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tv   Trump Voters  BBC News  January 19, 2018 3:30am-4:01am GMT

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from their home in california. david and louise turpin have pleaded not guilty to torture, child abuse and false imprisonment. the children were found severely malnourished, some chained to their beds. they were rescued after one escaped through a window. on the eve of the one—year mark for president trump's time in office, the us government could be forced to shut down on friday, as congress tries to come up with a bill to keep federal agencies funded. the house of representatives has passed a temporary measure, but it's looking unlikely the senate will approve it. a huge storm has caused havoc across north—west europe. there are reports of at least eight dead — many, in the netherlands and germany, hit by falling trees and debris. one man died when his van was blown to the other side of the road. the storm has now crossed to poland. now on bbc news, panorama. donald trump's first year in office has been one of the most
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controversial in american history. this american carnage stops right here right now. we're going to have a strict ban and have extreme vetting. donald trump has bombed the hell out of isis. he declared terrorists losers. rocket man. why have you been retweeting anti—muslim videos. don't be rude. president trump firing fbi directorjames comey. you are fake news. nobody knew that health care could be so complicated. nobody knew that healthcare could be so complicated. employment is up the stock market is soaring. president trump referred to africa as a shithole. in a series of tweets the president said he is very smart and a genius. if he doesn't call himself a genius, no one else will. but i'm president and they're not.
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but what do his voters make of his first year? panorama have been following four of them to find out. i think trump has made america better, despite half the country doesn't realise that. if they try to get trump out of office illegally, i believe there will be a revolt in america. i voted for trump, but it's been a hard year to be a trump voters. he is sometimes racist, but if he gets agitated i think he will turn out to be the greatest president we have ever had. i have always been big into politics.
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i love it. i like watching it. understanding it. i believe trump is there for me as an individual. he don't know me, but i believe he's here for me. i voted for donald trump because he was saying everything that i have been wanting to see in a president for a long time and he come across genuine and it resonated with me. we will make america great again! travis runs a community web—site in the steel town of lone star. most of these homes was built in the ‘50s by steel factory workers. it was a very nice neighbourhood. it was small town america
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back then, but it ain't no more. you could just tell by how run down it is now. back when i grew up in the ‘70s, i'm a ‘70s kid, stopped us, we didn't have seat belts. now we have got a law, you're got to wear a seat belt and all that crap. down here we support our police and fire departments. they do a dangerous job. they're the protectors you know. the thing i'm most afraid of for my country is the illegals coming across the border without being checked to see if they have ties with islam. radical islam. because you never know what is going to come across that border.
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over the last decade, hundreds of steel workers have been laid off here. but by april, travis thinks donald trump is beginning to turn things around. there is more optimism in the air. like things is looking up. since he won, he has done something that no other politicians has ever done — he is keeping his promises to the people. immigration‘s down. illegal aliens is down to a0%. they're not flooding america like they used to be. do i think he is great at everything? so far, yes. tonight the russia investigation
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has reached president trump's inner—most circle. trump knows he is in trouble and he is vulnerable. throughout the year the president's had to fight off allegation that his election team colluded with rusher. —— russia. there has been no collusion between the trump campaign and russians or trump and russians. no collusion. i think it's just a witch—hunt. it's been a year. if there was russian collusion, as hated as trump is, they would already have exposed it. the russians didn't get him elected. the american people elected donald trump. christen and frank are experts in republican voting, who have been tracking trump voters over the last year. the idea that russia will be the thing that
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brings down trump's presidency is almost an accepted fact among a lot of democrats. whereas if i do a focus group of republican voters, the word russia will not even come up. it is not on their radar. if you love donald trump he is innocent, if you hate him he is guilty. trump voters look at this as payback for the clinton people for losing. the democrats are a bunch of spoiled brats. they remind me of fourth grade little kids that don't get their way and they fall on the ground kicking and crying and... they lost the election. they don't care about the country. the only time they care about people is when it is election time and they want them to vote. they tried everything.
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one minute they say he is unstable. they try to say he was a sexual predator. all unfounded. this new hoopla about me too and i was touched, well i was... the american people's been raped for 30 years under the clintons, can i raise my hand and say me too? the third time i want a canary diamond. oh, my gosh. this is the size ring i want. i'm lynne and i am a donald trump voter. i think the rich will definitely get richer with trump in office.
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are you rich? no. i would love to be rich though. i would love to be rich. but no, i'm not anywhere near rich. what about the poor? i think the poor will get richer with trump in office for sure. yes. i think that is his strong point. that and keeping us safe. lynne, a former professional cheerleader, now runs a pr company in west palm beach. not farfrom donald trump's private club. i have met him a few times. i had a great rapport with him. iliked him. he remembered my name. friendly guy. she is a big fan of donald trump's tax reforms. the biggest tax cut, the biggest reform of all time. i like the new tax reforms bill.
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as a small business owner i think it will help me with tax cuts so, the companies that hire me have more money and my small business will grow and i can hire people. but some of donald trump's biggest promises haven't yet been fulfilled. we are going to build that wall, it's going to be a great wall and let me tell you, mexico's going to pay for the wall. rebuild the country's infrastructure. nobody can do that like me. repealing and replacing the disaster known as obamacare. there have been some really significant successes. and some pretty easily identifiable failures. donald trump was elected to repeal and replace obamacare. it did not happen. president trump's plans to replace obama's health care famed to get
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past congress. but few trump voters blame the president. he has done a very savvy thing in that he set up a sort of no lose scenario for himself. if things go well, he takes credit for them. if things go poorly, he is able to blame it on somebody else — the media, congress. i do blame a lot of republicans in congress for not supporting him and having his back. they probably bother me the most. when people realise he is in fact our president and he is not going anywhere and if we want to make anything happen, we are going to have to work together. but america is deeply divide over donald trump. especially on social media. being very open and vocal about donald
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trump is not an easy thing. what i started to do when i get hate mail, i would screenshot it and post it on social media. and show people how you know cyberbullying happens not only to kids, but to adults. it is not ok. the people who do like donald trump, they stick up for me and the irony is me, the groups of people don't know me and have no idea of who i am. it is based on their love or hate for donald trump. one of things that lynne loves about donald trump is his unorthodox style. everything — all his tweets, all his name calling like rocket man, i support all of that. i like how he tweets. i'm in the business of public relations and i think he is communicating directly to the
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masses via twitter and i like it. this is not how hwe planned to start, but president trump has tweeted and it almost a bombshell. donald trump berated london's mayor. why have you been retweeting anti—muslim videos? the president said he is very smart and a stable genius. i said at the start of year what would upset me is if he changes and becomes this polished canned politician and doesn't stay true to himself and he has not done that. but this style and temperament divides american voters. many of his supporters still like that he is combative. but it is preventing him from building that majority coalition from winning the voters in the middle who may not have liked him, but voted for him.
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he has not given them a reason to stick with him by continuing to stay in this kind of childish campaign mode for the entire is first year of his presidency. my name is mike. i'm a muslim that voted for donald trump. 24—year—old mike runs a business selling hoverboards imported from china. this is the rolls—royce of hoverboards. if this was made in america, this would cost $200. but this is made in china and only costs $20. the moment i thought he was capable of becoming president was when i attended his rally here in michigan. we are going to win
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back the white house. the atmosphere, just the energy in the crowd was, you know, amazing. and you could just feel it, like, this guy was talking to you like he knows you. and that's what we need — we need a guy that actually gets his hands dirty. notjust a nice, well—spoken person, nice and shiny for the cameras. no, we need a person who will say it like it is. mike was born in the usa but his family came from lebanon. i'm one of the odd people that you'd find from a religious background from a muslim background that voted for trump. many other muslim voters were put off by his so—called muslim ban. a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. when the president first tried
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to push the ban through, mike joined the protests. at the end of the day, i don't follow like a sheep. you know, if my leader, you know, messes up on something, i'm going to call him out. i'm going to protest. you know, i'm going to use my freedom of speech to call him out on it. and it's healthy to stand against your leader. it's healthy to tell your leader, "look, you must stop here". but in december, a watered—down version of the ban was implemented and now mike supports it. why are we crying in this country that it's a muslim ban? it's a ban on countries where there is likely to have, and has, terrorist activity. well, the muslim ban was created by the media. the original name of it.
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you know, trump is going to stop all muslims coming to this country. i mean, that's impossible. that's impossible to do. and trump really never meant it that way. detroit was once the economic envy of the world. when we abandoned the policy of america first, the skyscrapers went up in beijing, while the factories and neighbourhoods crumbled right here in detroit. detroit has lived through decades of decline. in 2013, the city filed for bankruptcy. this area used to be one of the first places where immigrants flocked to, to find work and find the american dream. and now the factory is abandoned. it's been abandoned for about 15 years. and it is our time now to start rebuilding as millennials, as young people. the us economy started to improve
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under president obama, but the trend has continued under president trump. unemployment is at its lowest rate for 17 years. you know, we're seeing development. we're seeing some construction going on here. and i think we're on the right path. we're going to come back. detroit's going to come back. the economy is very important to trump supporters. if you ask people what their number one issue is, they will tell you that it's the economy. if you own a house today, its value has gone up since donald trump was elected. if you own shares of stock, which a majority of people do, you are worth more than 10% more than when donald trump was elected. if you are unemployed, you are more likely to have a job.
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trump tries to take credit for it. i'm not sure. but whatever was set in motion under barack obama has continued under donald trump. and he does deserve credit for that. gillette is a tight—knit, close community. we take care of each other. and we like it that way. i'm stacey moller. i'm a democrat and i voted for donald trump. it was just a few people, but it's such a bad... stacey's daughter is a republican, but couldn't bring herself to vote for donald trump. you're still you. you just voted for trump. thanks for loving me, even though i voted for trump. i forgave you for bush.
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stacey voted for donald trump because of his promise to get coal miners back to work. i love being a miner and i'm proud to be a miner. i raised two children as a single mother and i could not have done it without thejob i had at the coal mine. and that's our mine. that's where i work. there's a lot of issues as a democrat that were important to me. but none more important than this state and these people that i work with. it was bigger than me. it was bigger than the issues i had with him personally. he's not my kind of guy. but this is, this wasn't about me. it was about the people that i care about and the people that
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i work with. and the state that i love and will defend, even if that means i have to set aside what i feel for one vote. i'd do that. a year on, does stacey have any regrets? our first year with trump has been good for wyoming. i have ended the obama administration's war on coal and we're putting our wonderful coal miners back to work, producing beautiful, clean coal. we're busy in the coal mine. the demand for us coal is up. our economy has stabilised. so it's been good for wyoming. it's been difficult for me because i find him to be disrespectful, a little bit. i would like him
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to be quiet and work. you know, he screams about hypocrisy and fake news and people coming, you know, there's a conspiracy against him. but his stories have changed from, it could be one month to the next. so i just don't trust anything he says because i think it could change tomorrow. depending on which way the wind blew. you know, i think itjust depends on what day it is and what fire he's starting that day. it feels like he's still campaigning. i didn't expect that to continue on after he was elected. i hoped it would level out and he would stop trying to speak to that faction of his base and realise that there's people like me that demand a little bit more decorum from the president of the free world. president trump has beenjust
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as controversial on the world stage as he's been at home. 23 of the 28 member nations are still not paying what they should be paying, and what they're supposed to be paying for their defence. the fundamental question of our time is whether the west has the will to survive. ‘rocket man‘ is on a suicide mission for himself. and for his regime. to trump voters, the niceties of diplomacy don't matter. it is whether you're putting america first.
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i think for his supporters, they would view america's standing in the world as being stronger because president trump uses stronger rhetoric when he speaks. donald trump would say that america's being stronger, that we're not apologising any more. the single biggest wake—up call for me is when i showed trump voters a video of trump pushing aside world leaders, as he walked to the front of this economic conference. and i thought it was a very bad display of arrogance. to the trump voters, they loved it. they embraced it. they cheered. finally, america's taking its rightful place in the front of the room, in the front of the line. he's the president. that was president trump moving somebody aside to get into the, to get in front.
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that was arrogant, but it's showing that, hey, i'm the american president! of course we've got to put america first. trump has every american's back, whether here in america or abroad. if you're trying to disrupt america or destruct america, trump will disrupt you. we have seen america come back to being a shining country, that all other countries respect. he's paved a new path for our presidency. he's redefined what it is. people are often saying, he's not presidential, what is presidential? he's the president, that therefore is presidential. at the end of donald trump's turbulent first year in office,
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most of his voters appear as enthusiastic as ever. it is felt like every day there is some new story, some new tweet from the president, something that seems like this will be the thing. is this the thing that will cause his supporters to abandon him? what has been the most surprising in a way is just how stable donald trump's polling numbers have been in a year which has felt anything but stable. i can't imagine what he could do to actually turn them off. they're not weakening. they're not changing. donald trump is here for four years. congress is not going to throw him out. he's not going to quit. people need to get used to it. but we're going to have this for another three years, so, sit back, cuddle up with a nice blanket and your favourite drink and enjoy the show. boag most of 12's supporters may be
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loyal, a new poll shows more than half americans don't approve of their president's performance and at this point in his term he's the most unpopular president in modern history. but donald trump has defied the opinion polls before. donald trump could absolutely win re—election. it was surprising to so many when he initially won. and people would do well to not let themselves be caught off guard again. would you vote for him again? i would vote for him again in a heartbeat. would you vote for donald trump again? at this point, i definitely would vote for him again. he has three more years, so we will see how it goes. would you vote for him again? no. no, i could never vote for trump again. it was hard the first time.
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but i couldn't make that choice again. would i vote for him today? of course i would, two more times, three more times, 100 more times. i'd vote for trump until trump is no longer there. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: california couple david and louise turpin plead not guilty to charges of imprisoning and torturing their 13 children. the house of representatives has passed a temporary measure to avert a government shutdown, although the bill is facing a difficult time getting through the senate. eight people have died as a storm causes widespread chaos across north—west europe. new zealand's prime minister, who became the world's youngest female leader last october, announces she's expecting herfirst child. i am not the first woman to multitask. i'm not the first woman to work and have a baby. and love is in the air.
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pope francis stuns a couple of flight attendants by offering
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