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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  July 11, 2009 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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> > i' jim crcram a and welclce to myy world. you neeee t get in the game! >> they're nuts, they're nuts. they k kno nothing. >> i always likike to say ther a bulll maetet somewherere >> "madmoney," yoyou n'n't ford to misisitit. >> getet fir u u it's c crar.r. welcome to "mad momoney. it is friday, i kickckntnto action. my job is not to entnttatainbut to educacate. call me, 1-8-8-7-743nbc. at the heck is wrong w wh h th market? i mean, come o on, wt t wrong with it? fofofoureeks now, nothing goodod s s ttered at all. noththing. u get mobile upgrades s tohehe banks.s. oh, people - -- don't buy, don't buy. >> youou g h heah care reform that doesn't geteteaealtcare stocksks. thmarket says who cares.s. >> don't buy. don't t buy.
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even after the stocks s haveosos 25% and 50% of theieivavalu you have semimicondtoto compmpyy afr semiconductor cocoanany talking about bebetterhahaexpected earningsgs like msmsundid this ekek. dddd yadda. ta it, please? thisis siciconctor company rerts on monday, upgraded d not cece b twice today by two different firms. ededha and barclays sounds like a hotel. both of whwhh h arsaying it's delivered outside. twtwdidiffent analysts couldn't geget bebett than expected ququarr and the stock closededp a lousy 22 centsts? should go up a c coue e ofmacks. w w you explain this? simplele nobo c ces. this i ia a baball game with like 3,000 fans inin i m m nokidding. it's a sense t tt t ha ovovwhelmed the market. it's something beyond d plaiolol valla negativity, i've gotot to tell you. you cacasesee in reaction to the huge goldmdman shshsall,
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today, thihimomorng, predicting goldldn n sas would return to th202008ighs. didn't hear a soul menenonon i save f for m gogomaman'been negative onn haware and softwarereoror le the duratition. bubut toy y ey predict new his. nobody c ceses? nody -- come on! theoeoretillll the bulls right noshshld have some serious ammomon n thr side. this marart t habeen hammered relelentssssly i mean totallylyhihipp. back to the e totobelows. we have given u ua a hu amount of g gain. gottenen to e e int where stocks wi safe dividends make m me e sense than eararni t treury. ♪ hallelujah so m much rereense at these vevelsf you hated the market, , you have to rerethk k thgame an. but nobody is rethininngng ananythi.. f ft, it seems like peoplple don't realize how hahardhohose rkrkethave been hit.
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oror an'n't gnizant about how pessimimtitic ey've become. thisiss s it peop d d't even realize how pessimistic they are.. you have to o lookhehe stocks arare ghght w. evenen if r risit the lower end of the market rangng s somime ththisummer, could go down t t thdodo7,700. t frankly, that's not t a t t of downside frorowhwherwe were at the tttt today. i i ha t to lieve the opoprtunities right here r rig now are bebennnninto seriously ououeieighhe risks. the market hasas bn n obterated d we're heading to eararngngs season. buititoesn't seem like many y others a agreer r re. i feel like the e rkrkets 20 games undeder .5 a a it's alrey y t, right? dodoest matter. whwhput it on. how do we rereh h th point where investorors n'n't bothered to respond to cleararososites or
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be tememededy low, low prices of so many stocks. i think k 'v've en worn down. ththk we've been worn downwn b two different ththgsgs. first, the govovernmt.t. anand en oil. ey're what's keeping e eryryon apathetic about ststoc.. the governmementeeeemso propose tax a day to keep yourur pfifits away. and a regulatition aayay and it's'snene othose main reasons why we've e beenowowfor ---- f four straight weeks.. sell, sellll, llll. the federal governmeme m mak us alfefe like we should be vesting in another countntry. he y younow where i want to bebe investing in? need i say more? ah, but anyway, yoyoknknow say china is moppipinghehe for with us basas o on coa's quarterly -- stotop it -- quarteterl anay, it makes me think k could rally as m much 5 5 points if everyone in n shshinon ju w wendown to rehoboth or bethany beacach foa a uple of weweek ve some great sauce anand opop coming on tv alreaeady.
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ifhe news media would blacack out the bolshevik speaear r --id it again.. thdedemoatic speaker of the house, nancy p pelos i icould be worth a a upupleundred points on the dow, too. buy, buy, buy. ththanyou for madam speaker r r the good o of yo c cntry. thenen trere'sil. the market seems t to thk k oil is goioingowown >> sell, selell, sl,l,ell -- then everything shoululgogo down.. how dumb is that?? wereren't a aost strangledy y $147 oil lasast arar? don'n'cheaper oil mean more e money in the consumemes s maet? how ououmore cost savings for r cocompies thaha he to spendnd a lot of transnspoatatioon plastiti?? don't you thinink atat mters? hoisis caper oil bad? evereryo k kee pretending that e e pre of oil is a legitimama babaroteter t world econonom healal e eve as we know itit has been manipulatatedp.p.
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so h how c w wbe bothered by the decline when we e owow t oil futures are e rieded. taking your cue from t the o fututureisis le taking your cue from whether t theananke or the red sox x are f fst place, dead heheat it's t talallyrrelevant to the market. ththou i prefer the stocks mylflf pedroia's got gameme jimmy rarawlinwewel hear about in the show. thgovernment and the pricece of oil squeezed thehe le e ouof this m mkeket. th h he not just battered dodown stocks. they made e it natate and apathehec c weon't realize how negative and apaththet w we e. hohow ng will the markets and de lala? i can't t see l lting muff longer. evtutual we'll respond to goodod news againin iteteadf being held back b by e e tw anchors of oil anththe deral government. chchs away. the negativity pououri o outf washington c c't't lt in the face of good earningngs. and this for o oil'sininge as
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the markets as a whole, will beroken until it's c cle to eryone how illegitimatehehe market has been n allong and saying, you know whatat, a a culpa. if you can make yoururse f fee good aboututecech d the fact atat t banks should blow awawa numbers,s, it'a a od place to y.y. stococ a areheap again. that r rht. 's's le going to century 21,1, the discountnt cththinstore in new york where i got t thititie, a place you u veve tfight tooth and ililo get anything decent t off of the racks andndinind e enterprisese emp.. hoywell, 4% yield, handnd over fist, like i i'v been doing for the terriblele usus hohow ouout is onone? walmlmar j jus$1.27 7 off e e 52-week low.w. if youou thi w wre going to have a akened economy for somomimime, how could you u not llllhe triggeger t thastock? i juju g gothis really cool kind of fibererglasfrfr for my back yard for $37 at wawalmar that was a stete..
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take home depot, the dedesp tt nonow paysys4% thanks toto t relentless dececnene. i do it for r c chi trust. techchnolo s scks. amd back to 349. sienna, under $10?0? sorry, that's totoo netiti for thisis g.. that's the b bottolili. the government and o oil he e immunized us againin g goonews. the immunization s shod d we off f gog g in earnings on moay. especially now that t e e doside quantifified. the markets anand m mayot make sense, b butt't's ving a good opportunity to buyuy sckcks r less than you shshouldavavto pay now that we'e' b beedown for fofour saiait weeks in a place chris, in a a p pce we hope go to in the fl,l, cis in oklalamama. chris? >> caller: boomer r soon b b-yah toto y, jim! >> i'm allll oveththsooners and expect to be down thererfofor onone ofhoho -- every -- let me tell you somethingngchchri every school h has r rivry. 's like a big weekend inin oklahoma, soonons,s, ery weekend a aig weekend. gohead.
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>> that's right. well saiaid. the fed has s t t be saying anything a abo t thealifornia dgdgetrisis. >> r right >> is this the w way t f f is lling california they neneed t spspend atattimulus money ththeye already gottete and is that goioing to tn into a mmodities and materials s play >> i got to o tellououomething. i'nonot rried about california. i consider it polilitil l grandstanding.g. not ddddg. i'm a buyer r c calornia generaral obgagaon municipal bonds.s. if you can get thehem 6 6%. i'm not buying i it. i'm not woworrie howewer,r, io have to end the gmgmeneven though i was going g to go to s sveve icalifornia. but candy just shohod d upith the cardrd. a sense of en on you a a youou has overwheleld d thmarket. but t i thk k 's giving you an opportunity to buyuyomome ocks for leless! don't m miss secdd of
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amer. you nn find eh secondofof"mad money" and itunes andnd dodownad it for free. take his ckcks, pansndnd the lightning g rod d wi you on t gogo. get "mad money"y" on itutune to. for more info go to --
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> thoswho missed yesterday's show, i talked aboutut an amazg ll. ron sana, cnbc contributoror hehe writethe "market movers' newsletter." which is my much-reaead, it is st-read because it dazzlzles. part of m where i' chairman.. i picked it up. i saidoh, my god. i cat believe this call. ron insanana is sellg all of the defensive stocks and movoving
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intoto, are yoready? home builders,s, banks a home buililrs' inrance. i ki of had fun with it lalast night and said, the e idea o selling the ststocks a getting intoto this too much for me. i li to diverse portfolio. ron n sana itoo great not to give him the last wordrd. ron insana, welcome to "mama money." >>ramer, thanks for havingng me in the ring. >> home builders? is thehere a per that says is the home b blding dustry going back er? > that'why i bought them. stevie cohenen is ve fond of it at fac where i used d to work. i think, jim, we a are in secular bobottom ia lot of different areas after ththis cra in the stock m market. banks, home builders, ininsurers they were takeken down lels in mah that were unbelievabably low and essentiaially foresting utter collapse andndhaos. which i don't t ink wi happen. >>very day, we hear it's'sot over, it's not o over.
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>> i is alrey happened. evevybody waiting for the ash. we had a crashsh we had a housising recsion in e last two years that't'been brutal. i don't think it's ovever. if you look at tolol and lnar and vnanian, which i own, nonot one, e exceptor tolle,s expecting to earn n y mone until 2010.. >hat's long time. >> buyg back land at cheaperer prices aftfter havg taken it off of tir balance sheet. i think there's goining to b consolidion. i owned centntex befori started to writete for and th got taken out. i sold tt at a profit. i expectct there'soing to be that aivity in the sector as well. >> ather thing that you didi i have to tell you, , it wasery, very contrary. you took a lot o ocompans that i ink do well in a very y ow envivinment,alking about some of the drugs, , me of e slower techchs. and d said thathey have to go hehere. explaito people why they don't't fit. because a lot of p pple kn th the economy is not ststng. they want to be defenensive. >> the proprietaryry portfol i
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havei'm working with a fininite amount of cash.. i have to o make aecision. where do i allllocate. do i want t stay fensive and joy thyields in hope that e other stks will become powerfulul againr do i w want t coconcentre my fifipower,make myecular long-termrm bet tt banks and home builders are going come out of thisis ing thin the next two yearars. and they're e going to be some multle of where they are nowow. >> not a trade. > no, n a trade. >>nemployment goes above 1 10%. do you c change yo mind? >> n no. i expe unemployment to go asas highs 11% which it did in 198181 okay, came out of that recession. if you boug cibank in 111, you u made aon of money. when you b bought itn 1991, princece alawaliid. u made $10 million. in 2001, 200002, we d the same phenenenon te place. if the banks are n not goingut
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of busess, if they are not being natitializedyou have to own th. i ththk the side is that much biggerhan playing in the defensive arenas. >> why is s it -- doou think -- let me ask you a twowo-part question. i think what you s say -- think what you sayayakes le a lot of sesense. why is it that a all day wn i listed to our network thatat no one elsese is wiing to stick ththr neckut and say that this could happen. i kn a lot of people must believe it. think they're afraid. . >> i think there arere differe roles r different people. i think the anchors whwhare fulltime journrnists c't do it. >> we haha the gsts all day. ththguestsll day are more cautious and w wld sayhow could you ever sell mimiosoft? i nenever hearanyone say sell miosoft in my life. >> t only reason i sold itit- 's a reallocation of c capital. >> b but that'what -- that's wh our guys are doing. they know the e drill. th can't own every stockck. they h have mual funds. >> right, right t -- i d't know why pepeople takthe approach that they do. i tend to be f far morcontrarian asou well know.
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when rates gotot to 4%, i said y zero coupon bonds. l got 73. saidt was way too high. you mentioned yesterdayay, >> 1998, i'm sitti there, shshing, wried. ron comes up w with a y piece of information that therereould b an emergencycy fed mting and that cou change the tone of the market. i felt thahayour cl in the nenewslett was a wakeup call to guysysike meho were saying, things are good. i may not t be bulsh enough of what could happepen in thi country. >> not a question n of being bullish. i don't think thworld's enenng. it's a one-time e experice and it 5 billion years away whwhen the sun flameses out. in between now a and then,e're not ing to live long enough h to have that experirience. if the world i inot cong to an end, if the economy is g going t grow againin some da these are bargaibasement prices for ordinary a assets inwo parts of the ecomy that you have to own. >> hovnanian andnd huntingn
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bank verypeculative. >> yes. . >> stiti okay? we do speculative frfriday? $1 and $3. ththose arthe ones in your newsletterer peoplwill take a shot a goododr bad. >> hnanian has a small mararket cap. $119 m million they're a bibig builr. they're e not insiificant. if you look out overer the nex coup of months, consolidatatn could be an issue.e. i ed to make one disclosure with respect to huntington baba, i ma a speech there earlieiein the year. i met the new ceo. i liked him. i've been looking at t t stock, i've been watating hi it's a smallll cap sck, $1.8 billion rket cap. t to arice i find atactive. i'm mamang a b among the very small regionals, i it's run ke a commununy bankut they're going tourn things around. >> ron insanan a cnb contributotor. he writes a terrificicust-re newsletterer. "market moversrs." i have to tellll you somhing -- yoyohave tchallenge your own thesis. i i hope he allenged yours, i ow he challenged mine.
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>> you've got queststns -- >> investors dodon't seemo know what to do. i don't knkn wh to do. >> i do. you u meo the right guy. >> jim's got the a answers. "madad money demystifying the rket.
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look, i know the act today was et miserable. >> boo! >> a i know the market lost a lot of sizzle. i know it's not reallys much fun to own stocks as much as it was month or even two months ago. it makes it easy to turn o tune in, and dout. this is the ki of market that kes you nauseous. and makes you blind to opportunity. not because you're too negate, busily because you stopped openings, you don't care. n't wa to go to the ballrk. thatould be a big mistake, ladies and gentlen. as the opportunities arehere for -- for the taking as long as you keep your eyes open. in fact, iaw the beginning of what cou be a big new
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speculativtheme -- something that could get vy sexy, very fast in this far from sexy market. i s writing yesterday's fox street journal. cyberblitz hits s., korea. hey, that'out an ongoing cyrattack. anotr story in today's street journal. firms offer softre to fight korean virus. e attackit government sites but also went out nysand the nasdaq. most of the time a sto le this won'tave a decent takeaway in terms oftocks you can buy. this time, it's different. you have guine wall street pin action. because bettacks are beming a trend increasing in both frequency and sophiscation. there are now nation states sponsored cyberespionagenits and organized crime sponsore cybergangs.
4:25 am
they target personal information. thistuff is turning into big, big business. as it calates, i think it could reach a point where the companiethat protect businesses and governments from those attacks could cause some serious problems. big, big, big. the rket les fads. like it or not, it does. i wouldn't be surprid if not too long, ery company with the word cyb somewre in the mef description becom sizz siling. ju like we have seen in t past with thotms and the nanotech companies. i don't think you shld buy anytng thahas a cyber security component f the sake of i but e trend is worth speculating on. we like topeculate smart and that means finding the best of breed players. the ones that work on more than just the possibility of hype. even if th benefit from that too. i've gotne. and thname is --
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arcsight. on rd, arcsight. symbol, arst -- a $16.22 with the marketap of just under $500 million. this is a speculative product. you have t wholeeekend to think abt this. thiss one of the leading places for security anevent management. the company remis me of in her heyday, chloe from 24. csight sells platforms for cybersecurity, which pys into this emeing theme, helping rprises and government agenes discover and ptect themselves from theost serious cyberteats. very sexy. and al going against internal threats. r example, you can tell someone without organition is accessing its i.t.ystems. how abt a sexy site too. the pructs help businesses comply with regulations, escially logging data for compliance purpose
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arcsight, i'm saying it's a 1 punch. it protects against cyberattacks and allowshe clients to comply with sarbanes oxy and other governnt regulations. the cyber ory is more fun and moreeresting as well as the analyst who breaks out the newsletter, president obama is appointina cyberczar. there's a need for this at state and nationalevels where foreign cyberses are able to accesslassified pentagon data, not t mention the grid and t 800 records for thvirginia department of alth. a lot of czars here. starting to feel aittle like russia. i ain't noolphin. the hubb surrounding the cyberattacks couasily cause the government to create new regulations pporti companies that a in the power control systems to ramuphe ic cyberspending ich would lead
4:28 am
toajor new businesses for arcsight. but the bread an the butter of the business is logging computer activity for regulatory pposes and lping the clients make sure they don't brk any rules. i like that. th makes arcsight a play in government regulation, talk about a secur growth trend, something we're sure to see with the regulation-happyemocratic president and democratic congress. bori sff. but when the government mandates more companies keep more electronic records othe ployers' activity and somethinli the electronic medical record where the feds are alrdy subsidizing docs who opt them and those w penalize them, as they don't, arcsight adopts a technology keepg the record happennd makes ton of money doing it. i think thneopportunities that the company has on both the complain and security si isn't worth anything it's seen before. let's give you some warngs here. miraa, thiis respect to the ock. this is at i like to see with respect to the play. it's profitable, first of al
4:29 am
how much do wee that. the last quarter, the rid 34% clip. no debt. $91 millioin cason the balance sht. $2.63 a shar introducing new products has great traction with the stomerase, i'm about to ugh, excuse me. trying to foall a sneeze o,ust for the record. arcsight makes its money by selling its platforms for$0 a piece, causing a maintenance fee evy year giving the company a high recurri reven. we like th too. 95% of theenewal rates from the clients from tt venue. ght now, this is the bad part, it chases 33 times earning which is a hef valuation. but th uses conservative earnings estimates andxpecte to grow earnings a32%. same growth ra is multiple. i could see growth managers pa a good deal more with is one. yeah, you can pay up to ice the growth rat this is a one-time growth ra he's the bottom line for
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speculative cybeecurity play with a big money off of regulation angle. i think st -- arcsight is od. do the homework weekend. you pay up, i'll never forgive you and you'll hate me. stacy in idaho, stac >> caller: boo-yah, jim,rom the potato ste. >> heyman, i got to tell you something. i like mcdonalds. i get a lot of potatoes, mcdonalds, at this price what's up? >> my questionfor you is on tuesday, emc aouncedhe acquisition data main. >>ou bet it did. >> how do you think that this acquisition will affect the mc's stock price and how will da domain customers and sheholders embrace this change? >> i know it would have mod e needle bigtime. i think emc got a dent price. i think emisoing to mark time on this. but i will tell you is, stacy if goldman shs is right with the call that hardware a
4:31 am
software areoi to return to normal spendg levels, inther words, information technology budgs increase in the second hal your $12.80 emc stock is going too to $15. i wa you to hold on to it. let's go to juth in new york rit now. judith >> b-yah, jim. it's an honor to speak to you. >> same to you, juth. what's on your mind? >> caller: i wondeif you would give us an update on the t mixebasket? hold or take prots? >> no, no. should he taken some profits up at 25%. let the rest run. i got tl you something, i was working on th, amd, on semiconductor, on telelast. these stocks have come down again. it is me to t back in. >> buybuy, buy. >> the respect playoff of e increasing need for cyr security. do the homework. i think you'llike arst. arcsig. i know, with headlines lik thi want to start making some money.
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stay with cramer. coming uthe lightning round," cramer takes calafter call to give your stocits final judgment. can you keep u there's that mr. clelen magic eraser thing agagain. clean freak. [ bole2 ] whoa...
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it's time for "the lightning round." me the stock. buy buy buy, selsell sell. put e ocks ahead of tile it's friday. i don'care. i am back, i bigger than ever. play to hear this out. and the lightning round is over. are you ready? steve daddy? it's time for "the lhtni round." da in minnesota. dave >> can you hear me, e?
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>> you sound better th eve >> good. a beautiful gopher state boo-yah toou, mr. cramer. >> t gophers. the other guy said the badgers i say, gophers, c, badgers, no. okay. >> my stock is mtfc -- >> oh, testing. it's never been a go as long as i've been around. my budes, hewlett and packard invented it. stay away. let's go with -- i'm going t mispronounce this. hedie in new yor >> caller: i'm sexcited to talk to yo >> thanks. >> caller: my question is, i have 2,000 shareof igt. technically, i haven't lost on them. but they were up tover 40 and should i hold on? why do you have so much igt? i got the las vegas visitaon numbers from my frnds and colleague and accountant
4:37 am
they are bad again. they are not seeing any ckup in gaming. so i need you to cuthat sition in half startinmond morning. that stock is not levered to the right industry. richard in california. richard. >> caller: hello, jim! an unabashedly royal member of your flock of cramerans, boo-yah! >> rocking rashard, i like that. let me help. >> t things first, love "m money." love joker 1. and love the way you sto up to friedman aft kudbashed him the y fore. here's my stock. ntat. net-ap. it's a winner. i wanted them to g tt domain. now i don't know how they stay independent. the quarter is better th expected. the ness of storied software is en fuego. let me includehem. i want y to buy, buy, buy more stock.
4:38 am
thank youor the nice coents, but i do love my friend and partner, larrykuow, who's a gentleman. he screams a lot. let me telyou, off camera, is there a more civil andice gentleman in ts building? no. thank you for the kind words. da illinois, dan? >> cler: cramer! st. louicardinals all-star game, boo-yah! >> hands dow pujols is the best player in baseball, boo-yah! >> caller: i'msking about investing some money in th finaial sector, specifical regions ba. >> oh,ome on, man! you're in a city owinn you're where the all-stagame is. you're where the cardinals are. you come with thtwo-bit nonsense tme? you shou be ashamed of yourself. why ar't you in huntington bank? stop the buzzer. i'm on a roll here. taking ather. ignoring the buzzer.
4:39 am
ing to frank in texas. frank? >> caller: hello, jidandy, wh's sng? >> kicking around for the weekend. how abouyou? my dad's birthday. going to say hello. what's going on? >> that's good. for your piece on bdc. i did a little homewor it looks good, like you said. but i considered emr the best breed inhe electric motor ction. >>ou have horse sense. u are right. ju this afternoon, for my travel trust, you cadescribe to i nd out a bulletin. in it, i said emers has gotten high yielders getting ne. pick up in orders is ne. nice count above. emerson, i have to admit it, hands down, it's better th baldor. i'm taking one more. i'm disregarding everyonand doing one more i'm going to ted iconnecticut. ted? >> caller: hey, jim. what's going on, bro? >> not much, kicking a few around. how about you? >> caller: got your ok, "real money" ling it. >> you are the best. now in paperback.
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caller: how about sallimae? >> sallie mae -- let me tell you something -- whei was away on vacation, one of three ds of the year tt i take vacation on, i saw sallie mae go ten. anpeople were e-mailing me, calling me, ould i take it in sallie mae. i did not callhem communists. i simply said, no. and now at the stock has pulled back, i want yoto pull the triggeagain. i think sallieae is a winner. thine phillies are wiers. i say, stick with cramer! the lightning round is sponred d ameritrade. i'm talking about ina. look at that guy on the money there, huh those guys in china, they are
4:41 am
not on it then. i'd beappy to repeal the whole bill of rights in seco stylish for me. "madoney" will be right ba. th tie looks -- washis a bad idea, th tie? same color as e shirt. i got it at costco. i t this tie for $12.99. to me, it oks good. >> boo-yah from e jersey shore, jim. >> where are youanging out? which beach? >> my beautiful wife olga said she ran into you at the mall >> how was i? was i lite? i try to be lite. i stroll the beaches andisit the mall. or like in coso where i got thisie. >> boo-yah to you, jim.
4:42 am
fromich in westfield, ssachusetts, not new jerse >> i tell you mething, westfield be us in swimming. you didn't have to bring iup. ruining my day, a perfectly good day. but what w this guy? we built, indeed, a spiceamid i think it's time to swap out mccormick. >>♪ tell me what you want wt you really wan♪ ♪ tell me wt you want what you really, really want ♪ >> do i press my luck? what do you think? america, what do you think? ♪ if you want to be my lover >> go ahead. america says go for it. ♪ friendship never ends that's definitely a loser. ♪ if you want to my lover >> man, i'm a sell of mccormick. ♪ that's the way it is >> not on fi. stith cramer. ♪ people the world >> that was some- i have never seen it hold up under th scrutiny
4:43 am
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i'veve nev m me a secret withth mloloveffair with all thin s srts, and more
4:46 am
importanany,y, a things philadelphia sportrts. particularly m my beveveeagles anmore importantly the w wldld ampion philadelphia phphileses. i' a alws been a fan. evev f frowhen i was a little y. i've always bebe a a biever that sportststeteamports, can define people in a posisiveve w. when i notice my heded f funis running at $50500 miioio if you didn't play tete s spos, i dndn hire you. didn't matter what schchool u u wewento,o, y weren't for me. why? because stocksks, niningtocks, like sports, is ababoumement totougess. it's aboututeveveruitting, it's about t peeveverce, it's about as i say over r d d ov and over ain every night on "mama money," staying g in t g ge. once in a blueue mn,n, y get soone who represents bototththe greatness and d valu o osports, someone who is the l lining embodiment of whatat i t talng about.t. someone whose values o of mealal toughness and the dederere t sueed and never give up hahave created a winning attitutude tt
4:47 am
pervadeses ahoholeeam just what i was looking for at m my hee e fufund wh's'so exciting about this s particulular oe e a blue moon plplayers s at he wears the ififm of the philadelphia a phillies. for those of you who k kno baselllli don't even have to say his name now. you knowow w i i'malking about. but for those who dodon' i i'm tatalkg g abt jimmy rawlins, the alstar mvp shortstop fororhehe phills. rollllinisis t inspiration bend the champs. he's the man w whoakakest happen.. the leadaderf f thteam that went all ththe walala year. someone e who pppps to be hot as pistol right now one o oththe reasasons e e ills are breaking away from m e e nlast pack. he gives youflawless defense and potent offense. you need them boththo o wiin stocks a as we a ain sports whh h ishy i'm bringing him onon "mad money." mmmmhas a game against thehe pirates. we w were ckckenough to have a w minutes with him. histyle of play is the m mt t applicable to what i t tea o on the show for anyny pyeyer the game andnd a g gamtoday. i gotoo say it, i can't waiait
4:48 am
for my dadado see the show, as both knonow jimmy llins is the main reasonee in philadelelphiat t st feelsls le winners in theheigig gameme, yef life. j. roll, welcome toto "mamomoy." how are you? >> talking about mentatal totohnhnes how not to get down on yourself. there e haveeeeetimes in your grgrt career you have beenen. i've b bn n taing about staying in the game. cacan yogigi "mad money" viewers your view about t enen y're do, when you had three t tghgh weeks in the m marke y y stay in ththe meme, ep your head up, continue to see the opportunities? >>ou know what, the first t thing you u ha d do know yourself. yoyou owow, u put yourself in a situation because you u belieded in somethihing d i'm sure just like in n the market, you knowow, enen i out ththere t t field every day this is somemethg g th i chose d do. and i unundersndndhat there's going to be days t that e e ass isrereen on the other side andnd there's goining toe e ys when ththe unundetorms come rolling in. but nono matr r at, you have to ayay fused on what the goal is, and that's finishihingt t th top. and, you knonow, wn n u get to
4:49 am
thtotowithout going through h the bottom first. you have to mountatain, kekehe lus,s, t licks, keep your eyeses on the pririzendnd y do that and you fifindouour y to the top que a bit. do you see the parallelels i e e beeen investing, which is s a tough gaga.. we just had three weekeks. we just had threre0 0 fo28 weweek if you know what i'm m talking about. >> i know what you're e taining about. >> we sit here, , weayay, u know wh, turn it off. i n't want to look at itit i dodon'wawanto be in the game. what do you u y y tohat guy? well, you do what youou d i i me, i put it this way -- after those 0-28 s strea, , u need to stst away andototorry abouout atat'soing on. you do t that,ououe going to ndnd yrself caught up in thehe everyday business s of tininto get itit bk k inne day. trying t to t t 30oints in one swg. it's imposossibl yoyogeget e hit at a time. d whatever that hit is w worth as long as it's going g a a positive directiti, , yotake it and d builononhat.
4:50 am
you're goioing tgegeto the point where you get t e e stds filled bebeuse you get one hit a a da two hihits d daynd you look forwd d that big moment. enenou do, you catch that t rhythm, you can ridedehahat ve for a lolong te.e. >> what hehe'salalki about is something i have t talkeababt on this show, yououavave clear yourur hea sometimes s ybybe ve to sell a loloofof sff, you have to feel like you'r're nogogog to be a loser every titimeouou'rat the plple.e. most importantlyly, st s snging for r e e fees, when you swing fofor e e fees, you lose all your money. i hahave l lotf people want to swing, be in t t h hotector, put l their chips out at t t s sam timethth's how you lose money.y. j. r rl,l, h did you come across "mad money"? w w you know what we do?? > actllll i was flipping thugh the channels. i watctch myv v ows, like to keke u up th politics, with the momonealthough i don't particularly own any s sckcks, li t tknow what's going on because that affects evevery american. i stst hpened to watch a show,w,
4:51 am
i'm like, , whisis ts guy? he gotot allhehe horns and he's scscamaminand telling people what to do. and, youou kw,w, ias like, wow, this dude is c crazyi'i' never seen anythininlilikehis, everybody is s sququotunquote profesession w wh the jacket and the ties and youou, u u ju out there, youou kw,w, jt flinging, icicher way it goes, it goeses it's pretty attracactive that's the way i thihi i invtors are today, espececlllly ung ones, we are just out ththere ke try ththistrtry at, try that. u u ki of give that feeling g but you u ha t thenowledge to tetelleoeoplwhat not to do. >>nenef the things i've beenen phasizing on the show, y you have to play defensese and offense. loloof people think that t the way yoyou keke mey is to just riskt t l. sasay u got to own the colgate,e,ouou he to own the proctor and gamblele i i rard emem le your fielding. you cacaotot w a game just at e e t. jimmy, do you u havenynying to asask a abo? >> y you kw w at, jim, i do. this is noththing ououthat. i want to know about youour ti
4:52 am
on the donald trtrumshshow >> well, you know, it't's interesting you asasththat there's a loloofof pple who feel ththatonald trump is a bit of f -- t tt t he too prideful, he is rger than life and cululvavate that image.. i saw the other dodoldld tmp, i saw a great dadad, g gre dad, i sathe charitable donald trtrump, i saw the quiet man thth c com back and makes y youeeeel od even if you'veve beecucufrom the team a and auyuy regarded as spspirional. you u n'n't e that side and maybe you don't t wa t to oject it but j. . rollhehe got it. >> yeah,h, m metim a couple timeananit's been nothing but t great. agree. hahavet seen the father sidede ofofim but seems to be a r rea great man and a trueue plllly y. yousus to work at the vet. you were thehe. . >> my time with phphilelelph -- my dad had world series s ticks
4:53 am
to t ' ' world series, we know what hapappeneththe. i woworkedn n e upper deck four yeyearselling ice cream and selling soda. my claim t tfafames when greg zazinsnskyadad aitch over the ceerer wl in june of 1977, i won the payoff for $1,1,00 how w ouout at. >hat's what's up. >> j. roll, good luck k tonit,t, mmmmrollins, he has got gagame i i wa p peoe to stay in the game. this man, yoyou n n len from, world champions,s, ietet ty're gogointo be repeating. ank you very much for r miming on the show.w. >>e have been on crusasade o th s sho >> you s skeke aut the uptick role. the s.e.c. tossedhehetotock toto virtualrere fire zone. i i he toononde in the kinds s eironment we have seen more rerecely, that i i m
4:54 am
veve -if it hadeen in fefectit mayave had se benefit. i rest my case.
4:55 am
4:56 am
don't be takenenn.n. earniningstata monday. i think this n novlulus ll put e right frame of mind d wi t the big quarter.r. i i li to say there's a bull rket somewhere, i promome e to fifi i it r you on "mad money." i'm jim cramer, have a arereat weekend. i'll see you mondaday.
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