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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  March 5, 2018 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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a sigh of relief", after members of the social democratic party voted to join a coalition with her. this ends five months of political stalemate in the country. onto other stories. the times newspaper, in the uk, is reporting that british prime minister theresa may protested to president trump over his plans for tariffs on steel and aluminium imports. they report mrs may relayed herfears to him by telephone yesterday afternoon. the guardian has the news that british cyclist bradley wiggins and his riding mates in team sky took performance—enhancing drugs to win the tour de france in 2012. that is the conclusion by a group of politicians here in the uk. the drugs were allegedly used under the guise of treating a legitimate medical condition. detail in the guardian, of course, bradley wiggins and team sky denied all the allegations. in the us, of course, and a lot of the media all over the world is going through what
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happened at the oscars. there was no runaway winner this year. the shape of water won best picture, while the top acting honours were split between gary oldman for the darkest hour and frances mcdormand in three billboards outside ebbing, missouri. and then the front paper of the i, a story that says us lobbyists are wanting to be able to sell cornish pasties in the uk. the paper reports they want protected status to be dropped on other british products, including scotch whisky and cumberland sausage. american pie. with me is kulveer ranger, vice president of strategy and communication at the digital company, atos. welcome back. good morning, you made me hungry there. oh no, i am hungry as well. let's get started and talk about the italian press. wejust have one here and how it is digesting the lack of result in the
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italian election. what a surprise. from the election polls, what people are thinking. i would by no means claim to be an expert on italian politics but what we are seeing here is that same trend of nationalist politics, nationalist policies, those parties that sort of tapping into the mood of the people. we have seen it in france, we have seen it with the adf in germany, now we are seeing it with the five star movement in italy and it is surprising people, where as you would have thought by now we would not be surprised. there is an interesting tweet, i have been looking at twitter this morning, that a former mp in the uk who is very much behind the brexit movement in the uk, has said well, look, isn't this a good thing that the uk had a referendum on the boil, my word is not years, on that rise of nationalism and people wanting to be heard without referendum because otherwise, countries such as france, which was teetering on the brink before emmanuel macron said that
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with his freshness to politics, on top of what angela merkel has been doing in germany, but also with what has happened in italy, people are saying we want a change. there was also the thought that silvio berlusconi was going to buy is back, even before yesterday, they were saying that he would return, much like his hair has returned, but he hasn't. his centre-right coalition group has come through rather well and he was still play a part, i would imagine, in these discussions that will take part four weeks to come. the question is though in italy and in other countries, we saw the change would emmanuel macron in france, the initial worry is that this problem of politics in italy has been dominating the many, many yea rs has been dominating the many, many years and as yet, they have not managed to overcome the issue and what will be the outcome of this time in terms of what the voters really wa nt 7 time in terms of what the voters really want? yeah, i think you're right there. i think the challenge in italy is that it is quite be that the policies are those policies
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around immigration, what they are going to do around jobs, especially for young people. these are fundamental structural policies that have been dragging italy down for a while, and even though the economy is still growing, it is still the fourth biggest economy in europe, these are the problems that people are seeing politicians fail to solve. we have seen the politicians attempt to tackle these. it does play a part in the psyche of the country, it has divisions, very strong divisions on the right and the left but it needs a politician oi’ the left but it needs a politician or politicians to bring this country together, and i think it is on dangerous ground at the moment. we shall keep a very close eye on cover every twist and turn as we had in germany, the financial times front—page. angela merkel wins the green light for the fourth time. this came through over the weekend and it talks about the congratulations and the messages have come through from emmanuel macron, et cetera. we did believe
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she would get there in the end, it has taken five months, it has taken a heck of a long—time. has taken five months, it has taken a heck of a long-time. yes, quite the to president xi jinping in china, where he will put an amendment down to the constitution where he will say i will serve as president for the rest of my life. here, the germans have sat back and on what are our options here? i have spoken to a lot of german friends and people in germany, and although they have been thinking we do want to change, they can't see who is coming up that will take over from her. they kind of see her as this maternal figure now her. they kind of see her as this maternalfigure now in her. they kind of see her as this maternal figure now in german politics, but she has freshened up a party, she has brought new bloody and. well, she has had to. she has, she has been forced to otherwise she would not have got there. but i think also emmanuel macron, giving her the thumbs think also emmanuel macron, giving herthe thumbs up, think also emmanuel macron, giving her the thumbs up, he is looking at that franco german politics to hold together at this very turbulent time for the eu. i think his breathing a sigh of relief that she is back in
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power is well. indeed. let's take a look at the times. theresa may is telling donald trump not to launch a trade war. we've had a reaction from china as well, upping the anti in terms of the tariffs they are slapping on steel products. there's quite a bit of concern about this and where it may lead. well, this is really interesting because yes, there is the front page of the times in the headline is theresa may tells donald trump not to launch trade war. just reading a little between the lines here, this is something about the uk's relationship with the us at the moment and we find the uk in an interesting position where it is negotiating with the eu on brexit and what will happen around trade. you see president trump and his trade policy effect happening, you can find trade policy effect happening, you canfind a trade policy effect happening, you can find a minister may in the interesting position as a broker between the eu and the us. she rang him up yesterday. —— prime minister theresa may. not too clinical, in
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her own style, she told him she is not too happy about this, that is quite an important position for her to be in and i think that is something that maybe she can play on going forward, as britain negotiate way between these major blocs in trading. well, she needs all the help she can get. well, i think it isa help she can get. well, i think it is a unique position she can have. is in is a unique position she can have. isina is a unique position she can have. is in a very neat position, that is absolutely right. let's look at the oscars, everybody is talking about the oscars. —— she is a unique position. have you seen the films? avenue got to put my hands up and say that i'm one of those people who waits to see who wins and then they will go and rush out and see the films. gary oldman won best actor for his performance as winston churchill in the darkest hour, it does seem to be a tour de force and he got best actor for it. he is one of those actors that you feel you have kind of grown up with, he has played so many roles from the big
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hollywood set pieces to the independent films and in fact, rosencrantz independent films and in fact, rosencra ntz and guildenstern independent films and in fact, rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead was one of those films that i loved. i am really happy for him. and best actress goes to frances mcdormand, she got the bat as well. yes. so that was widely expected that interesting, the shape of water got best picture. this is the film about the mute cleaning lady falling in love with and a quarter creature, many were saying that is a real cinematography kind of film and the academy whistle awarding it to that. yeah, guillermo del toro, who is the director there, he is a visually fantastic director. —— was awarding it for that. his individual style is unique and that is very special. celebrated today. absolutely, but i would like to say it where are the marvel films that we will go and
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see? let's take a look the guardian really quickly, we will not have time for cornish pasties, i do not think. bradley wiggins and team sky are accused in a damning drug support. yes, this is a dcms report, select committee enquiry into this and they have made the case that this is not a violation of world and you don't thing policy but it is crossing in ethical line, actually so crossing in ethical line, actually so dave brailsford, and was the leader of team sky, set out at the start of this project that they would be whiter than white, they would be whiter than white, they would not do anything that would bring it the sport into disrepute. this is tarnishing that amazing support that he, sir bradley wiggins and team sky have had. they had their right to reply on this, let's see what they say. thank you very much for your time. y too for your company on the briefing. we will see very soon. hello.
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thanks forjoining me. ijust want to bring you right up—to—date with how we see the next week of weather for the british isles. given the extent and the severity of the conditions that we endured last week, no great surprise if i tell you that the snow‘s not just going to magically disappear. things will gradually improve, and for that we have to thank an area of low pressure, which will supply relatively mild airs from the atlantic, rather than dragging in cold air yet again from the near continent. but that mild air comes at something of a price. it'll be a murky start across the central and southern parts of the british isles. further north, as we drag moisture into a colder regime across scotland, so we will see further snowfall, mostly on the hills but some of it getting down to lower levels. and in the south, some of those showers really quite heavy and prolonged. from monday into tuesday, that low pressure still very close by to the british isles. notice we're dragging a weather front ever further towards the north, and again, as things dry out under fairly leaden skies across england and wales, so we push that moisture on the front up into a pretty cold regime. and again, for the most part across the high ground,
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that's where we're going to see further significant snowfall. further south, it's a fairly quiet sort of day. and as we get from tuesday on into wednesday, you'll see there are very few isobars across the south. so again, it could be pretty murky. sunshine rather in short supply, there will be some brightness, there'll be the odd sharp shower in the south. looking further north, i think the snowfall becoming confined to the north—western quarter, so some relief at last for southern and eastern parts. northern ireland, a smattering of showers, a little bit of sleet perhaps across the highest ground. still pretty quiet as we move from wednesday to thursday. this middle section of the week marked by some night—time frosts, and because the days are just that little bit cooler, there could be a little bit of wintriness about the showers, particularly across the higher ground of northern britain. further south, the weather front may just introduce some rain to the channel islands and to some of the channel coastal counties. temperatures here not quite as widely in double figures as they may well have been at the first half of the week. thursday into friday, some way off,
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we may develop a low pressure close to scotland, so unsettled fare there. we may eventually drag some weather front with milder air up into the south—western quarter of the british isles as well, but in between, a pretty quiet sort of day and those temperatures just beginning to ratchet up by a degree or two in the beginning of the week. so this is the lineup for the week ahead, becoming slightly milder. it will be a bit unsettled and there could well be some snow, hello, this is breakfast, with dan walker and louise minchin. put the kettle on... i'm bringing an oscar. gary oldman has a message for his mum after winning the oscar for best actor for his portrayal of winston churchill. but the biggest cheer of the night was for the best actress winner frances mcdormand when she paid tribute to all the women nominees.
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ifi if i may be so honoured to have all the female nominees in every category stand with me in this room tonight... and we've got a ticket for the vanity fair after show party. we'll be live from the red carpet talking to the stars as they arrive.
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