside of the bounds of this domestic court. so the question is, look, they've said in the past that they're sifting through all of
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these foreign e-mails for key words that might trip them up. might be listing to something. it's about the parsing of words. >> what are they collecting? collecting things that people are looking for, searching for? >> this is metadata, again, right? they're not accessing actual e-mails but sifting through, mining data so they can have data points. if you have a phone call that causes some concern, and if you have an e-mail that causes concern, this is supposed to help them connect the dots and foil anything that might be in the works. >> connecting phone numbers who's calling them. all right. good to see you. >> one more question. >> one more. >> the pope. the pope. >> yes. the pope. >> they are spying on the pope? tell us about that. >> what's that? >> a story in an italian magazine between 2012 and 2014, '13, the nsa was spying on 46 or
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so million phone calls of the vatican along the line of some of the claims we've heard before. vatican said, don't know about it. don't care. nsa said, in a very carefully worded statement, obtained by anna perez, the fas does not target the vatican. magazine claims the nsa targeted the vatican are not true. look at the statements, that's a carefully worded statement. the question is, did the nsa target some specific individual in the vatican like the pope which this magazine claimed or did some other agency was looking at this type of thing? it's a carefully worded statement. that does not say that the u.s. is not spying on the vatican. so i think this is part of the problem that the administration is having, getting in front, pro actively trying to quash the story, manage it, when you have leaks every day, something different. they need a better strategy to kind of get in front of this, i think, be more transparent
9:16 am
because these leaks are coming. >> hard to protect the system of intelligence gathering when that's happening, the drip, drip. >> good to see you in person. >> come down more. >> come back. >> i will. >> imagine what they're saying on the phone with the pope? i'd like to be in on those calls. >> i don't know i'd want to know. >> edward snowden, former government contractor who is wanted for leaking classified nsa documents. >> got to make a living. russia's official news agency reporting that snowden starts tomorrow doing computer maintenance. guess what? for one of russia's largest websites. they didn't say which website. russia gave asylum to snowden in august. >> also following syria, it can no longer produce chemical weapons. that at least according to international group that is overseeing the effort to eliminate the country's chemical weapons arsenal. >> the next step for syria to destroy its existing weapons and stockpiles. what it's done now, these
9:17 am
inspectors, the raw materials if you like. >> reporter: i'm fred pleitgen in germany. the organization tasked with monitoring the destruction of the program says that syria has destroyed all of its production, mixing, filling capabilities. the organization visited 21 of 23 sites, 2 sites too dangerous to visit because of the ongoing civil war situation in syria. the next big task is troying all of the chemical weapons that assad still has. that's more than 1,000 metric tons of mustard gas, sarin, as well as vx. a single e-mail, that is all that it might take to end this marine's career. he exposed an insider threat and his e-mail might have saved lives but actions could get him discharged. will the fpunishment fit the
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welcome back. a decorated officer in the u.s. marine corps faces possible discharge after writing an e-mail that could actually have exposed a threat to fellow marines. some say that major jason bresler should be given a medal instead. here's ivan watson with this troubling story. >> reporter: jason bresler is zblouft just a fireman. he's a decorated officer in the
9:22 am
reserve, serving four tours in iraq and afghanistan. facing possible discharge on less than honorable terms after serving 13 years. >> for a man like jason, being asked to separate from the marine corps that you love so much would be a worse punishment than jail. >> reporter: he cannot speak about his case because it's under review. his attorney is speaking for him. here's what he says happened. brezler was in the u.s. in summer 2012 when he received an urgent message to his yahoo! e-mail account from his fellow marine officers in afghanistan's turbulent helman province. >> the e-mail said, in all capital letters with three exclamation marks, important, sar war john is back. >> reporter: he had a history with sar war john, an afghan police officer. >> when he was serving in afghanistan in 2010, he caused sar war john an afghan police official to be fired from the
9:23 am
pentagon because he was raping children. >> reporter: brezler responded attaching a classified document warning marines john was a threat. cnn repeatedly tried to get an official account of what happened next. but every major military agency involved has declined to comment. marine corps has only said, due to the mishandling of classified information, major brezler has been ordered to show cause for retention in the u.s. marine corps. they say his use of unsecure yahoo! account breached security. but others say, the warning could have saved lives. what do you think would have happened if the commanders had listened to the advice of major brezler. >> i would have had my son. >> reporter: less than two weeks, greg buckley's son was shot and killed with two other marines at the same base.
9:24 am
>> he was in the gym with his friends just working out, walked in with an ak-47, given by sar want john, august 10th, executed three marines. >> the only reason that the shooter was on that base and had access to weapons is because he was the child sex abuse victim of the afghan district police chief. >> reporter: the suspected shooter reportedly a teenage servant of sar war john. they do not know their current whereabouts. 14 months later, u.s. central command has yet to publish results of an investigation into the incident. the only person facing any charges is major brezler, for using an unsecure e-mail account. >> it's wrong to be going after the one person who seems to have done, by all accounts, did the right thing. >> reporter: unanswered questions leading many to come
9:25 am
to his defense. >> they should be giving him a medal, not prosecuting him. >> reporter: the marine corps is not commenting further to avoid influencing three officer he'll face at his board of inquiry next month. until then, brezler will focus on his current job, fighting fires and saving lives. ivan wasson, cnn, new york. >> senator ted cruz making another bold statement about obama care. this time he is comparing the people who run the website to nigerian e-mail scammers. the nigerian community is offended. that's next on "around the world." and just give them the basics, you know. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you.
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you're watching "around the world." i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes. a special welcome to our
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international viewers. >> one of the top stories this hour, federal air officials are allowing you to use certain personal electronics on board commercial flights, even during take-off and landing. >> you still have to switch off your cell phone part of it, the actual making a phone call bit. but video players, games, ebooks, no problem. you'll be able to have those on. the transportation secretary says the public has spoken. >> and anthony fox says, we believe the decision honors our commitment to safety and the desire to use electronic devices during all phases of the flights. >> that's is just for the u.s. others around the world will be making their own decisions. the director of the national security agency has been before a congressional committee this week taking direct questions about how his department collects intelligence. >> journalists who published snowden's leaked documents told cnn he does not believe general
9:30 am
keith alexander when he insists the nsa is following rules. >> he's being very specific and talking particularly about the reports of earlier this week, tens of millions of phone calls in france and spain, and he said it's completely false. what is your reaction to that? >> notice what he did not off, any evidence for the truth of what he's saying this is, remember, an agency that is extremely beleaguered in the middle of an intense scandal, both at home and abroad. it is an agency whose top officials have a record of lying to the congress and to the american people through the media, including general alexander. and these claims, which i was astonished to watch journalists yesterday go on television and treat as though they were the gospel are accusations made without evidence. this reporting has been going on for months in germany and brazil, never denied the reporting's accurate. suddenly they make this assertion in the scandal and i think skepticism is warranted.
9:31 am
>> the general denied a report that accused the nsa of breaking into databases of yahoo! and google. his agency doesn't do it and any information collected from companies like google is provided to them. >> senator ted cruz of texas, known for vocal opposition to obama care made a comment that angered nigerians. >> he was making a joke about a troubled obama care website during a speech in houston on monday. here's what he said. >> have y'all noticed the nigerian e-mail scammers? they've been a lot less active lately because they've all been hired to run the obama care website. >> joe johns joins us from washington. apparently a lot of nigerians live in houston where that comment was made. none too happy, apparently. >> reporter: right. there are nigerian-americans all over the country, but a large
9:32 am
concentration of them are in texas. and, yes, this was apparently a joke that simply didn't go over well. this notion of nigerian e-mail scammers being less active because they've been hired to run the obama care website. u.s. residents of nigerian dissent got upset, demand and apology. part of it said cruz has maligned all hard working, decent, outstanding nigerian americans who add value and bring goodwill to the different communities. especially in texas with the largest concentration of nigerian-americans in this country. the executive director of the organization mr. laolu akande believes the comments made by cruz are distasteful. he considers them maligning of hard working nigerians in the u.s. and nigeria, michael. >> joe, have we heard anything from cruz yet? >> well, his spokesman has said
9:33 am
previously that, in their opinion, this was only a joke. it meant no offense. nonetheless, it doesn't sound like that has satisfied nigerian-americans in this organization, still looking for that apology. suzanne. >> joe, appreciate it. fierce fighting has been going on in iraq. we've been seeing that in recent weeks and months, violence of dramatically on the rise. critics are pointing a finger at al maliki, and not for the first time. ma mr. al maliki in the united states trying to convince people it's not his fault. how are things with the new guy? all we do is go out to dinner. that's it? i mean, he picks up the tab every time, which is great...what? he's using you. he probably has a citi thankyou card and gets 2x the points at restaurants. so he's just racking up points with me. some people... ugh! no, i've got it. the citi thankyou preferred card. now earn 2x the pointsng out and entertainmt,
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liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >> a recent uptake in bombi bombings -- uptick in iraq, it's been two years since the u.s. troop withdrawal. but now there is growing pressure within the united states for president obama to take action. try to prevent iraq from sliding back into civil war. chris lawrence has the story. >> reporter: the bad old days are back. but it's not 2008. it's sunday, multiple car bombs exploded across baghdad, killing at least 35 people and wounding 100. the week before, a suicide bomber blew himself up in a coffee shop, leaving at least 24 dead.
9:38 am
before that, it was eight worshippers getting killed in a mosque when a car bomb exploded outside. those are the big headlines. but small-scale attacks happen every day. on wednesday, vice president biden kicked off high-level talks with iraq's leader, nuri al maliki. >> we're committed to strengthening security in iraq. >> reporter: critic as excused maliki of steering his country into another civil war the situation. deteriorating and it's unraveling, and he's got to turn it around. >> reporter: this week senators wrote president obama, urging him to reengage with iraq, increase u.s. assistance, and pressure maliki to loosen his growing ties to tehran. >> i think it would be a very bad thing for us if he find his best option for partnership is iran. >> reporter: a former army intelligence officer, she says maliki needs to stop cracking
9:39 am
down on iraqis who aren't part of his coalition and focus on al qaeda's explosive growth there. is this version of al qaeda doing more than just randomly placed car bombs? >> they are naming campaigns, setting campaign objectives, militarily achieving those objectives. they have phased operations. the iraqi security forces don't. >> reporter: al qaeda in iraq has already exported fighters to syria and may not stop there. >> this is going to be something that is a security concern for us as well. >> reporter: what president obama meets with maliki friday neutralizing al qaeda in iraq will be near the top of the agenda. that could include additional military sales to iraq, as well as greater sharing of intelligence. chris lawrence, cnn, washington. the u.s. has spent billions and billions of dollars on iraq
9:40 am
and hep helping iraq and what the leader wants to help sell, is fighter jets and apache helicopters. but as we heard in chris' report, mr. maliki is seen by many as part of the problem that somebody who was meant to foster reconciliation and includiveness on the political stage has done the opposite, consolidating power around himself and excluding the soon nigeria minority on any meaningful level. i discuss what's a multifaceted nature of this a short time ago with a former state department strategist on counterterrorism. one of the people who helped design the iraq war troop surge. >> the iraqi government has really failed to put the effort in in terms of reconciliation and rebuilding of trust among iraqi communities that would lead to, you know, reduction of long time tension among the sectarian groups. the second big factor is the syrian conflict, which led to a
9:41 am
rebirth of al qaeda in iraq in the form of islamic state of iraq and syria, which is the one of the most dominance factions in the conflict against president assad in syria and of course thousands of people are coming back across the border from syria into iraq which is fueling some of the conflict. >> the violence unrelenting, up to 5,000, 7,000 people killed in iraq this year. the world will barely notice these days. today, six more people killed in iraq, three of them women, shot in the head, execution style. >> we are waiting for the white house to respond to the latest nsa spying allegation. set to comment on problems with the obama care website. we'll bring that live, the brief, as soon as it happens. brace yourself for this. this is a former professional soccer player decapitated. his wife finds his head on her
9:42 am
front steps in brazil. how this horrific story is shedding light on the violence in the country ahead of next year's world cup. we're in brazil. my asthma's under control.
9:43 am
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so you won't feel robbed. again. just another way we put members first. because we don't have shareholders. join the nation. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ we are watching the white house briefing there, taking a good look at jay carney making a statement right now. we'll dip in live as soon as he starts taking questions regarding the nsa spying, the controversy around that, as well as addressing some of the concerns and the problems of the obama care website as soon as he starts taking those questions, we'll bring that to you live. meanwhile, a particularly brutal killing in the soccer world, looking nervously at brazil, which is going to be hosting the 2014 world cup. let's not for get that. the wife of a former professional player found her husband's severed head in a backpack on the doorstep.
9:46 am
no fomotive. this case has stunned brazilians. shasta darlington. >> reporter: a grew system story out of rio day generde janeiro former professional football player killed and his severed head left on his doorstep. the 35-year-old never came home monday night when his wife opened the door to go to work the next day, she found a backpack with his head inside. the police wouldn't provide any further details but according to brazilian media, his eyes and tongue had been gouged out. santos played for second tier football teams in rio de janeiro before he retired and opened a health food store. police refused to comment on the lines of investigation, but according to brazilian media there were a number of surveillance cameras in the area. those are being reviewed. police did tell us since then, they found the remains of a man, they're investigating that,
9:47 am
testing that to see if those remains belong to santos. this horrific story is shining the spotlight yet again on violence in rio de janeiro months before the world cup kicks off. it isn't likely to affect ticket sales it could have impact on the tourist who is willing to jump on a plane and come to brazil for the big event. >> just awful. >> horrible story. yes, the world cup coming up, goodness, people get worried, olympic as well. >> a horrific story, one of sexual violence in kenya. spurring a protest movement around the world. four months ago in the kenyan village a teenage girl walking home from her grandfather's funeral was gang raped, left for dead in a ditch. >> her alleged attackers or three of them were caught. guess what they were told to do? mow the grass at the police station and they were freed. now the activist group started a
9:48 am
petition called justice for liz, the nickname they've been giving this victim, liz, and they've been demanding that the attackers be prosecuted properly. they also want the police officers in the case to be disciplined, those who sent them out there to mow the lawn. >> more than 1.3 million people around the world have signed that petition. social media sites like twitter are all abuzz under the hashtag justice for liz. we want to go to the white house briefing. that's where they are addressing concerns about obama care website. >> in order to ensure risks have been taken care of. i don't understand how you have that memo come out and then today a month later say that there are no risks. >> again, what i would say is that in any website like this, you to constantly monitor and mitigate potential security risks. that's what will happen and is happening at the fact of the matter is,
9:49 am
leadership granted authority to begin operations on september 27th and this memo gave temporary authority to operate for six months and listed a number of strategies to mitigate risks including regular testing. authority was granted. a process was put in place, as you expect with a website like this to make sure security standards are met. consumers can trust their information is protected by stringent security standards. >> was the president made aware of the memo and concerns four days before the rollout? the president has, as you know, regularly briefed on the implementation process and all of the things that were happening in the run-up to and since the launch of i don't have a specific meet organize memo to read out to you. this is a memo that, you know, identified the fact for a website like this we need to be constantly vigilant and making sure that security risks are
9:50 am
mitigated to ensure that standards are met and individuals, consumers' information is protected. >> the iraqi prime minister is in washington. he meets with the president tomorrow. he's planning to ask for more u.s. weapons and manpower to help fight the violence in iraq which is really spiraling out of control. does the president feel like the u.s. has any obligation to assist the iraqis in combatting the violence at this point? >> well, let me say, broadly, that the president looks forward to the meeting and that we remain engaged with senior iraqi leaders on security issues and support efforts to resolve differences through direct dialogue and the political process. the two leaders will have the opportunity to discuss the strategic framework agreement and coordination on a range of regional priorities. there's no question that there has been an increase in violence and the united states condemns in the strongest possible terms the recent terrorist attacks across iraq. we're deeply concerned about the nature of these attacks and the
9:51 am
increased levels of violence in iraq in recent months. attacks are disturbing and are constant reminder of the formidable challenges iraq continues to face on the security front. however, it is important to focus on where the violence is coming from. it's coming from al qaeda and its affiliates. they're trying to provoke cycles of sectarian reprisals but we're confident they will not succeed. we've seen them try this repeat lid in iraq and for a period they succeeded. but we believe they will not succeed in the new effort. the vast majority of the iraqi people reject this violence and call for political dialogue to resolve tensions. target -- going to the question, targeted assistance to iraq remains essential piece of engagement and comments the united states' partnership with iraq during this period of transition. u.s. security assistance and foreign military sales are key tools for billing and shaping iraq's defense capabilities and
9:52 am
integrating iraqi security forces into the region anchored by u.s. materiel. >> the white house press secretary, jay carney, talking to reporters about iraq and other things. we'll keep an ear out on what else comes up in that briefing. meanwhile, when we come back, yes, boston, yes, they won. the red sox, the world series. this was a game that was the first big event since the boston marathon bombing, that's coming up on "around the world." they're pretty happy in boston today. americans take care of business. they always have. they always will. that's why you take charge of your future. your retirement. ♪ ameriprise advisors can help you like they've helped millions of others. listening, planning, working one on one. to help you retire your way... with confidence.
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boston winning the world series, one for the record
9:56 am
books, the first time since 1918 the red sox won the championship at home. the season started in tragedy. >> the sox played an early home game the same day that the bombs exploded at boston marathon. the team turns the crisis into a rallying cry. they were great for the city as it recovers and the city was good to them. cheered them on to the championship. >> boston's world series win its third in a decade. but for the city, this means so much more than that. poppy harlow live in boston. this is one of the biggest headlines they've had since the tragedy of the marathon last year. i imagine that this, you know, takes on something larger than life, you know, these are the kind of things that know, post ka treen fla the big win with the nfl everybody that was significant. >> reporter: absolutely. this is a team that has helped the city heal, no doubt about
9:57 am
it. they have bears the weight of the city on the shoulders and brought them from last place last year to first place victory. one of the headlines on the "boston globe." "tested and triumphant," an amazing, amazing day. 95 years sense they have won at fenway. a huge deal for the fans, how much it means for the city particularly this year, listen. >> it's just like this after the marathon, just like they obviously deserve it. i feel like i knew it was going to happen. >> it's so exciting. so exciting. >> boston strong has really been like such a theme this year and like everybody's really been coming together, whether it's for little things or big things but like everybody's out, everybody's excited, united. >> i want to show you this picture because it speaks volumes. people after this victory going
9:58 am
to the marathon finish line, kissing the finish line. how much this city has gone through. a year of hell for them and now a year and a moment of celebration of victory. they could not be more happy and this team has really helped them pull through. one of the men who has done it most, david ortiz, saying to rachel nickels, this is something we did for our entire city. you see him there, mvp, it has been really a momentous few hours since they won. tight security, i would mention. incredibly tight security around fenway park to be extra safe because this is the biggest event since the bombing. the police were out in full force. you see them there pushing crowds, including us, away. but the member of the night is the victory. that is for sure. >> big papi, he was insane during post season. 25 plate appearances, 19 hits,
9:59 am
something like that and they walked him four times. they didn't want him to have a hit. great stuff. good to see you. wearing red for the red sox. >> good for the city of boston. coming back, coming back strong. a major air line wants to watch the new in flight safety video. this is virgin atlantic whose ceo likes to do things differently. >> he does, he does. a video that shows you how to do things like putting on your life vest, buckling your seat belt, as if you've never done a seat belt but it just got funkier ♪ the eyes are glued to the flat screen cabin pressure changing we won't be leaving you hanging♪ >> yeah. five minutes it runs. singing, rapping, dancing, and all in keeping with the faa safety guidelines. >> virgin hired the guy who made justin bieber's concert film to direct this new video and pulled talent from "american idol" and "so you think you can dance."
10:00 am
video running on domestic flights. >> people may concentrate more. but able to use phones so maybe they won't look up. >> i've interviewed richard branson a couple of times, always pushing the envelope. >> that will do it "around the world." newsroom starre starts for the c audience. >> thanks for watching. waiting to hear whether the justice department will investigate the mysterious death of a georgia teenager whose body was found inside a rolled up mat at his high school. a u.s. attorney speaking out on the case any moment. stand by for live coverage. the next round for the battle of obama care taking shape. a subpoena over the website. live with the republican congressman, daryl issa, this hour. and next time you fly, you may not necessarily have to stow your electronic


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