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tv   Breakfast  BBC News  June 21, 2019 6:00am-8:31am BST

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good morning. welcome to breakfast. you are with charlie and naga. our headlines today: the first patients benefit from a pioneering new treatment for blood cancer, now available on the nhs. treatment really has been effective, that we have got the cancer pretty much on the run. climate change campaigners disruptan the run. climate change campaigners disrupt an event in london. the foreign office minister, mark field, is condemned for his treatment of one of the activists. good morning. the future of flying. can there ever
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bea the future of flying. can there ever be a sustainable way to take to the skies? iam be a sustainable way to take to the skies? i am at rolls—royce in derby, looking at when electric engines could be taking off. good morning. it is like he has never been away. andy murray is really impressive on his return to court, just five months after surgery. and good morning from me. i will be bringing you these marvellous views from shetland this morning. summer solstice, almost 19 hours of daylight. the forecast will bring some showers to northern scotland later today. elsewhere it is turning drier and sunnier. i will have all the details in 15 minutes. good morning, it is friday onejune. our top story: —— 21june. a pioneering new treatment for blood cancer has been made available on the nhs for the first time. it works by genetically modifying a patient‘s white blood cells so that their immune system can fight the cancer. doctors at king's college hospital in london say it doesn't work for everyone, but can cure some terminally ill patients. he was more
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from james gallagher. mike simpson from durham developed a type of blood cancer called lymphoma. two attempts at chemotherapy failed to control his disease, and mike was given around a year to live. but he became one of the first nhs patients to benefit from this therapy, a living drug tailor—made for each patient. from this therapy, a living drug tailor— made for each patientlj from this therapy, a living drug tailor-made for each patient. i feel that the treatment really has been effective, that we have got the cancer pretty much on the run, and obviously i am really happy about that. i am optimistic for the future and glad that i committed to the treatment. this is how it works. what led cells are part of the immune system and removed from the bloodstream. they are sent to the united states where they are genetically modified to seek out and destroy cancer. millions of the modified cells are grown, and are then flown back and infused into the
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patient‘s body. then flown back and infused into the patient's body. i think the most exciting part is that it offers people therapy for many patients where adequate therapy doesn't exist, so it's a very exciting new development, and gives new hope to a lot of our clinical trials of car t in the us showed 40% of patients had all signs of their otherwise untreatable lymphoma eliminated from their body. mike is still recovering from the side effects of his treatment, and it is too soon to know what will happen to his cancer in the long—term, but for now, he says he has hope. greenpeace has accused the government minister of assaulting one of its activists who disrupted a speech by the chancellor last night. philip hammond was speaking at mansion house in the city of london when a number of climate activists brought proceedings to a halt. in footage from the event, the conservative mp is seen pushing a woman out of the venue. a reporter simonjones has woman out of the venue. a reporter simon jones has more. woman out of the venue. a reporter simonjones has more. —— our
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reporter. barely had the chancellor started his speech when around a0 protesters from greanpeace busted in. they said they wanted to make the point that business as usual is not an option. as attempts were made to remove the activists, the conservative mp and foreign office minister mark field grappled with the woman. can you get this person out? it's a peaceful protest. shadow minister dawn butler described the scenes as horrific, saying mr field should be sacked or suspended. in a statement, mr field said he deeply regretted grabbing the woman, but he had reacted instinctively, worried she might have been armed. this way, please — this way. emergency! the disruption lasted
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for several minutes. eventually, the chancellor is able to continue. the irony, of course, is that this is the government that has just led the world by committing to a zero—carbon economy by 2050. would you like to leave, please? the city of london police said the protesters were escorted from the building and nobody was arrested. the next phase of the contest to elect a new conservative leader and prime minister has begun, amid claims tactical voting was used to prevent michael gove making the final two. borisjohnson prevent michael gove making the final two. boris johnson got prevent michael gove making the final two. borisjohnson got the backing of 160 mps in the final balance, jeremy hunt got 75, two more than mr gove. good to see you. it's all over the front pages this morning, and you know, comments like dark arts and tactical voting. what are people accusing borisjohnson of? good morning, yes, lots of rumours of skulduggery in the corridors of westminster yesterday. i was there, it was all anybody was talking about, really, as mps were
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going in and out of the room to vote. it was a secret ballot. we're not going to know which mps voted for what candidates yesterday, clearly if borisjohnson's supporters thought they might want to try and manipulate the positioning for second place and pick borisjohnson's positioning for second place and pick boris johnson's rival, positioning for second place and pick borisjohnson's rival, then they could have done, they could have all marched in and voted for the person they did or didn't want to see in the second round ballot. and those were the rumours swirling around. mrjohnson's campaign said absolutely not, we have not orchestrated anything here at all. but there were some interesting things that happened, for instance when sajid javid was knocked out, after he was, five of his supporters said they would vote for boris johnson in the very final round, but you look at the numbers afterwards and only three extra people voted for borisjohnson, and only three extra people voted for boris johnson, so and only three extra people voted for borisjohnson, so where did the
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other two go? we will be talking about this for a while to come, but nothing is provable, and michael gove's team are playing down the idea that somehow there was an attempt to fix this by boris johnson supporters. so we rolled on into the contest proper. this now is the moment that the two candidates on the ballot, borisjohnson and jeremy hunt, will go to a vote of the wider tory party membership. they are the ones who were pick the next prime minister. around 160,000 conservative party members, and over the next four weeks there will be i think it is about 19 hustings across the country. they will be a postal ballot of tory members and the week beginning july the 22nd is when we will finally have our new prime minister. it is clear that boris johnson is romping ahead, he is the clear favourite. he will have to have some sort of car crash to his campaign if he is not going to when this. butjeremy hunt accepts he is the underdog and is putting on a fight. the government has failed the north of england with a lack of investment, who has —— andy burnham suggesting that it is about to
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fizzle out. george osborne launch the project in 2017 but new analysis as part of the country are not in a fitting. the american airline united airlines has suspended flights to mumbai because of safety concerns, this after a us drone was shot down by iran. the iranian military has released footage of claim shows the drone being brought down in the gulf of command on wednesday. the nearest civilian aircraft was around 45 miles away at the time. commemorations have taken place in orkney to mark 100 years since the last german fit out four fatalities of the first world war. those who died were on board a fleet of seized german warships held off scotland
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