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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  February 16, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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john: with all due respect to askedy clinton, if you bernie sanders supporters how bernie's campaign is going, this is what they will tell you -- >> pretty, pretty, pretty, good. ♪ john: we have a good show for you tonight. we are outside the thomas cooper library on the campus of the university of south carolina where we sat down with bernie sanders earlier today. we will show you our conversation with them on the supreme court and much much more in the program. in case you missed it on presidents' day, this is what
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bill clinton said about bernie momentum and having a similar effect on the democratic party that the tea party movement had on republicans. altogethert mysterious that there are a lot of people that say, well, the republican party rewarded the , just tell people what they want to hear, move them to the right and we will be rewarded, except they did not get anything done. then that has gone on in our party now. john: today, we asked bernie sanders to respond. want to asked something bill clinton said yesterday, he seemed to compare it your supporters and your movement to the tea party. he said the tea party leaders told people what they want to do here i did not get anything done
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and they were politically polarizing. i wonder what you think of the comparison between you and the tea party. >> i think it is unfortunate, and some of the things resident clinton has been saying are unfortunate. i understand he is trying to do his best to get his wife to win the nomination and become president. my wife is doing her best to try to get me to become president. we should not be making silly remarks. john: is there a comparison? we discussed this with you before, the skepticism that you are telling people things they want to hear. >> i am telling people things they want to hear. people want jobs, health care, educational opportunities for the kids. they want employment change. they want the wealthiest people to pay their fair share of taxes. that is what i'm telling people. on every one of those issues, that is exactly what the american people want. what the right wing says is what the american people really want is to cut social security and give tax breaks to be universe
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and cut medicare and medicaid. according to the right-wing, climate change is a hoax. the difference is what i tell people is what i believe is true, and you look at the polling, due to people want the wealthier folks in this country stupid -- country to start to paying their fair of taxes? yes. should be raise the minimum wage? yes. that is what the american people want. what we are doing is saying to the american people, it is about time congress listen to you and your needs and your demands. john: just to put a button on this, you would reject no clinton's comments? >> -- bill clinton's comments? >> i would say that is fair. john: we will have more of his topics later in the program. we have been saying for years voters get 2-for-1 with bill clinton and hillary, but how was bernie sanders dealing with this? mark: not in the way barack
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obama did in 2008. you will recall that they did a similar kind of thing to barack obama in 2008, starting in the new hampshire primary like this year and continuing through the nevada caucuses, like this year. barack obama flipped the script and got inside bill clinton's head by making a suggestion that ronald reagan had been a transformation that bill clinton had not been. that made him crazy and pushed them over. bernie sanders is not playing a game with bill clinton and allowing him to get under his skin. john: he exploded there as you saw. bernie sanders has improved so much as a candidate and i do not think his nature is to get crazy. get to that,ally but i totally agree with you. he is basically frustrated and a little annoyed at bill clinton, but he is not engaging back. if you look at the history, if you let no clinton run free, he can inflict damage. mark: he also has, especially
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when it comes to his wife, has huge psychological ballmer abilities that can be exploited by a clever candidate or campaign. brilliantly,most but others have done it in the past as well as people locally in the state. has toners campaign believe -- the sanders campaign has to believe that bill clinton can be beaten. endorsement for bernie sanders was able to get in bill clinton's had in the past. it will see -- it will be interesting to see what they do. for this toaiting happen in the south carolina primary. let's get to the big stories that involves all three branches of government. president obama spoke to reporters today for the first time, announcing he will nominate someone to replace justice scalia on the supreme court. republicans are so angry about this, there is not in a motion
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to describe this. the senate's recent history of what he calls obstructionism, there is more than enough time for the senate to consider the nominee that he presents and make a decision. this afternoon, hillary clinton was in new york city and made a played racially accusation about how republican street president obama. passingce scalia's means support hangs in the balance. the republicans say they will reject anyone president obama nominates, no matter how qualified. some are even saying he does not have the right to nominate anyone. as if somehow he is not the real president. [applause] keepingnow, that is in with what we have heard all along isn't it? many republicans talk in racial language about thieves and losers. they demonize president obama
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and show the ugliest impulses of the friends. -- fringe. this has no place in our country. this is a huge story. what's talk about as many as we can in the time we have. john: a big development today. the head of the judiciary committee says we should not even be considering and a nominee says, maybe i will have a hearing. republicans say it is their choice as to whether to have a hearing or filibustered the nomination. i think president obama will nominate someone that republicans will have a difficult time to turn down. i think a lot of the american will be hard-pressed to find a problem with the nominee. mark: the republican position is
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ridiculous, the idea that there should be no nominee put forth. the republicans want to filibuster and they had the power to do that. the president should fill this constitutional prerogative and put forth a nominee. they should play the political game and put some out there that is well-qualified. of a strawman,it because the president is obviously going to nominate someone. the republicans will face a choice. do they schedule a hearing and then give a filibuster? it is a long way away. mark: many of the republicans say it will be back. again, they say it and it will be ridiculous. president obama should do what he is going to do. if republicans want to take the guy down, let them do that. let them pay the political consequences as well. you know the saying, what happens in vegas gets reported on twitter, at least today leading up to the nevada caucuses. we are covering the republican primary and 2100 miles away, the people in nevada are getting
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ready for the democratic caucus on saturday. you were there in nevada this weekend, so what is going on out there? john: the race has gotten close. there is no doubt talking to people in both camps, hillary clinton had a big lead in the state, but bernie sanders is picked up union support from hispanics as well. hillary clinton cancels or florida appearance to go there and campaign a day before. it is a no-win situation for hillary clinton. if she wins, people will think that is expected, but if she loses it will be a big upset. it is such a weird and unpredictable event, no one knows what is going to happen until it happens. hampshire, the sanders people were openly saying that they had a chance to win the nevada caucuses. that is not the kind of thing a campaign would do unless they had a chance to win. they worsen saying, we could win these caucuses. i think the combination -- they
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were saying, we could win these caucuses. i think the combination of sanders'support for working-class whites and hispanics, there is an easy way he can win the caucus. he does not have to win 50% or 60%, he gets 30% of hispanics, there is an easy map that gets him the win. economicrnie sanders' message has a favorable play there. of the daythe word and why donald trump and marco rubio cannot stop using it. we will be right back. ♪
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♪ john: since that rocking and rolling republican debate saturday night in greenville, accusations of the l word have been flying fast. you do not believe me, just listen to what donald trump and marco rubio saying over the past 72 hours about ted cruz. trump: you are the biggest liar. you are probably worse than jeb bush. this guy will say anything. marco rubio: this guy has just been telling lies. he is lying. trump: you cannot lie and hold office. he consistently lies. rubio: he lied about my position on marriage, my record
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on planned parenthood. donald trump: he is a liar. absolute liar. ted cruz is a liar. he has a mental problem. ted cruz is a liar. he has a problem. marco rubio he is lying and i think it is the starting. i said that at the debate. donald trump: he lies about everything. tell our audience the truth, what is this liar, liar thing all about? mark: there's something going on here with a sense that marco rubio donald trump feel ted cruz is stingy with the truth. ted cruz does not lie. he may oversimplifying, but he is not lie. i think the issue here is that ted cruz am a they feel his phone ability is on character -- vulnerability is on character. and went after his plans
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his role in washington, and they did not cut it. there is something here on his character to attack and they will try to make that their case. john: donald trump is that 38 points. he, by all accounts a public polling has a big lead. ted cruz is kind of between trump and rubio. --io knows why they are calling him a liar, it seems odd because it is a very negative word. it allows ted cruz to take the high ground. tohink what rubio is doing try to basically say, let's bring the guy a liar, i do not think it is going to work. one of the things voters are uncertain about is whether ted cruz is trustworthy, and where they are getting that from , as he comes across on
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television or they see him in the ad -- john: i think what they are plenty in the research is that people do trust him and they're trying to break him. they are not going out for weakness, they are going after strength. i think they are trying to undermine his slogan. mark: jeb bush is confronting conflicting views. he delivered arguably his best debate performances we can, but among south carolina voters, he came in at 5%, just 5% when asked who won the debate on saturday night. that is alright though. yesterday, he brought up the most powerful weapon in his arsenal, his brother george w. bush. >> we need to nominate someone who can win in november. [applause] bush: all of the slogans and all the talk do not matter if we do not win. we need someone who can take a positive message across the entire country, someone who can
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inspire and appeal to people from all walks of life, not just one party or one class of people. jeb will listen to the forces of the disenfranchised. he will rise above the petty name-calling, and once elected, he will not need a poll or focus group to tell them how to think or do. was 43 whoight, that is at the state for 12 hours. he was on tv and radio ads and all over the place. despite all of that, there has been no indication that this is helping the jeb branch of the family tree. is, is southor you carolina still bush country or are we in bush fatigue? saw it at the event today. he is not setting the state on fire. he may come out here stronger to move forward, but even some of his harshest critics said this
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was a great debate, but the fact that people did worse than ben carson, last in the bait is very dire. -- debate, is very dire. there is clearly strong resistance to this bush and a third bush. mark: the republican electorate is not hungry for the bush brand of dog food. it has been true throughout. last night, i was at that event in the room had a very nice crowd, polite crowd and a lot of people there. as i wandered around and spoke to people, a lot of people were there to see george w. bush, and a lot of them would say, i am not sure i am voting for jeb. i like rubio, i liked trump, i like kasich. i ran into few people in the room who said they were for jeb. i feel that is very problematic. up next, we asked bernie sanders about what litmus test he could
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use when nominating a supreme court justice. his answer, when we come back. ♪
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♪ mark: bernie sanders often spends time in the russell senate office building on capitol hill. today, he was at a different building, the russell house on the usc campus. this is how his afternoon when we spoke to students, telling them in an overflow room that a win here with send a message to the rest of the country. then, he was introduced by the daughter of eric garner at a town hall in a smaller auditorium and then he went up a flight of stairs and sat down with us. we started our conversation
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talking about race. john: i'm wondering how you compare the agenda of black lives matter and other civil rights groups today with the civil rights movement of the 1960's. bernie sanders: let me answer that, so that when we started this campaign we were like 3% polling nationally, way behind in iowa and new hampshire. we made up a lot of ground. we started this campaign 60, 70 points down in south carolina, almost no support in the african-american community. we still have a long way to go . in terms of your question, i was fortunate enough as a young man to be at the march on washington with dr. king. as you may recall was called the march for jobs and freedom.
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what he understood is you needed societylive in a free and to have income. you needed to have economic dignity as well as legislation and the law which guaranteed you political freedom. matter where black lives has played an important role is reminding many of us that we really do not understand fully what goes on in african-american communities in terms of relationships with police. i think what we have seen now in recent years is the american people, black and white getting tired of seeing unarmed people killed by police officers when they should not have been killed. we are tired of seeing african americans arrested at much higher levels for the same crimes as whites. i think there is no a focus on criminal justice, on asking why
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we have so many people in jail, the rate of recidivism is so high and we are still combating police brutality, why police departments do not look like the diversity of the communities they serve areas those are some of -- they serve. those are some of the differences. ways you say is sanders administration will be better for race waves than in obama administration -- then in obama administration, explain what your analysis of why it is that race relations have not improved more and he last 74 last under barack obama -- seven years under barack obama. what is your analysis? is a goodders: it question, and i do not know the answer. what i do know is the
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african-american community is tired of police harassment. the african-american community is tired of seeing their people, african americans arrested four times the rate of whites for the possession of marijuana. they are tired of seeing schools deteriorate. they are tired, and this ties in with the economy, of seeing the country make significant gains after the wall street crash, but they have not made the kinds of gains. president obama responsible? bernie sanders: i do not want to get into president obama. he has faced a lot of conflict. this guy has gone on for years and years. president obama is not perfect. i do not know anyone who is. he has tried.
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if you want some of to blame, look at the unprecedented level of obstructionism we have had from the republican congress. mark: you raise the question of upper -- all they were ,eplacement for justice scalia you wouldyone nominate would have to be in favor of turning over citizens united. i think this is a litmus test. how is that different from the litmus test that republicans apply if they say they will only appoint a supreme court justice who is for overturning roe versus wade, is there a difference between those litmus tests? sanders: i could say i want a supreme court justice to believe everything i have written, and that is not what i am saying. i am saying this issue of citizens united is so
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fundamental to the future of this country. this is democracy. right now, what we are seeing in this campaign with people like the koch brothers, wall street and other billionaires buying elections. if we allow them to buy elections then you do not have a democracy. this is one issue that i am saying, yes, i want my nominee to be loud and clear that he or she would vote to overturn citizens united. it goes without saying, i am pro-choice. not terribly likely i will be nominating someone who is anti-choice, etc. this is a litmus test in the because i'm worried about the future of american democracy. john: more of our conversation with bernie sanders after this word from our sponsors.
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♪ mark: now to part two with senator bernie sanders. john: are people like justice
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theyr, justice kagan are far enough to the left as you would like them to be, or they -- or are they part of the establishment? bernie sanders: i would like everyone to think exactly like i do, but i do not think that will happen. the answer is, had they done a good job? i think they have. i think the only difference is they actually live in the real world and know what is going on in the real world. john: you think of people would want to say, what kind of people would president sanders nomine, you would dominate people exactly like them, not too conservative? mark: are there particular jurists who you admire? are often to consult on foreign policy, and this is a similar question. are their names of people you the kind ofhis is
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person i would nominate to a supreme court questio? bernie sanders: i would choose one i respect a lot. there are others. wonder if you think it is ever appropriate for the president to lie to the american people? bernie sanders: i should hope not. i think what there has to be in terms of the relationship with the government to the people is a level of trust, so i would hope that a person of the united states would -- the president of the united states would tell the truth to the american people. where ther times president has lied that has been particular damaging? , inie sanders: we have seen do not think we have to go much further back than the war in iraq. i think there was a lot of misinformation coming out of the
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white house on weapons of mass distraction which has led to a bigger disaster. have the nevada caucuses coming up on saturday on the democratic side. you have spent some time out there and talked about immigration and other issues that are important to hispanic americans. what are the tangible differences between you and hillary clinton on issues that face the hispanic community specifically? things were you are demonstrably ?ifferent bernie sanders: i am going to fight for congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform. i will pick up where president obama left off and try to use the executive power under the presidency in order to unite families and not continue to see them divided.
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i think the secretary and i have a difference on how we treat the child refugees who came from guatemala. i think she thought they should be sent back, and i thought they should be allowed to get their citizenship. john: it is fair to say on the question of immigration reform, there is really no real distinction between the two of you. bernie sanders: that very well may be the case. part of getting elected is people believing you can get elected. since the new hampshire primary, what is your sense on how people are treating you in that respect? bernie sanders: your point is well taken. one of the obstacles we have had from day one as people say, i really love your ideas and you are right on all of these issues, but i cannot vote for you because i do not think you can win. if people hold that attitude, you will never win. what we have seen in the last few months is a real increase in
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support, all across this country , in iowa some of the polls had a 50 points down and we ended up virtually tied. in new hampshire, we were 30 points done and we won with a big sweep. carolina,ate, south the report that had us in single digits. i do not know if we are going to win here or not, but if we do not, we will make it awfully close. we have the momentum, no question about that. john: i think it is clear from the past debates that things have escalated in terms of intensity and the velocity in the frequency of criticism back-and-forth. bernie sanders: the media is overjoyed. i cannot be happier. john: i wonder how you feel. i know you said you wanted to be about issues, but would you like the personal nature to be brought down? bernie sanders: we have tried. what gets me annoyed, as you
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know as well as everybody, how often i am asked, how vulnerable secretary clinton is. people say, bernie, why do not attacker on this? i have chosen not to do this. i have chosen to focus on the real issues. when i get attacked i secretary or someone in her campaign, that is very annoying. we will do our best. i will tell you what, i'm going to tell you what i believe. number two, i think people want you to be not just yelling and demagogy and attacking your opponent, but they want you to understand what they are going through. that is what we will stay focused on. mark: donald trump basically calling everyone a liar.
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do you feel as though secretary clinton or her campaign has lied about you in any way? distorted? bernie sanders: the answer is, yes. to compare our campaign to the republican campaign would be absurd. other areas in your campaign where you feel they have lied on? or misrepresent a question mark ted?ie sanders bernie sanders: yes, the idea that i want to do away with people's health care after fighting for universal health care my entire career. they say i will do away with medicaid. obviously what medicare for all is about is provided health care for all of our people, stronger health care for all of our people. when the secretary puts an ,dd-on implying -- ad on
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implying bernie sanders is attacking planned parenthood, i think they are one of the greatest organizations in america. i am not attacking them. lobby?otecting the gun yeah, really. i have an opposition to the nra. thankfully, this is not reach the level of the republicans. john: i want to bring up the topic of attacks and escalation, because your campaign puts out press releases that are critical. do you participate in the back-and-forth? i wonder if you're comfortable with this level of back-and-forth that your campaign participates in? bernie sanders: if we get attacked, we are going to respond. if someone says i am attacking planned parenthood when i happen
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to think it is an important organization in america and a strong supporter, we will respond. if we are attacked, we will respond. i would hope and believe that what the american people deserve is a discussion of the issues that are important to them, and also, nothing wrong with this, the differences of opinions that the secretary and i have, our voting records. she voted for the war in iraq and i voted against it. if i make that point to you, is that being negative? john: are you proving to voters that you are tough enough to fight back politically? is that happening? bernie sanders: you are looking at someone who has taken on every interest in the united states of america. i do not think people need to worry about my toughness. ,here is one thing to be rude to run in ugly and negative campaign and that is something else. mark: as you head into the next
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couple of contest, what worries you, what concerns you? amazing,nders: what is and you have to be in this process to really appreciate this. in my whole life, i have run for office in the state of vermont. election day comes, and the election is over, we won. that is great. iowa, a virtual tie in and that night we are on a plane to new hampshire. we won in new hampshire and we are on a plane to go to nevada and south carolina. we are going to michigan, minnesota. it is a never ending process. at the end of the day, what is it about -- what it is about, as much as winning or losing the -- newre, south carolina hampshire, south carolina it is
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about winning delegates. to win this thing and we are going to be paying attention. john: your fear is what? aunderstand that it's compelling description of what is happening to you, but what do you fear? bernie sanders: i guess i am not afraid. i guess the answer question, there is just a lot of work and we need to do it well. running 15 elections , this is noty easy. i hope and believe that our team is doing a great job and we are just going to work on this awesome challenge. we are feeling pretty good. our thanks to bernie sanders who is not afraid. up next, everything you wanted to know about the supreme court
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but were afraid to ask. you can listen to us as well on bloomberg radio. we will be right back.
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♪ john: whenever we are in the market for the best historians, we shop at the best store. we are joined now with our reporter from -- kaw lake from washington -- colleague from washington. what are the implications if no one is confirmed? now, thisrt right
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term has a lot of issues on its plate, abortion, immigration and a lot of other things. this means that conservatives are not going to win any sweeping victories on those issues. the longer issue is it depends on the case. would leave a prounion decision that says public-sector workers can be forced to pay for representation. it would mean you leave intact the lower court decision that strikes down obama's plan for deportation format -- mark: what does that mean and the other scenario where he gets his nominee confirmed? how bad is that for conservatives if that happens? pretty big. keep in mind we are talking about one of the most conservative justices on the court. even getting a moderate on the court would swing issues.
8:45 pm
we are talking about citizens united, the second amendment, voting rights, school integration plans. potentially, we are talking about the death penalty. we have to justices who say it is unconstitutional and not on conceivable to think that with another democratic appointed justice, we could have five who say the death penalty is unconstitutional. john: thank you so much. we appreciate that. coming up, we deconstruct the state and vinegar will be involved.
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♪ mark: we sit on our reporter
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roundtable. it is good to see you both. what is going on? had a niceanders walk and charleston trying to a plea deal -- appeal to black voters. hillary clinton a fiery speech in new york city. they took a walk in charleston. he had four events in one day it is crunch time for bernie sanders. john: we see how much momentum is helping him in nevada, how much is it helping him here? he is making inroads with the african-american community, which will be more than half of the vote in the primary. the question is, can he close the gap before the primary date? i do see support among young people, and he has built a coalition amongst young
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african-americans and going to black colleges and universities in the area. , after therically 2008 primary, that was not the case, not just because barack obama was an african-american, but because clinton had some issues. we come back, and it is eight years later, what in the world -- how in the world other returning to clinton? on the issues, they are virtually the same. i have talked to a lot of people, especially older women in the african-american community who told me they were all for hillary being nominated in 2008, but then barack obama came along, presented a historic opportunity to put an african-american in the white house and a switch to him. i have had multiple people tell me they are returning to her. the nextking beyond two contests, he could win in
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nevada and do really well here and beat expectations. let's say she wins in nevada and blows it out here. what does the sanders campaign do in march if he has a bad to contest in a row? >> i think the question is what does the margin look like in nevada? they know that they will have a serious hurdle. one of my major questions for the sanders campaign is how are they expanding across the map. it is about to get way bigger. we know they have the money to be on television, but i have yet to see solid evidence that they are working hard on the ground in enough places. my other question, is there a superdelegate strategy, because that is something that will become much, much harder if those things come true. this could break her back if they so overwhelm her in march. mark: this is crunch time for
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sanders, as you say. yet, after he does his event is going to fly home to vermont. what is going on there? is he just tired that he needs a day off? >> he has had a persistent cough for a pretty long time. you know better than anybody, that this process is extraordinarily grueling, and to a certain extent, you have to balance your performances and taking time off. therly, they have made calculation that this is a better way for him to spend his time. john: donald trump a debate performance that was controversial. campaigns claimant donald trump was hurt by the debate, but the poll does not show that. >> you're right. there is another poll that straddles the debate.
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it still shows and with a commanding lead though. i think what voters may be looking at is how well the other candidates can do to break into cruz's second-place. i spent time with voters yesterday, and the sense was, i spoke to one woman who said she loves marco rubio and would love to vote for him, but she is thinking about voting for ted cruz simply based on that he may have the best shot at beating donald trump. i think for the gop race, i think we still need to look at polls coming in the next couple of days to see if the debate performance really hurt him, that so far it does not appear it has. mark: on the republican race, you have jeb bush who has made no move in the state whatsoever. what does this do to his candidacy if he ends up in a distant fourth or fifth? >> they have been surprised at
8:52 pm
how difficult this has been. they got almost no support out of the debate. i think they are looking at john kasich, trying to see if his move to michigan is going to be helpful. again to them is the margin and how far behind is he, and if they all end up in this pilot, can he keep going to the addition -- pile up, can he keep going to the additional states? they are getting more and more pessimistic as this goes along. john: is there someone who has momentum? >> watch ben carson. he could eat into ted cruz's vote. john: does anyone seem hot? >> i do not know if anyone other than ted cruz is hot right now, but i would go back to marco rubio as the one candidate who
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can actually unify the party, at least that is the message she is trying to sell and he is the one closest to ted cruz. john: good to see you both. with whoe right back won this particular day in history. ♪
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♪ john: who want today? mark: people who are dainty about politics, but hillary clinton today by injecting into the race of the supreme court, that will go down very well. i think she won the day. john: donald trump on the day.
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there was something that said he was fading in a state, but public poll suggests otherwise. today is looking very strong for donald trump. there is a great story online about how bernie sanders might just be gaining on hillary clinton in the silver state. you can check that out as well as our full interview with bernie sanders today. mark: coming up, emily chang talks to attack ceo about the technology sector. we will be back here tomorrow and all week. until then, we will say to you now, sayonara. ♪
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