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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 21, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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from the show. what exactly is she going to do now? >> she's got a struggling new cable network to run. it's a tough time to start up a cable network. you have to give her credit for having the guts to try that. sounds like she wants to be a lot more on-hands there. i wouldn't rule out a comeback to television in some grand way further down the road. i think she'll miss the spotlight. i think she's always realized the show is her power base. to a large degree, it's a base of what she is as a person. i think she'll miss that and i wonder how long she'll enjoy the kind of executive life. >> all right. time for me to hand this thing off. fredricka, it is all yours. you can have it. i don't care what you do with it. take it, please. >> we'll be responsible, how about that? >> that works. >> have a great day. all right. we're beginning this hour with a look at what mexican police have
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done. they say they have arrested a powerful drug kingpin. he was reportedly arrested at his own birthday party. he was taken into custody in mexico just across the border from texas. police say he is one of the leaders of the gulf cartel, one of two gangs battling for control of smuggling routes into the united states. the u.s. state department offered a $5 million reward for his capture. bob strang is a former special agent with the drug enforcement administration and the current ceo of investigative management group, an international security firm. he joins us by phone from new york city. thanks so much for joining us mr. strang. how significant is this arrest? >> good morning, fredricka. this is major. you have to remember, this gang was responsible for large shipments over a long period of time, over ten years, that were coming from mexico to the united states. you're talking about cocaine,
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marijuana. also because they were able to free up the borders and get control over the borders, there were methamphetamine and heroin that crossed the borders as well. just the day before, there was another major arrest on the pacific coast and also with another major violator. we're seeing more and more. it's starting to take hold in mexico. the money that the d.e.a. has put into mexico, the support that we get from president felipe calderon has been tremendous. we're starting to make headway. we see it in the private sector working with companies who are actually making investments in mexico. we are working for corporations who are buying companying and investing in mexico. the d.e.a. working with the mexican government is working. >> i wonder, does an arrest really make a significant impact on the hierarchy of the cartel? likely, there are plenty of
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lieutenants that are in line just in case a significant player is arrested. >> that's right. you have to make sure they understand that this is a risky business. they're not going to get away with it. that ultimately they're going to get caught. when we talked about even the last week, the significant arrest that had been made with the heads of cartels, second in command, that has an impact, there's no question. and it's getting better and better. ultimately, the great part would be if we just stopped using and buying drugs in the united states. everything these people are doing is directly consumed by americans. >> bob strang, thanks so much. appreciate your time. meantime, across seas, there has been a deadly bombing in afghanistan. a suicide bomber attacked a military hospital in kabul. a taliban spokesperson claims 51 people died including foreigners. but the afghan government puts the death toll at six with 26 others injured.
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and more violence in syria today. security forces fired on a crowd of protesters killing three and wounding dozens more. that's according to an activist. a human rights group says another 44 protesters were killed yesterday. for two months now, syria has been seeing violent demonstrations against the government. an historic day in the ivory coast. the west african nation formally inaugurated its new president. the ceremony was delayed for more than six months after his predecessor refused to leave office. the unrest that followed left thousands there dead. now to politics, in this country, and the growing list of republican presidential hopefuls, tea party favorite herman cain will throw his hat into the ring during a rally today in atlanta. he is the fourth republican to announce a bid. cnn political producer shannon
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travis joins me now. what does cain bring to the table? he's announcement has to be made yet. >> somewhere within this hour. it's literally across the street. i just came from out there. there's some crowds gathering. seems to be high enthusiasm. smaller crowds than the campaign was saying. they were expecting a few thousand. i didn't see that many. but they're trickling in. >> it's hot outside. >> exactly. in terms of what he brings to the table, he brings a wealth of business experience. this guy was the former ceo of godfather's pizza. he has an expansive background in finance. he brings a lot of tea party enthusiasm. these activists are fired up for this guy. >> why do they like him so much? >> because he helps promote their message, limited government, adherence to the constitution and small taxes. he's a business guy. so he says, hey, smaller taxes
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helps employers employ more people. so he pushes that line. there are some cons for him also. he's never held elective office before. he's run before but never won anything. do americans want to elect their next commander in chief who's never held a political job before? the other thing that might hurt him, herman cain admits he's not well-versed on a lot of foreign policy issues. he says, i'm a ceo-type. i'll hire the best minds to advise me. but he's not well h f versed in a lot of areas. >> how does he try to upstage the more well-known names of a newt gingrich, a mitt romney and possibly even is tim pawlenty? >> there's a race to outfiery rhetoric each other. newt gingrich is coming out with big words. they're all trying to outflank
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each other in terms of the wordplay against obama and the democrats. but the other thing he'll stress is this notion that he's a ceo and you need a business leader, an executive in these harsh economic times to right the ship, to right the economic ship. >> somewhere within this hour, he is certainly going to be announcing that he is in. he's not making an announcement, has all these people who have collected at centennial park to say, i'm not going to do it? >> yeah, that would be a really big "joke's on you." no, we are fully expecting him to throw his hat into the ring officially. >> just had to ask. shannon travis, thanks so much. later on this hour, we'll tell you about another republican who, like cain, isn't a household name but could soon become one. former utah governor and ambassador to china, jon huntsman. then at 2:00 eastern time, we'll have a live report from south carolina where a well-known name, mitt romney, is focusing on jobs and the
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economy. mid june, experts say it could take that long for water levels to return to normal in places like vicksburg, mississippi. look at those images there. parts of that city are under water after the river crested at a record 57 feet earlier in the week. and it's still cresting downstream. the flooding started april 30th. the waters got so high, the army corps of engineers began opening floodgates just a week ago hoping to spare the big cities of new orleans and baton rouge, louisiana. so far that seems to have worked, but at the expense of other low-lying areas. our jeanne meserve is in natchez where the river is cresting yet again and we understand more rain is on the way, jeanne? >> reporter: yeah, and we had some this morning. you could just watch the water flowing into this river. you couldn't help but think, gosh, is this situation going to get work? people are hoping this is as
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high as the river's going to get. it's busted all records. it's never been this high before. and by and large, this is a city that's been spared because a lot of it is at very high elevation, on a bluff above where i am now. a few historic buildings here and rir -- riverboat gambling, that's been shut down because the access road to that boat has been flooded out. natchez is a city that's famous for its sightseeing. it has a lot of antebellum mansions. the people here have never seen anything like this. you can see one gentleman over there taking a look. some people here taking pictures. others have come down to take the scene. the best vantage point, this lady who lives above the saloon,
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she's been taking pictures. generally this city's done pretty well. but it's a tragic situation in other parts along parts of the mississippi river where there has been a lot of significant flooding. they are keeping a wary eye on that weather cast and hoping it doesn't make the situation a lot worse. >> jeanne, commerce affected in other ways. what about this barge traffic? at least two barges that kind of got away from it all and crashed into a bridge. what else is happening? >> reporter: well e we have seen a little bit of barge traffic this morning. some towboats pushing barges up the river. they look like they're having a bit of a tough time. we talked to someone who owned a tugboat company. she says she's never seen the river quite this strong at this time. they're having a difficult time navigating up. but commerce does appear to be resuming on the waterway.
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>> jeanne meserve, thanks so much, in natchez, mississippi, appreciate that. mark your calendar, nasa has set july 8th for its final space shuttle mission. "atlantis" made its way to the launchpad earlier this week. it will deliver supplies and spare parts to the international space station. the mission will be number 135 for the space shuttle program. tennis superstar venus williams is sidelined right now but is anxious to get back on the court. you like to win? >> i love to win. not just like -- it's addictive. >> what she needs to do to get back to her winning ways, coming up later in my exclusive face-to-face interview with venus williams. straight ahead, two leaders and two very opposing views on how to bring peace to the middle east. like nature valley. granola bars made with crunchy oats and pure honey. nature valley -- 100% natural. 100% delicious.
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personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. president obama and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will take their war of words over israel's borders on the road. the white house wants israel to jump-start peace talks with its pre-1967 borders. netanyahu says it's not going to happen. tomorrow, mr. obama will speak to a major group, aipac. netanyahu will speak to the same group on monday. israel says giving back the land it took in the 1967 war would, as you can see by this
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map, leave the country vulnerable to attack, especially from syria now protected by the golan heights. it got president netanyahu's visit off to a rough start. >> reporter: israeli prime minister netanyahu was about to leave for the u.s. when president obama made the announcement that infuriated him. >> we believe the borders of israel and palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps. >> reporter: at the white house friday, netanyahu panned the proposal. >> these lines are indefensible because they don't take into account certain changes that have taken place on the ground -- demographic changes that have taken place over the last 44 years. >> reporter: after the initial war of words, the white house hoped the meeting would be a time to kiss and make up. >> obviously there are some differences between us in the precise formulations and
9:16 am
language. and that's going to happen between friends. >> we have an enduring bond of friendship between our two countries. >> reporter: but for all of the niceties, netanyahu grew a line in the sand, and not only on a return to pre-1967 borders. he said israel will not negotiate with the palestinian government supported by hamas or house palestinian refugees. >> it's not going to happen. everybody knows it's not going to happen. and i think it's time to tell the palestinians forthrightly, it's not going to happen. >> reporter: despite tough words, the u.s. and israel will remain allies even past this rough spot. but the tension between the two leaders was palpable. robert deneen is with the council on foreign relations. >> there's not a great deal of mutual affection there. they've met a number of times. but nonetheless, they have not succeeded in establishing a close bond, a close working
9:17 am
relationship they have. but there is not a great deal of deep trust it seems. >> reporter: after the president's meeting with netanyahu, white house press secretary jay carney was peppered with questions about the disagreement on the borders issue. he said the president made clear the pre-1967 border proposal is a starting point, that the mutual swaps that would create the eventual borders would be negotiated. the thing is, what the house considers a starting point, israel still considers a non-starter, even after the meeting. brianna keilar, cnn, washington. dominique strauss-kahn pays big pucks to get out of jail. straight ahead, our legal guys weigh in on the fall from grace of this once powerful international businessman. the 3.6-liter pentastar v6 engine
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ready for a cruise? now may be the perfect time to find a great deal. allison takes a look in this week's "on the go." >> reporter: 2011 started out hot for the cruise industry. >> people were going to cruise. the cruise lines were ramping up the prices and january proved that to be true. >> reporter: but then bookings stalled. >> all of the turmoil in the mediterranean scared off americans and they stopped booking. and what that means is that there are deals out there. >> make sure you're on a ship that fits your personality. if you pick the wrong cruise for you and you save 50 bucks, you've not only wasted your vacation but you've wasted your
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money, too. >> reporter: budget for the extras. >> there are lots of things you can spend money on. all sorts of things that are not considered part of the cruise price, even diet coke. >> reporter: these incidentals could add another 50% to your base plan. >> plan and budget beforehand. and just have fun.
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our political guys, avery and richard join us.
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dominique strauss-kahn out of jail at a very high price. however, his house arrest didn't come without a few wrinkles, richard. >> well, he's got home confinement, basically. he's got an ankle monitor, he's got probably a boundary set up, electronic boundary in his apartment. so if he would step outside that range, all the bells and whistles are going to go off. but this is not uncommon, fred. he's innocent until proven guilty, i know a lot of people don't want to hear that. he got bail. he persuaded the judge he should have bail. that will prevent his flight risk. he's in his apartment. that's where he has to stay except for going to court. nothing out of the ordinary so far. >> i wonder, avery, if now a week after the fact he does get released, even though there are these restrictions -- does that say something about the status of the case against him? they've removed the suspicion of the flight risk, which is why he didn't immediately get released with bail.
9:23 am
has anything changed? >> well, i mean, it actually is astonishing to me. once he relinquished his passport, this guy isn't roman polanski. he should have been treated like any other defendant. but he spent a week in rikers. he has the ankle bracelet on. he has to stay in his apartment. it's really a typical kind of case. very serious charges, seven of them, including all the variety of essentially inappropriate touching. but he's in a big bowl of trouble right now. and the fact is, there are going to be proceedings coming up soon and he will be treated just like every other defendant in a similar case. >> i wonder when it comes down to his defense, is he going to be relying heavily on an alibi defense, that someone says, there's no way this could have been happening at this time? or is it going to be an issue of the defense saying, no, this was a consensual act, that what
9:24 am
allegedly happened actually was not one that involved resistance or it didn't involve any kind of aggression? >> let me tell you, fred. he has a very, very fine criminal defense attorney here. and what i've listened from the reports this week is, they are saying from a defense side, there is no physical evidence to corroborate any force. if that's the case, fred, and they can't show any sign of evidence to corroborate force, it's going to be her word against his word. and if she is not airtight 1 million percent, she's going to get carved up on the stand. i'm telling you, fred. >> avery, is it going to be difficult to say because there was no weapon involved, that she was forced to do anything? because the only allegation is that there was -- i should say of the seven charges, that there
9:25 am
was oral sex involved here. but there weren't other types of contact that some might say -- >> touching. >> yeah, that some might say would be a little bit more difficult or ask for more dna-type evidence to prove. >> you said that very carefully and that's exactly right. there are a multitude of factors that will go into this. the fact is credibility issues, motive issues, obviously in addition you have the hotel camera. you have the forensics that go into this. but it is a complex matter, but all of these -- the very point that you raised is going to go right to the heart of where i think the defense is going to be. >> we could go on very long on this one because it is fascinating. so many intricate things about it. but we have to move on. this one got you guys fired up. this is involving two new york police officers. one who is accused of rape as
9:26 am
well. and now we're talking about -- there was a wire that this alleged victim wore when she saw one of the officers and approached him, hey, was a condom used? is there anything i need to be worried about? he apparently says that there was a condom used so you don't have to worry about getting pregnant or any kind of std, which screams an admission that this officer did indeed have sex with this woman who was escorted home because she was drunk. the next thing you know, she is an alleged rape victim. >> not only is the audio very powerful evidence -- and i agree. there's no plausible way we're looking at an acquittal, no plausible way. the fact is there's a wire. the fact is franklin motta testified that he did this, including the fact that morano admits that he lied to get in there. look for a conviction.
9:27 am
>> do you agree on that, richard? >> well, the prosecution's yelling crime of opportunity. when you catch a defendant in a criminal case in a lie, at that point juries do not believe anything coming out of the defense side. here these officers lied over and over again. if they don't have a quick verdict on monday, they could have a lone juror holding out. and who knows what's going to happen? >> and talking about the jared loughner case, taking place in tucson, arizona. gabi giffords injured after he allegedly pulled the trigger. now a competency trial to take place. 30 seconds or less, richard, will he be found competent to stand trial? >> not at this point, fred. it's almost on consent. he's going to be put away. they're going to come back and routinely check to see if he can understand the nature and consequences of his attack and meaningfully assist in his defense. that's going to take years, i believe. >> avery? >> preliminary competence based
9:28 am
on paper, only this coming wednesday in front of the u.s. district judge, only the beginning, long way to go. >> we'll see you again later on in the hour. we're going to be talking about the elizabeth smart case. why that one is back in the courtroom, too. >> hopefully we'll still be here, fred. >> no, we have until 6:00 p.m. we have time. meantime, a former governor, and ambassador is guesting the political waters in new hampshire. we'll bring you up to speed on jon huntsman next. then, in our next half hour, my face-to-face interview with tennis superstar venus williams. she's aiming for a comeback after tearing three inches of a muscle. ouch. that hurts.
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a look at our top stories at the half hour now. mexican police have arrested a powerful drug kingpin. he was taken into custody in mexico across the border from texas. he's one of the leaders of the gulf cartel, one of two gangs battling for smuggling routes into the united states. a manhunt is under way in oklahoma city for two men wanted for shooting an off-duty deputy. the local sheriffs says the deputy was shot without warning while working security at a restaurant overnight. >> oklahoma city police have teams out. the indication is he was walking
9:32 am
northbound from the restaurant to the bank, apparently heard the two individuals coming up from behind him, turned and apparently right after he turned was just shot in the head. never had the opportunity to even unbuckle his gun. >> waldenville is in critical condition. president barack obama could face a skeptical reception tomorrow when he speaks at the annual meeting of the american israel public affairs committee. earlier this week, the president called for a middle east peace settlement based on israel's pre-1967 borders. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu rejected that proposal yesterday saying those borders are indefensible. and take a look right now. live pictures of a rally in atlanta where republican herman cain is about to officially announce his presidential hopes. the talk radio show host and former ceo of godfather's pizza
9:33 am
is a tea party favorite. but he has been trailing his gop rivals in early polls. republican jon huntsman may not be ready to officially announce his candidacy. but the former utah governor is testing the waters in the politically crucial state of new hampshire. he is spending five days there. and today he delivered the commencement speech at southern new hampshire university. cnn's jim acosta reports on huntsman's unique campaign challenges. >> delighted to be here. >> reporter: taking his first steps in new hampshire, jon huntsman initially had more members of his family, his staff and the media swirls around him than supporters. so it was no surprise that at his first event as a potential presidential candidate, huntsman tried to turn down the temperature. >> we are the quintessential margin of error potential candidate. >> reporter: still this former republican governor of utah and mormon showed off his conservative side saying he would work to repeal the new
9:34 am
national health care law and look at entitlement reform to bring down the debt. >> it's $14 trillion with an exclamation mark. >> reporter: he told one crowd he would not have invaded libya mainly for budget reasons, despite the potential for humanitarian losses. >> we could be responding to corners of the world constantly if that were the motivating criterion. >> reporter: as for conservative complaints, he's too moderate on issues like the environment, huntsman says he's ready to defend his record. >> listen, everyone who's been elected to political office has a history. some will like it, some won't. >> reporter: one thing conservatives don't like is huntsman's time as u.s. ambassador to china, something his ex-boss won't soon forget. >> i'm sure that him having worked so well with me will be a great asset in any republican primary. >> reporter: huntsman, who is fluent in mandarin, says he'd do
9:35 am
it again, stressing he was answering a call to serve, an answer some republicans may be willing to accept. >> it doesn't bother me at well. he was working for the united states. >> reporter: at every stop, the former ambassador sounded more diplomatic than dogmatic. he doesn't take swipes at the president. but huntsman says he's not into labels. >> we have to get beyond this tag mentality. i think it's artificial, superficial and misleading in politics. >> reporter: with some in the gop shopping around for a fresh face, voters in this first in the nation primary state are taking a hard look at huntsman, even if they're not ready to buy in just yet. do you think he can beat president obama? >> well, how can you say that when you don't really know the man. >> reporter: he's kind of an unknown at this point? >> yes, as a lot of them are. >> reporter: huntsman top political adviser says the way to beat president obama is to go bigger than obama, not smaller.
9:36 am
it's a sign that if huntsman gets into this race, his campaign will be about the issues, not personalities. huntsman says he'll have a decision in june. jim acosta, cnn, con cacorncord hampshire. republican tim pawlenty, a source close to the former minnesota governor says pawlenty will formally announce his presidential candidacy in iowa on monday. his announcement will kick off a multistate campaign swing including stops in the politically key states of florida and new hampshire. the flooding nightmare isn't ending for people living in the lower mississippi river valley. and today the forecast is rain. more of it. io
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
the middle of next month, that's how long it could take for some of the floodwaters along the mississippi to return to normal. more than 5,000 people already have been forced from their homes in five states. and we're seeing some signs of recovery in some little pockets of areas, however. tugboats are pushing barges up the river by natchez, mississippi. the river is cresting there. for a second time in two days, actually, and today they're watching not only the water levels but also the rain gauges. a stormy weekend is in the forecast.
9:40 am
we're going to bring in our karen mcginnis. it's never ending. >> it seems that way. upstream from there, we're looking at pretty heavy rainfall over the next five days. the computer models are suggesting we could see, 3, 5, 6 inches of rainfall. this in the ohio river valley. also extending into the central mississippi river valley. and as a result, this is going to travel downstream. and how much of a difference will it make for those folks who have been battling this out for quite some time now? we think there may be some secondary crests. they'll be bumped up just a little bit an then they'll continue to fall, a steady decline. but it's not going to be anything dramatic for weeks. the ground is saturated. it may recede just a little bit but still, a number of these areas that are under water or have 15 feet over flood stage, they're not looking at any relief coming anytime soon. where is the threat for severe weather for today? from des moines down towards
9:41 am
dallas, i think it will just be to the east of the dallas area, more towards the ark la tex area. we could see strong to severe thunderstorms, lightning, hail, gusty winds and the possibility of an isolated tornado. here's the weather scenario. area of low pressure just kind of cut off in the atmosphere. it's very sluggish. nothing is moving along the eastern seaboard or transitioning across the west. but in the central u.s., that's where all the moisture stays, at least for the time being. >> thanks so much, karen. how costly might a divorce be between arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver? she has already retained a rather famous divorce attorney. our legal guys weigh in on that next. [ male announcer ] in 2011, at&t is at work, building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars
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to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible.
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remember elizabeth smart, the utah teen who was kidnapped from her home when she was just 14, held prisoner for nine months and repeatedly raped along the way? brian david mitchell will be sentenced next week. he was convicted of carrying all those heinous crimes. hear what smart actually says about mitchell. >> have you forgiven him? >> i certainly have moved on with my life. and i don't dwell on it.
9:45 am
i have forgiven him -- i have forgiven him. i don't think that means that i would invite him over to my house to stay. but that is a part of my life that i lived, have been there and i have a lot in front of me that i haven't lived yet. so i'm looking forward to it. >> attorneys for mitchell say he should get a lighter sentence because of the way she's handle herself. they say she doesn't appear psychologically damaged. avery and richard are back with us. oh, boy. richard, you first on this one. because she appears to be intact, that's enough for the man convicted of raping her, abducting her to get a more lenient sentence? >> isn't it ironic, fred? here she is trying to rehabilitate herself, move on with her life and not allow this tragic event to ruin her.
9:46 am
and she vocalizes that well. the government wants a life sentence. but in order to get a life sentence, they have to rely on the sentencing guidelines which bumps that enhancement for his sentencing to life. and in order to get that, you have to prove extreme psychological damage. so the defense is arguing she doesn't have it. she's rehabilitated herself. she doesn't have that level of psychological damage necessary. that's the argument, fred. >> avery, would that be a successful argument? >> oh, it's a terrible argument. the only argument they have, this beautiful, miraculous recovery of this extraordinary young woman is being perverted and distorted by the defense team in suggesting that somehow she hasn't suffered. she has suffered unspeakably. the good news is that dale kimble, the federal judge, knows what to do. sentencing is wednesday. good-bye, mr. mitchell. >> and the word recovery, you
9:47 am
really don't know whether she's recovered because she's articulating herself in a certain way. >> that's right. >> it seems -- boy, seems pretty hard for her and the family. her dad says this is outrageous to use that kind of vernacular from the defense. >> absolutely. >> let's move on to the arnold schwarzenegger/maria shriver case. little dribblings come out every day. now we're talking about the case of maria shriver hiring a fairly well-known divorce attorney, avery. so clearly the couple probably had prenup agreements before they got married. but the wealth changed over the years. they've been married for 25 years. and isn't california kind of that 50/50 state? after ten years, usually the wealth or the assets get split in half? would that apply here even if there were prenups? >> well, ordinarily the prenup will expire after a certain period of time, 10, 15 years. they've been married 25 years, fredricka. but the fact is that it is -- california is one of ten
9:48 am
community property states, that's exactly right. look for a quiet, discreet resolution -- >> how is that possible? >> in fact, i'm remembering -- i think it can be done. and i'm remembering that you did a face-to-face with one of the children who talked about her struggle. >> with katherine schwarzenegger. >> that's exactly right. and the bottom line is that's the motive, to do this discreetly, carefully, thoughtfully and minimize the visibility, which of course it's highly visible now. >> interesting, richard, i don't know if there would end up being a bit of a custody battle at least over the two younger kids. i don't even know if that will be an issue that arnold would try to pursue. >> i agree with avery. it's going to be resolved behind doors. but, fred, at this point, maria shriver has not said she wants a divorce. so. >> that's right. >> she's got to want it.
9:49 am
but potentially community property -- if he gave any money to this mistress of his, that house, half of that's going to be maria's. >> oh, my gosh. real quick. he has other productions that were to be under way. you wonder if any of those movie houses will be able to pursue something against him if there were terms or agreements that he would be involved in the "nerm n -- "terminator" or other things. >> that's all agreed. >> go ahead, richard. >> yeah, they want him, they need him for "terminator." but one of the movies was called "cry macho." that's one of the titles of the movies. pretty stupid guy, schwarzenegger. pretty stupid. >> you can't suspend an existing contract. there's going to have to be some negotiations. you can suspend the proposed one. not the existing ones. >> thanks so much, richard and avery. always good to see you.
9:50 am
>> be safe today, fred. >> that's right. >> we made it. >> so far, so good. be sure to tune in tonight for a "cnn newsroom" special, "sex, lies and arrogance." ♪ you love money ♪ well, you know i love it too ♪ ♪ you love money ♪ well, you know i love it too ♪ ♪ i work so hard at my job
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former ceo of godfather's pizza and a tea party favorite, herman cain, right now in atlanta, officially declaring that he's throwing his hat into the presidential race. he's explaining right now why he's running. >> if we don't increase our growth rate, they're going to be as big as we are in five years if you take out the differences in exchange rates. and like i said earlier, if we allow china to become as economically powerful as us, you know that they are going to try to develop their military might as big as ours. and i don't know about you, but i am not going to allow america to be number two in the economy or number two militarily, not on our watch. >> we're going to continue to watch and listen. republican and tea party favorite, herman cain,
9:54 am
officially making it cemented that he is running for the white house. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] doctors have been saying it forever. let's take a look. but they've never actually been able to do it like this. let's take a look. v-scan from ge healthcare. a pocket sized imaging device that will help change the way doctors see patients. that's better health for more people.
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9:57 am
face to face, she tells me, sometimes being knocked down makes you stronger on the way back up. all right. venus williams, good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> thanks for saying "yes" to our face-to-face sitdown and inviting us here. we're going to talk about your game, goals and of course your greatness. >> thank you. >> does it ever get comfortable? your greatness? >> i think as an athlete and just for me, it's never enough. one tournament win is never enough. so whether it's great one day doesn't guarantee it's going to be great the next. i'm on a day-by-day basis. >> you like to win? >> i love to win. not just like. it's addictive. >> you write in your book "come to win" that you like to win, but at the same time, you reached out to a number of business leaders, athletes, some
9:58 am
who made it to the professional level, all who have sport at the root and they talk about that winning. and you try to impart some of those lessons about sometimes you have to lose in order to be a better winner. >> absolutely. i hate to break it to everyone, but the sad truth is you do learn a lot from losing. i'm not saying you need to lose every time. but there are those key moments where you take a tough loss or a tough failure or a tough break. and those are the moments where you decide to rise up. you learn so much from it and it just stokes a fire in you that makes you go toward the direction you were destined for. >> you were how old when your parents introduced you to the racket? >> oh, gosh, 4. i think my whole family plays tennis, so i was around tennis my whole life, from birth. >> what age do you suppose you were when it hit you and you said, i'm in this full boor,
9:59 am
this is my game? >> i played tennis, did my homework, that was my life. i didn't think about it. that's how i was brought up. and my parents said, you're going to go pro, you're going to play wimbledon. >> if you had add vit to a parent out there who has dreams of their kids becoming like a venus williams, do you advise that parent to introduce their child very early? does the parent become kind of a coach to their child? do they let them go? what's the perfect formula? >> well, i think it's a combination. i think you have to recognize a parent who you are, you have to realize whether or not you could work with your child. we would hit or hours and hours. we would go to different parks. one was a duck park. we'd go by the lake and look at the lit m ducks. my dad would say, are you sure you guys don't want to get in the


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