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most part, as we start the new day on monday, but don't bank on it lasting, especially across the western areas, where a new area of cloud will come in from the atlantic and it will bring the odd bit of rain. not much more than that. the best of today's's sunshine will be out towards the east and look at this, the first signs of a trend which sees many central and southern parts warming up in the middle part of the week. it will, however, stay u nsettled of the week. it will, however, stay unsettled across scotland and northern ireland. this is bbc news. our latest headlines: the prime minister announces an extra £20 billion a year in real terms for the nhs — labour says it's not enough. we are making the nhs our priority, we are putting a significant amount of extra money into it. we need to make sure that money is spent wisely. we are saying you can go further and if the government made the taxation changes we are prepared to make you could give even more to the nhs. labour would be spending more
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on the nhs than the tories. the hundreds of migrants rescued off the libyan coast have now arrived in spain. their plight has sparked a row between european union member states over who should accept them. the home secretary acted after billy caldwell was admitted scientists are using dna sampling to scour the depths of scotland's loch ness. it's hoped they will gain a better understanding of native species in the lake. some hope it will prove once and for all whether "nessi" — does, or ever did, exist. now on bbc news — click. zombies. dinosaurs and fluffy cloud candy floss trees. yes, it's all in a day's work at the biggest gaming event of the year, e3. video games have come a long way,
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in the last a0 years. gaming gear now feels a lot more real. gaming rigs have got big and expensive. controllers are notjust a bunch of buttons, any more. these days, you can feel like you're in control of a real vehicle. and the graphics... oh, the graphics! but sometimes, you just can't beat the real thing. because, even in virtual reality, which can be really, really good, you still can't feel the realism.
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you can't feel the forces on your body, you can't feel the car... being crushed under your tracks. at least that's the argument made by tank america, here in florida. and, for the moment, at least, i think they're right. seriously, though, if you don't have your own tank, don't worry, because video games are getting more and more like the real thing. we're going to hand over now to kate russell and mark cieslak who are at the world's biggest video games expo, e3, in los angeles. for the next three days, 60,000—odd people are going to be jam packed into the giant la convention centre. all of them wanting to get their grubby mitts on the latest video games. it's only the second time the general public have been
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allowed into this space. and it is rammed beyond belief. and very, very noisy. but don't worry. we're here to brave the throngs, so that you don't have to. first up, surprising absolutely nobody: battlefield returns with another slice of multiplayer mayhem. battlefield v. this time, the action‘s been transported to the second world war. 0h! one new addition is a last—man standing battle royale mode, but more on that later in the programme. also making waves first—person demon slaying in doom eternal, and post apocalyptic role—playing game, fallout 76 got fans excited, as did third person shooter, the division ii. you'll notice that all of these games have something in common. that is that they're
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all part of a franchise. sequel basically guarantees you a user base from the start off. developing a brand new title costs a lot of money, upwards of, like, millions and millions of pounds. so creating something that we've already gotten established... genre, you've got your weapons, you've got your characters, everything feels familiar and people want more of the familiar. but in amongst all the games with numbers after their titles, there's still plenty of original stuff on show here at e3. uk developer media molecule has a lot of experience creating original and unusual games. they're the brains behind the little big planet series of titles. this is their latest offering. it's called dreams and it defies categorisation. it's a game, but it's also a creative tool box, if you like. it allows players to create their own games, too. a big part of the experience is the creation of your own games. they supply you with an enormous number of tools
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with which to do that. so for example you've got an existing level here and i'm going to remix it so i can go into an editor. i can change or create whatever elements i want to. if you're musically minded, you could even create your own tunes to go with the game that you've created. this is how calvin harris does it. from making platformers, to space shooters, to whatever this is, creating and sharing the fruits of your labour is what this is all about. you'd be forgiven for thinking that virtual reality had gone the way of fidget spinners — yesterday's passing fad. but that's not the case at this year's e3. there's plenty of vr games on show and one particularly interesting one comes courtesy of a fella who used to live in the shire! mr frodo himself movie and tv star, elijah wood, founded a production company back in 2010, which makes horror and genre movies, such as the acclaimed
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a girl walked home at night. it's teamed with ubisoft, to create a vr psychological thriller called transference. what are the things that you can do in vr that you can't do in films? similar tools that one has in film, sound design, music, the lack thereof, these are things that you can use in vr as well, to elicit an emotional response. but you're in it. sounds intriguing. i'll find out for myself. well, this looks like the kind of birthday party you don't want to go to. "let me go". "help". there's, like, a 16 bit 80s phantom dude. 0h! laughter. more vr on show in this title called arca's path. so my goal is to guide this sphere through this ever—changing map. i control the sphere by looking where i actually want to go. it's all done with my head movements and it's a clever way of getting around not being able
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to see your hands and see where they're placed on a controller. and it demonstrates that developers are looking at different ways of drawing the best out of virtual reality, playing to the technology's strengths. unsurprisingly, dream reality, the developers behind this game, think vr is onlyjust getting into its stride. we are on the second or third wave. we're getting more sophisticated. any new tech, you're going to get these ups and downs. so if we look back in ten years, it will be, in my mind, you know we've had a load of excitement, we plateaued a bit, a bit of disappointment, but we're already going back up. in a gaming landscape ruled by a franchise fodder and copycat shooters, it's refreshing thatjewels of originality can still be found. if you look hard enough. now, two of the biggest events at e3 are the microsoft and sony press extravaganzas and here are the highlights. there was plenty of new stuff for xbox fans.
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the show starting strong with a tease. climaxing in a glimpse of that helmet. we willjoin master chi on his greatest adventure yet, to save humanity. showcasing 50 games, the briefing was a riot of gun toting, rubber burning, puzzle solving, ninja sneaking, body slamming, alien—exploding action. for when the fighting stopped and the fallout settled. iconic sequels came thick and ear—splittingly fast. games like fallout 76. devil may cry 5. and dying light 2.
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but the only one we'll be able to play this year, is forza racing. set in great britain with seasonal weather fronts to mix up the game play. what is it about us brits and talking about the weather? one of the biggest cheers came for gears 5, which introduced a female lead. a move that could cause controversy in certain online circles. one of the things i really love about gaming is that it really can unite all of us, across age, across gender, across geography. we're able to bring everybody together, playing games, some of that isjust the people who play. you see that in our audience of fans but also in the characters i play. you know i get to craft the character the way i want to show up in the game or, as you said, strong female protagonist in games. i think you're seeing a lot of that and i'm proud to be able to do that with our first party.
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microsoft is still playing catch up in the console space, with industry pundits judging they're being outsold by playstation four by a factor of two to one. although, no official sales figures support this. but could today's announcement finally see xbox make the comeback they so desperately need? delivering games you could only pay on xbox is what will boost that comeback. and microsoft announced buying up five indie game makers to make that happen. it's a city of dreams... among the existing line—up of 18 xbox exclusives, was long anticipated and frankly gorgeous rpg cyberpunk 2077. from the team behind the witcher franchise. xbox game pass, a way to give gamers the ultimate freedom to play. but that light was a betrayal. only fleeting. we may have to wait a while for most of these games, but with microsoft pushing the cheaper,
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subscription—service model, in the way that music and movies went, the good news is lots of the big names will launch straight to the xbox game pass. sony is trying something different with its press event, this year. they're actually physically moving all of the assembled fans and press through several different themed spaces. to reflect the kind of games which are shown. sort of a magical mystery tour with video games. it started with a kiss. sony opened its press event with the last of us — part two. the game's lead, ellie, kissing a new character, which drew cheers from the audience. then we got a first glimpse of game play from the third—person actioner, set in a world devastated by a fungal zombie plague. the demo was brutal in its depiction
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of graphic violence. from this, we can glean the combat system now seems more fluid than the previous outing. no word on a release date yet, though. then came the sheer bizarre spectacle of the first game play from video games auteur, hideo kojima, the brains behind the metal gear solid series, his long—awaited death stranding. with its babies in bottles, invisible antagonists, and star—studded cast, including the walking dead's norman reedus, the game looks stunning. but sony executives seem in the dark about what this all means. we've seen death stranding trailers for the last few years at e3. can you tell me what death stranding is actually about, because i have no clue. can i ask you to ask hideo kojima yourself?
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maybe i'll broker that interview for you. if you can make that interview happen, i'm very happy to ask him! i'll stand by and listen, as well. its release is expected in 2019. our friendly neighbourhood spiderman swings back onto the playstation in a game which shows off a web—sligner‘s arachnid aptitude for acrobatics. with combat that revolves around punches, leaps and enough spinning kicks to make jean claude van dam dizzy. spidey navigates a huge play area using his trademark web—slingers and takes on a gang of his deadliest enemies, the sinister six. it's released in september, this year. a resident evil remake and a brief glimpse of a gravity—defying game called control, from developers remedy 505 games rounded out a solid showcase,
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which focussed on titles exclusive to the machine which is currently riding high as the dominant console of this generation. hello, welcome to the week in tech. it was the week that dixons carphone admitted a major data breach, affecting more than a million user's personal records and compromising nearly six million bank cards. apple is to change the iphone default settings, to make it harder for hackers to access devices. the move will also make it trickier for law enforcement to get in, if need be. although the company denies that's part of the aim. and uber has applied for a patent to use al to assess how drunk a potential passenger might be. doing so by looking at their location, typing accuracy and even the angle they're holding their phone. an important milestone for drone deliveries in the uk has being passed, as one has been given permission to fly beyond the visual line of sight.
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the partnership between the uk government's pathfinder programme and sensat saw a successful flight stretching 12 kilometres away from the pilot, making use of gps positioning and real—time photography mapping system. and finally, mit has revealed these 3d printed soft magnetic structures that can grab, crawl and jump. they're designed for use within biomedical devices, where they could be remotely controlled from outside the body. the idea is that they may take images, extract samples, deliver drugs, or even surround a blood vessel, to control the pumping of blood. i'll always remember the first time that i saw doom. a first—person shooter game that several people on different networked computers could play at once. it absolutely blew my mind.
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the latest virtual reality tech makes it possible to feel like you're actually there. it feels pretty realistic. but real battle games have moved on, as well. i mean, this is the most realistic laser tag i have ever played. this experience has taken some of the ideas from video games and combined them with ultra—realism of being on a movie set. 0nce hit, players can re—spawn at the special re—sawn button. scoreboards are displayed around the rooms and you get an app
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to track your scores between your visits. it's exciting, it's exhausting, but i think kate has found something even bigger at e3. it's all very well going on to the battlefield fully armed, then. but sometimes the only thing you find is a bush to hide in. and that's the thrill i love when playing battle royale games. you start each round with nothing and have to try and stay alive, until everyone else is dead. 0k, a tank would have been better. playerunknown‘s battlegrounds kicked off the current craze over battle royal—type games. but at e3 this year, it's all about fortnight. now the world's most popular game, fans packed into a stadium to see 50 celebrities and 50 gamers compete for a $3 million charity prise pool. with popular twitch streamer
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ninja claiming victory. more big news at e3, with nintendo announcing fortnight on the switch. from a standing start back in march, last year, pubg and fortnight have been breaking world records, all over the place. it seems like almost everyone is playing these games. so what is it about battle royale? i think battle royale has been so popular because it has all the best elements of online gaming but it also reduces some of the problems. so, first up, you don't have to spend hours and hours a week playing. we don't all have evenings free to spend playing. it also means that you're not going to run into people who were griefing, who were trolling. i think, you know, we've got some unpleasant aspects in online gaming. people who just want to get in your way. in battle royale games, that's not really in their best interest. because if they get in your way, there's a very good chance you're going to kill them. with such an appetite for the genre, there are now plenty of battle royale games in the making.
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with fortnight reportedly earning around $300 million on in—game cosmetic purchases in april, it's a slice of a tasty pie they're after. just charging for remotes, skins, crazy hats for your characters. it's pretty unusual. no—one else is really doing it. the rest of the industry, believe me, is looking at fortnight and seeing whether they can start to borrow some of that stuff. so you know battle royale is huge as a concept when something as big as call of duty is willing to drop its single player campaign to focus on it. yes, you heard that right. call of duty black ops is dropping the single player story mode, for a last—man standing. but not everybody enjoys playing online with real people. you have a legion of fans of call
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of duty who love the solo mode. what do you say to them? we're trying to tell a narrative in different ways with this game. if you look at the zombies offering we're going to have to launch, it's the biggest zombie experience we've ever done. we're introducing a whole new cast of characters with new storylines. black 0ut as a new mode is also bringing a lot of the legacy of the black ops series in a way that i think can let fans create their own stories. and i think that it's going to really appeal to casual and very competitive and hard—core gamers alike. when you look at these games, it's easy to think there's no such thing as an original idea, any more. but mavericks‘ proving grounds, due out next year, is hoping to stand out from the crowd. the way we see existing battle royale is sort of the first step to massively multiplayer competitive game play. but mavericks is really taking a step up, in terms of depth.
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you actually affect the environment more. there's a lot more strategy that occurs in a game of mavericks, because you can see information caused by other players. so, there's a lot more and much more depth in the player—to—player interaction. with 1,000 players in a match, and the ability to track your prey by the footprints and other marks they leave on the landscape it's an intriguing spin on the seemingly unstoppable might of the battle royale game. so that's it, e3 over for another year and battle royale games obviously one of the biggest themes on show. so huge. one does wonder if the bubble isn't going to burst at some point. but black ops, i enjoyed playing that. i think there's going to be quite a lot of problems with the single—player fans when that does come out. despite their insistence that there's going to
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be content in there, for story mode fans. fortnight is going to remain dominant. it's difficult to beat free. interestingly though, diversity, diversity in the characters you can play, a very, very big theme. lots and lots of games allowing you to play as female characters. that has caused some fuss online. but the games company seem to be ignoring that kind of fuss. good job, too, because figures showing that more and more women are coming to gaming. so, you know, perhaps more representative of the stories that we live, in our real lives and the characters we come across in our real lives, is actually attracting a wider audience. that can only be a good thing. so, female—player characters in battlefield v, female player character in assassin's creed. 0dyssey. i mean that's two really, really big franchises there. gears 5 as well coming out with a big, strong female lead. we were very lucky though, because we did get the opportunity to play quite a few games and we even got the opportunity to play against one another. i knew you were going to bring that up! basicallyjust saying it, so he gets
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the chance to say again... i am the king of games! play me on a pc game! watch this, just watch this, just watch this, just watch this! this is a hugely anticipated title, switch super smash brothers. all your favourite classic gaming characters. i'm playing sonic, at the moment. there's solid snake, zelda's in there, looks gorgeous. i'm not doing too well, at the moment. i am a bit of a button masher, which is driving mark a bit wild. it's interfering with my precision combat! it's kind of a cross between a beat ‘em up and a platformer. because you've got to stay on the platform, as well. there's things to collect. yeah, it's not quite as simple as pulling off some martial arts moves. each one are some of the characters you can choose have signature moves that you don't normally find in beat ‘em up games.
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and the winner is... samus! thank you very much! in yourface! i was let down by the hedgehog. seriously. sonic could do better. brilliant stuff. that's it for this week. i hope you've enjoyed it half as much as i have. we're staying in the us next week, for a look at sustainable technology. in the meantime, you can find loads from us on facebook and on twitter. thanks for watching. if you wouldn't mind, get out my way. in the first half of the forthcoming
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week shaping up across all parts of the british isles, a few clouds and west of scotland further south i think the trend is for dry weather and things will warm up. at the moment quite a bit of cloud across the british isles and the nuance of cloud beginning to manifest itself away to the south west of ireland. more on that in a second. 0vernight an area of cloud pushing further east into the north sea taking the last of what rainer has been off into the north sea. behind the sky is clear but it won't be a cold night by any means. quite the reverse in fact. dry start, sunshine, then the clothes i was
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talking about showing its hand yet again across western part of the british isles and there is the chance of a little bit of rain, not amounting to much. the driest and warmest of the weather across these eastern areas of 2a, 25 or so. that's because to the south of prosciutto is a british isles hence the heat. 0nce prosciutto is a british isles hence the heat. once the cloud breaks. it will be a cloudy start to the south, the best of the brightness of the north, then we bring a bit of a blip, more in the way of rain eventually getting to western scotland. these westerly shores rather murky conditions, best of the sunshine further to the east and some warmth. that blip on the weather front is fired at us, certainly towards the north—western quarter by the noticeable jet stream which has the tendency later in the week to week in, it will not be such a feature. 0nce week to week in, it will not be such a feature. once that
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week to week in, it will not be such a feature. 0nce thatjet stream wea ke ns, a feature. 0nce thatjet stream weakens, later in the week the high pressure which is in the south will grow to develop all over the british isles settling things down. wednesday is the transition, we still have to have the weather front slipping its way down and across the british isles, great an important feature. not because it's bringing a lot of rain but it's the demarcation between real warmth in the south, eyes of about 27, maybe 28, following something a bit more cool, but by no means cold. this is bbc news. the headlines at four. theresa may promises a £20 billion a year real—terms increase to the nhs in england by 2023. labour says it's not enough. we're making the nhs our priority, we're putting this significant amount of extra money into it. we need to make sure that money is spent wisely. we're saying you could go further and if the government made the taxation changes we are prepared to make you could be giving even more to the nhs.
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so, labour will be spending more on the nhs than the tories. hundreds of migrants who've been the focus of a european dispute over immigration arrive in spain more than a week after being rescued. the conservative mp sir christopher chope, who blocked legislation to outlaw upskirting, now says he does support moves to criminalise it. also germany are about to take on mexico in the 2018 world cup,
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