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tv   AM Wake Up Call  CNN  October 18, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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we're following breaking news in the middle east right now. an israeli soldier held by hamas for more than five years is a free man this morning. gilad's shalit's release came as israel freed 477 palestinian, the first group of more than 1,000 being swapped for the young army sergeant. some israelis oppose the
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exchange because many palestinians were serving life sentences for deadly attacks against israel. we'll be heading to shalit's hometown where fred pleitgen is. this is a very heart-wrenching moment for many israelis who are concerned about potential retaliation given how many of these soldiers have been released and with actual euphoria from many palestinians. fred pleitgen is with us now in gilad shalit's hometown. good morning, fred. >> reporter: good morning, christine. certainly the people here in shalit's hometown of mitzpe hila. there was controversy where people were saying the political price is too high. one of the things they're concerned about is not only that some of the people they're releasing could become violent
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again, but also this could spawn other groups to kidnap other israeli soldiers. that is certainly not the feeling here in shalit's hometown. people are saying they're happy he was back, scenes of jubilation as these first television pictures came showing shalit. this is really the first proof of life that people here in israel have gotten of gilad shalit in several years. this was certainly a very happy moment for them. people here are celebrating. now, of course, it's time for the process to come to an end, a very long process where he'll be flown to a military base, reunited with his family, he'll see the prime minister and come back here to his hometown. we believe that will be in about two, maybe three hours. >> how was shalit captured? why has it taken so long to he gain his freedom? you look at these pictures of him. he's still clearly a very young man. >> reporter: it has taken a very long time. the interesting thing about all this is that the tms palestinian
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authority was declaring statehood. were lookin for a public relations victory, if you will.
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at the same time, israeli is very concerned about what's going on in the middle east as well. we've noted that egypt was one of the main mediators. they're, of course, going through a lot of political turmoil as well. it wasn't sure how long the situation -- what the israeli prime minister calls this window of opportunity would still be open. that's why it seems now was the right time for both sides to strike this deal and see it through, christine. >> fred pleitgen this morning in gilad shalit's hometown. thank you very much, fred. in return for his freedom, 477 palestinian prisoners released. the second stage of the swap involving the release of some 550 palestinians is scheduled to take place later this year. israel and hamas agreed to the exchange last week. turning to the battle for the republican presidential nomination in this country, the candidates will square off in a
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debate hosted by cnn tonight in las vegas. much of the spotlight is expected to be on herman cain. his recent surge in the polls and continue versal remarks are drawing sharper focus from his opponents and the media. one of the issues his 9-9-9 tax plan. >> if he stays at this point in the polls, his opponents will start running ads against it saying if you like it, you'll pay more taxes. he concedes some people will pay more. the people most likely to pay more are the people hurt most by the recession already. >> how will they handle the heat of the contest? find out by tuning in to the western republican presidential deb late at 8:00 eastern here on cnn. president obama will be back on the road for day two of his bus tour to promote jobs, urging
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lawmakers to pass his $447 billion jobs bill piece by piece since the senate shot down his package. >> this week i'm asking members of congress to vote -- what we're going to do is break up my jobs bill. maybe they couldn't understand the whole thing all at once. so we're going to break it up into bite-size pieces. >> the president is spending the night in north carolina. he eeld hold a roundtable meeting with educators in jamestown before moving to virginia. all eyes on wall street this morning. will u.s. markets recover from yesterday's steep sell-off. the dow ended down 247 points, 2.1%. the nasdaq composite lost 53 points. that's about 2%. the s&p 500 fell 23 points around 2%. here is what's happening overseas. the shanghai composite, hong kong's hang seng and japan's nikkei all posting negative figures this morning. right now the markets in europe are also down.
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everything hinges on just what the fear or the hope of the moment is about europe's debt crisis. the three american hikers who were jailed on spying charges in iran are throwing their support behind the wall street protesters. josh fattal, shane bauer and sarah shourd took part in an occupy demonstration in the hometown of oakland, california. the trios say they applaud the protesters activism. >> i saw people paying chess, free food, camp similar to this and it was totally inspiring. >> to come back and see our country coming back to life and see the city coming to life like this is really, really a wonderful homecoming. in atlanta a victory for wall street protesters. mayor reid now says the demonstrators can remain in a city park through november 7th as long as they remain peaceful and nonviolent. high cell phone bills can be a shock to anyone's system.
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after the hour. this is your a.m. wake-up call. back to our quote of the day. there's good creepy and there's bad creepy. today's creepy is tomorrow's necessity. that's from sean parker. that was his answer when asked about facebook tracking people. gilad shalit has been officially handed over to israeli defense officials. we've been watching this all day. this is the huge prisoner swap between this one israeli soldier and some 1,027 palestinian prisoners. you're seeing two different kinds of groups of images here. you're seeing elation among some palestinians that these protesters, half have been released. you're also seeing concerns but also happiness in israeli. concerns because there are those who have been victims of terrorist attacks by pal stain i don't knows who say they are mortified, quite frankly, that
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some of these dangerous soldiers are being allowed to go home. he's being interviewed right here. that's gilad shalit on egyptian tv. you're looking at pictures of gilad shalit being interviewed. we'll continue to follow this breaking story this morning. let's go to meteorologist rob marciano. i hear there's a freeze warning for much of the midwest. already? i guess it's about time, a couple weeks before halloween. >> it is. this is the month where we'll have temperatures that will be record breaking one day and snap back the next. that's what we're seeing right now. temperatures in the atlanta area. in the 80s yesterday, record highs. temps will snap down into the 20s before too long. a couple weather systems heading across the country. this one through the mississippi river valley. rain and thunderstorms through st. louis, across little rock and shreveport, louisiana. the last system is heading up
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into parts of florida. that's going to be with this system which is a tropical one. it's going to feed in tropical moisture getting caught up in the jet stream. we don't think it will develop into a monster hurricane or anything, small chance of it becoming a depression or storm in the next few hours. for the most part, heavy rain and gusty winds across florida. this will combine with another weather system that will be rolling across the eastern seaboard. there you go. system one, two, they all come together across the southeast and the atlantic coast and have a party and make their way towards the northeast with heavy rain. miami, tampa, orlando, you're under the gun as far as thunderstorms that will cause travel delays. same deal in chicago. in atlanta later on today and gusty winds across ferth. you mention the cold air, as these two systems collide and make their way up the east coast. the back side is going to be on the chilly side. that cluster of thunderstorms that is rolling through the
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mississippi river valley today kicked up some winds and some dust across west texas yesterday. check out this video out of lubbock where a good old-fashioned doesed storm kicked up. we call it a haboob technically. that kicked um the famous dust in texas, up to even a thousand feet high. a lot of residents that live there say they haven't seen one this bad in at least five years, even strong enough to knock down trees and fire lines for about 1500 people. can you imagine, christine, having something like that coming your way? that would be a frightening, frightening sight. >> no. i've been in a dust storm in phoenix. i'm from the midwest where it's flat as far as the eye can see and there are no dust storms. that was pretty impressive stuff. thanks, rob. >> you bet. the catholic church has an urgent need for new priests. church leaders are hoping an
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tell you before they went over their limit. now they're changing their tune. >> that's right. because they made a deal. cell phone sticker shock may soon be history. on monday the vast majority of america's wireless carriers reached an agreement with the fcc. they agreed to alert consumers when they approach their monthly limits for voice, data and text or when they're about to incur those steep global roaming charges. a second alert will be sent when customers reach those limits. this comes after a two-year government probe into bill shock. you know what i'm talking about, a sudden hike in monthly charges to your cell phone bill. the fcc says some 30 million americans have experienced bill shock. the alert system, it will roll out starting october of next year. a bit of await there. christine? >> there's an app for everything. the catholic church being creative in the hopes of recruiting new priests. >> the catholic church de signed
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an app to promote vocations in the priesthood. the number of recruits has plummeted in recent years. they're hoping technology will end the trend. it's called the vocations app, designed by a catholic priest in ireland along with a dublin-based software firm. it includes twitter, facebook, news feed and a series of texts. it's available form free. christine, you're right, there is an app for everything. >> kristie lu stout, thanks so much. for weeks it looked like the republican presidential race would come down to mitt romney and rick perry. that was the outlook for several weeks. now herman cain and his 9-9-9 plan grabbed most of the attention. what will it take for romney and perry to turn things around? ladies rejoice and gentleman get out the razors, today is national no beard day. if you don't like the
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where you book matters. expedia. president obama wants congress to pass his squlobs bill. he's stopping at nothing to make sure you help him spread the message. jay leno with your punch line. >> he wants us to do this stuff
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and it's hard to keep up with him. >> sounding like candidate obama he urged the richmond audience to call -- >> i want you to call, i want you to e-mail, i want you to tweet, i want you to fax. i want you to facebook, send a carrier pigeon. i'm trying to help. i'm trying to do my part. >> all right. time for our political ticker. just hours away from cnn's big republican debate. seven gop candidates will face off this time in vegas vying to win their party's nomination. for more on the debate, let's go to tim farley host of "morning briefing" on sirius xm potus. we'll go to herman cain, all the
2:22 am
tax analysis, his 9-9-9 plan. will we see republicans pouncing on him? >> depends on who the rival s. vegas, baby, vegas. there will be no jon huntsman on the stage which leaves only one centrist, if you will, mitt romney. that means republicans are trying to stake out the right side, if you will, of the spectrum. so michele bachmann, newt gingrich, rick santorum going up against cain. you may get criticism from ron paul. that brings up the question about where is rick perry is all of this because he was considered to be the top candidate get together the right of the republican party. he has somewhat fizzled. i still say he's got a lot of money and can still make it happen in some of the um coming contests. but mitt romney is going to be sifting back watching it all happen. at the end of the debate come out if not unscathed, certainly in the lead. despite what national polls say, i still think mitt romney is the
2:23 am
front-runner among republicans right now. >> tim, iowa moving its caucus to january 3rd. so will the battle for the republican nomination, will it be over by the end of january? will there be a nominee by the end of january? >> i didn't hear the question fully, but i think if ari fleischer is right and there's a chance he's pretty strong about this, he understands these things, the way the compressed schedule is working right now, if mitt romney can win in new hampshire, which is likely, if he does okay in iowa and he may pull off a win here depending on how well perry does, i don't see herman cain getting a win in iowa and we see south carolina come
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good morning. it's tuesday, october 18th. this is your "a.m. wake-up call." it's christine romans in for carol cos stall low joining you live from new york. the time is now 5:28 in the east. investigators poring over the horrific scene discovered in a dirty philadelphia boiler room. they're looking to see if there may be other victims. the suspects are accused of locking up four mentally disabled people. those are the suspects there. police believe they did it to steal their social security checks, locked away for nearly two weeks in filthy conditions, the victims are now speaking out. >> came with a bat in my head. all this was real dirty. >> it was real dirty. >> did cue guys willingness give you her information. >> no, she asked for it. >> she took it away from me. >> the fbi investigation has turned up documentation for
2:29 am
dozens of other people. jurors in the michael jackson case watching their phones waiting to hear when they'll head back to court. the trial is on hold until at least wednesday so defense attorneys have time to pour over fresh lab results. the worst nuclear disaster since chernobyl may be winding down sooner than expected. the fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant in japan may reach cold shutdown by the end of the year. this is according to the plant's owner. that would be about a month ahead of schedule. experts say to fully clean up the aftermath it will take years, maybe even deck cases. pentagon officials deny talks have stalled over an agreement to allow some u.s. troops to remain in iraq after 2011. they say talks with iraqi officials are on going. sources tell cnn the issue continues to be legal immunity for soldiers who will stay. the u.s. military wants it.
2:30 am
the iraqis don't. december is the withdrawal deadline for some 39,000-plus troops still in iraq. marines wearing bracelets commemorating friends killed in action are told to take them off. marlene uniform codes label kia bracelets as unauthorized jewelry. some say they'll risk punishment to wear them. others say they'll obey the rules but hope they reconsider the ban. at least one top marlene says he's looking into the issue. china's economy the envy of western economies. we'll talk more with ali velshi in 60 seconds. we're centurylink... a new kind of broadband company committed to providing honest, personal service from real people... 5-year price-lock guarantees... consistently fast speeds... and more ways to customize your technology.
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2:32 am
christina. i walked in today and we're normally sitting around talking. i was all alone having to fend for myself. as you know better than anyone else, corporate earnings, it's like when your kid comes home with their report card and you have to look to decide if it goes on the fridge or you'll have a stern conversation with your kid. this is the report card for your investments. before the opening bell, before 9:30 eastern, bank of america, which has been getting a lot of attention, much of it unwanted recently. how did they actually perform. a lot of people say i don't like the company, i'm moving my bank. how are they doing? we'll find out before the bell. goldman sachs, another company we'll be very curious about, it tends to be a bell weather for a lot of things going on in the economy. coca-cola, one of the most international of companies, for a long time derived most of its revenue from outside the united states. other points during the day,
2:33 am
we'll hear from intel and yahoo!. we don't know a time for them. after the bell we'll get earnings from apple. no question that the earnings from apple will be good. as you know, when earnings come out, it's not just about being good or bad. it's about whether or not they meade expectations that analyst haves set for the company. as a result of that we'll see market activity today and leading into tomorrow. that's separate and apart from concerns about what's going on in the rest of the world. >> that's right. and you know speaking of meeting and blowing past expectations, china. third quarter gdp in china, it shows you a stark difference of what's happening in china compared with the rest of the world and the united states in terms of how well it's doing right knew. >> the china stuff is actually bad news. they've had to pair it back. now it's down 9.1%. india is only 7.8% economic growth. look at the united states, the estimates for the third quarter,
2:34 am
there's quite a variation there between 1.5% to 2.5% growth. most people i've talked to don't think it's going to be 2.5. it will be really good if it is. the european union, 0.2% which is statistically nothing. that's what the world is concerned about, the two biggest economies in the world, the eu taken together and the united states have very weak economic growth. india and china continue to surge ahead. >> and 9.1%, there are those who are glad it's only 9.1% so maybe it has less of a chance of overheating. >> remember one concern about these growth levels is inflation. china has 6% inflation. here a lot lower. >> ali velshi, i'll talk to you in about 26 minutes. who is in the hot seat and who is a no-show. answers up next. time for your get smart question of the day. a new study shows the world population will reach another milestone by the end of this
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5-year price-lock guarantees... consistently fast speeds ... and more ways to customize your technology. ♪ . it's 37 minutes after the hour. now the answer to your "get smart" question of the day. a new study shows the world population will reach a big milestone by the end of the month. how many people will be living on planet earth by october 31st? is it 4 billion, 7 billion or 15 billion? the answer is 7 billion, according to a new report released by the united nations next week. back to the middle east where we're looking at live pictures of palestinian prisoners just released from buses, some 477 of them in gaza.
2:38 am
live pictures of the celebrations among palestinians as they get off the buses. they greet friends and family and they have been released from prison in israel. 477 of the 1,027 prisoners released to day. the rest will come later this year. 477 today. that, of course, in exchange for the release of 25-year-old israeli soldier gilad shalit who has been held for some five years now. so in the -- sort of in the few prisoner releases you've had or the handful of prisoner releases you've had over the past couple years, five orr six years actually, 1,027 palestinian prisoners in exchange for one israeli. it's causing some concern in israel from families of victims of palestinian terrorist attacks
2:39 am
who say they're unhappy that some of these dangerous prisoners have been released. others say they're simply concerned that high number, 1 for 1,027 quite frankly might prompt more kidnappings. those are live pictures from the raf ha crossing. cnn hosting the western republican presidential debate starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern. herman cain is expected to be in the hot seat in large part because of his controversial 9-9-9 tacts plan. here is how he explained the plan to john king. >> you did concede some people would may more by your calculations. who would pay more, mr. cain? >> the people that would pay more are the people who would buy mostly new goods. that's how it would be determined. since i don't know what people's buying habits are going to be, i can't say who is going to pay more. secondly, most people, john,
2:40 am
will pay less because embedded taxes will come out of all of the goods and service that is are produced in this country. carol costello joins us on the phone from las vegas. carol, are voters going to buy cain's plan? >> well, that's the big question, isn't it? i think most voters like cain's plan because it's a big, bold plan. hey, at least he has a plan. most voters i talked with here in nevada don't quite understand the plan. i talked to the mayor of las vegas yesterday and asked the mayor about the 99 plan and asked v . mayor goodman looked at me and said 9-9-9, how will that create jobs right now. she also said what i'd like to see is the federal government or some candidate putting pressure on banks to loosen things up so they can sit down with people who have bad mortgages and work
2:41 am
out a deal so those people won't have to move out of their homes. everybody here is excited to sit down and listen to the debate tonight. they are excited to hear about herman cain's 9-9-9 plan. again, unless it creates jobs right now, unless it helps people with their mortgages, in the end they may not buy it. >> achbtd in nevada we know the mortgage -- that is ground zero for the mortgage crisis. it's unbelievable, the number of foreclosures there because it was the epitome of the bubble at the top. people made an enormous amount of money in the bubble. now they are hurting so badly. meanwhile, carol, jon huntsman opting out of tonight's debate. why and could it backfire? >> jon huntsman is making a point. nevada is thinking of moving the caucuses up which would affect when the new hampshire primary takes place. it's a big battle. the earlier your caucus is the more money you make. really that's at the bottom of
2:42 am
the saw. you pour more money into your economy and that's what nevada needs and wants. something else nevada wants, they want to be heard here. mayor goodman, i asked her about this, too. she said, we feel ignored during this political season, at this point in this political season. we really are a microcosm of the entire nation. our population is diverse. you can't really say that about new hampshire or iowa. candidates need to come here. they need to actually talk to people. they can't wait till the very last minute, until it's all over essentially. they need to come here and see what the real problems are in america. you're right, christine. highest foreclosure rate in the nation. they've been pummeled by the housing market. they said they need candidates to come here and talk to people and find solutions. they're not coming because nevada's caucuses are held too late. jon huntsman decides, well, this really isn't good for the political process because what's going to happen is our other
2:43 am
states are going to move their caucuses and primaries up. who knows, you could be voting for people in december of 2011 who will serve office in 2012. that's his big concern. i'm just playing the cynic here christine. jon huntsman is broke, in fact he's in debt and he's not getting much attention. course, this could be part of an attention-getting thing as well. >> carol costello, we know you'll be there with surpriseds up your sleeve. can't wait to see what you've got for us. cnn, the place to be for every second of tonight's debate. the republican presidential candidates locking horns in las vegas. the western republican president debate live only on cnn starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern. freedom at last for one israeli soldier in exchange for the release of hundreds of palestinian prisoners. you're looking at live pictures at the rafha crossing where hundreds of prisoners are
2:44 am
getting off buses right now. historic prisoner swap, one israeli soldier for 1,027 palestinian prisoners. you're seeing elation among palestinians at the border crossing into gaza. there you go. first on this day in history, october 18, 1867, the united states officially takes possession of alaska. the u.s. bought alaska from russia for $7.2 million, less than two cents per acre. russia wanted to sell the territory because it was sparse, difficult to defend. there you go, 1867. 44 minutes after the hour. whoa. how do you top great vacations? whoa. getting twice the points on great vacations. whoa! use chase sapphire preferred and now get two times the points on travel, and two times the points on dining and no foreign transaction fees. whoa! chase sapphire preferred. a card of a different color.
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good morning. it's tuesday, october 18th. this is your "a.m. wake-up call." i'm christine romans joining you live from new york. 5:47 in the east breaking news in the middle east. live picture of palestinian president mahmoud abbas greeting prisoners. the rest of the prisoners coming in the next months and by the end of the year. in fact, you're seeing elation at the rafha crossing into gaza among palestinians seeing hundreds of these prisoners released, released in exchange for one israeli soldier, gilad shalit. he's 25 years old.
2:48 am
he has been captive for some five years, and there are all kinds of -- there you can see him just before his release. we know he is now at the hands of israeli defense officials this morning. joining us from shalit's home found, fred pleitgen. fred, what's happening right now? >> reporter: what's going on right now, christine, is that, as you mentioned, gilad shalit is now in the hands of the israeli defense forces. he's goings to be brought to an israeli military base where he's going to meet the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu as well as his family. his father and mother left his hometown early this morning, then helicoptered into this air base in central israel. also what's going to happen is he's going to receive some medical checks. then in about, i would say one and a half, maybe two hours, we're expected shalit will make it back here to his hometown. certainly a lot going on. the people here in his hometown
2:49 am
absolutely elated that he is coming back. there were some concerns in israel about whether or not the price that's being paid for his release might have been too high. however, none of that concern, of course, showing here in gilad shalit's hometown. i spoke to one person who was a supporter of gilad shalit who kept his polite in the media. let's hear what this person had to say when he realized the exchange had gone through. >> this is marvelous for us, a big celebration. we're very happy that we arrived to the end of this story. we hope that this story will not happen again. i can't describe you my feelings this morning. that's incredible. we feel that we are not only get gilad shalit back, we get also the values that soldiers go to fight in the battle, that he knows if something will happen, our government will fight to bring him back.
2:50 am
>> reporter: and, of course, one of the things, christine, that happened before gilad shalit was handed over to the israeli defense forces was that he gave an interview on egyptian tv. in that interview he said of course the past 5 1/2 years had been hard for him. the thing he missed most, no surprise, his family and friends and actually being able to interact and talk to people, christine. >> remind us when he was taken, 5 1/2 years ago you say, and the sirkt stances of his captivity. >> reporter: well, it happened 5 1/2 years ago. he was with the israeli defense forces near gaza. what happened was a cross border attack by hamas and other militant groups, they essentially dug a tunnel under the tank that shalit and other soldiers were in. two other israeli defense force soldiers were killed in that attack and gilad shalit dragged across the border.
2:51 am
it took several years before there was confirmation that gilad shalit was still alive. hamas insisted that that was the case. however, there was no real proof of life until a couple years back, a video was released by hamas showing gilad shalit reading a newspaper, speaking about what was going on. just for that video israel freed 19 palestinian prisoners at the time. the negotiations then were on going. they were very difficult ones. one of the things to keep in mind is the actual terms going on right now were on the table for a couple years. now it seems the time is right and the exchange has now gone through. >> fred pleitgen you will be in his hometown all morning when he returns there. we'll return to you for more analysis of the situation and the prisoner swap. thanks, fred. turning now to the battle for the republican presidential nomination. the presidents will square off in a debate hosted by cnn in las vegas. much of the spotlight will of course be on herman cain. his recent surge in the polls
2:52 am
and controversial remarks are drawing sharper focus from his opponents and the media. one of the issues getting attention, the 9-9-9 tax plan. >> if he stays at this point in the polls, his opponents will start running ads against him, if you like it, you'll pay more. the people most likely to pay more if this passes, mind you, under the plan are the people who have been hurt the most by the recession already. >> so how will cain and mitt romney and perry and the other candidates handle the heat of the contest tonight? you'll find out by tuning in to the western republican presidential debate live from las vegas starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. president obama will be back on the road for day two of his bus tour.
2:53 am
>> this week, i'm asking members of congress to vote -- we'll break up my jobs bill. maybe they couldn't understand the whole thing all at once. so we're going to break it up into bite-size pieces. >> the president spending the night in north carolina, he'll hold a roundtable meeting with educators at a community college in jamestown before moving on to virginia. if you're wondering when iowa republicans will hold their presidential nominating caucuses, you can mark january 3rd on your calendar. who will be the first in the nation to vote stnt quite settled. new hampshire is threatening to move its republican primary to december. if you've ever experienced bill shock from chatting or texting too much, wireless carriers are now promising those days are over. details in a live report from the nasdaq market site. first let's take a look at the word of the day. it's recapitalization.
2:54 am
you've been hearing this about europe, haven't you? find out what it means and why you need to know it right after this short break. it's 54 minutes after the hour. no idea. let me see that. that's a honus wagner autograph... the hall of famer? look at this ball! yeah, found that at a yard sale. i thought pickles would like it. [ dog barks ] that a new car jerry? yeah... sweet, man. [ male announcer ] the audi a8. named best large luxury sedan. ♪ consumers er wanchai ferry orange chicken... over p.f. chang's home menu orange chicken women men and uh pandas... elbows mmm [ male announcer ] wanchai ferry, try it yourself.
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it's 57 minutes after the hour. if you slept through your alarm, get up. this is your "a.m. wake-up call." today's word of the day is recapitalization. recapitalization is restructuring debt and equity mixture, essentially exchanging one form of financing for another. it is a big word. and it means so much. and recapitalization is such a
2:58 am
political hardball right now. but it was a pretty bad day on sesame street when hackers uploaded porn on the youtube page sunday. but unlike many situations, leave it to the comedians to find some humor in it. here is your morning punch light. >> not such a great deal on one american street. on sesame street their website was hacked and filled with porn. sure, that's funny, yeah! hacked with porn. let's see those hackers did a lot more than tickle elmo. it's still going on. today's episode was brought to u i don't by the letter "o." >> i kind of like brought to you by the letter "x." joya dass is at the market site. >> we saw a steep selloff yesterday which sent the markets back into the red for the year. as we look at cnn, you
2:59 am
can see features markets are pointing to a mixed open. europe is always on the back burner. we're awaiting earnings from intel, yahoo! and apple. >> all the tech companies. when you have corporate earnings, you get a real sense of just how well -- ali velshi calls it the report card you bring home to your parents. do you put it on the refrigerator or throw it in the trash. every day i feel like we're looking at europe and it's either hopes or fears about europe that end up driving stocks. let's talk about something in the u.s. we all care about, big win for cell phone customers. tell us about the supposed end of bill shock for cell phone users. >> i think this plan is something good if you have a chatty teenager. the fcc yesterday was able to convince the majority of the wireless carriers to send two kinds of alerts to consumers. one is basically when you'


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