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nothing severe for thursday. in north america and around the globe. my name is lewis vaughanjones. in the to a mystery substance. south. hospital, apparently overcome by a mystery substance. between russian and the us in 2010. he is being treated in salisbury, in of national reunification. the south of england. of eastern ghouta, after repeated and the us. shelling. of national reunification with south korea. of crossing an ethical line. syrian enclave, after repeated shelling. some people's suffering, though one convoy wasn't enough. rumour, and nothing has been substantiated. and it isjust...
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now have to deal with the fallout, now. we will reflect on hollywood's big night. in britain after apparently being overcome by an unknown substance. a woman in salisbury. as a precaution. mark urban has more. on a bench in salisbury. as suspicions built that the two victims had been poisoned. ill.
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has taken place. and a multi—agency response has been co—ordinated. the bbc established that the man being treated is sergei skripal. for british intelligence. for four years. to repay its debt to skripal. skripal and three others were put on a jet from moscow to vienna.
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on the tarmac in austria. president putin vented his fury publicly. translation: traitors will kick the bucket, trust me. these people betrayed their friends, their brothers—in—arms. they were given, they will choke on them. where he began a life in exile. russian intelligence officer has lived in recent years. we will have more on that story later on the programme. later on the programme.
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national reunification with south korea. korea. met delegates from south korea since he came to power in 2011. he came to power in 2011. our correspondent is in seoul for us. our correspondent is in seoulfor us. correspondent is in seoulfor us. a seemingly significant moment here. seemingly significant moment here. bring us up—to—date with what has happened. happened. well, look how far we have come in just a few months. come in just a few months. north korea shaking hands, warmly greeting ministers from south korea. greeting ministers from south korea. started ahead of the winter 0lympics. 0lympics. he had a four our dinner with these ministers. with these ministers. asked the blue house here in seoul why this dinner was so long. why this dinner was so long. said they had a lot to discuss. that is certainly true. is certainly true.
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prepared to discuss getting rid of his nuclear weapons. his nuclear weapons. growing dialogue between the north and south. and south. but no mention was made of his nuclear weapons. of his nuclear weapons. get the us and north korea around the table. the table. will take some deft diplomatic skills to get it even further. to cut short its mission bringing vital humanitarian aid. some people's suffering, though one convoy wasn't enough. for eastern ghouta, and sent this report.
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around damascus to get into eastern ghouta. but they carried food and medical supplies for 27,500 people. it was a start. trapped on the inside. of eastern ghouta. of president assad's confidence. that way, of course, with their russian allies.
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he will have secured his capital. the enclave has been controlled by islamist militias since 2012. but not yet. the un's call for a ceasefire has been ignored. syria's president says the west is lying about the humanitarian crisis. the un secretary—general calls eastern ghouta hell on earth. casualties go to a network of underground clinics. would change anything. what can
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small convoy help us, how can it benefit us? for a few days. from the grown—ups‘ war. and aluminium imports. in congress, and also from the head of the world trade organization. investigating the prime minister for alleged corruption. nir hefetz is a former spokesman for mr netanyahu.
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on the reported agreement. won the right to govern the country, following sunday's general election. respectively. in child marriages globally. have been prevented. unicef says south asian countries have seen the biggest reduction. has told the bbc that he is categorically not a drugs cheat. of crossing an ethical line by british politicians. instead ofjust for medical need.
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in this exclusive interview. sir bradley wiggins was effectively accused of cheating. drugs to boost performance and not just for medical need. wiggins came out fighting, telling me he had done nothing wrong. you crossed the ethical line. is that fair — did you? no, we didn't. not at any time during my career did we cross the ethical line. that i went to a doctor. at british cycling at the time. occasion, which was, what, seven years
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ago now. to apply for use of this medication. to gain an advantage. that's not what your former coach, shane sutton, says. he says your use of that drug was, quote, "unethical". yeah, that hurts me, actually. i was taking that medication. before three major races triggered this saga. without losing power. tues we know about? yes. it nine times in four years? yeah, now this — i don't
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know where that's come from. i really would like to know. has said this. doesn't mean it's wrong, though. you're saying this is a lie? absolutely, i refute that 100%. this is... this is malicious, this. this is a direct... this is someone trying to smear me. you didn't cheat? 100%. you didn't abuse the tue system? never throughout my career, no. 20 years, to do that to the sport. i mean, it'sjustabsurd. accused of, i've said that before. but it's also the hardest thing to prove you haven't done. because we're not dealing in a legal system. i'd have had more rights if i'd murdered someone in this process. investigation going on, so i
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couldn't say anything. then we're still waiting on this dcms report. put to me before, until now. i've only found out today what i'm actually being accused of. i mean, the whole jiffy bag thing was just a shambles. the jiffy bag was a mystery medical delivery to wiggins in 2011. adding to the suspicion. wiggins insists he only had a legal decongestant that day. what was in the jiffy bag? god knows. your guess is as good as mine. it doesn't look good, does it? no, of course it doesn't. it's ludicrous. with it that evening? well that — not by me. at the end of the day, the buck stops with me. with fluimucil in a nebuliser. who launched team sky promising to be whiter than white. in cycling's grey
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areas. then maybe he should go. it's set in concrete. so how much of a toll has all this taken on wiggins? you know, i haven't... and i'm having... it's horrific. reputation from this. | wouldn't wish it upon anyone. but the mps‘ report is felt well beyond cycling. substance given to sir mo farah sees uk athletics criticised. about corruption allegations — a claim he denies.
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sport's biggest reputations. dan roan, bbc news. stay with us on bbc news. who has died at the age of 80. as the ferry lurched on to her side. the hydrogen bomb. dropped on hiroshima. i heard the news earlier and so my heart went bang, bang!
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and are sent to hospital. it's going to boil up when you get to the states? all right in the end, as they say. this is bbc news. by a mystery substance. of national reunification. and hejoins us in washington.
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thank you very much for talking to us. thank you very much for talking to us. us. this fit a pattern of state behaviour? yes. we have to presume it is part of that pattern. it is part of that pattern. opponents, especially those who investigated his crimes. investigated his crimes. but this is slightly different, isn't it? slightly different, isn't it? place, nothing else happens after that. that. this would be annexed ordinary breaking of precedent. —— an extraordinary. extraordinary. there is another code among spies.
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among spies. in a swap, you have to leave them alone. —— an honour code. ramifications for anyone in the west. west. activity, the russian state taking actions beyond its borders. actions beyond its borders. crimes related to putin and his secret police. secret police. shot twice after accusing vladimir putin of fascinating litvinenko. —— assassinating. assassinating. actions beyond its borders as it did allegedly in the litvinenko case? allegedly in the litvinenko case?
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vladimir putin is a creature of his secret police. secret police. he calls them the holiest of holies. holiest of holies. he speaks of them in supernatural terms. in supernatural terms. people who betrays them will be killed. killed. against either us or those who trust us. against either us or those who trust us. us. countries in the west have two incidents like this? incidents like this? ripped off the russian people in the russian state. russian state. as a gangster with a gangster regime. regime. so far he knows the west will protect all of his dirty deals. will protect all of his dirty deals.
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difficult our investigations like this? this? just how difficult it is to get to the bottom of cases like this. yes. those cases were never adequately solved. solved. assassinated in the course of investigating vladimir putin. investigating vladimir putin. my friend didn't maryland, his case was never solve either. was never solve either. they are extremely difficult to prove. extremely difficult to prove. you very much, michael waller, from washington. illness at the age of 80. suitcase for airline passengers. lebo diseko looks back at his life. that's how i wound it up...
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best known for. a documentary about aids in africa. for their radios. which were horrendously expensive. a small dynamo, which in turn would drive a small radio. company that employed disabled workers to make it. meeting nelson mandela.
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with little formal qualifications. one point. as you walk. sir trevor bayliss wanted to help others. trevor baylis, who's died at the age of 80. attracted their smallest us audience ever.
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on the show‘s diminishing ratings. in 1974. they are quite worried to have a 20% drop on last year. heads a little bit. over the last few months, so there wasn't too much suspense. a bitjaded by that topic, even though it is pretty important.
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claiming victory on the film front. for the shape of water, the fourth time in five years. world of filmmakers. world tells us to make them deeper. quite a political edge to his acceptance speech.
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film. on the mexican day of the dead. you may have heard about the extreme weather in the uk. weather in the uk. with a snowplough clearing the rails. rails. thawing, but left the uk with freezing temperatures. freezing temperatures. exposed to an unknown
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substance in salisbury. that is the top story. with me and many from the bbc on line and on twitter. hello there. it is going to be a long road. rain, also some white mixed in across scotland. we are expecting more snow. what it will be over the hills. of frost possible as we start off the morning in the countryside. a slippery start to the day again.
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on the ground. the snow getting to lower levels in some of the deep highland valleys. cold in the north but relatively mild in the south. highs of 12 degrees in london. and east anglia, threatening a spell of morning rain on wednesday. followed by some brighter skies and sunshine. continue to recover, looking at highs of six in edinburgh. not far away from south england so that could come inland. through and tmeperatu res between six and nine celsius. nothing severe for thursday.
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in the south. temperatures between six and nine. 00:28:35,965 --> 1073741526:09:49,331 this 1073741526:09:49,331 --> 2147483051:51:02,697 is 2147483051:51:02,697 --> 3221224577:32:16,063 bbc 3221224577:32:16,063 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 news.
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