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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 27, 2013 8:00am-10:01am PDT

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accusers. bloody rampage in a florida apartment building ends with six people and the gunmen dead. we will take you lou exactly what happened there last night. our top story this saturday morning. pre-wedding party goes terribly wrong in new york. the boat crashed in the hudson river. would people are missing and four injured at this hour. you have been polling the story. give tuesday latest on who was missing and about the rescue operations. >> reporter: program, let me set the scene for you. we just arrived here at the marina. the investigation is under way. would people missing. four injured in this boating accident that happened last night. among the missing, a 30-year-old
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woman named lindsey stewart, a bride-to-be, due to be married exactly two weeks from today. the other missing person said to be the best man in the wedding. let me tell you what we know about what happened last night. sometime around 10:00 last night, along the hudson river, a 21-foot boat went out for a cruise with six people onboard. that boat apparently hit a barge. if you know this area, it happened near the tappan zee bridge, 20 to 25 miles north of new york city. the groom survived. he was knocked unconscious. when he woke up he called 911. here is what officials said about the injured and missing. >> there were four people remaining on the boat when the boat was located south of the tappan zee bridge. they had various head injuries and one party was unconscious. we still have two people missing. we are beginning our search this
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morning to go back out and try to attempt to locate the two missing individuals. >> reporter: of course, the family of lindsey stewart is hoping for a miracle. they are actually here right now at the marina waiting for word. lindsey and others on the boat, we were told by her mother, unfortunately were not wearing life jackets. of course, they are all hoping and praying for a miracle, pamela, it is becoming less and less likely that they will be found azblooif the parents of the bride-to-be are there and said she is expected -- supposed to get married in two weeks from now. any reaction from the family today? >> reporter: yes. they just stepped up to speak to reporters a couple of minutes ago. carol stewart and her husband, walter. they told us lindsey was very excited for wedding and planned it herself.
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me and the groom were work-a-holics. they lived 500 feet from where i am sitting now. here is what else she told the reporters earlier today. >> what we understand from her fiance, they hit something. he called 911. he was unconscious. reached for his phone when he came to. will were lee people in the boat with him. out cold. and lindsey and mark, their best man, were missing. she supposed to be married two weeks from today. it can't end like this. >> reporter: the mother much lindsey sue art here on the marina along with her husband waiting for any word. i can tell you, the investigation, the search is continuing at this hour. the next news conference is
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scheduled two hours from now. we will keep you posted on all of the developments. >> you can just see the -- feel the pain from that mother. we just feel -- this comes to a positive resolution with the search and rescue efforts. thank you very much. we want on move along to another big story. south florida to the scene after shocking mass shooting there after a stand-off. a gunman killed six people overnight at an apartment complex in the miami suburb. nick is here to explain what we know about the victims. horrific. >> reporter: shocking. quiet suburb outside of miami. and not a lot of police get called to this area. what happened develop order friday night. witnesses reported hearing multiple gunshots. and when police got on the scene they found bodies littered throughout the apartment complex. they eventually cornered the shooter into an apartment. where he barricaded himself. he actually had would hostages. earlier i spoke to the sergeant
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of the police department who told me this scene was very kay on the sxwrik described what they had to do in order to save those hostages. >> reporter: the s.w.a.t. team rescued the two hostages that were -- being held against their will inside of that apartment. we had several victims in the building. we were able to make our way through the building and able to advance quickly, move our way up, and eventually locate him inside of the apartment. barricaded with two hostages. eventually negotiation teams were speaking to him. that communication eventually crumbled. and they had to come up with the idea and the decision to move quickly. they coordinated with s.w.a.t. and eventually they went in and rescued both hostages that were inside. and the subject was also killed. >> first two victims were the managers of the apartment complex. according to police, it is unclear the relationship between the shooters and victims. we do know that the mother of the shooter lived at the
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apartment complex. the "miami herald" is reporting the tenant there, the mother, could have phonily been evicted and could be the motive behind this. but officially there is month official moat. >> that's what we find out, what is the motive. >> how can something like this happen? whenever you see a man shooting anywhere, it is shocking. for this very quiet subsxush place that doesn't see a lot of police activity, it is all the more shock. >> certainly a tragedy. thank you so much. violent clashes leigh dozens dead in the streets of egypt. supporters asked the president mohamed morsi police that support the leadership are shooting at them. you can hear the gunshots in that amateur video of the clashes. we want to remind you cnn cannot confirm its authenticity. reza sayeh is live in cairo. there are a lot of conflicting reports. set it straight for us and what's the latest there?
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>> reporter: right now things are calm. the clashes are over. but the war of words is not over. certainly this conflict isn't over. many of the casualties, many of the fatalities were brought to where we are. this is the home base the headquarters, for the supporters of the ousted president, mohamed morsi. there is a makeshift hospital and very emotional and chaotic scene last night as hundreds of the casualties were brought over, volunteers doctors, some sobbing. this was one of the most violent, one of the deadliest nights of clashes we have seen ever since the ouster of the former president back on july 3. there are conflict reports when it comes to the death toll. when you talk to the volunteer doctors here, they say anywhere from 50 to 70 people were killed and more than 2,000 people were injured. the health ministry says that 46
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people were killed and more than 600 people were injured. there are also conflicting reports when it comes to what happened. demonstrators here say they were peace reply protesting and marching towards downtown when they were attacked by security forces who were firing guns and live weapons and tear gas. the interior ministry denies that. p police never fired their weapons and say they only pushed these demonstrators back with tear gas and there's also all sorts of accounts as -- when it comes to civilians being involved in the clashes. this's --s are residents are saying local civilians were kwlashing with neighborhood residents. some of the protesters claim some of the civilians were police officers wearing civilians clothe was guns and obviously it is impossible for us to verify this. we should also point out these clashes came two days after the top military official here. the general called for mass demonstrations yesterday. and many of his critics questioned the wisdom for him
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calling those demonstrations. they said that it set the stage for violence. we saw violence. and i'm sure some of those critics trood saying we told you so. >> big discrepancy of information that you are receiving. as you mentioned. thank you for trying to sort it out for us. we want to move to spain where police are accusing the driver in wednesday's train crash of reckless homicide. jose francisco garson into custody after he was released from the hospital. a judge is deciding on charges. investigators are looking into conditions during that crash, including the train's speed. at least 78 people were killed in the crash. ariel castro reached a plea deal. man accused of holding three women captive for nearly ten years in his cleveland house, castro will serve a life sentence plus a thousand years and avoid the death penalty as a result of the plea deal. his victims say they are relieved by the deal which spares them from testifying at a trial which was supposed to begin august 5.
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president obama is at the korean war vet ransz memorial this morning. it is the 60th anniversary of the signing of the agreement that ended the korean war and just saw the president honor those who fought. the prisoners of war that came home and those who died in battle. pope francis is celebrating mass at the rio de janeiro cathedral in brazil this morning. he will be meeting with politicians later today. he has been talking to the country's youth this week, encouraging them to help change the world and put on the faith. russia is weighing a tough decision, whether or not to grant asylum to edward snowden. and the u.s. is watching very closely. a congressman to break down what this could mean for both countries.
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we believe our customers do their best out there in the world, so we do everything we can to be there for them when they need us. plus, you could save hundreds when you switch, up to $423. call... today. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? we now know more about how the u.s. plans to handle the case against edward snowden. attorney general eric holder told russian authorities the u.s. will not seek the death penalty against the former contractor. snowden faces espionage charges
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in the united states for leaking sweeping details about the u.s. surveillance program. right now he remains in that transit area of moscow's airport waiting to hear if russia will grant temporary asigh sxlum on friday, snowden's father defended his son during an interview on nbc's "today show." >> i believe my son when he takes his final breath, whether it is today or 100 years from now, he will be comfortable with what he did because he did what he knew was right. he shared the truth with the american people. what we choose to do with it is up to us as a people. >> what's next for snowden? and could a decision by moscow to grant asylum hurt relation was the u.s.? that's the big question. congressman adam schiff, member of the house intelligence committee. and he joins us now from los angeles to talk more about this. nice to have you here with us, congressman. >> thank you. >> the obvious question here. if russia grants snowden's request, what's at stake for u.s. relation ties? obviously the relationship is
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less than perfect already. what could this do to it? >> lit certainly further degrade the relationship we have with russia. you are right. it is not at a high point to begin with. i think the president should seriously consider if they grant asylum, canceling the stop in moscow that's planned for a couple of months from now. i think that would be a step that would show our displeasure with moscow. there are things russia wants from us, many things we want from hem and lot of things we have to work on together like iran and syria. but i think that -- a first putin relished the chance to poke muss the eye. now i think snowden has become a real headache for the russians and are look for a way out that does not appear to lose face with the russian people by surrendering him to the united states and at the same time don't take steps that irreparably damage the relationship with the united states. >> and -- if he does, snowden does stay in russia, what kind of resource could he become to the russians? you have to think that -- there
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would have to be something to gain from this for russia if they keep him there. >> well, you know, i don't know to the degree which they already have information from him that they gained from him with his cooperation or gained from him without his knowledge. certain there is more they could glean if he is being cooperative. but i do think that he's -- going to be a continuing thorn in their side because part of what she doing is seeking publicity about this, part of what he is seeking to do, that's snowden, to damage the united states and to the degree that that puts putin in a continually uncomfortable position, continuing deteriorated relationship between the u.s. and russia. it is not good for the russians. i would think they would be very happy to find a way to get rid of him without losing face, without appearing to be surrendering him to the united states. >> given what's transpired thus far, do you think some damage has already been done to the u.s./charelrussia relations?
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>> they had the opportunity to return him up until now. they can do this under their own law or international law. they could return him go through an extradition process. there has already been damage done. the russians as well as united states are trying to minimize the damage to the relationship. we are also sending signals to moscow that we want this guy back. it means a lot to us. if you don't, if you send him to somewhere where he will have asylum or if you give him asylum, that will be damaging action in terms of our relationship and lit have consequences. >> you have to wonder what kind after life is ahead for edward snowden if he does stay in russia. >> it is quite an irony that the first two countries you go to have authoritarian governments, where there is very little people and a lot of surveillance. it is an odd irony he should end up where he. >> fair point. congressman, thank you so much
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for coming on the show. sharing your input. >> you bet. dueling storms in two oceans. an update where dorian and flossie are heading and who is in their direct path. 0ú;
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san diego's mayor is taking heat for refusing to calls to resign after numerous reports of his inappropriate behavior. so far seven women have now accused mayor filner of sexual harassment and one of his
8:22 am
accusers told cnn's poppy harlow about one alleged incident that happened in 2009 when filner was a congressman. >> he got up and came over and he sat next to me in the booth, pinning me in. and i don't remember because it was such a suspension of time in space in my life, so unexpected, that i don't remember if he directly asked for a kiss or tried to kiss me but it became -- it was very uncomfortable. >> filner yesterday announced other plans. take a listen. >> i am responsible for my conduct. i must take responsibility for my conduct by taking action so that such conduct does not ever happen again. beginning august 5, i will be entering behavior counseling clinic to undergo two weeks of intensive therapy to begin the process of addressing my
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behavior. >> heard that before. all right. the question, is therapy the answer? is it a copout? joining me to talk about this, new york area psychotherapist dr. robby ludwig and frazier of emerald partners. thank you for being with us on this saturday morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> i want to start with you. let's first rye on get to the bottom of this. do you think that mayor filner's behavior is a sign of narcissism or sexual addiction? what is this? what is going on here? >> well, i think it shows that he devalues women, that he sexualizes them and objectifies them and makes them feel really uncomfortable. i would call him a ma-- do not dismiss it due to bag politician, his age. he certainly needs to address this behavior. >> that's a sign that this is --
8:24 am
perhaps, you know, character flaw deeply ingrained. you have to wonder if would weeks of intense therapy will do the trick here. what do you think? do you think that that's the answer here? >> no. i think it is totally unacceptable. the principle in public relations is that the organization trump it is individual. the best interests of the organization transcend the individual. in this case, the best interest of his party, of his city, of the voters of san diego, is that he resign. it is absolutely shameful because what he is trying to do, trying to create this dance so he stays in power and doesn't resign. it is completely insufficient and -- unacceptable. >> just want to say, though, i have to say that -- i don't necessarily agree. not that i'm saying two weeks of treatment is enough to
8:25 am
completely deal with this issue. here is the upside. if mayor filner is in crisis, he knows he has one last-ditch effort to save his job. that might be enough to encourage him to understand what's cause thing behavior and how to behave more appropriately. the impact his behavior is having on other people and his life. it might be enough to help him change. at least his behavior. why not give him a shot? >> dr. robbie, wouldn't the people of san diego be better served if he deals with those personal issues when he's not mayor? and -- rectify those issues and then perhaps go back -- >> an interesting point. but the people of san diego did vote for him. why not give him an opportunity to get himself together and if he can be a good mayor, if -- if the behavior is not a part of his life now and his
8:26 am
interactions professionally, why not give somebody a shot to grow? i think we should give him a shot to grow and if he -- if he blows it, then let him leave. >> to your point -- >> here is -- here's -- >> politicians come back, mark sanford in south carolina and eliot spitzer is doing pretty well for his bid for city come troller in new york. marion barry in d.c. what do you think? do you think it is a matter of time before this scandal goes away? >> no. i don't at all. i think that -- the city of san diego is paralyzed at the expense of the 70-year-old man who is, quite true, has one more shot to regain power and that's this -- mayor -- he has to resign. democratic party in san diego is begging him to resign. it is arrogance and selfish must and the reason many people believe that politicians are the lowest form of human life. it is absolutely irresponsible and unacceptable.
8:27 am
>> all right. we are seeing something -- similar play out in new york with an hothony weiner in the mayoral race in new york. the new revelations coming out of him sexing with other women. what is it with these politicians not wanting to step down? even -- amid the chorus of people calling for them to drop out of the race. what do you think? >> i mean, i think when it comes to an hone weiner, he's just really arrogant and out of touch. in a way his judgment is really off. thinking that he can behave badly, entitled to behave badly, and that he deserves to be mayor. here's a case, maybe it is because live in new york city, where i think -- new york city really deserves better than somebody who has no legitimate record of doing anything necessarily positive for new york city. he's known for sexting. this is what this man is known for. i have a problem with his
8:28 am
behavior because i really don't think he feels he needs to change. and this is a compulsion on his. >> we heard him his behavior behind him. you have to wonder could it really be behind him? it was as recent last summer. >> behind him a minute ago. minute ago it was behind him. he is a liar. he lies. that's what we see. he said he was a changed man. he was not a changed man. he is deceiving everyone around him. >> we will have to see how this plays out in new york and keep our eye on san diego. see what happens there. thank you so much for coming on the show and sharing your perspective. >> thank you. there is a mysterious stomach virus spreading across the country. we will tell you what it can do to your body and how to protect yourself. you will not want to miss this. first, all parents know deciding on a name for your baby can be a struggle. prince william and kate went
8:29 am
through this with -- went with george. that doesn't seem to be such a popular choice here in the states. this american journey report tom foreman looks at what parents consider when making such a big decision. >> reporter: the royal decision to call the new baby george is playing well in the uk where that name is popular with many parents. but on this side of the pond -- >> no, not in a million years. >> reporter: one expectant mmm after another at new york's pre-natal center in new york told us george would never make their list of baby names chosen with elaborate care. >> i think it is for because it is something that you carry your whole life. that -- you know, reflects on the personality. ♪ >> reporter: 100 years ago or so george was a hugely popular name in america but these days, according to the baby name wizard website, it is barely on the charts despite two recent presidents named george and movie star, too.
8:30 am
>> we have seen a revolution in american baby names no one wants to seem ordinary. what you hear a lot is -- i don't know my daughter to be one of power jennifers in her class. while parents kids to stand out the kids perfectly happy to fit in. >> reporter: while some families cozy up to catness from hunger games many others are striking a delicate balance. choosing something not too traditional. the most popular girls' names last year were sophia, emma and isabella. the most popular boys' names, jacob, mason and ethan. but here is the thing. none of these names is as popular as the most popular names once were because we are collectively choosing from a much wider pool of possibilities. perhaps the only thing that remains constant is picking the right name is still not easy. >> if it is a boy, jack, henry.
8:31 am
girl, i have a list a mile long. i don't know. >> tom foreman, cnn. ♪ [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch from electricity to gas to extend your driving range. no wonder volt is america's best-selling plug-in. that's american ingenuity to find new roads. right now, get a 2013 chevrolet volt for around $269 per month.
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minchlgts tearious and ugly stomach vie russ is spreading across the u.s. so far month one has died but at least 18 people have been hospitalized already. our senior medical correspondent
8:35 am
elizabeth cohen explains what the virus can do to your body. >> the culprit here is a parasite called cyclospora. look at it. it is a nasty looking thing. it will make you feel pretty nasty. it will give you diarrhea, vomiting, low-grade fever. for many people with a healthy immune system they will get sort of sick but will fight this off. for other people, this can go on for a long time. it can go on even for weeks and weeks. so if this is the case, if you are having those symptoms and it is not going away, talk to your doctor because there are medicines that they can give you that work really well. the mystery part of this is where did the cyclospora come from? they don't know. but they do think that perhaps it came from produce. the centers for disease control is right now trying to figure out what kind of produce might it have been so they can tell people to avoid it. right now all you can do is wash your hands and also wash your produce. it is not a 100% guarantee because this parasite is pretty sticky. but lit reduce the chances you
8:36 am
will get this illness. >> good tips from elizabeth cohen. thank you. it is a tale would have storms the, one in the atlantic and one in the pacific. we are tracking both from the cnn weather center. jennifer, 'tis the season. >> luckily these are weak storms that we are talking about. we start right up now talking about tropical storm dorian. you can see a thousand miles away from the leeward islands. it is a tropical storm. it has strengthened over the last couple of hours you can see in the satellite imagery. it is weak and interacting with that dry air. nonetheless, we are going to see a moving to the north of san i want, puerto rico, as we move through monday morning. what's that going to mean? well, it is going the mean a rough surf across the region. rain showers there. again, we are only expecting it to be just an area of low pressure as it makes its way to the northern part of the leeward islands. we move over to the pachk other an.
8:37 am
this is our tropical storm floss yes. we had this at 70 miles per hour. just under hurricane strength. it has been weakening. it is going to be heading towards hawaii and as we move lou tuesday. we are expecting that to possibly a tropical storm. you can see for yourself monday as well as into tuesday, this will mean, of course, rough surf as well as the winds will be strong and we are talking about some rain showers there. luckily, it will weaken into a tropical storm. we are confident of that. nights nightser of the -- nighthis is cold front moving its way and with it bringing lightning out there. that's where we are going to see today, showers and thunderstorms down towards the south and then moving especially into the northeast as we move through monday. cool air is in place behind this frontal system. look at some of the high temperatures for today. you are bogey to think this can't possibly be august. for minneapolis, high today of 66. chicago, 67. you should be at 84 degrees. then detroit, high today of 74.
8:38 am
some of these locations 10 to 20 degrees below average for this time of the year. for the northeast, as well as down towards the south, temperatures are nice from the south. we are going to add temps around the lower 90s. just in time for you to be in town for this. >> i was going to say -- what's up with that? >> it always gets bad. >> that's my luck. if you are having fun in the sun had summer, you will need to protect your swefl sun block. that does not have to mean you have to burn a hole in your wallet. find out how to save money while protecting your skin.
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thanks so much for watching on this saturday afternoon. great to have you along with us. the next time you head to the beach or pool it is always a good idea to make sure have you plenty of sun block but also make sure you don't pay too much for it. we got shipping tips from money expert clark howard. >> how much should we be paying for good sun block protection? >> very, very little, believe it or not. according to research much done by consumer reports magazine, it can cost you very little money to make sure you are safe in the sun. i have to tell you, my favorite. i love this. you know, i'm so thrifty. number one rated best buy by consumer reports was a brand called noad. ultimate generic. >> you see that and say no way.
8:43 am
>> this is actually no-ad. spf 45. it is a bargain. roughly 59 cents an ounce for it. the cutest thing was consumer reports tested sunscreens all different price points. and they found this one that was basically the cost of a car, wasn't any good at all in terms of protecting you effectively from the sun. it is a brand i will never pronounce this right. i'm going to need your help. >> that's what i use. you are telling me what, no? >> how did you know how to pronounce that? >> because i buy this stuff. >> no, you don't. >> yes, i do. you are telling me i'm being -- >> they got you. no-ad 59 cents an ounce. this one i can't pronounce and over $20 an ounce. the monno-ad is much more protective. >> that's great for sensitive
8:44 am
skin and i have sensitive skin. >> i can't speak to that. i can speak to this. i have young kids. they are not patient with putting on lotion. these new sprays that you can spray on kids have been really a much better way for me to make sure they have full coverage when they are out there. those are even more expensive but according to consumer reports, one particular one from walgreens was a real deal. and -- it is continuous spray sunscreen. you see it there on your screen. consumer reports says this one is a deal that not only is it cost-effective but does a good job of protecting your skin when you are out in the sun and when you have the kids like i have 57-year-old boy who is running all around, squirming. i can't chase him around with the spray to get it on him. >> make a big cloud. >> exactly. >> run through. >> it that's right. >> that's effective. i like that. all right. clark howard. thanks so much. we all need to stay safe and protect our skin in the sun.
8:45 am
thanks for the tips. >> lesson learn. you don't always get what you pay for it comes to sunscreen. up next, it was a cold-blooded murder or self-defense. another florida shooting case heads to court. this time police say man killed a teenager over loud music. details on this story right ahead. "i'm part of an american success story," "that starts with one of the world's most advanced distribution systems," "and one of the most efficient trucking networks," "with safe, experienced drivers." "we work directly with manufacturers," "eliminating costly markups," "and buy directly from local farmers in every region of the country." "when you see our low prices, remember the wheels turning behind the scenes, delivering for millions of americans, everyday. "dedication: that's the real walmart"
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two weeks after the george zimmerman verdict, another case is making headlines. a man who shot and killed a 17-year-old in a convenience store parking lot insists he was standing his ground. police say he's guilty of killing the boy in cold blood. drew griffin reports. >> reporter: it was the day after thanksgiving, friday, november 23, 2012. 17-year-old jordan davis and three friends pulled into a
8:49 am
convenience store in jacksonville, florida. his dad said they had been shopping. >> some friends are going window shop at town center mall. he said, can i have some money for food and hang out with stayed in the back seat of the dodge durango as the driver went inside the store. the windows were down. loud music was on the radio. it was at that moment police say 45-year-old michael dunn driving a black folvolkswagen jet ta pud in next to them, he was attending a wedding reception with his girlfriend, and his girlfriend wanted to stop. as he went inside michael dunn said he politely asked the mousic be turn mouse music be turned down, jordan davis, police say asked the music be turned back up. michael dunn concedes as much in a later miss interrogation.
8:50 am
>> and then the music comes back on and, you know, i'm just, like, live and let live and done. done needing any trouble. >> reporter: but there was trouble. police say what followed was a verbal altercation between dunn sitting in his car and the other teens sitting in theirs. interrogated by police michael dunn said it was one of the teens who was trying to escalate the confrontation, threatening he says to kill him. >> so, i put my window down again and i said, excuse me, are you talking about me? and it was, like, kill that [ bleep ]. and, um, you know, i'm still not reacting to them. this guy, like, goes down on the ground and comes up with something. i thought it was a shotgun. and he goes you're dead [ bleep ] and he opens his door. and i'm [ bleep ] bricks. but that's when i reached in my
8:51 am
glove box. unholstered my pistol. >> reporter: dunn opened fire four quick shots into the suv and four more as it sped away. jordan davis the only person hit was killed. as for dunn, he told police he and his girlfriend spent the night at a local hotel before driving the 159 miles to his home. he wouldn't be arrested until the next day. dunn's girlfriend also questioned by police, her face blurred, tells the police dunn told her he was firing in self-defense. >> i said, what happened? and he said, i shot at the car. and i'm, like, we're moving at this time. >> right. >> and i said, what car? and he said the one with the music. >> reporter: other witnesses to the shooting told police they never saw the teens getting out of the suv or approaching dunn in any way. no weapon. no stick. no had threatening object of any kind was found in the teensation
8:52 am
possession. dunn insists he was shooting to save his life and according to his attorney plans to use florida's stand your ground law as his defense. drew griffin, cnn, atlanta. well, the man who held three women captive inside his cleveland home for about a decade will never be free again. ariel castro has agreed to a plea deal of life plus 1,000 years. all right, we'll talk about this next hour with our legal guys. let's get a little preview with avery friedman in cleveland and richard herman in las vegas. you've been following the story, what do you think? >> he's getting 1,000 years for kidnapping and raping three minor girls. what do you think's going to happen to this guy in prison? not going to be pretty. >> avery, what do you think? >> well, do you know what, there was a twist here in the plea that no one saw coming and it will be something that the neighborhood also remembers and never forgets. we've got the answers for you and more coming up. >> good tease there, avery.
8:53 am
we'll see you both in just about 20 minutes from now. see you soon. well, dr. doolittle may have talked to the animals, but chad myers has found out that the animals are actually talking back. listen cho een closely. it's next right after this break, stay with us. i promise you, you won't want to miss it. [ male announcer ] this is betsy.
8:54 am
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8:56 am
welcome back, everyone. we're launching a new segment
8:57 am
here every weekend called "the science behind" what we hope to teach you the why behind the what and this week's installment we're taking you into the water where a new study about dolphins and how they communicate will blow you away, guaranteed. i love this story. here is cnn's chad myers with all the details. >> reporter: we've known for years that every dolphin has a specific and distinctive whistle but now scientists believe that this sound they're calling out is actually a name. >> can you do your signature whistle? >> reporter: to better understand the science behind dolphin language, marine biologists use underwater recorders to track the signature whistles hoping to unlock secrets to how these mammals communicate. the new study out of great britain shows similarities between dolphin whistles and human communication. do these dolphins talk to each other? >> yes. they do interact with each other vocally. they use sounds to communicate. what the sounds mean we don't entirely know. >> reporter: but they know.
8:58 am
>> they know. and i think what is most common with these animals is that the sounds aren't a language. it's not a vocabulary like what we have, but like dogs barking or wolves howling in the forest, that means something to those wolves, that means something to those dogs and dolphins are very similar in that aspect. >> reporter: to most it would seem that dolphins are talking to each other, not just barking. >> when we are underwater, it is noisy. there's clicks and whistles and sounds. and because their hearing is built entirely different than ours, it's very -- it's, like, a chatterbox down there. >> reporter: the fact is they're not using their mouths at all. >> they don't have vocal cords, so any noises or squeaks or squawks that a dolphin makes, yeah, it comes out of the blowhole on top of their head. if you take a balloon and you blow it up and then you pull the no nozzle, you can make squeaks and squawks that's exactly how it work. the balloon is like their lung
8:59 am
and as the air is forced out of their lung they can make certain noises through the muscular flap on their blowhole. >> reporter: so while they may not be using their mouths to communicate, it does seem the lines of communication are open under sea, chad myers, cnn, atlanta. >> pretty cool. all right, i'm pamela brown in today for fredricka whitfield. we appreciate you spending this saturday with us. here are some of the top stories we're following in the "cnn newsroom" -- a bridal party on the hudson river ends violently. the boat crash, and now the bride is missing just two weeks before the wedding. we have all the details up next. the san diego mayor says he is not going anywhere despite serious allegations of sexual harassment. we ask a psychologist what's next for the mayor, the alleged victims here. and a bloody rampage in a florida apartment building ends with six people and the gunman dead. we'll take you through what happened there last night.
9:00 am
our top story this saturday, a prewedding joyride on a boat ends in a horrifying accident in new york, two people including the bride-to-we are missing, four others are injured. as you can imagine, the bride's mother is devastated by this news, take a listen. >> what we understand from her fiance, they hit something. he called 911. he was unconscious. reached for his phone when he came to. there were three people in the boat with him out cold. and lindsay and mark lennon who is their best man are missing. she's supposed to be married two weeks from today. yeah. it just can't end like this. >> you just feel for this
9:01 am
mother. her daughter as we know is still missing at this hour. this is supposed to be the most exciting time in her life, two weeks before her wedding. what's the latest with the search and rescue operations? >> reporter: well, pamela, at this hour the search is under way for two people missing, of course, there were four injured in this boating accident that happened last night. as you mentioned, among the missing is 30-year-old lindsay stewart, a bride-to-be, due to be married two weeks from today. the other person who is said to be missing is the best man in the wedding. here's what we know about what happened last night. a boat, a small recreational boat, a 21-foot stingray carrying six passengers apparently left the marina next to the one where we are at right now at about 10:00 last night. shortly thereafter, authorities say it hit a barge. two people were apparently ejected. four survived. among them the groom who was apparently knocked unconscious. and when he came to, he called
9:02 am
911. >> there were four people remaining on the boat when the boat was located just south of the tappan zee bridge. they had various head injuries and one party was unconscious. we still have two people missing. we are beginning our search this morning to go back out and try to attempt to locate the two missing individuals. >> reporter: within the past hour we saw the parents of lindsay stewart who were here at this marina waiting for word. of course, they are hoping for the best but prepared for the worst. lindsay's mother tells me, pamela, that lindsay was not wearing a life jacket. and, of course, as i mentioned, the search is under way. but as each hour passes, it becomes less and less likely that these two people -- two people will be found alive, pamela? >> and as you mentioned, alina, we believe the boat hit a barge, that's what caused that accident, right? >> reporter: it is. apparently it was a set of three barges that were tied together,
9:03 am
pamela, actually. and they were part of the construction project at the tappan zee bridge. it was apparently carrying building materials and pilings and the like. apparently the barges had lights on them, but authorities say even with those lights, it was so dark on the water last night, it may have been difficult to see those barges. but as i mentioned, the parents were here, and a short time ago i did have an opportunity to speak to the stepfather of lindsay stewart. listen to what he said -- >> just got word 2:30 in the morning. police were over at our house. that's something, a nightmare, i don't wish on any parent, because the police coming over to your house waking you up while you're sleeping and telling you an accident has occurred. >> reporter: parents' worst nightmare is right. this is a couple that was very excited for their wedding in two weeks. lindsay apparently, pamela, had planned the entire wedding herself. they lived just about 500 feet from here. and they had their whole lives
9:04 am
ahead of them. pamela? >> agonizing. all right, alina cho, keep us posted out there. thank you. to egypt now where violent clashes leave dozens dead in the streets there. supporters of ousted president mohammed morsi say police that support the new military leadership are shooting at them. you can hear there the gunshots in that amateur video of the clashes and we want to remind you cnn cannot confirm its authenticity. reza sayah is live in cairo. reza, lots of conflicting reports there right now. what's the latest? >> reporter: yeah. well, things are calm at this hour, pamela, but just an awful night on friday here in cairo. these were some of the deadli t deadliest, some of the violent clashes we've seen here ever since the ouster of former
9:05 am
president mohammed morsi on july the 3rd. we're getting conflicting reports of the death toll. many of the casualties were brought here, the home base of the pro-morsi supporters -- when you talk to the doctors here, they say between 50 and 70 people were killed, more than 2,000 injured, but the health ministry is saying 46 people killed and more than 600 people injured. we're also getting conflicting reports. when you talk to the demonstrators they are protesting and marching towards the downtown area, that, of course, morsi protesters when all of a sudden the forces started firing at them with live weapons and bird shot, but they deny this. they say they didn't fire any weapons, all they used was tear gas. we've also reviewed some amateur video of the clashes from last night and we see what appeared to be people on on both sides in civilian clothes, also see people in civilian clothes next to police officers firing guns,
9:06 am
which is unusual. protesters here claim that those are police officers in civilian clothes. entirinterior ministry said it' impossible to verify. but certainly all sorts of information that the conflict is not over. when you look at the big picture, you have this military-backed interim government trying to push forward with this democratic transition, pamela, the muslim brotherhood are standing in their way and this conflict is not ending anytime soon. >> certainly a tumultuous situation, reza, stay safe, thank you. back here in florida, police are on the scene after a harrowing overnight shooting. it happened between a gunman and police in an apartment complex in a miami suburb. cnn's nick valencia has the very latest. >> reporter: scary moments for this quiet south florida neighborhood. witnesses call 911 after hearing multiple gunshots at an
9:07 am
apartment complex in hialeah. >> i heard about 15 to 20 shots and so i went outside, and my neighbors were screaming that my parents had been shot. >> reporter: shot and killed. the first two victims in friday night's shooting spree were a husband and wife, who managed the apartments. >> great people, you know, great grandparents. i can't even say, they're just flawless grandparents. >> reporter: in an interview with cnn police described the chaos as they cornered the shooter. barricaded inside an apartment, he took two other people as hostages. >> they coordinated with s.w.a.t. and eventually they went in and rescued both hostages that were end and the subject was also killed. >> reporter: police found two other bodies in the apartment complex and one across the street. seven people were killed including the shooter. police have not i.d.'d him or established a motive but police tell cnn that the suspect's mother was a tenant at the apartment complex, pamela? >> a lot to learn with this
9:08 am
story, nick, thank you. in spain, they are accusing the driver of wednesday's train crash of reckless homicide. they took jose francisco garzon into custody after he left the hospital. they are looking in to the train's speed and at least 78 people were killed in the crash. and checking today's top stories -- a boston man arrested for allegedly assaulting two women. he's now a person of interest in the abduction and killing of a young woman from the same neighborhood. police identify him as 28-year-old edwin alamani. police say 24-year-old amy lord was forced to withdraw cash from five different banks before someone fatally stabbed her. police say they're on the right track with this arrest. >> we're confident and comfortable that we're on the right track in this case. scientific and dna testing takes time. >> alamani has been arraigned 34 times as an adult, but this time a judge deemed him unfit to be
9:09 am
arraigned and ordered him to undergo evaluation. the pope will be meeting brazilian politicians later today. the pontiff has been talking to the country's youth this week encouraging them to help change the world and, quote, put on the faith. well, he really wants to be the next mayor of new york, but will anthony weiner be able to get past the latest chapter of his sexting scandal? and how about the voters here? plus, we've got an update on aaron hernandez, there's new potentially damaging evidence in the nfl's star murder case. those stories and more after the break. [ nurse ] i'm a hospice nurse.
9:10 am
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the race for mayor of new york has turned into a referendum on anthony weiner, the former congressman was the front-runner for the democratic nomination, but a new poll shows he's fallen behind. it seems he cannot shake the controversy around his sexting habits with other women. cnn's mary snow is on the campaign trail. >> anthony? >> reporter: for days anthony weiner's been dogged about the latest chapter of his sexting scandal. he's become the target of countless jokes, with the "new yorker" magazine among the latest to mock him, but he's showing no signs he'll drop his bid to run for mayor. he took his campaign to an area hard hit by superstorm sandy,
9:13 am
staten island. with cameras following him a woman who says she isn't a supporter confronted him. >> as a former new york city department of education employee with 21 years as a teacher and nine years as an existing principal, had i conducted myself in the manner in which you conducted yours, my job would have been gone. >> in the privacy of your home? >> the privacy of my home. >> i respect you. >> reporter: sidney leathers recount ed recounted the relationship they had. she recounted the story. >> i said someone may want to release stuff on their own, but it is not the be-all and end-all of my campaign. i want to talk about how we continue sandy relief. >> reporter: as weiner presses ahead with his campaign to become mayor, the man who currently holds the office weighed in. >> conduct like some of these things we've been reading about is reprehensible and -- but
9:14 am
whether it should impact your voting, that's up to the voters. >> reporter: mary snow, cnn, new york. and coming up in the next hour on "cnn newsroom," fredricka whitfield talks with our chief political analyst gloria borger, in-depth analysis on the new york's mayor's race and what it means for america's largest city. new evidence surfaces in the aaron hernandez murder case. will new surveillance pictures help or hurt the former nfl star? our legal team weighs in. i'm the next american success story. working for a company where over seventy-five percent of store management started as hourly associates. there's opportunity here. i can use walmart's education benefits to get a degree, maybe work in it, or be an engineer, helping walmart conserve energy. even today, when our store does well, i earn quarterly bonuses. when people look at me, i hope they see someone working their way up. vo: opportunity, that's the real walmart.
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police have some new and potentially damaging evidence against former patriots tight end aaron hernandez who's accused of murder. surveillance photos appear to show hernandez with a gun in the hours just before the shooting death of his friend odin lloyd.
9:18 am
these new images are from inside hernandez's home. our susan candiotti explains. >> reporter: potentially damaging images taken from former new england patriot aaron hernandez's security system, it's hard to make out in the blurry photocopies but just before 1:00 a.m., a few hours before odin lloyd is murdered, prosecutors say hernandez is in his living room allegedly holding what appears to be a firearm. 2:32 a.m., prosecutors say hernandez and two other men pick up the victim at his home 30 miles away. about an hour later, lloyd is shot five times execution style. his body is found less than a mile from hernandez's home. a few minutes later, 3:32 a.m., cnn has obtained this color photo of hernandez still wearing a white shirt back home. allegedly with carlos ortiz and ernest wallace. a second later, hernandez is at his basement door.
9:19 am
authorities say the time stamped system is 12 hours off. court documents state he appears to have a gun in his left hand. the next three black and white images immediately follow with hernandez still apparently holding a gun. no murder weapon has been found. and hernandez has pleaded not guilty. his lawyers have not responded to cnn requesting comment. but defended their client on wednesday. >> given the facts of the case as we know them, we're confident that aaron is going to be exonerated. >> reporter: a law enforcement source tells cnn prosecutors suspect this possible motive -- hernandez was angry about odin lloyd discussing an unsolved double murder in boston in connection with the two men that were killed. tom brady talked about the arrest of his ex-teammate. >> i think we as a team have tried to, you know, move -- move forward with, you know, better
9:20 am
awareness and understanding of these types of things. hopefully, you know, nothing like this ever happens again. and that was our susan candiotti with those new details for us, and now let's bring in our legal guys for more analysis, we have avery friedman a civil rights attorney and a law professor who is in cleveland and richard herman a former criminal lawyer and a law professor, in las vegas for us. let's start with avery, the new pictures, you think they are the smoking gun, no pun intended? >> well, pamela, if i'm prosecuting this case i've got the magazine that fits in the glock, i've got video from before, i've got video from after. i've got motive and i've got a colleague this ernest wallace that susan talked about in her report, i'm not sure how earnest he is, but he's going to say that aaron hernandez was the trigger man.
9:21 am
so, from my perspective, at least from a prosecution perspective, i don't know how the prosecution can't prevail in getting these convictions. seems impossible not to prevail. >> yeah, i mean, richard, prosecutors say not only did hernandez kill odin lloyd, he disposed of the gun and destroyed his home surveillance system. what could the defense strategy be in this case? >> first of all, let's understand there's no evidence yet, because evidence is in a courtroom and we're not in a courtroom yet. however, avery makes certain points that are pretty valid here. in the opera they say it's over when the fat lady sings, she's in the back warming up for mr. hernandez now, it gets worse and worse each day. these videos although they're grainy do appear to show a 0.45 caliber weapon and that was the type of weapon of choice for this execution. i say execution because we hear a lot about 0.9 millimeter round, a 0.45 millimeter round
9:22 am
is twice the size, five shots into this victim, that's execution style, that's with intent, that's with bad intent. they found casings at his home. that surveillance system we mentioned that was found to be intentionally destroyed by hernandez yet the data was recovered. and his cell phone was destroyed and data was recovered off that. >> they got him. >> and the grainy pictures and his co-person and his buddy that was with him tonight. >> that's ernest. >> he's singing. he's laying it on heavy incriminating hernandez. >> it seems like there's mounting evidence. >> by the way, there is -- there is a probable cause hearing coming up on the 22nd of august, pamela, and the question will be, will the defense use that hearing to hear more evidence from prosecution? they actually may have the right to put on witnesses. but that remains to be seen. that's going to be a particularity cparticular tactical consideration for how the case will be mounted.
9:23 am
>> do you think they might try to work out a plea deal here? what do you think? >> you know, pamela, and normally i would say yes, except that he's potentially now a target, a target in a double homicide in massachusetts. he also has a matter pending in florida for an assault-type shooting. >> in florida, yeah. >> he's got a world of trouble right now and if you're his attorney you want to try to make one global resolution here. either way, any resolution, is going to -- >> it won't happen. >> -- will get him perhaps life in prison. >> a grand jury is looking at evidence from the other case you mentioned, the double murder. avery, the defense objected to the release of the images we saw but a judge did allow it in a response to a request from the media including cnn. do you see the images as crucial to the case, as sort of cementing the prosecution's case against hernandez? >> yeah. i mean, pamela, i mean, to me this is the kind of case where short of aaron hernandez coming up and saying, yeah, i did it, the evidence is frankly
9:24 am
overwhelming. and i'm not sure what kind of reasonable argument could be advanced by the defense in trying to block that information. media's responsibility to get that. to certainly air it. they have a right to it. but i would suppose the construct is that the defense says this could be prejudicial. on balance, the judge did the right thing. that information should have been released and, of course, we have that today. >> all right, you answered my next question. i was going to ask if you think it should have been released. the last note here, we've been hearing that one of hernandez's friends allegedly part of this killing and now at least one of them is turning state's evidence and will help the prosecution in this case. could it get any worse for hernandez at this point? >> it's bad. it's bleak. i bet the other co-defendant -- >> yeah. >> -- is also going to try to give evidence. they're going to try to save and fair their lives. it's just mounting against him right now. and interesting here, pamela and avery, this case they're claiming is a circumstantial case. we hear circumstantial evidence. sometimes a good circumstantial
9:25 am
case is better than an eyewitness case. and here the circumstances are mounting and mounting and mounting and it really -- >> video trumps witnesses. video trumps witnesses no doubt it. >> but this seems overwhelmingly against hernandez and the lawyers will do everything they can to try to cut a deal. >> all right, again, innocent until proven guilty, thank you both. >> that's true. >> that's true. >> yes. we'll see you back here in just about 20 minutes to talk about ariel castro's plea deal, the man who held those three girls captive for ten years will never get out of prison we now know, and something he said in court yesterday absolutely shocked everyone. we're going to thank you to you about that in just 20 minutes. san diego's scandal-ridden mayor is choosing to get treatment instead of get lost like many of his constituents want. ahead i'll talk to a clinical psychologist about what kind of help bob filner will be receiving and whether therapy is the right move.
9:26 am
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help the gulf when we made recover and learn the gulf, bp from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. the fate of the army private accused in the largest leak of classified information in u.s. history is now in the hands of a military judge. bradley manning is accused of handing over hundreds of thousands of documents on the iraq war to wikileaks, and closing arguments friday prosecutors say bradley manning was a traitor who had no allegiance to the united states. manning is charged with aiding the enemy.
9:29 am
north korea is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the korean war truce today. there was a massive military parade today. leader kim jon un was present at the parade. and ceremonies marking the anniversary with held in south korea and the u.s. there's no letup in the questions for new york mayoral candidate anthony weiner. this week the former congressman revealed he had nor sexual texting episodes after leaving congress. one voter confronted him directly about his behavior yesterday. take a look -- >> i don't quite understand how you would feel you would have the moral authority as the head administrator in this city -- >> yeah. >> -- to oversee employees when your standard of conduct is so much lower than the standard of conduct that is expected of us. >> are you not voting for me? >> i would not vote for you, sir. >> okay. all right, turning now to another political sex scandal, had one in san diego. yesterday city mayor bob filner announced he's seeking help and
9:30 am
getting counseling rather than bow to calls to step down from office. >> i am responsible for my conduct. and i must take responsibility for my conduct by taking action so that such conduct does not ever happen again. so, beginning on august 5th, i will be entering a behavior counseling clinic to undergo two weeks of intensive therapy to begin to address my behavior. >> but the question is, is this the right move? dr. judy is a licensed clinical psychologist at columbia university, a teachers college and has led workshops on crisis and intervention with groups from around the world. she joins me from new york. nice to have you with us. >> pleasure, pamela. >> seven women have accused mayor filner of inappropriate conduct. it's allegedly been going on for years.
9:31 am
is two weeks enough counseling? >> never enough, pamela, but i'm optimistic that he has actually said, we've just heard him, i'm going to be in a continuing process, a process, he's got two weeks of intensive therapy, pamela, that's not enough, but he knows it's continuing and he has said it will be ongoing. and that's what's important. some people go into a therapy, they think two weeks, a month is enough. never. but since he knows it's ongoing, that's what is a little bit positive. >> so, this is the first step. he's acknowledging this. he's saying it's ongoing, but he's also saying that he's not going to bow out, that he's going to stay where he is. do you think that's the right move? what do you think's behind that here? >> i think he has to stand up for that right now until he gets pushed out. and he's talking about how this is a behavior that has gone on because of his generation. we're not going to excuse that. but no woman until now has stood
9:32 am
up to him. and that's because they've been afraid that they would lose their job. they've even said that, so we've had deans and retired a mill ed and business women and ceos who haven't said no, no, no, and now he's gotten that slap on his hand. there's an interesting technique, pamela, that i think would work with him in behavior therapy, but he needs attitude and psychological things, too, it's called role playing. you would have a woman pretend she's a ceo, a very powerful woman, because that's what he's dealing with and have him role play it. a thought comes into his mind, i'll slap you on the back or put you in a headlock or tell you to take off your underwear and he stops and says something very positive and respectful to her, like that's a brilliant idea that you have. i love that you're so intelligent. let's get working on that project together. do you see how -- that's the kind of thing that would happen in a behavior therapy. >> all right. i want to be sure that we have
9:33 am
enough time to touch on new york mayoral candidate anthony weiner, obviously these new revelations coming out that he was involved with sexting women after he resigned from congress. he's saying it's inappropriate. what do you think's going on here? do we think this is narcissism , sexual addiction? is this something that can be rectified? give us some idea. >> i just told you there was optimism in the case with the san diego mayor, but i don't foal that way with regard to our new york mayoral candidate. i think this is really a difficult case. this has a lot to do in my estimation with people i've seen who have a mixture of everything you mentioned, pamela, and then some. sexual addiction because it's out of control, slammed his hand and he's doing it again. god forbid he should get into a position of power and then the behavior would be just even more evident. >> i was going to ask you that. because is power sort of a
9:34 am
dangerous ingredient for someone who is predisposed to this kind of behavior that anthony weiner has exhibited? >> brilliant, yes, that's absolutely true, that power really gives him the sense of entitlement and gives him the arena to be able to act out his problems because no one has said no to him. so, why should he stop? he's gotten away with it. and as you said, there's extreme narcissism , extreme sense of a huge ego. and really a cutting off of an understanding of what is appropriate and good judgment. so, that's why i think that this is really difficult as a psychologist this would be the hardest case to treat with -- between the foot fetish and the sexting and all the behaviors that he's done repeatedly. and where he is in his position, i think this is really tough. >> and just extra concerning that he resigned from congress because of the revelations and
9:35 am
then he continued with that behavior as he admitted, all right. >> it's like an alcoholic and a drug addict, you know, i'm sorry, i'm sorry, and then back off the wagon again so -- >> right. >> two different situations there i think. >> all right, thanks for distinguishing that, doctor, thank you so much. really interesting discussion with you. and tomorrow morning at 6:00 on "new day sunday" the second woman to accuse filner of sexual harassment tells her story and she'll tell us what she thinks about his move to seek therapy. well, will anthony weiner's sexting scandal keeping him from being the next mayor of new york? >> hey, pamela, for the first time anthony weiner gave an estimate of how many women he's sexted. >> i can't tell you how many people will consider inappropriate or not. >> the former congressman runs
9:36 am
for new york city's mayor, his favorable rating plunged 22 points from late last month according to a poll conducted the day after he admitted to sending sexual pictures and text to women a year after he resigned from congress for doing the exact same thing. and that nbc4 new york/"wall street journal"/marist survey also indicates that weiner's dropped out of the top spot in the race for the democratic mayoral nomination falling 9 points to 16%. some rivals are calling for him to end his bid. >> i'm sure many of my opponents would like me to drop out of the race. >> what do new yorkers think? 47% democrats saying he should stay in the race with 43% believe he should drop out. huma abedin is standing by her man. >> i love him. i have forgiven him. i believe in him, and as we have said from the beginning, we are moving forward. >> but nearly three-quarters say that support makes no impact on
9:37 am
how they'll vote in september's primary. this is just one poll. more will follow. but as of now, the numbers aren't adding up for weiner. pamela? >> all right, that's a safe assumption there. all right, nsa leaker edward snowden is holed up in a russian airport waiting to hear about his asylum request, and he may have some extremely sensitive material with him that hasn't been leaked yet. the columnist who broke the story and talked to snowden gives his take up next. stay with us. we'll be right back. don't miss red lobster's four course seafood feast, just $14.99. start with soup, salad and cheddar bay biscuits then choose one of nine entrées plus dessert! four perfect courses, just $14.99. offer ends soon, so come into red lobster and sea food differently.
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9:40 am
the u.s. says it will not seek the death penalty against edward snowden and kawls calls his request for asylum not worthy. he wrote a letter to russia
9:41 am
saying it's simply not true and snowden should not be treated like a refugee. snowden's father sent a letter to president obama asking for the criminal complaint to be dismissed. right now at this hour snowden is still in the moscow airport waiting to hear if he'll get asylum. "the guardian" reporter told morg morgan spurlock snowden was right to leave the u.s. >> bradley manning leaked thousands of pages showing serious war crimes on the part of the united states and he didn't run and most of the people in the media and in the united states viewed him as somehow an odious person, even a traitor. he's been locked away in a cage for many years and we haven't heard from him. there's an op-ed by daniel elsburg who some consider to be a heroic whistle-blower in "the washington post" said snowden was right to flee, because unlike when he was charged with leaking he was able to be free during the trial and he was able to speak publicly. in this country now
9:42 am
whistle-blowers under the obama administration are treated very harshly. if mr. snowden came back he'd be stuck in prison. he wouldn't be allowed to participate in the debate he helped to provoke and it would be very unlikely that he'd get a fair trial, that was from daniel elsburg in "the washington post." >> in an interview with an argentinean newspaper, you said snowden had more to reveal, your quote is exactly we have concrete proof -- the u.s. government should be on their knees every day praying that nothing happens to snowden because if something happens, all information will be revealed and that would be their worst nightmare. >> right. that was, you know, before i began reporting this story, i wrote an article about how anybody who exposes what the u.s. government is doing is the target of smear campaigns and demonization, and that was a perfect example of how reuters took that quote completely out of context and made the exact opposite point is the one that reuters and government defenders try to claim i made. that answer was in response to a question which was, do you think
9:43 am
the united states government will try and kill mr. snowden, and i said, that would make no sense. he has with him extremely sensitive documents that he has been insistent not be disclosed because his goal is not to harm the united states but to shed light to his fellow citizens on what the government is doing and if he were killed, there would be no telling how those documents would then get released. probably more irresponsibly, if i were the u.s. government i would be praying for his health, not trying to kill him, because of how a responsible of a whistle-blower he's been in insisting that these stories be reported judiciously. you can catch more of morgan spurlock's hard-hitting interview with gleen greenwald on "piers morgan" tonight. and up next ariel castro accused of holding three women captive for decade, has a long future behind bars ahead of him. we boil down his plea deal. ♪
9:44 am
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9:47 am
since the very beginning. richard, i want to start with you. i was really struck watching yesterday seeing ariel castro's appearance. he was looking around, making eye contact. he just seemed like a different person, and he also made some surprising admissions, almost seeming like he's the victim here. what's your reaction to what you heard yesterday? >> you know, he should just keep his mouth shut right now, because it's not going to do anything. it's not going to inure to his benefit, they spared his life and frankly to prove the death of an unborn child without more evidence just what they had was very, very difficult to bring that charge. that's the only charge that could have brought him the death penalty but his lawyers spared his life. they made this deal for him and, you know, in prison there's a culture of existence and some crimes you wear a badge of honor for. for the crimes he's convicted of, there is no badge of honor. he's going to be discredited and he's going to have a very rough
9:48 am
time in prison. >> that's true. >> cnn had reported in the beginning there was a journal that ariel castro wrote in talking about how he was victimized as a child and talking about some of the issues and he also admitted yesterday he had a sexual problem in court. let's take a listen to what he had to say -- >> english i'm very good at spelling and i'm very good at reading but i can't comprehend because like i mentioned earlier, my addiction to pornography and my sexual problem has really taken a toll on my mind. >> avery, do you think he's making excuses there? what's your reaction? >> yeah, of course, he's making excuses. do you know what, what's very strange, i'm sure the defense lawyer said just shut up, you'll have a sentencing coming up, but i need to say the remarkable thing about this resolution, the remarkable thing, we've covered casey anthony, over two years, george zimmerman, a year and a half, pamela from the time the young women escaped on the 6th of may, 2013, all the way up to
9:49 am
the sentencing which is on august 1st, less than 90 days and this case is resolved. that's swift justice. and what an extraordinary result including a component where prosecutors took the home that ariel castro owned, sold it, and the money will go to a land bank so that the neighbors, the neighborhood, can decide whether they create a park or another home. and that's a wonderful part of the spirit of what i think the county prosecutors did in this case. i think it's a wonderful ending. >> and also for these victims, they won't have to testify in trial. more than $1 million has been made in the courage fund for them. you can imagine what a relief it is for them to be able to move forward with their lives. richard, do you think this plea deal was the best resolution? >> i think it's the best the defense could have possibly gotten here. you talk about a mountain of evidence, this is larger than mt. everest. this is just overwhelming case against him. he's probably one of the most hated people in country right
9:50 am
now. and -- >> absolutely. >> -- any resolution that spared those victims having to get up on the witness stand and recount the torture and hell that they've been through is a good thing for the justice system. >> exactly right. >> avery, i just want to get to this because as i said i've been covering this story and i remember in the begin castro's attorneys came out and did an interview with a television reporter and said he's not the monster we all think that he is. and he hasn't confessed anything to us. do you think that they just had the wool pulled over their eyes by castro or this was all part of their strategy to get a plea deal worked out? >> no, no, that was -- that was mystifying. look, what they should have said is the constitution requires a defense. we're going to fulfill our constitutional obligations. what a ridiculous thing to say. it made no sense. and i think the defense team wised up and said, do you know what, we better try to resolve this. 977 counts? their client pled to 947
9:51 am
yesterday. and we're going to see even more of the story told at the sentencing coming up on august 1st. >> we sure will. all right, thank you so much. >> yep. >> our legal guys here, every saturday, at this time, they give us their take on the most intriguing legal cases of the day. we appreciate your input. thank you. >> thank you, pamela. well, there are two major storms we're keeping our eye on at this hour. how big of a threat are they? [ male announcer ] break the grip of aches or arthritis pain
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welcome back. so nice to have you along with us on this saturday. we are following two significant storms at this hour, tropical storm dorian is in the atlantic and headed to the caribbean and flossie is in the pacific approaching hawaii. jennifer delgado is tracking both in the cnn weather center. what can you tell us?
9:55 am
>> say you are vacationing in the northern part of the leeward islands and you are seeing the tropical storm and you are thinking should i call the airline and get out of this region? you don't need to. this is falling apart. the maximum winds right now at 40 miles per hour. roughly about 800 miles away from the very northern part of the leeward islands and it looks like it will be moving to the west. and by this time tomorrow we're expecting it to be an area of low pressure. but notice by monday morning it will be in the northern part of the atlantic ocean. it will be passing to the north of puerto rico but along with it we are going to see some rough surf at times and, of course, the showers and thunderstorms that will go with this area of low pressure by the time it moves that way and then we have tropical storm flossie, some people may call it floppy because it's really kind of fizzling out. it's been weakening and maximum winds right now at 65 miles per hour, but this one looks like it's going to hold on to its tropical storm strength and it will make its way possibly passing right on top of hawaii. as we move through you can see
9:56 am
late monday as well as into tuesday as a tropical storm with winds potentially right around 40 miles per hour. once again the same threats with the rough surf, of course, and the rainfall. now, rain is coming down across parts of the u.s. you can see right along the midwest down towards the south, louisiana, mississippi, the showers and thunderstorms, it will be moving over to areas essential the east coast especially by tomorrow and we'll see more rain this is courtesy of a cold front. but there's good news to report, parts of the midwest temperatures are running 10 to 20 degrees below average. for chicago you should be at 84 degrees. today you'll only see 67. as we move across areas including parts of the northeast we are talking for new york a couple degrees below average is your pick day. the rain moves in tomorrow and for the southeast we are talking temps in the 90s. the two tropical storms if you had to have one coming in your direction, you'd want something really weak like this. >> absolutely. >> but, of course, you don't wish anything like this on anyone. >> exactly. but it is hurricane season. >> it is hurricane season. >> so what can we do.
9:57 am
>> this is experience and practice. >> exactly. jennifer, thank you so much for that. coming up next hour on "newsroom," sex scandals for two politicians. is sexually inappropriate conduct an addiction or just an excuse for bad behavior? we'll ask a sex expert next. and a superbug is making a lot of people sick this summer. we'll tell you what it is and how to stay safe at 3:00 p.m. eastern time. and you may not know his name but his music is iconic -- ♪ after midnight going to be >> songwriter and guitarist j.j. kale h cale has died, and he made famous songs written by others. he suffered a heart attack. he was 74 years old. ♪ going to let it all hang out [ female announcer ] what if the next big thing, isn't a thing at all? it's lots of things. all waking up. connecting to the global phenomenon
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hello, everyone, thanks so much for letting us into your living room on this saturday. i'm pamela brown in for fredricka whitfield. and here are the top stories we're following in the "cnn newsroom" -- a bride is missing after what was supposed to be a fun night of boating ended violently in new york. her wedding is just two weeks away and her family, as you can imagine, is devastated. we are live from the scene up next. and in russia edward snowden sits and waits still


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