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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 22, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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challenge question is d, the fortified city from which cairo descends was built in 969 ad but the area has been an important center of civilization and egypt for thousands of years since before the days of king tut. next week on "gps" more from my trip to egypt including an exclusive interview with one of the top leaders of the muslim brotherho brotherhood. is an islamic call la fat in egypt's future? tune in. thanks for you to being part of smi special program from tahrir square in cairo. you're in the cnn newsroom. sunday may 22nd. three days after president barack obama declared that middle east peace negotiations should be based on israel's pre-1967 borders, mr. obama may
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have mended fences today, offered reassurances to the american israel public affairs committee or aipac which describes itself as america's leading pro-israel lobby group. obama stressed his fundamental support for the jewish state. >> no country can be expected to negotiate with a terrorist organization sworn to its destruction. we will continue to demand that hamas accept the basic responsibilities of peace, including recognizing israel's right to exist and recognizing -- rejecting ri violence and adhering to all existing agreements. >> cnn's senior u.s. state department producer elise is in washington. elise, before we get to obama's verbal messages this was a confident president. did a rather warm interaction between president obama and the aipac president, lee rosenberg, set a tone. >> i think, fred, president obama knew he had to do a certain amount of cleanup from that speech the other day and lee rosenberg is rosy as
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president obama called him, really helped kind of set the tone, also first of all, set a message out to the aipac question, don't boo the president, give him a chance. this is a president that is committed to israel's security and i think it did go a long way, this warm introduction that he gave of president obama in warming up the crowd. >> now that verbal message, president obama said israel and the u.s. will always be friends. but also warned israel that it doesn't want to be isolated in the world. what was the president insinuating exactly? >> what he's saying is the whole so-called arab spring, all these revolutions in tunisia and egypt we're seeing protests in yemen and syria, this is changing the game. these leaders that israel used to deal with are not there anymore and you can't guarantee that they're going to be friendly towards israel and now, you can't call for protests and freedom for the rest of the arab world and not the palestinians. he's saying change is moving too
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fast, you neat need to get ahead of the game and negotiations going because sooner or later you're not going to have a jewish state as the democrat graphics are changing or a safe one. >> president obama focused on peace making. was he challenging israeli prime minister netanyahu to do the same instead of engaging in another exchange or argument about settlements? >> i think he was saying, we all know what the deal is. when he was trying to clarify the 1967 borders, he was saying you're not going to adhere to the '67 borders. what does that mean? you're going to get the settlement blocks, those large settlement blocks that israel is looking for in a final settlement. he's saying, we all know what the territory is. we know what the deal is. let's call a spade a spade and get on with some of these other tough issues like refugees, like jerusalem and security. >> did obama send a direct or rather indirect message to hamas? >> i think this was one of the things that the israelis really were glad to hear. i aipac crowd was glad to hear.
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rounding applause when president obama says, no, you just heard in the sound bite, no country should negotiate with an entity that doesn't accept their right to exist, stand by the idea that hamas cannot be part of these negotiations until they recognize israel, until they recognize israel's identity as a jewish state and stop violence. there was a lot in the speech today that israelis were happy with and we also heard a statement from the prime minister's office expressing appreciation for the speech, president -- prime minister netanyahu said i share the president's will to promote peace and i value his current and past efforts to achieve this goal. i am determined to act with president obama in order to find ways to resume the negotiations for peace. peace is a vital need for all of us. i spoke to ambassador michael orrin a short time ago and he said the prime minister really appreciated that speech. now we're looking for what he's going to give with an address to
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aipac prime minister netanyahu. that's going to be a tougher speech. he's going to be speaking to this audience, speaking to the pro-american/israeli crowd and also going to be giving a speech to congress on tuesday, so this is really more of a volleyball game where you're going to see lobs going back and forth. but we're going to secretcle speeches from the prime minister over the next couple days. >> another full week on that matter. thanks so much. jerusalem with more on how president obama's speech is being received today. some frightening news out of yemen. the u.s. ambassador and several other diplomats were trapped inside an embassy surrounded by what's being described as armed supporters of yemen's president, the embattled president is with me now live. mohammed, exactly what happened and how has it resolved? >> well, fredricka, it was a tense situation earlier in the
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day. gulf cooperation council countries their ambassadors and enjoy were meeting with officials from the u.s., u.k., eu ambassador. this was happening at uae embassy in yemen's capital city. they were doing so in an effort to resolve the crisis going on in yemen. there's been an attempt to get a deal signed by the opposition in yemen and the president that would end the political standoff that's been going on in yemen. what happened is, those loyal to the president, armed gunman surrounded the embassy and would not let the cars pass wit the enjoys. the cars had to retreat back into the embassy. a lot of concerns those envoys that were inside that embassy were in danger. some people tried to downplay it but those envoys were trapped inside for several hours. in fact, the ambassadors, the enjoys were taken away in a vehicle. then they went to the presidential palace, had a brief meeting with the president but this deal has not been signed.
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the president is refusing to sign the political standoff in yemen still going on adding frustration to a frustrating process. the u.s., president, president barack obama and the secretary of state, secretary of state hillary clinton, they both urged the president of yemen in the past few days to try to keep to his commitments, peaceful transition of power, the country has been going through a protest movement. hundreds of thousands of people in the streets every day calling on the to the step down. they've been inspired by the arab spring, all these countries where there have been these movements calling on their leaders to step aside. a situation that's very fluid. people saying it's volatile. we know the gcc enjoy trying to broker this deal has left yemen and looks like this deal is on the verge of collapse. >> and then the response directly or maybe indirectly from the president saleh?
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>> president saleh is blaming the opposition. in the past several weeks, ef we've seen many attempts, the u.s. is helping this, the u.k. is helping this, other countries trying to help in this, trying to make sure yemen can get to a place things proceed peacefully. every time they've been close president saleh has found one way or another to not sign that deal. yesterday, the opposition, five members of the opposition in yemen, actually signed that deal. the president promised today he would do so. this morning he said he wasn't happy with how the opposition signed the deal. he wanted them to do it publicly in his presence. the opposition refused, said it was another delay tactic everything went downhill after that. >> all right. mow mam mad, thanks so much. the european union's foreign policy and security chief is in libya in the opposition controlled west. katherine ashton arrived to oversee the opening of an eu
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office, creating an office shows the eu support for the libyan people and for the rebel movement fighting to overthrow moammar gadhafi. back in the u.s., police have arrested a suspect in connection with the beating of a san francisco giants fan. two men attacked bryan stowe outside dodgers stadium in march. his mother says it was a random act of violence. stowe is now in a medically induced coma. >> video out of northeastern kansas where a tornado touched down. you can see what it looks like when that fudge cloud is forming there. one person was killed in the storm last night. four others injured. the destruction is widespread. take a look at that right there. 200 homes and nearly every building in the town of redding sustained some damage. two shuttle "endeavour" astronauts have successfully completed the second of four
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planned spacewalks. astronauts andrew feustel and mike finckel performed work on the space station. it was the sixth longest spacewalk ever. it lasted a little longer than intended because of the trouble containing loose bolts. two major announcements in the race for the white house. one happens tomorrow in iowa, tim pawlenty will declare his presidential candidacy at a town hall event in des moines. the former governor will kick off a multistate campaign swing. and a much different announcement from indiana governor mitch daniels. in an e-mail out to supporters today he says he will not run for president. he was considered a potential gop front runner and top republicans urged him to run, but daniels says he decided a bid would not be in the best interest of his family. single and loving it. venus williams talks about her
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life off the tennis court and why she loves singing karaoke. that's later in the newsroom. also, in a matter of minutes, the latest on efforts to save a prison on the banks of mississippi. tom, check this out. good gravy, bill. our insurance company doesn't have anything like it. magnificent, isn't it? with progressive, it's easy to cover all of your favorite rides. progressive has truck insurance? number one in truck and motorcycle. is that a golf cart? yep. we also cover rvs, boats, atvs. anything else i can help you with?
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floodwaters along the mississippi aren't going anywhere any time soon. some places expect to be under water until at least mid-june. check out this cemetery in yazoo city. you can barely see the head
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stones. barely see there. the coroner says several caskets have floated to the top. they're now in a refrigerator truck until the water does go down. inmates meantime at the county's largest maximum security prison are piling up sandbags trying to save it from the floodwaters. the louisiana state pen ten nary is bordered on three sides of the mississippi, hence the name alcatraz of the south. one business is making the best of it. the biscuit copy, a block from the river, has been hosting river crest parties. for others who live and work right on the river, it's tough going. take vidalia dock and storage which is run by three generations of women as jeanne meserve learned no flooding is stopping them. >> reporter: along the mississippi, even those who work
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on the water, are under water. but vidalia dock and storage isn't out of business. >> what side would you like me to come past you. >> reporter: one of its tugs is headed down the river, though the river has never been like this before. >> mind boggling. it's really hard to comprehend how much water is coming through here right now. i'm in awe of it. i have tremendous respect for it and a lot of fear. >> reporter: betty jenkins is headed south to meet up with another towboat and help it maneuver this stretch of the mississippi. >> [ inaudible ] river to navigate. >> not right now. >> because of all this water? >> exactly. >> and all this? >> exactly. >> reporter: they tie up to barge full of chemicals and along with its towboat push against the current. their engines put out more than 3600 horsepower but at points they fight to go one mile an hour. >> the water will go out and
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come in like an ocean tide and we have never seen that before. i've never seen the current white capping off piers like on the bridge right now. never seen that in my life. >> reporter: only speed can keep the current from smashing the boats and barge into the bridge between vie dahlia and natchez. >> very nervous. very. >> they are closer to the bridge's piers than they would like and can feel the river fighting for control. >> can you feel it sliding? we're breaking into a slide right now. >> reporter: but they make it and further up river the boats untie, the boat heading north alone with its cargo. the river is flexing its muscles. it is so big and so strong, there is little doubt the towboat will need other assists before it reaches its final destination. jeanne meserve, cnn, va dahlia, louisiana. let's check in with jacqui
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jeras. it is hard to believe we're talking mid-june, so many weeks away before a lot of this water goes anywhere like out of there. >> takes a long time for the river to get back within its banks and for the water to run off too. this has been setting up for a very long time. unfortunately, there's more rain in the forecast and some of these thunderstorms today, are going to be severe and we're talking about a large area of the country from minnesota down towards texas. we already have some watches which are in place here and this is going to be the region that we're focusing on today. look at that. we popped up a brand new severe thunderstorm watch. gaerping to start out where the tornado watches are in effect and that includes you in minneapolis, st. paul, you across eastern iowa, including the quad cities and expecting things to begin developing in this area very shortly. very moist, very unstable conditions here and we're expecting super cell type thunderstorms that do produce tornadoes. be aware of that in the hours ahead throughout the afternoon. now we're mostly looking at hail and wind makers down here across
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parts of arkansas as well as into parts of tennessee and northern mississippi and these showers are moving over the same areas, repeating themselves, and that's what's concerning because this is over the mississippi river valley and so if we get too much rain here, that could be impacting the river and maybe bring that crest up a little bit higher for a little bit longer and then new development across central parts of tennessee, towards louisville and we expect this cluster of thunderstorms to hold together through the evening hours today as well. so a long night of severe weather is impacting your travel. just clouds into the northeast but we've got plenty of delays here. we'll keep you up to date on that severe weather threat. it's going to continue tomorrow too. another couple minutes we'll talk about what you can expect tomorrow. a lot of people heading back to work, heading back to reality. we'll have that. >> we want to look ahead. appreciate that. thanks so much. a lot of people can use a laugh or two right now. face to face, what makes venus williams laugh?
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tennis super star answers some of your questions straight ahead. tennis great
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venus williams hopes to be back on center court soon. her abdominal injury is slow healing and doctors and trainers have her taking it easy. she wishes she was at the french open which begins this weekend. but, taking it easy means that she has some time to be face to face with me at her favorite palm beach garden, florida, courts and answer some of your e-mails. >> i like to ask a lot of ou
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viewers what questions they may have for someone face to face. you know i have some. >> i love questions. >> and there really are great questions. some are amusing. tanner's dad says, venus, what is your real spark drive and passion? what makes you tick and what tickles your funny bone? >> my spark drive and passion, i think anything that i can work really, really hard at, almost kill myself, does that sound insane? crazy. and what tickles my funny bone? i'm willing to laugh at anything including myself at all times and i'm not very serious person and i'm not very grown up and it may seem like it, but when you get to know me you realize gosh, she needs another 20 years before she gets to be a real adult. so it's an interesting
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combination, but i laugh at a lot of things what sparks my funny bone, big karaoke enthusiast. >> you love karaoke? >> love karaoke. >> where do you karaoke? >> i karaoke all over the world. in asia, i've carry owe kied in the u.s., at home on a daily basis. >> when in asia you go to a big -- like an apartment building, go to sign up for a room, people are like is that really venus williams getting ready to karaoke. >> once they hear my voice they fall in love. >> really? >> no. >> it's about having fun. not about sounding great. >> that's true. that's true. you don't have to be a great singer to be a great karaoke. >> we're a karaoke family. we all karaoke. and some of us have roo you teens. >> at home, microphones, sometimes someone improvises and a karaoke night has -- >> suddenly karaoke could be any time of the day, night, morning. just singing.
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after you sing you feel good. >> that is certainly something that probably no one knew about. okay. barry york is, of course, going to get personal here. he wants to know about your love interests. >> well, right now i'm single and i like that because when you're single, you don't have to call anybody. you don't have to care about issues. >> not very complicated. >> it's great. you know, right now it's a great life. i live in a house where everyone is single and we're all bachelorettes. it's fun. one day i'll grow up maybe. >> all right. asa woman 15 wants to know what kinds of junk food you like to eat? >> i love junk food. >> you do? >> yeah. i do. i love junk food. >> how can you be a great athlete and still enjoy junk food? >> well, the key word is balance. >> you do burn a lot of calories
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all the time. >> normally i don't diet. i try to be balanced with eating good foods and then sometimes you have more foods that aren't as good -- >> what would be your favorite junk food? do you have a fa effort? >> it changes. one thing i love are the oreo cakesteres. the vanilla cakesteres. they don't last long. >> more face to face with venus williams later on this hour. her keys to greatness. if you missed any of my face to face conversations, go to my blog at president obama discussed the middle east peace process this morning. did he mend any fences with israel? a live report from jerusalem next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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time to look at our top stories. president barack obama defended his declaration that a middle east peace settlement should be based on israel's pre-1967 borders speaking to pro-israel lobby group the president said the u.s. commitment to israeli security is iron clad, but he also said it is increasingly important to reach a peace agreement. >> here are the facts. we all must confront. first, the number of palestinians living west of the jordan river is growing rapidly.
11:29 am
fundamentally reshaping the demographic realities of israel and the palestinian territories. this will make it harder and harder without a peace deal to maintain israel as both a jewish state and a democratic state. second, technology will make it harder for israel to defend itself in the absence of a genuine peace. third, a new generation of arabs is reshaping the region. a just and lasting peace can no longer be forged with one or two arab leaders. going forward, millions of citizens have to see that peace is possible for that peace to be sustained. and just as the context has changed in the middle east, so, too, has it been changing in the international community over the
11:30 am
last several years. there's a reason why the palestinians are pursuing their interests at the united nations. they recognize there is an impatience with the peace process or absence of one. not just in the arab world, in latin america, in asia and europe. and that impatience is growing and it's already manifesting itself in capitals around the world. those are the facts. i firmly believe and i repeat it on thursday, that peace cannot be imposed on the parties to the conflict. no vote at the united nations will ever create an independent palestinian state and the united states will stand up against efforts to single israel out at the united nations or in any international forum israel's legitimacy is not a matter for debate. that is my commitment.
11:31 am
that is my pledge to all of you. >> cnn's senior international correspondent matthew chance is stand big in jerusalem with reaction to president obama's speech. matthew, israel rejecting the president's call last week for negotiations based on israel's pre-1967 borders. will this speech mend those fences? >> it's not quite entirely clear it will. of course, benjamin netanyahu, the israeli prime minister, is opposed in many ways to what president obama suggested, which is that israel withdraw to these pre-1967 borders. there's a basis for future negotiations with the -- with the palestinians, a basis for a future palestinian state. that's not something mr. netanyahu has accepted. he rejected it again. yesterday, he hasn't really reacted directly to the latest statement of this position, but he's saying he values president obama's comments.
11:32 am
so it's not yet clear whether this will be enough to appease the israeli leader. >> something else we heard the president underscore, he said technology will make it harder for israel to defend itself in the absence of a peace agreement. what's the interpretation there? >> couple things. he's talking about who kinds of technology. the first kind he's talking about is weapons technology. over the years, particularly palestinian militants in the gaza strip have been refining their rocket making ability, making their rockets much more accurate, much more potentially lethal, and so that's something that obviously is going to continue. continue honing those skills. in the absence of a peace agreement, you know, the technology is going to get -- rocket technology and other weaponry technology is going to be much harder to combat by israel. but there's another kind of technology as well. the social networking sites, the fact that palestinians with other arabs and other people in the world are finding it easy
11:33 am
these days to marshall support, using the internet to organize protests and rallies at a moment's notice. these two kinds of different technologies are something that will confront israel to the point that president obama is making, if some kind of permanent peace agreement is not reached. >> matthew chance in jerusalem, thanks so much. other international top stories right now we're following the u.s. ambassador to yemen is save today, but it was a bit dicey, a little bit ago, when an armed group surrounded that embassy where he, the ambassador, was meeting with other diplomats. people in the crowd were supporter of yemen's embattled president under increasing public and political pressure to leave office. 15 bombs went off over baghdad today killing at least 18 people. they were car bombs, roadside explosions and suicide attacks. one bomb went off near a u.s. military convoy. no word that the u.s. troops were actually hurt.
11:34 am
the bombings came the same day british forces ended their military mission in iraq. and now to iceland where another volcano is erupting, ash from the grimesvotn volcano forced the air space around iceland's airport to close. you can see the dark cloud there. the ash is not expected to have an impact on europe peep or transatlantic flights. last year eruptions from another iceland volcano disrupted air travel across europe. one man was killed and four people injured after a tornado ripped through northeastern kansas. 200 homes were damaged or destroyed and nearly every building in the town of redding sustained some kind of damage. the salvation army has teams helping survivors and first responders there. checking back with jacqui jeras, what is monday's commute look like? >> looks stormy again, fredricka. we're worried about the afternoon commutes compared to
11:35 am
the morning commutes. as we take a look at the big picture the nation as a whole, our focus will be the threat for severe thunderstorms. we'll watch for that threat from the great lakes through the ohio and tennessee river valleys and southern plain states. the afternoon looking a little diceyer than the morning commute but some of you especially in this area are going to wake up to that rain as well. if you're going to be traveling by the airways we're expecting a lot of delays in the northeast. mostly due to some spotty showers as well as the low clouds. cincinnati, detroit and st. louis, as well as dallas and nashville because of the thunderstorms and then san francisco expecting morning delays primarily due to the low clouds and fog. cincinnati, looks hazy out there now. showers and thunderstorms tomorrow and some of those may be severe. be aware of that as you make your travel plans or heading out the door to work tomorrow morning. >> all right. very good. thanks so much, jacqui. so what are the three keys to greatness? face to face with venus williams, she's laying out all those ideas. what her inspiring keys to
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who doesn't fantasize about being a great athlete. face to face, venus williams reveals what she believes are the keys to achieving greatness. if there were three things i like to ask all my face to face
11:39 am
interviews, if there were three things that were like the key ingredient to greatness, what would they be? >> oh, my gosh. i think you can never undermine hard work. that has to be the first. and because you're willing to work hard, you're going to get the confidence that you need to be able to achieve things. that would be the second one. confidence and self-belief. and what would be the third? the third one, i would say definitely the third, i would kind of describe it as heart. that could be the first two. or it could be the third because you might not have a heart but it's something you can learn. and in terms of heart i mean just being able to give that extra, pull it out of yourself, whatever that is, to get the job done. whether it's that heart. it's you can learn -- i think the heart of something you can learn. >> if you missed any of my face to face with venus williams go
11:40 am
to my blog at reka. >> all right. we like free stuff, right? for this week's gaming and gadget segment that's what we have for you. free stuff. mark joins us now with the best five apps for your tablet computer, best part it's free. let's begin, mark, with the netflix. what do you have for us? >> yeah. absolutely. so a lot of our viewers are familiar with netflix. you pay $8 a month on a number of devices on your tv or video game console or now handheld device, you can watch thousands of tv shows and movies. it was really meant for a 10 inch tablet or some cases 7 inch tablet. it's a lot more comfortable. you don't have to squint to look at it on a smartphone. if you're spending any time on the go as long as you have wi-fi or 3g connectivity netflix is great because you have is a krar variety of shows and networks organized by genre or star
11:41 am
rating. you need to be one for 8 bucks a month. >> and then tune in radio. how free is free? >> yeah. this is my favorite tablet app, actually. this gives you access to more than 40,000 radio stations from around the world. so here's a map of the world, by the way, so you can tap on the country from afghanistan to zimbabwe and listen to radio stations by region or by genre. why not listen to streaming music, listen to blues from new orleans, reggae from jamaica and it's easy to navigate and sound great. most of the stations are deejay and commercial-free and on the tune in radio pro version, which costs a buck, you can record your favorite music or talk to listen to at a later time. a great app. tune in radio, it's free. >> that is super. what's the flip board all about?
11:42 am
>> flip board is dubbed a personalized social magazine. that's a great description of it. it lets you customize a digital magazine with content that matters to you. that can be news, your face facebook updates, twitter feeds, oprah information, and you can access it. i tonight know if you can see me swiping, trying to dim the brightness to get an idea. this is a beautiful, interface to use your fingertip to flip through the content, post your favorites to your community, videos, articles, photo slide shows. it's like all your favorite magazines together for free called flip board. and it is only for ipad at this time. but it is a great app if you haven't discovered it yet. >> this is incredible stuff. you're never going to want to interact with another person. this will keep you busy for hours. then skype. that will be your interaction. >> should you want to interact with another person again, skype
11:43 am
works with the ipad because you need the cameras to chat with friends and family. there is skype for android and the blackberry playbook but audio only at this point. you know the drill like your personal computer, video chat with friends and family or in this case, fredricka, colleagues. for free over video anywhere in the world. that's what we're talking through right now over my computer web camera, but we could do this tech time interview over an ipad too, so skype is great and speaking of the ipad, they have apples's video chatting service called face time but you need wi-fi where skype works over 3g. >> you'll tell me something new about cnn? >> right. i'm not choosing this app because we're the talking to the cnn network. any news network can learn a lesson from cnn on how to create an amazing app. this is the free cnn app for ipad. it is organized in such a fluid
11:44 am
and intuitive way. access to all the top stories, streaming video, interviews, you know, lots of articles, bookmark your favorites to read them off-line, share your favorites or facebook or twitter or e-mails. all for free. and it's for the ipad. it's the cnn app. definitely download this. >> it is the best. oh, yeah, thanks for that added plug on that one. mark salzman, appreciate that. always good to see you. love those gaming and gadget things. awesome. so for more on high-tech ideas and reviews go to and look for the gaming and gadget tab. arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver, splitsville. why our legal guys say this might not be your ordinary messy celebrity divorce. [ male announcer ] in 2011, at&t is at work, building up our wireless network all across america.
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one of the big legal stories this week is filling the gossip pages, i'm talking of course about the split between arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver after 25 years of marriage. the anoumtsz on the heels of the revelation schwarzenegger fathered a child with a housekeeper. a celebrity divorce is more than enough to get our legal guys going. let's move on to the arnold schwarzenegger/maria shriver case because little dribblings come out every day and now we're
11:48 am
talking about the case of maria shriver hiring a fairly well-known celebrity divorce attorney and so clearly the couple probably had prenups arguments before they got married, but the wealth changed over the years, married for 25 years, and isn't california that 50/50 state after ten years, usually the wealth or the assets get split in half? would that apply here even if there were prenup this is. >> ordinarily the prenup will expire after a certain period of time, they've been married for 25 years, but the fact is, that it is -- california is one of ten community property states that's exactly right. look for a quiet, discreet resolution. >> how is that possible? >> in fact, i'm remembering, i think it can be done and i'm remembering that you did a face-to-face with one of the children. >> yes. >> who talked about her struggle. >> katherine schwarzenegger. >> and the fact is -- that's
11:49 am
exactly right and the bottom line is that's the motive to do this discreetly, carefully, thoughtfully, and minimize visibility which, of course, is highly visible now. >> interesting. richard, i don't know if there would end up being a bit of a custody battle over the two younger kids. i don't even though if that will be an issue that arnold would try to pursue? >> i agree with avery. it's going to be resolved behind doors. but fred, at this point, maria shriver has not said she wants a divorce. >> that's right. >> she's got to get to that stage first. and want it. >> and, of course, you can catch our legal guys here every saturday beginning at noon eastern time. when we come back, a breaking story out of pakistan. an attack on a military base there. i remember the days before copd.
11:50 am
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breaking news. we're learning of an attack on a pakistani military base in karachi. our stan grant is in islamabad. what more can you tell us, stan? >> yeah, fredricka, dramatic pieces coming out. this is a navel base in karachi, ten kilometers from the international airport. i've got off the phone from the
11:53 am
interior minister as i called him, he said to me we're in the middle of a major operation here. now he says that the base had been attacked by militants, he said there were three explosions, there are some sources saying perhaps the explosions may be as many as five, he said ta that a plane was on fire and militants were actually inside the base. there have also been reports of gunfire being heard. the minister told me he was marshalling the commandos, all the commandos at his disposal in that area and moving them into the base to try to route out the militants. in fact, that would fit with the images we are seeing, the vision being broadcast on local television here, showing jeeps and truck loads full of armed soldiers pouring into that base and obviously an emergency under way there right now. this is the navel base, a logistic and support base, a navel base in karachi, a huge city and a city that's actually known as a hotbed of crime and
11:54 am
militantsy. there have been some rumors, we can't confirm this, but some rumors that mullah omar, the overall chief of the taliban himself, may be hiding out in karachi. it's a known hotbed of militancy and an attack under way at the navel base. commanders brought in to try to get the situation under control with the militants inside according to the interior minister. >> stan grant, thanks so much from islamabad. we've check with you through the afternoon as the story evolves. how about wearing jeans or talking on your cell phone? do you do those when interviewing for a job? what should you do to make a great first impression. find out at 4:00 eastern time here in the cnn newsroom. i'm fredricka whitfield. we'll be back right after this.
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11:57 am
the government's debt trouble and one automakers plan to get out of debt, our money team has that and more. first to alison kosik. >> hi. the government hit its legal spending limits this past week. $14.3 trillion. treasury secretary geithner is buying lawmakers time by cutting back investments in federal retirement funds. that gives congress until august 2nd to decide whether or not to raise the debt ceiling. if they fail to do so the government will default on its debt payment. linkedin debut made a splash with one of the biggest ipos since google. shares initially priced at $45 a
11:58 am
share and doubled on the first day of trading. >> poppy has a look at what's something up next week. hi, poppy. >> thanks a lot. chrysler may take a big step next week towards paying off the $7 billion bailout it received in 2009. the automaker is lining up bank loans and bond sales to raise cash and that would allow the italian automaker fiat to boost its stake in chrysler to more than 50% this year. also coming up next week, barns and nobles set to launch an ereader. amazon's kindle dominates the market but barnes & noble's nook is picking up speed and should be a fun race to watch. back to you. >> all right. thanks so much. ladies. get your financial fix every day on cnn a look at our top stories, president barack obama insists the controversy surrounding his comments on middle east peace negotiations is not warranted. during a highly-anticipated
11:59 am
speech today to the american israeli lobby group aipac the president clarified his reference last week to israel's pre-1967 borders. >> my definition, it means that the parties themselves, israelis and palestinians, will negotiate a border that is different than the one that existed on june 4th, 1967. that's what mutually agreed upon swaps mean. it is a well-known formula to all who have worked on this issue for a generation. it allows the parties themselves to account for the changes that have taken place over the last 44 years. >> police have made an arrest in the attack on a san francisco giants fan outside dodger stadium in los angeles. they have one man in custody and are questioning several others. the brutal beating in march left bryan stowe in such bad shape that doctors put him in a medically induced coma. and two


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