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tv   Breakfast  BBC News  October 21, 2017 7:00am-8:00am BST

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whenever you fancy. catch us on twitter and facebook. we will see you soon. stayt. motorway speed limits through roadworks could be raised to 60 mph. it follows trials which shows drivers are less distracted and feel safer driving at higher speeds. good morning. it's saturday, 21st october. also this morning: tensions rise as the spanish government meets this morning to approve measures to take direct
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control over catalonia. battening down the hatches as storm brian threatens to bring flooding and winds of 70 mph. storm brian is here and will give many of us are very windy and occasionally wet start to the weekend. improving tomorrow, but still blustery. i've got all of the weather and what we can expect from storm brian in the next half—hour. in sport, boos ring out after west ham loses 3—0 to brighton, piling the pressure on manager slaven bilic. good morning. first, our main story: speed limits through motorway roadworks could be raised from 50 to 60 mph. the proposed changes follow trials by highways england which showed drivers feel safer at higher speeds. jon donnison reports. roadworks and mile after mile of little orange cones are the bane of many driver's lives.
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could be increased to up to 60.
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well, are well, a re really through - hitting the houses and historic and businesses in this seaside shops and businesses in this seaside town. in the last few minutes the rain has started. it will here are very accustomed to poor weather conditions and the impact on their homes, we are waiting for the worst because the next few minutes, 7:14am in fact, there will be high tide and that together with the strong winds will make this exposed community very vulnerable. this morning we drove to the centre of the town which has been exposed to flooding in the past and we haven't seen evidence of much disruption. certainly no sandbags out or
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