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tv   Click  BBC News  December 22, 2019 4:30am-5:01am GMT

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ohohoh merry clickmas! anyway, this festive week we have cars, dogs, astronauts, and lots and lots of singing furbies. # 0h christmas tree... # your leaves are so unchanging...#
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you have finally arrived, welcome. the gang is all here, you are too, so welcome to clickmas 2019! forced merriment and pretend food, just like last year. do we have a festive feast of tech treats for you? yes we do, and first up, it will be lara, merry christmas. whenever people say you should never work with animals or kids, i think clearly they have not worked with tech because it goes well occasionally, doesn't it? this week, i haven't just worked with tech, i worked with a dog at the same time. take a look at this. meet rusty, the tech savvy puppy familiar with being caught on camera and provided with smart phone triggered treats, via this gadget, already in his home. one of the first things we bought, perhaps before he actually came home with us was the furbo, which films him all the time,
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tells you when he is barking, tells you when he's whining, and if you want to give him a bit of a treat, you can click the treat release button and then he gets lots of treats sent to him. want to test some gadgets? i take it that's a yes. this is bbc world news i'm maryam moshiri. our top stories: as australia suffers one of it's worst days of devastating bushfires, the prime minister returns today, he's my furry glamorous assistant, getting his teeth into testing tech. home from holiday. i get it. people would have been the rechargeable wicked ball moves vibrates and changes colour according to activity upset to know that i was holidaying with my family while their families we re with my family while their families were under great stress. level while playing. france's president macron says colonialism was a great mistake, and announces a new west it's developed to encourage african common currency. violent storms bring floods and mudslides to large parts attraction and response. of western europe, as they brace i do worry a bit when he picks it up in his teeth and it is vibrating for even more heavy rain. in his teeth. gps trackers for dogs have and liverpool are crowned champions of the world, been around for a while, but they are getting smaller and lighter. thejoibit is water resistant
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and does better on battery life than some of its competitors, and also has a geosense function where you can get an alert if your pet pooch goes further than it should, but how useful did camilla find it? it's great that it's a gps tractor, very small, but it is just a gps tracker, and i would have loved to have some activity tracker with it, but it is very accurate and seems to have been correct every time i have checked. i would not find it overly useful because i know where he is most of the time. in the case of your dog getting stolen and they are wearing it, that would be extremely useful. being able to track our animals has stepped up a level. now, you can also track their behaviour as well as their activity, so you can see how the two things correlate. beautifully behaved of course, aren't you? the animo pet activity and behaviour tracker logs a doggy‘s step count and sleep, as well as alerting its own
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as to how much barking, shaking or scratching is going on. 0k, a calm moment, but there doesn't seem to be any lack of activity today, although you do need to collect at least a week's worth of data to start to see anything meaningful. the negatives though are you have to keep it on at night time, and i personally don't like keeping a collar on rusty at night time, i don't think it is particularly safe. so depending on a dog and its owner's lifestyles, it seems that different gadgets would be used. but one thing that is for certain is that before i film anything like this again, i think i need a spot of human training. i will play with this with you if you let me hold onto it. that was lara with the dogs, i guess the only thing you need to be thankful for is it wasn't cat.
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maybe next year? christmas is all about getting together with friends and family. i don't know about you lot, but i kind of feel like we're family by now. pretty much. we have known each other an awful long time. we are dysfunctional, we bicker, but we have seen each other through some ups and downs, some good times and bad times, and a few months ago, one member of the click family got some bad news. lj, tell us about it. it was me. i got diagnosed with breast cancer a few months back. no the most fun i've had. however, chemotherapy has some surprising bits of technology involved, and i thought why not demystify it and give people a chance to see what actually happens. i've got tea, an ipad, colouring pencils, charging cable, keyboard, two kinds of drink, headphones. i think it is most things. this is my eighth chemo treatment out of ten, i am ready to rock now. everything starts with tablets, flurazopan is to help to deal with the pain of the cap because its very very
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very, very cold. bottoms up. lunch menu. today i will have what i always have. this is where my port has been implanted. it's a fast track tube under my skin that connects directly to my heart, allowing nurses to administer drugs really easily. like plugging in a phone charger. as a piano player, i really didn't want to have any catheters in my hands or in my arms, because the chemo treatment is quite toxic, so when i found out you could get a port fitted and anything goes on here, i don't have to hunt around for a vein, its a massively relief. i didn't feel a thing! now this is in, that's it, everything goes in and out of the port. before i started chemo, i was really scared, and i was also uninformed about the actual practicalities
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of it, the ins and outs of it, what to expect. like wearing a cold cap. chemo kills any rapidly dividing cells, including hair, so lowering blood circulation to my scalp can help keep my hair on. imagine eating the coldest ice cream in the world for about an hour and a half, and that gives you a good idea. off comes the wig. there we go. o'naturel, albiet with quite a lot of make—up. some patients keep more than others, i've have been quite lucky. tepid water is applied, and this is to help the conductivity of the cold cap, and if you are have even one treatment without the cap on, you cannot do it, and your hair will come out. it has to fit very snugly. i always had a theory that wearing a cold cap would make my brain really fast, like superconducting, but it is completely the opposite.
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i am unable to do much concentrating. bring on the winter! this is the painful pit. if i can get through this, then we are all good. so i have various things to keep me busy, things that i find really enjoyable are watching mindless tv, and doing flight simulator practice. i have always wanted to learn to fly a plane, so why not do it now? slowly bring the nose up. there we go. this is really taxing with the cap on. i can do it with no problem without the cap on. i cannot actually land the plane while i have the treatment done. i have crashed every time. i am slightly impaired at this point, but colouring in clouds, that i can do. i have been using apps like this one, procreate, masterclass, and the explained sim during the treatment but i have also
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been recording my data to show oncologists what my body has been up to. i record what the data shows like blood pressure, and collect data myself like my resting heart rate and body temperature. three days after treatment i go up a few degrees. it's really useful. i can then go to the doctor and show them physical evidence of what my body has been doing. it's completely frozen solid now. sometimes there is ice in there. i can't remember anything anymore. after a few hours of iv and a cold head, i am nearly done for another week. thank you so much. so that's it, that's chemo treatment in a nutshell. lots of different iv drugs, cool cap, port and now hospital lunch. that was absolutely fascinating. really brave, thank you. i had no idea about what goes on. this is exactly why i did it
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because it feels like an opportunity to just lift the lid on a single word and just maybe give people who are about to go through this the chance to understand a bit more before going into it and then it is not a whole lot of surreal surprises, one after another, which is what it was like for me. trust you to find all the technology you could during the procedure. yes, give me everything. you really know your way around social media, and i wonder whether media has been a help, hindrance, whether it has contributed at all to your experience. i considered for such a long time, do i share this online, or do i not? and i decided to share it because i'm not the only person going through this, so many people are. the response i had was overwhelmingly good, so many people shared their stories with me, and it feels like together, we are stronger. i am really glad i shared. lj rich everyone. oh my gosh, thanks!
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nicejumper. thanks. latch onto this. ok i hope there is a good joke inside! there is a car. now i believe this is a clue about what you have filmed for the christmas show, but it looks a bit small, quite compact? it is small, but it is very clever. this is a scale model of the robocar, and it's makers say it is the fastest thing on four wheels with no driver. 0k, so that's why there's no driver's seat in there, but are we be looking at a future of racing cars with no drivers? are we stuffed turkey?! i don't know, its been a year where it's like autonomous this and autonomous that, and before you know it we will not be driving our own cars, we have robots taking people'sjobs, i mean, ithink i have had just about enough.
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so when they told me that there was this robocar that could race a human and be quicker, i thought right, let's take you to the home of british motorsport. it's time to make a point. robocar is not your average automated car project. the cabinless car is not interested in traffic lights or junctions, it's built with one thing in mind — speed. like a standard autonomous car, robocar uses various sensors, including lidar, radar, and image recognition software to drive at race speeds, and by measuring lateral yore, g forces and grip levels, it is learning how to go faster all the time. now to fairly race the robocar, human versus machine, it's tricky, given there is nowhere for me to sit. so to decide whether human or a!
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is the faster driver, we're going to raise the model that does have a cockpit, which the developers used to test the software, suitably called devbot 2. they didn't say what happened to devbot i. after a fairly sloppy open lap, i lineup in pole position, hoping to set a respectable laptime for team human. 0k, let's see how we get on here. for safety reasons, the car has been limited to 100 kilometres per hour, for both my drive and the al's, but the acceleration is blistering, and sitting five centimetres of the tarmac, it seems fast enough. just missed that apex, going over the curb! let's get the speed down! would my full on speed but wider line around the last corner be my undoing, or my masterstroke?
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time for the car to take the wheel. and we are off! oh, my god! it was quick on the brakes there, left that to the last minute. the car was harder on brakes and more sudden with the steering. it did not care about my comfort. but was it quicker? somebody tell me. 1.31.68. you did that in 1.28. i beat it by three seconds?! wow! man wins over machine! brilliant. thank you. ladies and gentlemen, dan simmons beating artificial intelligence. that must have made your year.
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yes. merry christmas, dan. love, ai. i tell you what, 2019 has been an amazing year for space nuts everywhere. the 50th anniversary of the first moon landings, our visit to nasa, mark's visit to the world's first commercial spaceport and i had a chance to review it all with a proper space nut — as in a nut who has properly been to space. british astronaut tim peake! earlier this year we went to nasa to their hera project looking at how to get the right mix of people for long space missions and they made the point that it is notjust one type of person you need. if you had a spaceship full of one type of person that won't work. do you have any views on the type of mix you need to have on board? you need a mix of different types of people on board with a mixture of different skills. and this is going to be so much more important for a longer duration mission to the moon and mars purely because you will want a medical
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doctor as part of that crew, i am sure, and you will probably want a geologist as well. you will want somebody who is an expert with piloting skills but also in terms of personality and character as well. i think you need to have people who are flexible. somebody needs to be the leader and everybody needs to accept that. and if you are all extremely strong personalities who do not accept the subordinate position very well, that is not going to work. which one were you? a mix. and i think my classmates were as well. people who can take on a leadership role in step up to the plate when needed and also people who can instantly fall into a supporting role, come up with solutions and the ability to switch between the two is very important. have you brought any of the astronaut back with you? do you deal with life differently now to how you did before? i have always been quite calm. i think i am even more so having flown in space. and sometimes i thought
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to myself, "you know, peake, you did a space walk i'm sure you can do this." i have had to give myself a bit of a talking to and say yes, you are right, i can do this. 2020 could possibly be the year when space tourists begin to take their first flights, that is what we have been told in the last 12 months. i wonder if you think space is a place for tourists? we need to be careful about who we send into what environment with what level of training and who's looking after them. it is like scuba—diving. it is ok to go scuba—diving as a novice if you are with an instructor who knows what they are doing and can get you out of a situation. same with space flight. it is ok to go into space if you are a tourist if you are with professional astronauts who know what they are doing. we don't ask them to do space walks or to capture a cargo vehicle with a robotic arm, we don't ask them to handle technical problems
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that might occur. we are asking them to know how to look after themselves in an emergency and how to understand the spacesuit and the basic life support systems. so a much reduced training package. if you were king of the world but you had to face the realities of, you know, business making money and poorer nations becoming richer nations, how would you curtail what we are doing to the environment? going green does not mean not making money and it does not mean stopping countries that are poor from improving the quality of life. we just need to make the decision to do it. if we invest in technology, then the cost comes down and the efficiency goes up. for example, what we're doing with small satellite is because the satellites are reducing in size, the solar panels are reducing in size and the efficiency
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is going up. so space one of those environments that is forcing industry to improve the efficiency of solar panels. then you end up with efficient cheap solar panels and then suddenly solar panels on roofs become acceptable and the norm and generate far more electricity. there are so many applications for this. it is a case of changing minds and making that initial step, that initial decision to do something. tim, it has been a pleasure. thank you so much. the amazing tim peake there and the equally amazing mark here is absolutely pacing me at street fighter and what are we playing this on? it is my christmas present to myself. it is a capcom arcade stick. it's got 16 classic retro arcade games in one giant controller. the beauty of this is that the controller is almost exactly the same as the kind of thing you would find on an arcade cabinet so you can have the same experience that you had in the 1980s, except you don't have to do it in a horrible stinking
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dirty arcade with sticky floors and you don;t need to use hundreds and hundreds of 50p pieces. a good year for gaming would you say? an interesting year. google tried to persuade us that we would lose our consoles and get into videogame streaming with their service, stadia, which is great if you have an amazing internet connection. if you don't have an amazing internet connection, then it doesn't work. and we have said that for many years now and they are still not there with it. a few companies have been trying to videogame stream for quite some time and yet the infrastructure is not there. brilliant. 0mar, over to you. here you go. oh, thank you. thank you for thinking of me. dan is just here eating chocolate. can i open this? go for it. wow. 0h! it's a furby! thank you. it is a blast from the past. not a cutting—edge gadget that we're used to seeing on the show, but i did go to see a youtuber that is breathing a new lease
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of life into old tech like this. # wake up sleepyheads. # do your teeth, make the sheets. # read the news. this is sam battle, otherwise known on youtube as look mum, no computer. with over 240 , 000 subscribers on the platform, he showcases musical instruments and other weird inventions that he has created using old tech and only old tech. be it a lego star wars orchestra. a flame throwing henry hoover. or even a choir of these cute little terrors. that sounds demonic. it is demonic. what else does he have in his studio? this is basically 48 gameboys that sounds like an orchestra. for instance... tone modulates.
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but after a quick modification it does notjust play gameboys anymore. that was very close there. hurray! i get it! that is awesome. is your hair0k? he also has a bike that when pedalled powers a synthesiser. 0ops. let's give that another go. iam making music. this is the most musical i've ever been. hold onto me, sam! come on, hold on. that's it. so what is it about old tech that fascinates him so much? itjust looks so much better and it is easy to modify and hack than modern things. the problem with modern pieces of equipment is that it is usually made to be small and compact and is easily hackable nor easily fixable. i found the problem!
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sam mainly uses ebay to purchase this old tech for as cheap as possible. but it is not only about cost. this is a piece of history. for instance this wall is pieces of technical scientific equipment from universities that they didn't require anymore because they have better versions. these are from the 19505 and it is beautiful and you can buy them for 20 quid. there is also recycling and reusing things that instead of going into the landfill and, i don't know, something about classic design and engineering is very attractive. and it also looked like a ton of fun. it was the best shoot i had all year. 0mar and look mum, no computer finishing off this clickmas special. i hope you have enjoyed being here as much as we enjoyed making it for you. next week you can see highlights of click live which we filmed last month in scotland. don't forget you can always contact us on facebook, instagram or twitter on #bbcclick. who's watching it over christmas? good luck with that.
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thanks for watching and merry clickmas! hello. fog is again a concern throughout the rest of the night and into sunday morning, lingering for some all morning. and the flood warnings are numerous across england and wales with weather warnings out that you can get on the website and it has been so wet this december as the rain makes its way into the river systems we expect those flood warnings to increase. certainly spray and standing water. look at this area of cloud. that heavy rain easing away through sunday. but this area of low
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pressure to the north—west still driving in showers. it is likely we will have fog issues as i said earlier, particularly northern ireland, but some of the south as well around this area of rain and ice on the north because temperatures are below freezing here. fog could be just about anywhere. the rain really drags its heels in clearing and once it clears away, brighter spells to come through, sunshine once the fog lifts and there will be a scattering of showers around that risk westerly wind continuing in the south taking the edge of this temperature here. decent spells of sunshine around through the second half of sunday. however, as we go through sunday night, it will continue to blow this westerly wind in, that area of low pressure close by so nothing too mild over the christmas period and nothing too chilly either. but with the westerly wind the showers continue. as i mentioned, we will see many of them gathering across northern ireland and scotland and a wintry element to them, hail and wonder through the day ahead in the showers and certainly so through the night and into monday. that continuation of heavy showers,
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particularly in the north. the south will he's off ahead of that next area of rain. the timing on that are still uncertain but likely to come in, we think, through monday night and into tuesday. so that gives us another period, wet period of 5—10, possibly 15 millimetres of rain. again on the saturated ground, nowhere else for it to go. further north, fog with lighter wind as well and it mayjust linger on christmas eve, that tailback of cloud and patchy rain but we are hopeful it will be a decent day for christmas eve with a lot of dry weather to be found as well. not especially warm. as we get into christmas day, the next area of low pressure starts to wind itself up and later in the day and into boxing day it could potentially bring more rain, hill snow and strong wind as well. 00:26:50,392 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 stay tuned.
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