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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 27, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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election filled by the seats held by the late senator. on friday, former congressman jesse jackson, jr. heads toe prison. jackson was sentenced to 30 months in prison. >> busy. . we'll continue right now with don lemon. we used to have our little moment together. >> now our moments are via satellite. but we miss you.
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>> something tells me there's a lot to choose from from where you are. >> hello, everyone. dom lemon here. we're going to start with fracture relations. damage control possibly reviewing prood yurings as a number of countries looking into allegations of u.s. spying by the day. the worst, her private cell phone was tapped. president obama knew the nsa was spying.
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what can you tell us about the latest allegations here? >> well, don, those allegations, excuse me, suggest that keith alexander who is the chief, told president obama about this in 2010. we just got a statement in from the nsa earlier this afternoon and sort of denied it. i want to read that statement to you. they write general alexander did not discuss with president obama in 2010 and allege foreign intelligence operations involving chancellor merkel. now, here in washington, we love to parse words. all that statement says is that keith alexander did not discuss this with president obama. >> hish's want's interesting, though. we know that germany is now
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sending ang intelligence team to d.c. >> that's a great question. the white house has acknowledged na they know that they're very upset about this. we'll see what the administration has said. >> when you mentioned what jeremy wger germany was saying, were you talking about the interior minister? >> that's right. one of the things he said is that is very possible that the united states broke the law.
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braking the law wu one of the things. but, also, our confidence has been shaking. >> we're going to talk about michael rogers now. he's going to talk exclusively to cnn. cnn's state of the union with candy crowley, just how damages are these revelations? >> welt o well, i think the bigger news story would be if the united states intelligence services weren't trying to collect information that would protect u.s. interests home and abroad. so you think it was entirely appropriate?
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>> i would tell you this. it's not an exact, correct interpretation of what they're seeing. they're seeing 3 or 4,000 pieces. i'm not going to talk about the individual decisions. so bob behr is joining me. how rare is spying on our allies. >> the agency has always sucked up phone calls from all around the world. much of it is accidental. much of it is discarded.
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it was always incidental. it wasn't paid much attention to. now, it's been made so graflically evidence. we didn't get much intelligence out of it. doesn't others have sto act out out rage? >> we're not the obama ones that spy. >> soo she certainly knows about it.
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>> how valuable is the nfgsz that we're getting. >> i think it's worth next to nothing,frankly. we can knock on her door, the ambassador can. ask hr a question. she'll give an honest answer. the risk just wasn't worlt it.
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>> it's long been the model for obama care. this comes the same day that health and human services is to testify on capitol hill about the failures of a web side. contractors told members of the house energy and come day committee, this week, the government was to blame. >> i have want to go to virginia now the pair are attending an event at richmond community high school. >> meantime, two famous musicians making headlines today for very different reasons. lou reed, one of rock's most enflushl artists is down.
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>> can we start with chris brown. what do you know about this sfiegt? >> right now, it's a he-said, she-said kind of thing. there is tremendous impact on his future freedom. >> it was extended. so this, when he's in court next month, will not be pleasing to the judge. >> it's very possible that this could result in chris brown
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having a probation violation. >> yeah, he was there performing for howard university. . aparentally, someone wanted to take a picture. it sounds really stupid. that's just one side of it. i believe his lawyer is probably on his way to d.c. right now. >> yeah, what's the saying? nothing good happens after 2:00 a.m. >> let's talk now about lou reed, an amazing legacy. i saw this come across the news flash. it's just terrible to see it. he leads blooif an amazing legacy. a quick listen, first, though. ♪
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>> yeah, and that's about the famous version that we know. it's about the one that we could use here. "walk only the wild side," that was a huge hit. he had a liver transplant earlier this year. do we know anything about the cause of his death? >> no, they're not saying. we're waiting any moment for a statement from his managemented. they're not giving us any other investigation other than he died a few hours ago. news oaf his death, it just takes you back. the funny thing about that, walk on the wild side, that was a commercial hit for him. he didn't seem to want kmigt hits. this is a guy who recorded a double album in 1975. that's houchl he wanted to be avabt guard with his rock. and he certainly was.
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>> yeah, all of those hit that is you hear from the '80s, i mean, '80s was an amazing time for music when you think about the punk rook and all of that influence. lou reed had a big influence on that '80s sound. >> yes, he did. and i think it was a couple or three years ago, he recorded an album of his music with meal can. i think it was called lou-lou. yes. he really wasn't appreciated as much as he was later in the '80s and '90 ds. >> usually, they're more famous in debt. whether it be painters or musicians. but what a loss. anthony decurtis, rolling stone, next hour. we're going to talk a lot more about that. meantime, a heartbreaking scene to tell you about. four kids and their mother killed in their home.
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which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. rap star jay-z finally speaking out against a luxury store. angry fans have been asking him to end his contract with barney's new york. >> i am against discrimination of any kind. but if i make snap judgments, no matter who it's towards, aren't i committing the same sin as someone who profiles? i am no stranger to being profiled and i truly empathize with anyone who has been put in that position. hopefully, this brings forth a dialogue to affect real change. very good statement by him. >> new developments are surfacing in a grizzly, horrible
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mass killing. the youngest was just one yeerlt. they were found late last night, stabbed to death. it happened at an apartment in brooklyn. awful story. the man is in custody and what have they learned about him? >> we know his name now that suspect is a 235-year-old ming dong chen. now, when phone message arrived, this man arrived in 2004. he had been staying when the unexpected happened last night. here's what we know, folks. >> when they arrived on the scene, they discovered a slaugter house.
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n.y.p.d. describes the weapon as a butcher's knife. it is unclear if they were used by the suspect. resisting arrest and assaulting an officer. no word yet on a motive. the om thing that we are haring from police is that the suspect made this comment. since he has bb in this country, everyone else is doing better than he is. so police are trying to interpret what that means but they clearly do not know what that means. >> are there any witnesses? >> this is a very interesting question. all of that happened in an apartment that's inside a residence. what police are telling us is
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that this woman is calling for help. she dispatched her sister in law and called t t t t 1-1-1. >> she kaued her mother-in-law in china. her mother-in-law sent over her sister in law and she was the one who knocked on the door, found the situation brewing and called 9-1-1. >> she got 20 years. after firing a warning shot. she says she did it to scare her abusive husband but, instead, ended up in prison for a warning shot: that is next. [ female announcer ] we take away your stuffy nose. you keep the peace. we calm your congestion and pain. [ man ] thank you. thank you. [ female announcer ] you rally the team. you guys were awesome. [ female announcer ] we give you relief from your cough.
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while most of the nation watched george zimmerman's acquitt acquittal, another controversial, stand-your-ground case had already played out in another florida courtroom. she was sentenced for 20 years for firing a warning shot at a wall to scare her husband who she said threatened her life. we've assembled a panel to discuss her case. but, first, i want to give you some background now from cnn's gary tuckman. >> she walks down the jail hallway in handcuffs.
2:24 pm
marissa alexander is facing 20 years behind bars. she says she was defepding herself. he choked me. he pushed me forcefully into the tub. he pushed me so hard into the closet that i hit my head against the wall and kind of passed out for a second. >> her husband received probation after that incident. months later, she was in the bathroom at her home here when her husband started pounding on the door. she says he was in a jealous rage over text messages on her cell phone. >> he managed to get the dpoor open. he strangled me. >> alexander got away from her husband. she could have got out the front door and escaped. she did not have her car keys
2:25 pm
and the garage door was stuck. >> what did you think you were going to do with it. >> i thought that i was going to protect myself. >> did you think you were going to have to shoot him? >> he saw my weapon at my side. whim he saw it, he was even more up set and that's when he threatened to kill me. >> how is he going to kill you if you're the one with the gun. >> i afree. i thought it was crazy, too. >> why didn't you run out the door. >> there was no other way to get out the door. >> what if you ran around him and went out the door. your life would have been easy today. >> yeah, but the law says i koe don't have to do that. >> she believes she stood her ground and fired the gun into the wall. it was enough to scare her husband and he left the house with his two young children from a previous relationship. alexander was safe from her
2:26 pm
husband, but not from the law. she was arrested. and found guilty. thanks to gary for that. joining me now is ester arma. and, also, to bring awareness to do meszic violence. also joining me via skype, david leonard, associate professor at washington state yooumpbt who shares the same passion. i'm going to start with you. the last trial judge didn't instruct the jury properly. how confident are you that this conviction will ultimately be overturned? >> the challenge is that we consistently litigate a woman's behavior. we say why didn't she just leave? why didn't she do this? why didn't she do that? why didn't she do the other?
2:27 pm
now, on november 1st, there's a hearing about whether or not the prosecution is going to drop the case or go forward and set a date for a new trial. 31 for marrissa put together this campaign for the entire month. >> we're going to talk a little bit more about that, but it's not just as easy as people living. it's not quite that easy. >> it thefr is. there's not an appreciation of a woman's life. leaving can mean losing your life. this made it seem clear that the first judge was right. isn't she facing the same difficulty this time around, david?
2:28 pm
well, clearly, the difficulties affect a domestic violence issue that puts the onus on women. asks want women have done. blames women for choices rather than looking at a cultural violence. a cull cur that con sis at no timely demonizes women. when we look at the fact that men who are accused and convicted of killing domestic partners and spouses face only the the 2-6 years. we see the various cultural and legal obstacles that she's facing.
2:29 pm
it's a private issue. that the man is the king of the castle. that this is an issue that is inside the home. and we see how that plays out within media culture. it jep yunly doesn't show a concern. here we have marrissa alexander saying once again, it's on her. >> there have been numerous cases. and one of those writers is david ren ard. next, we're going to read an excerpt of his letter and ask him what moved him to write it. we'll be right back.
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we're back with nester armor. the florida campaign to overturn a conviction.
2:34 pm
>> while we have never met, you've impacted me in ways you will never know. i think about you daily. a post ir calling for your pardon hangs in my office. i'm specificationly talking about failure. we have failed to create a culture that repels violence against women. what moved you to write this? >> i think i was moved on multiple levels, one from the first moment i read marissa alexander's accounting of what happened. it was in the group and really compelled me to push back at the silence, a silence against want has happened to marrissa and continues to happen to her. the silence about over domestic violence and domestic vie leps culture. and our failures toe deal with
2:35 pm
the remote violence that we see. but i think, ultimately, i wrote the letter because i think so often when we're having conversations about domestic violence, we forget about the people. we forget about the victims. we forget about those whose pain and who are locked up and i think that is really important. we lose the focus on people so often. >> this campaign has experience in doe mesic violence. one man said feet or words to brutally attack my mother. what was he thinking or feeling? i mean, that's interesting.
2:36 pm
the importance about campaign was because for so much of the time when it comes to doe mesic violence, it has been left to women. they are the ones who were tasked to open it. it's really simple. it comes down to this. a white male teacher was convicted of raping a 14-year-old girl. he got 30 days. if that doesn't show you how wrong that is. final question to you, how long
2:37 pm
does this campaign continue? and have you spoken to marrissa? >> no, we haven't spoken to marrissa. the campaign, as i said, is led by maryanna mccarver. every single letter, and today is day 27, 31 letters will be up. middle-aged white men in chicago. we've shown the importance of men breaking their silence. >> hash tag, 31 for marissa. david, you do have important work. >> thank you for having us.
2:38 pm
president bill clinton hitting the campaign trail. no, it is not what you think. or is it? is he also, in part campaigning for someone? maybe his wife? we're going to go life to the campaign trail, that's next. ♪ ♪ never loved ♪ [ sighs ] ♪ ♪ have you ever, think ♪ ooohhhh, oh, oohh ♪
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you see there over my left shoulder shlgs that is former president bill clinton in virginia today. he is hitting the campaign tour for terry mcauliffe. one of several stops. let's go to cnn's peter hamby. the former president speaking now, peter, this is the start of a three-day, nine city tour. >> well, don, two obvious reasons, as we mentioned.
2:42 pm
it's actually one of bill clinton's best friends. secondly, this is bill clinton's friend. the strategic reason here is that they race between terry mcauliffe is an eight-point lead. this rain is coming down to determine the base. this is a part of the city where president obama rolled up really big margins in 2012. this is democratic voter territory. bill clinton is saying that they need to show up in the polls. >> the real question is can those of you who get up and worry about gettings your kids to school and putting clothes on their backs and foods on the table and living your dreams,
2:43 pm
will you care as much as they do and show up and vote. a big reason for the incredible political division in this country is that in the non-presidential years, a whole different america shows -- >> the other reason president clinton is here is that he is a political super-star and generates lots of attention. >> he is there with bobby jindle. he's bringing in some heavyweights as well, don.
2:44 pm
>> you knew it before you came in here. >> it allows us to run away. i don't care how smart you are, it's a bad way to run a railroad. there are lots of studies, i can just add it, which prove that groups make better decisions. than individuals in any complex environment. there's a book called the wisdom of kraus. talking about his friend, who he's running against here. a bad way to run a railroad.
2:45 pm
>> peter, has bill clinton teased out any 2016 buzz today? >> not explicitly, don. they're both being cagey about her presidential aspirations if they exist. but earlier today, up in northern virginia, bill krin ton just mentioning the name hillary clinton got one of his loudest applauses of the whole event. we can expect that here. >> yeah, and, of course, i saw the former president tweeting out yesterday, happy birthday to his wife. 67 years old. thank you peter, richmond virginia. there is something to celebrate. the resilience of the survivors. they have come a long way in a year. that is next.
2:46 pm
cool, calm, confident. he's on a mission to bani isish bullying for all. >> i felt the pain of being bullied. i have been bullied bad, but i know there are over a hundred kids being bullied a hundred times worse than i was. >> you see, he has teret's sin drom causing repettive involuntary movements and sounds called ticks. >> jaylon began ticking at the age of two. we went through several doctor appointments. he was only diagnosed at three. in order to be diagnosed, they have to observe the behavior for
2:47 pm
one whole year. the video has racked up around 200,000 views and captured the attention of actor -- myhawk. >> i was on fire. >> together, dash and jaylon captivate their student audience to put a stop to bullying. >> i'm here because i have a young brother named jaylon arnold who reminds me of me as a kid. >> he has been doing it at an age that i wish i had had the bravery to step up and reach as many people as he does. >> we came up with jaylon's challenge. >> it hurts to think about how much torture and how miserable a
2:48 pm
kid's life can be just because one person is causing them to feel their self esteem and that they're worthless. >> are we going to bully? >> no way. >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn reporting. [ horn honks ]
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[ male announcer ] that's great, big world friendly. at afraud could meanuld blower credit scores. and higher interest rates when you apply for a credit card. it's a problem waiting to happen. check your credit score, check your credit report at superstorm sandy hammered the northeast almost a year ago. rockaway queens sandy left devastating scars. yet today a spirit of resilience runs through rockaway. under are incredible stories of experience from people who call rockaway home.
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>> reporter: a lot can happen in a year. in good times, madeline chocolate factory churns out hundreds of pounds of chocolate. last year, there was none. >> the spilled chocolate was the least of the problem. when superstorm sandy laid waste to the employers, all 450 workers lost their jobs. was there part of you that said, let's just turn the lights off and walk away? >> more than once. >> the power never came back on at ally hagans place. >> it burned in the fire that torched the neighborhood after what seemed like the worst had passed. she hopes in year she'll be back here. there's a word for people like her. >> it is one of those things, if you meet someone that's resilient, you know it.
2:53 pm
>> reporter: for more than 20 years, dr. churny has been studying the science behind the brilliance. they tackled the question, why is it that some people seem to naturally bend without breaking. churny said it is partially genetic. but we can all learn to adopt traits that will make you resilient like optimism and altruism. >> that helps them in their own recovery. >> reporter: considering the survivors of 9/11, or hurricane katrina, those who put others first now consider the faces of superstorm sandy. >> many of these employers have been with us for 10, 20, 30 years. >> reporter: knowing people were counting on him, gave gorge the steam to get help to get his factory back open. for ally hagan, it was about her neighbors. she helped organize a support group of sorts to rebuild together.
2:54 pm
>> oh, my goodness, we've had 50, 60 people. e-mail chains. we talked to each other all the time. studies prove role models and support systems increase odds of weathering any of life's storms. >> you're working together as a team to overcome a tragedy, a city tragedy, it makes it easier. >> reporter: a lot happened to ally hagan last year, but she is determined to do a lot more next year. >> alexandra field, cnn, new york. >> to read more stories of resilience from the survivors of hurricane sandy, check out our main page at in north carolina, five people were hurt at the state fair on a ride called the vortex. now investigators suspect this accident was no accident at all. next. ♪
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a ride operator in north carolina has been charged with an incident that sent five people to the hospital. he is facing three felony with deadly weapon. witnesses say the vortex ride had come to a stop. people were getting off when it started up again. the ride's safety devices were tampered with after the ride had been inspected. >> with your weekly five, the doctor blamed with the death of michael jackson gets out of jail on monday. conrad murray says he wants to go back to houston to practice medicine again. his quest is a long shot. texas revoked murray's medical license this last summer and will most likely not restore it. >> in the market for mansion. tuesday, o.j. simpson's lavish florida home hits the auction
2:59 pm
block at nearly 5,000 square feet, it has four bedrooms, four bathrooms and yes, a swimming pool. simpson still owes nearly $800,000 on the home plus about $85,000 in back taxes and insurance. wednesday, we'll hear from a top obama administration official on what went wrong with the government's health care website. health and human services director will testify before a house committee. sebelius has been urging people to sign up for the health care on the website and it is getting better day by day. >> the second batch of documents will focus on the inner workings of the foreign intelligence surveillance core. deep cuts are coming to the food stamp program. the cuts are totaling about $5
3:00 pm
billion. it will reduce a family of four's benefits by $36 a month. according to federal data, at least 47 million people or nearly 15% of the population receive assistance. that's your weekly five. >> hello, everyone. 6:00 here if the east. welcome to the newsroom. i'm don lemon. the white house in damage control mode after even more new allegations over the nsa's spying on our closest allies and a grizzly and who rfic mass killing. a mother and her four children murdered. those stories and more just ahead. but first, this. we are talking about chris brown's latest run-in with the law and about the passing of a rock icon. >>