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tv   Bloomberg Pursuits  Bloomberg  January 28, 2018 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> this is bloomberg pursuits where we show you how to live your best life and spend your money well. today, we take you for a drive in a ferrari grand turismo. >> this is the greatest ferrari to drive. plus, pursuits, ultimate holiday gift guide. >> we will be showcasing items from action sports to home of the court. home decor.
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intelligent luxury starts right now. hannah elliott has a tough job, she drives the most luxurious high-tech cars around a while for a living. hannah has an eye for the best of the best and she says the turbocharged ferrari gran turismo is a surprisingly thrilling drive that will get you hooked fast. >> when you hear the word ferrari, you think fast, maybe sleek or risque, not practical. ferrari is not the first car you take to pick up your christmas tree. that is exactly what i did. i drove a ferrari two hours outside of new york. i wanted to test out ferrari's practicality.
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>> let's go find you a perfect tree. we have douglas fir and norway spruce in here. >> this is great. >> so this is the one? let's do it. hannah: there isn't enough room for a tree, but it has all you need for this errand. it is higher off the ground than a standard ferrari. getting in and out wasn't the usual awkward struggle i usually have with low sports cars. i would even call this shockingly drivable. this is the perfect ferrari for people who love to drive, and i know that sounds crazy because it has a hatchback.
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it will compete with anything lamborghini or mclaren. it smooths out the car's response to unstable conditions like snow, ice or bumpy roads. i had this buying holiday decorations at target. we had the tree on the top. i had this in snow and ice and slush, and it performed so well. inside, the front feels like a very luxurious cockpit. the back is spacious enough for a couple of adults. it roars from 0-62 in 3.4 seconds. the top speed is 208 miles per hour. so why did ferrari make a practical car?
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to hold on to its most loyal fans. hang on ferrari fans, next year maybe santa will leave a prancing pony suv in the driveway. until then, this will do. >> is there a such thing as a perfect car? hannah elliott tells us the best coupe of the year is the mercedes gtr. she says when it comes to supercars, nothing beats the lamborghini aventador s. these beauties do not come cheap. most are upwards of $150,000. if you are racing between holiday parties and dinners, pursuits has a helpful guide to wines under $30. check it out. >> the season is upon us and
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everyone is thinking about what to pour at all of those holiday gatherings. i'm here to talk about the holidays. i picked three under $30. yes, $30. the first wine is a white. it is a 2016. it costs only $20. this is an exotic white varietal. what you need to know is that this wine is from an unusual varietal, and obscure varietals are very in right now. it has a fantastic aroma. it has lovely fruit flavors, which are very bright and crisp so that you feel the wine is
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bigger and richer and will go with something that is really quite serious. now we are ready for the red. it is the 2014 from bordeaux and it cost $27. classic bordeaux's do not all cost less than $100 and have to be aged for decades. this is made from 100% merlot and is ready to drink. let's test. it has lovely plum aromas just the way a bordeaux is supposed to. also, charming fruit that is really delicious along with silky tannins. because it is so fruity and easy to drink, it will go with everything from roast turkey to a juicy prime rib. it is perfect for wine snobs to
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sip at a cocktail party. this is from california and it is only $25. it is a blend of chardonnay and pinot noir and it was aged in 19th-century caves. bubbles are essential for the holidays and festive in a glass. the smell of this is like just-baked brioche. and the flavors are so refreshing. keep a few bottles in the fridge for when friends stop by or when you need to perk yourself up while you are cooking. cheers. >> up next, better hurry to that auction house, this painter may be on the road to being the next multimillion dollar artist.
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>> welcome back to bloomberg pursuits, a celebration of the finer things in life. you can find us online on
5:41 am and in every issue of bloomberg businessweek. bloomberg pursuits loves to highlight artists on the rise and a reporter says michael is an artist that investors love. while he has remained under the radar in the broader art world, his collectors are prestigious and loyal. other painters love him. his work challenges perceptions of what a painting can look like. currently you can buy a painting of his for tens of thousands, or a drawing for under $10,000. at least one art dealer tells pursuits that his paintings will eventually sell for $1 million. speaking of unique takes on art, the founder showed bloomberg pursuits how he creates his installations. >> there is an inherent attraction to light and being human.
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i think on a very deep psychological level, light has this way in which we experience the energy surrounding us in a very personal matter. my name is matt, i am the founder of lite brite neon studio and we manufacture, produce and restore neon works of art and design. origins of the creative content comes from a variety of sources. some people come with adobe illustrator files and we ask for the design team to come together to create layouts of what it might look like and we create a template. that paper template actually becomes our guide for what you bend the neon to.
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we take from the office into the glass shop. we pick out the right size tubing for the right size project. from there we heat up the glass tubing. the torches heat the glass in excess of 1000 degrees in order to get into its mold. we heat up and bend the glass tubing to match the template. one of our chandeliers has over 100 different bends in it, so each one of those has to be marked for our events. we have to allow the glass to cool so it can he packed up and molded. it turns into spaghetti and we have to make sure that that light backs up to the core in the template. we connect our mouths to the
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tubes and create a vacuum that is closed and we can control the pressure. there is just a variety of challenges that come up inherently in working with glass. glass can crack due to stress, sometimes you will have a batch that all it wants to do is crack. after we bend various components, we have to go in using a cross layer and hand torch and weld all of those pieces together. the last step is to weld electrodes onto either end. each one of those steps is very specific. i draw inspiration from so many different experiences. it is hard to come up with one thing that is particular. one of the ways i am able to connect with the creative is to float.
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floating is a similar experience to meditation and psychedelics, going into a blackened room and laying in a body of water heated to your body temperature and it allows for all external stimulation to fall away. your internal world begins to bubble up. fitbit in you really get to experience a different relationship to your mind. i think i work with neon because i can't not work with it. it is so challenging and so rewarding. those things are so intertwined that there is no way of separating it out.
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you learn so much by working with it, and you have so much by working with it, i find some of the inspiration in working with it and i just continue to experience new and different things through the medium. it is that close to me. once the tube is completed, we have to poke it up to our manifold for bombarding. the manifold is open, the vacuum is drawn, we check the tube thoroughly with our tests. tests.we close the tube back off and we heat it up using a very large and powerful transformer. as the tube is heated up, it releases anything that is not inert inside the tube. we introduce the gap into it. i think my favorite part of
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making the neon light is when i see it light up for the first time. differentgases emit wavelengths of light. it is a very bright orange, fiery red. it creates some very intense blue, but that light that is then produced can be a different wavelength by coating the inside of the tubes with the phosphor coating. it emits a different wavelength. we bring it over to the aging table where we hook it up to an aging transformer and allow it to settle. there is always a stray particle of something left inside the tube. that time that the oxide coating can act to scrub whatever is left inside the tube while things are getting settled into place. once the tubes are aged in, we
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move on to our process of assembling two halves of the fixture together and going up the center of the fixture. once the adhesive dries, we would connect the wires from the fixture together into a transformer. then we turn it on. part of what we love about what we do is we try to put out into the world the kind of things that we would like to see. i still am surprised that i am excited when i see it illuminated. there is a quality to it. there is this inside to the inner workings of the universe, it literally is. it is a way of looking at what is surrounding tonight.
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>> up next, how to master the delicate art of the do-nothing winter vacation, plus, the pursuit holiday gift guide. ♪
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♪ >> welcome back to bloomberg pursuits, the concierge for the most sophisticated lifestyles. you can find us online at and in every issue of bloomberg businessweek. it is a request travel experts get more often than you think. what if a person wants to go somewhere wintry and just do-nothing? jen murphy gave us a helpful guide, she says to go storm chasing on vancouver island. from november through february, 30 foot swells and gale force winds lash the western shores, putting on an awesome show for guests. or, head to bavaria where you can relax gazing at snowcapped alps. or you can get cozy in vermont.
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this is an 18th-century farmhouse/ go sledding and then thaw out in the japanese spaw and then chow down on souffle pancakes. pursuits makes holiday shopping much easier with holiday gift guides. here is chris rouser. >> i am chris, i am here to tell you about our annual holiday gift guide. we will be showcasing items from action sports 200 core. -- to home decor. these are the ods 1's in headphones. the sound quality is great, what you will really love about them is the build quality. each of them is covered with these leather sheathes. the buds are this brushed aluminum. people won't know if you spent $360 but you will know and that
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is what matters. can you guess what it is? the toast toaster. it is an italian design and this is one of those cheeky gems from the design store that everyone loves getting as a gift. it does a great job of toasting your toaster. it also adds a statement to your kitchen. this next gift is a great one for anyone that has a family. this is a traveler's map which is made by a company called conquest in columbus, ohio. what you are supposed to do is take one of these pens and mark every time you're going to any place in the world. this is one of those gifts that grows over the years because the more you travel, the more it becomes a record of having memories with your family. if you have a friend that is a bit more analog in their outdoor pursuits, you can get them these 42 millimeter binoculars. everything is top-of-the-line from the material to the ergonomic way they are made.
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they have a good weight to them. they start at $2800 which means they are best for bird enthusiasts who are very enthusiastic. a gopro is on every gift guide and that is because it is a great present. it is good for people who like to make videos of family trips and kids who like to make films with their friends and for people who like outdoor sports like skiing. this is 60 frames per second which is a total next level for gopro. it also shoots video wirelessly from the device into your phone and then posts it to social media. a must-have for adventure sports fans. this is one of the gifts i've been most excited about every since it hit the market over the summer. this is the louis vuitton horizon smart watch. it is the first and only really great smart watch from a fashion brand. most importantly for a fashionable smart watch, it looks great. it has everything you need in a
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smart watch, fitness tracking, text message and email alerts, everything you want, it has beautiful watch faces which are customizable and changeable. if you want to get away from the apple watch look, this is a device that looks and feels like a regular watch. ok, now for the best, this desk clock. these guys are clock makers in switzerland. they collaborated to make this device, which is obviously inspired by an octopus but also by one of the submarines from the james cameron film "abyss". it comes in three different color waves, with 50 versions of each. there are only 150 that will ever be made. this comes in at the top of the price range for a gift this year at $36,000.
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that wraps it up for our holiday picks this season. we hope you were inspired to think of creative ways to celebrate your family and friends. >> find more bloomberg pursuits online at and in every issue of bloomberg businessweek. more bloomberg television starts now. ♪
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♪ emily: i am emily chang and this is the "best of bloomberg technology." coming up, twitter's ceo makes his exit. the ceo of uber plans to put the ride-hailing giant on the road to profitability. highlights from his conversation. amazon go is open for business. we open the doors for an inside look at the brick-and-mortar convenience store.


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