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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 4, 2019 6:30pm-6:50pm BST

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the headlines. a report into last month's ethiopian airlines crash which killed 157 people found the pilots were not to blame. the crew performed all the procedures repeatedly provided by the manufacturer but was not able to control the aircraft. more talks between labour and the government to find a way forward on brexit. downing street says they we re brexit. downing street says they were detailed and productive and both sides hope to meet again tomorrow. the german chancellor goes to dublin to talk with the irish prime minister about the possibility of a no—deal brexit. in the event of a new deal where the uk crashes out without an agreement, it is not possible quite frankly to have a clear plan because there are
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so have a clear plan because there are so many different contingencies and hypotheticals. figures in scotland show the dramatic improvement in cervical cancer rates following the routine vaccination of schoolgirls. and the dangers of a bad diet. scientists say that globally it is a bigger killer than smoking. ina bigger killer than smoking. in a moment it will be time for sports day but first let's take a look at what else is coming up this evening. following those brexit talks, we will be speaking to trevor mcdonald, the irish author. today a report finds the crew of the ethiopian airlines plane followed all the correct procedures, we hear from an aviation expert at eight and we look at tomorrow's front pages with grace bla kely we look at tomorrow's front pages with grace blakely and kate andrews.
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that is all coming up. hello and welcome to sportsday with me, will perry. coming up this evening: with more pyrotechnics thrown onto the pitch in the scottish premiership, we take a look at some of the off—field controversies which have been hampering football this year. the old firm fall—out rumbles on. celtic captain scott brown, rangers boss steven gerrard and rangers winger ryan kent amoungst those punished. england manager gareth southgate collects his obe at buckingham palace on the day his side move up to 11th in the world rankings. and supasundae shocks aintree on day one of the grand national meeting. also coming up in the programme, we speak to the the woman who tonight becomes just the second player in welsh football history to reach 100 international caps. and find out if a former nfl star and gb olympic gold medal winning hockey player have what it
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takes to compete in the boat race. nobody is going to throw up, are they? if you do, give us a shout and we'll get you a bucket. well done. hello and welcome to sportsday. we start with further off—field controversy in football. so far this season there have been incidents of coins and bottles being thrown at players and managers — with fans also invading the pitch and attacking players. last night a pyrotechnic was thrown onto the pitch during celtic‘s 2—nil win at st mirren. it's renewed calls for governing bodies to get tough in a week that's also seen another case of alleged racist abuse in italy. the bbc has been to the netherlands,
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a country with a history of fan violence, to see what authorities there are doing to tackle issues that have become all too prominent in the game in recent months. patrick gearey reports. 85 minutes into the scottish premiership match between saint mirren and celtic and as celtic scored their second goal, the saint mirren goalkeeper is about to get a far nastier surprise. during the celebrations a flare is thrown, landing metres away from him. shocking and increasingly common. from all of our standpoints, we don't want fireworks, bangers, whatever, in the stadium. we just hope that the goalkeeper is all about. the health and safety of the players is paramount and i think they need to be away from the stadium. the game is in crisis because of fan behaviour in scotland, but problems are not limited to scotland or a missile throwing. one player suffered racist abuse on tuesday in
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the netherlands. the latest in a number of incidents of racism in games in europe. in greece, the athens derby had to be abandoned last month after another like us fa ns last month after another like us fans attacked the opponent spent bench. jack greenish was struck by a fan who had got onto the pitch. temperatures are not cooling in the nether lines. these are funds warming upfora nether lines. these are funds warming up for a match, but if the atmosphere moves from noisy to nasty, the clubs get punished. it is called strict liability, holding clu bs called strict liability, holding clubs responsible for fan called strict liability, holding clubs responsible forfan behaviour in grams, with heavy fines and stadium closure is possible for sanctions. the fines are really high and i think, yeah, it works. when i axe played away, there were some anti—semitic chants on the stands
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and they had to close the stand where it was for the next game against them. there is also a football law which allows authorities to fun fans from even visiting a city where the game is being played. fines are still being handed out in the netherlands so some being handed out in the netherlands so some doubt whether it works and whether it is fair. i think it is a bad idea. i think it could be good to sanction the club that you shouldn't sanction the supporters via the club because first of all, most of the supporters who are there didn't light fireworks or sings songs that should be sung. —— shouldn't be sung and you punish people that are not involved. scotla nd fa ns people that are not involved. scotland fans are not convinced either. trouble at football was once thought to be a 20th—century problem it has reignited in the 21st. we need more ways of stamping it out.
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brown has been charged with improper conduct after he celebrated infront of the rangers fans. gerrard has accepted a one match touchline ban, apparently for comments he made to the referee after the game. ryan kent has had a two match ban upheld for shoving brown to the floor, although it was unpunished at the time. both clubs have also been cited for that full time confrontation. it was a significant night in the premier league for young english talent. phil foden was handed his first start for manchester city in their then win over cardiff. he was unlucky not to get on the sheet twice tonight. his first search for a league goal goes on, but plenty to be delighted with. over at stamford bridge, callum had sturdily capped an excellent performance in the chelsea opening against.
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a beautiful finish a beautifulfinish for a beautiful finish for the third. this will delight gareth southgate, who was actually at buckingham palace today to collect his obe from prince charles, awarded to him for services for football awarded him after last summer and this is the day when england climbed up to fourth in the fifa world rankings. it is lovely that you can plot that progress, so we've talked about trying to become the number one team in the world and that has to be our aim so going from 15th to fourth might have been easier than the next step, and there are some teams behind us that will be working extra ha rd to behind us that will be working extra hard to bridge that gap as well so we are improving and we are enjoying that journey and have we are improving and we are enjoying thatjourney and have to keep doing it. a great day for him. now wales defender loren dykes will become just the second player in welsh football history this evening to be capped 100 times. she'll reach the century in a friendly against the czech republic in newport. shejuggles playing at the highest level for her country and for wsl
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side bristol city along with coaching the wales girls under—15s. bbc sport wales has been to meet her ahead of tonight's match. i remember my first game was holland away. i remember seeing my name on the board and thinking something had gone wrong. it must be a training sheet or something. i remember not being able to breed for a second and i wouldn't sit here and say my career has been sunshine and rainbows. for every good moment there is about three lows but i wouldn't change it for the world. it has been brilliant. i'm still trying to achieve things now and as a nation we have a big goal which is to qualify for a major tournament so it's been amazing along the way. it really has. smiling, unusual. she is an athlete with the ball at her feet. it is something we always knew. we never expected this and this is a dream, obviously. having a child that plays for wales is a dream but to have 100
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caps is something you don't expect. when i think of it and i look back and see how far she has come from that 11—year—old playing for her school and our club team isjust amazing. she is somebody who shies away from the limelight and doesn't get it enough, doesn't get enough recognition for who she is and what she had done and what she has done for football in wales. i couldn't be more proud of her and she has always been my inspiration. for me, seeing how much we inspire the nation has been massive. i remember my neighbour sending me a letter through the door and i didn't even know who they were and they said their little girl has been inspired and i was blown away because you don't expect it. loren dykes is very professional and how she operates. she has always lived within wales but has travelled a heck of a lot to commit fully to the training. she travels over to bristol every day. our younger ones, they are learning a lot from these
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more experienced players and the main thing they will learn is the work ethic that is to go into it if they want to amass that amount of caps in the future. she takes what she does and plays and brings it to what we do, so we are really honoured to have her as a coach. she gets really angry if i make her. i've always been approachable, i think, for the younger ones. i've always been approachable, i think, forthe younger ones. i i've always been approachable, i think, for the younger ones. i would like to be there for them. sometimes they get a bit intimidated and i would take that when i was younger at some times i was a bit intimidated, not because anyone did anything but in my own had ijust felt like i couldn't speak to them. i want felt like i couldn't speak to them. iwant them felt like i couldn't speak to them. i want them to feel like they can come and speak to me sol i want them to feel like they can come and speak to me so i definitely wa nt come and speak to me so i definitely want to leave this place in a better way than i found it. let's take a look at some other football stories around today. wolves have confirmed the club—record signing of striker rauljimenez. the mexican‘s scored 15 goals sincejoining on a season—long loan from benfica and will now move to molineux permanently for a fee of £30 million
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on the 1st ofjuly. liverpool are top of the premier league table for agents fees for the second year in a row. they paid agents nearly £41; million in the two transfer windows this season, part of a combined premier league spend of £261 million — 50 million more than last year. raheem sterling is paying for 550 pupils from his old school to attend the fa cup semi—final between manchester city and brighton at wembley on saturday. students from the ark elvin academy in london have also met the england winger at city's training complex in manchester today. bolton wanderers' next two home matches against ipswich and middlesbrough will both go ahead as scheduled. the region's safety advisory group had issued a ban on fans entering the university of bolton stadium for the two games. the club's non—playing staff have now received their march salaries, but bolton's players say they still haven't been paid.
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the 40 the a0 runners for saturday's grand national were announced today. a leading irish training contender has been ruled out. the favourite for the race on saturday, tiger role will be one of a0 horses to race, and many are stabled on site. so what kind of hospitality can they expect? judy hobson reports. refreshed and ready to race, some of today's runners have been here for a couple of days. aintree has 160 permanent stables and earlier in the week i managed to sneak a look at the accommodation. this was ridden by bob champion. amy is in charge of the yard. the names of the winners are above the stables they were in before the race. we've got what has actually been the luckiest stable in the yard. it has had six winners, but it hasn't had a winner for quite a while so it might be its turn this year.
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she also explained how trainers can be very superstitious. they've had a national winner, so like donald mccain has had three national winners in this table. they have this table. they have this stable. they don't have this stable they then get very... we've got to have that. we had an incident a couple of years ago where there was one trainer whose horse for some reason or another, he they couldn't get him the stable that they wanted it and it came second in the national. we didn't hear the end of that. there is one stable that stands out more than any other. this is one of her most famous stables, this is stable a6. red rum himself was in this stable all the three times that he won. and then donald mccain uses this stable every year. and some of the horses seem to have foibles as well. the strangest one we've had is probably they brought a goat to be with the horse. a little goat who lives in the stable for a week. we call quite often find teddy bears strapped to the doors as a security blanket, basically. and this, can you believe, is a sun lamp which some horses like to use
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after a hard race. there are no horses here at the moment and that's because as soon as they start to arrive, we wouldn't be allowed anywhere near these stables because security is so tight. these horses are at the peak of their fitness and carry huge expectations. they need to be looked after. some might need shavings, some might need paper. depending different beddings. some need a quiet area in the stables just to be looked after, just to keep them quiet, you know. i think in fairness the lads look after them very well. here we go, lads. who's next? winner each way, whatever you like. but with so much at stake, owners and trainers want to make sure they've done all they can before these horses face the biggest fences in the world. let's take a look at some other stories around today and we'll stay at aintree where there was a surprise win in the feature race on the first day of the festival.
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favourite buveur d'air, the two—time cheltenham champion hurdle winner, was beaten in the aintree hurdle by supasundae, who's trained byjessica harrington and ridden by robbie power. jonny bairstow‘s continued his good form in the ipl. he followed up a century last time out with a8 from just 26 balls to help the sunrisers hyderabad stay on course for victory against dehli capitals. and saudi arabia's first female racing driver reema juffali will make her fa british championship debut at brands hatch this weekend. she will drive for defending champions double r racing just six months after making her competitive racing debut. few sports offer the chance for women to compete directly against men for the same prize. now golf is joining the likes of horse racing, equestrian events and motorsport. the inauguraljordan mixed open has a prize fund of more than three hundred thousand pounds that a man or woman can win. and it's not the only first
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the tournament can boast, as nick parrott reports. kylie and scott henry have their eyes on a prize, and for the first time in golf it is the same one. men, senior men and women all competing for this trophy and one pa rt competing for this trophy and one part of prize money. yesterday, like any married couple would, they were supporting each other as they made final preparations for the tournament. today they got down to business as rivals. the first husband and wife to compete against each other in professional golf. it has been a really fun week and it has been nice to be at a tournament together because usually the tours are in different countries and sometimes different continents so it has been really fun being at a tournament together. scott was first to tee off, followed not far behind by kylie. she has won two tournaments and he has one one
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trophy. he had the better day. kylie went into the round feeling unwell, but rallied to end the day on two over and tied 80th. scott knew the cause quite well and i didn't manage to get a practice round so he was really good at giving me a couple of tips on how to play smart. it has been exciting, there has been a different atmosphere for all of us so it has been good fun. definitely something that... i don't know if they will do the same thing but something along these lines would be good for both tours. evenif good for both tours. even if they don't head home to clydebank with any prize money, they will be desperate to win the bragging rights in the henry household. it's the boat race this weekend. the crews of oxford and cambridge have been preparing for a.2miles on the thames for the past year. olympians past, present and future are taking part. we know you have to be super fit to take part — butjust how fit? we sent former nfl playerjason bell and olympic hockey gold medallist sam quek to oxford to find out.
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have you rowed before? just in the gym, for fun. i have done it on water, once. that is better than me, i am not sure we are going to be ok, we will wing it. let's go. hello. nice to meet you. we are going to put you through a series of tests today to find out what potential you may have. i like this, i'm into this. there is that word — test. the aerobic capacity test, this is the single best indicator of somebody‘s potential as a rower. this is quite frightening. grab handles. three, two, one... off you go. nice and gentle, nice and gentle.
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watching the heart rate climbing nicely. 150. just as you hit the minute. really nice. nice high heart rate. up you go, up you go, well done. stay strong. well done, superb. well done, folks. leg burn. we have the aerobic capacity test results. sam, your score came in at 2.8 litres per minute, jason, 3.a litres per minute. the boat race, they probably have four litres and more, for the women, for the men, six litres and more, so they have almost double the aerobic capacity you have. you have both been really good sports, no set of tests is complete without a proper race... ready...


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