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tv   BBC News  BBC News  September 24, 2020 6:45pm-7:01pm BST

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the road cycling world championships are under way in italy. racing was supposed to take place in switzerland but because of the pandemic, the event has been moved to imola. the netherlands anna van der breggen took gold. former commonwealth champion rochelle gilmour is commentating for the bbc. i spoke to her about today's action inclduing a horrible crash for the american favourite and reigning champion chloe dygert. welcome it was terrifying. i lost all of sense of what this actually means. she wanted to in that world championship this year so much, i spoke in—depth last night and this morning with her coach about how ha rd morning with her coach about how hard she's worked for it, and she's on form. it was her main target for the year, obviously, she hadn't raised since the world championships on the road last year. so, what it actually meant to her to lose the
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opportunity to win that world championship, and just a terrifying thoughts of what damage she may have done to her body. so a lot of paramedics around, we are yet to know how severe the injuries are, but it didn't look nice. us cycling says she was conscious, talking, but can you talk is through that moment? that could've been her tyre rolled off to make definitely looked like it was something mechanical with front wheel. so she tried to correct and grab it but lost control of it. so we haven't seen too many replays and quite frankly, it's pretty hard to watch over and over, but we will analyse what actually went wrong. and i'm not sure that it was a writer fold. what a week this one has had, she won and now she is a world champion. she has already had four silver medals, so to have the fifth time gold medal would mean the world to her. there's not many things that she hasn't won in the sports. having the individual time trial was something really wanted to win in the world championships before she retires next year after the limits. so there's not much left for her to achieve. she's when so much, she does want win the new
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course that's never taken for women, but will later this year, so that is a big ambition for her punk. but there is not much for him she hasn't one. there was highest british writer, she hasn't had a pretty good because welcome she's not an outing on time trilobite on admission, but you got that stage win at the zero rosa as well as streak. she will be fairly happy with how she performed today. welcome i think she will be happy because she looks long—term, and she's a relatively new to the sport. and for me, she's one of the sensations of this year in cycling. i've been watching every race that has taken place very closely, and lizzie banks has been outstanding. in regards to results, she has won that one stage, but it was the longest stage, 170 commoners. she was in a break away for over 80 comedies doing eagle turns with one of the writers that she was in the breakaway. she has a winter mentality. i think today was a great expense burgess to go to the motions of the time four years, lizzie banks can be a real metal potential for lizzie banks can be a real metal potentialfor 0lympics.
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lizzie banks can be a real metal potential for olympics. that's the men's time trial tomorrow, then road racing weekend, you can follow it across the bbc. one of australia's finest batsmen, dean jones, has died at the age of 59. his international career spanned ten years up until 1994 he played in 52 tests averaging over 46 but he was also credited with changing the approach to playing one day cricket. he was capped 164 times in that format. he passed away in mumbai after a sudden heart attack. he'd been working as a pundit in the indian premier league he died at the age of 59. a quick round up of some of the day's other sports stories now and... it's been a topsy—turvy second day at the cricket. . .. looking there at 296 for 95, and eddie byron scored a sentry at lourdes, but that's it for five wickets for 35 runs. first endings tomorrow. andy murray will meet fellow three—time grand slam champion stan wawrinka in the opening
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round of the french open which gets under way in paris on sunday. ninth seed johanna konta will face the american teenager coco gauff. in the first round of the women's draw. the formula one world champion lewes hamilton has set up a group, in his own name, to improve diversity in motor sport. the hamilton commission's14 members have a range of backgrounds across sport, politics and education. hamilton is the first and so far only black driver to race in f1. ireland's most decorated rugby union player, rob kearney, has retired at the age of 34. the full—back won four six nations titles, played in three world cups and was european champion with leinster four times sports across the country have been coming to terms with the possibility of operating without crowds for at least the next six months. from grassroots to elite sport there are huge challenges, with no income from ticket sales leicester riders basketball club say they could fold if help doesn't arrive from the government.
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charlie slater reports. training as usual, well, almost, for the leicester writers, head of a british basketball season, that may never arrive. the reason why these quys never arrive. the reason why these guys are allowed to train given the new restrictions is because they are deemed to be elites. so they are allowed to play but can they afford to play as a club if no fans are going to be allowed here at the arena? no. 1 million persons, we rely on spectators, our secondary spend, game day income, and without that, wb bl will not be able to deliver programmes at the elite level. the harsh reality is without fa ns level. the harsh reality is without fans in attendance, the writers could fold. so the hope is that emergency government funding could come their way which could keep basketball alive in the uk and help to keep one of britain's most
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successful clu bs to keep one of britain's most successful clubs in business. for my here, worst scenario, looks like the writers are risk of folding. for me, that would be devastating because i've made my home here in leicester. this is my 13th season. i love the club, but it would be rough in the community. we have done so much good work in the community over the years. to take that away would be devastating as well. the whole of the british basketball league want to play, and there are thousands of fans, iget to play, and there are thousands of fans, i get messages everyday communicant of the fans are ready to watch us play and we are ready to play and we just need the government to back us. the backing needed is thought to be somewhere in the region of £2 million, and that would fund all of the elite men's and women's leagues in great britain. without that, all of the fans in attendance and the consequences for the lester riders, could be catastrophic. finally, let's return to football. we've become used to seeing some
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extravagant announcements from football clubs on social media showing off their new players. well this is how serie a side bologna have revealed the scottish teenager aaron hickey who hasjoined them from hearts the murmur of bagpipes over some pretty shots of loch ness and guest who makes a guest appearance, they've blown the budget on special effects "believe me, i'm real." makes mejump makes me jump every makes mejump every time, they have really blown the budget on special effects, here he is, his big moment. "believe me, i'm real." wow. hats off. they have really, really upped the ante there. if his performance as half as good as that video, he is going to be a superstar in italy. we wish him well. our top story, the national league demanding and insisting on government funding if they are going to start the season in nine days' time. have a look at that on the bbc sport website. lots of reaction coming in, but for me
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and the rest of the team, goodbye for now. you're watching bbc news. boris johnson has urged world leaders to make to deeper cuts in carbon emissions once coronavirus is over. the prime minister told the united nations climate action group that the uk would generate hundreds of thousands of new jobs the uk would generate hundreds of thousands of newjobs with a new green industrial revolution. a special summit in december will offer countries a chance to set new emissions levels reductions. we are very much looking forward to chairing the cop 26 next year, but in the meantime, right now, we are taking steps to ensure the uk economy can bounce back better build back, bolder, better, butabove all, build back greener. that is the name
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of the game for us in the uk. we have got a very very ambitious agenda in which we want to embrace a range of new technologies in order to deliver on our carbon commitments and of course, we were the first to pledge to get to a net zero by 2050, we wa nt to to get to a net zero by 2050, we want to deliver on our commitments, but we also want to generate hundreds of thousands ofjobs. we have to do that. everybody can see what's happening in the economies of our countries. we have got a big challenge from covid—19 and a green industrial, a new green industrial revolution is the way to fix both of those problems at once. all i can say is that's coronavirus came out of left field. you know, some people predict a bit, bill gates and so on,
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we we re predict a bit, bill gates and so on, we were cocked, humanity was caught napping by coronavirus. let's face it. we were woefully this thing, climate change, nobody can say that we have not been warned. nobody can say that we are not now capable of making the preparations. so that's what we're doing, and i'm in no doubt that we can be successful. thank you all very much. boris johnson addressing fellow members of the un. meanwhile, the naturalist and broadcaster, sir david attenborough, hasjoined and broadcaster, sir david attenborough, has joined instagram at the age of 94. he's warning about the climate threat to our planet. he's made one post, and already has more than a million followers. sir david attenborough said saving the planet is now a communications challenge, and he would use the platform to share videos explaining what the problems are and how we can deal with them. the comedic
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character, alan partridge, finally has the recognition he has long craved, with a golden statue in the middle of norwich. the 11 foot statue was designed by sculptors who say it is a gift to norfolk. the pair who say it is a gift to norfolk. the pairwho are fans say it is a gift to norfolk. the pair who are fans of partridge had designed and created the cold cast brass statue between work commitments over the past three yea rs. commitments over the past three years. the statue has gained alan's approval who said, "i grant my consent and will instruct my legal tea m consent and will instruct my legal team to re—sheath their daggers." just to let you know, we will have more on the new measures announced by the chancellor to supportjobs and the economy tomorrow at half past nine in the morning here on the bbc news channel. we will answer your questions. so, do use the hashtag. .. your questions. so, do use the hashtag... 0r e—mail us. your questions. so, do use the hashtag. .. 0r e—mail us. that's your questions. so, do use the hashtag... 0r e—mail us. that's all for me. time for a look at the webinar, —— look at the weather now.
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well, you can really feel the autumn in the air now. first thing this morning in northern scotland, it was —5 celsius. we had a few hailstorms during the day and other parts of the country, and the autumn chill is with us at least for the next 2—3 days. and on top of that, it'll turn very windy tomorrow across eastern and southeastern areas. if you look at the north atlantic, there's a cloud out there, weather systems lining up. the whole atmosphere across the atlantic is becoming alive and an autumnal picture. so, let's see what's happening then through the course of this evening and overnight. showers scattered across england and wales — not too many of them around scotland and northern ireland. in fact, here, the winds will also be light with clear skies, meaning temperatures in glasgow and edinburgh will be close to freezing early on friday morning, and no doubt below freezing in the countryside. so here's the weather map for friday, then, and there's a low pressure in the southern portion of the north sea. so that means that these areas here will get the worst of the weather. gale force winds are expected
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from the northeast of england, along the north sea coast, down into east anglia and the southeast, as well. gusts around coasts possibly up to 60 mph, 40 orso inland, and on top of that, we've got showers, temperatures only 12 celsius — it's going to feel cold. further towards the west, still windy, but not quite so windy. so we're thinking in belfast, liverpool and cardiff, it shouldn't feel too bad at all. now here's saturday, and we're in sort of a window of opportunity — a weak high pressure is building across the uk, from the north this time. so this is where the best of the weather will be, certainly a fair bit of sunshine around, but notice still that strong wind blowing off the north sea, so hull and norwich are in for showers and another cold day on saturday — it'll feel warmer in places like cardiff and also plymouth. saturday evening, you can see that wind continuing, and those showers in east anglia. now the temperatures during the course of the weekend will be nippy. we're talking about a frost in scotland, because the winds will be lightest here.
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but where we've got those winds blowing off the north sea, temperatures will probably hover around nine celsius. now over the weekend isn't looking too bad. the winds are light, there'll be some sunshine around, but the indications are that cloud, wind and rain will increase next week eventually. bye— bye.
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hello, i'm ros atkins, this is 0utside source. republicans are pushing back after donald trump refused to admit he would leave office peacefully. vote him out! vote him out! donald trump is accused of acting like a desperate, would be dictator, and they were chants of vote him out outside... it says hilltop up the pay of workers who've lost ours because of coronavirus. and there is
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