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the urban world you have captured the urban world and the natural world. yes the beauty of the satellite imagery there is that it spans several decades, so you can look back through the time, but the images to get off certain locations and see how the world is changing. in one of the most evident things you can see hello, you're watching is our impact, what we have done as afternoon live — i'm simon mccoy. today at 2:00... as nearly a billion the cities grow, and sometimes the euros is pledged to fund other side of things, what we have the restoration work on notre dame, president emmanuel taken out, other side of things, what we have macron promises to finish ta ken out, the other side of things, what we have taken out, the forests we remove and the renovations by the time the city the impact we are having. so it's a hosts the 2024 olympics. very powerful tool to see the planet asa very powerful tool to see the planet as a whole. and there are some as climate change protests in london enter a third day, stunning images that i want images one couple are arrested after glueing themselves to see off monks in china. tell us to a docklands light railway about these. the whole idea was we train in east london we re about these. the whole idea was we were thinking, what could we see in i'm here at oxford circus, and terms of humans from space, and if, like here in china, you have enough officers have begun trying to clear the area. they have been making of them moving together in arrests, over a dozen. those who synchronicity, when they come remain insist they are going together and form patterns and nowhere. shapes, those are visible from people who view porn websites space. so these shots were with will have to prove they're 18, from july the 15th, as part of efforts to make the internet
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drones on the ground, but we do have safer for children. coming up on afternoon satellite images we combined with live, all the sport. this footage to be able to see these quys this footage to be able to see these guys from space. barny, thank you so much. really fabulous. thank you. and you can watch earth from space tonight on bbc one at 9pm. time for a look at the weather. here's chris fawkes. our weather is set to get warmer as we head into the weekend with temperatures likely to reach 25 degrees and the warmest weather we've seen this value this year and we've seen this value this year and we have bragging rights as well because further south in europe temperatures not quite as high. 18 in barcelona on saturday, 17 in athens and ten in istanbul so our weather looking pretty good. today weather looking pretty good. today we have seen mist and fog patches, most of it thinning and lifting away to give hazy skies but much sunshine as well and you can see the process happening on the satellite picture. still a few patches of cloud left over though. through the day it will feed in colder airfrom over though. through the day it will feed in colder air from the
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scandinavian high, into shetland but otherwise the wind is not too cold and today is the big switch over in how the weather feels. it feels much warmer and sunnier out and about. there are exceptions as cloud is breaking in northern ireland with patches of low cloud and mist affecting southern coastal counties and an outside chance of a shower for eastern england, but most of us dry, fine, settled and sunny. overnight, low cloud moving in from the north sea affecting eastern scotla nd the north sea affecting eastern scotland and eastern england as well and there might be mist and fog patches forming but it won't be too cold overnight with temperatures between five and nine celsius and that takes us into thursday. the low cloud, mist and fog will clear quickly and we have a fine day with plenty of sunshine. the onshore winds keep the east coast cooler and fresher, just 12 in aberdeen, but away from the east coast things are warming up with highs of 20 in both cardiff and london. that warming trend continues into good friday and a glorious day with lots of spring sunshine out and about, the wind is
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a bit lighter, temperatures a bit higher, 21 celsius in edinburgh, 21 for birmingham, london and cardiff and towards the east coast we will see the temperatures creeping up with the lighter winds. that continues as we head into the weekend and an outside chance of rain affecting the far north—west of the uk but another dry day on saturday with the wind changing direction, it will be warmer across eastern coastal counties with temperatures up to 19 in newcastle and we could see 2a or 25 further south, likely to be the warmest day of the year so far. by and large it looks like it will stay settled for the second half of the weekend as well but an outside chance we will see rain moving in towards the north and west but uncertainty about that at the moment. but for the time being, the weather is set fair. so it's goodbye from me, and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s
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good afternoon. i'm holly hamilton. it's 1.30pm and here's your latest sports news... the barbados—born pace bowler jofra archer has missed out on england's preliminary squad for the cricket world cup — but he has been given the chance to force his way into the side. he's been given his his first call up to the one—day squad for a couple of warm up games. here's our cricket correspondent jonathan agnew. well, it's a good full setting here at lord's where the final will be played on july 1a and at lord's where the final will be played onjuly14 and england took the first step today in naming the squad they hope will be here. they are pretournament favourites, they hope they will lift the trophy here at the end of the final so i ate as much as expected and i think the 15 man preliminary squad, but there is a tantalising prospect ofjofra archer, this highly talented 24—year—old all—rounder who has been setting t20 cricket alight. they have given him the chance to do the same to build up for the world cup squad. as you know, some of
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england's players have been there 110w england's players have been there now for years. they are feeling u nsettled now for years. they are feeling unsettled about this. three players, three friends all feeling the heat a little from this possible intrusion, as it were, from jofra archer. he is included in this big squad, 17 players coming to play against pakistan in five matches leading up to the world cup and that is when the decision will be taken as to who they would all down to 15. for me, it isa they would all down to 15. for me, it is a very difficult call for the selectors. how can they make all these players feel they have all had afairand these players feel they have all had a fair and proper chance? ole gunnar solskjaer says manchester united must "aspire to ba rcelo na's level" after the spanish giants knocked them out of the champions league. lionel messi got a couple of goals at the nou camp — david de gea making a big errorfor his second. former liverpool man phillipe coutino got the third —— former liverpool man phillipe coutinho got the third as barca dominated manchester united to progress through
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to the semi finals. two matches in the champions league tonight — and they're big ones for the english sides. manchester ciy host spurs who are one up from the first leg. whilst liverpool take a 2—0 lead to porto. live commentary from the etihad with updates from portugal on bbc radio 5 live from 7 o'clock tonight. there was a huge win for cardiff in the premier league last night. they beat brighton 2—0 at the amex, and that result drags brighton right into the relegation fight. they're just a couple of points ahead of cardiff, who now take real momentum into theirfinalfour matches of the season. it could be a big night for manchester united women. they play aston villa tonight, and if they win they'll be promoted to the women's super league at the first time of asking. they were only re—formed last year, but have had a hugely successful debut season under head coach casey stoney.
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we now are part of the club's history, we are history makers. players and staff for season one. there was no pressure from the club to go up but it looks like we are on track to do that and obviously there is no pressure from the club, it is very much, the mantra is we crawl, we walk, wejog, then very much, the mantra is we crawl, we walk, we jog, then we very much, the mantra is we crawl, we walk, wejog, then we run. the long—term project will hopefully leave a legacy with the club forever that we can build a team that lincoln pete in europe, promotes youth so the under ten that walks in has a clear pathway right to the first team. —— build a team that can compete in europe. israel falau is going to challenge his sacking, over a homophobic post on social media. rugby australia, cancelled his contract, after folau said that "hell awaits" gay people. at the weekend, the 30—year—old said he was standing by "what the bible says". he's now asked for a code of conduct hearing. i'll have more for you in the next hour.
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thank you very much, holly. some news to bring you about those climate change protests that are going on in london. two activists wearing suits have been arrested after being removed from the roof of after being removed from the roof of a tube train in east london. the protests caused delays to train services for about 90 minutes as trains had to be diverted. the organisers of the protest described the action as light disruption and tended to make people stop and think about the extent of harm being done to the planet. what you seeing there's police officers wearing climbing gear winching... there's police officers wearing climbing gear winching. .. about there's police officers wearing climbing gear winching... about two winds one of the protesters to safety off the top of the train. those pictures came of two people being arrested as a consequence of the protest here. a judge at lewes crown court has
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ruled that priory healthcare should be fined £300,000 plus costs, following the death of 1a year old amy el—keria at a mental health facility in sussex. amy took her own life in november 2012 at ticehurst house hospital. priory healthcare, part of the private priory group, was prosecuted under the health and safety act and pleaded guilty. speaking outside court, amy's mother tania el—keria said she would continue to fight for justice for her daughter. this whole painful process has been marked by the priory‘s long and bitter failure to show any level of remorse or responsibility. to us, the priory are a morally bankrupt company. they continue to take large sums of public money, allowing our children to suffer by placing profit over safety. this cannot be allowed to continue, and i will not stop fighting until this stops.
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that was the mother of 14—year—old amy el—keria. and if you've been affected by any of the issues we've been talking about, support is available at forward slash actionline or you can call for free at any time 0800 066 066 the us speaker of the house nancy pelosi has begun an official visit to the republic of ireland. speaking a few moments ago ms pelosi praised the achievements of the good friday agreement and told irish mps, there would be no chance of a post brexit us—uk trade deal if it threatened to undermine the 1998 accord. we treasure the good friday accord because it is notjust a treaty. it's an ethic. it is a value. it is an article of faith for us. it is a beacon to the world. we treasure the good friday accord because of what it says is possible for the entire world,
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a reason to hope, in every place that dreams about reconciliation, it will be possible for them too. it showed us, as president clinton said, what is possible when you decide to give your children not only your yesterdays but their own tomorrows. as my friend george mitchell said after the signing, patriotism has to do with keeping the country in good heart, the community ordered byjustice and mercy. with good heart, guided by faith and justice and mercy, america will continue to stand with you in protecting the peace that the good friday accords have realised. i've said it before and i'll say it again, we must ensure that nothing happens in the brexit discussions that imperils the good friday accord, including but not limited to the seamless border between the irish republic and northern ireland. applause.
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let me be clear, if the brexit deal undermines the good friday accords, there will be no chance of a us—uk trade agreement. applause. i say that hopefully, that we would not have to face that reality, but i say it as a prediction. as you face the challenges posed by brexit, know that the united states congress, democrats and republicans, in the house and in the senate, stand with you. a saudi court on wednesday postponed a fourth hearing in the trial of several women rights activists, a case that has intensified western criticism of saudi arabia.
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the women — including loujain al—hathloul who is seen here — were arrested last may and charged with various offences including spying. they had been campaigning for an end to the country's male guardianship system and for the right to drive, before the ban was lifted lastjune. 193 million indonesians are heading to the polls in what may be the world's most complicated election. indonesia's presidential, parliamentary and regional elections are all happening simultaneously, for the first time in its history. our correspondent karishma vaswani sent us this from jakarta. counting is taking place at polling stations across indonesia right now, after polls closed earlier today. just at the two polling stations that we've been to in this park, you can see the division evident in indonesian society. the first vote that was publicly counted was for the incumbent president, joko widodo. the second was for his rival, prabowo subianto. every time somebody‘s name was read
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out, there were loud cheers and applause, rounds of applause from residents and people come to see this election taking place. we won't get the official result for another month, but in the next few hours we should know at least who the president of indonesia and the next vice president is going to be. this election has pretty much taken place quite smoothly across the archipelago, notwithstanding some of the logistical challenges that we've seen here. however, one of the big issues that has been raised by both candidates is the issue of islam, of religion. indonesia is the world's most populous muslim country, but it is not a religiously muslim nation. five other faiths besides islam are allowed to be practised, and that's enshrined in the constitution, and many analysts say the fact that islam has become such a touchstone point in this election is very worrying for indonesia's multiethnic and multireligious democracy.
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in a moment we'll have all the business news, but first the headlines on bbc news... parents of premature babies should be allowed extra parental leave, according to campaigners. at the moment, leave is at the discretion of employers, and many parents face going back to work, whilejuggling on—going medical appointments. to mark neonatal mental health awareness week, rachel burden has been looking at the issues. every year, tens of thousands of premature babies are born in the uk. for some mothers this can mean weeks in hospital alongside their baby. i'll come in and do her cares, like changing her nappy. maybe get her out or feed her. i'll stay till about four, half four, then i'll go home, meet my husband, have something to eat and then we just come back for the evening. meanwhile, maternity leave has started and is slowly slipping away. i'm not actually at home with my baby now.
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there's mothers out there whose babies were born at the same time who are at home doing normal things, but i'm coming to hospital every single day. i'm only going to be able to spend proper time with her when she's at home and then before i know it she won't probably be sitting down properly and it'll be time to go back to back so it's really unfair. the sights and sounds here at the royal oldham just remind me so much of my time on a unitjust like this with my little boy who was born nine weeks early weighing just 3le. it's a really stressful time but even as you're totally focused on the care of your little one, in the back of your mind you're also weighing up the potential financial impact. look, what are you eating there? but some organisations are beginning to change their parental leave policy. rochelle had triplets at 25 weeks, all weighing less than 2le each. when your employee says, "ok, your maternity leave has started now" and you think, you start doing the calculations in your head. by the time i go back to work
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they'll be really young and then you start thinking about, "ok, i've lost out on this." all to do with your finances you start thinking about, and how am i going to cope? am i going to have to leave my employment once my maternity leave is over? you start thinking, "how am i going to support myself and how am i going to support them?" her employers, waltham forest council, were one of the first to extend maternity pay. they paid rochelle for the 1a weeks her babies were in hospital. having that reassurance and that bit of stability is a huge help and it's a huge difference. other organisations are beginning to follow their lead, including the bbc. one mother of premature babies has been driving this change. the smallest thing has been campaigning for some time asking government to make this change for families whose babies are born premature. a couple of years ago they introduced acas guidelines but they don't go far enough. we need to make sure that all parents who find themselves in neonatal intensive care have the additional time that they need.
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the government says it's reviewing parental rights for parents of premature babies. meanwhile, for these families, it's a case of taking each day one tiny step at a time. rachel burden, bbc news. in a moment, we'll have all the business news, but first the headlines on bbc news... the french president promises to finish the renovation of notre—dame cathedral within five years as nearly a billion uuros is pledged towards the restoration work. —— euros is pledged towards the restoration work. as climate change protests in london enter a third day, one couple are arrested after gluing themselves to a docklands light railway train in east london. people who view porn websites will have to prove they're eighteen, from july the fifteenth — as part of efforts to make the internet safer for children. in the business news...
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house prices rose in february at the slowest rate since september 2012 while in london house prices fell. that's according to data published by the office for national statistics. more on this in a moment. a surprise court ruling in london has revived the possibility of a £14bn lawsuit against credit card business mastercard. the court of appeal has ruled a tribunal must reconsider the class action against mastercard. it alleges 46 million people paid higher prices in shops than they should have due to high card fees. and shares in italian football giant juventus fell by 22% on the milan stock market this morning, after the club was knocked out of the champions league by ajax amsterdam. afternoon, welcome to the business news. we've had the latest update on the cost of living this morning — the consumer price index's measure
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of inflation came in at 1.9% for march — that's unchanged from february. fuel prices rose between february and march this year, but that was offset by falls in food prices. the office of national statistics say that weakening inflation, combined with the lowest unemployment rate in 44 years. and rising average wages, has helped ease some of the uncertainty around brexit. earlier we spoke to vicky pryce, chief economist adviser, to the centre for economics and business research. well, it's very interesting that employment has increased. we have a huge participation rate, back in terms of unemployment levels are very low, and the record low levels we had back in the 70s which is all very good news. interestingly, although it is putting pressure on wages, there are skill shortages in various areas, real wages are now beginning to increase again. we do not see that reflected particularly on prices mainly because the consumer cannot really afford to pgy-
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consumer cannot really afford to pay. although there has been this improvement in real wages, the reality is, if you look back at what has been going on since the financial crisis, real disposable incomes have been falling and real wages are still way below where they wear them. following the referendum vote, because of the increase in inflation that we saw due to the exchange rate actually dropping quite significantly, real disposable incomes for most have also declined so incomes for most have also declined so there is a consumer —— as a consumer, you have to be quite careful. businesses have not increased their prices and that is why we have quite low inflation overall. we've had some growth figures from china today, and its economy grew slightly faster than expected in the first three months of the year. there have been concerns about the impact the trade war with the united states is having on the global demand for its products. now, these growth figures is closely—watched for the potential knock—on effect on the global economy.
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joining us now isjinny yan, chief china economist at icbc. what do these growth figures tells about china's economy?” what do these growth figures tells about china's economy? i think these growth figures tell us that the worst is now behind us. expectations that china would slow down significantly has now seemed to have disappeared as we start to see stabilisation of the real economy. what that means is that we have, particularly for the uk economy, consumption from china, investment from china and trade with china will continue to be stabilised. we have to await further figures. the latest set of data certainly suggests that the worst is behind us now. what does that mean for the rest of us, the rest of the world, economies like britain and europe? it means china is the biggest spender and consumer of a commodity, financial goods and other things, and it means that british and other businesses,
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global businesses, will do better in china, and also be receiving more investment, and spending from china. take in the uk, for example. clearly trade from china is relatively small compared to other nations like the us and germany, however chinese investment in the uk is the greatest out of any economy outside of china. and if you look at student arrivals in tourist arrivals in the uk, that will continue to be very robust. just a word on climate change, it is the third day of protest here in london. what is going on in china? a lot of critics point towards china as their role as what they are doing and saying they are not doing enough but what are you hearing? and saying they are not doing enough but what are you hearing ?m and saying they are not doing enough but what are you hearing? it may be a surprise to many but china, over the past two or three years, has really decisively acted on climate change. obviously this has to
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initiate globally, china, the un and the paris agreement has already taken action. the uk and china have set upajoint taken action. the uk and china have set up a joint territory to put up a joint action plan to try and address these problems and i think china, going forward, sees climate change is one of the priorities, notjust because of china in terms of pollution being taking on the brunt ofa pollution being taking on the brunt of a lot of the impact of climate change already. london's 100 london's100 share index is flat at the moment after a court in brazil ruled that money company value could result operations. —— london shares are now flat, after a court in brazil ruled that the mining company vale could resume operations. this could mean a increase in supply of iron ore, which could lower its price. that's had a knock on effect on other major mining companies, bhp biliton. and rio tinto. they make up a big part of the ftse
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100 so when they are down, the ftse 100 so when they are down, the ftse 100 is down. a raffle to win a scottish castle has been deemed unfair by the advertising standards authority. the 17—bedroom orchardton castle, in kirkcudbrightshire was put up for grabs after the owner failed to find a buyer. when ticket sales were too low, the owner, susan devere, offered cash prizes instead. but the asa has ruled that the raffle was "adminstered unfairly" because they say the prize was changed. mrs de vere told victoria derbyshire she plans to appeal. it wasn't unfair. we did absolutely everything to make it as clear and transparent as possible. we ran the most transparent competition that we could possibly run. but the advertising standards authority says that's not true, because in the end you gave out cash prizes rather than giving out the castle to a winner. yes, and from the beginning on our website it says, right from the beginning, that if enough entries did not come in then it would be a cash prize, and we actually gave examples of what the cash prizes would be, and in the many interviews
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with newspapers etc that i did during that time, i said every time, if we don't get enough entries, it has to be a cash prize, but it will be all the money that comes in. there's no holdbacks or anything. we raised over 19,000 for the charities and we gave the rest of the money away. now it's time for a look at the weather with chris fawkes. hello. if you've been watching the forecast over the last few days, you'll know we are expecting the weather to get much warmer as we head through the next of this week and into the weekend. temperatures on saturday are likely to peak at 25 celsius, the warmest weather so far this year for us, and we've got certain bragging rights because, across southern europe, will be doing pretty well in comparison, with our 25. it willjust be ten in istanbul, 17 in athens and 18 in barcelona, so pretty good for temperatures this weekend. as far as the weather goes today, we've seen some low cloud and mist and fog patches. most of that has been burning away.
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the winds coming in generally from western europe. however, we still have a feed of cold winds affecting shetland, so the breeze will have a certain freshness to it, even though there will be a fair bit of sunshine. for most of the uk, there will also be sunny skies, but quite cloudy at times and northern ireland and we potentially squeezing out an isolated shower in eastern areas, but you'd be unlucky to see that. the majority of us having a fine and dry day and it will feel warmer. overnight, we'll see some cloud forming off the north sea and moving inland across eastern areas of england and scotland. not a cold night, temperatures between five and nine, but turning cooler than that in the highlands of scotland. on thursday, the low cloud and mist and fog should burn away pretty quickly to reveal anotherfine spring day, with lengthy spells of sunshine. it will continue to get warmer, with temperatures of 17 in edinburgh, 20 in cardiff and london, and that warming trend continues as we look
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at the forecast for friday, which is good friday. plenty of sunshine around. temperature wise, we should see highs of 21 in cardiff, london and birmingham, and also in edinburgh, and warming up in northern ireland, with 17 the top temperature in belfast. the sunny weather is set to continue into the weekend for a time. there is the threat of a weather front potentially bringing some rain to the western isles of scotland, but other ways, away from the north—west corner of scotland, it is fine, sunny and warm. 20 in edinburgh, with top temperatures of 2a or 25 in southern parts of england. it will probably stay mainly dry for the second half of the weekend, but there is a question over weather we will see a band of rain in the north and west later in the weekend. 00:28:46,886 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 that's your weather.
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