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tv   BBC News  BBC News  June 29, 2021 6:45pm-7:01pm BST

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a great win for a visitor one day. a great win for ba . a visitor one day. a great win for barty. mannarino _ a visitor one day. a great win for barty. mannarino is _ a visitor one day. a great win for barty. mannarino is up. - a visitor one day. a great win for barty. mannarino is up. it - a visitor one day. a great win for. barty. mannarino is up. it continues light on the bbc at the moment. serena williams still to come this evening. plenty of tennis to look forward to. all eyes out the moment. england are 2—0 up. harry kane scored for england it is to happen here with a few minutes ago. you can see the first goal on your screen now. it is raheem sterling. he said that i -- now. it is raheem sterling. he said that i —— but life pictures. it is 2-0. that i —— but life pictures. it is 2—0. two minutes ago. it seems like the match effectively 2— 02 minutes ago. england is looking good the progress from the last year and they have not won a knockout game in 90 minutes so this could be a momentous occasion for them against the old enemy, germany. so far looking very good at the moment. we can see the
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goals i believe now. let's have a look at the first goal. raheem sterling, no gold, i beg your pardon. that is looking very good indeed right now for england. we should keep you updated with that but first let's take a check on the tour de france. being at the tour was special enough. and ended years of heartbreak by claiming the fourth stage and is they will be remembered. when you have fought back from illness and thought your career might be over, this is their relief after proving people wrong. mark had not written in the tour de france since 2018. he has not won a stage for five years. he was only called up less than a week before to replace an injured team—mates. nice flat stage was the perfect place for his comeback and to finish one where he tasted victory in 2015. he had
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not forgotten how to do it. the running was brutal as dependent on was split apart trying to chase down alone breakaway and caught with just alone breakaway and caught with just a few hundred yards to go. locked onto its target, it was mission accomplished. chairs and tears all around. this stage ring putting him in his beloved greenspring sprinters jersey and 13 years after his first circuit victory he had been hoping this is not his last. england betrayed america in their first one—day international. chris woakes put in a man—of the match performance taking four wickets at sri lanka were limited to 185 from their 50 over joe root then excelled with the bat, his unbeaten 79 in just 87 balls steered england to a five—wicket win. the second 0di is on
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thursday at the 0val. we're approaching the final whistle of 90 minutes, at wembley... england against germany... they are winning and we can cross thejohn watson who is not that one before us. what is the atmosphere at the moment? it's unbelievable as you can imagine here at wembley with england taking the lead through the writing starting goal and it was the substitute that really made a difference providing that pass that provided the assist for raheem sterling to score his third goal of this training. he has been to me none so farfor this training. he has been to me none so far for england and as we know has been criticised in the past for failing to perform for england but he has done so in this tournament and then they needed that crucial goal. it looked as though at one stage germany would have equalised from his mother was put through and he had a great opportunity. he hit the target and it was all to jack again providing the cross for harry kane to score his first goal of the tournament and what a crucial goal that could be. raheem sterling with their first and
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as things stand just minutes away england from booking their place in the quarterfinals of the year by 2020. what a story this would be. so many attempts england have tried to be germany in a knockout match of a major training in the past and they failed to do so in 1966. the last time they beat germany in a big day a big tournament in the major training. they 1a attempts and then and failed every single occasion but it appears it could be the fifth time lucky for england what is the radius would be. as we know, england out of expectation and leading into this tournament after what they produced at the world cup making it through the semifinals and if that was a surprise what was garrett southgate and the england team going to produce? this is going to be a real test of their credentials in this tournament. there was criticism about the way they played and the manner of those victories in the
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group stage. where they ready to hit were ready to beat some of the biggest teams in this tournament. it came in the face of germany and as things stand they seem to have an that question and practically with those two second—half goals. i minutes or so left in injury time. what does it look like for england going forward for the rest of the 29th? should this close—out? you have to say, it will open up for england. germany was of this needed big test awaiting them in the last 60 and then knew it england were the top they knew it england right atop a way to face the second best team in the so—called group which contain france, portugaland in the so—called group which contain france, portugal and germany and it was germany of course that went on to face england but germany only minutes from going out of the trainings were it not for that draw against hungary. if england to hold onto this victory it will be either sweden or the ukraine in the
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quarterfinals and then if you can but beyond that to the semifinals the czech republic or denmark in the last four. england as we now have them be tended czech republic but if there is one thing we have seen in this tournament so far is that that there are shocks and surprises and there are shocks and surprises and there have been many. we have seen there have been many. we have seen the world cup winners, france exit is tournament and portugal exit this tournament and the world cup finalists and collation to go out and the netherlands as well who were one of the fancy sites to challenge by the title this year and they have been plenty of upset and slipped it in beating fan —— france but now it's england arguably who will be the favourites to go on and left the title. the final whistle is gone here at wembley at garrett southgate celebrates what is a huge moment for him and his team. phenomenal stuff. huge smiles on the pitch. harry kane
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and the raheem sterling embracing the goal scorers, what a special moment for them not least the because of the criticism he faced despite his performance is for his club this season. he had been criticised having failed to score in any of the group games but he has produced when england needed him most. as has raheem sterling. a brilliant performance from both of them and garrett southgate now, some pressure lifted by the time being at if you know that there are bigger tests as well. i say bigger tests, more tests come but is a huge result for him in his career and for england as leading to 29. a massive win indeed. that is a humongous win for england as you are saying. for garrett southgate this is almost as almost redemption in la. he missed the crucial penalty when england went out of the semifinals pages. he will be happy today, how much credit you should take? i think garrett southgate knows that it was like to
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miss that penalty. he knew the pressure and the burden that he show that as a result of that. here we are 25 years on still talking about his penalty mess. that's something he had to live with for a long time. he was very keen and the players at any of that hysteria which comes with england performing a major trainings, not least against germany and he's very good with that calm head and a cool hand and he seemed to take the pressure of his players and he was very keen to stress that they were not feeling any of that pressure as he said himself, so many of these players were not even born when he missed that penalty here at wembley at a euro 96. he knew they would be treating this like any other game and they have certainly done that. there were criticism over some of his formations and the tactical line—up and perhaps not harnessing some of those bigger tracking currency has but as you know internet football, the key thing is to not lose, make yourself hard to beat, and he set an that and
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he has those players has the players on the bench in the shape and become come on and change the game and that's what they did in this matter. the game could've gone either way. there were chances both sides. almost level, it was a very tense game for a long time with in it? it was. germany had the better of those chancesin was. germany had the better of those chances in the first half albeit harry kane went close towards the first half but they had a great chance and joy pickford producing a brilliant fate and then it was his chelsea team—mate who had an equally good chance in the second half an 999 good chance in the second half an egg and jordan pickford producing a brilliant save and chances at this level do come, they are few and far between but it's there to say germany had the better ability. england striking when it mattered most in it would be 18 performance in light of the slaves from jordan pickford. —— saves. if the goal score is that step up in key moments. and raheem sterling did that once again. he has been in
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ben's go to a man in the training. of course both of england goals were of course both of england goals were scored by him in the group stage as they beat galatia in the opening group game. that's the first and england won their opening match at a european championship. anyways england beginning now to reshape their history which is dominated a lot of the talk coming into this dining and then harry kane with that crucial heritage of england that buffer which they desperately needed at that thomas muller had gone closer germany. it could have been a different story as you say with those chances that they faltered to germany. they were unable to take them. harry kane came up with that second goal as he walks around the pitch applauding fans and they know how much it means notjust to him but to the team and garrett southgate and they will be desperate to create their own history, their own memories. garrett southgate said as much what is what he wanted and
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they cite any debt that as they progressed to the court of final stage they progressed to the quarterfinal stage where of course they will play away from home for they will play away from home for the first time in rome on saturday at eight p:m., the kick off. we wait to see whether it will be sweden or ukraine, who they face in the quarterfinals and that match being stage tonight. just quarterfinals and that match being stage tonight-— stage tonight. just before we go, the crowd we _ stage tonight. just before we go, the crowd we are _ stage tonight. just before we go, the crowd we are seeing - stage tonight. just before we go, the crowd we are seeing scenes l stage tonight. just before we go, l the crowd we are seeing scenes on the crowd we are seeing scenes on the england players waving to spectators who have come to watch so many in there for this wembley match and not seeing that many, that must�*ve been a huge difference? yes. you can hear the vocal support no doubt about that. over 40,000 fans here increase from the 22 and a half thousand that were watching here and i think that certainty galvanised that team and we saw at times impact game walking on the edge of the pitch to rally the fans and if there's any get that idea could the chairs behind me has raheem sterling and harry kane scored goals for
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special moment in history for england and for garrett southgate and the fans as they know the history and its hung on their shoulders as well and they remember italian 90 but now perhaps he can start reflecting on the near misses and the heartbreak and disappointment that has gone before because now there is a reason to celebrate with england finally getting the better of germany in a knockout match for the first time at a major tournament since 1966. astonishing that it been that long but england have produced here at zero 2020 between germany their old rivals and enduring self booking their place in the quarterfinals of this year plus �*s 29. their place in the quarterfinals of this year plus 's 29.— their place in the quarterfinals of this year plus 's 29. thank you for that. this year plus 's 29. thank you for that- england _ this year plus 's 29. thank you for that. england had _ this year plus 's 29. thank you for that. england had beaten - this year plus 's 29. thank you for that. england had beaten geminil this year plus 's 29. thank you for i that. england had beaten gemini at wembley. garrett southgate excessive team don't carry any package and they will tell you what, it will go to the quarterfinals against the minority ukraine. see you later.
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a rainy antenna day. east england overnight a lot of crowd coming in across eastern areas of the uk. into the morning as well getting a great, gloomy start. the cloudiness will be a light rain and drizzle around and it's been misty in places. whether overnight western parts of scotland and wales. and southwest england getting off to a mild start in the morning. we get to see the early sunshine and for the bright skies during wednesday. brightening up more widely across and as the day goes on. central and eastern england keeping this cloudiness and areas of rain and drizzle with the cloudiness keeping it cool for this time of year as temperatures just around 15 degrees with the breeze here going to be noticeable and the winds are light and if you get into sunshine
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western areas that again the temperatures just creeping into the low 20s. at the latest forecast.
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hello, i'm ros atkins, this is outside source. england have knocked germany out of euro 2020 in front of a delirious crowd at wembley stadium it took until the 75th minute for england's raheem stirling to break the deadlock. and when captain harry kane nodded in with just four minutes left on the clock, victory was assured. the goals were met with huge celebration at this fanzone in london's trafalgar square. england haven't beaten germany in the knock out rounds of a major tournament since 1966. and ukraine and sweden will kick off
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in an hour in glasgow — for their ticket into the quarter finals.


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