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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 6, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> this public library in this san francisco neighborhood, ulbricht faces money laundering and computer hacking. cnn, san francisco. >> so glad you're tuning in. top of the hour. i'm don lemon. we are hearing incredible details of the u.s. forces. the commando is credited with snatching the top leader in libya. his wife watched it all unfold. she spoke exclusively to cnn a short time ago about what she saw. >> what i saw were libyans. maybe they had americans with
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them but i didn't see them because there was more than one car. they say they were ten people but i believe there were more than ten. i couldn't count them because there were many of them. i couldn't confirm if they were americans or not. what i saw were libyans. >> libya, at least publicly, deemed his capture a kidnapping. joining us now by phone from tripoli, what did she have to say? what was that conversation like? >> don, she was insisting that her husband is innocent saying all of the accusations against him are fabrications, that it is not true, that she says was not involved in the bombings in kenya or tanzania in the 1990s. she claims that her husband, yes, was a member of al qaeda. she says that he left the group in 1996. but and she has not had any
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contact with any members of al qaeda. she says he has not been involved in the group. he returned back it libya, she said, in 2011 to take part in the revolution here to work to oust the regime of gadhafi. she said they were not in hiding. their house is in an upscale tripoli neighborhood. it didn't look like it was the house of anyone trying to hide a most wanted man like al lili. she says for years they were concerned about possible drone strikes. they were worried they could be taken out somehow. over the past few months they felt they were no longer in the -- like she said, less tension and less focus. they always felt they were under some sort of surveillance, but what happened on that saturday morning, the way he was
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captured, did kind of take them by surprise. >> we appreciate your reporting. thank you very much. this is raising a lot of questions about what exactly happened in libya. what happened? i brandt to bring in barbara starr. barbara has been covering this from the beginning and doing terrific looking into this. listen, let's talk about responding to these claims that libyans possibly worked in conjunction with u.s. forces to get al libi, is that so? >> the way they work is they will take a specialist very familiar with the local language culture and customs with them. but a joint operation, these kinds of covert u.s. military units typically don't operate jointly because when they go into an area that is so dangerous that they are required to be there. usually it means they don't
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trust the local government or there is no local government even there. so maybe they have somebody there who spoke in a local way. but working with the libyans, officially, a little doubtful there was any kind of real formal arrangement based on what we see. just think of it this way. if one of these operatives was on the streets of libya in the middle of one of the operations, surely they would have been disguised, wouldn't allow their face to be shown in a way without some sort of disguise or make-up or wig possibly. don? >> absolutely. he was wanted for the twin u.s. embassy bombings in africa. so we always talk about, oh, this is a big get, this is a big get. how big a deal is this? >> well, it is 15 years later. it is a big get for families of the americans and kenyans and otheres who lost their lives in those attacks certainly. because 15 years later, they still, in the u.s. still, wants to see justice done in this
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case. the question will be now, how much does he really know all this later about current al qaeda operations? does he know about al qaeda and al qaeda network in the libyan perhaps or other al qaeda operatives across north africa. does he have any information about that core al qaeda group still left in wack stan that he associated with back in the old days, so to speak, 12, 15 years ago. how much current information does he have? that's what they will really want to know. don? >> barbara, listen. turning to seal team 6. stormed the home of one of the top leaders of al shabaab in syria. that carried out what happened in the mall. is this a success, failure, what is it? >> we may not know yet because it is not clear exactly what
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happened there. their target wasn't seaside villa. soon to be the home or headquarters in the al shabaab network. they ran into a big fire fight. there are civilians there. navy commander on the ground that made the decision that would bug out of there, rather than risk some large number of civilian casualties perhaps that was a big worry. so they got out pretty fast. what we don't know, what they are not able to say yet, we're told, is whether they got the man they were looking for. and in fact the u.s. is not even yet saying who exactly the trarg et was. >> barbara starr, appreciate that. other news to report now, one of the most popular indy car driver was injured in houston this afternoon. want you to take a look at exactly what happened. another driver bumped franchitti. then you saw him hit the fence.
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franchitti has back injuries. spectators were hurt. debris flew into the stand. two were taken to the hospital. no word on the extent of their injuries but we are checking on that. we will talk it a witness of the accident. in the meantime, you can see there, in the corner of your screen, five days, 18 plus hours. now since the u.s. government shut down. five days, plus 18 hours. almost six days. house speaker john boehner making an offer to the president. but will it make this clock stop ticking? stop running? live report from washington. (dad) just feather it out. that's right.
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franchitti is one of the most popular race car drivers in the world. we will look at the video. that's what happened. we will get to a person who was there, standing very close to that. his name is carl daniel. carl, with you were hit by some of the debris. tell us where you were standing and what happened. >> i was standing track side when they were coming out of one of the turns. and they allow you to stand there behind one of the barricades. and as the cars were coming out of the turn, i noticed that one driver was attempting to pass the other driver and his right front tire actually came and
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rolled up on to the left rear tire of the other driver an his car was launched into the barricade that was directly in front of me. and that barricade just imploded in front of me. and there was no time to run, move left, right. i mean, actually at that time, the car literally exploded into pieces. it disintegrated in front of me. and i was pelted from head to toe with what i thought was just confetti, but it was actually pieces of the car that were pelting me. at the time, i was literally amazed, yet shocked. but i was trance fixed in a moment where there was nothing, nothing that i or anyone around us could do. because the fence literally went away, and was thrown over my head, into the grand stands behind me and actually struck the patients that were in the grand stand behind me.
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>> carl, carl -- pause right there. pause right there. if you can rerack this video. i want to watch it from the beginning and we will just let our viewers hear it, then i will continue my conversation with carl. >> my goodness, carl, you're right. an n an instant, you didn't even have time to react. this is the video you shot. what were you thinking here? or did you even have time to think? >> actually, people think about how much time you have to think about something. the biggest thing i thought at
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that time was, life is over. there is no way that i can survive this barricade coming down in front of me. it is no way that any of us are going to make it. and literally, the car, which was one piece, became nothing more than confetti pelting all of us, pieces of it were all around us. i was literally, literally thinking that my life is over. but there was no time to say, can you duck. can you run. can you get away. it was like, this is it. and it was shocking. but at the same time, when i found out i was okay, i could not bring myself to stop videoing to stop screening what was going on around me. it was like, again, i was shocked but i was trance fixed. i was amazed. i could not move. and it was something that i will
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never forget. it is amazing how that -- >> i'm told by my producers that you are a nurse practitioner. 13 spectators were hurt by debris, including you, when it flew into the stands. and he has suffered an injury, i'm told, to the back and to his ankle. so what were your injuries? did you help anybody else out? what were the extent of the other injuries around you? >> the majority of the injuries, i looked at a spectator that was to the left of me. he has fragments that were in his chest. but basically, most of the injuries around me were very superficial. the majority of the injuries, if you can see that entire fence, it looks like it's very fragile. that is heavy gauge steel that is just bent like tooth picks. that fence was launched into the air, into the grand stand.
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which is where the majority of the injuries are. the people around me, we're so lucky the concrete barrier, if you can tell, is angled to form a point at the top. it acted like a ramp to throw the car up and throw the barricade up over us so those cement barricades at the bottom actually catapulted the debris at an angle. same way the bars are up at an angle is the same way the guard rail went up into the stand. it is just by a matter of chance that it didn't come straight at us. because i wouldn't be talking to you right now. >> carl daniel, unbelievable. and this video captured by him. you were injured as well. you said your injuries are minor. we're glad that you're okay. >> very minor. very minor. but i tell you one thing it does teach you. it teaches you that when you leave your house everyday, you never know what exactly will happen or when it does. >> amen. absolutely.
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house speaker john boehner says it is time for republicans to stand and fight against obama care and he wants president obama to negotiate with congressional republicans. boehner says don't expect a clean spending bill without obama ties because he doesn't have enough votes to get it. we will have live coverage coming up. meanwhile, ted cruz floated a new idea on cnn about how it fight obama care funding. and the nation's treasury secretary says without a debt ceiling increase by october 17, the u.s. won't be able to pay its bills for the first time in
3:20 pm
224 years. >> we have never gotten to the point where the united states government operated without the ability to borrow. it is very dangerous. reckless. it would mean the united states for the first time since 1789 would not be paying its bills, hurting full faith and credit, because of a political decision. >> erin mcpike is tracking the shutdown stalemate. house speaker says he does not have the votes to pass the recession on obama care. >> directly contradicting that this afternoon, the group called organizing for action, used @obama, that is twitter, says there are enough vets, just vote. that's not the kind of communicating speaker boehner was calling for. this morning, his main message is that he wants to sit down and
3:21 pm
talk to the press. >> the american people expect in washington, when we have the crisis like this, that leaders will sit down and have a conversation. it begins with a simple conversation. it is about having a conversation. it is time for us to sit down and have a conversation. that's what the american people expect. >> that's the main message from john boehner this morning that he just wants president obama to pick up the phone and call him. so don if people are looking for a quick end in sight to this shutdown, doesn't look like there will be one. >> erin, let's talk about this. we are getting tied up in technical its. this tweet came from barack obama's official twitter account. but when he writes his own tweets, he signs it, bo. this tweet was not signed b.o. so it is assumed someone was tweeting on his behalf, as if one of my producers or one of your producers were tweeting for
3:22 pm
you. correct? >> correct. but don, the overarching thing we are hearing is about 20-some-odd house republicans are starting to say they would vote on a clean spending bill. that would be a bill that would fund the government through the middle of december. that would fund the government through the middle of december without defunding obama care. so the white house is saying, and democrats are saying, they think they have the votes to pass this clean spending bill. >> so just vote on it and see what happens. thank you, erin. a delta strike team in libya. some are asking about this. is there political timing here? that's next. ened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap
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get up to $140 in mail-in rebates when you buy four select tires with the ford service credit card. where'd you get that sweater vest? your ford dealer. u.s. forces capture terrorist al libi. the idea of trying terrorists on u.s. soil, not very popular. remember try in manhattan. hello, lz, you first.
3:26 pm
al libi standing trial in the u.s.? >> i think so. let me back up. depends on the goal of this trial. what is seen is that in civilian cases, they are convicted much quicker and much more effectively. i think a new york university did a recent study since 2001, 90% prosecution rate in terms of terrorists brought in on u.s. soil and being prosecuted. where we've only had seven in the military fashion. but i think the key difference here is, in the military trial, the main purpose is to extract information. not necessarily to get a convict. where as in civilian trial, they try to get a conviction. so i think ultimately, the question is, what is the purpose of him coming here. and to convict him or figure out how much he knows. >> and anna, i spoke wrong there. you're in boston, correct? do you think he should stand trial in the u.s.? >> i hope he does. i hope he does, because i think
3:27 pm
here we have a fair and effective trial. i think that's what the american people want. he's been nabbed. detained under the law of war. and i think, yes, we should have this trial in the united states. >> kwet is, the allib i mission scores a victory for the president when there is a shutdown. some say this may help save america's dented image from the stalemate. i want you to listen to this. >> a reminder and useful reminder, that america is still the world's most powerful country. even an american president who is domestically very frustrated wields extraordinary executive powers. that s.w.a.t. team role, american presidents have an extraordinary ability to strike across the world. >> so anna, do you think this mission was politically timed to take the glare off the republican shut down for the
3:28 pm
american president? >> no, i don't. i think all-americans should celebrate when somebody is who is allegedly committed terrorism against our embassies, against our people. where over 220 people lost their lives, we should celebrate when somebody like that should stand trial and respond for those type of attacks against the u.s. and u.s. embassies. so you know, i don't think it is politically timed. i don't think that delta teams, i don't think the navy seal teams respond to politics. i think they do so when the time is right. when the operation can work. >> lz, how does this special ops political victory play out here at home? >> hopefully, you know, they follow what anna just said, which is, as a nation celebrate the fact that already got this person. when you think about the fact he was living comfortably and publicly back in libya, that sends a very dangerous message that if you do something with
3:29 pm
this nation and wait it out, you might be able to get away with it and go back to living normally. this tells terrorists that is not possible. we will hunt you for decades until we capture you. that's an important message to send. i'm glad it happened. the entire nation should be embracing this. i would hate for this to become politicized. >> an why and l.z., stay there. i want to get more from you on the government shutdown and what is going on in washington. senator ted cruz tying obama care to the debt ceiling. i want to hear more after a quick break. ad nightmares. what that robber really took from us was our peace of mind. with adt, we got it back. [ male announcer ] every 14.6 seconds, a burglary takes place in the united states. so rely on the fast alarm response of adt. a single adt system can help protect you from burglary, fire, and high levels of carbon monoxide.
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as long as you see that big clock right there over my shoulder and sometimes on the bottom of the screen, that means there is no solution on the horizon for the government shutdown. house speaker john boehner says he wants to chat with president obama and republicans. he says he doesn't have the
3:33 pm
votes to pass a clean spending bill without concessions on obama care. democrats say, hold the vote. and find out. anna, why won't he just vote? just see if you have them. >> because i think they see this as the vehicle to be able to get concessions on obama care that otherwise there is no vehicle, no legislative vehicle to get. but democrats often say, and it's true, that elections have consequences. well, the same would be -- would hold true for the house of representatives. when they pass something, it is according to the republican agenda. and we're not seen bipartisanship in washington when the aca passed. it was with no republican votes. it was the democrat agenda. they were in power. so this kind of thing should not surprise us. it is what has been the modus
3:34 pm
operandi in washington. they want to pass what they believe. >> let's talk about the battle, the treasury secretary says without an increase by the 17th, they won't be able to pay their bills. >> we've never gotten to the point where the united states government has operated without the ability to borrow. it is very dangerous. for the first time since 1789, not paying bills, because of a political decision. >> and meanwhile, senator ted cruz said he would like the debt ceiling fight to battle over -- to be the battle instead of health care. so what is your reaction? will cruz's idea attract other republicans? l.z.? >> oh, thank you. i'm not sure you were asking me. >> sorry. >> it is quite all right. you know, i'm just amazed.
3:35 pm
this is an individual who last i saw was quoting green eggs and ham during his mifilibuster. somehow he has ground this country to a stand still because john boehner lacks the guts to hold a vote and remove the political cover from moderate colleagues. it is extremely frustrating. now he is setting this agenda in which he is tying affordable health care for millions of americans to paying our bills. why are we allowing this individual who has proven not to be the most intellectual individual that very with in congress, to deck tate this conversation? i'm all for holding the president's feet to the fire. i'm all for having an intelligent conversation about our spending. what i'm not for is for an individual who has proven to be more of a jokester than an actual intellectual, being the person spear heading this conversation on the republican
3:36 pm
side. it is very shameful. >> anna, should obama care be linked to the debt ceiling fight? >> no, it should not. but i think it may end up being, frankly bb because of the timing. we are now ten days away from the debt ceiling fight and there is no end in sight to the shutdown issue. i think this will turn into the perfect political storm. where you've got the debt ceiling, budget and government shut down and implementation of obama care which is facing enormous problems as they weren't live on-line. in fact, not live on-line this weekend p. they had to take it down to fix glitches. which are more than gliks glitches. which is problematic. so the first 17 days of october, yes, it'll end up being balled up into one. and the big problem, don, is that we keep doing this. we keep doing short term fixes. whether it's a yearly debt
3:37 pm
ceiling fight or yearly budget fight. we don't get to the underlying problems that need to be addressed at some point or other. but that would take enormous responsibility and cooperation by our elected officials and frankly, i think that's too much to hope for these days. >> all right. thank you. appreciate it. >> in all seriousness -- i was going to say, i don't think it matters what the democrats or president obama says. we see the tea party republicans will say the opposite. if you say up, they say down. he they are hell bent on being opposite of whatever his agenda happens to be. >> thank you guys. that will have to be it. now we talk about a raid that pays off. a wanted al qaeda leader is in custody. who was allibi? his wife is talking. that's next. across america people are taking charge
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3:41 pm
libya deemed his missing a kidnapping. u.s. commandos came under fire and were forced to retreat. back to the operation in libya now. the plan now is to bring al libi to new york to face terrorism charges. cnn senior national correspondent nic robertson takes a closer look at al libi's role in al qaeda. >> reporter: it's a big deal, 15 years on the run. $5 million bounty on his head. al libi captured in less than a minute. former senior al qaeda operative picked up in a dorm raid by u.s. authorities, his native libya. believed to be a mastermind of the al qaeda attacks on the u.s. embassies, in kenya and tanzania in august 1998, he is accused of
3:42 pm
conspiracy to kill u.s. nationals. murder, destruction of american buildings, and government destruction of national defense utilities of the united states. according to al libi's wife, who saw the take down outside their house in the libyan capital, tripoli, he was on his way back from prayers saturday morning when ten men rushed hi car. and before he could snatch his pistol from the glove box, he was overpowered. it was all over in second, driven way in three cars. u.s. officials describe it as a lawful arrest under the terms of war. >> united states of america will never stop in its effort to hold those accountable two conduct acts of terror. and those members of al qaeda and [ inaudible ] you can literally run, but you cannot hide. >> libyan government is
3:43 pm
demanding answers, calling al libi's capture a kidnapping. >> i don't think in libya it is a valuable source of information. i still believe he was a very low profile. >> reporter: saying al libi returned to tripoli two years ago. living in plain sight of the libyan authorities. at a time when al qaeda was setting up training camps ramping up operations in the aftermath of the overthrow of libyan dictator gadhafi. there is no known ties between al libi and 2012 u.s. concert attack in benghazi. that killed four u.s. officials, including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. nevertheless, he says a warning for al qaeda. the u.s. now on the offensive in libya.
3:44 pm
>> it goes against, you know, they are trying to convince people, muslims and youth, america is soft. americans are cowards. that's exactly what they are teaching them the last 20 years. >> reporter: nic robertson, cnn, london. >> all right, nic. payton manning is in early stages of a season to remember. but, is his rep for tripping up in the post season valid or trash talk? next.
3:45 pm
3:46 pm
3:47 pm
football fans are seeing something special this year. quarterback peyton manning had four wins, 16 touchdowns, no interceptions. already a slam dunk. first ballot hall of famer. but this season, this is something else, i have to say. terrence moore is here to talk about it.
3:48 pm
he is a sports contributor for cnn. terrence, is it too soon to say we are seeing a season for the ages here? >> this war, any other quarterback, you would say, there's going to be an early season fluke. but this guy here, this is fairy tale stuff. he's got four more touch downs already in the third quart he of today's game. you've got to say, that peyton manning, and this is all about don, could very well be the most prepared quarterback in history of national football league. this guy can probably tell you how many steps from the edge of his bed to the middle of his shower everyday. here is a scary part, for a defensive corner, this will just get worse. >> all right. so that's the thing that i always say, terrence, about wisdom, time on the planet, experience. because he knows, because the first hundred times he did it and it didn't work, here is how he fixed it. or it did work.
3:49 pm
he knows tp it is experience, isn't it? >> the flip side of it is that he is buttal in post season. he are talking about one super bowl ring, but it is worse than that. he almost has got to do it this year. he is 37, running out of time. his record in the post season is 9-11. worst part of that is his pass rating is 10 point lower in post season than in regular season and that's not good. why are you hating on a broermg leak that? >> he is otherwise a great guy. >> i know. i'm just messing with you. on the flip side of the qb equation, we have josh freeman. this year he has gone from starter to second string, to unemployed. has he proved that players are disposable. you better make your money while you can? >> there's some of that. you have this former nfl coach jerry grandville that had a famous saying that nfl stood for
3:50 pm
not for long. but to put it in perspective, josh freeman brought a lot of this on himself. he missed a slew of meetings and missed team photo shoot which is never good. but he is giving a second chance, it looks like, there are three teams interested in him. including the 49ers. finally ncaa picking the committee that picks the teams. one name being mentioned is condoleezza rice. knowing her accomplishments, no one doubts her accomplishments but really? she qualified? >> i'm going to be honest with you. my first reaction is losing his mind! my aunt lives in the home of notre dame. and i don't think they call her. to put this in perspective, she
3:51 pm
was on the list five or six years ago. she was an attendant golf choice at stanford where she is an economics coach and one of two women to be selected to be at augusta national. maybe they might call my aunt willowby, i don't know. >> no mentioning archie manning. that makes sense. >> and they might call you too. >> thank you. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> up next -- >> for the longest time, chosen may roles by reading a script over and over and over again, and one of two things happened. either my skin tingles or may stomach churns. >> may conversation with the legendary sicily tyson next. ♪ lyrics: 'take on me...'
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. legend and icon. these words can't begin to describe cicely tyson. her latest in the performance, she sat down with me in a rare interview and said it might be her last. >> what gets me today is the fact that i feel somewhat guilty
3:55 pm
about the state of young people today. i fell guilty because i think that may generation gave them too much. left them nothing to fight for. >> you know i talk about that in my journalism a lot. >> really? >> yeah. >> when i hear young people deny the fact that rosa parks could not sit on the bus, or that i could not go to the soda -- to the ice cream parlor and sit at a lunch counter, they don't believe that because it is not tangible. it is not real to them. they hear tell of it. they don't believe it. and so i sit, you know, we fought for everything. so that the next generation wouldn't have to do that.
3:56 pm
>> it could be better. >> that's right, that's right. and we handed them everything on a silver platter. so what's the matter? what's the problem? what are you griping about? what's wrong? they don't understand it. >> they don't get it. >> thank you for saying that. because i feel the same way. sometimes i hear young people when they're talking and thinking of the way they dress, the words come. come out of their mouth. and i say what are you doing? you know, i don't want to speak ill but i think that sometimes there is a disconnect. >> well, because it is hard for them to feel that the freedom that they think they have, is not there.
3:57 pm
and it is not. they have become imbued? is that the word? tied up in a fallacy, okay? because they think that to be able to -- pants down here, it is defiance. to me. that's how i interpret it. here, or to swear at will, that's frustration. and do they really understand the emotion that they're expelling? do they really understand why they're doing it? do they? i don't know. >> i don't think so. >> i don't think so either. >> it is a misplaced frustration. that is often sometimes tied up
3:58 pm
in, well, what about racism? and that has nothing to do with wearing your pants -- that has nothing to do with curing racism or anything to do with racism. it is about you. >> you take care of yourself and the world will take care of itself. >> there's a difference now. >> well, if you're comparing today's -- and i don't think of hollywood. i think of what they're projecting to people, especially young people. there is a vast difference in the quality of the work that is being given today as opposed to -- you mentioned betty davis. those were real actors. with the exception of one or
3:59 pm
two, you might find someone who is serious enough about their work, not to blasphme it, those are few and far between. you can't find too many of them. >> part of the reason i ask you, you won't take no for an answer. you woebl take role if you think it portrays someone in the wrong way. if it portrays african-americans or women in the wrong light. you won't do it. >> no, i haven't. and i feel, there are plenty of people out there who don't mind doing it. i for the longest time chose my roles by reading the script over and over and over again.
4:00 pm
and one of two things happened. either my skin tingles or my stomach churns. and when my stomach churns, i know i can't do it. when my skin tingles, i can't wait to do it. >> next hour, one word. tumultuous. more on how actress krisley tyson describes her time with miles davis. hello, everyone. thank you for joining us here on cnn. you're in the newsroom. we are learning fascinating gets the two u.s. forces raids halfway around the world in africa, u.s. officials confirm it was members of the elite u.s. army delta force who camden third man who is wanted